Australia 25c N_ Zealand 2&c South Africa 25c Rhode.ia 2lic Malaysia 95e Malt.

9c 0

Gilbert O'Sullivan is on tour again - for the first time in two years. So now's your chance to see the lovely feLla . performin'live. Here's where: March 8: Capitol, Cardiff March 9 & 10: Farnworth Blighty's Manchester; March 11: City HaH, Newcastle; March 12: New Theatre, Southport; March 14: New Victoria; March 15: Odeon, Birmingham; March 1~: de Montfort Hall, Leicester; March 17: ABC, Hull; March 18: Apollo Centre, Glasgow; March 19: Usher Hall, Edinburgh; March 21 & 22: March 23: Winter Gardens, Bournemouth; March 24: Dome, Brighton.

Theatre Club, Wakefield;

'Coune, there's no denyin' it, us journalists (Is that wot we are? - Brigi,,") are a nosy hunch 0' individuals ... I mean, we have to be reaDy. don't we? Pryin' into 010' fave superstars' Uves, jmt so's we can give you Pinkies the real inside story (well, that's our excuse!). F'rinstance, Kim's been plaguing the Glitter Band just to find out about AD That Glitters ... (pgs. 26/27). And, of course, we all like to meet and get to know our fave stars (like our two Rollers fans pictured above), so we've been investigatio' just bow far some fans do go to follow their superstar's trail (pgs. 18/19)! But first things first - turn to our quiz on page 6 and find out just bow nosy you are! And if you want to know what~s been geUin' into tbat new Iella in the office recently (yes, I'm talkin' about Scott!), turn to page 25. He's just full 0' tbe joys of spring: Ed. 2

This pretty fabric bag is great for bolding all sorts of things - from kni tting gear to all your jars and bottles of beauty things - including your rollers! In red, white and blue, it comes from branches of Boots, £2.45.

C'rnon, all you old timers. Who's this, then? We gotta admit it, he looks a bit like one of the characters from "The Three Musketeers" here!

Isn't he sweet? We reckon this little lad would brighten up any room. He comes from a selection of figurines at main branches of Woolworth's and costs about 99p.

We all need at least one smart dress in our wardrobe, so how about this one? It's very slim and flattering with pretty lace trim at the collar and cuffs. In blue, £8.25. For stockists, see "Where It's At", page 39.

They're co min , in thick 'n' fast now - those Pink penny savers ... Here's some of the best from this week's mailbag. Jane of Leicester has a good idea for keepin' those highlegged leather boots in shape. Just use some rolled-up newspapers. Roll the paper up lengthwise so it's nice and stiff - it works just as weIl. And here's a good beauty saver for you. Martha of St. Albans reckons you make thirty face packs for lOp! Just buy a drum of Fuller's Earth from your local chemist .- and a lemon. Then mix the Fuller's Earth with a little water and a dash of lemon. (The mixture should be fairly thick but not too stiff). Spread the mixture over your face and neck and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash off you'll feel really fresh! (Keep your face-pack mixture in an airtight plastic container to keep it soft.) A David Essex fan from Guernsey has an unusual way of saving money. She hides 5p pieces in her cupboard drawersthen gives herself a nice surprise when she finds them later. Much more fun than a piggy bank!

How do you fancy hangin' lip your coat on Goofy's nose? Well, now you can - 'cos these happy, cartoon faces are really coat pegs. Fix one up on the back of your bedroom door for your dressing gown

- it's guaranteed to start the day off well! From a selection of Walt Disney cartoon character hooks, called Kiddipegs, they come from branches of Woolworth's, and cost 3Ip.

All prices quoted in this issue were correct at time of going to press, Answer:
'l.J8M31S poS


had DollywriDavidsonlattEr tten a

to Alan Elliott, the famous ballad singer, asking him to meet her - and to her astonishment he had done sol He told Dolly that he needed her help and that he would help her achieve her dreams. A.nd now, amazingly, he was asking her to do a screen test ...






, •
Are you one oj those folk who firmly believes that everybody else's business is your business, too? Do you positively suffer if you don't know exactly what's goin' on, nearly go mad when someone tries to keep a secret from you? In other words, are you a bit of a nosy parker? Well, stick your nose into our quiz and see!
The rings just as you're passing the extension upstairs. You happen to know big sis is expecting a call from her boyfriend. Are you tempted to pick up the extension and listen in? (a) You're not just tempted .... you go right ahead and do it! What's the harm? (b) Well, it crosses your mind, of course, but you wouldn't actually do It. (e) It wouldn't even Occur to you to do a thing like that ~ that would be sneaky! One of your schoolmates arrives at school one morning. looking really fed up and depressed. She says she doesn't want to talk about it, but you reckon she's had a bust-up with her boyfriend. What do you do? (a) You're curious, of course, so you ask a couple of questions ... but when they draw a blank you just give up. (b) You reckon it's none of your business, whatever's troubling her ... so you just act like nothing's wrong. (e) Well, you reckon she'll feel much better if she gets everything right off her chest, so you just turn on the old third degree until she breaks down and tells you absolutely everything. When you're reading a detective story or thriller are you ever tempted to look at the last page to see if you can find out whodunnit? (a) Not unless you're pretty sure you already know who the villain is. You prefer to try and work things out for yourself .. (b) Never! That would spoil everything! (c) That's usually the first thing you do! After all, they can hardly expect you to wade through hundreds of pages just to find out - you couldn't stand the suspense!

20-40 You're pretty curious, really. You like to know what's goin' on - and you're quite prepared to try and winkle a secret out of someone if you can .... But you don't like other people trying to mind your business and so you don't try to mind theirs ~ unless you're invited to, of course. A pretty happy balance, in fact. Your nose won't get you into trouble ~ well done! 0-15 It looks like you don't have a single curious bone in your body! Nobody need ever worry about you tryin' to poke your nose .in where it's not wanted. But maybe you're just a bit too uncurious ... You know, it could be a sign that you're simply not interested. Try not to be too self-centred ... sometimes it's actually a good thing to be curious, you know! Sometimes people want to share their secrets.

· I



Your birthday's comin' up and from all the whisperin' that's been gain' on you reckon Mum 'n' Dad have got you something really special lined up for you. What do you do? (a) Nothing at all ~ except just bide your time and wait for the day. You'll "find out soon enough what it is, won't you? (b) You virtuaUy tear the place apart tryin' to discover where they've hidden it and nearly drive your folks mad with guessing games. (e) Well, you're pretty curious and you have a mild nosy around - but really you'd rather have a surprise. Do you eavesdrop on buses? Ever find yourself listening in on other people's conversations in coffee bars 'n' things? (a) All the time! You pick up some of your tastiest morsels of gossip that way! After all, if people don't want to be overheard, they shouldn't talk so loud. (b) Well, you can't help overhearing sometimes, can you? But you don't do it deliberately. (c) No, you always switch off when other people's conversations reach your ears. They're private!


A mystery letter arrives from abroad for big sis. It's unsealed there's no-one else at home and you're dyin' to know who it's from. What do you do? (a) You just wait till sis comes home, and think no more about it. . (b) You sneak a look inside, of course, then just close it up again. Sis'll never know you peeked! (c) You study the writing on the envelope to see if you can recognise it and have a good look at the postmark ~ but that's all.

