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104 Rice Avenue East Providence, RI 02914 (401) 438-6030  Cell: (401)-480-0895  E-m
I am a experienced Test Design Engineer with demonstrated
success in computer test system development,
LabVIEW data acquisition programming, test protocol development,
Visual Basic 6 and .NET test software development, Visual C# test software deve
lopment, verification and validation testing, software / hardware testing (white
box & blackbox), and circuit design utilizing Pspice and ORCAD schematic capture
. I am seeking employment as a Test Engineer, Automation Engineer, Test Design E
ngineer, QA Engineer in test, Software QA Test Engineer, or entry-level Design E
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE, Electronics Engineering
ASSOCIATE DEGREE, Electronics Engineering
ï † ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY Bristol, Rhode Island (2000 – 2001)
CERTIFICATE, Computer Information Systems
ï † I.B.E.W ELECTRICIAN TRADE SCHOOL Cranston, RI (1992 – 1996)
TECHNICAL DIPLOMA, with a specialty in motor and temperature controls.
AWARD: 1996 most outstanding apprentice
• Fiber Optic Communication Engineering, Community College of Rhode Island
• HALT/HASS Testing, Zebra Technologies (Company Course) Instructor:
Gregg K. Hobbs, Ph.D., P.E. (Inventor of HALT & HASS testing)
• Introduction to Engineering, Community College of Rhode Island
• Basic Software Development Process course, Zebra Technologies Training
• College Biology, Community College of Rhode Island
• Basic SQL scripting, Roger Williams University
ï † CompTiA A+ Certification
Proven Process Medical Devices 110 Forbes Blvd, Mansfield MA
/ June 15, 2007 – July 3, 2009
ï † Developed final verification test protocols for an artificial heart pneumatic dr
ive pump. Protocols included functional tests, environmental tests, battery / po
wer management tests, performance tests, software alarm tests, embedded firmware
tests, external power docking station charger tests, and physical requirement t
ï † Developed manufacturing test method protocols for artificial drive pump includin
g external power docking station battery charger, hospital cart, drive unit cadd
y, drive unit chassis level test, drive unit top level test, and drive unit fina
l burn-in test. Developed IQ/OQ/PQ protocols for test systems in place and newly
developed test systems.
ï † Developed fully automated battery charge / discharge curve test software utilizi
ng Visual Basic. This included automatic Excel graphing, file saving, Excel ope
n/close, folder creation, and automatic electronic load control utilizing a Pyth
on COM object via Visual Basic.
ï † Developed qualification life cycle test protocols for various sub-assemblies whi
ch included
pressure relief valves, check valves, batteries (capacity life cycl
ing), compressor motors, electrical docking connectors, and drive unit driveline
ï † Responsible for the design verification test matrix, which provides tracability
for all the requirements
and the testing & test results associated with them.
ï † Assisted in the development of the FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) document
and confirmed all failure modes are being tested.
ï † Developed software that sends string commands via an RS-232 port to the artifici
al heart drive unit motor controllers to change the BMP (Beats-Per-Minute) and o
ther settings utilizing Visual C#.
ï † Calculated test unit sample size using Relex statistical analysis software.
ï † Responsible for the weekly drive unit main software update meetings between Prov
en Process and the software team (Sterlingtech software).
ï † Purchased all required test equipment for verification testing.
ï † Developed test status web site utilizing ASP script and HTML which everyone coul
d view from there
desktop PC.
ï † Assisted in the development of the Product Performance Characteristics document
(Engineering specification)
ï † Attended test verification and qualification meetings to determine best test str
ï † Developed control circuits and methodologies to test the drive pump pressure rel
ief valves, which included schematic development and documentation release accor
ding to standard operating procedures.
ï † Developed ladder logic code for a programmable Logic Controller used to control
a check valve life test fixture and a pressure relief valve life test fixture.
ï † Developed software requirement specifications (SRS) for automated charge curve s
oftware and ladder logic code.
ï † Developed test fixture validation protocols to verify correct test fixture funct
ï † Setup and configured reliability test equipment including data acquisition I/O b
oards, flow sensors, computers, pressure monitors, and mock simulation circulati
on tanks.
ï † Developed firmware verification test protocols for a PIC processor (Main functio
n: RS-485 to RS-232 conversion), a CPLD analog backup monitor for the drive unit
, diagnostic service module software,
and motor controller firmware.
ï † Developed non-operating post compliance test protocol for drive unit, hospital c
art, and driver caddy.
ï † Assisted compliance engineer with compliance related activities including EMI tr
oubleshooting, and ESD testing.
ï † Completed engineering change orders for releasing drawings, schematics, and prot
ocol revisions.
ï † Assisted with Drive Unit, Hospital Cart, and Driver Caddy troubleshooting.
ï † Developed motor controller status data logging software utilizing Visual Basic a
nd C#.
ï † Designed test circuits for automated test fixtures using Orcad schematic capture
and Pspice.
