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STAFF ADVISORY COUNCIL Meeting May 18, 2011 Executive Committee Nicky Bruckhart, President, nbruckha@du.

edu, x14241 Saskia Sawyer, Vice President, Saskia.sawyer@du.edu, x12704 Sarah Childs, Treasurer, Sarah.Childs@du.edu, x13501 Kate Johnson, Webmaster, kate.johnson@du.edu, x16515 Christa Bruning, Secretary, Christa.Bruning@du.edu, x13170 Members in attendance: Kathy Aliaga, Facilities Ashley Beaudry, The Womens College Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics and Recreation Christa Bruning, University Communications Jon Buckley, MME (SECS) Fay Coulouris, Learning Communities and Civic Engagement Sarah Childs, Human Resources Lisa Cox, Institutional Compliance and Internal Audits Linda Daubers, Graduate School of Social Work Kris DeForest, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Becky Gonzalez, Bursars Office Mark Kintgen, Penrose Library Tina Miller, University College Marty Neary, DU Bookstore Arianna Nowakowski, AHSS/Languages and Literature Samara Rasmussen, Graduate School of Professional Psychology Saskia Sawyer, University Advancement The meeting was called to order. 1. Introduction of the Council Members. 2. Guest speaker: Amy King Director, Human Resources Lynette Woodbury, Executive Director, Total Rewards, Human Resources HR organizational chart There have been some new departments created in HR and some name changes and staff changes within the new departments. HR has many strategic issues they will be working on over the next year. See included org chart at the end of the notes. Holidays/calendar on the HR website not matching The actual holidays employees were given for the 2010/2011 winter break did not match what was posted on the website. There was no mal intent to the employees with the conflicting information. HR is working on cleaning up the language so there is no conflict. The new language must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

When DU closes for winter break the last week of the year it is considered a secular holiday and is a cost savings to the University. A question was asked about what wording will be changed in the policy. Amy said they are looking at different options for wording to satisfy the holiday calendar and the academic calendar, and to date did not have exact wording. The academic calendar plays a huge role in the holiday calendar. In order to remain accredited there is a need to start the classes as soon as possible in January. HR does not set the academic calendar. There was some discussion about giving the employees December 24 off on the years when New Years Day falls on a weekend. For many it was perceived as a religious holiday so it was decided against. A question was asked why this information was never communicated to the staff. Amy was not sure why it wasnt but with the creation of the new Internal Communication department it will be from this point forward. How should it be documented when employees of areas that remain open take days off at a later time? There are some departments who have to work because they are considered a 24/7 area of operation. These areas have a designated policy to follow when taking days off later to make up for the days worked over winter break. HR recommends for exempt positions that divisions find another day the employee can take off. HR can walk departments through how to do this. Another option is to credit vacation time. Contact HR for help with this. 360 reviews Why doesnt DU do this? We do not have that capability in the current system and it would cost more money to do this. If your division is interested contact Sharon Gable to help set that up. Childcare Bright Horizons Bright Horizons has been an option for three years and in that time has not been widely used. HR looked at the backup care plan and decided the amount of money spent on it and the lack of use was not worth it. That money was put toward the healthcare plan instead to help keep costs lower for the next year. Another concern with Bright Horizons is there was only so many spots available per month and once those are gone other employees could not receive the benefit. Since HR is not putting more money into the plan it was not feasible to keep it. HR is looking into other options. The information was communicated to those currently signed up at the end of March; however, some did not receive it. The information also went out to everyone during open enrollment and the benefits fair. The current contract for Bright Horizons runs through the end of June.

HR is looking at a drop in option that would be run by faculty and students who have cleared a background check, etc. The Universitys fringe budget is very large and the healthcare piece alone is $16 million. Employees only saw an 8.4 percent healthcare increase this year because the money from Bright Horizons was put toward healthcare costs. HR looked at the usage for the program and less than 5 percent use it and more than 80 percent use the healthcare option. HR knows that Fisher is not an option and is not considered a benefit for employees. They are at capacity and cannot expand at this time. HR is working with the Ritchie Center to enhance the School Days Off program. Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increases versus salary grade levels DU never does COLA increases. DU is looking at the current salary grade structure and comparing it to local, regional and national levels. DU does a yearly comparison of salaries and makes adjustments for those grade levels that need it. HR is in the process of reviewing the job families with each division to see if people are where they should be. HR will do specific research on job families and make recommendations as needed. This is done every few years to ensure that each position is classified correctly in the right job family. This is separate from salary grades and is not focused on salary increases. Its focused on classifying jobs in the right family. Compensation came up during the HLC meeting with staff and HLC was not aware of our compensation structure. A question was asked about large discrepancies that exist across campus for similar positions. Several things come into play when deciding compensation: performance, education, etc. Job descriptions also change over time and compensation depends on how many responsibilities stay the same and how many change. Employees should talk with their supervisor as that person is the decision maker on final salary choices. HR can sit down and talk with supervisors about job descriptions, salary, etc. A question was asked if a position and duties change how do we let HR know? Supervisors should contact HR when this happens. HR will need a current and future job description and org chart. 3. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting: June 8, 2011, 12 1 pm, DuPont Room, Mary Reed Building. Respectfully submitted, Christa Bruning Secretary