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Our Focus Benefits Yours.

SolutionS & ServiceS For Hr, Payroll and Financial ManaGeMent

Aditro is a leading provider of solutions and services for Human Resource, Payroll and Financial Administration and Management in Nordic countries.


2010 highlights


our FoCus BENEFits Yours


aditro valuEs


aditro oFFEriNg

We provide IT solutions that ensure and enhance the efficiency of our customers HR and financial processes.

14. our waY oF workiNg

16. NordiC-widE approaCh


aditro performed well in 2010, achieving strong results. group revenue amounted to 167 Me (1 613 MsEk) while EBitda reached 24,8 Me (239 MsEk). at the end of 2010 aditro employed over 1500 professionals, of which 850 in sweden, 490 in Finland, 160 in Norway and 40 in Estonia.

2010 Highlights
Mats Winkler, CEO we provide sophisticated solutions and services for hr, payroll and Financial administration and Management, enabling digitalisation and automation of their processes. our customers show an increasing demand for our services. to meet this demand, we have further developed our unique portfolio of software solutions, best practice methods and delivery models to make the customers life easier. thanks to the latest technological solutions and increased network bandwidth, a cloud environment now allows for easy-to-use & easy-to-access services. we see increasing growth potential in both cloud and outsourcing business models. aditro continued investing in and developing new and enhanced products and services during 2010. we launched several new outsourcing offerings with a clear standardised packaging, such as standard payroll and travel management services, a cloud-based municipality service offering and digital invoicing services all of these were welcomed by the market and our customer base. during the second half of 2010 aditro entered into a strategic partnership with sd worx to offer pan-European payroll services to international customers. this international payroll services alliance is a trustworthy provider of unified, bestpractices payroll services covering 25 countries across Europe. Both aditro and sd worx are leading payroll outsourcing service providers in their respective territories. with decades of experience and a proven track record of serving thousands of customers in their payroll needs, this alliance guarantees a solid platform for international businesses to trust their payroll operations. in 2011 we will focus on launching new products and services and further development of our organisation. to succeed with our growth strategy we will continue to recruit new professionals, improve customer satisfaction and enhance our extensive offering portfolio.

Our focus benefits yours

Most organisations start out with a person with an idea: a solution to a problem they have faced or just something that came out of the blue. whatever the original reason, the founder is usually an entrepreneur, not an administrator.
More than 45 years ago, some individuals had the bright idea of starting a business focused on meeting this demand: a company taking care of the tasks supporting the customers core business and, consequently, letting them concentrate on what they do best. in 45 years aditro has grown considerably, but the need for hr and financial support systems is practically endless. More and more organisations are reaching the point where they would benefit from our services. Needless to say, the original idea seems as brilliant today as it was in the beginning.

Aditro V alues

Forward Looking
we are in a leading position in the Nordic hr & Financial administration area, but for us that is not enough. Fierce competition, rapid technical development and increasing new customer demand mean that we cannot and will not stop improving. we are always looking for new digitalised and automated processes that improve our customers hr and financial processes.

we are here to let our customers concentrate on their core business. thats why we have specialised in hr and financial administration, allowing our customers less administrative work, more efficient processes and better decision making. we are focused on and heavily rooted in the Nordic culture. we never give up the quest for better solutions and streamlined processes to fulfil our customers needs.

Human toucH
we offer solutions and processes, but at the end of the day, people are what really counts. our customers may be corporations but we do business with people, not with organisations. whether its a colleague or a customer, a little extra effort spent to get to know the person can make a world of difference. Combining a friendly atmosphere with a professional attitude is what makes us winners.

This is why we can truly claim; Our focus benefits yours

Aditro Offering
we are specialists in hr and financial management, with a goal to increase the service capabilities of your business support processes. Be it a large, public organisation or a small, privately owned company, we have the solutions that enable businesses to concentrate on what they do best.

our software solutions cover almost all hr and financial management needs in both private and public sectors. drawing on over 45 years of experience in financial and hr processes, we have identified the best practices in the business for the benefit of our customers. Most of our software solutions can also be chosen as cloud services. our consulting services help you enhance the efficiency of your processes and to integrate the systems into the rest of your companys it environment. we also offer a comprehensive range of outsourcing services. Companies wishing to outsource their entire hr and payroll administration, or parts of them, can safely do so. we provide a full range of services, processes and technology, and support them with competence and best practices, service management and continuous development - all with quality assurance.

Hr SoLutionS
aditros hr solutions offer efficient handling of operational and strategic hr tasks. You can assemble a suitable package for the recruitment, training and employee lifecycle management, work time and resource planning and much more along with personnel and supervisor support services - according to the needs of your organisation.

aditro offers outsourcing services for payroll in 25 countries across Europe through payroll services alliance. our payroll software is available throughout the Nordic countries.

