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Vol. 29 No. 4 July 2011
Vol. 29 No. 4
July 2011

Public Sector Strikers Protest Government Plans

TEACHERS and public sector


ces for picket lines June 30 in what unions hope will be the rst unrest in a summer of discontent against the Conservative-led government’s austerity plans.

Airport operators warned there could be long lines at immigration entry points because of walkouts by passport ofcers, but most of Britain’s airports, including Heathrow and Manchester, said it was business as usual. Unions estimated that up to 750,000 teachers and civil servants joined the one-day strike, affecting courthouses, tax ofces and employment centers, as well as schools. Thousands of union members marched through London, Manchester and other cit- ies to demand that the government rethink its plans to curb public sector pensions. Small groups of anti-capitalist protesters scufed with police as the march neared Parliament, and were cordoned in by of- cers. Police said 41 people had been arrested for offenses including possession of drugs, criminal damage and breach of the peace.

MODERATE While some British trade unions – such as those representing London subway drivers – have a reputation for frequent strikes, their public sector counterparts are traditionallymoderate. Therehas not beena national strike by teachers since the 1980s, and for one of the unions, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, last month marked its rst strike in its 127-year history. Their leaders say they have no choice. They say their members worked many years for modest pay, on the promise of a solid pension, and accuse the government of reneging on that deal. Helen Andrews of the National Union of Teachers told a rally in Manchester that teachers were being asked to “pay more, work longer, get less.” ACCUSED Prime Minister “David Cameron has accused teachers of a lack of morality,” she said. “Who really lacks morality? The thief or those who try to stop the thief?” The walkouts weren’t as dramatic as the rioting in Greece, which faces far more severe cuts, but unions hope to send a strong message of opposition to Britain’s govern- ment and its austerity plans.

Sir Richard Branson In Miami – Celebrating 25 Years Of Virgin’s London-Miami Routes by Patricia
Sir Richard Branson
In Miami
– Celebrating 25
Years Of Virgin’s
by Patricia Kawaja
….See full story on
Florida page
Photo by Robin Hill www.robinhillphotography.com

The government insists everyone must share the pain as it cuts £80bn from public spending to reduce Britain’s huge decit,

amount public sector employees contribute to pensions and reducing their retirement payouts.

swollen after the government spent billions bailing out foundering banks. It is cutting civil service jobs and benets, raising the state pension age from 65 to 66, hiking the

ASSESSMENTS The two sides gave widely differing as- sessments of the level of disruption. Continued on page 4

Thames Town HOW WOULD you like to live in this idealic piece of Britain? The
Thames Town
HOW WOULD you like to live in this idealic piece
of Britain? The problem is
it’s not in Britain.
Thames Town built in 2006 was an ambitious
scheme to relieve population pressure in Shanghai
yes, as in Shanghai China.
Thames Town comes with its own church, fish’n’chip
shop and pub, The RockPoint Inn, which was mod-
elled after the original establishment in Lyme Regis,
Cobbled streets, Tudor and Edwardian style town-
houses and the village clock tower all add to the illusion
that you’re actually in an English town.
Unfortunately since its opening five years ago, it has
become something of a ghost town, with houses priced
out of the market for many, leaving empty streets and
shops unrented. Nowadays it has become a popular
backdrop for wedding photographers to bring their
clients. One online blogger likened Thames Town to
film sets from The Truman Show.
Photo: Wikipedia
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WilliamAnd Kate Touring Canada, Then South To Los Angeles

THE NINE-DAY tour of Canada for Prince William and his new bride Kate began June 30 (UJ Press day). The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s nine-day tour will span seven cities and five provinces. The visit will include stops in PEI, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Quebec and the National Capital Region, where the couple will celebrate Canada Day. The couple are scheduled to arrive in Ottawa on June 30. They are expected to at- tend all the events together with no separate programs. More than 1,300 members of the inter- national media will be along on the tour, compared with 848 last year during the Queen’s visit to Canada. Highlights of their itinerary include:

•June 30 – Their first official function in Ottawa is laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial. They will then head to Rideau Hall where they will be greeted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Governor General Continued on page 4

Great Grandmother Banned For Pitch Invasion

LEEDS United fans started a campaign to have a ban lifted on a great grandmother who took part in a pitch invastion during the last game of the team’s season. Margaret Musgrove, 63, was given an automatic ban for going on the grass dur- ing the game. Musgrove said the club was her life and she was devastated by the ban. Hundreds of people have joined a Facebook group to get the ban lifted. The club said it was policy to suspend people for such actions. Musgrove had already renewed her season ticket for next season but has had that seized along with the ban for running on the Elland Road pitch at the end of the 1-0 win against Burnley April 30. Musgrove said: “I just ran on to the pitch and waved my hands and said ‘I love you boys’” She said she was sorry for her actions but “just got carried away with the atmo- sphere”. The Facebook group “Give Mags Mus- grove Her Season Ticket Back Mr Bates” appeals to club owner Ken Bates – who

Back Mr Bates” appeals to club owner Ken Bates – who Great Grandma Margaret being escorted

Great Grandma Margaret being escorted from the field. in the 1980s famously wanted to install electric fences to keep fans off the pitch when he was chairman of Chelsea – to be more lenient to Musgrove. Marie Blankley, who set up the group, which has more than 800 members, said:

“Yes she’s done wrong. A 12-month ban is too harsh, a three-month ban, yes she’d take it. “Mags is not a hooligan. She loves Leeds United with a passion.”

Arise Sir Brucie ‘Didn’t He Do Well?’

BRUCE FORSYTH finally received his knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list last month. The 83-year-old For- syth’scareer datesback to the Second World war and currently he is the host of the UKs Strictly Come Dancing. “I’m over the moon,” he said. “It has really hit me how Strictly Come Dancing. “I’m over the moon,” he said. “It has really hit me how big the honour is. It makes me feel as though my life has been worthwhile.”

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July 2011

in the past month

No ‘Just Dessert’ In Sticky Claim Against School

IT WAS hot, yellow and very tasty, but when a

expected to heal in five-six months, while the Mother goose has successfully raised her

brood of six unscathed.


reputedly scared of nothing and no-one and Jacques Cousteau once called it, “the most

dangerous of sharks.” Harbourmaster Steve Bassett said,

water shark had turned up in the cold waters

Then remove the bag and add the milk and leave for six minutes until it reaches optimal temperature of 60c.

Ian Brown, senior lecturer at the University

Rural Britain Feeling Pinch Of


“People are speculating and starting to


Northumbria, said it was the complex taste

Poor Economy And Taxes

panic,” but could not explain how a warm


and nutrition expert, said: “When enjoying

tea that made it so popular. Brown, a food

AREPORT fromthe National Housing Federa-



the Cornwall coast. The British coastline is

collision took place in a Yorkshire school that resulted in one pupil spilling custard over the hand of another, litigation occurred. The des- sert brought a lawsuit against the Rotherham Borough Council, where negligence was chargedafter a pupil’s wrist was scolded. The council paid £5,750 for the injured student. A Freedom of Information request that was adhered to by Rotherham council revealed other financial compensations paidout during miscellaneous school situations. One boy got £11,492, after a shelf fell from the wall and

landed on his head, while a girl who slipped

on a section of anti-slip matting was awarded

£1,003. A boy in a team building exercise class was thrown in the air and allowed to fall

to the ground without being caught,received

£15,000, while a girl who was injured during

a game of Frisbee got £879. Yet, cricket

enthusiast, 11-year-old Andrew Saunders who inadvertently got locked in the school

after sport practice and lost a finger climbing over the railing to exit the property received only £250.

tion, authored by the leaders of the British Beer



cup of tea, our palette requires a balance


home to 30 different species of sharks, some

between bitterness and sweetness.”

and Pub Association, casts a dismal expecta- tion for Britain’s rural communities. 893 pubs

animal back to life. A toilet roll tube and an

ice cream container provided the nest for the

severely traumatised bat. A call to the Purina

of them just seasonal visitors.

‘Emergency’ GPS Signal

To Coastguard Came

From … A Volvo At Sea

The research, commissioned by Craven-

dale Milk, also found that in Britain we drink


staggering 165 million cups of tea per day,

closed their doors last year, citing taxes and the recession that has had a distinctive effect

of country living. 400 village shops closed in

2008, and rural schools are closing at the rate

of one a month, while local post offices that

company in Cambridgeshire, revealed the bag

was sealed five months ago and the bat must

have got trapped inside at that time. They later

handed the bat over to the Hessilhead animal


60.2bn a year.

Twitter ‘Recognition’ For

were once a traditional part of the community

rescue centre in Beith, for better professional

Laurel-Ann Hardie


THE HOLYHEAD Coastguard launched a lifeboat from Moelfre in Anglesey, last month, after police informed them of an emergency

CANADIAN woman Laurel-Ann Hardie is

Many people suspected the name was

fake when it first surfaced online, but it has

working at the school of contemporary media

have become increasingly rare. The NHF says affordable housing could save the smaller

communities, but wealthier homeownersfrom

the big cities have pushed rural real estate to

new highs, and with no new housing being

considered in the villages, things do not look

care. They hope to release it back in the wild very soon.

“We at the centre can’t get our heads round

how it managed to survive for five months in

a sealed foil bag,” said Andy Christie. “I’ve

never seen anything like this.

signal four miles out at sea. But after a three hour search in the dark and finding nothing,

they returned to base. Logistic experts took

another look at the emergency signal they

today, better known than she was earlier last month following the revelation of her name on Twitter.

likely to change.

Britain’s Oldest Cat Passes One Day After 30th Birthday

had received, and discovered it was from a new GPS device fitted on BMWs and Volvos. Further investigation revealed that a BMWcar alarm went off on a vehicle traveling on the

found nothing. The launching was logged as

since emerged it is the real name of a Cana- dian academic, reported Metro. Professor Laurel-Ann Hardie, a lecturer

Wall Of Shoes Find Baffles Experts At 300-Year-Old Cottage

Dublin to Liverpool ferry, and somehow, it was picked up by the local coastguard. Dave Massey of the Moelfre lifeboat said they were in the exact spot off the Welsh coast, 25 minutes after receiving the call but

at Fanshawe College in Ontario, adopted the

name when she married her husband, James Hardie, giving up her maiden name Hasen. On learning her name had created so much interest on Twitter, she said: “I am


false alarm with good intentions.

used to it. My husband and I worked together

BRITAIN’S OLDEST cat died last month, just

one day after the family had put on a big 30 th

birthday celebration for their favourite black

and white feline who goes by the name of

Mischief. Chris Thorne, 54, of Launceston, Cornwall, was heartbroken. In Cat years he was 136-years-old. The world’s longest living cat was reputedly a moggie named

Crème Puff from Austin, Texas, who lived


38 years.

‘Shower’ Of A Council Leave

Woman Without Hot Water

before we were married and people used to say if you were married you would be Laurel-

Ann Hardie, almost the same as the UK-US

comedy pair Laurel and Hardy. “It just seemed like fate. I am a Laurel and

Hardy fan. I was given lots of posters of them


wedding presents.”

The Custard award did get under the skin

RENOVATION of a 300-year-old cottage in the

of Nick Smeaton of the Campaign for Real

Education however, who bitterly complained,

“It is scandalous that thousands of pounds of

taxpayer’s money are spent on these, often frivolous claims, when the money should be

Snowdonia National Park at Geli Lago, has

revealed a mystery under the old fireplace.

Contractors working to strengthen the weak

walls and chimney came across one hundred single shoes. The cottage has been derelict

collapsed some years ago, the National Trust

spent on schools.”

for over 50 years and when the roof finally

Pizza Customer Sees ‘Red’

decided that it was worth preserving as part

Over Ginger Notation On Order


the local heritage. Little is known about


“We’ve had him since a kitten in 1981,”

For Three Months

the families who originally lived there, and

said a distraught Chris Thorne. “He was with

the Trust has reached out to locals in the


for so long.”

area seeking information. Apparently, buried shoes are not an uncommon occurrence in British archeology, and concealed footwear has been found in over 1,000 historical sites


Leicester City Centre ‘Taken Over’ By Zombies

across the nation. For now, no-one is quite

LEICESTER’S city centre was invaded

sure why shoes are buried and its further im-

part of his stock. The footwear is thought to

by Zombies last month when nearly 200

plications. One theory forwarded for the Gelli

people in make-up and torn clothing staged

Iago cottage, is that a former inhabitant may have been a cobbler and these shoes were



from the Victorian era.

