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Korean Culture and Information Service

Vision Mission
To promote Korean culture overseas To implement international cultural cooperation and exchanges To provide support for the culture and tourism industry in overseas markets To elevate the countrys image

To share Korean culture with the international community to enhance the countrys image

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Global Network

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KOCIS takes overall responsibility for operating projects and programs designed to promote Korean culture overseas
It is helping to improve Koreas image and promote a better understanding of

Korean government policy in the international community.

It is establishing networks with prominent organizations and figures in and

outside the country.

It is working to inform the world what Korea truly is and correct

misinformation about Korea around the world.

It is establishing and operating consultative bodies in the country and abroad

for promoting Korean culture overseas.

It is conducting research and analyses of the international understanding of

Korea and its culture to be reflected in government policies.

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Soft Power

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KOCIS is building up Koreas presence in the world through culture to meet the challenges of the 21st century characterized by soft power
It is expanding cultural exchanges with countries around the world

to promote better communication, cooperation and sharing.

The scope of such exchanges has increased to embrace Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, going beyond Koreas traditional friends. It organizes cultural events in many countries to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic ties, thereby laying the foundation for mutual exchanges and cooperation. It is also helping to spread the spirit of sharing befitting Koreas standing through expanded official development assistance in culture.
It is introducing Korean culture to the world on the occasions of

important anniversaries or significant events.

It makes efforts to promote Koreas image globally by means of the Korean Wave, which is now spreading around the world. It is also working to stage joint performances with local art troupes and joint exhibitions of artists to boost interactive cultural exchanges. In addition, it is providing support for non-governmental exchanges with other countries in the area of culture and arts.
It is giving many opportunities for expatriates to enrich their stay in

Korea by having a firsthand experience of Korean culture.

As part of such endeavors, it has held the ROK-US Friendship Concert for the US Forces Korea. It has also provided Korean culture experience programs for international students and migrant workers.

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High Quality Contents

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KOCIS produces quality content conducive to promoting the image of Korea

As part of efforts to introduce Korea, it is distributing various publications

around the world.

It draws up plans for the publication and distribution of four booklets, including Facts about Korea , on a regular basis as well as other publications on special occasions. KOCIS is expanding the production of cartoons and animations, especially about Koreas UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
It introduces Korea to the world with high-quality videos.

By upgrading their quality, it helps elevate an understanding of Korea. It focuses on producing and distributing differentiated videos and highlighting the image of Korea as an IT powerhouse. It also cooperates with globally known TV stations as part of efforts to increase the airing of popular domestic dramas and other programs, which helps spread the Korean Wave.
It works together with domestic and foreign broadcasters to produce and

air TV programs introducing Korea with the aim of improving the understanding of Korean culture.
It serves as an online gateway to Korea.

It operates the official website of the Korean Government, www.korea.net, which provides content in nine languages. By bringing together various materials on overseas cultural promotion, it has become an information hub. In a bid to establish a global network, it makes use of social media, including blogs and Twitter.

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Korea Premium
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KOCIS generates a Korea Premium in the international arena

It is making efforts to help enhance the understanding of Korea

by global opinion leaders.

As part of such endeavors, it holds international academic conferences and seminars more often than in the past. In addition, it frequently provides global opinion leaders with periodicals, videos and online content. It also helps dispatch domestic professionals for overseas training and assists them to collaborate with other organizations.
It invites important figures, including journalists, to Korea.

To provide accurate information about Korea, it has organized various invitational programs on various themes, befitting each different nation. Furthermore, it maintains continual contact with those who have participated in the programs. It also helps foreign media outlets to portray Korea in a positive light.
It assists foreign journalists in Korea as well as visiting journalists,

thereby expanding the groundwork for a better understanding of the nation.

In addition, it provides assistance for journalists accompanying foreign heads of state and government when they visit Korea.

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True Image of Korea

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KOCIS helps elevate the prestige of the nation by giving accurate information about Korea
It corrects misinformation about Korea with a staff exclusively

responsible for that work.

It also provides assistance for the civic organizations and individuals engaged in the work of correcting misinformation. It assists those holding lectures in other countries to give accurate information about Korea.
It assists various activities aimed at giving exact information about

Korea to young people from home and abroad.

It gives out various contents introducing Korean culture to backpackers and college students going abroad for volunteer work. It holds various online events in which netizens from home and abroad can participate. To assist civilian PR activities, KOCIS dispatches and supports the Korean Culture and Arts Corps, a mission made up of young people.
It continues efforts to address controversies surrounding the naming

of the East Sea and sovereignty over the island of Dokdo.

