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Mothers Time Of Death &

Marriage Through
Ali Muhammad Khan, Pakistan

Bismillah Hi Rehmanuraheem

There were some excellent books on

astrology which were written in Urdu in
the 19th and at the start of the 20th century
like Kashfu‐Najoom in 1880, Al‐Najoom in
1907, Aftab‐Un‐Najoom in 1908. These
were written combining Persian & Urdu
Language, they contained some of the
finest secrets of astrology that were known
to Muslim astrologers of their times.

These lines are taken from an old book

written in 1907 in Urdu language by the

Ali Muhammad Khan is from Pakistan name of Al‐Najoom that means ‘The
astrology’ 1907.
where the astrology knowledge has been so
In those olden days, there were very few
far hidden from the eyes of Indian Jyotishis.
books that were written on astrology in
Though young in astrology and has spent Urdu Language. This book Al‐Najoom is
only a decade but Ali has shown ardent considered as a masterpiece written by
zeal in his approach towards the Molvi Hasenuiddin. Like its
Shastra. He has also dedicatedly contemporaries, it is written in Persian
collected various manuscripts of plus Urdu language & at the same time,
the works of ancient authors of Arabic words have been used too. This
Pakistan. His author has tried a lot of the techniques and
interests are formulas mentioned in this classic and
in palmistry, found it working remarkably. So in order
numerology, Lal Kitab & remedial to give a taste of its worth we share below
measures. some of the formulas for the benefit of
lovers of astrology.

Timing Mothers Death:

Take suns degree minus the moons degree
from it, add the remainder ‘Sign’ to the

Janma Rasi co‐ordinates (Moon Sign). The resultant sign can be called the ‘Mothers Fatal
When Saturn transit this sign (Mothers Fatal Point) or 7th from it there will be death of

Example 1: A native was born on 11th Sept 1955 in Karachi at 11.10am

Her mother died in 1993.

Suns Degree: 24Le30

Moons Degree: 19Ge47

Deduct Sun‐Moon=24Le30 – 19Ge47 = 2 signs 4 ° 43 ' (A)

Mothers Fatal Point = Moon Sign + (A) = 19Ge47 + 2signs 4 °

43' = 24 Leo

And her mother died when Saturn was transiting Aquarius

which is the 7th from Leo i.e. 7th from Mothers Fatal Point as
described in our text Al‐Najoom by revered author Molvi
If one observes the point 24Leo is nothing but the degree of the Sun, so
why do the exercise in the first place, this is not clear enough and more probing is required.
How do we use this formula when the degrees of Sun is less than the degrees of Moon, e.g
say Sun is 20Ar and Moon is 10Leo. The answer is by adding 360 degrees to the degree of the

Marriage From Navamsa

When the Jupiter passes through the seventh house of Navamsha in that year the marriage
will be performed.

Example 2:
A native was born on 27th Aug 1979, 17.20 Hyderabad, Pakistan with Cp rising.

His marriage was done on 1st Dec 2006, when he was passing through Jup Maha Ketu antar,
Ven paryantra mars sookshma. Jupiter was transiting his 7th house of Navamsa that is
Example 3:
A person born on 4 December 1962 at 11.50am in Abbottabad Pakistan.

His marriage was on 2 Dec 1988 when 100 matches in our practice and keep it in
Jupiter was passing through 7th house of our arsenal of techniques.
Navamsa in the sign Taurus. In this space we would strive to bring
more verses from classics from Pakistan
Throughout astro classics we find many which have so far not come out for the
rules for marriage governing transits, the world astro‐ audiences.
ardent reader sometimes takes it as a
dictum and finds that one rule does not
work always whereas we forget that a
whole host of factors create an event and
nothing in solitude. If 1000 transits are
given in classics we need to digest and
experiment with them to find which set of