WHEN Olive Maddock, 95, died in Wirral,

Merseyside, her daughter andgrand-daughter


her in the bedroom where she had passed

and attempted to collect her government benefits. The two were only able to draw a

£176.92p pension check and pension credit


£34.44p, before a neighbour complained


police about the strange smell emanating

fromthehouse. Policefoundthedeadwoman

while a spokesman for Age Scotland bitterly

complained, “It beggars belief that in three

months the council has proved unable to sort

out her water supply.”


However, the message finally appears to


getting out.


‘mass shamble’ for half a mile through

the streets.


The protest followed a request, made

under the Freedom of Information Act, asking

the council what preparations had been made for a zombie invasion.


The groaning mob pressed their blood-

stained faces against the windows of Leices-


City Council’s offices to make their point.

RED HEADED Ross Waijgtknecht from

but did not think he’d get similar comments

pie for takeout, and spelt out his name cor-

EIGHTY-FOUR-year-old Nessie Rennie of Ab-

Peasedown, near Bath, hears all the jokes about his hair colour from his schoolmates,

while ordering a pizza. The 11-year-old pizza lover ordered a special Texas BBQ flavoured

Relatives Leave Woman Dead While They Claim Pension

erdeen, has been living without hot water for over three months, even though the council has sent out fourteen workmen at different times to fix her boiler. The plumber said she

needed an electrician, and the electrician said she needed a plumber, while one workman

recommended she leave a tap running in the


kitchen while taking her shower to siphon


the cold water. Rennie is at her wits end,

rectly for the Domino Pizza staff. But when the order was completed the staff had wrote

“Ginger Kid,” on the receipt and the schoolboy was not happy. Ross’ father Andrew, was not happy either, and demanded a complete apology from Domino’s corporate office. “You would not

describe someone by the colour of their skin


by calling them fat, so why is it okay to call

taker and not cause offence. The youngsters


come in and order using the same names

that sometimes causes confusion explained


apologetic pizza man.

Radzikowski sent a ransom letter demanding

What Was Good For Farmer Was Not Good For The Goose

£500for asaferelease. Thepolicewerecalled and a passerby later found the half frozen pet, whimpering and shivering near a local pool. The man denied the charges, but the family who had rented him a room told police they


‘Dognapper’ Holds Banker-

collapsed behind the bedroom door, while a

forensic examination discovered insects on


Neighbour’s Pet For Ransom

Ross ‘ginger,’” said the irate father.

Pat Bennet, manager of the Pizzeria, that caters for a nearby skate park, said they had

apologized and offered a free pizza, and that

AMANwhokidnappedaYorkshireterrier from

a bank worker who failed to get him a loan was

jailed for two years at Bristol Crown Court. Gabriel Radzikowski, 29, of Bath, thought that

the corpse, though concluded she probably

died of natural causes.

Olive Hazel Maddock and grand-daughter

“We apologize for the inconvenience,”

said a council spokesman. “We will send

maintenance staff to the property again to investigate.”

The council later admitted it was unprepared

for the incident. And the ‘concerned citizen’ even received


name on the receipt was to assist the order


Jasmine Maddock, 35, pleaded guilty at Liv-

former neighbour Sara Lilly, director of the

local Lloyds TSB could easily arrange credit for him. When she could not, her 15-year- old Yorkie, Bilbo Baggins went missing and

erpool Crown Court, to unlawful prevention of burial and benefits fraud. Judge Gerald Clifton granted them bail, but will sentence the pair this month.

Perfect Cup Of Tea Now Down To A Science

Shark Bumping Attack Puts Cornish Fishermen On Alert

FISHERMEN off the coast of Cornwall, were

RESEARCHERS at the University of Northum- bria say they have calculated the formula for the perfect cup of tea. Apparently the most vital ingredient is patience. The scientists said the key to

the best tasting brew was to let it sit for

six minutes before drinking. Not only does


avoid scolding but by then it has cooled


60c, the optimum temperature to let the

flavours flood out.


reply in which the council conceded it was

ill-prepared, and staff confirmed it had been

taken in good humour. Lynn Wyeth, the council’s head of infor-

mation governance, said: “We’ve had a few

wacky ones before but this one did make



As the earlier story spread across Twitter

and other social networking sites, it prompted

James Dixon to organise the zombie march

ESCAPING THE rambunctious and predatory


cautioned when a man fishing for mackerel


reactions of a Canadian goose, a man on


lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree. Jan

quad bike from Cowfold near Horsham,

had seen him with the Yorkie. He was given

one year for imprisonment and blackmail and another year for intimidation.


the sea after a large fish collided with his

boat. The 60-year-old veteran reported the

collision to the harbour master, identifying it

mile from St Ives, was nearly toppled into



gathering for friends” but eventually attracted

more widespread interest after going viral

Facebook. He said it started as a “small

Pieniazek broke his leg, and when emergency services arrived his tibia bone was protruding

Durable Bat Found In Dog Food

DOG LOVER, Doreen Harben, 52, from the


an oceanic white tip shark after he recog-

But leave it until after 17 minutes and 30

with hundreds gathered for the march.

through the skin. He had been picking up grain

from a nearby farm, when he apparently upset


mother goose with a plethora of goslings.

Sealed Five Months Previous

nized the mottled white tipped dorsal fin. Two

other boats in the vicinity also reported being

circled by the mysterious intruder before it

seconds and the tea will be past its best, reported the Daily Telegraph. The team at the university’s School of Life

He said: “We went for a shamble. We shambled from the clock to the city council offices – about half a mile through the city

guards at the building. We didn’t try to get

inside – just pressed ourselves up against



jumped on his bike to outrun the enraged

Isle of Skye, had the shock of her life when

swam off too. The Oceanic White Tip is not

Sciences spent 180 hours of testing and a


bird, but she kept after him, before landing on

his head that momentarily blinded him from


approaching tree.

she opened a bag of dried dog food and found

a small bat inside. The small creature was

barely alive, but doting Doreen who has no

the biggest shark in the sea, and only grows


dorsal fins make the ingredient for Shark’s

around 13ft and about 270lbs. Its large

panel of volunteers consumed 285 cups of

tea in the laboratory. They concluded that the

best method was to add boiling water to a tea

“There were just a couple of security

Pieniazek is convalescing at home and is

fear of bats nursed the chronically dehydrated

fin soup. It’s a deep sea predator who is

bag in a mug and leave for two minutes.

the glass like zombies do.”

fin soup. It’s a deep sea predator who is bag in a mug and leave for
fin soup. It’s a deep sea predator who is bag in a mug and leave for