It established a collaborative framework with organizations concerned, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Northeast Asian History Foundation. It also works together with civic groups, including the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) and the Society for East Sea Research. It holds briefing sessions for foreign journalists and provides them with promotional contents.

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Brid ge to

the Wor ld


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KOCIS operates Korean Cultural Centers abroad that serve as conduits of communication with nations around the world
The number and services of the overseas Cultural Centers are expanding quickly.

As of February 2011, the number of Korean Cultural Centers abroad stands at 20 in 16 countries. By 2012, the figure will increase to 37 in 31 countries. The number of Korea Centers will increase gradually. A Korea Center denotes a Korean Cultural Center complex that houses other Korean organizations. Services of hub Cultural Centers will be beefed up, too.
Cultural Centers develop programs that meet the needs of local people.

Policies are being formulated to enable the 20 Cultural Centers to launch their own specialty programs in addition to regular projects. Regular projects include various seminars, exhibitions, stage performances, films and the operation of libraries.

The Architect's Rendition of New York Korea Center

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The programs of Korean Cultural Centers abroad present the diverse styles and flavors of Korean culture

They provide Korean language and culture classes.

Lectures and seminars feature Korean history, fine arts, music, dance, literature, architecture, taekwondo, traditional costumes and arts and crafts as well as different types of popular culture.
Culture workshops and tours are offered to local citizens, including

ethnic Koreans, with the aim of giving them opportunities to experience and familiarize themselves with the rich, time-honored Korean culture.
Popular Korean films and drama videos are played locally.

Cultural Centers actively participate in the film festivals taking place in their host countries.
IT-multimedia exhibitions provide video contents and photos featuring

various aspects of Korean culture.

The quality of these contents is breathtaking as they are being produced utilizing Koreas world-class IT and digital technology.
In addition to various arts exhibitions, stage performances are presented,

ranging from traditional songs and dances to modern musicals and exhibitions.

Joint performances with the artists of host countries are staged frequently and performing artists exchange visits routinely.
Cultural Centers are keen about introducing Korean culture in various

local festivals and events of the host country.

They also actively support multicultural educational programs carried out by local schools.
The libraries in Cultural Centers are equipped with books on the Korean

language and culture as well as travel guides, photo books, magazines, newspapers and annuals.

Many of them are available for loan. Multimedia centers play Korean movies, TV dramas and traditional music for visitors.

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Korean Cultural Centers and Culture and Information Officers are located worldwide.
Marked on the map are 20 Korean Cultural Centers (KCC), including four Korea Centers. It also includes 15 locations of KOCIS officers working out of Korean Embassies.

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Contact Information for Cultural Centers and Culture and Information Officers


Country (City) Japan (Tokyo)




Phone Number

Cultural Center Embassy Cultural Center Cultural Center Cultural Center Consulate General

4-4-10 Yotsuya. Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 1-2-5 Minami Azabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan (106-8577) 4th FL. Mindan Bldg. 2-4-2 Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan No.1 Guanghua Xili, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Room 501, Huizhi Building, No.396 North Caoxi Rd, Shanghai, China

www.koreanculture.jp www.korea.or.jp osaka.korean-culture.org china.korean-culture.org

81333575970 81332257497 81662928760 861065016566

Japan (Osaka) China (Beijing) China (Shanghai) China (Hong Kong) Asia & Pacific (13 Cities in 10 Countries)

shanghai.korean-culture.org 862151083533 85225294141 63-2-856-9210 84439445980~1 6622477537~39 911142007033 7-7172-901-113 62-21-2992-2500 6562561188 61292100200 12029395684 12029395653 12127599550/2 16466746032 13239367141 12133859300 16132445015 525552029866

5-6/F, Far East Finance Centre, 16 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong hkg.mofat.go.kr 122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city 1634, Philippines 49 Nguyen Du Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi 23 Thiam-Ruammit Road, Ratchadapiesk, Huay-Kwang, Bangkok 10320 9 Chandragupta Marg. Chanakyapuri Extension, New Delhi-110021, India 1st floor, Nur-Saulet-2 business-center, Imanova St. 13, Astana, Kazakhstan The Plaza Office Tower 30th fl, Jl. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta Pusat 10350 47 Scotts Road #08-00 Goldbell Tower Singapore 228233 8th Floor, 32-36 Martin Place, Sydney 2000 Australia 2370 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008 U.S.A embassy_philippines.mofat. go.kr vietnam.korean-culture.org tha.mofat.go.kr ind.mofat.go.kr www.koreanculture.kz idn.mofat.go.kr sgp.mofat.go.kr aus-sydney.mofat.go.kr dynamic-korea.com www.koreaembassy.org www.koreanculture.org usa-newyork.mofat.go.kr www.kccla.org usa-losangeles.mofat.go.kr can-ottawa.mofat.go.kr mex.mofat.go.kr

