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Market Overview
Market Analysis
Electricity is the most desirable energy force in modern human life. A nation can not be called a developed nation unless it fulfills all the visible and invisible public needs. Electricity is one of the most important needs of a nation. Bangladesh has been suffering from electricity shortage for a long time and it seems like its never going to cope up with the electricity shortage if proper steps have not been taken immediately. Energy is the source of growth and the mover for economic and social development of a nation and its people. No matter how hard we cry about development or poverty alleviation- it is not going to come in reality until lights are provided to our people for seeing, reading and working. The civilization is dependent on electric power. Electricity shortage is an unavoidable problem in our country. With reference to the report published in The Daily Prothom Alo: 9th February 2008; the demand and supply status of the country is: Highest demand 5200 mw Highest supply 4200 mw1

The electricity sector in Bangladesh is handled by three state agencies under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources (MEMR). These are Bangladesh Power Development Board(BPDB) Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) Dhaka Electric Supply Company (DESCO) Rural Electrification Board (REB) West Zone Power Development Company Ltd. (WZPDCL)2

The problem of electricity shortage is a prime problem of Bangladesh. Another problem that all the electricity generation is by non-renewable energy source like furnace oil or natural gas etc. Furthermore, Government declared electricity for all by the year 2020. The year is not too far. Only 40% people could



be brought under national grid, which is not uninterrupted3ted. About 90% electricity in our country is natural gas based which has limited reserves and will be exhausted soon. Searching alternative sources is the only option. To get light in rural peoples life some has tried to get electricity by different renewable energy a source in many villages but the electricity that was supplied is never enough. Electricity failure in villages is higher then another areas. Bangladesh is an agrarian nation and rural areas are where the cultivation is done. Due to shortage of electricity supply the agriculture sector is facing humongous problem and for it the GPD of the nation. So supplying alternative power supply in a lowest possible cost is really needed for our country. 4 There are different types of renewable energy sources. They are Solar Energy Wind Energy Biomass Energy Hydro-power energy.
Wind Energy

Solar Energy

Biomass Energy

Hydro-power Energy

The biomass energy is one of the environments friendly energy sources possible as it not only generates power without hampering the eco balance of the environment but also consumes all wastes form the environment and produce power from them. So it contributes in keeping the environment clean as well as generates power. Our company of Bangladesh Biomass Company will also enjoy all the first movers advantages as its quiet a new concept in Bangladesh. Although we will be starting with small level of contribution to the nation but we have a plan to go to urban areas in future and help the national grad power supply hand by hand. At present electricity shortage throughout the country is 1000 mw and of Dhaka is 400 mw. 5Government is interested to meet this shortage by purchasing electricity from independent power producers and also to help the new comers so BBC will also get support from the government.




5.1 Potential consumers

In initial stage our target market is segmented in both rural and sub-urban area of Pabna district, Bangladesh. We will also be supplying electricity to small industries with low consumption structure. We have a plan to help the agriculture facilities as well as it is one of the national concerns. There are around 1540 villages they are around the half of Pabna districts population, but only some of them enjoy the light of science. Our main target is to get light in these peoples life and also contribute in the development of agriculture in those areas by providing continuous electricity supply. In rural areas and sub-urban areas our target customers will be the people getting less electricity facility and also the people enjoying national electricity. Industries like poultry, dairy etc will also be our target industry in starting. As our long term vision we are planning for helping the national grid but supplying electricity in the big urban areas where national power supply failed to provide constant power supply.

BBC potential consumers

6.2 Size and growth of the market

The population of Pabna, Bangladesh is 2,153,921 (July 2001) which is 1.32% of the total population of Bangladesh. Our target district Pabna has an area of total 2,371.50 km2 (915.6 sq mi). It consists of nine (9) upazilas, eight (8) municipalities, eighty one (81) wards, one hundred and ninety one (191) mahallas, seventy two (72) union parishads, one thousand three hundred and twenty one (1321) mouzas and one thousand five hundred forty (1540) villages. 6At the initial stage our target market size will be the rural areas of Pabna (72 union parishads, 1321 mouzas and 1540 villages.) but in first six (6) months we will only be covering those villages which are around 10-20 km distance from our plant, where we will be providing constant electricity supply to more then 60,000 houses and light up peoples life. So Bangladesh Biomass Company in short has known as BBCs potential consumers in Pabna districts different villages. But the number of users will be shorter as many of them are existing users of the national electricity supply. But the national electricity supply is never enough as the electricity failure is high in this area so many of the customers of the national electricity supply will want to get our electricity supply. And as population is growing high the need for electricity is growing high as the capacity of generating is not growing with it and electricity is one of the needs that can never be replaced by anything. So the growth of our potential customers will be growing in time there is no doubt about that. You also have mind to go to urban areas where consumers are not happy with their current electricity supply as power failure is a common issue. But this will only be possible if the government helps BBC with full support and all our plans go well as estimated.

6.3 Strategic Group Analysis



Going through the strategic group analysis we identify that for our BBC the direct competitors are Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB), Rural Electrification Board (REB) etc in Bangladesh present market. 7In the current market of Bangladesh there are many competitors are available who are covering the market of providing electricity service in the country. There all also few renewable energy sources who also are trying to get into the market like Solar Energy , Wind Energy, Biomass Energy, Hydro-power energy generating companies Dreams Power Private, Shwe Taung Development Company etc. Bangladesh also has 15 MW solar energy capacity through rural households and 1.9 MW wind power in Kutubdia and Feni8. But still they are in growth stage struggling to reach their target consumers. None of them can cover the market fully. And among all of the renewable energy sources biomass is one of the newest in Bangladesh. So here we can take the advantage to reach the customers before others if we build our right plan. Right plan is the plan where we consider what the other competitor are following, the trend or game plan to reach the customers and come up with the better plan. The next thing is to design the plan into a strategy to implement in the current market to attract the customers. In planning this we have to be very careful how well its going to work on the customers where else other competitor are applying their own strategies. After implementing we have to measure our work to know what the actual results are and what are the expected and find out the problems and then sort out the problems and Build an improved one again. Our main strength will be that we will be providing constant electricity supply to our customers without any possible power failure as our initial target market is small so we will also be able to control our service and provide the best service to our customers.



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