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DEBATE SPEECH DRAFT Capital Punishment Punishment is the ultimate outcome of any judicial process that takes place

in the courts, homes or say school. This punishment is imposed upon the alleged person when he or she is proved guilty of having committed the mistake or crime. When we say capital punishment we mean the death penalty given by a court of law. The debate on whether the capital punishment is justified or no is an ongoing matter in our judicial system. This is so because there is no going back in this process once someone is executed. Having said this, the green house would like to maintain its stand in favor of capital punishment provided adequate investigations are made and the judicial system is non biased and not corrupt. Along with petty crimes there are severe crimes too. These crimes put a number of common people into danger, or create a drastic change in the life of the masses. For example the 9/11 attack on the WORLD TRADE CENTER in New York affected the citizens deeply and so did the 7/11 train bomb blasts in Mumbai, our very own city. In such situations there is a lot of chaos and panic about, people feel insecure even in their homes and lose faith in the government. To restore calmness and peace and regain the confidence of the people, the government needs to take immediate action. When a person is proven guilty of having committed the crime, the law has the right to punish him by giving him a death penalty. This discourages other criminals from committing such heinous crimes. So in this case capital punishment is truly justified. My worthy opponents might say that capital punishment should be abolished, but the Green house continues to state that capital punishment should not be banned by the government if they care for the people. SUMMING UP SPEECH Capital punishment is truly justified by the proverb an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Capital punishment means the death penalty given by a court of law to a person for committing a severe and heinous crime. For example a murder. When a crime involving the masses takes place, like bomb blasts, the government has to some how handle the fear and panic that is about. This can be done by uncovering the criminal and putting him to death, so that the people feel safe and secure once again. This action of the government creates fear among other criminals and it discourages them from committing other such crimes. The law states that if a person kills another person, depriving him of his life, family and other pleasures, then he too has no right to live. He has to be put to death by capital punishment. Thus the Green house would like to conclude by saying, that capital punishment is truly justified if the government wishes for the greater benefit of the citizens.