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Welcome to Reason version 5

Table of Contents
1. Trademark Disclaimer 2. About the sound banks 3. More tutorials and documentation 4. Minimum system requirements Appendix - Orkester Sound Bank Abbreviations

1. Trademark Disclaimer
Trademarks referred to within the Reason product are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademarks holders are affiliated with Propellerhead Software AB or our products. The referrals to these trademarks do not in any way constitute trademark use. Nor does the use of these trademarks intend to explore the goodwill associated with these trademarks.

2. About the sound banks

Moving the Factory Sound Bank and Orkester Sound Bank These ReFills are required by the program, and are by default installed in the Reason application folder. We recommend that you keep them there, but should you need to move them to another folder or drive, you should do the following: 1. Quit Reason. 2. Move the sound bank ReFill(s) to the desired folders. 3. Create shortcuts (aliases) for the ReFills and move the shortcuts (aliases) to the Reason application folder. 4. Change the name of the shortcuts to "Factory Sound Bank.rfl" and "Orkester.rfl", respectively. This way, the program will find the sound banks when you start it again. [run] Combinator and Thor patches in the Factory Sound Bank If the name of a patch ends with "[run]", this means that it contains pattern devices - you need to activate the Run Pattern Devices button on the Combinator or Thor (or start playback in Reason) for the patch to sound as it's supposed to.

3. More Tutorials and Documentation

Please visit www.propellerheads.se for more video tutorials as well as documentation in English, German, French and Japanese.

4. Minimum system requirements

Mac OS X Intel Mac (multiple cores highly recommended) 1 GB RAM or more DVD drive Mac OS X 10.4 or later 3 GB free hard disk space Monitor with 1024x768 resolution or larger CoreAudio compliant audio interface or built-in audio hardware A MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended Windows Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon or better (multiple cores highly recommended) 1GB RAM DVD drive Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7 3 GB free hard disk space Monitor with 1024x768 resolution or larger A 16 bit Windows compatible audio card, preferably with an ASIO driver. A MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended Thanks for choosing Reason! The Propellerhead Software Team

Appendix - Orkester Sound Bank Abbreviations The following abbreviations are used in the Orkester Sound Bank Patch names:
Wind and Brass:

CBN Contrabassoon BSN Bassoon BCL Bass Clarinet CL Clarinet EH English Horn OB Oboe PFL Piccola FL Flute FH French Horn FHS French Horn Section TBN Trombone TBNS Trombone Section TRP Trumpet TRPS Trumpet Section TB Tuba BTN Bass Trombone

BSS Basses VCS Cellos VCSs Cellos Stereo VLS Violas VNS Violins VNSs Violins Stereo

GS Glockenspiel BD Bass Drum SN Snare Drum TMP Timpani PTI Piatti CYM Cymbal TRI Triangle TMB Tambourine BTB BassTambourine WCH Wind Chimes SHK Shaker WBL Wood Block CST Castanets FCY Fingercymbal CWB Cowbell

BLT Belltree GNG Gong TOM Toms


Long Long Notes, No Vibrato Vib Vibrato Marc Marcato Stacc Staccato Pizz Pizzicato Trem Tremolo Harm Harmonics NatHarm Natural Harmonics ArtHarm Artificial Harmonics SulPont Sul Ponticello StrtMte Straight Mute SfzC Sforzando Crescendo Trills WS Trills whole step Trills HS Trills half step Gliss Glissando lite Patch with fewer samples, takes up less memory + Layered sounds unison (for example OB+CL) Layered sounds in octaves (for example VLS-VNS)

PP Very Soft P Soft MP Medium Soft MF Medium Hard F Hard FF Very hard, expressive