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In The Name Of Allah (swt) The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer Why Are the Muslims Disunited?

This is from the poor slave of Allah (swt) in need of his Lords mercy and forgive ness, Safeeullah NaBooto Ali Wajid. All praise and thanks are due to Allah (swt). We praise and give thanks to Him, We seek His aid and ask for His forgiveness, and we seek Allahs (swt) refuge from the evil of ourselves and from our evil acti ons. Whomsoever Allah (swt) guides then none can misguide him, and whomsoever He misguides, then no one can guide him. We bear witness that none has the right t o be worshipped except Allah (swt), alone having no partner, and we bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His slave and His Messenger. The worst evil is innovatio n in religion; every innovation is an error, and every error will end up in hell -fire. As Salaamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, the Ummah of Muhammad(saw) is in need o f the group of people Allah(swt) spoke about in the Quran, when He said let their arise out of you a group of people enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. for your own edification go to Al Quran, Surah 3 Iyah 104 and also look at the Tafsir on this verse. The ideological warfare that the Jews and the Ameri cans and many others Nations has lunched against the Muslims, should compel the neliebers to rise up and expose their plan to destroy Islam as a political and s piritual force. As I have come to know that when a person declares without compu lsion, La Illaha Illallah Muhammaddurasu-Lullah one should understand that this statement is political as well as spiritual. I have come to know thath it si imp ossible for the Ummah of Muhammad(saw) to necome a political forceto ne reckoned with. The Ummah of Muhammad(saw) must necome more fearful of Allah(swt) drawing nearer to Allah(swt), and then Allah would befreind us as he befriended Muhamma d and his companions. This topic is very provocative, but the aim and purpose of this topic is to address issues anhd aliment, with an antidote Insha Allah. I b elieve that it is pointless to mention an aliment without making known to the pe ople the remedy. And thath is the Quran and the revered Ahaadeeth of Allahs Last R asul. Some people will say to you that you shouldnt read this newsletter and they will give you a long list why you shouldnt read this newsletter. It is the Sunna h of Allah to call the criminals by their names the way He called Abu Lahab, the uncle of the Prophet by his name. No one will deny that there is a disease in t he Ummah of Muhammad. They foundation for this topicv will be taken from one of the Hadith of the Rasulullah. Where the Prophet said Bani Israel will be split in to 72 sects and everyone will be in the Hell Fire except one. And this Ummah of Muhammad will be split into 73 sects and everyone will ne in the Hell Fire excep t one. And When the Rasulullah was questioned who will ne in Paradise? He said th e group that is practicing what I and my companions are practicing. And by doing this we will become the victorious group or the saved group. The respected Ulamas habe made a distioncvtiuon between the victorios group, and the saved group. Th e victorious group means thath a group of Muslims did Jihad and they where victo rious over their enemiews on the battle field. Ask yourself this question; is th ere any sect in Islam? No. Is there any racism in Islam? No. Is there any oppres sion in Islam? No. But if I say, is there racism, sects, and oppression among Mu slims, the answer would be yes! So we must understand the difference. If I stood in front of you a nd said there is racism in Islam I would I would become a kafir, because Im telli ng you that Allah recealed a revelation that is built on the foundation of racis m and Allah is not a racist. So there is no racism in Islam, but there is racism among Muslims. There is no sects in Islam nut there is sects among the Muslims. There is no oppression in Islam, but there is oppression among Muslims. So why are we split up? Since the Quran is clear, we were told ny Allah that this Is the