July 2011


Page 3

which I gather that he liked it. The bus uses lightweight materials and is Photographer
which I gather that he liked it.
The bus uses lightweight materials and is
Photographer Wounded
40 per cent more efficient than conventional
buses, as well as being much quieter. It will
In Belfast Rioting
carry 87 people – 62 sitting and 25 standing
– almost half the number of a bendy bus.
Like the original Routemaster, I will have a
POLICE in Northern Ireland
blamed an outlawed Protes-
hop-on, hop-off door and for 12 hours a day.
tant paramilitary group for
conductor. The hop-on door will operate
only when the conductor is on board
starting two nights of rioting
that saw hundreds of masked
Development of the bus was a key pledge
youths hurl bricks, bottles
Johnson’s election campaign. Former
Our Illiterate Society
mayor Ken Livingstone withdrew the original
Routemasters in 2005 because they were in-
accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs.
Armed police will begin routine patrols on
trains and London’s Underground to counter
the rising threat of a terrorist attack on the
transport system.
The first are expected this year, with
regular operations beginning in time for the
2012 Olympics.
The move, agreed with the Home Secre-
tary, comes amid growing fears of a Mumbai-
style terror raid on railway and Tube stations.
The decision means that British Transport
Police will have its own unit of armed of-
ficers, and need no longer rely on asking the
and gasoline bombs and left
three people with gunshot
wounds last month.
A photographer was shot
the leg during the unrest
THE EVENINGStandard newspaper has discovered that many British children can
neither read nor write. So they have launched a campaign calling for volunteers
to teach children to do just that.
the Short Strand, a small
But isn’t that what teachers are supposed to do? So what are the teachers doing while
their pupils are being taught by volunteers? And are the volunteers sufficiently qualified to
Catholic community in a
predominantly Protestant
area of east Belfast.
The Press Association
Rioters use fire bombs on Northern Ireland
police officers in East Belfast last month.
And what have children been learning
during all their years at school? One mother
told me: “They mostly play games on their
computers. I don’t know what else they
do.” But surely even that demands a certain
amount of literate skill: reading the buttons
for ON or OFF and pressing ENTER.
family” – asked, in 1967, if he would like to
visit the Soviet Union.
The BBC is selling its Television Centre at
Shepherds Bush as part of its cost-cutting
drive following the licence fee freeze. The
doughnut-shaped building which opened in
agency said its photographer
was in stable condition at Royal Victoria
Hospital. The agency did not release his
name. Other journalists on the scene said
he said.
Sectarian tensions typically flare in the
build-up to July 12, a divisive holiday
when tens of thousands of Protestants
youthful gunman had shot at photogra-
fromthe Orange Order brotherhood march
phers covering the violence.
Police said about 400 people were
involved, from both sides of the sectarian
The fact is that our educational system is
1960, is expected to fetch up to £300m.
Metropolitan police for support.
disgrace. When these children leave school
The 14-acres site in Wood Lane is home to
The new unit will be based at key rail
they will be unable to fill in a job application
about 5,000 employees, but will be empty by
stations in London but also deployed for oc-
form, or to write their name and address,
2015 after staff move to other sites including
casional patrols on the Underground.
divide, but that Irish Republican Army dis-
sidents were responsible for the gunfire.
Masked and hooded youths threw
bricks, bottles, fireworks and other mis-
siles at each other, and at armored police
drive a car (how will they read the road
Broadcasting House and the new MediaCity
vehicles. Police fired more than 60 plastic
signs?) or travel (reading the names of Un-
derground stations or organising air travel).
Opportunities in theatre or journalism
would be closed to them – and even the
humble shopkeeper would be unable to tot up
the bill. So of what use will they be to Prime
Minister David Cameron’s ”Big Society”? All
Salford, Lancashire.
After 15 years of being surrounded by
bullets at the marauding youths.
well remember meeting Dr Who (Tom
Baker) at the TV Centre when he was appear-
ing in another Dr Who episode and I was in
that they will be fit for is, probably, sweeping
the streets.
the next studio appearing in I Claudius. At the
time I was seventh in line to be Dr Who, but
Tom Baker won the part.
scaffolding, tourists and City workers had
their first “clean” sight of St Paul’s Cathedral
since before the Millennium last month.
Workers put the finishing touches to the
£40m makeover of Sir Christopher Wren’s
masterpiece The white Portland stone is
now free of soot and pollution after more
PoliceAssistant ChiefConstableAlistair
across Northern Ireland. Last summer,
more than 80 police officers were wounded
during four nights of riots in Catholic
districts of Belfast.
This year’s violence is among the most
intense in years, but confined to a small and
historically tense area of Belfast.
Northern Ireland’s Protestant First
Minister, Peter Robinson, and his Catholic
deputy, Martin McGuinness, condemned
the violence.
Finlay blamed the Ulster Volunteer Force,
“A small minority of individuals are
group that declared a cease fire in 2009
clearly determined to destabilize our
and said it had disarmed.
“Their hands are upon this, whether by
direction, by omission or commission,”
communities,” McGuinness said. “They
will not be allowed to drag us back to
the past.”
So what happened to the end of the World?
than 150,000 blocks were cleaned on the
Juror Jailed For Facebook Chat With Defendant
should have ended on May 21, according
outside alone.
Kate Middleton’s wedding dress will go
on display for 10 weeks this summer at
to Christian evangelist Harold Camping, but
A JUDGE has sentenced a juror to eight months in jail for contacting a defendant
Removal of the last exterior scaffolding
woke up on May 22 to find that I was still
in existence – and so was the rest of the
on Facebook during a trial.
coincides with the 300 th anniversary of St
Buckingham Palace – but visitors will have
Forty-year-old Joanne Fraill admitted contempt of court for chatting with
Paul’s being declared built.
pay £17.50 to see it.
The garment, by Sarah Burton, creative
defendant Jamie Seward on the social networking site.
What has been the first comprehensive
It just goes to show that one just can’t rely
director at Alexander McQueen, will be the
star exhibit during the annual opening of the
palace state rooms. Visitors can also see
William and Kate’s wedding cake.
The Royal Collection expects more than
half a million paying visitors, breaking the
on these planets to live up to their expecta-
tions. Perhaps the Time Lord Dr Who had
something to do with it, but he’s probably in
another century by now. I haven’t noticed any
restoration of the cathedral began in the
summer of 1996.
The Rt Rev Graeme Knowles, Dean of St
Justice Igor Judge said last month that her conduct was “directly contrary to
her oath as a juror.”
Fraill is the first juror in Britain to be convicted of using the Internet during a
trial. She burst into tears when the sentence was pronounced
Paul’s, said: “We’re thrilled that in the year
Her lawyer said she was remorseful and had not meant to subvert the trial.
celebrate the anniversary we can mark the
Daleks roaming the streets so far, so perhaps
Seward was given a two-month suspended sentence at London’s High Court.
completion of this extraordinary project. The
was just a simple miscalculation.
two million who come here each year can
record of 420,000 set in 1994; but the Maid
Well, you know what these women scien-
witness Wren’s original vision.”
Nancy’s Not Your Typical Sheepdog
of Honour’s dress, which was designed by
St Paul’s Cathedral Foundation raised the
Burton and belongs to Kate’s sister Pippa,
will not be on display.
Neither will the clothes worn by the four
bridesmaids and two pageboys. A Royal
Collection spokesman said: “The aim is to
tists are like – and Miss Calculation is obvi-
ously no exception! So after a grand rethink,
Camping has come up with another date
for the apocalypse – October 21. If nothing
happens then, I suggest that Camping gives
up trying to predict world endings and try
weather forecasting instead – at least every-
body expects those to be just as unreliable. so
they won’t be such a disappointment.
Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled a pro-
totype of the new Routemaster bus, which is
expected to be on the road by next March. It
will replace the current “bendy” bus, which
should be off the road by Christmas. So what
will happen between Christmas and March is
anybody’s guess.
Each bus will cost £30,000. The Mayor
tested the new bus and gave his verdict:
money for the restoration.
THIS ONCE mangy Chihuahua was
brought into a London animal home two
years ago with a skin disease so severe
The video released by the Battersea
Dogs & Cats Home is an attempt to “prove
that rescue dogs really can do anything,”
Drinks prices have soared by 10 per cent
that she had to be hand-reared by a shelter
owner Ali Taylor said in a statement last
in bars and shops because of tax rises and
focus on the British craftsmanship of the
duchess’s wedding ensemble, rather than
create a wedding tableau.”
The dress, on show from July 23 to Oc-
tober 3 in the ballroom, is made from ivory
and white satin. The skirt’s shape resembles
an opening flower.
Britain’s royal family has turned out for
the annual Order of the Garter service at
Windsor Castle.
The Queen was joined by her husband,
Prince Philip, the newly-married Duke and
Duchess of Cambridge and a host of other
royals for the Garter Day ceremony.
Garter Day is a symbolic occasion when
holders of the honor, chosen because they
have held public office, contributed to national
fewer supermarket deals, it was revealed
last month.
Inflation figures show that the cost of
alcoholic beverages and tobacco was 9.8 per
cent higher last month than a year ago – the
biggest jump since detailed records were first
collected in 1997.
Experts say that the rise was almost
entirely due to the rocketing cost of drink. It
comes at the same time as an unprecedented
squeeze on families as shop prices, taxes
and frozen pay are all contributing to reduced
household income.
Now the 2-1/2 pound rescue dog has
been filmed bounding after sheep several
times her size, chasing themaround a small
enclosure in southern England.
Taylor said she trained Nancy follow-
ing several trips to various farms, but
cautioned against others deploying their
dogs for sheep herding duties.
Makes A Great Gift
Any Time
“This is the smoothest ride. It is the most
sophisticated piece of machinery I have ever
seen. This is a marvel of technology.” – from
I slept like a log last night – woke up in
the fireplace.
a $35 present
right here!
life or served the sovereign personally, meet
celebrate the most senior British order
Scottish Treasures Celtic Corner
The Duchess of Cambridge, grinned
broadly as she watched her husband, Prince
William, take part in a procession ahead of
the service – causing him to blush.
Prince Philip reached his 90 th birthday
on June 10, and told BBC interviewer Fiona
Bruce: “I‘ve done my bit I want to take it easier
from now on”
The prince, well known as an expert in
dontopedology (the art of opening one’s
mouth and putting one’s foot in it), had 90
gaffes listed against his name. Most famous
ones were:
Kilt Rentals
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“If you stay here much longer you’ll go
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while on a visit to China.
“I would like to go to Russia very much-
although the bastards murdered half my
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July 2011

WilliamAnd Kate Touring Canada, Then South To Los Angeles

Continued from page 1 and receive full military honours including a 21-gun salute. There will be a youth barbecue and reception in the garden of Government House. •July 1 – They will attend a citizenship ceremony at the Museum of Civilization and then it’s off to Parliament Hill for Canada Day celebrations, whereWilliamwill brieflyaddress the crowd. •July 2 – After a tree planting at Rideau Hall and a reception for war veterans and war brides, the couple depart for Montreal. There, they will visit Saint-Justine Hospital, a facil- ity for young cancer patients, and go to the Institut de tourism et d’hotelerie where they will participate in a class of chefs in training. The students will then serve them a private dinner. Amid a fireworks competition in the harbour, the couple board HMCS Montreal for the overnight journey to Quebec City. •July 3 – The couple will meet the Royal 22nd Regiment, the Van Doos, who have just returned from Afghanistan. Expect an inspec-

tion of the guard and a walkabout. They then head to the Citadel and after some down time depart for Levi Fort to participate in a fair. They depart by plane to Charlottetown where they will stay at Government House. •July 4 – In the morning, they will tour Province House, and be greeted by the Fathers

event, young people from different ridings

will come to the legislature and try to solve

problem of their choosing and report their

results to William. The couple then travel by sea plane to Blatchford Lodge to meet with Canadian Rangers. After walking to Dechinta Centre, which tries to recapture the aboriginal language and culture for young people, they

return to Yellowknife and retire for the night. •July 6 – The couple depart for Calgary and have the day to themselves in a private location. •July 7 – After visiting Foothills Hospital, they head to the BMO Centre for a reception hosted by Harper and his wife. There will



Harper. •July 8 – The couple will attend the launch

the Calgary Stampede parade and watch

part of the parade. Then they visit ENMAX Conservatory at the Calgary Zoo. Their final stop is Challenger Rotary Park where William will do an inspection of the guard with full military honours. Los Angeles, California •July 8 – After an 11-day tour of Canada,

the royal couple will arrive in California, where their activities will focus on “supporting British interest in California through the prism of their own interests.” On Friday night, the couple will be special guests at the Consular-General Reception held by the United Kingdom Trade andInvestment, agovernment department that oversees British business interests outside


afternoon, with Prince William slated to play

a charity polo match at the Santa Barbara

Polo Club. All proceeds will go to the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and

Prince Harry. Following the polo match, there will be a reception involving a luncheon and an awards ceremony. That evening, William and

Kate will be attending a dinner hosted by the Brit-

Academy of Film and Television Arts at the

legendary 1926 Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. The event is meant to celebrate “up and coming British talent” in the arts. •July 10 – On Sunday, the couple will visit the Inner-City Arts School, an organization that brings education and training to some of the poorest neighborhoods in LA. After that, William and Kate will visit Culver City’s Sony Studios, where they’ll attend the Service Na- tion: Mission Serve job fair for veterans.



England. •July 9 – Things pick up on Saturday


a gift presentation from the government Canada to the couple and a speech by


Royal Marines


Study: UK Failing To

On Standby Near Yemeni Coast

Address Corruption

ROYAL MARINES have been de- ployed off the Yemeni coast to help evacuate British nationals if neces- sary, the BBC reported last month. Britain’s Ministry of Defense said the military has assets in the Gulf region and are ready to help, but refused to offer any details.

“Due to the recent deterioration of

By Cassandra Vinograd CORRUPTION is a much larger problem in Britain than acknowledged and key institutions are refusing to confront the problem, a global watchdog warned. Transparency International UK called the findings of its two-year study into corruption in the UK a “corruption

health-check” for the country – with a

sports and Parliament are a “major issue of concern.” CONFESSED

Transparency International confessed

it was difcult to measure the prevalence of corruption in the UK because ofcial data and statistics often categorize of- fenses under more general headings, such as fraud.

the political situation in Yemen, the

diagnosis of “growing threat, inadequate


addition, the group noted that there

(Foreign Ofce) and (the Ministry of Defense) have made contingency

plans for an evacuation of remaining

British nationals and entitled person- nel, should it become necessary,” the military said in a statement. “As part of that contingency, UK military as- sets and personnel in the Gulf region are on standby to assist.” The Foreign Ofce could not im- mediately say how many Britons live in Yemen. The United States and Saudi Arabia have scrambled to arrange a power transfer to end President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rule.

response.” The group said its research found that

corruption is ourishing in some parts of

the UK and there is “disturbing evidence” of denial in policy responses to the issue. “There is complacency and a lack of knowledge of the extent of corruption in key sectors and institutions,” according to the study, which examined 23 sectors. “For every institution or agency that recognizes the problem of corruption and makes an effective effort to tackle it, there is another, facing the same degree of corruption risk, that ignores it. The report noted that some sectors should be commended for tackling cor- ruption, but that political parties, prisons,

are at least 12 different agencies or govern-

ment departments with partial responsibil- ity for anti-corruption activities, plus more than 40 police forces – leading to patchy and uncoordinated responses. “The policy response is incoherent and uncoordinated,” the report said. “This inadequate response has in certain areas created a culture of impunity.” For those reasons, corruption often goes unrecognized or unreported – which Transparency International said makes its research preliminary. The group said its ndings could just be “the tip of an iceberg” and called for more research into corruption and a coherent approach to tackling the issue.

The Yemeni leader is in Saudi Ara- bia after being wounded in a rocket


attack, and authorities worry that

Fresh Government

Anti-Extremism Tactics

his return will spark new, intensi- ed ghting between his forces and

opposition tribesmen determined to

topple him.

Public Sector

By Cassandra Vinograd BRITAIN’S government is expected to outline a revised strategy to tackle home- grown terrorism, saying that tens of mil-

tackling Islamic extremismand radicaliza- tion on campus. She told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper Monday that universities have not been taking the issue of radicalization seriously and are unwilling to recognize that extremists can form groups on campus “without anyone knowing.” While a government unit to lter out potentially illegal Internet content was created last year, the report is expected to stress that universities will be closely watched and outline plans to prevent computers in schools, libraries and col- leges from accessing unlawful material on the Internet.

