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Volume-1 (RGMCET Hrudaya Spandana) Issue-1 Year-2010-2011



1.Nature and Total Eradication of Fear 2.Talk by Dr.Vedaparayana. 3 .What Happened to that Mind. 4. Why do we Feel Lonely. 5.Its Our Earthnot Yours or Mine. 6.I Dont Believe that -----7.Music is devine. 8.What is the root cause of AIDS 9.Understanding the Psychological and Academic Problems of Students.



Nature and Total eradication of Fear

On a fine morning Prabhakara Sastri sir took us to communication Skills Lab and played the video Nature and Total Eradication of Fear. It was a discussion between J.Krishnamurti and Dr.Anderson. For 20 minutes we watched the video .First time we watched the video without any purpose but attentively. Second time the same video was repeated. This time we paid attention to pronunciation, Body language, expressions, feeling.. Especially, how J.K. feels a word. Again the same was repeated but this time we have to watch the video with a purpose. The 60 students are divided into 10 groups and each group should pay attention to a particular thing like

Make 5 questions on the subject. Make 5 statements on the subject Recollect 10 words which impressed you and why? Pronounce 10 words the way the speaker pronounced Gather 10 words from the subject and write the other parts of speech of the words. Collect 5 words and write synonyms. Write the antonyms of 10 words which you heard. Collect 10 words and add suffixes and prefixes. Take any 10 words or sentences and show how the speaker used his body language to make the audience understand. Write a milli of the talk.

Each group of 5 0r 6 will have to come to the Dias and present their findings. First group asked questions and the other groups answered the questions. For the statements, the rest of the groups prepared questions. The rest of the groups came and performed their tasks. At last the tenth group prepared the milli of the talk.

The milli of the talk

The theme is about fear, and responsibility of each one of us towards what is happening in the world. After million years also violence exists like killing each other, hating each other etc. Fear comes from our anxiety, psychological hurts, conflicts and one should be free from this fear. Each ones responsibility is to get into and look at the problems in our life and we have speculated concepts to understand. From this initially we have to look into the fundamental cycle of each ones life.

God is the stimulation to human beings. Various means of sensations are created because of drugs and alcohols. To overcome these sensations one has to investigate and explore ones life. Fear is the thing that the human beings always face and the psychological structure has to change. One should know what actually one needs. To have change in life everyones mind cells have to change but not external factors. Coin has pleasure and fear on either side. If we have pleasure we cant see the fear as it is the other side of the coin. Humans are pleasure loving because of God and gratification.

After going through this experiment we felt that we could listen to an international Standard English which is very near to Indian pronunciation at the same time very lucid and touching, more over the way the speaker tries to make his audience understand him and take them with him in his journey. The commitment, the urge to communicate and the sincere effort that was put to take the journey together was observed by the students. Listening to Dr. Anderson with a British native pronunciation was a different experience to us. Next few weeks we watched the videos like

What is Communication with others? The Art of Listening

(EIE III Year Students)


As the first guest of the centre Dr. Vedaparayana, head of the department of philosophy (retd) S.V. University, Tirupathi, was invited. He spent a whole day with staff and students. The topic chosen for students discussion was

Education and the Significance of Life

We shall try to present the talk in brief.
*The one who can accumulate lot of information, store in the memory and reproduce it in a specified time at a specified place is said to be an intelligent person. This is called education. The present education is treating the students as computers. *If education is not tackling the problems of the world or the country, these problems can never be solved. Can education resolve the division in human beings? *Education has been progressing and has solved many problems but it could not solve the human problems such as sense of insecurity, conflict, division, strafes, violence, insurgency, terrosium, communalism ctc. Education has taken man to the extent of creating human bombs. Biggest commerce in the world is weapons of all kinds. *Human beings have been deeply programmed in many ways like caste, color, creed, religion, nationality etc. Because of this programming in human beings there exist terrible problems. *Our knowledge and technology should be used to protect human life and not for destroying it. Human being is not limited to the process of thinking. There is inner being of the individual. *There is a need for creating a new human being that is holistic human being. With all the technology we are incomplete human beings. Holistic human being is the one who has no identity. Now a days any kind of identity has no relevance. There are no sharp boundaries any where except in our thinking, which is very dangerous. When one is holistic, life becomes simple. *We can not say that there is sharp difference between animals and human beings. Some animals are more intelligent than human beings.

*How does wealth come? By destroying nature! What is the use of wealth when there are no natural resources? *How to co-exist peacefully for a long time! How to protect the natural resources and hand over it to the next coming generation? Education and technology must see the welfare of human beings, flora& fauna. We dont have any right to destroy nature. We are part of nature. Education should focus on this. Travelling from one planet to another planet is important but at the same time we should be holistic. When we can not live peacefully on this planet though we have been living here for such a long time then how can we live on the other planet peacefully? *There is possibility of being happy with out achieving any thing. Achievement cannot give happiness. Love the thing that you are doing. Love the life. Love the subject. Then there will be happiness. *The true nature of human being is to be happy and peaceful. That is the natural state of human beings. Education should make us good human beings, holy human beings who are sensitive to all living and non living beings. * As we are divided we are killing ourselves. We may have some accidental differences but basically we are similar. Inwardly we are the same .We feel sad or happy by the same thing. Sorrow, happiness, anger are common to all human beings. *Mutual understanding and mutual happiness should be there. Dont think that by getting a job you will be happy. Dont relate happiness and achievement. Love the work you do. * Education should create a human being who has an excellent behavior, who doesnt get hurt or hurt others. Even by gesture also we should not hurt others. *80% of natural resources are consumed by the 20% 0f the rich and knowledgeable people where as the rest of the 80% of the poor are allowed to enjoy the left over 20% of the natural resources. Tremendous selfishness leads to such a thing .Without any discrimination we have to share every thing. *Differences are not true but oneness is true. Jyothi (EEE final year) Soujanya (ECE final year)

WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT MIND? *Who had discovered that the Earth is spherical in shape?
In RIGVEDA (1-33-8) it is said that Chakranasah pareenaham pruthivyawhich means people who reside on the surface of the Earths circumference. In Aryabhattiyam, Golapada, 6th sloka, the renowned Indian astronomer Aryabhatta (476 A.D.)had said 1.Bhugolah Sarvotho Vruttah which means that the earth is round from all sides. 2.Chadhayathi Sasi Suryam Sasinam Mahathi cha Bhoochaya (Sloka 37) which means when the moon shadows the Sun , Solar Eclipse occurs ; when the Earth shadows the Moon Lunar eclipse occurs.