Book, clear, explaining everything, the Quran is clear! Then why are there so ma ny sects among the Muslims? The scholars of Islam have given Six Reasons Why we have sects among us. Before we move forward with this talk the reader should bea r in mind that there are internal reasons, which causes disunity among the Musli ms. For your own edification you will find this issue covered in Surah al-Hujura at where Allah tells us of the harmony and brotherhood that Allah has created am ongst the believers. We are given an explanation of how this brotherhood should ne maintained, cultivated and nurtured. Allah has explained the diseases that ca n cause friction and disunity amongst the believers and thus need to be avoided. We are also given the remedies for such ailments and shown what can be achieved by their application. In this Surah Allah reminds us that the believers are brot heres amongst themselves and therefore we must strenghten this brotherhood, and r econcile ourselves. And to achieve this we are told to Fear Allah as he should be feared, that He may have mercy upon us for indeed the fear of Allah is the most basic and essential ingredient in the creation of brotherhood and solidarity. So lets turn our attention to the Seven Reasons the Scholars have given us for why we are disunited. 1. Hawah (Evil Desires). Some people want to habve one foot in Christianity and one foot in Islamm and there are those that have one foot in Hinduism or Buddhis m and one foot in Islam and there are those who have one foot in Feminism and on e foot in Islam. They do not want to give their complete heart to Allah, they do not want to comply with the commandments of Allah where He Said O you who belive enter into Islam wholeheartedly and od not follow the foot step of the Shaitan. (al-Quran Surah 2 Iyah 208.) They dont want to comply with Quran and Sunnah. 2. Misunderstanding. There are 2 types of Muslims, some muslims seek their knowl edge from a live sheikh the way Abu Hanifah sought knowledge from Hammed(ra) and who taught Imam Shafi Islam? Abu Yusef. And who was Abu Yusef? He was the studen t of Abu Hanifah, it was Hanifah who taught Imam Shafi Islam. And who taught Ahm ed Ibn Hanbal Islam? Imam Shafi. So these four great Imams had Sheikhs, which th ey studied under. Even though they were Arabs and they all were firmly groinded in the Arabic language, they didnt say that they didnt ned to study under a Sheikh . They didnt say that I would just buy a book and stay at home and read it. The s cholars of Islam have said that any man who says that his books is his sheikh, t hen that man is the Shaitan. Because he thinks he knows but he doesnt know. And s ome scholars say if a man says his books is his sheikh then the Shaitan become h is sheikh. Because if any of us read an Iyah from Quran or a sentence from the Ha dith books, and we dont understand the Iyah or the Hadith can we ask the book to explain it? Its impossible. So we need a live Sheikh to explain the Deen to us. 3. Nifaq(A Hypocrite.) These people dont want Islam. They want to treat Islam lik e a plate of food, taking what they want and dumping what they want, this is how the hypocrite treats Islam. Anything that doesnt fit his/her fancy, he/she dumps it. So the hypocrite male come into Islam and he has taking two, three, four wi ves, and he says that I read it in the Quran that I can have two, three, or four wives, and he says that I read it in the Quran that I can two, three, or four wiv es, buthe doesnt believe in Tawheed al-Hakamiyyah, (that Allah is the only Law Gi ver.) So we say to him that Tawheed al-Hakamiyyah is also in the Quran, so why do you beli eve in polygamy which is in the Quran, but you reject Tawheed al-Hakamiyyah they are both in the Quran and if you dont believe in Tawheed al-Hakamiyyah, then you d ont deserve to enjoy the privileges of polygamy. And the true scholars have calle d this person a hypocrite, who is using Islam for there own selfish and personal gain, and this causes Muslims to split up into sects. 4. Jahil (Ignorance) We must put some effort in to getting to know Allah and the Rasullulah. Insha-Allah I will offer you the best translation that I can, from Surah al-Baqarah. Verily, it is indeed the Shaitan that commands you to do evil a

nd say things anout Allah and his deen of which you have no proper knowledge. al Quran Surah 2 Iyah 169. Therefore, based upon the above Iyah we find that this mo st serios prohibition with Allah is doing this hideous act. Here are the followi ng categories of sins which are incorporated in Speaking about Allah and His Rasu l without knowledge. A. Lying upon Allah. B. Attributing to Allah the Most High what is not suitable for Him. C. Bidah (innovation) or modifying and altering Allahs Deen. D. Negating what Allah has affirmed. E. Affirming what Allah negated. F. Showing hostility towards those who champion Allahs cause. G. Becoming saboteurs inside the Ummah of Muhammad. H. Supporting Allahs enemies. I. Loving those whom Allah hates. J. Describing Allah with what does not befit Him, in atements, and His Actions. Therefore, because of the this category, there can be no grater prohibiton. It and all forms of Kufr originate. All froms of Bidah ng about Allah without knowledge. His Essence, Attributes, St amount of sins included in is from this sin that Shirk are also founded upon speaki