I. 2. 3. 4. 5. a(IO) b(5) e(O) a(5) b(O) c(10) a(O) b(lO) c.(5) a(10) b(5) c(O) a(5) b(O) e(lO)
6 .. a(O) b(IO) c(5)


45-60 You're the original snoop! Just can't keep your nose out of anything, can you? In fact, you're just a bit too nosy for your own good ... You know what they say about curiosity and the cat? Well, your nose could land you in trouble, too, you know - unless you can learn to respect other people's privacy a bit more. ",.1IIii.. And you'd better start learnin' soon!





Next. Week: Dolly steps on toes!


PICS& INFO on David Cassidy (60 single pages and 1 poster) and the Osmonds (15 single pages, 5 double pages and 1 poster of Donny) to swep for pies and info on David Essex, Write to: Jenny Gray, Eastlea, Bagot Manor Avenue, St. Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands. . DAVlD CASSIDY pies, poster, badges, records and his annual '74 to swop for anything on the BeRs. Write to: Marion Bailey, 50 First Avenue, Garston, Watford, Herts, DAVID ESSEX'S "Gonna Make You A Star" to swop for Osmonds' "Love Me For A Reason' or "We're Having A Party". Write to: Ann Kelly, 58 Walnut Avenue, Bury, Lanes. .8AY CITY ROLLERS' "All of Me Loves All of You" to swap for pies, posters, badges, info etc ..on Bay City Rollers. Writ'e to: Miss T. Pans, 4 Prospect Terrace, Fulford, York. . STEVE HA,RLEY, Quee.n, 10 ce, Gary Shearston,. Glitter Band, and Elton John pies to swap for pies of David

GaBERT O'SOLLIV AN'S Cassidy, David Essex or Bay single "Claire" to swop for City Rollers. Write to: Carol Roxy Music's "Virginia Tomkins, 7 Falmer Gardens, Plain" or "Pyjarnarama" Woodingdean, Brighton, Sussex, Write to: Jane Robbins, "CRAZY HORSES" album Vaninna, DuIfryn Road, or "Osmonds Live" album to AbertiUery, Gwent, NP3 IHJ. swop for David Essex's "Rock TEXTS· of hits (mostly in On" album. Also Donny's English) to swap for singIe,"When I Fall in Love" other texts. If you collect texts to swop for any David Essex of hits, send mea list of what you've got. Write to: Pirkko single except "Stardust" .. ' Must be in good condition Heiskanen, Puusepantic S, (mine are!). Write to: Colette SF~73300 NiIsia, Finland. Duval, 65 Harold Road, LARGE POSTERS of London S.E.l9. Donny and brothers (about CASSIDY, Os monds, 1,000 pix of them and several Arrows, Essex, B. Blue or posters) 2 pies of other stars Rubettes pies to swop for pies , (Suzi Quatro, Alvin Stardust, of BCRs. Write to: Karen Marc Bolan, etc) to swop for Smith, 6SA Hill Top, West anything with David Cassidy, Bromwieh, West Midlands David Essex, Mud; BCRs. r B70 OPU. Write to; Lea Hahne,

Koivutie 9, 01350 Vantaa 35, Finland. PIeS of anyone to swop for pies of the BCRs. Send s.a.e, to: Shirley Fisher, 'l1he Bungalow, Holtby, York YOI 3UD, Yorkshire. URGENT! 12 top albums (with tracks like Mud.'s "Rocket"), never been used, to swap for BCRs "Keep on Dancing", "Remember", and "Shang-a-Lang" (must be in v.g.c.). Write to: Timothy Butler, ol: Muxton Grange Cotts, Muxton, Nr, Donnington, Telford, Salop. DAVID CASSIDY pies .., 8 Single pages, 5 posters, 1 photo, fact sheets, to swap for BCR pies and info. Write to: Anita Flude, 2 Lumley Rd., Newton HaD, Durham.

1st prize amlnl portable tv!
27 other stupendous prizes, too! Plus 150 consolation prizes. I.fyou've an eye for eyes, you'll have a good chance of winfHng. So rnoke a. point. of buying Tammy next week. Better ask your newsag.enf to save you a copy.



MARCH 17 . .5p


Feeling creative? Want to try your hand at decorative - to brighten up your room? up for you here ... They're aU really simple dust ojf that oui sewing machine, sharpen up
TIDY WALL This wall tidy is great for holding aU sorts of things. You'll need about 1metre of fairly strong cloth - plus an extra strip about 20 ems. deep for the pockets - and two rods, one the same width as your wall tidy, the other 5 ems, longer. First, hem the sides, then make deep hems at top and bottom (wide enough to slip the rods through). Embroider the pocket strip and sew it along the bottom, leaving the top open and stitching where you want the pockets to be. Now add loops for. holding scissors and things. Finally, slip the rods into place - and hang it on the wall! Pretty neat; eh?

making something that's usefuL as well as WeH, we've got some really great ideas lined to make - you can run' em up in no time. So, your scissors and go! .
GET STUCK. IN ... ... To this sewing jar, with a lid that's a pin cushion. You start off with an old coffee jar - complete with lid, plus some felt, foam rubber, glue and 50cm~. of braid. Cut a circle of foam (about 3 ems .. thick) the same size as the lid. Now glue the foam to the lid and cover with a large piece of felt, pulled tight. Underneath, . ~ •• gather and tie the felt with When the glue is Qry, cut away the excess felt, and glue the braid round the side of the lid as a border. \. Now wash the jar and remove the label. Using as little glue as possible, cover the jar with felt. Trim, leaving a slight overlap. Glue a circle of felt onto the base, and trim O.ffat the top. just beneath where the lid will fit. Stick some braid down the side to hide the join.


Now, screw the lid back on - and there you have it . . . a jar for holding reels and a pin cushion, all in one!

SNAKES ALIVE! You can beat that draught - and scare the life out of poor 01' kitty - with this snake! All you'll need is a long, narrow piece of material (1 metre x 20 cms.), Fold it in half.


lengthwise, and sew the long seam and one narrow end. Now, turn your snake the right way out and stuff with kapok, old tights, or whatever takes your fancy! Then all you've gotta do is stich up his tail end, and sew on his face! Give him a long, red tongue, button eyes and black felt eyelashes.

SUN SET Get set for the sun, with a smart little case to hold your sunspecs. You'll need four pieces of material, measuring 8 cms. x 17 ems. We suggest felt, but anything soft and thick will do. Seam the pieces together in pairs, leaving one short end open - each pair will make one side of your spec-case. Turn them

rightside out and sew up the short ends. Now overstitch the two pieces together, using embroidery thread or wool. Leave the sides open ftir a couple of centimetres at the top, to make sure you can get your specs in - and out! Finally, decorate the case with pieces of coloured felt, sequins, your name or anything you like!