Strikers Protest

Continued from page 1

lions of pounds spent on anti-extremism

Schoolswerethehardest hit. Thegovern-

projects have failed to steer young Mus- lims away from violence. The government is expected to say that costly and controversial initiatives did not produce security benets for Britain – and could even have helped fund groups that promote hardline beliefs. The revised approach will focus on identifying extremist threats in prisons, universities and the health service, a new tack for policy that initially focused on supporting mainstream Muslim groups as alternatives to extremism. The fresh strategy, outlined in an as-yet- unreleased review of the anti-extremism project, also is expected to include pro- posals to limit the scope of the Internet in fostering radicalization – though it was unclear how far new rules could go. The anti-extremism initiative, dubbed Prevent, was launched following the July 7, 2005 terrorist attacks on London’s transport networks. It was aimed at pro- viding alternatives to militant Islamism by supporting mainstream groups through lecture tours by moderate clerics and by funding for outreach work by reformed

extremists. CONTENTIOUS The contentious plan drew criticism from all sides – some Muslims said it involved spying on young people, while taxpayer groups questioned the merit of funding adventure holidays, rap lessons or team-building exercises. Home Secretary Theresa May in No- vember said the project was not working as well as it could be, and launched a review of the program so the government could take a fresh look at how it was combatting extremism. Last month, she pre-empted the ndings by accusing universities of complacency in

ment said 11,000 schools were closed or partially closed, more than half the total of 21,000 in England and Wales. The Metropolitan Police said almost all of its civilian staff who answer emergency and non-emergency calls had walked out. The force drafted in police ofcers to ll

the gap.

The government said job centers, courts

and government call centers were all op-

erating as normal, and “less than half” of civil servants in the striking unions had stayed away. But Mark Serwotka, head of the civil service PCS union, said 85 percent of his members were out on strike – including some members of Cameron’s 10 Down- ing Street.


Libya Gets Tickets To London Olympics

ORGANIZERS for the London Olympics

say Libya has been given hundreds of tickets to the games.


spokeswoman for London 2012 says

Assange Says House Arrest Hampering Wikileaks Work

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange says his house arrest over sex allegations is hampering the work of the secret-spilling site, and his supporters accuse Britain of spying on him. The 39-year-old Australian has spent six months at a supporter’s rural estate as he ghts extradition to Sweden, where he is accused of the rape and sexual assault of two women. Supporters have released a video claim- ing police had set up surveillance cameras near the house to record license plates of visiting cars. Assange’s bail conditions require him to wear an electronic tag and report to police daily. Assange told the Associated Press last month that he had become “a xed target” for snoopers.

the tickets went to Libya’s Olympic Com- mittee – “not an individual” – for distribu- tion to sports organizations and athletes. She was responding to a report last month in the Daily Telegraph claiming Moammar Gadha’s son, who heads the country’s Olympic committee, received hundreds of tickets to the games. Key members of Gadha’s regime are under travel bans and there is no indication the Libyan leader or his son plan to – or could – attend the Olympics. The London Olympic organizing com- mittee is obliged to give tickets to any of the International Olympic Committee member states who request them.

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Confederation on the steps. There will be a

welcome by Premier Robert Ghiz and then a walkabout on George Street. Then they will

head to Dalvay by the Sea. After a brief rest, they attend an outdoor reception complete with BBQ, dragon boat race and music. They will be greeted by Anne of Green Gables and do a walkabout. They depart for Summerside

helicopter where they will see a search and

rescue demonstration and attend a reception for fishermen rescued by such teams. They leave for Yellowknife. •July 5 – At Somba Ke Civic Plaza, the couple will be welcomed by the premier and aboriginal leaders in a ceremony that includes prayer and drum songs. They will do walkabout with aboriginal athletic events. At Territorial Legislature for Youth Parliament





Government ‘Shocked’ By TV Expose Of Care Home Abuse

GOVERNMENT leaders last month or- dered a review of the care of vulnerable people after a TV documentary showed staff physically and verbally abusing resi- dents of a home for adults with learning difculties. The BBC’s Panorama program lmed staff at the Winterbourne View private hos- pital in Bristol, southwest England, appear- ing to punch, slap and taunt residents.

England, appear- ing to punch, slap and taunt residents. Police said four people had been ar-

Police said four people had been ar- rested and the care home’s owner said 13 staff members had been suspended. Care services minister Paul Burstow said the abuse was “shocking.” He or- dered spot checks on similar facilities and promised to strengthen safeguards against abuse. “There can be no place for such inhu- manity in care services,” Burstow said. Care home operator Castlebeck said it was distressed by the allegations and was cooperating with police and other authorities. “I was shocked, disgusted and ashamed by what I saw on Panorama,” said chief executive Lee Reed. Castlebeck is a private company paid by the government look after adults with autism, learning difculties and mental health problems. He said auditor PricewaterhouseCoo- pers had been hired to conduct an inde- pendent review of the company, which runs 56 facilities caring for 580 people across Britain.

hired to conduct an inde- pendent review of the company, which runs 56 facilities caring for

July 2011


Page 5

July 2011 ujnews.com Page 5 Sunday Brunch, A Drama Unwinds SEVERAL WEEKENDS ago while enjoying a

Sunday Brunch, A Drama Unwinds

SEVERAL WEEKENDS ago while enjoying a particularly festive brunch I was approached by an attractive, enthusiastic, mimosa- drinking Brit named Julie. She wanted some clarification about the Visa Waiver Program that she was traveling on. The Visa Waiver

travel for up to 90 days to the US without ob-

taining a visa. Rather than detailing the rules


the Visa Waiver Program, my conversation

while in the US. I do agree however that these strawberries are really sweet. Jules: Hypothetically, let’s just say that my visa waiver happened to expire five months ago. An issue you think? Ron: Yes, in your fictional scenario that

Program (VWP) of course is the US policy

could pose a series of issues for you. First,

that allows for nationals from 36 participating


person who stays beyond the expiration

visa waiver countries, including the UK, to

date of their VWP has violated the terms of their VWP status and is out-of-status, but

more importantly begins accruing unlawful

presence in the US.

Jules: So you definitely think you’ll come

with Julie is not entirely unlike many discus- sions that I’ve had before with VWP travelers,

Julie: Hello, I’m Julie. Don’t you just love


the party?

and so instead I’ll simply share:


Ron: Absolutely. But, Jules pay attention:

you accrue 180 days of unlawful presence



the US, you will be barred from re-entering

Ron: Yes. I do love mimosas. Very much so. Julie: [whispered] So, you’re Ron Rehling, the immigration lawyer right? Ron: [whispered] That’s right Julie.

the US for three years once you do leave. If you accrue one full year, you will be barred from re-entering the US for 10 years. So you really need to avoid the 180 days period to avoid the automatic bar.


Julie: Ahh, that’s fun for you. Call me

Jules: So, I’m cool up to the 180 days

Ron: No. Not cool at all. It’s possible that

Jules. I truly hate to bother you but I just have


question for you, and pretty much know


the answer already. So I am on holiday from London, on the Visa Waiver, and it expires next week. So, do I really have to leave? I understand it’s more like a guideline sorts. Ron: Jules, you definitely should leave

time, and there’s this party that is really im-

portant for me to attend so I’d like to request

you could be detained and, or removed from the US. You’re a stylish gal and I can assure

you that will not appreciate ICE’s orange one- piece from their year around collection. Jules: Orange. That sounds hideous.

prior to the expiration of your VWP status.

Then I’ll leave right now, return next month

Jules: Really? I’m such having a lovely


Because you violated the terms of the Visa

Ron: That’s possible, but not very likely.

the party.



Waiver Program by your overstay, you’ll have

Ron: Party? Let’s hear about that. [10


apply for a B-1 visa at the US Embassy in

minute party discussion]

London, and they likely won’t be persuaded

Jules: So you’re saying that Visa Waiver


the fabulous reasons for your overstay,

Program doesn’t allow for extensions. Ron: Correct. You could have requested an

although it sounds like you’ve had a great trip, nor will the Embassy share your feel-

extension if you were on a B-1 tourist visa,

ings regarding the critical necessity of you

but again, not on a Visa Waiver.


attending the party, which I agree does

Jules: Well I’ll just go to Canada then. My

really sound fun, but the point is, again that

friend went to Canada and she came back


is highly unlikely that you will be allowed to

and got a new period of time. Ron: That doesn’t sound right. Is she Canadian? Jules: Yes. How did you know? Ron: It’s different for Canadians, but for you, the 90 day period of your VWP includes any time spent in Canada, Mexico and adja- cent islands. So by example, if you only had 10 days left on your original 90 days, and you

return so quickly based on what you’ve told me so you don’t count on it. Jules: So you still think I should go? Ron: Yes, you should have left before the expiration of VWP and now, it’s imperative that you avoid an automatic bar by being here unlawfully for 180 days which is apparently the date of the party. It’s important to note that when you travel on the convenience of

went to Canada for five, you could only return


Visa Waiver Program, you truly have no rights

other than to come and visit for the purpose of


the US, for the remaining five days left. Jules: Hmm. That’s no good. Let’s just

traveling and then only up to 90 days.

say, I got a job offer. I’ve met tons of people


can I just change from Visa Waiver to a

Jules: No extension, no work permit,

orange jumpsuit, this brunch has decidedly

work visa in the US? Ron: Your potential employer can submit a

themed poor. Is there nothing that can be done? You must know someone.

Jules: Don’t tell anyone, the party is

actually an engagement announcement.

visa petition for you in the US, but you would still have to leave the US, and subsequently re-enter with your new visa after processing through the US Embassy. Jules: So I can or can’t change to a work visa? These strawberries a great. Ron: That’s the thing with the VWP. For the

convenience of traveling or simply traveling

your UK passport, you can’t extend it,


Ron: With the singular possibility of you getting married to a US citizen and adjusting status through that process there is nothing that can be done in these VWP situations. Jules: Oh fantastic, why didn’t you just say so? Ron: What’s that?

nor can you change status to a work permit

Jim and I are getting married, his family

((800)800) 3383-315783-3157

owns the winery, it’s very exciting, but very hush-hush. Ron: Oh, well congratulations first and foremost. That is an exceedingly important piece of information. Which winery? [10 minute winery discussion] Jules: So Jim and I will see you Monday to discuss the marriage petition and that other important legal stuff you mentioned. So what now? Ron: A mimosa Jules, a mimosa.

Government Backs Separation Of Banks

By Robert Barr THE GOVERNMENT intends to force banks to separate their retail operations from their more volatile investment banking, and it is putting up for sale the rst bank nationalized during the credit crisis, the nation’s Treasury chief said last month.

the commission’s proposal are expected


a nal report on September 12.

Sir Mervyn King, governor of the Bank


England, had also advocated a break up

Disclaimer: This ‘tongue-in-cheek’ article is not intended as legal advice, but rather for entertain- ment purposes, and to remind our readers of the necessity of engaging immigration counsel to address their specific circumstances. The information presented herewith is for general informational purposes only. The information pre-

sented is not legal advice, and your use of it does

not establish an attorney-client relationship. Ron Rehling practices exclusively immigration law. Additional information may be found at www.

rehlinglaw.com, and he may be reached directly at

(323) 874-6475 or at rrehling@rehlinglaw.com.

Wad Of £20 Notes


In his speech to the gathering, King did not comment on Osborne’s decision, but

the big banks.

said taxpayers could not credibly continue


support a banking system with assets

George Osborne endorsed the principle of insulating retail banking from other

bank activities, but said he was waiting

for the final report of the Independent

Commission on Banking to esh out the details. The move is intended to help prevent a repeat of the nancial crisis of 2008 and

to keep banks from becoming too big to

be allowed to fail.

several times larger than Britain’s annual GDP.