*Who had discovered laws of Gravitation?

In Pancha Siddanthi, 13th chapter, 4th Sloka, VARAHAMIHIRA (6th century A.D.) had said Gaganamupaiti Sikhi Sikhaa Kshiptamapi Kshithamupaithi Guru Kinchinth It means that any one can experience that on any part of the Earth the flames of the fire go up and the objects that are thrown up fall down.

*Who expressed first that the Earth moves around the Sun?
In RIGVEDA (3-5-59-1) It was said that

Mitro dadhara Pruthavi Mutadhyam Mitrah Krustih It means that The Sun, with his attracting force, is holding this Earth and the other Celestial bodies.

2.Thrinabhi Chakra Majarama Narvam Yenemaa Vishwa Bhuvanani Tastuh

( Rig-Veda 1.164.1). It means that All the celestial bodies (planets) are moving in ecliptical orbits. 3.Ayamgouh Prushneerakamit Asadan matharam purah Pitharancha prayantsavah (Rigveda10-189-1) It means that the Moon being the sub-planet of the Earth, it is revolving around its motherly planet the Earth and the Earth is revolving around its fatherly planet the Sun.

*Who is the worlds earliest surgeon? SUSHRUTHA (500B.C.)

In Rig-Veda (1.116.14&15) Ashwini physicians fitted an artificial Iron leg to woman warrior Vischala and eye transplantation. We find advanced level surgery in Sushrutha Samhitha. Vinaya Pithika , a Buddhist text reveals a brain surgery.

*Who did produce test tube babies first?

In Rig-Veda (7.33.13) Sage Agastyas birth is not from mothers womb. He was fertilized in a pot. Dronas birth also took place in the same manner.

*Who is the father of Botany?

Sage PARASARA in the first A.D. explained the structure of a plant cell in VRUKSHA AYURVEDA. *Who is the father of veterinary science? SOLIHOTRA, who lived in 8th century B.C., wrote a famous text called HAYAAYURVEDA. Even now in central Asia a veterinary physician is called SALOTRI *Ancient Indian Mathematical gift to the modern world. 1. Decimal system was mentioned in YUJURVEDA SAMHITA, 17th chapter. 2.Zero is the Indias richest contribution.

3. BRAHMA SPUTA SIDDANTA (620 A.D.) proves that any number divided by Zero becomes infinity. 4. PYTHAGORAS THERAM is found in BANDHYANA SULAB SUTRAS (Chapter1-12- Slokas) which was written six hundred years before Pythagoras. 5. ARYABHATTA (5th century A.D.) in his ARYABHATTIAM (ch- 2-10) had calculated Pi ( ) value as 3.1416.

* Advanced knowledge about Aeronautics

1. SAGE BHARADWAJAS Vimana Shasta 2. The description of OUSHPAKA VIMANA in Ramayana by Valmiki.

*Who postulated Big Bang theory first?

Ancient Indian literature declares that this Universe had come out of the first breath of God, the first explosion (Mahan Vispotanam) which is the modern BIG-BANG theory.

*Evolution Theory --- Ancient Indian perspective.

Ancient Indian evolution theory considers not only physical aspects of life but also mental and spiritual dimensions of evolution. Jatyantara Parinamah Prakrutya Poorath (Pathanjali Yoga Sutras-chaptar-4-sloka-2) It means that internal nature is the main reason for evolution from one species to another species.

*What is the Vedic Mind?

Samani va Akruthih Samanaa Hrudayaani vah Samaana Masthu Vo Mano Yadhaavah Susahaasathi. Let us live together, let us travel together, and let us speak with one voice, Let us eat together, let us be together and let all of us have one mind.

*Personality Development.

A person who is Free from ego and attachment while performing work. 2. The one who has clarity in the mind. 3. Ever enthusiastic and energetic. 4. Even minded in success and failure. Such person is called an efficient personality.

(Bhagavad-Gita-18th chapter-26th sloka.) * The Yogic Mind. Samatvam Yoga Uchathe Obtaining evenness of mind is Yoga. Obtaining balance in life is Yoga. Achieving work excellence is Yoga.(Bhagavad-Gita) BUT.. Why do our children by heart and memorize Keplers theory, Copernicus invention, Galileos discovery, Newtons Laws of motion, Laws of Solar system, Darwins evolution theory, Pythagoras theorem, And so on.. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT MIND? That creative mind, that innovative mind, that innocent mind, that intelligent mind, that silent mind, that meditative mind, that Vedic mind, that brahminic mind, that yogic mind, that ancient mind, that religious mind, that cultural mind, that humane mind, that leisurely mind, that spiritual mind, that holistic mind, . Now education should (educare) draw out that mind to save the Universe from terrorism, world wars, atmospheric pollution, food poisoning and the other global threats.

We owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count through decimal system, with out which no worth while scientific discovery could have been made. --Albert Einstein. I am convinced that every thing has come down to us from the bank of the Ganges---Astronomy, Astrology, Meta physics, etc It is very important to note that some 2500years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Somas to the Ganges to learn Geometry.--Voltaire Francois. Source: EternallyTalented India. 108 Facts.

Why do we feel lonely?

Sometime or the other every human being might have experienced this loneliness. It is a kind of feeling that we live in human jungle but we feel that nobody is there for us .We cannot find any proper reason for such feeling .When this topic Why do we feel lonely? was given to the students to probe into and speak on this topic, they got themselves divided into small groups and discussed. The team leaders presented their findings. The excerpt is given below. In most of the cases loneliness occurs because of home and parents. If both the parents are employed and children are left at home, the feeling of loneliness starts at an early age and that continuous for ever. If he/she is a single child, a lot of pampering takes place and the child feels supreme and becomes more adamant than adoptable to circumstances. Whatever he/she wishes to do ,it will be carried on. Such a child gets more selfish nature and sharing will not be possible for such children. When there is no sharing with others people feel lonely. Now a day we see nano families where couple trying to perpetuate their ego and quarreling between them. A child who is brought up in such an atmosphere feels lonely. We see most of the parents show too much of attachment towards their children and do not allow them to mingle with other children. Such children fail to make friends with others and so there will not be any companionship. When there is no living together there crops up the feeling of loneliness. Certain parents would like to bring their children up in such an atmosphere that their family grandure is not damaged. They dont allow their children to take part in any event which may cause damage to their family grandure. The most important thing is parents set goals and children have to reach them. Whatever goals they could not have achieved in their life time, they set such goals to their children to achieve. This becomes a big burden and children feel lot of pressure. In achieving goals children feel lonely.