Shoes~top to bottom: Open clogs, £4.99, from Freeman Hardy Willis. Sturdy cork wedge sandals. £6.99, from Dolcls, Two-tone brown wedge shoes,

about £10.99, from Ravel. Green wedge sandals with chunky straps and side buckle, £6.99, from Saxona and Lilley and Skinner. Thong sandals with tapestry

band, £5.91:1, from Freeman HardyWilUs. Bags, clockwise. from top: Black leather clutch bag that goes with everything, £2.99, from Dolcis.

Drop blue denim bag with embroidered flowers. on pouchy pockets. £1.99, from Saxone. Envelope-style shiny [red clutch hag with press

Put your best foot forward in the latest toe-tappin', foot-stompim' clogs 'n'sandals. They come fancy or plain, and in case you're wonderin' what to wear with them ... there's bags of super new bags to choose too!

stud fastening, £1.95, from large branches oC Boots. Green leather bag with long, long shoulder straps, £4.49, from Dolcts. Hard leather bag with thongs

and shoulder strap, £5.99, from Doicis. Roomy red canvas bag, £4.99, from Boots. More shoes, top to bottom: Brown open sandals with a high wedge, £8.99, from

Dolels. Leather clogs that will last forever, they're so tough, £6.99, from Freeman Hardy Willis. Criss-cross wedge sandals, with embossed

flowers, £8.99, from Saxone. Open-backed clogs with canvas wedge, £7.99, from Dolcis. Blue wedge shoes, with lace trimming, £8.99, from Dolcis.

C'mon, put pen to paper and write us a letter. We'll pay you a quid if we print it! And if it qualifies for our new "Star Letter" spot we'll make it £2. How about that! Write to: Pink Post., Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4AD.

Thought you'd like this photo of me looking as gorgeous as Ron Mael of Sparks. Think there might be a career for me as his understudy? Lorraine - Kentish Town Well, we reckon there might well be! Two quid on its way to you, Lorraine.

I waved the screwed up evidence at Sally and asked her why she had ignored this sad letter from Miss Enhearted. After a heated argument during 12

boyfriend was a load of fun and we got on well together. But since he started collecting kangaroos nothing has been the same. He talks about them all the time and even brings his favourite along every time ·1vego out.. Its name is Arthur. What am I to do?

I put my foot in .. wastebin the other day. There's nothing unusual about that. I'm always doing it. She insists on putting it where I'll either fall over it or step in it. Or both. Instead of keeping it in a cupboard or in the basement or even a corner, she insists on having it by her desk. I don't have a wastebm, Being a sort of junior I'm not entitled to one. I have to tear up all my waste paper and swallow it like a spy with secret messages, or sneak bits into other people's bins when they're not looking. Where was 11 Ah, yes. Sally's bin. When you read her helpful column you probably think what a nice girl she is. Well, she's all right, but the reason she always comes up with good advice for readers' problems is that she only picks the ones she can answer. I discovered this when I was putting the stu_ffback into her bin. There, all screwed up, was a heartrending letter from a reader from Norwich with the unusual name of Miss Brok Enhearted. Dear Salty, it said, Please help me. Until recently my

which she lame excuse that the letter was intended as a joke, she lifted the wastebin over my head and retired to the Ladies' room in a huff. That's all very well. But what if that letter isn't a joke? Somewhere in Norwich, poor Miss Enhearted is feverishly leafing throu~h her copy of Pink to read Sally s answer to her problem .. And finds - nothing. Luckily, Jamie has a warm heart. And my advice is as good as Sally's any day. So here it is, Brok. I'm not all that sure what you're complaining about. Is it the name of your boyfriend's kangaroo that bothers you? Why not ask him to change it from Arthur to David? Or Donny? Or are you against kangaroos? In that case you'll have to subtly make him give them up. I suggest you start collecting camels. . Insist on turning up with your favourite which you can call Alvin. You'll make rather a crowd in the disco but don't be put off. After a whlle, your boy may suggest that if you get rid of your camels he'll get rid of his kangaroos. Alternatively, you could buy a lady kangaroo and bring her along on your date to make up a foursome. It'll be nice for Arthur, anyway. Maybe Sally couldn't have dealt with this problem as intelligently as I have. But she 'could have tried. From npw on I'm going to keep her wastebln under constant surveillance. Which won't be difficult as I can't seem to get it off my head.

THE WINNER! We thought you would be pleased to know that my friend and I did a survey at school to find the most popular girls' comic - and Pink won by fourteen clear points! . Claire - Nottingham RUMBLED! While sitting on the bus the other day, there was nearly a great historical happening! Was that an earthquake erupting nea.rby? The rumbling noise increased and fear was let loose (by me anyway). Then, suddenly onions started to appear from under my seat! ... The lady behind me had accidentally tipped up her shopping bag and onions were rolling all over the place! Tina - Norwich Enough to make you weep! TREASURE TROVE I bought a tab skirt at a jumble sale for 3p and found an old 1937 penny in the

pocket. Have I made my fortune? Us - London 'Eraui not. Lis ... We checked with one of the big London dealers and th,ey ree kon they're ten a penny! PROMISES, PROMISES! I was beautiful until yesterday, when I took my final vows ... If I touch another cream bun, I must bi te all my beautifully-manicured nails. If I nibble any more fruit cake, I must cut off my lovely locks. If any chocolate passes my lips, I must ring my boyfriend and tell him I can't see him for two whole days. So if you see a slim, spotless girl with beautifullymanicured nails walking around the town with the most gorgeous fella in tow you'll know it's not me ... I'm the short, fat girl with spots, no hair, bitten finger nails and no gorgeous feIla! Nicola - Yorkshire

800-HOO! The other day I went to the library with my Mum. Mum went off to choose her books while I went off to choose mine. Wh-en Ml!UTl ad got all her h books, she came over to where she thought I was. To surprise me she peeped round the corner of the shelves and said, "Boo!" But much to her embarrassment out stepped a very startled boy.!
Osmond Fan Hants

NAME TAG A few days ago my little brother, who is four years old, had his friend to stay. Listening outside his bedroom, I overheard this conversation: "What's your dad's name?" "Daddy." "No, his veal Dame .." "David." "David what?"
"David Darling." D. Essex. and Pink Fan ~

THERAPY? I find that when I get in a stink with my mum (quite often), the best way to get in a better mood is to lock myself in my bedroom and play John Lennon records as loudly as the record player will go. Mum can't tell me to turn it down because she can't get in and I can't hear her anyway! She hates John Lennon, but she likes most of my other albums, so I play "Walls and Bridges" to annoy her .. It works, In about half an hour I'm not in a stinkany more! Susan - Australia Bet your mum is the' poor old Mum!

can resist Q,nything but temptation ... ". It was a p'retty silly thing to say Hally but it his friends a few laughs.

famous man who saici, "I

There was onc'€ avery

Anyway, we thought we'd take this opportunity to tell you about the things that make us go weak at the knees (apart .from Robert Redford, of
course, that is) . , ,

. You didn't know they made banana- flavoured toothpaste, did you? Well they do, take it from me ... Trouble is, my teeth have started peeli!1.g· .. , JAMIE: I can't resist gIrls. They can resist me, but I can't resist them. I've tried using that Kung Fu aftershave to




ALL'S FAIR Until my small sister discovered the attractions of stuffed animals, ber favourite playmate had been our dog, Tinker. But from then on, be bad to play second fiddle .. So we noticed that her playthings were beginning to disappear. Then, digging in the garden one day, my father accidentally stumbled on the lost pets, 'one by one. Tinker had buried his rivals, hoping to regain his 'position as number one! David Bowie Fan - Salford
Smart [ella,


VALL!: The one thing I can't resist is a stuffed olive, (There's no answer to that, folks 1) Just show me a jar or those little green thlngs and I go positively berserk. Berserk, I go, absolutely ... JILL Y: At the moment I've got a thing about silk. Silk scarves, silk underwear. silk stockings silk anything! 0.0 y.oU know I bought a silk handkerchief the other day and I haven't dared use it yet? ANDREA: There's not a lot I can resist. Very weak-willed, y'see.

