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There is a greater drama going on here on earth than realized by most.

We are here to do more than just struggle, doing jobs for others in order to earn money. We are all here on specific missions. We are bringing Heaven to earth. We have forgotten these things. There is a way to remember, reconnect to spirit, and make your life the adventure it is meant to be. Spirituality versus Religion If religion is the school, spirituality is the education we receive. But most religions forgot the education. Whatever the reasons, they forgot or hid from us the gnosis. Religion and spirituality are not the same. You may have read lots of spiritual books. This does not mean you are spiritual it means you are doing lots of reading. Develop and adhere to a daily spiritual practice that deepens your connection with the Creator. Conquer negative ego in every word, thought, feeling and action. This is the only way to truly expand consciousness. This is the true key living the principles rather than just simply knowing them. We need to remember that INITIATION is the chosen method to elevate consciousness here. What is Initiation simply? Enlightenment is about becoming aware of your soul and consciously living your divinity. Such spiritual evolution can be greatly accelerated by initiation or attunement: Someone who is living their divinity ritually opens the pathway between you and the divinity within you. The initiator is someone who has had direct enlightenment from God or has been attuned into a specific spiritual lineage through sacred rituals. Finally, after initiation, you need daily practices to deepen, widen, stabilize and live this connection. That is what you will learn in these pages; ways you can deepen your connections. Shamanism is defined as the ability to commune with all spirits dwelling on all levels of Creation. However, seeker beware. It is imperative for people studying the path of the Shaman to study with a recommended teacher who is well-trained, tried, tested and true. To unwittingly delve into shamanism without expert and impeccable guidance, especially in countries that regularly practice the dark arts, can be life-threatening. In any case, it is not a path for the faint-hearted! Many of us, as young children, have some ability to communicate with the spirits. Most of us lose this ability as we grow - or we have it trained out of us! At any age, having such abilities can be a detriment. To make good use of them, we must learn to discern which voices are creative and helpful, and which voices lead us on a path of selfdestruction. Any person having this ability can be severely misunderstood. I know I was

terribly misunderstood and judged completely insane, when I finally began to open up to these dormant abilities in myself. At first, I was judged so harshly. For a while I listened to and believed voices which said I needed more drugs to fuel my incredible new abilities and give me more power. At first, I didnt know how to discriminate between the many voices I heard. To my credit, I eventually learned to determine when my inner guidance was to be trusted and when it was coming from forces of imbalance; from negative sources. And eventually, I was strong enough to find my power without artificial stimulants. I feel because I recognized and overcame the pitfalls, I am now able to lead others along this path. So, seeker, beware. On the modern path of shamanism, we are taught how to eliminate negative influences and protect ourselves. Discernment is an important key here. A series of shamanic deaths must be experienced and conquered at the start of this path. This is where we learn about protection, discernment and strengthening self. Normally these battles are fought with the help of gifted healers and shamans, rather than my somewhat solitary process. The finest shamans in our world today are those repaired wounded healers who have walked the path of death and rebirth, destroying all the shadows that block inner clarity. Once a person has experienced and triumphed on this hard fought road to wholeness and wellness, it becomes easy to assist others in doing the same. When you have recognized and healed the darkness within your self, it becomes simple to see this darkness in others and diagnose it accurately. This has been my path. My willingness to confront anything in myself that did not and does not serve the highest good, and my willingness to go through the cleansing process daily, is my greatest gift.


Drums, chanting, rattles, dancing about the sacred fire, soul retrieval, stalking and shape shifting. These images jangle when we juxtapose them against the complexity of our information technology age. Yes, as we move now through the 21st. century, shamanism will become increasingly important. It is the shaman who understands and uses the inner senses, and positively affects daily life through navigating the various dimensions beyond the physical universe. Through developing multi-sensory awareness and using these higher inner skills, we too can enter those worlds of extra-ordinary reality, alter the course of events on those inner levels of consciousness, and thereby change the ordinary outer reality of our lives forever. The successful 21st century shaman will have learned to know thyself and master the skills needed to receive and use intuition, imagination and creativity. As we increase our personal awareness of self and the worlds around us, especially the higher worlds, we become the spiritual warrior/adventurer of the future.