Everyone encourage reaching the goal but no one shares childrens feelings .Hence the result is loneliness. As this is the age of nano families, combined family concept disappeared long ago and the senior citizens as well as children feel lonely. Senior citizens are not allowed to live with children. So there is no relationship. In most of the cases sharing is economic sharing only. So sall relations are economic relations only. Wife and husband, Teacher and student, doctor and patient, lawyer and client, parent and children. All these relations remain at give and take level only. When we come to social problems the haves and have nots cannot meet. The poor amongst the rich and the rich amongst the poor feel lonely. When it comes to religion, caste and other things, the untouchable and the totally orthodox feel lonely because the untouchable is not allowed to mix with others and the pure orthodox eliminates himself from the society. Both feel lonely. The present scholastic life encourages competition. Those who compete with others can never share their feelings with others. The one, who is topper in academics, can never be friendly with one and all. He never shares anything with others. If he wants to remain topper for ever, he would remain lonely. Teachers and parents compare students in their academic excellence. This comparison brings a kind of grudge in them. They depart from each other.Comparision between students make them lonely. Gender problems. Most of the time girls and boys cannot exchange their views and especially women views are not regarded .so they feel lonely. Loneliness is personal. Basically the ego problem makes people lonely. Identity crisis makes one feel lonely. Misunderstanding between friends, high expectations, cheated by a girl/ boy friend, superiority/inferiority complex, love failure, shyness, fear, narrow mindedness, not able to adapt to the changes in the society, and lack of proper communication because of insufficient and inferior language. Many more problems are discussed. At the end of the topic, Comparison breeds competition, ambition; comparison prevents clarity; success and failure; Is loneliness the same as aloneness?; Loneliness is depression: Aloneness is joy. From What are you doing with your life, by J.Krishnamurti, was read by most of the students.

Loneliness is depression: Aloneness is joy

After all, loneliness is a state of isolation, because the mind encloses itself and cuts itself away from every relationship, from everything. In that states the mind knows loneliness and if, without condemning it, the mind be aware and not create the escape, then surely that loneliness under goes a

transformation. The transformation might then be called Aloneness It does not matter what word you used. In that aloneness there is no fear,. Surely sirs, we must be alone, alone from all influences, from all compulsions, from all demands, longings, hopes, so that the mind is no longer in the action of frustration. That aloneness is essential, it is a religious thing. But the mind cannot come to it without understanding the whole problem of loneliness. Most of us are lonely; all our activities are the activities of frustration. The happy man is not a lonely man. Happiness is alone and the action of aloneness is entirely different from the activities of loneliness. - J. Krishnamurti

It Is Our Earth, Not Yours or Mine.

At a very early age Leo Tolstoy lost his parents. He joined in the army and started his writings. He had given a valuable suggestion to poets and writers. Dont write any thing in which you have no interest unless it is a must. His name is a permanent signature in the world literature. His War and Peace is the crown of his writings. His heroin NATASHA in war and peace is a dream girl to most of the literary stalwarts all over the world.

The present story reveals Tolstoys love and devotion to soil and agriculture. Thats why now we are presenting this in our IT-PRASTHAN. The concept of the PRASTHAN being Information Technology in the field of food and agriculture

P.Chaithanya K.Hari priya

NithinD.Manjunath M.A.Kalyani


Announcer: One day some children found, in a ravine, a thing shaped like a grain of corn, with a grove down the middle as large as a hens egg. A traveler passing by saw the thing, bought it from the children for a penny, and took it to town, sold it to scientist as a curiosity. The scientist called together his Assistants, and told them to find out what the thing was. The Assts pondered and could not make head or tail of it, till one day, when the thing was lying on a window still, a hen pecked at it till she made a hole in it and then every one saw that it was a grain of corn. The assistants went to scientist and said: It is a grain of corn. At this the scientist was much surprised; and he ordered the learned assistants to find out when and where such corn was grown. The learned assistants pondered again, and searched in their books, but could find nothing about it. So they returned to the scientist and said: We can give you no answer. There is nothing about it in our books. You will have to ask the peasants; perhaps some of them may have heard from their fathers when and where grain grew to such a size. So the scientist requested that some very old peasant should be bought and his assistants found such a man and brought him to the scientist. Old and bent, ashy pale and tooth less, he just managed with the help of crutches to totter into the scientists presence. The scientist showed him the grain, but the old man could hardly see it, he took it, how ever and felt it with his hands. Scientist: My dear old man. Announcer: Old man cannot hear looks the other way Scientist: Look here Can you hear me!!!! Here is a grain. Can you tell us, where such grain as this grew? Announcer: Looks this side and that side and tries to hear. Scientist: Have you ever bought such corn? Or sown such corn in your fields?

Announcer: He could not hear any thing because he was totally deaf but understood with great difficulty what the scientist said? Took the grain and felt it with his hands. Old man: No.. I never sowed. Nor reaped any like this in. my.. Fields. I did never buy or sold such grains. The grains are as small as they are now but ask my father. He may have heard of such grains. Scientist: Thank you very much old man. Sorry to trouble you. Old man: Ahh. What did he say? Scientist: Please send your father. (The old man leaves the placelights off.lights on..) Announcer: Here comes the old mans father. He walks on a crutch. Scientist: My dear gentle man, could you please tell me where can we find such a grain? Announcer: He could see better than his son. The old mans father takes the grain and looks at it. Scientist: My dear sir, can you tell us where corn like this used to grow? Have you ever bought like this? Or sown any in your fields? Gentle man: No. I never sowed nor reaped any grain like this in my field. I never bought such grains because money was not in use in our times. Scientist: How could you manage with out money? Gentle man: Every one grew his own corn. For sharing we had Barter system Scientist: Barter system! What do you mean by Barter system? Gentle man: It is simple. I grow corn, some one else grow vegetables. I give my corn to him and I take their vegetables. Scientist: Did you ever hear about such a big grain gentle man? Gentle man: I never sowed such a big grain but ours was larger and yielded more flour than present day grain. Scientist: Gentle man! Can you suggest a person who has seen a grain like this? Gentle man: I heard my father say that in his time, the grain grew larger and yielded more flour than ours. You would better ask him. Scientist: Thank you very much Gentle man. Can I see your father?