ï † Developed wiring diagrams for test fixtures.
ï † Tracked and entered software bugs using Bugzilla.
ï † Executed the drive unit reliability study in conjunction with the quality direct
or and engineering. This included maintenance on the test systems, data collec
tion, LabVIEW VI troubleshooting, and results analysis.
ï † Other duties as assigned.
Zebra Technologies, Inc. 30 Plan Way, Warwick Rhode I
sland, 1/02/2006 – 12/27/2006
TEST DESIGN ENGINEER 2 (Promoted from Test Engineer 1)
ï † Tested web based customer printer configuration and setup software.
ï † Designed test circuits using PADS Mentor graphics design tool, Orcad, or Pspice.
ï † Created DVT test protocols based on engineering design specifications.
ï † Attended design verification meetings to determine tests to be performed on new
ï † Designed new test software to facilitate testing performed in the DVT lab.
ï † Designed automated voltage acquisition software using Keithley and Agilent digit
DMM’s and AC power supplies.
ï † Worked with design verification lab manager and assisted with various projects i
ncluding scheduling.
ï † Developed new network configuration for the Design Verification test lab (Access
points, PC’s).
ï † Responsible for providing all necessary tools, fixtures, programs, test equipmen
t, and
test documentation for all new product tests, derivative products, or cus
tom products
ï † Provided technical support and training to lab technicians on test procedures, u
new equipment and software use.
ï † Automated tests including 802.11b/g wireless testing using LabVIEW.
ï † Improved and modified existing test software. (Visual Basic 6, VB.NET , and LabV
ï † Incorporated USB functionality into test programs utilizing Visual Basic.
ï † Incorporated LabVIEW programs into National Instruments TestStand.
ï † Performed Design of Experiments (DOE) for Quality Manager.
ï † Developed original Active X components for use in visual Basic test programs.
ï † Developed small LabVIEW sub VI’s that were shared with other LabVIEW programmers.
ï † Worked on a variety of basic and more complex issues relating to sustaining and
product introduction to reach the root cause of the issue and recommended
modifications as necessary.
ï † Specified equipment required for the qualification and quality control of produc
parts and assemblies.
ï † Other duties as assigned.
Zebra Technologies, Inc. 30 Plan Way, Warwick Rhode I
sland, 3/10/2002 –1/02/2006
ï † Provided tests and test plans for upgrades and new products in early development
including defining test objectives and obtaining data in a scientif
ic manner that provided
design engineers with high quality data.
ï † Defined and conducted Design Verification and Failure Analysis testing accordanc
e with
company design specifications, industry standards and certification
body standards.
ï † Interfaced with design engineering to troubleshoot and resolve DVT test issues.
ï † Designed test programs, scripts, systems, and circuits to automate Design Verifi
cation Testing of printers using Visual Basic 6 or National Instruments LabVIEW.
This included Excel/Access Visual Basic macro programming to automate various
test equipment.
ï † Developed one Embedded Visual Basic program using an Ipaq pocket PC that was use
d to send label files to printers for testing purposes.
ï † Developed CPLD logic design using Verilog, Xilinx ISE Web tools and Xilinx Model
simXE 6.0d simulation tool for use in a test circuit/ automated system. (Beginne
r level, one program only).
ï † Developed RS-232 and GPIB data acquisition test scripts using Visual Basic or La
bVIEW that included automated Excel graphing.
ï † Developed scripts for temperature acquisition using Visual Basic and thermocoupl
ï † Developed test software for discovering and communicating with Bluetooth devices
using Visual Basic.
ï † Developed automated printer 802.11b/g test application using Visual Basic, which
was developed to decrease test duration time. This utility was used to automat
e 802.11b/g data transfers to printer, FTP testing, Telnet testing, PING testing
, web access testing, CRC testing, and printer configuration verification.
ï † Extensive TCP/IP data transmission programming skills using Visual Basic. Develo
ped automated printer software language test application, which tested various p
rinter functions.
ï † Developed automated motor torque and resonance mapping test system for printer m
otors to reduce test duration time utilizing LabVIEW.
ï † Developed automated battery charge/discharge curve test system utilizing LabVIEW
ï † Programmed and setup thermal and vibration profiles for testing new products, ci
rcuits, and sub-assemblies. (Ling Dynamic Systems vibration system).
ï † Created DVT test specifications based on Software/Hardware Engineering and Marke
ting specifications.
ï † Designed and simulated test automation circuits using Pspice, and Orcad schemati
c capture.
ï † Acquired quotes for new test equipment, and developed procedures for utilizing e
ï † Interfaced with engineering to resolve DVT test issues and developed regression
tests for bugs discovered.
ï † Supervised and provided technical leadership to eight DVT lab technicians, respo
nsible for assisting in assigning test projects to technicians, and managed the
DVT lab when the lab manager was away on travel.
ï † Performed electrical and software failure analysis experiments to determine caus
es of field failures and recommended design improvements. This included trouble
shooting to component level, waveform captures, and data capture for analysis.