DEPENDENCE Banks “cannot be allowed to benet from an unsustainable dependence on the

UK taxpayer. To allow that would be

unfair to millions of people, not here

tonight, who are now bearing the costs of

Flushed Down Toilet

Even before Osborne spoke to a gather-

the nancial crisis,” King said. Bankers have been divided in their reac- tion to the proposals. Stephen Hester, chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, recently told a parliamentary committee that ring-fencing could backre by creating “a protected beast that the government would support,” inadvertently encouraging excessive risk- taking on the retail side. Hester added that the removal of im-

ing of nancial executives, bank shares

FLUSHING a handful of 20-quid notes down his toilet made sense to a business- man after being told they were ‘fake’.

tumbled lower following reports of his decision. “All banks should be allowed to fail safely without affecting vital banking ser- vices,” Osborne said, “without imposing costs on the taxpayer.” SELL

He also announced that the government

Unfortunately, shortly after, the bank took back their judgement and declared the money as legal tender. The man, who did not wish to be named,

was among a number of businessman led


believe their cash was counterfeit on

is preparing to sell nationalized mortgage lender Northern Rock, the rst British casualty of the credit crisis. The Independent Commission on Bank- ing, chaired by Sir John Vickers, a former chief economist of the Bank of England,

plicit government support would also make

the Western Isles of Scotland. Bank staff became suspicious of £10 and £20 notes on the Isle of Lewis and a police inquiry was launched, reported STV. The town’s banks and many local shops

other parts of the bank more exposed. RBS and Barclays favor a limited ring-fencing which only covers retail deposits, while HSBC Chairman Douglas Flint recommended that the retail side

stopped accepting £10 and £20 notes and

has recommended a clear separation of

should include some corporate deposits and loans.

purchased ultra-violet scanners in a bid to catch the counterfeit notes. But the ‘fake’ notes have since been scrutinised

by experts from the Serious Organised

Crime Agency who pronounced them all absolutely genuine.

retail and investment banking; details of

‘Big Stink’ Over Blazing Cheese Truck

SOMEONE will be getting a grilling about

this. British remen fought ames when a

the truck and set its consignment of cheese

The businessman complained: “This is

right mess and it was caused by the RBS


and Bank of Scotland.

truck carrying a cargo of cheese caught re

on an English road.

alight. The re department believe that the blaze

was caused by a fault with the vehicle.

The truck loaded with 24 tons of cheese caught re on a rural road in Somerset,

southwest England.

Before it suffered the re – and cheesy meltdown – the driver had been headed for


mechanic to have a problem xed.

“I tore up the £20 notes returned to me

by the bank as fakes and I put them down

the toilet to stop them getting back into


Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue

service said that re spread rapidly through

No one was reported hurt in the inci- dent.

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Are You in Need of Insurance?

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July 2011




UK Considers Tougher Approach To Foreign Takeovers

was expecting ‘oui’. Kevin wonders if Sally’s still got feelings for him when he finds

was expecting ‘oui’. Kevin wonders if Sally’s still got feelings for him when he finds out that she’s turned Jeff’s proposal down, but Sally’s just feeling sorry for Kevin having to look after little baby Jack all on his own. Sunita’s aunties come to stay, which is bad news for the Alahans, as they try to pretend their reduced circumstances and small ter- raced house are temporary. But you can’t pull the wool over the aunties’ eyes, they find out what’s going on and are determined to make DevandSunita’sbusinesstheir ownbusiness. These two aunties a couple of interfering old busy-bodies, and great fun to watch. In the Kabin, Dennis Tanner’s been washed and spruced up by Rita and he’s on good form behind the counter helping out selling newspapers and bon-bons. Rita’s loving the

company of an old mate, a blast from the

past, Elsie Tanner’s son no less. But Norris’ nose has very firmly been put out of joint now he’s not the only man around the shop – and around Rita.

Andfinallythisweek, GraemeProctor –love

doctor – is torn between two women as he sleeps with his wife. Nothing wrong with that,

you may think, but this is the pretend wife who

he only married so she could get a visa to stay in the UK. The problem is that Graeme realises he’s falling in love with sham-wife Xin, which makes his girlfriend Tina, it is fair to say… Not Best Pleased. Glenda Young http://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com/

Glenda Young http://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com/ but the only one who sees what he’s doing is the

but the only one who sees what he’s doing is the increasingly hapless Masood, who no one listens too because Dr Evil has been so successful at spinning lies and isolating him from his family. Everyone, including Zainab buys Evil’s act hook, line and sinker. Desperate, Masood enlists the help of Phil to try to drive Dr Evil away: They toss him in the car boot and take him to an abandoned warehouse where Masood is supposed to beat him up and threaten to set him on fire (just like Evil’s family did to Zainab years ago in Pakistan). But Masood is too good and so threats turn to talk and he gets Evil to agree to leave the Square and leave his family alone. But instead, after they part ways Evil beats himself up and runs to Zainab claiming it was Masood that did it. Zainab had been just about to take Masood back but now she tells him she’s done for good – and Tamwar even bans him from his and Afia’s fake wedding…

EastEnders very rarely casts known actors

in the show, but the new character of Eddie Moon is played by 70’s glitter rocker, David Essex, who has lost most of his hair, but none of his charm.

If you are one of the MANY EastEnders

fans impatiently waiting for the BBC to make

it’s iPlayer service available in the US already

(supposedly scheduled to happen before the end of the year), you will not be happy to hear about the latest news; that even when iPlayer does get here, the package of BBC programs available for pay-per-view download will NOT


By Jane Wardell

WHAT DO Britain’s major airports, most




utilities, the top drugstore chain, one

THERE’S A funny smell coming from under- neath Underworld. The drains are blocked and Carla’s not pleased. She blames Owen for shoddy refurbishment work and he rightly takes neither the blame nor the responsibility, he just tells Carla if she wants diagnostics



biggest brewers and the maker of

IRONIC THAT this month included a big lunar eclipse over Europe because Albert Square suddenly has more moons than Jupiter… After the Alfie-Kat-Ronnie-Jack baby swap story hits the tabloids, a mysterious man is seen tearing it out of the paper, and turning up in Albert Square. Turns out he’s Eddie Moon, long lost father of Michael Moon, uncle to Alfie, and if you’ve been wondering

why Michael Moon (living with Roxy but

creepily obsessed with Ronnie) is so twisted, here’s the guy who can tell us why: Michael

doesn’t speak to him and tells people he’s


what happened is he walked out on her,

murderer who killed his mum. Turns out

knowing she was unstable, leaving her with

then six-year-old Michael, and while he was

gone Michael witnessed her kill herself. So

Michael wants nothing to do with him, but



seems to be charming most of the rest

the Square and Kat and Alfie invite him to

stay at the Vic… Elsewhere… Ricky is trying to get a temp

job in Dubai to make some dough for his kids… Carol starts an odd flirtation with Ed-

die… Max is continually foisting himself into

the nation’s favorite chocolate bar have


common? All are owned by foreign

companies. They have been snapped up in recent

done on her drains, it’ll cost her. Oh, it’s gonna cost her alright when she finds out just what’s causing that stench. It’s not something fishy, it’s a dead body by the name of Fishwick. Yes, Colin’s body is decomposing under the

foundations, wrapped up in a bad carpet. Fiz

beside herself with grief when she finds


husband John digging up the dead body of the man he killed some months ago. John’s flippedandgonecompletelystarkstaringmad.

He’s taken three hostages and tied them up in

cellar and when it looks like he’s going to get

caught out for killing Colin, Charlotte and Joy,

his days look numbered. Ah, but that’s when

does a runner after he falls from the top of



thehospital roof andpoor wifeFizgetsarrested on suspicion of Colin’s murder. Over at Roy’s Rolls, Hayley takes Roy by surprise and books hima holiday. Roy doesn’t

like holidays, and he certainly doesn’t like last minute surprises, but Hayley ushers him out of


years in a rash of takeovers that is raising concerns about how much of this island nation has fallen to prot-seeking investors from abroad. While the United States and many European countries have strict regulations barring foreign control of many businesses, Britain has been largely content in the

belief it has more to gain than lose from


But last year’s controversial $21.4bn takeover by Kraft Foods Inc of 195-year- old Cadbury PLC, maker of the Dairy Milk bar, stirred up nationalist sentiment

and prompted the government to consider


With its decision on a so-called Cadbury

Law due in just a few weeks, debate is rag- ing about whether Britain should become more protectionist. Among the foreign owners are Spanish

relaxed takeover rules.

tightening of the legislation.

look after the place while they’re away. At the Rovers, Becky goes ballistic when

she finds out that Steve called Social Services

tell them that they’d bought little Max from



Transportation To London

Olympic Park Completed

the life of the newly remarried Tanya (much


lost father to reappear is Fatboy’s, who is

homeless and starting trouble right off the

the chagrin of Vanessa)… Another long

include EastEnders. Yeah, you heard that

right. Makes iPlayer seem rather pointless,

doesn’t it? We cannot understand why the

infrastructure rm Ferrovial, which bought Heathrow Airport owner BAA in 2006

for £10.3bn, while French utility EDF

acquired British Energy in 2008.

Becky’s sister Kylie for twenty five thousand pounds. Tracy Barlow seizes on the tension

between Steve and Becky to stick her oar in and get Steve on her side to look after little Amy between them. Becky loses control, inflamed with jealousy, and smashes the Barlowhouse up before going out on a bender, again. Deir- dre’s more than a little upset to find Becky’s

smashed her Etruscan urn that she’s sculpted

pottery class and Corrie fans up and down


the country breathed a sigh of relief that at least Becky didn’t take the sledgehammer to the

framed photo of Corrie icon, Uncle Albert. Sally gets a proposal from boyfriend Jeff after they spend a lovely weekend in la France. But Sally’s reply isn’t what Jeff was hoping for when she gives him a big, fat, ‘non’ when he

LONDON 2012 ofcials say construction on public transportation to the Olympic Park site has been completed, more than a year ahead of the Summer Games. The Olympic Delivery Authority says the work was completed at Stratford Sta- tion, which is the main transportation hub for visitors to the Olympic Park. About $10.6m is being spent on Brit-

ain’s transportation for the Olympics.

Ten rail routes including the high-speed Javelin, Eurostar and Docklands Light Railway will serve Stratford. “Thanks to the Games and the massive settlement we’ve secured fromcentral gov- ernment, London is seeing a neo-Victorian age of investment in its transport infra- structure,” said Mayor Boris Johnson.

bat: He dislikes Mercy, finds out her visa has expired and shops her to immigration. She gets a deportation notice, so to avoid losing her, Fatboy proposes marriage. He really

loves her but is pretending he’s only doing



stumble along. He is staying sober but

for the papers…Phil and Shirley continue

worried, she convinces him to start going


AA-type meetings anyway and who else

should turn up to those meetings? Rainey:

The woman who got him hooked on crack

the first place. She’s not doing so well


with this whole sobriety thing and is trying



drag Phil back into the swamp with her.

far he’s resisting…

Across the Square Dr Evil continues his campaign of revenge against the Masoods,

BBC just doesn’t get it that, of all its shows, EastEnders has the biggest, most loyal audi- ence. Was Auntie just so traumatized by the outcry when BBCA cancelled EastEnders

that they are simply (stubbornly) refusing to sell their content to that audience? Can’t

figure it out. All I know is, if the most recent

reports are true, you’d better hope your other

sources for EE hold out – Indefinitely!

If you’d like to keep up with all things EastEnders in between our little chats here,

just sign up for my FREE, weekly EastEnders

e-newsletter, The E20 Chronicles. To get

thyself on my mailing list, just email me

here at the Launderette: E20Launderette@

gmail.com. Signed, Deborah Gilbert AKA E20Launderette

Car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, meanwhile, is on its third foreign owner, Tata Motors of India.

major concern is that foreign owner-

ship can have a big impact on jobs.

Last year’s Cadbury-Kraft deal ap-

peared to bear out such worries. Both

lawmakers and the public were outraged

when the US company reneged on a pledge

keep open a British chocolate factory,


switching production to Switzerland in- stead to reduce its tax bill.

