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Accounting Assistant
November 2007-Present
* Managed of A/P. Analyzed vendor's invoices information in order to classify ve
ndor into the respective category, approved payments according to identification
codes and vendor classification, entered data into accounts payable system, con
tacted vendors in cases of discrepancies or errors.
* Managed A/R. Invoicing of domestics and international customers
* Controlled inventory including warehouse replenishment through analysis of fin
ished goods usage rate by region and optimized replenishment to avoid excess and
shortage of inventory per warehouse
* Monthly Inventory reconciliation among 12 domestic and international warehouse
s and discrepancy resolution.
* Quarter analysis of SLOB Inventory (through cycle counting), proposing fire-sa
les at discount, donations and scrap.
* Established flexible FIFO system through Julian date smart lots under FDA regu
lation. Set up new tracking system for cases of product recall. Reduced storage
cost by 15%
C.A. SANTANDER GROUP BANK Caracas, Venezuela
Account Executive August 1998-September 2001
* Managed a portfolio of 20 corporate clients
* Fostered excellent customer relationships, assisting customers with opening ac
counts, wire transfers, and currency exchanges
* Performed financial analysis and approved commercial credit lines ($1.5M on av
* Worked closely and negotiated with the internal legal and finance departments
to ensure successful credit line approvals for the account
* Lead the planning and supervising of the financial and operational process to
approve credit lines, responsibilities ranging from preparing reports to evaluat
ing the credit quality for commercial lending decisions
Interbank Universal Bank Caracas, Venezuela
Business Executive September 1997- August 1998
* Completed extensive eight-month course to become a certified account executive
* Performed financial and credit analysis for account executives within the bank
* Controlled all administrative procedures related to notes, guaranties, collate
rals and renewals
Investment Siga 21 S.R.L. (Law Firm) Caracas, Venezuela
Administrative Manager September 1996-September 1997
* Managed the Accounting department with a budget of Bs2 Million
* Managed the Personnel department for the firm
Western International University Phoenix, Arizona
Masters Degree in Business Administration January 2005- January 2007
Specialized in Management
El Camino College Los Angeles, California
Tax Accounting Classes December 2007 - July 2008
Financial Accounting Classes
Cuyahoga Community College Cleveland, Ohio
Business Administration classes August 2003- December 2004
Jose Maria Vargas University Caracas, Venezuela
Bachelor of Business Administration April 1996
* Spanish: Native - English: Fluent
* Microsoft Office XP: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and MAS90
* Strong analytical skills, excellent at identifying and analyzing critical info
rmation for decision making
* Strong leadership and problem solving skills
* Experience interacting with diverse groups of people