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Do you have an uplifitng word over Chicago and her Wider Region?

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"Chicago get ready, get ready for the purposes of God to be fulfilled in your sight. Billie Reagan Deck
We declare the glory of God is released over you and your area as you continue in unity and purpose for the building of the kingdom of God. His presemce will be going before you and His glory will shine through and His power will rest upon you The glory of the former house will continue and increase and there shall be a greater glory on the latter house saith the Lord your God. Purpose in your hearts to serve the Living God and Him only and He will show Himself strong to you and your seed. Purpose to follow after His word and desire HIM more than anything or anyone else and He will make you the head and not the tail. You will be above and not below. You will be the first and not the last. Your seed will prosper and whatever you put your hand to will show forth HIS glory and HIS power. So build together and SEE His glory come down and even rest upon you NOW and forever saith the Lord your God who is the One who causes you to prosper." Billie Reagan Deck

Amy Van Ollefen locations"

"Quality gasoline in over 400 Chicagoland

400 and 40,000,000 In the fall of 2005 I was driving home from the Prayer Furnace in Chicago, and there is this giant billboard on the side of I90 that says something to the effect of:Quality gasoline in over 400 Chicagoland locations"

It was a Citgo ad... a gas station. But immediately the Lord spoke to me, and said I am raising up 400 locations in the Chicagoland area, like "gas stations" in the spirit, where people will go to get quality fuel for the fire, where people will go and be touched by God, impartations, revelations, the baptism of fire. Whether it be houses of prayer, churches, home groups, bible studies... whatever it looks like, God is beginning to move mightily in this area. A few months later, January 1st, when I was driving back from the Onething New Year's conference in Kansas City at IHOP, I saw the second part of this message, on another billboard off the highway. This one was for a car insurance company, it said: "Join 40,000,000 other smart drivers" At first I thought wow, 40,000,000 people going to get saved through these 400 locations that the Lord is beginning to birth in this area. Then I thought, well, there aren't that many people here, there are only what, 2 or 3 million people in this city? But after praying more about this, I believe that it's not just people who are going to get saved, but people who are going to get "fueled up" so to speak, and not just from this city, but all of the Chicagoland area, as well as the Lord drawing millions to Chicago from all over the nation and the world, some for long term, some maybe for just a few days. Those who are empty, will come, from all over, and get refilled, get saved yes, but more than that. Get knowledge, impartation, revelation, keys to the kingdom, filled with the Holy Spirit and baptized with fire, with new directions and orders, an unlocking of things already in place, but now set in motion, destinies being activated, in order to be sent out, and to reach countless others from all over the nation, even all over the world.

But somehow, God is going to reach 40,000,000 people through Chicagoland, and the over 400 places He is rasing up for His glory. My mind can't even comprehend that, but I am already seeing signs of it, even in a small way, so I continue to ask God for the faith to continue to ask Him for the multiplication of what He has already begun in this region. Amen, come Lord Jesus! Blessings! Forever His, Amy Chuck Pierce in Chicago May 30 2011

Chuck Pierce began with Genesis 49 and prophesied: ... - God chose the tribe of JUDAH to be the Apostolic and Prophetic to the rest of God's people, to be the one who leads the rest into battle. (The first thing Judah did was repent and acknowledge he was wrong.) - THOSE gathered together in this city on this day will be the FIRST to GO to the FRONTLINE. - MUSLIM AWAKENING in Chicago to the Grace of the Living God. There will be a visitation on Muslim people in Chicago and a turning away from violence. - NEW TRIUMPHANT SPIRIT in his people with the manifestation of the LION OF JUDAH returning the POWER & WEALTH to the CHURCH. New advances will be made. - We have/will experienced things of Heaven-to-earth as we have not in the past 100 years, including this season of tornadoes. We now have the POWER to REBUKE the STORM. - Because we gathered tonight (5/30/11), a fine line has been drawn separating the power of religion ruling man and the release of SPIRITUAL LIBERTY for the future. Condemnation from religion will lose it's grip over the church. - (Chuck saw a picture of a nest of snake eggs.) The nest of snake eggs were working to create POISON in future TAX STRUCTURES of God's people. It was to GROW and SECURE so that LEGALISM could arise from Chicago, so that God's people and His Kingdom could not advance. It's roots were in Mafia rule, but allowing the government to act as Mafia. It was to come against FREEDOM of WORSHIP and create a MAFIA RULE allowing GOVERNMENT to