And regardless of how far the govern-

ment takes the Cadbury Law, just about

everybody agrees that keeping Britain

competitive in areas like skills, infrastruc-

ture and tax is the only way to ensure a



level playing eld for both foreign and local buyers.

serious candidates for Existing, Established,
Master License Operations in the UK.
The world’s largest sign franchise with
over 800 stores in 50 countries is offering
a Master License Opportunity that includes
20 retail locations throughout the UK.
Infrastructure in place which includes
trained staff.
The world’s only full service retail
embroidery and promotional products
franchise system with over 300 locations in
10 countries. We have just begun actively
franchising and have established one
retail location at present.
Same infrastructure as SIGNARAMA.
To learn more about these unique franchise opportunities, please contact:
Tony Foley, International Director
Call: 561-868-1358
Email: tfoley@ufgcorp.com
Awarded 4 stars by restaurant critics
Awarded 4 stars by
restaurant critics




SINCE 1991
SINCE 1991



Vegetarian • Meat Dishes • Tandoori

UJ ad

Favorite Indian restaurant of South Florida Brits
Favorite Indian restaurant of
South Florida Brits

(2 miles west of I-95, north side)

3801 Griffin Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

Tel: (954) 964-0071

20% Off



Dinner Only


Miami Brits!




drive north for Royal India food


lunch buffet. 11:30 - 3pm. DINNER 5-10:30PM

Immigration • Divorce Green Card Working Visa Labor Certification Company Transfers International Students
Immigration • Divorce
Green Card
Working Visa
Labor Certification
Company Transfers
International Students
Law Offices
Stephen Ure
Let a U.S. qualified lawyer from
Glasgow handle your case.
Email: ure@prodigy.net
Attorney Ure is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association,
Strathmores Who's Who and a past recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award
San Diego
(619) 235-5400
1518 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

July 2011


Page 7

‘A Bloody Amoeba’

Women’s Institute,

ers in that material?” (Discussing a tartan

1961) “You ARE a wom-

designed for the Papal visit with the Scots

an, aren’t you?” (Ac-

Tory leader Annabel Goldie. 2010) “How do you keep the natives off the

cepting a gift from

booze long enough to pass the test?” (To a

a woman in Kenya,

Scottish driving instructor. 1995)

1984) “Ah, so this is the feminist corner

Anyway who could dislike a man who could say to Tom Jones after the Royal Variety Performance, 1969, “What do you

after the Royal Variety Performance, 1969, “What do you gargle with – pebbles?” Next day he

gargle with – pebbles?” Next day he added,

then.” (To a group


MPs wearing name

women Labour

“It is very difficult to see how it is possible to

become immensely valuable by singing what

badges reading ‘Ms’, 2000) “Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?” (To wheel-chair bound

Susan Edwards and her guide dog, 2002) He has a distinctly sceptical view of any

I think are the most hideous songs.” Philip is worshipped as a god in Vanuatu as the pale-skinned son of a mountain spirit and the brother of John Frum. According to ancient tales the son travelled over the seas to a distant land, married a powerful lady and would in time return with copious gifts. The villagers had observed the respect accorded to Queen Elizabeth II by colonial officials and came to the conclusion that


“Do people trip over you?” (A nursing home resident in a wheelchair, 2002)

“We didn’t have counsellors rushing around every time someone let off a gun, asking,” “Are you all right? Are

you sure you don’t have a ghastly

you all right? Are you sure you don’t have a ghastly problem? You just got on

problem? You just got on with it!’ (Discussing counselling for servicemen in a TV documentary,

1995) “So who’s on drugs here?

HE looks as if he is on drugs.”

(Indicating a 14-year-old at a youth club, 2002) His views on race are decidedly


“Do you still throw spears at

each other?” (To aboriginal leader William Brin, Queensland, 2002) “It looks as though it was put in

by an Indian.” (Of a fuse box in a

Scottish factory. He later clarified:

“I meant to say cowboys. I just got

my cowboys and Indians mixed up.” 1999) “It looks the kind of thing my

daughter would bring back from her art lessons” (Commenting on Ethiopian art. 1965) He is particularly partial to the Scots:

“In education, if in nothing else, the Scots-

man knows what is best for him. Indeed, only

a Scotsman can really survive a Scottish

her husband, Prince Philip, must be the son from their legend. David Attenborough in a distant TV docu- mentary got the best description of John Frum

from one of his devotees: “’E look like you.

’E got white face. ’E tall man. ’E live long

education.” (Said when he was elected Chan- cellor of Edinburgh University. 1953)

South America.” Three out of four isn’t bad though!

“That’s a nice tie


you have any knick-


‘Piercing’ Wedding Day For Record Holder


most pierced woman in the world, was married in Edin- burgh last month. Davidson, who has nearly 7,000 piercings, married Doug- las Watson, a retired civil ser- vant, in a low-key ceremony/ reception. Brazilian-born Davidson, 46, wore a owing white wed- ding gown and oral tiara with

Davidson, 46, wore a fl owing white wed- ding gown and fl oral tiara with Elaine

Elaine Davidson with her husband Douglas.

only her face visible, which was painted green and covered in 192 piercings. By contrast, her husband, who is in his 60s, was conservatively-dressed in a simple navy suit, a sky-blue shirt and a Marks and Spencer tie. Bespectacled Watson, who has no pierc- ings or tattoos, clutched his bride’s hand as they walked out of the central Register Ofce in front of stunned onlookers. The couple, who live in Edinburgh, where she operates an aromatherapy shop called Tropical Rainbow, happily posed

for photographs before heading off for a reception at a local city cafe. Thegroomsaid: “Elainelookedastonish- ing,” he said after the 35 minute ceremony. “People see the piercings but I see the amazing personality underneath. We have known each other for a long time. We met in a coffee shop in Glasgow 15 years ago and got chatting. We connected straight away and have been together ever since.” She added: “If he did not like tattoos and piercings he would not be the one for me. I feel very happy.”

Jolly Good

Jolly Good MEAT PRODUCTS Bangers Pork Pies Sausage Rolls ASK FOR THEM BY NAME IN YOUR



Pork Pies

Sausage Rolls


“Our Name Says It All!”

(323) 290-2265

FAX: (323) 294-3943

Los Angeles, CA 90043

PRINCE PHILIP turned 90 in June.

It was not exactly a state occasion – the

next one of those will come in a year’s time

when the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Eliza- beth’s accession to the throne is celebrated – but it is still an event to celebrate. There is a temptation to assume that since

he is the Queen’s consort, at 59 years the longest serving one in British history, that he is also a commoner like Diana Spencer and Katherine Middleton. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A member of the House of Schleswig-

Holstein, the Danish/German nobs, Philip was born into the Greek Royal family. His dad was Prince Andrew of Denmark and Greece, brother to King Constantine who had the misfortune to be overthrown in the early 1920s. The revolutionary council responsible passed a law exiling Andrew and his family in perpetuity, forcing Philip and his

four sisters to flee to France, the infant Philip being conveyed in a fruit box serving as a makeshift cot.

He attended a variety of schools up to the

outbreak of World War II, including Cheam and Gordonstoun, Kurt Hahn’s brainchild run

on the lines of his Jewish school in Germany which Philip attended and whose bracing outdoor ethos appealed to him.


joined the Royal Navy in 1939 and

graduated through the Dartmouth Royal

Naval College, of which more in the next paragraph, as the top cadet in his intake. War service took him around the world and he was mentioned in despatches in the Battle of Crete where he saved his ship from a night bomber attack. He devised a scheme whereby he set smoking rafts afloat from the ship, thereby sufficiently distracting the enemy bombers to allow his ship to slip away.

had met his bride-to-be when he del-

egated to escort the Royal sisters, Elizabeth and Margaret, on a tour of Dartmouth, and seven years later the relationship had ma- tured. George VI agreed to their engagement provided that the announcement was delayed until Elizabeth reached 21 in June 1947. Philip meanwhile renounced his Greek and Danish royal titles, as well as his allegiance to the Greek crown. He converted from Greek Orthodoxy to C of E and became a naturalised British subject. He also adopted the surname,

Mountbatten, from his mother’s family. He was a bit miffed that for the next dozen years his wife and children were not allowed to take the Mountbatten name, being styled the House of Windsor.

He said privately at the time, “I am nothing


but a bloody amoeba. I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his own children.” Queen Mary, the Queen’s grandmother, and Winston Churchill were Philip’s opponents and it wasn’t until 1960, when Mary was long gone and Churchill had retired that the omission was rectified and our royal house became that of Windsor and Mountbatten. Their wedding took place on November 20, 1947, an early splash of splendour in the gloomy postwar years. On February 6, 1952, George VI died when Elizabeth and Philip were in Kenya on vacation – and the rest is history. Prince Philip is one of the hardest-working of the royal family, his record of hard work these days being exceeded only by Princess Anne. He is a notoriously spiky character, an archetypical grumpy old man whose frequent

witty observations often fail to find their mark and stamp him out as one of the last bastions of the anti-political correctness brigade. Once in addressing the General Dental Council, he put his finger on his weakness:

“Dontopedalogy is the science of opening your mouth and putting your foot in it, a science which I have practised for a good many years.”


has a particular knack of offending

women. Of his daughter, Princess Anne, he remarked, ‘If it doesn’t fart or eat hay, she

isn’t interested’.

A random selection of his sexist com-

ments and their contexts here may illustrate

the problem more fully:

“British women can’t cook.” (Scottish



Now living in the US

There is now a Royal Marine Association Branch formed in the US.

Please contact:

John Topping, Secretary Royal Marine Association USA Branch 8409 Lake Crest Terrace, Fairfax Station, VA 22039-2678

Phone: (703) 690-8944 www.rma-us.org




Do You, Or Don’t You, Want To Join The Initiative?

IN APRIL I wrote about the requirement to le reports of foreign bank accounts with the US Treasury by June 30 each year. From the response I received, this has obviously

hit a cord with many people.

What I didn’t mention then was the cur- rent initiative by the IRS to bring people into compliance with the FBAR require- ments. Why not? Well firstly, I have a

limited number of words in order to ll my

“space” and there was quite enough to say already! Secondly, it is difcult to write about an “IRS initiative” without it sound- ing downright scary! But many people who have looked into ling the FBAR, maybe for the rst time despite having been here for many years, have seen the mention of the 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (to give it the full title!) and have become very worried. The Initiative requires people who have not previously led FBARs, now le for all years from 2003 to 2010 inclusive, including amended tax returns if they have not declared income arising overseas. The procedure is generally the same, no matter how much money you have kept off-shore or the history behind the accounts. Whilst the original intended target is those Ameri- cans who have knowingly transferred mon- ies out of the US or made sure substantial sums never came to the US, like many initiatives it includes many people beyond this group. The IRS information about the initiative made no distinction between people, I think the position of people who come from else-

where and retain banking and investment links with their country of origin are very different. But theIRSareclaimingapenalty equal to 25 percent of the highest annual

balance in overseas accounts, so what I think about it could turn out to be interest- ing, but not very helpful. (I also would like to see foreign governments making the point to the US Treasury about the initiative “catching” people it was never intended for, but we wait in vain on that one!) This was the position when I wrote in April. The choice lay between a 25 percent xed penalty or continuing to be non-compliant. I think (in general) British people like to stay on the right side of the rules (especially over here!); not that we’re angels, but we’re not devils either! At the beginning of June, the IRS issued new information about the initiative. It is now possible to opt-out of the initiative if you feel your circumstances are such that a 25 percent penalty is unreasonable. On one level, that’s just about everybody who will be ling! But it is a huge conces- sion on the part of the IRS that there are people for whom the 25 percent penalty is inappropriate. They went even further, and gave examples for which it would be suitable to claim no penalty at all. These examples had a common thread of Ameri- cans living overseas and meeting all their local tax requirements. Although these are people who may have thought they had left the US tax system, rather than those who joined it from overseas, it is encouraging to have more options within the initiative. Everything has to be led by August 31 under the initiative, unless an extension is requested and granted. I hope this convinces some people that

joining the initiative will be a better choice than hoping never to be discovered!

Mary-HeatherStyleslovesworkingwith tax problems and the people who have them. She is more approachable than the IRS! She can be contacted at mhstyles@ transatlantictax.com or (602) 995-5007.

Police Find ‘Crocs Home’ In London

LONDON police found four rare crocodiles in the spare bedroom of a suburban house. The dangerous reptiles were found by chance by police ofcers at a semi- detached house in Croydon. The ofcers, who were there on an unrelated matter, called in wildlife of- cials who had the West African dwarf crocodiles seized, reported the Croydon Guardian. Rob Quest, manager of the London Animal Health Service, said: “We were very surprised to get the phone call and to discover there were West African Dwarf Crocodiles. “We have collected caiman crocodiles

before, which come from South Amer- ica, but they are in trade whereas the African dwarf crocodiles are protected and are much harder to get hold of. “I wouldn’t even begin to guess how they got into the country. Because of their size they will not kill a man but they are capable of a nasty bite. “They have a twisting action when they bite down on something so could take big chunks of esh out of you and a reasonable-sized dwarf crocodile could have your arm off.” The owner of the protected animals did not have a licence for them and is expected to be charged under the Dan- gerous Wild Animals Act 1976.