Bl!t- my biggest weakness is banana-Ilavoured toothpaste.

but the. only thing that attacked me was a mosquito ... SALL Y: I just love little furry animals (you should get on weil with Scott then ... ). It's those big brown eyes, the little. wet noses and the way they euddleup to you (you'd definitely get on well with Scott ... ) BRIGID: I can resist anything except making Kim look silly .... it's so easy .... I mean you don't have to do anythif!g, she looks pretty silly anyway. KIM: I can resist anything except hitting Brigii:l over the head with a French loaf. , . or Scott's brolly ... preferably Scott's brolly. (This is getting silly). SCOTT: My one weakness is looking in the mirror .. But can you blame me, it's such a beautiful sight ... (In total darkness, maybe. , .)

I could reverse the process


IN TRAINING I thought you'd like to hear : about my brainwashed terrier, Tim. One day I was throwing a bit of rolled-up newspaper at him, for him to fetch. (He likes doing that, does our Tim.) Anyway, he ral1 after the paper, picked it up,. and promptly dropped it in the waste-paper basket. How's that for a wombling pup?
Bern ~ Jarrow

squeak. A voice thundered "HeUoooooo" and "Good Morninnnng". I shut my eyes. in terror - and opened them again to f.ind myself sitting up in bed with the radio on at full blast and the ghostly voice was ... the DJ! Gillian - Merseyside

RUDE AWAKEN1ING I heard a crackle and a


Sugar [elns the country set!




Next Week.; Sugar muscles in on •.•


Simply a bettertamnon all round, "You can't tag on to me forever! You've got to find your own friends some time. Grow up!"
Jan at school as well now, . . . Never were there just like when we were at such devoted sisters -. junior school. that was Jan and me! 'Course, the first few terms And if you were as close me to your sister as I was to Jan checked up on cameand, ' felt Jan was talking down to whenever possible, Jan, then you'll me as if I werea kid. Well, home with me, just as Mum then she really blew up. understand how those had asked her to do .. But soon "That's 'cos' you haven't words really hit me I noticed how none of the where it hurt. That was other girls in my class used to tried to! That Sandra seems really nice and she's always include me in things - not the day she felt it was asking you to walk to the that it really bothered me time for a few home station with her. Look:__ you too much, but I did wonder truths ... time for me to why. Well, now I know why. can't tag on to me for ever! face up to how things You've got to find your own It was because I never acted couldn't always be the as if I needed them - 'Cos i friends some time. Grow up! " I didn't want to hear it - I same as when we were had Jan for a friend, didn't I? just burst into tears right . At home time I'd go to her kids. 'Cos though there. was only a gap of two years between us, when she was fourteen and I wasn't quite twelve, those two years can make all the difference in the world ... But up to then things had been just fine - when we were toddlers, at the infants' school and at primary school, even - her friends had been my friends, too. Jan was so popular, there'd always be folk around her and she'd never do any thin' without including me .. No-one ever minded me taggin'along ... and as far as I was concerned, things could've gone on just the way , they were. Until that day, just a few months ago, that was then, for the first time I realised things couldn't be the same any more. I'd really got to. change ~y way of thinking, stick to friends of my own age. F~r my own good, as well as Jan s ... Y'see Mum 'n' Dad were really pleased when they· heard I'd been accepted at the same comp .. school as Jan. And I was over the moon it'd mean I'd be able to see form room and call for her. Usually she'd be chatting with a crowd of girls and sometimes, just for a second I'd feel as if I was intruding' ... and Jan would be silent all the way home as if she had something on her mind. She . never said anything, tho'. But. at the beginning of my second year at school . everything did come to a head - Jan came right out and told me what was worrying her ... "S~lIy - thil,lgs have got to be different this year, love .. It's time you started mixin' with girls in your own yearotherwise you're never goin' to have any friends of your own, are you?" They were the words I'd been secretly dreading. I knew what it would mean ... and to me, not to have Jan to , depend on, as I'd always done when we were kids, was unbearable! .. "I don't Uke any of the girls ,m my class - and they don't like me!" I knew I sounded like a whining baby, But, worst of all, for the first time ever I there in the street. But then they say the truth always hurts. Well, after that it took a long time for me to face up to the fact that I had to stand on my own feet. Mum tried to explain to me that Jan was right - but I still wouldn't make any effort with the other girls at school. Then, one day, Sandra, as friendly as ever, asked me if I'd like to go to her brother's birthday party the next evening. Well, I forced myself to go - and had a great time! Especially when I set eyes on Ian (that's Sandra's brother) - he's really nice! So, Sandraand I are best mates now! And, best of all, Jan and I are still devoted sisters! Except that I've got my life and she's got hers ... And, though a couple of months ago I'd never have believed It, it's better that way! She's going steady now with a fella called Geoff and she often comes into my room after she's been out just to tell me all about him. Well, that's what sisters are for, isn't it? 17


Dont just take ourword for it.
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a little better;
A Smith & Nephew . .;_ Product ...;._..J


"Action speaks louder than words" as Gran'll always say . ... but is ·that little ditty necessarily true when you're talkin' about thatt'lovin' feelin' " you have for your very own special superstar? Followin' your heart throb superstar as a loyal 'n' ardent fan is the kinda pastime that really needs your actions to be louder than words - or the lad you're crazy about'Il never know how you feel about him ...

Of course, you can always write long 'n' loving letters to his fan club - but somehow that's not quite the same as seeing that knowing smile spread across his you catch his eye at a concert, is it? So you have to do something really wild - just to prove your love to the world! And it is' love, too - even tho' other folk who don't share your obsession might not agree. What else could you "By luck I discovered that SLade call that feelin' you get inside of total devotion? After all, there's nothin' you were rehearsing for their gig in the theatre the day before. I went wouldn't do for your superstar ... You'd walk miles just to see him, along there and waited 'till they give for a chance to talk came out and then 1 literally pounced on to him ~ even. -just fo.r a 'em! Just ttil couple of touc h them was precious enough for minutes. 1ne ... " Jean 14

"1 don't think it would be possible to love anybody as much as I love David Essex .. "~Ieat, sleep '<n' rink him ~ d honest I'd do anything to get to see him - and have done too! "I waited for hours ~n the freezing cold outside his dressing room one night just to catch a glimpse ...I was !rozen, but it was worth it when he eventuaUy came out. One smile from him is worth the world to me ... " Lyn 15

F'rinstance some folk may laugh . when a true fan gets dressed up in her BCRoutfit and starts screamin' and shouting ... but who cares? At least it shows the group how you feel,



"Our mums reckon we're mad the way we dress up in the tartan gear 'n' that when we go to see a Rod concert - but we don't care. We do it to show him our love and admiration. It makes us feel great. And we hope it ma.kes him feel the same way."
Karen and Mary 13 When you feel that overbearin', overpowerin' pang of emotion, when you actually see that face in real life at a concert after months of just starin' at his piccy on your bedroom wall, you

"We'd been waiting for hours to get in to see the BeRs. Then, when we were nearly at the front of the queue they sold out of tickets. I just broke down and sobbed, and my luck changed! A policeman controlling the crowd took pity, and took me into the theatre and I saw the concert after all. . . ! Sue-13
Now that's true love and respect ... and' love can make you do the funniest things! It just kinda wells up in you and takes over. Six days of the week you may be an ordinary, sensible kinda girl, but on that day your star's around you change!

don't care what you look like you do!