5. Imitating the Kufr. There are many Muslims that think that Islam should be ab le to celebrate Christmas. And on Easter do the things that the Christians do on Easter. And they want to make Duas to others than Allah. 6. Kafir Conspiracies. Despite the differences amongst the Kuffars over the decis ion of the Muslims lands. They are in full agreement with the idea to destroy Is lam. They aroused the feelings of nationalism globally. As you can see today tha t all of the European countries have joined together to destroy Islam, but you d ont see any one making it known to the Muslims that not only is it being done by the Europeans but also by the Saudis, Egypt, Jordan and other so called Islamic l ands, all have employed diabolical methods to stop Muslims from uniting as one U mmah under La illaha ill Allah Muhammadan Rasullulah globally. They have planted agents in every ,masjid, and have Put them on the payroll, to spy on the true believers, they have offered million s of dollars to the Muslims to give info leading to those that fright and resist the missionary cultural invasion in the Muslims Lands. The kaffirs have stooped so low that they have to look is exercised this power over the world and this is part of the Dajjals System which = Anti Christ, which = Democracy, which = A Wor ld Wide Social And Cultural Phenomenon! The principle of Capitalism is for Capit al Gain and Imperialism. The social, economical and political effects of a decid ed Ummah plays a big part in keeping us divided. Our people meaning the Muslims have chosen Democracy over the Shariah of Allah which takes these people out of t he fold of Islam. This campaign that the Kaffirs have launched in the name of te rrorism to go around the world using their combined power to disarm the Muslims to take away the rights given to us by Allah to have autonomy. Now lets look at this work autonomy. 1. Self-Government.

2. Self-Government with respect to local and internal affairs. 3. Self-Government State, community or group. We are the people that have chosen to say that none has the right to be worshipe d but Allah, and none has the right to rule by any law other than the Law of All ah has given to mankind in the Quran and the Sunnah. The absence of moral excelle nce has turned the Muslims towards worldly goals; people are willing to sacrific e their morals to achieve material wealth. Materialism has blinded the Muslim wo rld to the degree that we are decided into nation states, which place us in dire ct competition with each other. The Muslims and there money is another problem, Muslims are practicing Riba and calling it business. There should not be a singl e dollar of the Muslims money in the Kaffirs banks. Instead our money should be pooled into an Islamic fund, which will give us power to protect the six things that are sacred to all Muslims. Our Life, honor, wealth, lineage, deen, and our intellect. Ya, Muslimeen! There is no defeatism in Islam, the Kuffars have conscr ipted, various government scholars to infect our intelligentsia within the Ummah to help them transform the mindset of the Muslims to become pacifist and defeat ist, accepting their subjugation and war against Islam in the name of terrorism. I feel that it is imperative for me to expound upon the word Conscripted so tha t you will have a clear understanding of this word. It is those who enrolled for service, especially in the Kaffir armed forces, and intelligentsia agencies, a draftee of the Kaffirs, who are weak Muslims put on the Kaffirs payroll to commit espionage in the Ummah of Muhammad. I would like to quote a Hadith, which will put more light on this topic. It is reported that the Prophet said to us that, On e day the nations of the earth will call each other from the horizons to attack the Muslims as hungry diners eating from the same plate in front of them. One of the Sahaabahs asked the Prophet, Is this going to happen because of our small num bers at that time? The Prophet replied, No! Your numbers will be large, but you w ill have Wahan. The Rasul was asked, What is Wahan? The Last Prophet replied, Liki ng this life, and hating Death. (Ahmed and Dawud.) Working to establish the Khali fah and the Islamic State is a collective duty. Therefore a collective effort is needed and Muslims must therefore be working with a Jamaah. All Jamaah must be wo rking towards the worldwide domination of Isalm in order to fulfill their duty. We cant do the above if we dont adhered to what Allah has commanded us to do. As a people, they are divided, often manipulated, and compromise their values for fi nancial gain. Spiritually, they conflict in interpreting Islamic teachings, lack religious leadership, do not understand Arabic, arbitrarily restrict the role o f women, neglect their beliefs, and are beguiled by Western customs. Some make I slam more difficult to practice than it is. Let us end this writing with an Iyah from the Quran. I will offer you the best translation I can at this moment, take n from Surah 6 Iyah 159. As for those who divide their religion and breakup into sects, you have no part in them in the least: Their affair is with Allah: He wil l in the end tell them the truth of all that they did. Muslims are divided people in terms of nationality, ethnicity, religious denomination, language, race and economic position. Muslims have no hesitation in fighting each other, by the way keeps the enemy with the upper have. Or questioning each others true faith based on any of these factors.