ACT AS A MAFIA....HOWEVER...BECAUSE of our WORSHIP, God STEPPED ON this nest of snake eggs. God said, "I have taken My foot and stepped on it. What would have stopped you has been removed. You will go forth to your next supply line. The reproach is broken." - "Tonight out of Zion, you have brought to birth a plan of fullness" that has never been seen. As a sign, prostitution rings will be uncovered and come into the Kingdom of God. The MONEY from Prostitute Rings will be dedicated to the Lord. - The largest FACILITIES built in Chicago during the last 3 seasons will be used for the MOVE OF GOD. - When the HEAT RISES to it's TOP HEAT this Summer, the RAINS of HEAVEN will fall on this city and a RIVER will FLOW TO THE NATIONS. - GOD CHOSE CHICAGO to usher things in that will impact the nation. .

John Enarson

John Enarson .At


the March 2011 John Mulinde/Mark Daniel Chicago Awakening Summit I saw in a moment a detailed vision of Chicago in Revival that the Lord then explained & revealed to me over the following weeks. This is the vision:
"I saw Chicago from the southeast at about 4,000 ft. in the air. As I was looking down on the city I saw the outlines in the ground of a massive Hub centered on the west side of Chicago that had enormously thick tentacles branching out to many parts of the midwest, the nation & even the world. The gigantic cables were in the ground covered by tons & tons of dirt. As I continued to watch, the previously immobile & dirt covered Hub started to slowly rise out of the ground. As it did, it shook off the mounds of dirt & began to emit light as well as slowly rotate clockwise. When it rose out of the ground it also started raising up the numerous mega cables along with it & they began to slowly rotate & emit light as well. I then saw great black sheets

or shrouds come off the cables as they rose and they were gloriously revealed as cables of gold & light. The Hub rose to a height of 500ft. then stopped & began to glow radiantly while rotating faster & faster until it was spinning quickly & glowing powerfully all around." The interpretation I received from the Holy Spirit over the following weeks was that it was a vision of Chicago coming into its destiny of transforming revival that will touch not only this city but the midwest, the nation and the nations. Symbolically the dirt and dark shrouds represent the darkness & evil the enemy has weaved over the spiritual atmosphere and influence of this land over the past 6 millenia. The Hub's location centered on the west side is significant in a historical sense although I don't know how. The Hub itself represents the city of Chicago but also the church in Chicago rising into its full destiny within that city. The 500 ft. represents the 500 separate ministries that will eventually be involved in this massive work of transforming revival. When the Hub of God in this city starts spinning it will radiate transforming revival light to this region, the nation and the world. Amen and amen God Bless You All, John Enarson

Prophecy from Carol Barone We all need this !

Hi Pastor, Blessings, I was with all of you in spirit and thoughts. I am excited about the future of Praise Ministries International I sense that Our Precious Lord is wanting to do wonderful & amazing things for us and through us. I sense a strong urgency of Holy Spirit wanting to love on us more & more and that He is excited about what He will be doing. For this is HIS time to shine It will be up to us to stand in unity & love & service, and to guard our hearts and our MOUTHs in the weeks ahead. If something arises that looks absolutely impossible, we are going to have to believe Mark 9:23 that NOTHING is impossible with HIM. And that it is Our KINGS good pleasure to give to us the KINGDOM(for HIS Glory) Our Lord's strength came from Him being filled with service for His Father and that was where His power came from. Phill 2: 1-15 is so appropriate for now, especially verse 2(make my joy complete(or perfect) by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose) Apostle . Paul speaking of course) I know you have never lost your excitement & expectation, but it seems like I did for a season. But I thank the Lord for this new season.. Love to you & your loved ones. Carol B.