London to see Suzi Quatro. It was worth every minute - and penny! "
Dave 16, Manchester

Before you know where you are you find you'll do anything, go anywhere to see that fella ... or girl, if you're a fella like Dave. "Feltes. get the samejeelings as girls, u'knoui. I travelled to

But when it comes to lovin' a superstar you have to try extra hard to get to see 'em 'cos there's hundreds of other folk with the same ideas! After all, if you don't feel like that, some could say that you don't really care, don't reaUy love 'em enough! - and that's not good enough, as it? Besides, we know it just isn't true - don't we?

Penny LOVED plants ••. but was there something strange about this one?





Next Week: The strange music!

Spring has sprung, The grass is ris, I wonder where my ham roll is ... That so 'n' so Jamie'll do anything to nark me, but be's got a surprise comin' this week 'cos be's just not gonna bother me one little bit! He can listen to me cross line, put booby traps all round my desk, look at my piccy of Lynsey-de Paul - even nick my ham roll - and I'll stay as calm as a bowl of custard ... He won't even hear the gentle sound of gritted teeth grinding behind a cheesy grimace! So what's up with your once fearless young hero, you're sayin' to yourselves? Has he lost his nerve . . . or just stopped downing his daily dose of Supa-Cat? No, none of these! He's just feelin' in a happy mood that's all'cos it's spring (well, almostl) and he's in love! The first time 1 spotted Beatrice Nosebag at the tea trolley my heart practically leap-frogged outa my mouth! What a catch! What a find! This girl made the Pink office crew look like a pack of mangy mongrels next to a CruIts Afghan hound! Those cherry lips, that Raquel Welch figure. A burst of "Me Tarzan, You Jane" spread over me. Gallantly 1 tried to step forward to break the magical silence between us. _ "Could you geroff me foot please," were the first words

full ollhe dogs.. 1
that ever passed between us. The spell was cast. Beatrice went bright red, turned a lighter shade of pale, then finally got off my throbbing foot and tripped arrogantly off in the other direction .. ! HARD TO CATCH? But I'm not easily put off. I know the crazy psychology of females (I should do workin' here). Only last week Sally and 1 had a good chat and she explained the golden rules of fancying to me. "When they act friendly they just want to be pals. When they're stand-offish and ignore you it can mean two


things - either they can't stand the sight of you, or they reckon you're the best thing since sliced bread!" It's all a question of knowin' how to interpret the signals - 'cos things are never the way they look. So that explained everything! Beatrice is obviously crazy 'bout me. All I've got to do is wait until I see her in the corridor and watch for her to make the next move. Trouble is, things have never been the same since tissues took over from the hanky-dropping bit. Still I have seen hera couple of times since that' magic day and things look hopeful.

Last week she tried to shut my arm in the liftdoor - a sure sign of affection, and yesterday she really excelled herself and gave me a wonderful display of the Kung Fu ~jcks she's learnin' at her evening class . . ! It doesn't bother me tho'. I just put it down to that funny female way of thinkin'! When we get into the swordthrowing stuff I'll know she's really crazy 'bout me. Or with me! See ya next week (if I'm still in one piece!).


(Feb 19 -

Mar 20)

Feeling a bit low? Could be that you're too wrapped up in yourself. Try to get out more and join in group activities.

lived friendship. But things don't have to be everlasting to be worthwhile - so make the best of it!

ARIES (Marcb 21 - April 20) A sudden, short-

(April 21 May 20)

GEMINI You seem to be getting into a rut! Why not do something new, go somewhere different? Or take up a new interest?
(May 21 June 20)


You're clinging to security - home and family. But, this week something good could wrench you away - and you'll be glad it did!

(June 21 -

July 21)


Life isn't rea/Iu one long party, you know. You have to do some work occasionally. Spare time for old friends.

(July 22 -

Aug 21)

VIRGO (Aug 22 - Sept 22) All sorts of things are happening for you this week. You'll feel much more contented, and enthusiastic about life, A good month ahead for you.


(Sept 23 -

Oct 22)

You could be feeling jealous of a close friend. Try not to let it spoil your relationship. A good time to plan a holiday.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21) One of your current projects is going very wen but aren't you neglecting everything else? There would be a new romance.

SAGITIARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 20) A stroke of luck is in the stars. It could be a present, a win - or just a lucky break. And things will keep improving.

(Dec 21 -

Jan 19)

(Jan 20 A

Feb 18)

Something you've been working towards for some time finally comes off - and suddenly everything falls into place.

nice atmosphere around you this week. No big romance or anything, but just a lot of nice things going on.



Hangin' about for six hours in a small windowless room at the Top of the Pops studio 'can't be many folk's idea offun ... or fame! But that's where our friendly pop nutter Kimfound the Glitter Band one merry morn and commenced to chat to 'em with her usual careless abandon ...
If you're under the illusion that a pop star's life is always a thrill-packed whirl of screamin' fans, Rolls Royces and night clubs, then we've got news for you. You've got things a bit wrong - unless of course, you find endlessly hangin' around waiting for rehearsal calls and photographers glamorous And Gerry Sheppard doesn't! "We don't go on TOTP till past seven but we've all been here since eleven this morning," Gerry grinned. Still, not all that time was spent just sitting around . . . There were a few rehearsals in front of the cameras to work out the dance routine, not to mention a quick halfhour down at the BBe canteen for lunch. A truly slap-up feed!

So what's it like playing with the King of Glitter? Don't the band resent the fact that they seem to spend most of their time in his shadow? "Not at all," Gerry piped up. "We're the best of mates

GARY 'N' US ... But despite all the sitting around in teUy studios, the Glitter Band are one of the hardest-workin' bands around. (The lads are doing a tour minus Gary - in April!) "We've got Gary to keep happy - and ourselves" sixfooter Pete Phipps told me. "Still, we love workin' hard luckily - 'specially the touring bit. It's worth anything 'n' everything to me!"



for a lovely complexion

with Gary and there's never been any hard feelin' between us. The very opposite, really - Gary's tickled pink that we're makin it in our own right. His encouraged us all the way - honest! He's taught us a lot too - he's so professional! "Of course, at the beginning we put all our energy into backin' Gary - but we believe we can do both now! " And from the way things are goi':lgfor 'em, we've got to admit the lads are fIght!