A Shaman is a healer of either gender. To make writing less cumbersome, I refer to Shaman as female. Shaman exist in cultures worldwide. Even though geographically isolated, and individually unique in the practice of their art, they share a similar core of experiences when journeying (travelling) through non-ordinary reality. Traditionally, Shaman are chosen by Spirit and feel inspired to follow a Shaman path. They generally share a history of surviving extreme trauma, such as near death. The work of a Shaman is to seek healing for illness in non-ordinary reality. She does so by entering an altered state that enables her to access (journey in) the different realms of reality previously described in this writing. There she meets with her power animals, guides and teachers who diagnose, advise and direct her in a treatment plan. Part of the treatment plan may be implemented in non-ordinary reality, part in ordinary reality. A Shaman might restore and balance her client s energy field, rescue a Soul part being held captive, find and return lost Soul parts, and prescribe healing rituals. MORE DETAILED DYNAMICS OF SOUL INTEGRATION After experiencing severe trauma in our lives, the typical negative ego reaction is that one tends to either consciously or unconsciously suppress the memory. As a result of this suppression, the part of the Soul containing these painful memories and lessons separates and fragments into the aura. As previously mentioned, psychologists call this disassociation. Examples of typical stresses or situations provoking Soul fragmentation could be, for instance, rape, near death, war experiences, drug experiences such as paranoia or hallucinations, loss, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, abuse or some kind of violence. Natural evolved Soul responses to these kinds of trauma could include temporary breakdown (breakthrough actually!). This is where evaluation to completion, and real Soul growth from the lesson takes place. Time and patience is required here. This is a Soul growth process and involves a dying within the self to victim consciousness and to the fear, which created the experience in the first place. This is what Shamanic Death is. Taken in the right light, all these so-called negative experiences are really only initiations or trials to test us and evolve us. Yet while we are still in negative ego and separation, these experiences may seem like the long dark night of the Soul or even like the end! People may also tend to suppress traumatic memories because it seems necessary to continue the semblance of sanity or normality in their lives at that time. For instance, consider the need to stay in our jobs to pay bills and cover all sorts of everyday obligations. We are also programmed from childhood to be strong for other members of the family and to be seen as a respectable member of the community, pillar of society, etc. So to give in to the urge to withdraw and go within (bear medicine) is not normally tolerated or possible during our busy hectic lives. Fragmentation is one way of carrying on and coping. When a marriage or love partnership ends, what is happening is much more than the loss

of someone else. The trauma is more profound because not only are we losing a partner, we are also dying to the part of ourselves that we created to be in harmony with that partner. We are dying to part of ourselves, which lived in-authentically and peoplepleased the other partner. This is what co-dependent relationships are all about: All sorts of new behaviors are adopted to please the partner, whilst favorite personal behaviors are denied because these wouldn t have pleased the partner. Own up! Most of us have done this at some time. We create a new personality self to fit in and when the co-dependent relationship ends (and they nearly always do), we are then free to examine where we have lived out of harmony with our truth. The next step towards healing and wholeness is that the inauthentic or improper part of our Soul needs to be integrated back into truth. Fragmenting the Soul is a way of protecting our personality or negative ego self when the Soul fragments containing the pain are relegated to unconscious levels of our awareness. The Universe is benevolent because as long as these unresolved or fragmented parts of ourselves are out there somewhere denied, we continue to attract similar situations, people/places/things, which give us the chance to respond from Soul and take the spiritual wisdom teachings from this trial. In this way, it becomes evident why it is so important that our lives be geared to higher simplicity where we can afford the Soul the time and purest space for these highly evolved initiation processes. It s important that we live our awareness and only then can knowledge be transmuted into wisdom. This is spiritual power! The Soul Retrieval process I am sharing now is a technique to help people to reclaim these lost parts of their Soul. This is done through guiding people into a better understanding of the key Soul narratives that they have chosen for the purpose of learning who they are. Key Soul narratives are experiences which are sometimes called the is-notis. These Soul narratives are accessed by the identification of debris within the auric field, specifically within the etheric body. The point of Soul retrieval is to use whatever is discovered as the key to establishing a dialogue with that aspect of Soul that has fragmented and then to understand what was learned from the experience. Simply removing auric debris and patching up holes will only facilitate 50% of the healing experience. For integration to truly take place, conscious understanding and a change in that persons approach to life will be necessary.