Stacey Campbell Live Prophecy Transcribed from January

Encounter at PMI GLory Institute Saint Charles Illinois

Stacey Campbell Prophecying @ PMI on Right Theresa Phillips .You have no idea the power the believer has to change the world. And you have no idea how much God can use even a very small group of people to shift an atmosphere over a city and over a region. As you know, in the book of Acts there was 120 people that gathered in a room and they began to pray. The Lord told them go away til you receive power to be my witnesses. And they began to wait on the Lord. And that's what we're going to do this morning. We're just going to wait on the Lord around His Word. We're just going to....and I want you to open your Bibles to Psalm 24. And psychologists have done studies. At Harvard they've done studies called The Power of the Dominant Emotion. And they've put a person in a room and they've said, okay, what I want you to do is I want you to sit there and think of something that makes you really, really, happy....or really, really, angry. And I want you to think on that thing for 15 (50?) minutes until you just feel inside of you that you feel that joy, or feel that anger, or whatever that has made you really angry until you....are actually consumed with that emotion. I want you to think about that. And then they bring in another person, 15 minutes later, and they have a divider between them so that this person can't see that person. And this person they just say think about nothing....just come in and sit down. And they find when they leave without even seeing each other, they leave the person that is on this side that is now in a state of great joy, or a state of great agitation or anger. And this neutral person comes in and sits down, but within 5 minutes, or a very short period of time, this person actually begins to take on the atmosphere. They actually begin to sense....because the atmosphere has shifted wordlessly. Without saying a word, the atmosphere has shifted and has taken over the entire atmosphere so that this person either enters into anger or enters into joy. And they call that study the study of the dominant emotion".

And I want to tell you that as believers you have power to change an atmosphere. This is not just some psychological study, although it is actually very effective. God says whatsover things are pure, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, think on these things. Meditate on them, because it will change you and it will change your atmosphere. You've probably all met those peole when they come in to work they're just always happy. And what happens is that they make the entire office happy. Everybody around them gets happy with them. Or those grumpy people. They make the whole bank angry. I've been in banks where I....finally I changed one bank because every time I went in there every teller was grumpy, everybody was grumpy. I would leave the bank grumpy. I'm not going to this bank anymore. But I realized too, that I can actually change it when people were grumpy and if I was happy....bless them and say thank you, have a great day. For the time that I was in there I could change the atmosphere, even in that grumpy bank....but I stayed there for quite awhile. But I tell you that as a preamble to what we're going to do today. We're going to take the Word of God, and all of us collectively like they did in the Upper Room. We are going to begin to meditate. We're going to wait on God this morning. We're going to wait on the Lord, we're going to renew our strength. We're not doing it just for ourselves. We're actually going to enter into something so we can shift the atmosphere over the city of Chicago. A hundred and twenty people waited until they heard the sound, until the atmosphere broke open. You know, more people were saved in that one day, the Bible records, than any of the life of Jesus. It says that Jesus had larger crowds , but it never says 3,000 came to Jesus in one day because of anything Jesus did. They may have come (done?), but I don't know....it does say in the book of Acts that something happened that the atmosphere was so completely different that 3,000 got saved in a day, even out of a very bizarre looking behavior. So here we go, lets take this and let's see what happens. You all have a Bible? Open your Bibles to Psalm 24 and here we go. The earth is the Lords, and all it contains. The world and all those who dwell in it. Lord we come today believing your Word. We believe that the whole earth is Yours. That you are the creator. That you created the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies, the universe. You created the oceans and the trees. You created the mountains and the valley's, the mountains, the plants and the animals. You created man in Your image. It belongs to You because you made it. We worship you this morning, God, and we say the earth is the Lord's and everything it contains. It's Yours because you made it, Creator, God. You are the creator of all things, and Lord we honor You today. We say we agree that this earth it belongs to Jesus. Without Him nothing was made that has been made. He was there, He is there....the Sovereign Creator, it belongs to Jesus. Everything, everything in the earth. The earth is the Lord's and all it contains. The world and all those who dwell in it. Lord we say every human, every nationality, every race, every tribe, every people, every tongue. For they are all Yours. All the people who dwell in it, Lord, You have purchased them with your own blood you have purchased men from every tongue, and every tribe and every people, and every nation for Yourself. And in heaven, God, they are all there around Your throne, worshipping You forever and ever, gazing upon the One on the throne. There they are, God. They all belong to you. You have enough power in Your blood, Lord, to save every single soul of the earth. All the billions, God, they actually belong to You. You purchased them by your own blood, God. Lord, we cry out for their salvation. We cry out, Lord, that they would appropriate the shed blood of Jesus, that they would have faith in the sacrifice of the cross, Lord. We intercede for all those who dwell on the earth, because they belong to You.