Probe Into Welsh Refinery Blast Which Killed Four

AUTHORITIES are investigating an explosion which killed four workers and injured another at a crude oil renery in southwestern Wales. Fire ofcials said last month that the re at the Chevron renery in Pembroke was extinguished quickly, and that they were confident there was no threat to public health. Two government agencies, Environ-

ment Agency Wales and the Health and Safety Executive, are leading the investiga- tion, along with police. The blast sent thick black smoke pouring from a storage tank which was undergoing maintenance. A nearby tank was also damaged. Chevron said four contract workers were killed. Their names were not im- mediately released.

nearby tank was also damaged. Chevron said four contract workers were killed. Their names were not
Page 8 ujnews.com July 2011 took charge of the A&R development at form- Karen’s California
Page 8
July 2011
took charge of the A&R development at form-
Karen’s California
Apple Records for The Beatles.
Events Calendar
Still bringing the British Community
together, the Canyon Club was packed
with Brits including former Consul General
Bob Peirce and his wife Sharon Harroun
Peirce, and Sir Ken Robinson, amongst
others, all hanging onto every word he said.
Karen and I actually were able to see one of
the final performances of Peter & Gordon,
held at the Residency. Thanks again for a
memorable performance. Peter, isn’t it time
1, 8, 15, 23, 31: British & Dominion Club of
Garden Grove has Dart Night July 1; Pub Quiz July
8; a fabulous Fish and Chip Night July 15; their 1st
Annual PubCrawl July23, withlimitedseating; and
Roast Dinner July 31 (714) 898-6733.
You Say Tomato in San Francisco is your
one-stop shop for all your favorite sweets, jams,
Heinz beans, salad cream, meat pies, and a natter
PETER ASHER, of Peter & Gordon fame, True
write that book?
Heinz beans, salad cream, meat pies, and a natter PETER ASHER, of Peter & Gordon fame,

Love Ways and World Without Love, gave us

In Devon, an arson attack in Torquay has


with David (415) 921-2828. 4: Kings Head in Santa Monica offers Happy Hour 4-7 pm Monday thru Friday. Celebrate July 4th weekend in the cool Pub. Royal Memorabilia in stock for the Royal visit. Join them for Afternoon Tea (310) 451-1402. 6: English Afternoon Tea at Plaza Pantry in Ojai 1:30-3:30 Beryl (805) 646-6325. The British Connection in Torrance, Ca has opened a sister store in Gig Harbor, Wa at 3200 Tarabochia St (253) 509-0474. Google ‘British Connection Gig Harbor’ and read the nice article about Neil Bennett andthenewEnglishshopwww. thebritishconnection.com Through 24: Funny Money, A Madcap Farce of the British Persuasion, by Ray Cooney at Elite Theatre Company in Ventura (805) 483-5118. 10: Trans Oceanic presents a Royal Weddings Tea 2pm at Crown Plaza Hotel in San Pedro discussing royal weddings from Queen Victoria to present, with silent auction, and lavish buffet (310) 521-0175.

The Lookout Pub in Channel Islands Harbor

has good food, plenty of Ale, and a fabulous patio

for a lazy meal while listening to your favorite band (805) 985-9300. 9-10: Southern California Pirate Festival at


amazing concert plus a trip down memory

lane at a recent concert at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. Using a split screen, Peter sang

destroyed some of the country’s rarest and most priceless costumes, including redcoat uniforms some over 100-years-old, ward- robes fromThe Kings Speech, and the BBC’s

Downtown Abbey. 50 firefighters battled in

Peter Asher performing with video of Gordon Waller on split-screen at The Canyon Club.


and played guitar with his former singing part- ner, Gordon Waller, who died recently. Not

only was it moving, between songs he gave us an insight into the early days of folk, rock

and roll, and how it sort of came together.

say sort of, because no one really knew

where it was going on or how long it would last. Fashion was changing and the mini skirt was in vogue, much to our delight! But the pioneers, including Peter who has always been as much a producer as an artist, discovered Mary Hopkin (Those Were the Days), signed Twiggy, worked with Andrew Oldham, Marianne Faithful, The Stones, The


vain to control the blaze at 3:30am in what was the second largest costume outfitters in

the UK, started from scratch by 76-year-old

Lionel Digby some 50 years ago. It’s been

lifelong labor of love and a passion for


Photo: Leo Lewis.

time her parents arrived to pick up her per-

sonal possessions a new set of passengers

biggest claim to fame is his daughter Eli (me

Uncle). The King’s Head was fun and busy

Lionel and awfully sad, not only the priceless costumes are lost, but your life’s work. I’ve known and been a friend of Lionel since he first brought rock shows to Devon and Corn-

wall in its hay day, but he decided to have a more secure income renting costumes and it

just grew from there, with a lot of hard work.

were on board and ready to leave for their cruise which gave them very little time to ask questions. Did she go overboard or was it foul play on the high seas? We simply don’t know enough. But it is about a fun loving

adventurous young British lass and surely it’s

up to us to ask questions for her family, since

as ever. Always good to see old friends like manager John Gordon and Guido, who are both in their 26th year there, still all smiles and a big welcome on your arrival. Met up with another favorite Brit, Ranbir Shergill, president of Ventura Fusion Soccer Team and former Arsenal soccer star Bob



28-year-old man has been arrested and

Everly Bros, James Taylor, Bad Finger, Jeff Ross, and Carol King, among the many. He

Everly Bros, James Taylor, Bad Finger, Jeff Ross, and Carol King, among the many. He

charged with six offenses including arson.

Another rather disturbing story (covered

April UJ) is that of 24-year-old Rebecca

Corium (Chester), who went missing while working on board a Disney cruise ship, the Disney Wonder, on its way to Puerta Val-

larta on the Mexican Riviera when she failed


we’re here and they are back in Chester and there just aren’t enough answers. We hope

Disney is seeking a full independent inquiry

and another look at all the footage.

the meantime you can help by visiting

the website set up by Rebecca’s parents Mike and Anne Corium: http://www.cruise-

lawnews.com/tags/rebecca-coriam/ where


McNabb of Huddersfield at a recent match. Bob was part of the English Premier League

Championship who has played alongside

such greats as Bobby Charlton and Bobby

Moore. Bob now resides in Agoura Hills. Ranbir’s team is doing extremely well and are welcoming a ‘Friendly’ with West Brom-

wich who will be visiting the US for a training


show up for her shift as a youth activity

camp, playing the Fusion July 17, 3pm at Oxnard College www.vcfusion.com A really exciting game that’s not to be missed is July 24 when the LA Galaxy play Manchester City, (see ad). This promises to be a fun and challenging game pitting the best players that Man City have to offer against

top notch players like David Beckham and

Landon Donovan.


Woodley Park 6530 Woodley Ave Van Nuys


councilor one morning. Her last known con- tact with anyone on board was a fellow crew

member at 5:45am when he found her crying after an inter-ship phone call. He asked if she was OK? And she nodded yes. That was recorded on the ships security video, then, nothing more. Rebecca’s parents

were notified and flown out to meet the ship

the investigation news is updated. If you know something about Rebecca’s disappearance, please contact the family using the informa- tion below:

Coriam Family: 011-44-7747359968, Media Spokesman: 011- 44-7932815970, Rebecca-Coriam.com or Email: help@ rebecca-coriam.com

used to be Britain owed the US millions


RosesandDaggersProductions.com 9, 23: Mayflower Club of N Hollywood holds their Pot Luck Games night July 9; Dueling Piano’s+TwoJuly23; andClubnitewithChandler Station Band July (818) 769-9805. 17: Ventura Fusion vs West Brom, 3pm at

Oxnard College www.venturafusion.com


its return to San Pedro, California. By the

of dollars after WWII. Now Britain it seems, is

We’renowgettingall excitedfor theupcom-

Cameron’s Inn just celebrated Half Moon Bay’s First Flash Dance in honor of their Relay for Life. Never a dull moment! Check out the video http://youtu.be/n5GpX6gh698 (650) 726-5705. 16-17: Central Coast RenaissanceFestival AKA

Slo-fair at El Chorro Park, Highway 1, San Luis

Obispo www.ccrenfaire.com (800) 688-1477. Mac’s Fish and Chips 503 State St in Santa Barbara is celebrates their first anniversary, stop by and congratulate Mac and Kate (805) 897-1160. Angela Waller has two new books out that you might enjoy: The Snows of Yorkshire and Before There Were Trolley Dollies, both available on www.amazon.com check out www. angelawaller.co.uk


America’s third largest creditor, holding some $272bn in US Treasury bonds, behind China

and Japan. Nice to know someone has faith in our economic future!

surprise happy birthday event for UJ

columnist Car Man Phil, arranged by wife Pat and daughter Eliana, was held at Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica. Longtime friend and best man at our wedding, Phil’s another fun Brit who spent his youth driving Land Rovers across Europe, Afghanistan, through the Khyber Pass and on to India. Phil has spent most free time as an adven-


ing visit of the Royals, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate. We hope to bring you lots of photos and a story!

July Birthdays: the late Princess Diana 49;

Deborah Harry 56; Geoffrey Rush 59; John Paul Jones 263; Ringo Starr 70; Patrick Stewart 70; Mark Burnett 50; Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles 63:

Diana Rigg 72; Daniel Radcliffe 21; Kate Beckinsale 37; Roger Taylor (Queen) 61; Helen Mirren 65; Mick Jagger 67; Maureen McGovern 61; Beatrix Potter 144; JK Rowl- ing 45; and Peter Asher 69.

turer and aircraft designer, working all over the world from Germany, Holland, France, and Canada before settling in SoCal. His


House of England in Balboa Park, San Diego is a fun and interesting place to visit for

Contact Leo and Karen at PO Box 5691 Oxnard, CA 93031 or leolewis12@yahoo.com


all British !

CA 93031 or leolewis12@yahoo.com   all British ! Karen Lewis, the staff of the Kings Head:
CA 93031 or leolewis12@yahoo.com   all British ! Karen Lewis, the staff of the Kings Head:

Karen Lewis, the staff of the Kings Head: Reinaldo, Debbie, Julie, Ashley, Catherine, and Leo Lewis with John Gordon and Car Man Phil at Phil’s birthday bash!

Books On Mao, Bismarck Up For Nonfiction Prize

BOOKSabout aGermangeneral, aChinese tragedy and a bad-boy Renaissance artist are among six titles nominated for Britain’s richest nonction book award, the Samuel Johnson Prize. Jonathan Steinberg’s Bismarck: A Life, Frank Dikotter’s Mao’s Great Famine and Andrew Graham Dixon’s Caravaggio are shortlisted for the £20,000 prize. The other nalists are Liberty’s Exiles, a study of the American loyalist diaspora by Maya Janasoff; Matt Ridley’s upbeat The Rational Optimist and Reprobates, John Stubbs’ portrait of 17th-century Cavaliers. The prize recognizes English-language books in the areas of current affairs, history, politics, science, sport, travel, biography, autobiography and the arts. The winner will be announced July 6.

