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Certified International Bodyguard (CIBG) Award

This E or External certificate may be awarded to any persons who have completed bodyguard skills training with a company or organisation, other than the International Bodyguard Association. The registration fee on completion of the project is 240 and is payable on completion of the project and prior to the award. The CIBG award is issued once a year at the Major Lucien Ott Memorial Dinner by the Associations Vice President Didier Ott, son of the late Major Lucien Ott. Those who through distance or duties can not attend the ceremony will subsequently receive the award certificate and badge, by registered post or courier

Type E (External) Certificate Requirements

The practical requirements for a Type E (Certified International Bodyguard) certificate will require the candidate to have completed a minimum of 250 hours (in total 1 or many courses) of bodyguard related training. Such training being provable by certified copies of diplomas or certificates of an organisation. Said Organisation or company being accredited by the Director General of the International Bodyguard Association. Such accreditation shall usually be established by a letter issued by the Office of the Director General of the IBA on application by that organisation; confirming that the said organisation provides training in Bodyguard skills (to include Close Protection, Protective Service Details skills, etc) to a standard recognised by the DG as meeting a minimum professional standard to operate in a bodyguard role. The skills should include: Protective Escort Drills Protective Driving (Defensive, Evasive, Offensive or Tactical High Speed) Search for Improvised Explosive Devices (bombs) Search for Electronic Surveillance Devices (Bugs &Taps) Conflict Management (to include DART or Arrest & Restraint and Self Defence) Tactical Firearms First aid or First responder care Counter-Surveillance In addition the candidate shall submit a written project supported by a power-point presentation of original research on a subject related to Bodyguard skills or history mutually agreed with the Office of the Director General.

Companies and Organisations wishing to have their training accredited for the E Certificate award should make application to:

Office of the Director General International Bodyguard Association Castle Cosey Castlebellingham. Co. Louth Republic of Ireland Tel: +353 429 382 849 email: dg@ibabodyguards.com www.ibabodyguards.com