HOMIN'IN ... Although the Glitter Band enjoy touring they're pretty home-levin' lads at heart. "I live with me mum and dad," Gerry said. "Just 'cos I'm a star, everybody expects me to rush off 'n' buy a big house - but I'm stilll happy with life at home." He admitted tho' that he isn't very domesticated ("How do you boil eggs?") but he does help mum out by nippin' out to get the sbopping for her . . .

So is it those lovin' mums who make lads' fantastic outfits for them then .. ? "No!" John laughed. "We've got a lovely lady friend who actually sews every sequin on by hand!" What devotion! And talkin' of lovely ladies, what kinda girls do the lads fall for? "Every single type," was the choral reply. "As long as they've got gallons of personality and a good sense of humour, we


love 'em," Pete said ... but Gerry was a hit more specific. "I like 'em to be curvy. Girls spend their lives tryin' to get as thin as toastracks, but I'm sure most fellas prefer 'em with a bit of meat onl Something a bit cuddly! I like romantic birds too - 'cos I'm very dreamy like that." So all you slimmers ... take a hint, and down the nearest treacle butty! REAL JOKERS! But enough of these serious questions ... the lads were beginning to show the strain of bein' cooped up in their tiny dressing room ("Not enough room to swing a hamster, let alone a cat," said Tony.) It was practical jokes time! ... Poor Gerry only had to go to the fitted wardrobe to get his )acket and the lads were up n' at work! Bang went the door - and Gerry was in there for keeps with the rest of the lads heaving up against it so he couldn't get out, poor lad! Time to make a hasty retreat to the office before it was my turn for the wardrobe trick (I thought they only did that kinda thing in our office anywayl), Couldn't help feelin' guilty 'bout poor Ga-ry, tho'. He was still holler in' and bangin away inside that wardrobe as I slipped out the door and made my getaway ... Still, they did let him out eventually - unless they got a cardboard replica in for that night's TOTP show!

left to right: Tony Leonard, John Springate, Harvey Ellison, Sheppard,


Patty goes dancing in the dark!

,atty's World




Next Week: Johnny suffers •.. surrounded by girls!

Spring's a·comin' at long last and it's time to start brigntenin up a tittle ... So begin by puttin' a bit of a shine ortyour face. You can seefrom our piccy just how much it can do jor a girl!

FACE SHINE You'U need a really dewy foundation as the base to your shiny new look - one that'll give your skin a fresh lively glow. We used one by Max Factor, called Moisturised Cafe Frost, from the Whipped Creme range. And for a little ~xtra glow we put just a touch of Shimmering Creme Puff in Shimmering True Beige, (also by Max Factor) on the forehead, chin and nose. Next, for cheeks you can really take a shine' to, try one of' new Gold Pearl cream blushers. We chose Damask, but there's a good range of colours, from pink to tawny. Smooth It on and blend it in for a natural dewy look. Or try Rimmel's Pearly Blush Stick for a warm,· cheeky


EYE SHINE Now light-up your eyes it's an important part of the shiny look. Start by using a . really glossy hlghlighter on your brow bones. We chose Rimmel's Eyelid Gloss in White Pearl, smoothing it under the lower lashes too. For even more of a shine all over the brow-bone and stroke on a little of Rimright down to the mel's Lip and Lid Gloss! creaseline. Finally, brush on some Then for the lids, try Rimmel's Brush-On Lid Miners' Runproof Mascara LUstre. There are four in Black for lovely long lashes. colours to choose from Lustre, Leaf Lustre, Lilac LIP SHINE Lustre and Lupin Lustre (our choice). Just stroke Give yourself the brightest the colour on with the shiniest smile around - all brush provided, then you gotta do is just gloss up smudge in with your fin· those lips. You can use gertips, Smooth a little

your favourite lipstick as a lip brush (or a soft base ... or treat yourself to paint brush would a new one like Miners' do just as well). Seashore Lip Colours in Always use it to apply Shrimp, Scampi, or Beach- your lipstick - for a comber. Boots No.7 do a much cleaner Une. range of really gleamy, (Wipe off any smudges with a tissue.) goideny lipsticks called Wild Pearl. in lovely Then for that final touch Iridescent colours like Pink smooth on Max Factor's Check, Candy Stripe or Lip Potion - a really gleamy Polka Dot. Or try Rimmel's lip gloss, whlc.h comes in Brandy Sorbet - that's the mint flavour as well as one we used! natural '" what a tasty . A good investment is a way to put on a shine!


dog to share... .. . . . . You w3shlD.2. is half for h him and givin' it a special cut and blow dry! ' .. Him walking aU the way to the village phone box and ringin' you every night for two .weeks when he goes campin' with the lads. ... You bangin' up on him when he mucks around and says something stupid. , . ... Him ringing you back straight away to say he's
sotTy .... ... Cookin' him spaghetti. on toast to build 'im up when

your birthday. ... You standing with Irostbitten feet 'n' fingers on Sunday afternoons to watch him play football. .... Poolin' your pennies after the flicks fora single hot

last bus home - until you can't keep up with him any more and he runs to hold it - just for you! . . . Both snuggling under his mac when the rotten old eonducter wouldn't wait and it's a long,. rainy walk home. , .. Him traipsing hall-way . round the town with you to find that new dress for

back together again. Like., . ... Bunain' hand-in-hand at Olympic speed to catch the

Next time you have a tiff your fella and you're feelin' a bit anti-scelal (to say the least), pullout this. copy of Pink arid think .of aU the good reasons there are Ier gettin'

"A littI.e bit of powder, a little bit of ~aint, AIl go to makea girl look what she ain't!" Ever heard that old rhyme? Daft, isn't it? Oldfas.hioned,too. Must have been written by some fella who didn't like bisgirlfrie_nd wearing make-up ...
into a flap. What would she wear? After all, it had to be something really special, since 'she'd be meeting his parents for the first time and what with them being rich and everything .... Well, she was just convinced that nothing in her wardrobe -would be good enough. Her mum explained that money WaS a bit tight and couldn't she wear that dress she'd bought just a few months back? ... But, no, Rosie WaS adamant and eventually her mum gave in and Rosie got her long evening dress. But she needn't have bothered. Richard's parents decided to go away the weekend of the party and Rosie spent a wretched €v.ening feeling the odd girl out in a room full of jeans and T-shirts. After that, things went from bad to worse. Rosie lived In horror of meeting Richard's 'posh' parents and began to act very jumpy. Eventually Richard began to wonder what was wrong, es_peeially when she kept making excuses about why he couldn't pick her up at her 'humble' home. In the end, he decided she must have more than one boyfriend to be acting so cagey - and pretty soon he Y'see Rosie fancied this bay started making his own called Richard who came e.X.CUSe8. H.·' ha~ en<?ugh.and e;d. from a really 'P9sh' home told. her be didn't think they or so she thought. They went . should go out any more. to the same youth club, and Of course, Rosie could when he eventually got never admit to him what had around to asking lie.r out really been making her act so . Rosie was over the moon. For funny ... ana that was that. , .a time, everything was perfect She'd lost the boy she wanted ;- the.n Rie~ard decided to just because she. couldn't nave a party. accept berselland what she Immediately RosIe went was. But think again. There is some truth in what it says. I mean, we all try to be someone else sometimes, don't we? And why? Because we don't trunk we're good enough just being ourselves, We're frightened that if we're seen without the 'trimmings' and behave like our 'normal' homely old selves, the people we want to impress (all right, so I'm talking about fellas again! ) won't give us so much as a second took. Mind you, sometimes trying hard to get someone - or something - isn't necessarily a bad thing. That is, if it's right for us. It's only wrong when we start acting out a part and living a lie. And that's what happened to Rosie ...

