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Online Personal Money Management

Project Proposal

Submitted by Rohith Sankarraman

Part I : Project Description

Motivation Students fraternity finds it difficult always to manage the money they are given by their parents. When students spend too much during the first half of the month, they find it difficult and constrained in the latter half of the month. And there are very little tools that help people in managing their expenses, which are basically for the employed. There are no available tools that help the students personalize their expenses like add fields of their own. And the students should be able to enter in their budget for the month. Further the students should be notified when the expenses are nearing the budget. Online Personal Money Management tool helps the students meet all the above mentioned needs and effectively manage their expenses.

Part II: User Interface

Story Boarding The following image is the simple story boarding of the interface for the Online Personal Money management tool that is developed.

Legend 1 2 2a 2b 2c Login page. Options available for an authenticated user. View Expenses for the month with a help of a Pie Chart. Add an expense for the month by entering the category on which the amount was spent and the amount. Add a budget for the month.

Part III: Data Structures, DAO and HTTP Requests

The data that are stored on the database are the user details and his expenses for the current month. At the start of every month, the previous month's data are erased. The expenses include the category.

Figure 2: Schema 1) Expenses relation consists of columns like the username, category, amount and the date. 2) User relation consists of the user details like the username, password and email. DAO: 1) ExpensesDAO 2) UserDAO Session: Only some user information is stored in the Session for security purposes. The user is checked for authentication every now and then. HTTP Requests: The HTTP requests like adding and retrieving the expense details of the users are of at most importance. We will also have requests to authenticate the users.

Part IV: Project Implementation

It is an individual project. Team consists of Rohith Sankarraman. And the technologies that will be used for the project are as follows: 1) J2EE (JSP Servlet) 2) Ajax 3) JSON 4) GSON 5) Bean Factory API

Features that will be completed for the project review are as follows. 1) User Authentication and Registration. 2) View Expenses. 3) Add Expenses. 4) Add Budget for the month. 5) Generate Notification. Use Case Diagram: The use case model for the Online Personal Money management tool is presented below.

Figure 3: Use Case Model Conclusion The on-line personal money management tool helps not only students but also people of any fraternity to manage their expenses. This tool is developed with minimal features, which will be extended to encompass more features in the future