Together we have looked long and hard at ourselves to identify negative ego. Having made a conscious choice to walk the path of the soul, it s absolutely vital that we proceed to create room in our busy lives on a daily basis to remember the best parts of who we

actually are the goodness, the joy, the kindness, the caring, the courage, the wisdom. We have found that the who we really are deep down inside is Spirit, the source of authentic power. Sometimes, I come across resistance to the word Spirit. When I use the word Spirit, some people feel afraid that the disciplines I teach might conflict with their religion. Don t be concerned. I am simply asking you to focus on the mind-bodyspirit connection nothing more. I have studied most of the major religions and I have found they have one core fundamental similarity, which is unconditional love. My teachings focus on this aspect and how to open yourself up to feel, give and receive love. I don t believe that Spirit is something we are given by a particular religion. We are born with this power of Spirit, which is the gift of life itself. Everything we do or say has an act of Spirit in it. It s the part of us which is separate to personality. It s the part of ourselves which inspires us to reach for our dreams, live the next chapter of our lives against all odds when the personality self has given up. It is the voice which says you can do it! It s an undefeatable force which says, I can serve humanity. My life does have purpose. I can make a difference! The personality voice says, Buy another dress. Get a certain car. Get a better job. Change partners. Make a geographical change and you ll feel better. But these external changes do not create lasting happiness. When you become strong in Spirit, you can accept the journey for which you really contracted to be here. From all the teachings I have studied, I have come to believe and accept for myself that before we are born we choose our parents, friends, partners and life-path. We do so in order to evolve our nature on specific levels through experience. I feel we all make a sacred life contract before we are born wherein we decide what our gift to humanity, nature and self will be this time around. When we are born we forget this and get caught up with personality issues. However, in all our lives there are times when we are in so much pain that our grasp on personality issues weakens and we start to remember who we really are. We all have chances to become aware of what it is that we should be and do, that which will bring deep satisfaction to our Souls. Take time to think about your contract. Go within and be calm! Don t panic if everything has fallen apart in your life, you feel depressed and suicidal. Remember that flowers die off in the Winter but they bloom again in the right season. So can we, but for us there is inner work involved. Remember that you don t need a certain car, watch, address, etc., in order to like the life you have. Your Soul needs strength. It needs to feel undefeatable. Your life is bigger than just the every day chores and the wants of the personality self. Be willing to be grateful and thankful for what you do have. Every day for a month, write a gratitude list of five things you are grateful for. Read it every day. This will open your heart and your mind. It will make you aware of how much goodness and how much love there is in your life, of how much you have become disconnected from or taken for granted. Soon, you will begin to realize that your life has purpose beyond the personality self. You don t need approval from others to love yourself to see your true beauty. You don t need to test yourself or prove yourself to anyone. You can just be.

We are here to save far more than ourselves. We are all here for a divine purpose. Life becomes much easier when we have faith in concepts such as these when we believe in a sacred life contract. Then we can tell ourselves, I have purpose and by connecting to Spirit I am remembering this purpose. I live it as best I know how and life will take care of itself! Take a look at nature, you don t see birds flying around with stress and tension worrying about worms and paying for nests. They trust in the universe and know that all their needs will be met. By reconnecting to Spirit and discovering your sacred life contract, the daily business of living becomes free and easier. Then synchronicities start to occur and guide you. It starts with a tiny inkling that there is something sacred in everything. Then you begin to search. A day-by-day process commences, revealing more synchronicities. Then you begin to just see without searching. Revolutionary experiences shift your consciousness and suddenly you don t recognize the powerful person you have become. You reconnect to Spirit. Remember that Reiki on a daily basis fast-tracks this process a thousand-fold. Someone I taught recently calls it spiritual fast food .

Hand Positions Reiki for Self-Treatment

You don t need to do some sort of severe religious retreat for three years to reconnect with Spirit. By practicing the techniques I am giving you daily, everyday life becomes a living meditation; in the supermarket, in the car, on the train, at work and at play.