FinanciaL management SoLutionS

aditro software and service solutions for Financial Management are designed to cover everything a company needs to develop its operations, from routine processes, controlling and reporting to the production and analysis of strategic business information. they provide access to timely, accurate information upon which to base the day-to-day business decisions. aditro offers numerous financial software solutions for various market segments in sweden and Finland.

payroLL SoLutionS
aditro offers state-of-the-art software solutions for payroll administration that are easy to integrate into the customers it environment. they enable secure and cost-efficient handling of all your payroll administration tasks from processing to payment, reporting and consultant services.

aditro oFFering

oFFering areaS
recruitment personnel and org. administration strategic hr time & resources travel & Expence time registration reporting

2/3 of the hr tasks are basic routines. aditros speciality is enhancing the efficiency of the customers hr processes and helping them identify cost savings. the innovative software and service solutions untie working hours from administrative and operative processes such as recruitment, payroll administration, management of labour hours, travel expenses, employee life cycle and business information and reporting to more productive and strategic work.

Choose a delivery model that fits your needs

You outsource your business processes in full or in part. the service includes quality assurance and is delivered to a predefined service level. the continuous development of operations is ensured with a proven fixed-format cooperation model. service delivery is also based on a standardised model. service content can be tailored to the needs of the customer organisation as necessary.

Cloud service


deLivery modeLS








Each month over 3,5 million payslips are produced by using aditro software and 160 000 pay packets are outsourced to aditro. payroll processes such as upkeep of benefits and deduction information and management of payment, absence and holiday information, annual statutory filings, pay runs and payments, salary certificates etc. are efficiently, securely and flawlessly handled with aditro software and service solutions in compliance with the local regulations and, as needed, the administrative demands of international businesses.

Complete payroll services, from materials receipts and their processing to pay calculation, payment, reporting and advisory services

Financial Administration
aditro software and service solutions for Financial administration include everything that is needed for business development and producing and analysing information for routine processes: purchase and sales orders, payments, bookkeeping, management accounting and reporting plus measuring and managing business intelligence specifically designed for the needs of swedish and Finnish organisations.

purchase to pay order to Cash accounting Controlling reporting Business intelligence


cLoud ServiceS
You purchase the software as a service. You get a fast and easy access to business applications. we handle the servers, licenses, backups, updates and all other aspects of service provision. all you need to have in place is a workstation and a fast internet connection. aditros Cloud services are cost-effective, flexible, reliable and safe, and the costs are fully predictable as monthly charges.

otHer SoLutionS/ServiceS
Information logistics CRM Consulting process consulting project management technical consulting application management services Training

You purchase the software to use in your own it environment, under your maintenance. our software solutions cover almost all Financial and hr management needs in both private and public sectors. they can be integrated with your other it solutions and they can be flexibly built upon - you can add new modules when needed. our solutions ensure and enhance the efficiency of your processes and help you identify cost savings.


Choose a delivery model that fits your needs

the available resources in each company are different and thus also the requirements for services. well help you identify the model that is the best fit for your organisation. the delivery model can be changed in line with your needs.

Our way of working

our focus is on offering specific solutions and services in a digitalised world for hr and Financial administration functions. this way, we provide increased efficiency, control of the processes and timely, accurate information for strategic decision making. we grow by making our customers successful. this is one reason why we so strongly believe in partnership. a relationship that is built on a stable foundation of trust, healthy business principles and a true win-win perspective.

utilising all aditros knowledge and resources to develop and implement human resource and Financial administration and Management solutions.

tHe rigHt tooLS

software that meets the specific needs of today, and helps our customer grow tomorrow. stand-alone products, cloud solutions or combinations of these.

Whether you need tools for an employee, manager or specialist or all of these,. - we have the solutions to support your need.

maximizing StrengtHS
By outsourcing specific parts of an organisations operations. as an aditro partner a company enjoys effective and guaranteed functions, thus enabling the company to concentrate on its core business.

deciding when, how much and what kind of new demands are placed on the systems, routines and services, aditro has the flexibility to take on more responsibility as needed.


Nordic-wide approach
revenue 2010 167 me, 1 613 mSek
Norway 15 % sweden 49 % Consulting 17 %

revenue by buSineSS area

software 57 %

aditro FactS
over 3,5 million payslips per month produced by utilising aditro software 160 000 pay packets outsourced to aditro over 400 000 software users 300 million processed documents per year over 100 customer projects on-going every month over 12 000 customers in private and public sectors

Finland 36 %

outsourcing 26 %

over 45 years of experience and expertise

Head count over 1500

Estonia 2 %, ~40 sweden 56 %, ~850

Finland 32 %, ~490

Norway 10 %, ~160


Aditro AB Box 1102, 172 22 sundbyberg landsvgen 66, 172 65 sundbyberg tel. +46 (0)10 451 10 00 Fax +46 (0)10 451 10 10 info.se@aditro.com

Aditro Oy pl 201, 02631 Espoo klovinpellontie 3 puh. +358 (0)20 717 7000 Fax +358 (0)20 717 7001 info.fi@aditro.com

Aditro AS postboks 4370 Nydalen, No-0402 oslo gullhaug torg 4a, No-0484 oslo tel. +47 09 102 Fax +47 815 09 102 firmapost.no@aditro.com

Aditro Estonia O Mustame tee 5C (floor 3) 10621 tallinn tel. +372 6840 300 Fax. +372 6840 340 info.se@aditro.com