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International Bodyguard Association 2011 INSTRUCTOR COURSE DART Instructor Protective Driving Instructor

28th November 02 December 26th 27th November 23rd 25th November

Established Paris in December 1957

Fortiter in Re Suaviter in Modo

National courses can be found by contacting the IBA National or Regional Director of a country through the IBAHQ website www.ibabodyguards.com : : IBAHQ Published by the Office of the Director General International Bodyguard Association Headquarters All rights reserved. IBAHQ Copyright material2011

The following course will be held at the Fairways Hotel Co Louth situated approx 45 minutes traveling time north of Dublin Airport very close to the M1 motorway junction 16
. Course fees do NOT include meals and accommodation, but special rates have been arranged with the management of the Fairways. Please state that you are attending IBA course(s) held at the Hotel

International Bodyguard Association (Instructor) CIBGI award

Module: IC11/CIBGI-3 Duration: 3 DAYS rd th Dates: 23 25 November 2011 The course is for those who already hold the Certified International Bodyguard qualification and wish to advance as Certified International Bodyguard Instructors to Moniteur. The course is also for those CIBGI of Moniteur and Instructeur and Professeur level who wish to renew their licence for a further 2 years. Candidates must be or seek the sponsorship of an IBA National Officer (such as National Director) for whom they will teach. The course will cover how to organize a course, advertise, publicize and teach Basic Bodyguard Skills Course: *History & Role of the bodyguard *Structure & Function of the Bodyguard Team *Protective Escort (purpose & formations) *Protective Driving (defensive, evasive, offensive modes) *Communications & Search for Electronic Surveillance Devices *Improvised Explosives Devices search *Conflict Management (including defence & restraint tactics) *Bodyguard Medic On completion all candidates will received the power-points and DVDs necessary for Instruction and all administration forms. Candidates should bring an external hard disc (minimum 40 GB) and their own laptop computer to the course

Defence & Restraint Instructor

Module: IC11/CIBGI-4

Duration: 2 DAYS th th Dates: 26 27 November 2011 A 2 day course to equip the IBA Instructor to teach Defence & Restraint Tactics. Course cost will include Certification from ILETA as a DART instructor certification as a Tactical baton instructor and Handcuff instructor is also available for a registration/certification fee of Euro 100 per certificate. Training is on an Olympic standard matted area and all training material is provided including red/blue weapons for practice.

Protective Driving Instructor Course

Module: IC11/CIBGI-5

Duration: 3 DAYS th nd Dates: 30 November 02 December 2011 A 3 day course to equip the IBA Instructor to organize and teach Protective Driving Courses. Course cost will include Certification from ILETA as a Protective Driving instructor certification and will cover all aspects of the Protective Driving Course in a practical environment. Finishes the day before the AGM and Annual Dinner

International Bodyguard Instructor

Republic of Ireland, Fairways Hotel Dundalk. County Louth Fairways Hotel website: www.fairways.ie tel No +353 42 9321500 Module Date Select rd th International Bodyguard Instructor CIBGI 23 25 November 2011 Course (without accommodation) 750 (deposit 250) or UK635 (deposit UK235) DART Instructor 26th 27th November 2011 Course only (without accommodation): 300 (deposit 100) or UK250 (deposit UK100)

*Special Discounted Offers 2011 Instructor Courses

BOTH Courses from 23rd 27th November 2011 (not including accommodation and meals) Special offer: 1000 (including advance deposit of 300) or UK850 with deposit of UK250
th nd

Protective Driving Instructor 28 November 2011 02 December 2011 Course only (without accommodation): 500 (deposit 100) or UK430 (deposit UK100)

Family Name Personal Name BADGE Date of birth CIBG Award date Postal Address Post code Country E-mail Telephone Mobile
Declaration of Safety, Health and Representation

I confirm the following, freely and without duress or deception:I have not been convicted of any crime before a court of law and have no criminal record.(You may be asked to furnish proof of this at your own expense) I present myself for training by the International Bodyguard Association. I subscribe to the International Bodyguard Associations Code of Ethics. I understand that the training will require physical activity for which I must be in good health. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the instructors if I determine otherwise. I do not suffer from any ailment or injury which would preclude my training and working as a bodyguard. If I am in any doubt about this I will at my own expense seek examination by a qualified registered medical practitioner. I undertake not to present myself as an IBA member or instructor of bodyguard skills until such time I may qualify as a member or an instructor with the International Bodyguard Association. I certify that I will not transfer any information I receive during training with the IBAHQ to a third party without the express permission of the IBAHQ.