Announcer: here comes the father of this gentle man. Look how easily he walks.. Wow what a wonder!!! He could walk with out crutches. His eyes are clear he could see with out spectacles. He could hear perfectly and distinctly. Scientist: good evening gentle man. Could you please tell me what kind of grain it is!! Announcer: The gentle man takes the grain turns it about in his hands and bites a piece of it and tastes it. Gentle man: It is long since I saw such a fine grain. Yes, it is the same very kind. Scientist: Tell me gentle man when and where was such corn grown? Have you ever bought any like this? Have you ever sown any in your field? Gentle man: corn like this used to grow every where in my time. I lived a corn like this in my young days. I fed others with such corn. It was grain like this that we used to sow and reap and thrash. Scientist: My dear gentle man, did you buy it any where or did you grow it all your self? Gentle man: In my time no one thought of such a sin as buying or selling bread. We knew not money each man had corn of his own. Scientist: My dear sir, where was your field? Where did you grow corn like this? Gentle man: My field was Gods earth. Where ever I ploughed, there was my field. Land was free; it was a thing no man can own. Scientist: Then what was ones own? Gentle man: Labor Labor was the only thing man called their own. But now, we are buying and selling land. There are land grabbers, Land mafia. How foolish you are! How can you own land? Soil is immortal and you are a mortal. Scientist: Tell me gentle man, why did such seed use to spring up then and now it doesnt? Gentle man: My dear friend, would you like to know how your technology and science spoiled the globe. See how your green revolution made the soil so poisonous.

COW AND BUFFALO My dear friends we are really happy to feed you and your babies with our milk for the little grass and shelter that you provide us. But you want us to produce more milk for commercial purpose. 30 to 50 liters of milk a day! How is it possible? But we are providing with out our knowledge. After the first delivery we cannot go for the second because every day we are given oxitone injections. It is a hormone that increases the production of milk. Yes, we are producing cans and cans of milk. But Alas!! My friends. the danger is that if you drink this milk, women loose the reproductive capacity,

monthly cycle is disturbed, uterus cancer is expected, in men impotency and hair fall is inevitable. My friends, we pity you for your ambitious acts.

VEGETABLES (pumpkin, bottle guard, snake guard, bitter guard, brinjal) My dear cow and buffalo, Not only you, these commercial humans did not leave us also. They inject same oxytone injection to us also. Pumpkin: 10 years back I was 750 grams. But, now I am grown to 750 kilo grams. Bottle guard: My original shape was round. But now I am growing 1 meter long. Brinjal: I was 50 grams then, but now I am 5 kg. Snake guard: Now I have grown taller than ever. Pumpkin: so, the reason for our obesity is this oxitone injection. Friends if you eat us you too will become like me.

MOTHER My dear children, I am subjected to Lakanofobia which means fear of vegetables.

Recent study of center sector scheme on monitoring of pesticide residues at national level reveals that by the time our vegetables come to our plate 15 to 20 times insecticides and pesticides are sprayed and phorate pesticide tablets are spread in the fields. The band pesticides like chlordane, endrin, and heptachlor and ethyl parathion are widely sprayed over tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, beans and so on. Residue of these pesticides in vegetables in India is 750 times more than that of other countries. Alas..!! How can I feed my baby now.!! The residues of pesticides are found in my milk also. Mothers milk is also poisoned

. Scientist: I am sorry to listen to this gentle man, tell me why your grand son walks on two crutches, and your son on one crutch. But here you go with perfect ease. Your eyes are bright, your teeth are strong and your speech plain and clear?

Gentle man: My dear friend, whole of my grand sons body is filled with the residue of pesticides, insecticides, chemicals and fertilizers. More over your cell phones, iPods spoiled his ears. Your television and computer monitors spoiled his eye sight. As my son used, these things partially, so he is better than my grand son. Scientist: Gentle man, what remedy can you suggest? Gentle man: There is a remedy. Here is my friend Prof. Bhaskara Rao from RGMCET. He tells you how to use technology in right way. Professor: My dear friends, it is not the fault of science and technology. It is the fault of the government. It should educate the public before it takes science and technology to them. Now I shall explain you Agriculture is one of the prospective areas in which IT can effectively be applied particularly for the social and economic development of the Indian agrarian community. The long term vision on Information Technology in Agriculture Sector is to bring farmers, researchers, scientists and administrators together by establishing Agriculture on-line through exchange of ideas/information. The indirect benefits of IT in empowering Indian farmer are significant and remain to be exploited. The Indian farmer urgently requires timely and reliable sources of information inputs for taking decisions. At present, the farmer depends on trickling down of decision inputs from conventional sources which are slow and unreliable. The changing environment faced by Indian farmers makes information not merely useful, but necessary to remain competitive. Information technology provides answers to a number of questions to the farmers. For example, what are the benefits of more irrigation? Is it cost-effective to apply additional chemicals? When is the best time to sell crops or buy inputs? With improved record-keeping, more detailed cost analysis and more sophisticated marketing strategies, farmers are making better decisions and earning higher profits. IT helps producers monitor and respond to weather variability on a day-to-day basis. Solar-powered weather stations in the field can be hooked up to a farmer's computer to relay information about current air and soil temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, leaf wetness, soil moisture, day length, wind speed and solar radiation. Producers use the Internet to monitor prices quickly and as often as they like. Farmers from around the world can exchange ideas, post questions and get answers about specific topics. It is viewed that future agricultural growth would be information driven. Conclusion It can be rightly stated that though Information Technology in the agriculture is in growing stage in the Indian context. It has just started to spread its shoots, but with its immense potential to standardize and regulate the agricultural processes and solve the problems, it is sure that IT will be one of the most important areas in the near future for agricultural development. Scientist: Gentle man; tell me how to make the soil more and more fertile. Gentle man: Love the soil, it gives you every thing. Now a days man has ceased to live by his own labor. They have taken depending on the labor of others. In the old time, men lived according to natures law. They had what was their own. Professor: Yes, thats absolutely true. Look at the work that some of our IT friends are doing at Timbuktu collectives.

