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Date: 30-May-11 Ref: SMG/UPT/11-12/D- 051 Your Ref:E-mail dt 28/5/2011

Dear Sir, We are pleased to submit our offer for Design, manufacture and supply of 3 Phase, 50 Hz, Copper Wound CRT & VPI Transformer as per IS 11171 / IS 2026 with the following specification. Rating in KVA Installation No.of Phases Primary Voltage Secondary Voltage Vector Group Taping on Primary Insulation class Cooling Temp. rise @ 40 Deg.C Ambient Impedance Paint shade Terminal arrangement HV LV Quantity in Numbers 750kVA Indoor Three 11000 433 Dyn11 +5% to -15 in steps of 1.25% through On Load tap changer. Class - H AN - Natural Air 115 Deg. C 6.25 % with IS Tolerance RAL 7032 Cable Box Cable Box 1 each

The Transformer will be housed in a welded steel tank and bolted cover construction with the following fittings suitable for IP 23 protection. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Rating & Diagram Plate Earthing Terminals Lifting lugs On load tap changer Bi - directional rollers Metal Enclosure suitable for IP 23 protection Digital winding temp. indicator with 2 sets of potential free contacts with suitable sensors in each phase

Price Each Ex. Works Basic Price Excise duty at 10.0% Education Cess at 3.0% Sub Total VAT at 14.0% 750 KVA 1,675,000.00 167,500.00 5,025.00 1,847,525.00 258,653.50

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Grand Total



Price Each Ex. Works Basic Price Excise duty at 10.0% Education Cess at 3.0% Sub Total 14.0% VAT at Grand Total 750 KVA 1,575,000.00 157,500.00 4,725.00 1,737,225.00 243,211.50 1,980,437.00


1) We can take up your HT and LT work including erection and commissioning on turn key basis also. 2) We can take up annual maintenance contract (AMC) for your existing and new transformers of any make and with any condition. 3) We have full-fledged service department to render effective after sales service.

Our offer is subject to the following terms and conditons. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) All Routine tests as per IS 2026 will be conducted at our manufacturing facility before dispatch. Temperature rise test can be conducted at our facility at an extra cost. Type tests can be conducted at an extra cost at any of the NABL approved testing facility. Two copies of Routine test certificates will be submitted along with the transformer. OGA drawings will be submitted in triplicate for your reference within two weeks time from the date of receipt of technially and commercially clear order at our end. The above quoted price is EX.Works, Bangalore, Packing & Forwarding, Freight, Insurance, Un-loading at site and other charges are extra at an actuals if any. Excise duty at 16% and Education cess at 2% on ED will be charged for all transaction. Excise duty is exempted against CT3 form for 100 % EOU. Please note that we will take up manufacturing of the transformer only after the receipt of CT3 form which is acceptable to us at our end. Any other exemptions claimed like EPCG, 10/97 etc against exicse duty is subject to an approval from our accounts department. Customer need to inform us about the clause of exemption during negotiation stage itself. VAT at the rate of 12.5% will be charged for all transactions less than 5 MVA and 4 % for more than 5 MVA Transformers. C' forms if any to be issued immediately upon invoicing of the transformer before dispatch. Please note that without 'C' form we may not dispatch the transformers. Octroi if any required, to be paid by the purchaser at check post directly. Road Permit if required to be furnished by the purchaser. If required inspection can be done once at our works prior to dispatch. However the same needs to be mentioned in your order so that we can intimate you regarding the inspection schedule well in advance. We provide 12 months warranty from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of dispatch of the transformer from our works, which ever is earlier against manufacturng defect only.

10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)

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16) Items will be delivered within 6- 8 weeks from the date of receipt of technically and commercially clear order along with advance money and approved drawings if any at our end. 17) Our Payment terms are 50 % advance along with the order and balance against Pro-forma Invoice before dispatch. 18) Validity of this offer is only for 10 days from the date of quotation subject to IEEMA price variation clause. 19) Any statutory variations by government in levies will be applicable to your account at the time of dispacth 20) Our offer is subject to Force Majeure conditions which includes war, famine, flood, strike, lockout, civil disturbances, acts of god and any other circumstances beyond our control resulting in delay. Distruption in production or closure of the unit. Incase of occurrence of any such event we shall intimate you within 2 weeks time If you require any details / clarifictions please do write to us.

for Universal Power Transformers Pvt Ltd.

PARAMESHWAR HEBBAR. Mobile: 94810 34540

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