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All bank transfers should be made by CHAPS system FOR EUROZONE EURO PAYMENTS Credit transfer / Giro transfer to: IBAN (International Bank Account Number): #: ie07 bofi 90342939062436 (or) Account No: 39062436 Sort Code: 90-34-29 , BIC: bofiie2d address: Bank of Ireland, Dunleer, Co Louth, Rep. of Ireland account name : International Bodyguard Association HQ FOR NON EUROZONE

UK PAYMENTS Credit transfer / Giro transfer to:

IBAN (International

Bank Account Number): gb91-bofi-30152522676933 (or) Account No: 22676933 Sort Code: 301525 BIC No: BOFIGB2B Bank of Ireland. 20 Berkeley Square, London W1J 6LL.

The IBA logo is a protected trademark under registration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WPO), The Madrid Agreement 1891/1958 and The European Unions Community Trademark registration.

The International Bodyguard Association (IBA) is an International Non-Governmental Organisation founded in Paris 1957. It is registered with the Union of International Organisations in Bruxelles. The IBA has established itself as the premier world training organisation for Bodyguards. It has been at the forefront of Bodyguard education in the emerging Baltic and Balkan Republics, the European Union Security; in the new South Africa, in Afghanistan and throughout the new Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. During 2004, the IBA in addition st to regular courses, trained classes of Iraqi Police, Cambodian Police, elements of the US Armys 1 Special Forces Group, Bodyguards for United Nations Security, Bodyguards and Drivers for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). In the following years, IBA training was provided to the Thai National Police and Royal Thai Navy SEALS and Royal Thai Army Special Forces (Task Force 90). In 2005, the Mongolian Government arranged an IBA course for their Special Forces, Central Intelligence Agency, the State Special Security Agency and Police SWAT unit. In the UK, IBA graduates were among the first to complete their training for the new state SIA CP licence. The IBA have been delivering BTEC Level 3 courses in Close Protection for licencing in the United Kingdoms Security Industry Authoritys (SIA) Close Protection Officers licence. The SIA CPO licence became a legal requirement for Bodyguards working within the United Kingdom from March 2006. At time of publication (December 2006) all IBA candidates (UK and Foreign) who took the BTEC 3 exam in Close Protection passed their exam, an exemplary 100% pass rate. By special application to the Director General, BTEC courses for SIA registration can be conducted outside of the United Kingdom. Last year IBA graduates successfully and safely completed high risk PSD and CP missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and South East Asia. In the autumn of 2006 the IBA provided training for the United States of Americas first Homeland Security Platoon. st Prior to this, elements of C company (Special Duties) 1 Regiment Armed Forces of Malta and Police were trained by the IBA. The IBA consistently provides the highest level of training to government, military, police and civilian Bodyguards. World-class security instructors give specialist training and guidance in a unique learning environment, helping bodyguards to develop professional skills and industry knowledge throughout their careers. President Victor Yushenko of Ukraine under Presidential Order 698/2006 awarded the Director General the Presidential Order of Merit in recognition of his work training Government Bodyguard units and Counter Terrorist teams since independence. The Director General has been honored by Baltic and Balkan nations, as well as by Governments and Churches. The International Bodyguard Associations reputation for excellence is a result of 50 th years of achievement in protective skills training. The 50 Anniversary Dinner of the International Bodyguard th Association was held on Friday 14 December 2007 at Dublin castle. During 2010, The DG in addition to his international training programme, trained dignitary protection teams for the Turkish Police in Ankara and counter terrorist teams of the SBU, GRU and MVD for the Ukrainian government in Crimea.

Office of the Director General International Bodyguard Association Castle Cosey, Castlebellingam. Co. Louth. Republic of Ireland Tel: +353 429 382 849 Cell: +353 857 292 859 E-mail:dg@ibabodyguards.com www.ibabodyguards.com FACEBOOK - IBAHQ Often imitated Never equalled

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