The Collective has so far collected 28 varieties of rice, 31 varieties of millets, 18 varieties of pulses and 7 varieties of oil seeds. It is now in the process of helping farmers become in-situ seed conservationists and to maintain and propagate these varieties of seeds. The farmers who have taken up the cultivation of millets and pulses notice that they do far better than other commercial crops in times of drought.

It is our earth not yours or mine or his. We are meant to live on it, helping each other, not destroying each other. This is not some romantic nonsense but the actual fact. But man has divided the earth, hoping there by that in the particular he is going to find happiness, security, a sense of abiding comfort. Until a radical change takes place and we wipe out all nationalities, all ideologies, all religious divisions, and establish a global relationship- psychologically first, inwardly before organizing the outer- we shall go on with wars. If you harm others, if you kill others, whether in anger or by organized murder which is called war, you, who are the rest of humanity, not a separate human being fighting the rest of humanity, are destroying your selves. - J.Krishnamurti.

SONG Ye dharthi hamari.. aakash hamaara hai. Nadiya hamari hai.. baadal hamaare hai.. Ye fiza hamari hai.. kirane hamari hai.. Pasu pakshiyon se bhare van bhi hamare hai Harii bharii vasundhara pyari hamari ye dhara.. Yahi hamara aashiya.. yahi hamara aasara.. Is dharthi maa ki godh me palthe rahoo Khilthe rahoo.. chalthe rahoo.. SAVE THE NATURE.. SAVE THE WORLD.. ISE BACHALO.. ISE SAVARO..

Hum phal rahe hai dharthi maa ki godh me sadaa Ham khil rahe hai dharthi maa ki aangan me sadhaa.. Milke phalenge hum.. milke khilenge hum.. Milke challenge hum.. milke jiyenge hum.. Ohhhh.Ooooo. Ohhhh.Ooooo. Kadam se kadam milayenge hum.. haatho me haath dalenge hum.. bhed bhaav sabh sare apne dil se duur bhagayenge miljulkar abh saath saath hum aage badthe jayenge.. purab hamara hai.. paschim hamara hai.. uthar dakshin dharthi kaa har kona hamara hai.. Harii bharii vasundhara pyari hamari ye dhara.. Yahi hamara aashiya.. yahi hamara aasara.. Is dharthi maa ki godh me palthe rahoo Khilthe rahoo.. chalthe rahoo..


I dont believe that there is any teaching; there is only learning and this is very important to understand
Most of the participants attended for KFI gathering, Rishi valley, 2010, were Educationalists and teachers and of course from the other walks of life. Participants from educational institutions were in search of some thing to know what makes Rishi valley a special place. It is unbelievable that this place is in Rayalseema, a place of dry lands and barren fields. The place is full of greenery. The tranquility of the place, the songs of birds, fresh air the culture far away from township . Every thing is fascinating them. Long walks in the early hours and late evenings made people more energetic. No star hotel food equals Rishi valley food. What makes every thing so special. May be the commitment, the love and affection, the care they have taken. and the responsibility of every individual. When every one was involved in serious discussion protecting nature, the principal of Rishi valley school coolly walked into the dormitory and switched off the lights as it was morning 7o clock. This year there was a special feature in the program. Regional language group discussions were organized. Some of the teachers wanted to use this time for a discussion On Education. When approached, the principal readily agreed for it and the discussion went on like this. Does this school run in the light of J. Krishnamutis teachings? a friend questioned on behalf of the rest. If you ask directly like that, it is difficult to answer the principal responded. I am the principal of a big school. Except academic aspects, our children do not bother about any other things a participant probed. Parents want that and the children come to school for academics only At least they do not pick up the bits of paper that are lying right in front of them It wouldnt work out because as long as we would like to be a role model to them Even if the child is inspired by us and starts picking up bits of papers, it is for becoming a role model to its juniors. So it doesnt workout. If we start picking up the bits of paper without any expectation, without any motto. Then the child may come to know our feeling for cleanliness and start doing it. It means that .. Not the work that we do is important, but the mind behind that work is important

Even to plant a seedling or to assign gardening work, a lot of resistance occurs from parents side The reason for that might be. The schools are the personal properties of the founders and the parents may not like their children to labor for this First of all in our schools, we promote competition for reaching the goal of marks and ranks. With that competitive mind whether they grow trees or pick up bits of papers, there is calamity behind that act Schools like Rishi valley have no owners or ownership. Whether you plant a seedling or grow trees on the campus, it happens as a part of living together: That is why the plant that is grown to a tree lives here for ages The fact is that we start schools differently Yes that is right here we have to refer the discussion that took place between Krishnamurti and F.Grohe Then he suddenly turned to Gisele and asked her, while pointing at me, He is the money. Would you build a school without him? Gisele answered, He isnt only the money. And Krishnamurti replied; I know. I know.

Krishnamurti then turned to me and asked Do you have the right teachers, the right pupils and the right parents?
At that time the scale fell from my eyes. (The beauty of the mountain) But we do it exactly in the opposite way first we advertise and get children and then according to the strengths we look for teachers and accommodation That is why; education in our schools is taking a reverse direction Shall I talk a little here Mr. Hanumantha Rao came forward. Mr. Hanumatha Rao has been working in Rishi Valley School for the past four or five decades as Telugu and Sanskrit pandit. He is Krishnajis contemporary. He is the one who has seen krishnamurti and lived with krishnamurti for many years. He participated in many discussions. Not only that, he translated Krishnamurti books into Telugu language. Mr. Hanumantha Rao continued. I hail from Elure in Andhra Pradesh. Then I used to work in a Govt school. I used to deal all the subjects in those days. I was also dealing ninth class mathematics. First month I taught maths and conducted maths examination. I evaluated the papers and distributed the answer sheets in the order of merit. When I was feeling that every thing is going as well. One of the girl students started crying. The reason was not known. I trembled in fear. The student is a girl student and the master is a male one..What calamity might be fall on me was my terror