Online: www.thesamueljohnsonprize.co.uk

biography, autobiography and the arts. The winner will be announced July 6. Online: www.thesamueljohnsonprize.co.uk
biography, autobiography and the arts. The winner will be announced July 6. Online: www.thesamueljohnsonprize.co.uk

July 2011


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“A cheese may disappoint. It may be dull, it may be naïve, it may be
“A cheese may disappoint. It may be
dull, it may be naïve, it may be over so-
phisticated. Yet it remains cheese, milk’s
leap toward immortality”
– Clifton Fadiman
not the same. However we are fortunate to
have three or four gourmet markets locally
here in Sarasota and I often will treat myself
to a selection from them.
The word tart usually means a dessert
or pastry here, however it is also used for
savouries in the UK There are many versions
of cheese and onion tarts, but recently I made
one for a luncheon with girlfriends, it is the
ideal light supper also, and can be served
hot or cold. The pastry in this recipe has the
addition of Colman’s mustard which makes
it a bit different. Look for a sharp cheddar,
and I find adding some parmesan gives it a
bit of a kick. This version was adapted from
an old WH Smith’s cookbook, and I find the
addition of using cream cheese makes it a
bit lighter. Hope you like my version.
Cheese and Onion Tart
1 cup all purpose flour
CHEESE HAS to be one of my favourite
1 tsp of Colman’s dry English mustard
foods. I love it in any form. Any time,
1/4 cup butter
any where! I always enjoy sampling local
1 egg yolk
cheeses when traveling, and what could
2 Tbsp milk
be more comforting when a bit peckish
1Tbsp olive oil
than a cheese ‘sarnie’or ‘butty’ (depending
1 Red Onion, peeled and finely sliced
what part of the UK you are from, and I can
use both as my Dad was from Manchester
and my Mum Hitchin!) Or of course a
8 oz cream cheese
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
4 eggs
Ploughman’s lunch in a country pub with
salt and pepper
a pint of cider (real cider not just apple
1/2 tsp grated nutmeg
juice as it is here!) where the relish and
pickled onion used to be the landladies’
own; however I still enjoy the commercial
Branston’s pickle.
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
Preheat oven to 400F. Place flour,
Cheese goes back so far in history, and
mustard, butter in food processor. Pulse a
wasn’t really until around the Regency
times that different types of cheeses evolved
from regional areas, as travel became more
accessible. The most well known British
one I think is Cheddar cheese, followed by
Gloucester and Stilton. European cheeses
also are in favour, Italian parmesan, Dutch
Edam etc. I think one of the most divine
soft cheeses I ever had was from a market
stall on a brief visit to France, and our
hosts recommendation we shared the cost
(wasn’t cheap) and we save until we got
back to England via the Chunnel. We had it
later that evening with other market items,
but how we raved over that cheese…made
few times. Add the egg yolk and milk and
process until pastry forms a ball. Roll out
on floured surface and line a lightly greased
10 inch flan case. Prick all over with fork,
line with foil and add baking beans to weigh
down, and bake about 10 minutes. Remove
foil and beans, lower temperature to 350F,
and bake a further five minutes.
Warm the olive oil in frying pan, and add
the onion, cook until soft and just turning
brown. Remove and layer in prepared pastry
shell. Beat the cream cheese and cream,
add the eggs, season with salt and pepper,
add nutmeg and beat until well mixed. Add
the cheeses and pour over onions and pas-
want to go all the way back to get some
try. Bake in oven for 20-30 minutes or until
more!! I hope the British custom of a cheese
the filling is set. Allow to rest a few minutes
plate after a good meal is still in effect, I still
before cutting Yield 6-8 servings
that sometimes.
I missed the British cheeses a lot when
This can be made up ahead of time
and served cold or gently warmed in
I came over, but as we were in Wisconsin
which is a dairy state, was fortunate to be
I welcome comments, requests and sug-
able to get some really good cheeses. Not
gestions and can be reached at yourcupp-
when we moved to Florida though, just
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Silly Local Government At Work UK To Repay Kenya For Stolen School Funds Children Banned
Silly Local Government At Work
UK To Repay Kenya For
Stolen School Funds
Children Banned From Playing Soldiers At School
TWOYOUNGBOYSwere disciplined for
playing soldiers at school last month, caus-
ing parents to criticise school policy.
Teachers at Nathaniel Newton Infant
School in Nuneaton reprimanded the two
boys after they were seen making pistol
shapes with their fingers.
The school, which caters for around
180 pupils aged four to seven, said the gun
gestures were “unacceptable” and were not
permitted at school.
However, parents have described the
reaction as “outrageous”, while family
groups warned that “wrapping children in
made if playing turns into unacceptable
“The issue here was about hand gestures
being made in the shape of a gun towards
members of staff which is understand-
ably unacceptable, particularly in the
But the father of one of the boys said:
cotton wool” damages their upbringing.
“It’s ridiculous. How can you tell a seven-
year-old boy he cannot play guns and
armies with his friends. Parenting groups
condemned the school’s reaction to the
children’s game of soldiers, warning that
it risked causing a rift between the school
and parents.
Defending its policy, a spokesman for
Margaret Morrissey, founder of the fam-
Nathaniel Newton Infant School said: “Far
ily lobby group Parents Outloud, said: “It
KENYAN activists are demanding the
arrest of the education minister over rev-
elations that $45mdonated for elementary
education was stolen. The activists last
month locked themselves in the minister’s
The UK, a major donor to Kenya, told
the government last month that the portion
of stolen funds that Britain donated must
be repaid. Britain said it would not give
the Kenyan government any more money
until it improves its integrity and financial
A Kenyan government audit last month
found that $45m in education funding had
been stolen, far above the $1ma 2009 audit
found had been stolen.
No Kenyan leaders have yet taken
responsibility for the scandal.
from stopping children from playing we
is madness to try to indoctrinate children
actively encourage it.
aged seven with political correctness in
“However a judgement call has to be
this way.”
School Implements A No Hugging Rule
HANDSHAKES, high-fives and hugs are
got into trouble for giving a friend a
all banned under a school’s new rules.
Governors imposed a ‘no contact’ rule
which they say prevents fighting or bully-
She said: “It’s a very, very cold policy. I
think it’s sad that the children are missing
ing, reported The Sun.
out on this sort of closeness.”
Dayna Chong, 15, was thrown into
detention for cuddling a female pal at
The Quest Academy, in Croydon, South
A Quest Academy spokesman said:
Her mother, Anita, 33, from New Add-
ington, said the policy was “extreme” and
She said: “If the kids can’t even hug
each other at school some of them will
“Physical contact between students is not
allowed because it is often associated with
poor behaviour or bullying and can lead
to fighting.”
never learn how to be socially interactive.
You need an embrace to comfort you
when things go wrong. I’ve never heard
anything so crazy in my life.”
Year Ten pupil Dayna said: “I was just
hugging my friend in the morning to say
hello and I had to sit on my own and miss
out on break because of it.”
Sarah Hope’s 15-year-old daughter
EX-PATS in the US
Police Arrest Two
Men Near Home Of
Singer Joss Stone
POLICE have arrested two men on suspi-
cion of conspiracy to rob and murder near
Speak to an Investment Specialist that understands your
needs. Paul Adams is a registered and licensed
independent Investment Specialist that has been helping
UK ex-pats manage their investments, retirement
accounts, 401(k)s, and IRA, through today’s uncertain
markets good and bad.
Call for a free no obligation consultation (561) 392-2796 or
email padams@nationalsecurities.com
the rural home of singer Joss Stone.
Devon and Cornwall Police say the men
aged 30 and 33-years old were arrested last
month near Stone’s house in Cullompton,
Paul J Adams
da ms
southwest England after residents reported
Investment Specialist, ,
suspicious-looking vehicle.
National Securities s
Detective Inspector Steve Parker said
the men “had in their possession infor-
mation relating to an individual in the
Direct: 561-392-2796
Direct: 561-392-2796
Cullompton area and items which lead us
Cell: Cell: 561-843-1839 561-843-1839
suspect that they may have intended to
commit a criminal offense.”
toll toll free free 866-322-7799 866-322-7799
The force would not confirm a report
padams@nationalsecurities.com padams@nationalsecurities.com
in The Sun newspaper that the men had
swords, rope and a body bag, as well as
maps and aerial photos of Stone’s secluded
The men were being questioned.
Securities offered through National Securities Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of
principal. Accounts are carried by National Financial Services LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC, a Fidelity Investments ® company.
2424 N. Federal Hwy, Ste 350, Boca Raton 33431
Services LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC, a Fidelity Investments ® company. 2424 N. Federal Hwy, Ste 350, Boca

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July 2011

This paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the
This paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US
in Miami and my work with Florida’s British
dress and thigh boots.
Throwing her playfully in
Florida readers: Branson has other busi-
ness interests in Miami and comes here
often on his way down to what he calls
his main office, Necker Island. Swinging in
his hammock three years ago on the NBC
Today Show, he told Matt Lauer most of his
work was done there. From the hammock,
he stressed. VIRGIN HOTEL: Branson is
thinking about a Virgin brand hotel in Miami’s
South Beach. VIRGIN CRUISES, nowsailing.
Newcastle United on July 23 in International
friendlies. See ad this issue for tickets.
2) FOR BRIT BIRDS: Those exquisite
Fascinator mini-hats were all the rage at
the Royal Wedding. Now they can adorn
YOUR British bontz for weddings and stylish
occasions in Florida. A USA-based British
company sells a superb selection and ships
to any US zipcode. I spent ages clicking
around and marvelling at the (reasonably-
priced) selection on their website. See NY
Fascinators ad this issue.
the air like a beachball,
They just partnered with a leading Miami-
No space this issue, so just email me for
he hammed it up for the
your nearest one.
press. Of course. (God
based cruiseline to offer Virgin Cruises
around the most fabulous ports of Europe,
knows what he’ll dream
the Mediterranean and elsewhere. To book
for the Virgin Galactica
from Florida for a current Virgin cruise call
Space launch!) His white
linen suit was transparent
showing his black under-
wear, so a quick change
was effected before Bran-
son reappeared at the
podium with his British
CEO Steve Ridgeway CBE
1) FOR BRIT BLOKES: Footie fans this is
you wish to get bulk copies of the Union Jack,
(50 papers a month minimum), to offer your
customers, phone our circulation department
1-800-262-7305. The paper is free, but a
your chance to watch top UK teams without
small delivery charge applies.
a flight home! Round up your Britpals for
a worthwhile trip to Orlando City Soccer
The opinions in this column are Patri-
Club, which is British-owned. Orlando FC
play Bolton Wanderers Sunday, July 17 and
cia Kawaja’s and not necessarily shared
by Union Jack Publishing.
and other officials for the
serious press conference.
gaggle of major UK
and Florida media was
Virgin currently flies to
32 destinations worldwide
and Branson announced
new London-Cancun
Sir Richard Branson with supermodel Karolina Kurkova. Photo by Robin Hill
route starting next June.
“This will cement our po-
sition as the UK’s leading
SIR RICHARD BRANSON, always the or-
chestrator of splashy media events, didn’t
disappoint when commemorating the 25 th
waterside Mondrian Hotel on South Beach.
We press corps were directed to gather
along the boat dock to await developments!
long-haul leisure airline.”
Founded in 1984, Virgin is the UK’s second
largest carrier. (Consult www.virginatlantic.
com for company info). At Q&A, I asked
Anniversary of Virgin’s London-Miami
routes. After landing June 15 at Miami
For pictures, I took fellow Brit Robin Hill, one
Branson, who turns 61 this month, to con-
Miami’s best professional photographers.
Airport with an entourage of British media
Suddenly we saw two speedboats from the
firm or deny a rumour that he had bought a
home in Miami and thus technically would
and celebrity guests, Branson posed along
Miami Cigarette Racing Team, one carrying
be joining our expat Brit community. “Con-
Virgin jet wingtip. Staying for a few days
Branson doing a stunt reenactment of a
firmed.” he said. “Well, my wife has bought
a packed schedule, he hosted various
invitation-only charity and social events in
Miami. In my capacity as FABB president I
was invited to the top charity event at the
Versace mansion but at $2,000 a ticket,
alas Sir Richard missed the chance to see
my party dress!
So it was off to the press conference
instead, work but fun, at the ultra-glamorous
Miami Vice scene. Branson, playing Sonny
Crockett, rapidly overtook his adversary in
his Virgin Logo wrapped boat, accompa-
nied by Karolina Kurkova, Victoria’s Secret
supermodel. The boat docked, Branson
it actually, to get away from me!” Later I got
him alone (quite a feat) to show the 1993
archive copy of UJ, with my previous cover
story on him. Chuffed to see the historical
double feature with his late mentor and
and model disappeared and next we heard
friend Sir Freddie Laker, Branson gladly
huge splash behind us. He had jumped
reprised his pose for this month’s cover.
fully-dressed into the hotel pool grabbing
the beauty as he went, she still in her silver
Then a visiting ITN News crew, interviewed
Robin and I about the expatriate community


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July 2011


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