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OVERVIEW: SAP reporting difficulties SAP and Non-SAP data sources Connectivity options BOXIR3-SAPBI/BOXIR3-SAPR3/BOXIR3-SAP Metadata Publishing options BW Publisher SAP INTEGRATION WITH BOXI /R3 Business Objects Enterprise XI Integration Kit for SAP Overview Understanding the Integration Kit for SAP Determining which features to implement Supported Versions of SAP R/3 and SAP BW Installing and Configuring Business Objects Enterprise XI and Integration Kit for SAP Configuring BO-SAP Environment Making Single sign on Environment Authentication of Users in SAP R/3 and SAP BW roles Required SAP R/3 and SAP BW Authorizations Configuring the Security Definition Editor for SAP R/3 Creating Folders and Categories for Grouping SAP R/3 Content Leveraging SAP BW Integration to create and manage folder for SAP BW content Basic Troubleshooting of the Business Objects XI Integration Kit for SAP

SAP-BO TERMINOLOGY& DESIGNER SAP BO Universe design Creating a SAP BW OLAP connection Modifying Connection Time Parameters Changing Universe Connection for a Target OLAP Data source Creating a Universe that Accesses SAP BW Saving and Exporting a BW OLAP Universe Building the Universe Structure Creating Dimension Objects Creating Measure Objects Resolving Loops in a Universe Resolving SQL Traps Applying Restrictions on Objects Using @ functions with Objects Using Hierarchies Using List of Values Creating Derived Tables and Indexes Linking Universes Applying Universe Access Restrictions

Managing Universes Working with Aggregate Awareness Designing Advanced Objects Creating Complex Predefined Conditions, LOVs and joins Securing Universes Maintaining and Optimizing Universes Creating Universes from Other Data sources

CREATING CRYSTAL REPORTS FROM SAP BW QUERIES Formatted Reporting Creating New Queries for Crystal Reports Creating a Crystal Report based on a Query Create a Crystal Report from SAP R/3 Tables Saving Crystal Reports to SAP BW Applying Number, Currency, Date, Time and Date/Time Formatting Formatting Report Sections using the Section Expert Save and view report as SAP user in Info View Publishing SAP R/3-Based Crystal Reports Publishing SAP BW Based Crystal Reports Batch Publishing of Crystal Reports from SAP BW to Business Objects Enterprise XI Migrating Crystal Reports between SAP BW Environments Using Crystal Reports 2008 on Top of Simple SAP BW Queries Creating Reports with Hierarchies Derived from SAP BW Use SAP Variables with Crystal Reports 2008 Creating Reports with Multiple Structures Derived from SAP BW Using Key date Variables with Crystal Reports 2008

SAP BO WEB INTELLIGENCE Introducing Web Intelligence Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries Restricting Data returned by a query Report Design Enhancing the Presentation of Data in Reports Formatting Reports Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables Using Multiple Data Sources Analyzing Data Managing and Sharing Web Intelligence Documents Working with Advanced Query Techniques Working with Calculation Contexts Creating Formulas with Character and Date String Functions Using IF Logic

Working with Additional Reporting Techniques Creating Hyperlinks

SAP BO-XCELSIUS Introducing Crystal Xcelsius with SAP Implementation options Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet sourced through Crystal Reports or Web Intelligence Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet created through the use of Live Office Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet created through the use of Query as a Web Service (QaaWS) Crystal Xcelsius Dashboards using Analytics as part of Dashboard Manager Create an Analytic Dashboard form SAP data through a Universe

SAPBO VOYAGER Getting started with Business Objects Voyager Using Queries to Analyze Cube Data Highlighting Exceptions in Data Using Voyager with SAP Logging on to SAP Member Selector with SAP data Using Variables Mandatory and optional variables Variable types More about variables Free Characteristics Key figures and formatted values Formatting with no key figures Display Attributes Compounded characteristics Mutually exclusive Hierarchies Unbalanced and Ragged Hierarchies SAP display attributes

SAPBO-WIDGETS Installing BI Widgets Using BI Widgets to Access BI content 19 Login to BI Widgets Locating content BI content on one or more XI R3 servers Using BI Widgets explorer to view content

Using BI Widgets with Xcelsius documents Importing an Xcelsuis document as a widget Selecting and opening a Web Intelligence Report Viewing a Web Intelligence Document Creating a Report Part Widget from a Report

SAPBO-DASHBOARD BULDER Getting started with Dashboard Builder Creating Corporate Dashboards using Dashboard Builder Creating Personal Dashboards using Dashboard Builder Analyzing Dashboard Content Setting Dashboard preferences in Info View Customizing Dashboards

SAP BO-LIVE OFFICE REPROTING Getting Started with Live Office Inserting Live Office Objects from SAP BI Components Managing Live Office Objects Publishing and Viewing Live Office Documents Save Live Office documents to the repository Open and view Live Office documents from the repository SAP BO-WEBSERVICES Installing Query as a Web Service Launching the Query as a Web Service client tool Creating and publishing a Query as a Web Service for SAP OLAP Universe Managing query as a Web Service & Consuming query as a Web Service with Different Applications.