At last on enquiry it was revealed that..that the girl stands first in the class every time but this time her rank fell back from first to second because she scored half a mark less than the other one who stood in the first rankthat was the reason for her cry out . From then onwards when ever any examination was conducted, awarding of marks was as per the previous records only. I used to award her first rank all the time. A friend who has seen my agony, You are a misfit in such a school. There is a right school for a person like you. Declared and referred Rishi Valley School. In those days Elure public were not so elite. They knew not about the rest of the world. The only another world they knew apart from Elure was the temple town Thirupathy. Board the train, straight away go to Thirupathi and offer the prayers and return by the next train No one knows the where abouts of Rishi Valley. How to reach the place is also unknown. Some how, I got the address of Rishi Valley School and applied for the post of a teacher. Very soon I received an interview call. I was promised to pay too and fro charges along with other expenditure. The principal gave instructions where to board a train, where to get down, where to take a bus and how to reach Rishi Valley etc. In those days there were steam trains. I dont know how far I travelled . But at last I reached Rishi Valley. I was appointed as Telugu and Sanskrit teacher. First day I went to the class. All the students were sitting and chit-chatting. When I entered the class no one paid any attention. No one wished me. If it were our schools, as the teacher enters the class, all the children stand up and say good morning sir, with a loud and singing tone. As I was accustomed to that culture, this seemed foreign to me. How could they bring up children without any discipline?- was my murmur and of courses I started my lesson. No one knows whether they were paying attention to the lesson or not. All the students were sitting in divergent positions. One of them was talking.I got angry and I shouted Stand up on the bench. He stood up on the bench. Lesson was completed.Days rolled by.Children were divergentWhen I was sitting on the bench , students used to sit beside me .I was thinking that they had no fear, no devotion, no respect towards elders. If the children were too small, they used to sit in my lap. I could not comprehend any thing in the beginning. Butno one taught me any thing. You should behave like thisYou should talk like thisYou should not do like this. You should not behave like this No one taught me all these things. Slowly I started learning things on my own.

After a month, I begged pardon of the boy with whom I behaved rudely and asked him to stand up on the bench. That boy casually said, It is okay sir. If it was in Elur School, I would not have told sorry so easily. And, that boy would not have responded so easily to say Its okay sir. What I want to say finally is this atmosphere changed me. I could comprehend things without others indulgence. To be a teacher here, the eligibility is not possessing B.Ed; M.Ed; or Ph.D; degrees. One should have abundant love and affection on children and the place. The ecstasy in living together, learning by being with children, at most responsibility on the place where we live, undaunted commitment over the work that we take up, with out any bodys request or suggestion, where ever you are needed assisting there voluntarily, participating in games ,sports, Dance, music, not doing it for sake of doing, but with total involvement and interest. Like this I started learning every thing. My journey in Rishi Valley School continued in this direction. Mr. Hanumantha Rao concluded his talk. Some thing touched the hearts of the participants. But one question haunted every one.. When Mr. Hanumantha Rao landed here, the atmosphere here was so magnanimous that people could get self- realization with out any effort! How was that atmosphere created? What was the specialty of that atmosphere? People wanted to know that. So most of the participants bought the book

Rishi Valley School The first Forty Years


ANUSHA SURYAS (EEE.final year)

A workshop on Learning communication skills, Soft skills and Team work by learning and listening music. This program was organized by Mr. T .Thyagaraj, who belongs to the family of musicians, the administrative officer of RGMCET, and Mr. N. Prabhakara Sastry, Soft skills trainer, RGMCET, on5-2-2011.The excerpt of the symposium is given bellow. Music is divine. Its a universal language. It has universal appeal .Just with seven letters the music world is created. How one utters these seven letters is important to music. How one feels a word makes the lyric into different Ragas. When one has rhythm in the body, communication becomes very easy. Body language and feelings go together. If one observes a singer while singing a song, one can notice that the singer is not only singing with his or her vocal cords but also with each and every cell of his or her body. If one can feel a word as the singer feels; the stress, intonation, and melody of the speech comes out naturally. This is more important in communication. Everyone knows what to say. They also should know how to say. This one can learn by listening or learning music. When one listens an instrument, one can not find the lyric but one feels the movement. So feeling is beyond words. Living and non-living beings respond to music equally. It is proved that cows give more milk if at milking time cows have music and plants yield more produce if they are brought up with music. Psychologists believe that the left brain takes up all the science and the technology; give and take; calculate and analyze but where as the activity of the right brain is to share, to love, to show empathy and so on. Music appeals to the right brain. It gives a happy release from a hard situation. A melodious music composition takes us away from our daily sorrows. By listening good music one can renounce pettiness and anxieties in life.

Good music gives us strength to face day to day problems in life. Music inspires. Music invigorates. Music touches the source of energy. A happy man is the one who can communicate very well. When one is happy, one can invent communication skills and soft skills. If one watches a music concert, one observes that, the team work that takes place between the musicians working on different instruments though they do not have any personal relationship except music, they perform it without any lapses. They are not half hearted musicians. They are self disciplined. Team is many voices with a single heart. Then with the help of my mother I designed film songs which relate to human life cycle. I sang all these songs and prabhakara Sastri sir related those songs to the life style of a human being. I attempt to pen down those things here. Anusha:- There are four stages in the life of a human being. Infancy, puberty,youth and old age. When the fetus is in the mothers womb, it starts learning. After birth every child listens to mothers lullaby. Here are such lullabies.

Jolammajola jejelajola.. Neelalakannulaku Nityamallejola


LaaliLaali ..laalilaali Vatapatrasaiki Varahalalaali

Prabhakara sastry sir:-There is a great philosophy behind Mothers lullaby. Through this lullaby mother communicates My dear child! Life is not a bed of roses. You have to work hard. You have to labor to pave path to your future. If you sweat then only there is happiness in your journey. Otherwise happiness is a mirage. Another mother says My prettiest thing in the world.Do you know how you have to talk to people? Your words should be sweet and melodious. You can win the world if you communicate well. Speak with out any fear or hesitation. What ever work you do in future, you have to know how to communicate well. Be jovial. Make many friends with your talkativeness. Only talkative people can survive in this world.