ï † Developed department intranet web site utilizing HTML, ASP, and Visual Basic. Th
is included a database project search function developed using ASP and Microsoft
ï † Developed 802.11b/g range and signal strength test utilizing WildPackets Airopee
k network monitoring software.
ï † Maintained department website, which included uploading all DVT requests and rep
ï † Developed automated Test request form using Microsoft Word Visual Basic macros.
ï † Provided ongoing improvements to lab activities for design automation and specia
l projects.
ï † Other duties as assigned.
ï † Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (advanced)
ï † Microsoft Visual Basic.NET (Advanced)
ï † Microsoft Visual C# (intermediate)
ï † LabVIEW Versions 7.1, 8, and 8.2 (Intermediate)
ï † National Instruments TestStand (Beginner level)
ï † Micro Controller assembly language using Keil software. (College lab work.)
ï † CUPL PLD programming, (College lab work.)
ï † Basic ASP.NET and HTML. (Used for department intranet project search web page.)
ï † Visual Basic Microsoft Access, Word, and Excel macro programming.
ï † Microsoft Visual C++ (Basics)
ï † RSLogix ladder logic programming for programmable logic controllers. (College la
b work)
ï † Micro controller programming using Assembly language & C++. (College lab work.)
ï † Active X component and DLL development for Visual Basic.
ï † HTML
ï † Basic SQL scripting
ï † SQL Server 2005 & 2008
ï † Skills include analog and digital circuit / logic design.
ï † Schematic capture, simulation, and programming applications used include Pspice
schematic capture and simulation, and OrCAD schematic capture.
ï † Motor control circuit design.
ï † Specialties include motor and general control circuits. (Motor starters, Hand-Of
f-Auto controls)
ï † Xilinx ISE Web tools and Xilinx ModelsimXE 6.0d simulation tool for PLD/CPLD des
ign. (Beginner Level.)

ï † Skills include TCP/IP, VPN, Telnet, SNMP, DHCP, UDP, and FTP. Knowledge of netwo
rk-troubleshooting utilities such as Ping, ARP, and Trace route. Basic knowledg
e of ICMP, QoS, and the TCP/IP OSI network access model. Setting up networks an
d PC workstations.
ï † Worked with network monitoring software Ethereal and WildPackets Airopeek.
ï † Background in 802.11 and 802.11b/g and other network radio communication protoco
ls. Experience with access point configuring and setup. Networking access points
used include Symbol, Cisco, D-link, and LinkSYS. This work includes automated t
esting utilizing Visual Basic 6 & .NET.
ï † Experienced working with Blue tooth radio modules. This knowledge includes hardw
are and basic Blue tooth software setup. Experienced with setting up DHCP server
s and software.
ï † Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Excel 2003, Microsoft Access 2003, Microsoft Visi
o, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft Active-Sync, Microsoft Outlook. Windows 2000
, XP, Vista , and Windows 7
ï † ProComm Plus (Terminal emulation tool similar to HyperTerminal.)
ï † Smart Draw Flowchart Plus
ï † Bugzilla
ï † Minor experience using Baan & SAP.
ï † Minitab (College work only.)
ï † National Instruments TestStand.
ï † TightVNC remote PC control software.
ï † DOS, Microsoft Windows 95(98) NT, 2000+XP, Windows CE.
ï † Merant bug tracker (Purchased by another company. Now called Team Tracker)
ï † AceHTML Version 5 (HTML Editor), Adobe Reader & Creator.
ï † Weird Solution’s DHCP Auto DHCP server software.
ï † HP Quick Test Pro
ï † VMware Workstation
ï † Testlink (Web based test case documentation application)
ï † National Instruments data acquisition PC cards.
ï † National Instruments devices including USB-to-GPIB converters.
ï † Installation of National Instruments device drivers for LabVIEW virtual instrume
ï † LinkSYS Bluetooth USB PC module installation and setup.
ï † 802.11b radio and TCP setup for laptop computers.
ï † 802.11b/g wireless Access point setup and configuration (LinkSYS, Cisco, Symbol)
ï † Computer building, troubleshooting, and repair.
ï † Installed Network hubs, switches, and routers. (LinkSYS)
ï † Installing LabVIEW device drivers for various types of equipment.
ï † Familiarity with HALT/HASS test methods used to increase product reliability.
ï † Solenoid control using software or circuit design.
ï † multi-comport and relay PC cards.
ï † Ling Dynamic Systems vibration table setup and configuration, which included
ï † Environmental chamber troubleshooting.
ï † HVAC control experience, including flow switches, pressure switches, damper moto
programmable logic controller wiring, heating and cooling coil safety circ
uits, relays,
thermostats and other automatic control devices.
ï † Experience with Schaffner ESD simulator guns.
ï † Low voltage temperature controls.
ï † Air handler controls and programmable logic controllers.
ï † Flow sensors, pressure sensors (PSI & mmHg), regulators, compressors, and motor