The Philippines Cultural Center (Manila) Vietnam (Hanoi) Thailand (Bangkok) India (New Delhi) Kazakhstan (Astana) Indonesia (Jakarta) Singapore (Singapore) Australia (Sydney) Cultural Center Embassy Embassy Cultural Center Embassy Embassy Consulate General

2450 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008 U.S.A 460 Park Avenue 6th.Fl. New York, N.Y. 10022, U.S.A 335 East 45th St. New York, N.Y. 10017, U.S.A The Americas United States Cultural Center 5505 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90036, USA (7 Cities in (Los Angeles) Consulate General 3243 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90010 5 Countries) Canada 150 Boteler Street Ottawa, Ontario KIN 5A6 Canada Embassy (Ottawa)

United States Cultural Center (Washington, D.C.) Embassy United States Cultural Center (New York) Consulate General

Mexico (Mexico City)


Lope Diaz de Armendariz No. 110 Col. Lomas Virreyes C.P. 11000 Mexico D.F

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The Americas (7 Cities in 5 Countries)

Country (City) Brazil




Phone Number

(Sao Paulo) Argentina (Buenos Aires) Russia (Moscow) France (Paris) Germany (Berlin) UK (London)

Consulate General Cultural Center

Av. Paulista 37, 9 andar cj. 91 - Bela Vista, Sao Paulo - SP Brasil 01311-902 Diaz 2884, Cap.Fed. 1425, Buenos Aires



argentina.korean-culture.org 541148033167/1572

Cultural Center Cultural Center Embassy Cultural Center Cultural Center Embassy Embassy Embassy Embassy Cultural Center Embassy Embassy Embassy Embassy Embassy Embassy

Zemlyanoi Val St, 34a Moscow 2 Avenue D'lena, 75116 Paris, France 125 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France Kulturabteilung Botschaft der Republik Korea, Leipziger Platz 3, 10117 Berlin Grand Buildings, 1 - 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW 60 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AJ, UK C/Gonzalez Amigo 15, 28033 Madrid, Spain Via Barnaba Oriani 30, 00197 Rome, Italy Chaussee de la Hulpe 173-175, 1170 Brussels, Belgium Ul. Kruczkowskiego 8 (Nordic Park), 00-380, Warszawa 1062 Andrassy ut. 109. Budapest, Hungary Laboratoriegatan 10, 115 27 Stockholm, Sweden Greenpark Estates #3, 27 George Storrar Drive, Groenkloof, Pretoria 0181, South Africa 3 Boulos Hanna St., Dokki, Cairo, A.R.E No.18, West Daneshvar st. Shaikhbahai ave. Sheikhbahai sq. Tehran, Iran. Alacam Sok No. 5, Cinnah Caddesi, Cankaya, Ankara 06690, Turkey Plot 83 Ralph Shodeinde Street, Rivers House Opposite Federal Ministry of Finance Headquarters Central Business District Abuja

russia.korean-culture.org www.coree-culture.org fra.mofat.go.kr germany.korean-culture.org london.korean-culture.org gbr.mofat.go.kr esp.mofat.go.kr ita.mofat.go.kr missiontoeu.mofat.go.kr pl.korean-culture.org hun.mofat.go.kr swe.mofat.go.kr zaf.mofat.go.kr egy.mofat.go.kr irn.mofat.go.kr tur-ankara.mofat.go.kr

74959179347 33147208415 33147530101 4930269520 442070042600 442072275500 34913532000 396802461 3226755777 48225250930 3614623080 46854589400 27124602508 20237611234~7 982188054900~4 903124684822

Europe (10 Cities in 10 Countries)

Spain (Madrid) Italy (Rome) Belgium (Brussels) Poland (Warsaw) Hungary (Budapest) Sweden (Stockholm) South Africa (Pretoria) Egypt (Cairo)

Africa and Middle East (5 Cities in 5 Countries)

Iran (Teheran) Turkey (Ankara) Nigeria (Abuja)

Cultural Center



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Director/Assistant Minister

Director-General for Public Diplomacy Planning

Planning and Operations Division

International Cultural Affairs Division

Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Division

Global Communication and Contents Division

Foreign Media Relations Division

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