Anusha:-Then the child grows and starts loving nature. It tries to develop relationship with nature.

Akulo Akunai poovulo poovunai Kommalo kommanai Nunuletha Remmanai Ee adavi dagi poona

P.S.Sir:- When one reaches the age of puberty every thing looks very mechanical. School, home, teachers and parents..every one drive children to some pattern or the other. Then one feels like running away from this mechanical life and become one with the nature. When you are with a leaf, be a leaf. When you are with a flower be a flowerWhen you are with a stem be a stem.. People those who run away from the mechanical life for a few days at least can learn soft skills, communication skills and team work effortlessly. But the book worms with excellent academic record have to learn the things after completion of the course. ANUSHA SURYAS: In the next stage self is developed. Songs of patriotism, emotion, revolution etc., is developed. Padavoi bharteeyudaa.. aadi padavoi vijaya geethikaaa. 2. Nee dharmam nee sangham. Nee desham nuv maravoddu. P.S.SIR: From here the Iness goes to peak. Im great My family is great.

My education is great Ego speaks out everything. In this stage even if one watches a cricket match only INDIA should win. No rival team should win or at least there should be no fours and sixes in rival team but for Indian team there should be only fours and sixes. ANUSHA SURYAS: The next stage is youth. It is a dream land. People try to float in the air and sing songs like Ekkada Ekkada undo tarakaa Naaloo Ukkiri bikkiri uhalu repe gopika P.S.SIR: Yes.. This is a dream land. Every thing will be so attractive. The youth wants to posses every thing that they desire. They think that they can do anything. Nothing seems to be impossible for them. As for as you are in your own dream land, it will be okay because its your own territory. No one can trespass into it. But the problem comes

when you want to make your imagination into reality. It is an abstraction. In fantasy any one may get creative poetry, music, literature, songs, etc., but thats not reality. ANUSHA SURYAS: It doesnt stop there. Some fall in love and the songs are

Hrudayam yekkadunnadi.. Nee chuttu ney tirugutunnadi Ye divilo virisina parijathamooo.. Ye kavi lo virisina prema geethamoo


P.S.SIR: To fall in love what an expression. Is it a well a river or an ocean to fall in..? This word love has been abused among the youth. ANUSHA SURYAS: If love fails.. people sing songs like.

Naa cheli rojave naa lo unnavee. Nine thalachane nenu. Akasha deshanaa Ashada masanna.. Viriseti Ooo meghamaaa virahamoo.., dahamoo..,


Meghasandesham. Meghasandesham.. P.S.SIR: Love has no end.. No beginning Love can never be fruitful or futile. Love knows no distraction. Love has no purpose. Love has no opposite. But our education teaches us opposite of love is hate. We believe it. That is why when the purpose of love is frustrated one goes for revenge. Love is a single page paper. It has no second page. Just one loves. No comparison. No selection. No objective. No expectation. No possessiveness. No gain or no loss. Just love. Thats all. ANUSHA SURYAS: The next most important stage in life is marriage. Pelli kala vachesinde balaaa. Pallakini thechesinde balaaa.

P.S.SIR:yes.. This is the most important turning point in life. Marriage is to pair, to yoke together. One should not look for job, dowry, status, money, power, position etc., what is important for a pair is like mindedness, passion in life and independence. This brings the greatest responsibility in life.

ANUSHA SURYAS: Otherwise the pairs life will be like this. Pooruginti meenakshammanu chusaraaaa Valla ayana chese muddu muchata vinnaraaa.. P.S.SIR: If the like mindedness is not there the couple starts comparing and contrasting with others and getting frustrated. Then life becomes miserable. ANUSHA SURYAS: As one journeys for two decades with all the responsibilities one gets tired and the song Antharyami alasithi solasithi Nee sharanidhe jochhithinii P.S.SIR: After going through all the odds and evens of life one feels like retiring from the temporal world and take rest. At least at this age if one listens The Antharyami ones life is fulfilled Otherwise conflict and frustration remains even at the end also. ANUSHA SURYAS: Dear friends this is how our work shop went on for two hours and at the end we conducted Talent Search in music. Many students took part in this and exposed their talents. All of us departed with a hum in the heart which remains for a long period



Salman Nasir Jah( M.E. 3rd year) Red Ribbon Club (RRC)of RGMCET organized an awareness camp on AIDS/HIV and I happened to conduct the program . The district program manager and district ICTC supervisor of health department, and Mr. N. Prabhakara Sastri, soft skills trainer from RGMCET enlightened the students on this subject. Mr. Sastri sir spoke on What is the Root Cause of AIDS and here I give the excerpts of his talk. Today let us go deep into the matter. What is the root cause of HIV positive or AIDS? Though it is necessary to know the prevention and the cure of this disease, one should go to the root cause of it. At this age you are exposed to a world where every thing looks so wonderful. Your media, your silver screen, your internet bring all the information to your bed room itself. In this digital world every thing looks so fabulous. Youth would like to experience every thing that comes to them by different sources. Drugs, wine, sex every thing tempts you. You are attracted towards it. You can not stop yourself from them. First of all our minds are infected with the thing that is going on around the world. This infected mind would like to experience every thing that is available at hand. Mind always carry the past experience and would like to have a better one and this thought itself is making human life miserable. The kids struggle to experience the taste of chocolates or ice cream; the youth is fond of experiencing sex,drugs,alcohol ctc.; some aspirants struggle for philosophical experience ; devotees of God for the presence of God. Every time mind struggles for a new experience. This unnatural search for bringing the abstract into reality make people suffer a lot. Sex in its natural way is not a problem. The thought of seeking happiness in sex has become a problem. When ever man surrenders himself to the idea that he wants to derive happiness in intercourse and it becomes a habit. When it becomes a habit, it becomes a mechanical activity. So a new experience is required. So people try to change the object of happiness thinking that that object has become stale. People forget that happiness is subjective and not objective which means that happiness is there with in them only and not in the object.