Initially, I would suggest that you do a home retreat where you practice the art of no distraction . It s a simple yet powerful way to reconnect with Spirit. You can do this even if you are at work. When you get home every evening, start your retreat. Allow yourself no TV, no magazines or newspapers, no music with negative words, no social engagements for a month, and no heavy duty household chores. Disconnect the telephone. Simplify your life for a whole month! Light candles and incense. Play healing music to relax and inspire you. Have a candlelit bath with aromatherapy oils. Do some reiki, do a meditation, pray, dance, paint, sing, and eat good healthy wholesome food. Walk in nature. Do an unsolicited act of kindness for a stranger or someone at work and see how great that feels. Above all start a power journal and write about your feelings and discoveries. Get a sense of who you really are and where you are going. These are all powerful ways to tap into and access Spirit. POWER JOURNALLING At the ancient Temple at Delphi one thing was written above the entrance, Know Thyself . We achieve this through self-inquiry, identifying the negative ego, and remembering the best aspects of self. Start a power journal and tell your life story. Consider your sacred life contract and look at how close or how far you are from fulfilling it. Review your parents, your childhood, your adolescence and continue on through your life right up to date. Forgive yourself and others for any pain caused. Write an amends list and make amends with those you have caused pain. Forgiveness is one of the most important lessons in life. As we forgive, so we are forgiven which allows us to feel grace. Write a list of your values and give feedback as to how you measure up. How are you living these values? Are you walking your talk even when no one is watching? Write down your hopes, goals, dreams and aspirations. Then make action lists in order to achieve these. This brings the reward of clarity. It helps you to move forward with ease and grace in a direction of your own choice, rather than in an effort to people-please. Examine your innermost thoughts, the parts of you that are blocking your dreams, hopes and aspirations from manifesting. Write about the parts of yourself that you don t want others to find out about or that you don t want to face yourself. Embrace, then overcome and release your shadow-self behaviors. More precisely, release the negative expressions and integrate the positive expressions of your shadow. This brings self-acceptance and allows you to shed resistance. Then you can move closer to living the life you really want to live, to being the person you truly are. Remember what we resist in life, persists! Learn about what your body really needs in terms of nutrients, exercise, relaxation and

right relationships with others. List in great detail your most shining qualities and all the good things you have achieved or wish to achieve. How do you currently nurture yourself? Examine new ways of being kind to yourself and giving time to yourself. While you are concentrating on the good aspects of self, write a list of acts of kindness, caring, relaxation or fun things to do in order to reward yourself. Then do the things on your list! Write about your fears. Owning your fears defeats the power they have over you. Each time you conquer a fear, you are releasing energy that can be more positively channeled into a creative aspect of your life. Face your fears and live your dreams. Examine how much harmony and balance there is in your life. Make boxes for self, family, work, love-life, friends, leisure and relaxation, exercise, education and connecting to Spirit. Are you putting everything into one box? If you are, the chances are that your life is a total mess, reflecting this imbalance. Start to balance your energies between these life boxes and activities and you will see the harmony come back into your life. Make a trash section and write down aspects of self which no longer serve the new you and then eliminate them. Make sure you include all the fears, rigid false beliefs, doubts and any other mental and emotional excess baggage or debris that is preventing you from walking the path of the soul and being the new powerful you. Write about visions for the future for you spiritually, in your work and play, your relationships and for the planet. What kind of world would you like to create? Then, using sound conscious languaging, list these things as if they exist in your life now. I choose to be powerful, loving and courageous is a wonderful vision. Although it might not be reality at the time of writing, it can soon become one. Stating it as accomplished now it isn t a lie. You are choosing something. By choosing to be something and then acting as if , we are on the way to becoming it! As you begin to examine yourself and put your findings into writing, a healing begins. And so you are guided within to reconnect with Spirit. Instead of seeing life s challenges as your own personal movie of constant pain, suffering and loss, where you are always the victim , learn to greet life s challenges as teachers. I don t believe it s possible to reach Spirit without loss or pain. So accept it. That s how we are given the chance to become aware of our separation from self. Pain nudges us to reconnect with our soul and grow. Each and every one of us has at least one life-changing event. It may be the death of a loved one, divorce, redundancy or something else that causes the personality to meet the Spirit. At these times we are given the opportunity to choose which voice we are going to listen. Except for redundancy, I have experienced two of these crises in the last three months. Unenlightened onlookers ask me why, if I am spiritually advanced and in mastery, do such negative things happen to me? To an advanced student this smacks of still being