Most o.f us try at times to imitate all those good-lookin' models and pop stars we keep seein' pictures of - that's where we get lots of our new ideas from. But we should never overdo it. I mean, what's gonna happen to the real you if you're tryin' to be someone else all the time? Take Jess, for example. She used to wonder why she never seemed to have many friends . After all, she was a friendly sort, wasn't she? Then she asked one of her fonner 'bosom pals' how come she didn't call for her any moreand she was pretty shocked at the reply sbegot. "Me, a copycat?" she cried, incredulous. "But I never meant to be ... It was just that I admired the Way you looked and r wanted to look. the same." And that, of course, IS where she went wrong . Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it can be pretty annoying to be copied all the time. Who look your best for a party, only to arrive and discover yOW' best mate weann' a new dress just like yours? Trouble was, Jess had never seen it that way. Now she's vowed to. spend more time trying out her own experiments with make-up and clothes instead of simply copying her friends. She's learned her lesson!

wants to spend hours trying to

he's starving 'ungry -and havin'to sit and watch him eat it 'cos you're on a diet! ... Him buyin' you 3. special box 0' checcies when you've managed to lose those extra pounds! ... Him spendin' the evening in front of the teUy"sitting for your sister's brat wben be could've gone to watch Man. United play with the rest of his mates! Cor, it must be love!

Even seen one of those funny little creatures iq the zoo that can change the colour of their skin to rna teh their surroundings? Chameleons. But they're not th.e only ones who do that, you know, SOme


This week, we~ve reall!fJ got some tip-top gear joryou! Wtth the nght hat you ean add pLenty to your style - and one oj these bonnets is bound to be 7'ight, whatever you're wearing. So, c'rnon, let jashion go to your head!
This is the kinda hat that milkmaids always seem to wear - and it's great for hiding curlers under tool Our mop cap comes in a choice of pretty colours and costs £1.25, from ou branches oj Laura Ashley. Try wearing it with a long cotton dress - lovely! Gran'll be after this, 'cos it'll remind her of her youthl Ask ner if she did have one the first . time round. - She could still have it in the wardrobe, so have a look before you rush out to buy one! ft's soft 'n' ,floppy so you can pult it into any shape to suit Y OUT f a c e- and make you feel like a :film sta·r. . In a selection oj" ,colours, it comes from main branc hes of Woolworth's. £2.99.





people are pretty good at it, too! They change the way they look, the way they speak - just to suit whoever they happen to be with ... Katie was a bit like that. Trouble was, she felt she had no personality of her own so when she went out with one boy she'd act all bright 'n' bubbly, but with another, she'd become all quiet and thoughtful. It just depended on what she thought was expected of her .. And she was the same with her friends. With some she'd be wild, and devel-may-care; serious With others. Of course, she had lots of friends. All of them felt great being with her since they thought they had so much in common. But all the time Katie herself was getting more and more confused, until in the end she didn't know who the real Katie was. It's one thing to be adaptable, but when we feel that we nave to change our

behaviour just to suit other people then there's something Eventually Katie realised that if she went on being a 'chameleon' she really would lose her identity, and she also began to see that it wasn't really necessary. Her true friends would still go on lilting her for what she really was. And those others that didn't? ... Well, it would just go to show that they weren't real friends anyway. All of us change our moods - some more than others and sometimes we need to explore new facets of our personality. But that doesn't mean trying to be someone else. Not at all! It just means tryin' to discover the real you! So, you see, there isn't really too much point in tryin' to be what you ain't One way or another it's almost bound toland you in a mess. Instead, try to discover what kinda girl you really are - and make the most of that!



This pretty, feminine duo are Victorian inspired. They come in a variety of prints, trimmed. with lace, and are great to wear with floral smocks or dresses. From all branches of Laura' Ashley' (write to them at 9, Harriet Street, Knightsbridge, London SWl for details) the bonnet and bag both cost £1.50.




"HQi~/ .




"A~NI()N TfJ A'(ICI(

1(1'1111'I( MIMI//
M~g/N(; TH£ 8EArP ..c10/N IN ()VA 7itIiKA80UT W'SEE

MAl. 8VMP£~ PfJttTER.'

~££, TA{K.'".8£AU'Y~

$TEP - ()RD£~

~LUS' .. R£ YOU A

THE (JUll'/(



~UP£H$'TAIf 6()g~/P l~'S'At~el"INd P/tJTU,tlE $'TtJRI£S' ,I GIGtSt,£$'w/rN



THE (lANtI,'

• •

NAM E ••••••••••••

- -.
._, _



_ _

•••• •••••• •

ADDRESS ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• _

,•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• _




Worry gets you nowhere. All it does is make your prob~em even bigger. So, instead of worrying,$end your cares to me, I'll help if I can ...
Dear Sally, I'm 14, and for 7 years I have been blackmailed by my 12-year-old sister over a happening she had seen. She really is my fault and blackmails me, and she gets what she wants. It's getting to the stage where she can do anything and I can't say anything to my parents. I go with a boy across the road. My mum has forbidden me to see him, but I do, and now my sister is starting to blackmail me over this. Even my 8-year-old sister tells me what to do. It's no good telling me to taik to Mum and Dad about if because I can't. Please help me. I know you


now, before it goes. any further. The more you accept your sister's threats, the worse it will be [or you and her. As to the boy, again you're doing something that makes you feet . guilty, and in so doing you're damaging yourself. But I leave this decision to you. The important thing now is to clear yourself of this blackmail by letting your sister say what she wants about you. And, you, know, Diane, I doubt if she will.
NOT NORMAL? Dear Sally, Please help me. You see, my friends seem to ignore me. My mates go. out at night with these boys in a dillerent neighbourhood than mine, so I'm left DUt. They keep secrets from me, except for my best friend, who. tells me some things. But she goes off wi th this other girl a lot of the time at school. I'll admit; I'm not pretty and Ihave no bust; and I'm shy when it comes to lads. I've only had one boyfriend. I'm 13. Please tell me what is my problem. I'm sure I'm not normal. David Essex Fan


Dear Diane, You can only help yourself in t~is situation - or rather, out of this situation. It's my opinion that it realty doesn't matter what your sister "has" on you, what she discovered 7 years ago. What she's been doing is not only damaging you but herself as weH. Later, when she realises her wrong actions - and 'I hope she witt - she'll have a Lotto make up for. And it's even more wrong for your youngest sister to be influenced in this way. I feel that it's truly bes~for you t~meet her threats with surrender, no matter what the consequences might be. You shouldjust let her know that if she wants to, she should teLL all. You're not to be blackmailed any longer. Be firm and strong. The important thing is to put a stop to all of this