Sex has become a big problem only to human beings. For birds and animals it is instinctive. It is so natural. Man is provoked by thought. As long as man is provoked by thought through literature, films, media and Viagra, sex will be a big problem to human beings. Man has become so ambitious .He wants to grab every opportunity to experience every thing. He wants to accumulate everything. As long as man doesnt pay any attention to these thoughts senses become inactive. Admiring the beauty from all corners of life has come to an end. For a common person sex is the only way to let out emotions. That is why most of the business world is revolving around sex. In the shade of sex most of the advertisements flourished. As long as man responds according to instinctive feelings, AIDS is not a problem. One should go to the root cause of this disease and be aware of it. Then from the health department the two officers spoke and showed videos to create awareness on HIV/ AIDS. I shall try to put down the main points. *HIV is the virus that attacks the immune system *This may not show any symptom for many years. * This virus is the major cause for the death of people between 19& 25. * The four stages of HIV are a) Window (Period of infection) b) Seroconversions During this period a person may have flue like symptoms. c) Symptom free period. d)Final stage AIDS( Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.) Acquired:-One can get infected with it. Immune deficiency:-Weakness in the body system that fights disease. Syndrome:-A group of health problems that make up a disease.

People who have HIV antibodies are called HIV positive. Being HIV positive is not the same as having AIDS Many people are HIV positive but dont get sick for many years.

One might get infected with HIV and later develop into AIDS. The blood, semen and breast milk of people infected with HIV has enough of the virus in it to infect other people. Most people get HIV virus 1) By having sex with infected persons 2) Sharing a needle (shooting drugs) with some one who is infected. 3) Being born when the mother is infected.

*HIV can not be transmitted by tears or saliva .But it is possible to get infected with HIV in rare cases through deep kissing, especially if one has open sores in his or her mouth or bleeding gums. *CURE:- There is no cure for aids .There are drugs that can slow down the HIV virus and there by slow down the damage of ones immune system. There is no way to clear the HIV out of ones body. *Finally they advised the youth to ask for HIV negative certificate before getting married. This certificate is primary and all the other certificates are secondary.

Understanding the psychological and academic problems of students

Dr.Krishna Mohan

Dr. Krishna Mohan, a psychologist from Vishakhapatnam addressed the members of the staff of RGMCET on 7/2/2011 on the topic of Understanding the psychological and academic problems of students. Basically he touched physiological state of professors. As human beings we are subjected to a number of psychological problems, social problems and family problems. But when we arrive at college all those individual problems are to be set aside and work for the benefit of our students. The first beneficiaries of any institution should be the students. So what is good to them we have to take into consideration. Our attitude in the class should be unbiased. With an enthusiastic mood the professor should reach the student. Individual attention is to be paid. The role of the professor must be of an elder brother rather than a policeman. Right guidelines should be set for the students. So the professor must be open minded and ready to work with their students. The best resource for a professor in the class is his students. Now a days there is no dearth for any information. Lot of information is available in the internet. Just one has to browse. Then what is necessary is to work together, to take the students with him in the journey of learning and updating the relations with the students. Before we reach the students we have to be fresh minded. Never target a particular student for setting a good example or for pointing out some thing wrong. Students of this age group are very touchy. The young professors must take into consideration the psychological status of students. First we should understand our own psychology and then proceed. The second one is your students. Neither they are in their teens nor in their youth. It is a transitory period. A lot of psychological and physical changes occur at this age. Students of this age live in an imaginary world. Everything looks so wonderful to them. The outside world is so fascinating and our class rooms are so boring. So all the time they look for a dreamland. The new biological changes in their body do not allow them to sit in one place. Attraction between girls and boys is the biggest problem. All that happens in their film world seem to be real to them. It is very difficult to convince them that silver screen world is different from real world. Enjoyment is primary for them. That too this is technical education, everything is technical. The other part like literature, history and spirituality is foreign to them. Students are in a big ambiguous state of mind.

Then coming to the third point, the subject. All the subjects are technical subjects. Lot of development will be taking place in the subjects. Professors have to update their knowledge everyday. You have to walk with the same pace of technology. Otherwise you will fall back in information. Students may learn advanced technology. If you dont revise and add recent information in your class, your professionalism may be looked down. Every time one should be on toes to get the teaching to the level of our students. There may be of different levels of students. But you should pay attention to one and all. Theory and practical should go together. They are not different. They are one and the same. If they learn practically first and then theoretically next, they can comprehend easily. Involvement of the student is more important. Suppose a particular student fails to understand a particular concept, it means that he lacks fundamentals. So there you have to touch fundamentals. You should take students into your fold and give them confidence that you together will travel in this journey. Preparation for the forth-coming chapter should be announced one week in advance and while dealing that chapter you should give a chance to students to supplement your teaching so that the class room teaching does not become one-sided. I think Im also speaking one sided. I should learn something from you. Can anyone put forth your observations? Principal, RGMCET:- Sir, this has been my observation for the past decade that most of the students coming from corporate institutions fall back and some of the students coming from rural background fare better than the students from corporate colleges. Can you reason the state of mind in this fact? Krishnamohan:-This is something strange for the first time Im listening this. This might be true. In the corporate world everything is organized and someone or the other will be guiding, pressurising and chasing. When they join in a technical college, they have to work independently and a lot of freedom will be there. So they feel that they are saved from a burdensome work. The others with rural background from the very beginning will be doing things in their own pace unsupervised and unpressurised. So they continue their work on their own. When no one is supervising the students take different ways to enjoy. They may be self-disciplined but these may be under the care of someone else. This generally happens when sudden relaxation is given. Question: Getting good marks in exams or understanding and applying the subject which one would you prefer? Answer: Of course without understanding the subject whatever may be the percentage of marks it may not be useful. Question: But most of the engineering colleges are running behind pass percentage and personal score of marks. They think that it is important. Answer: We cant say it is not important. It is .Because parents want it. So it is happening.

Q: Then we too have to conduct slip tests, daily tests and monthly tests and so on. Then we have to kill the innovative minds and creative thoughts? krishnamohan:- No. that cannot be done wider learning must be there. Q: Then can you guide us to unlearn all that what they have learnt wrongly in the past and learn anew Krishnamohan:-I shall try I shall mail you some of the things that I feel necessary for understanding the things as they are. Thank you, thanks a lot..!!!!!

- Reported by N.P.Sastri.