stuck in duality and judgment. An adept feels the perfection in everything and knows all experiences to be great teachers. An adept also recognizes there is karma to be cleared in our relationships with others. Actually, a wealthy banker client fell into this trap when I was late for an appointment because somebody ran into the back of my car. She also thought that at this stage of spiritual mastery, my life should be perfect. There are no shoulds or should nots. Everything is perfect even an accident, a divorce or a death. There is a teaching in everything - normally the more powerful teachings come with the more painful experiences. Do also remember that pain is only a sign that we are resisting the tao and need to practice acceptance. Mastery is about how we respond to these so called negative experiences or life events. For instance the death of my friend was not a terrible tragedy. He died of AIDS yet in his long battle for life, he was able to get rid of his ego masks. He chose to drop the persona people pleasing life style. He courageously allowed all his suppressed feelings to surface. He threw in his job that he hated in order to focus on his transformation, even though he lived in poverty as a result. Instead of suppressing his feelings or blaming other people for his fear, grief and anger - he was mostly able to face his shadow issues, own them and release them. He found the courage to tell others why he was dying, even though he feared rejection. Instead of abandonment, he found love and understanding, friendship and joy. He felt enough self acceptance to ask for help and got it. He asked for a miracle and he got it because he changed his own perceptions and beliefs. He died in a far more enlightened way to how he had lived most of his life. It s one thing being sad about dying yet it is quite another to deny the sadness of a life lived unhappily trapped in ego, living the lie. He died a free man and his spirit soared with joy. I am delighted to have been able to help him for I too learned so very much. The sudden marriage and the equally quick divorce has also shown me where I still needed to heal my inner child and clear karma. It s all been a profound healing and learning experience. For the first time in my life I have learned to let go, truly forgive and let God. I feel total trust in divine will and remain in the tao. I feel total compassion for myself and my husband whom I still love very much. Divorce like death is only an illusion of loss of love. Sacred love can never end just as death only ends a life, it doesn t end a relationship. In the marriage I discovered areas in myself where I needed to practice greater discrimination, self control and patience. I also learned that I truly honor myself now and will not tolerate being dishonored. I will take these precious and valuable gifts into future relationships, plus the incredible bonus I received from this challenging experience..... greater self love. My life is already reflecting this greater self healing, self love and understanding. The greater self love is being lived now. I am acting in greater self love. I have started a major 11 months physical cleanse and detox including a radical anti-candida diet. I have lost 25 lbs in weight and feel fitter than I have for many years. In the ending of the marriage, my husband s choice, not mine, I have overcome those

archetypical feelings of being unworthy as a single person, or any sense of failure or loss or wasted time............. I have overcome all the old victim consciousness self judgments and false beliefs that keep us trapped in pain and resisting change. I am focusing on what I have to be grateful for from these experiences. It was a great learning curve and I have many valuable discoveries to share about divine sacred relationship that otherwise, if I hadn t been prepared to risk intimacy, I would never have learned. You cannot know this stuff from just reading a book. Also what is the point of knowing this stuff if you are unprepared to live it. I allowed the psychological death precipitated by the divorce to occur. I stayed with the painful feelings until through greater self-awareness I was healed. I practiced NO DISTRACTION, gave myself time to really heal and worked with my inner child to release and banish old patterns of needing to rescue and fix others or blame myself. I allowed myself to break down and break through. It wasn't a pretty sight this loss of control yet I cleared the pain and I am growing. I am rising like the phoenix.................. and a new life is born. My workshops are about sharing how I meet these challenges, open up to pain, learn the lesson, grow, change and evolve. We can all of us choose to live the new life after a trauma or great loss, in a much bolder more powerful way, embracing greatness. When you choose Spirit, you will find an enfoldment of a life much greater than you could have anticipated. In the ordinary scheme of things, you probably don t even dream that such a life could ever be possible. When you consider the gifts they can bring, loss, pain and suffering are ultimately understood as gifts. Besides helping us to see where we have diverted from our Soul-path, they put us back in touch with the pain, loss and suffering of others. That is where our humanity, our compassion is. Living in harmony with your life-contract and feeling your connection with others is the path of the Soul. I connect with my Spirit by daily healing, meditation, journaling, smiling at a stranger who smiles back, and walking in nature. I connect through kind gestures to others (especially when I don t feel like it). Thank the universe for energy, for life and for everything and everyone in it. I do so because, positive and negative, it all helps me to be and to grow. I recommend that you learn to do this, too. We can come back from all lifeshattering events. Life comes back, just as the flowers bloom again in Spring. If we connect with Spirit we become stronger. There s an old saying, If it doesn t kill you it makes you stronger and I, for one, can certainly vouch for that. Above all, be patient and surrender to the process of waking up to your Spirit so that providence or synchronicity can guide you on to a higher path into your greatness.

Personality behavior versus spiritual-self behavior

Below is a checklist to identify spiritual attributes versus personality defects. There is no behavior that is always wrong. There is always some extreme situation in which extreme behavior is the best choice. Did Jesus practice compassion or turn the other cheek with the money-changers? No, in his righteous anger, he thrashed them out of the temple and told them in no uncertain terms what he thought of them. Such is the action of a true spiritual warrior. What it really all boils down to is this: Are you coming

from a place of love or from fear? These two are the basic emotions. All other emotions can be accurately seen as an expression of either love or fear. It can be an expression of love to be very angry, to be dissatisfied with your lot, or to rebel against the status quo. It can also be an expression of fear particularly fear of change. However, there are some general signs that your reactions are more attuned to spiritual attributes and less an expression of your personality defects. Where would you place yourself and your reactions in the following sets of opposites?