Diane, West Germany

abnormal. And it doesn't mean that everything your friends do is right [or them or you. You should begin to be kinder to yourself and give yourself some credit for bein(j a worthw hile person. Perhaps these friends just aren't on your "wave length" and you may need other types of friends who are. This takes time, and you may have to be aLone for a while until you find them or her - .for even one good friend is better than several whom you have to run after. You have plenty of time to develop your own individuarity. Begin by respecting and loving ~)ourself and not depending upon others .for uour true happiness. It's all within you.

be greatly relieved and very thankful. Pink Fan, Liverpool Dear P.P. (and others),

Lately I've received several letters from girls who've taken modelling courses of one sort or another and got very little benefit from them. Here's one that expresses one sort Of trouble:

Dear D.E.F., I have a feeling that you're trying too hard to push ahead oj yourself, rushing things. And also, you're comparing yourself to others, which is always depressing. If you think someone is better than you, yau feel inferior. If you think you're better, you look down on them. And umere's the good in either case? Just because you're a bit different from your friends doesn't make you

Dear Sally, Last February I took a modelling course that costs £25. In May I got a diploma and a B grading. I was told that I'd be sent for but I've heard nothing. I phoned about 10 times, but either they didn't answer or made up excuses. I really worked hard and was set on it. I'm 17 but only 4ft. llins. They said it didn't matter. Also, they owe me a lot of photos I was promised, but now I've left it too late to do. anything about this agency. Would you please send me some names of other modelling agencies? 1 would

My advice is to go straight to your Citizens Advice Bureau and teli them the fuLLstory. It is iUegalfor any business to make claims and promises they can't keep. Your local counciL snouui be informed too. Unfortunately, the modelling scnoot business gets away with too many things, for they know how enthusiastic girls are about wanting to make a career. Many are legitimate and have careful selection system.;. Others take anyone who applies, regardless of whether they have any hopes of becoming models or not. Those that take unfair advantage should. be reported. Your Citizens Advice Bureau can teU you where to go to find a good school. You might also check with a vocational guidance counsel{or at a local college. Many colleges offer suitable modelling courses - and you won't have to pay £25.


The terrifying secret of the Hotel

~Q)~~(!)W[!~~ 1][)~ (t~[3[!
he sweltering Costa del Fuego had become a chilling nightmare scene for Janie Summers. She had discovered that all the fellow holiday makers there were in fact weird peopled called the Followers ... who seemed to worship the sun and its power. Jan ie had gone into hiding,with her friend Marion, who seemed to have been chosen by these people for something sinister. But now it was nightfall and Janie had come out of hiding knowing she would be safe for a while ...








Next Week: The gaf,hering of the FoHower.$ on the mou~tain

Ans,wers next week ...

nothing but a screwtop on life's great production line?

you by? Are you

~the world passing

BUSY DOING NOTIDN' A BIT OF A BOOK., .. knew something was "Unhand me, sir!" she said wrong when V alii was late for her wild eyes flashlng. work. "You're unsettllng me , Things were getting a bit corsets, .... " :tense. That's just a little bit from "Do you think her bike's my latest novel. My only novel broken down?" Kim asked actually. Unless you count anxiously. My Book. Of Nasty Tales ! "Nah," Jamie flicked an which I wrote when I was elastic band coolly. "She's seven. It was a best-seller just having a skive like the down our street. rest of !,IS do." This novel's giving me "Pro'bly window-shopping problems though. Can't seem down Oxford Street rigbt to get past the first page .... now," Jillyadded, a jealous Not that I've actually written glint in fie. eye. much on that yet either. Suddenly the door was fiung Still, it's sitting poised in my ORen and' Valli strode in, typewriter waiting for any "S.otry," she said as she saw bursts of inspiration to strike. Kim lying in a mangled heap teacher once told me, "If Mind you, they say all Great behind the door. "Gather Leonardo da Vinci had met Art is painful. '(A bit like . round, gang" 1 have something you he would have wiped the indigestion. -really, except ifnportant to tell you." smile off the Mona Lisa's they don't make powders With one accord we face. , ." Praise indeed. for it). dropped our' typewri ters and. And then there's my writing .. : There must be an easy way" clustered in anadoring' circle Yes, well. Still, you've got though. There must be some around our master's feet. . to give me credit for trying, magic formula that I'm "Mind you don't ladder my (All my friends tell me I'm missing out on that would tights,." she said, "Now, I trying::'_ very trying). . assure me instant success. have just beard news that Still, there's always ' Then it hit me! All soon we may have to go on photography, I've got one of authors sit up at night writing to, ... to ... to .. ' . (she wiped those Polarolq things that their books by candlea hand across her brow and takes instant pictures ..I've got light, I thought. bit her lip - very painful) a whole album of pictures Of. So, come midnight, I crept well, we may have to start a my friends looking startled, downstairs, felt my way to the three day week .... " my friends looking horrified, typewriter, lit an old 011,. horror of all horrors! my friends running away.,. Christmas candle and _ We all fell back as if Well, mere's always away! . stunned. Actually, Jamie's television. They have some Next morning when I went after-shave was getting a bit great things on in the to consult my masterpiece I powerful. afternoons now - or so my found a crumpled piece of Obviously the thought of . cats tell me. Like Crown paper with (opk juyit mdkeiil' only being able to 'Work three Court and Houseparty and and various other things typed days a tveek had come as a Women Onl.y and Jim's on it. Maybe I could sell it to bit of a blow to World 'andfllloads of old black the ,. ussians, I,ou.."._l<tht • th d 11 ~e Reveryone -except me. an d. W htte ,JiIms an we , cunningly .. To be quite truthful, I was lots of interesting things .. e And then there's the plot. pleased. Okay then, ecstatic, As it happens, we 're .not Well, there isn't actually Hysterical even. going to work a three day that's the problem. Quite a No problem for me as to week and I'm quite· pleased, big one really. what to do with this extra Wen; very, actually. I mean, I Ah well, it was a novel idea. leisure time .. I could paint. I don't wantto start getting lazy (Nave 1 idea. Geddit? Good was good at that at school. My. do I? I should cocoa. isn't it? Qb,. forgetJt. L.)
c• ••••

Want to know what's happening on the fashion scene? . Well, we've got good news for those of you who live in the . north. Top Shop now do a mail order service. So if you'd like any of the elotlies we feature and don't happen to live near a branch, write to: Top Shop, Mail Order Service, Oxford Circus, London, W.l for details, stating garment, fit and colour. Also, for those of you who happen to have slightly larger - or smaller ~ feet than . usual, Lilley & Skinner have opened a new Tall and Small shop in Knightsbridge, London, S.W.I. And for our lucky readers who live in or near London, there's lots of bargains to be found at Laura Ashley in Sloane Street. They've turned the shop into a -super sale store, with furnishing fabrics, dress fabrics and clothes at reduced prices. DOLLY DRESS onp.3 from branches of Chelsea Girl, In Scene and Shades,

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