Personality Behavior
Fear Blaming Hatred Anger Resentment Hostility Aggressive Stubborn Doubt Panic Worry Low Self-Esteem Self-worth defined by external objects Greed Dissatisfaction Denial False Pride Arrogance Jealousy Violence Problems

Spiritual-Self Behavior
Love Taking self-responsibility Love Forgiveness, Compassion Forgiveness Gentleness Assertive Steadfast Trust Calm, Equanimity Trust Self-acceptance Self-worth defined by spiritual values Generosity Contentment, satisfaction with your lot Open and self-aware acceptance Humility, true pride Humble Detachment, understanding Gentleness Challenges, lessons

Stumbling Block I win. You lose. Poor me Intimidate Have sex. Superficial Bored Curse Rationalise, make excuses. Scattered There s not enough for me. (poverty) Go along with (conform) Rebel against Envy

Stepping stone, opportunity We win. Take responsibility. Wield power appropriately. Make love. Inner value Engaged eagerly Bless Tell yourself the honest truth. In focus There s enough for everyone. (abundance) Follow your own light. Find your own way. Find joy in the other s success.


The Hopis left us a map carved in stone.

Long ago, the Hopi, whose name means "People of Peace," were given the diagram of a life plan that would guide them through this time in history. Eloquently simple, their plan consists of two parallel paths, parallel possibilities representing the life choices of humankind. In the beginning, both paths appear very similar. The upper path, however, gradually turns into a broken zigzag that ends nowhere. Those who choose this path are represented with their heads detached, hovering over their bodies. They will experience the great shift as a time of confusion and chaos leading to destruction. The lower path continues as a level line, strong and even. Those choosing this path live to advanced ages and their crops grow strong and healthy. Approximately two-thirds of the way along the paths is a vertical line connecting the two. Until this intersection point is reached, the Hopi say, we may move freely back and forth, exploring the two paths. Following this point in time, however, the choices are made and there is no return. In the words of quantum physics, this portion of the prophecy describes a choice point, an opportunity for humanity to experience the paths of both worlds and choose which is true for them. In the words of the prophecy, "If we hold fast to the sacred way - as he [the Creator] devised it for us, what we have gained, we will never lose. But still, we have to choose between the two ways." Mother Nature tells us which is the right way. "When earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, drought, and famine will be the life of every day, the time will have then come for the return to the true path." The record-breaking extremes of nature witnessed in our world today suggest to the Hopi that the time of purification is upon us. The severity of our cleansing is being determined, as our individual responses to life challenges create the collective outcome. The nature of the prophesized third shaking "will depend on which path humankind will walk: the greed, the comfort and the profit, or the path of love, strength, and balance." (- the path of the soul) Clearly, such traditions recognize a direct relationship between the way we address the challenges of our world each day and the kind of world we experience in our future. The chaos of change is our opportunity to refine our beliefs, honoring the portions that work, and gracefully releasing those that may no longer serve us. It is our new, finely honed worldview of the present that will carry us gracefully through the times of future challenge. The Hopi leave us with a message of hope. Their vision of our future concludes by admonishing us to be responsible in the way we use the powers of our bodies and our machines. Once again we are reminded that the choices made each day will determine the duration and severity of our days of tribulation. With simplicity and eloquence, Hopi prophecy reminds us that the way we live our lives determines which path we follow. The choice is ours. -This was excerpted and adapted from The Isaish Effect - Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy, By Gregg Braden, Chapter 4 - Wave, Rivers, and Roads - The Physics of Time and Prophecy. See also our link page:


To Pass the Shamanic Energy Attunement

You must be heart centered, connected to your environment (Earth) and The Creator. Bring the Creators energy down through your cr own chakra and through your charkra system into your heart. Bring the Earth energy in from your feet and up through your chakra system into your heart. In your heart center (chakra) the two energies unite to become one super charged energy! You will be focusing on this energy and sending it to your attunee. You will call on the spirit realm for guidance and help in opening the channels of this individual person, so that they may receive the energies of the highest good in order to align with their spirit self and retrieve lost or fragmented pieces of their soul. You must remember that you can only assist in this process, The student must be the one that completes it. Be mindful of the things presented in these pages and ask that your student use self reiki daily, practice meditation daily, journals, ect as outlined in the pages.

The pages presented here are guidelines on this path, trust your intuition and spirit awareness to guide you in the right manner.