Lord, we say Chicago is the Lords, and everything it contains. Chicago is God's. And all the kingdoms of Chicago, God. The kingdoms of wealth, the kingdoms of power in this city. Lord, they all belong to You. All of that wealth is there ultimately for the Glory of God, and because in heaven they say wealth belongs to God. Power belongs to God, glory belongs to God. Worthy is the Lamb to receive wealth, and riches and glory and honor and blessing and power and praise. Lord we see Chicago....Chicago. Sing that again: Chicago Is The Lord's (Steve Swanson singing) Chicago is the Lord's, and all that is therein, Everything belongs to You, Chicago is the Lord's, and all that is therein, Everything belongs to You. Chicago is the Lord's, and all that is therein, As everything belongs toYou. Chicago is the Lord's and all that is therein, 'Cause everything belongs to You. The world, the cities,and all those who dwell in them. Lord, they really, truly are Yours. For they've been stolen, they've been deceived, many of them...led away by false gods, false idols. We intercede for them...all of them that dwell in Chicago. You see we have the power this morning to change the atmosphere over Chicago by decreeing the Word of God, so just begin to cry out that every person who lives in Chicago is the Lords! Every nationality, from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor! They belong to Jesus! Begin to cry out, begin to call out, begin to decree that those who live in Chicago are the Lords! All those, all of them! All of them are for God! All of them have been purchased! Lord, we cry out for their salvation! For the salvation of every single person! Lord, Your arm is not too short that it cannot save! You can save every person, you can save an entire city. Lord, help us to go and ascend the hill of the Lord, God! We are asking God, to see the city as you see it! To see these people how you see them! Lord, they belong to You! And we say they belong to Jesus! God, we ask for their salvation! We cry out for the salvation of an entire city. God, for every Muslim in this city, Lord, we say bring them to Jesus! Lord, give them the right of the glorious revelation of the gospel, God! We ask God, may we say that ultimately they really, truly, belong to You, God! We want them to come to You, God! We ask for their salvation! We intercede for every Muslim in this city, Lord, they belong to You! You have purchased them with Your own blood. Now begin to call out. We're going to focus on the Muslim population right now! Begin to see yourself changing the atmosphere over the Muslim centers of this city. Oh Lord Jesus, to the mom's! Lord we ask, God, the spirit of true revelation, the spirit of prophecy, the testimony of Jesus would invade those moms. For those sons of Abraham, God, we cry out, God. Steve Swanson singing: It all belongs to You, It all belongs to You, (repeated) All of them, all of them who dwell in Chicago are the Lord's. All of them, all of them, all of them. Lord, give them the light of the glorious gospel! Shine on them! Shine on them! Shine on them! God we move to the rich. Lord, in the Spirit we go to the rich areas of this city. We say they belong to You, all those people, God. We want them all! We want the rich! God, you want them, God you want them, God, we ask, God, that they would honor You with their

wealth. Riches are there for the praise of God! For the glory of God! Worthy is the Lamb to receive riches, God! We ask for those people, Lord, who've been consumed by money at the expense of Jesus, we intercede! We ask, God, that they would know true riches. That they would know true riches, Lord, in the riches of the knowledge of God, we pray for them, God! We ask, God, for salvation to come to their house today! Lord, to the Zacheus's of today, to the Joseph of Arimathea's today, Lord, we pray for them, God, we intercede for them , God, that they would know what true riches are, true riches, God, not just the riches of this world, God. Help them not to be consumed with the wrong kind of wealth and the wrong purposes for wealth. The poor. The poor, God, the poor and the homeless. They belong to God. The poor of Chicago. (Singing: all belongs to You...) You are close to those who are broken and contrite. All of them, all of them, all of them...each and everyone. Lord, You know where they are, Lord. We send our prayers, Lord, to the homeless, the poor...those who don't have enough money to pay their rent and to buy food, Lord....who are facing eviction, Lord, we cry out for them! We ask, God, that You would use their circumstances to turn them to You. To Jehovah Jirah. Turn, turn. Turn them, turn their hearts, turn their minds. Come home. Father, we pray that as You became poor, so that we could become rich, Lord, we ask for an incarnational gospel through your Church, that they would become poor, that they would go to the poor. Blessed are the poor. You yourself said blessed are the poor. We ask for the blessing of God to come on the poor. We pray for the poor of Chicago, God, we say they're Yours. You desire them, You want them. You love them. Your heart is for them. You are close to them. Turn them today, Lord. Turn them. The earth is the Lord's. Chicago is the Lord's, and every person who lives in Chicago. Lord You founded the earth on the seas. You established it on the rivers. You founded this city, God. This geography. Lord, you founded it, Lord. You are the founder of all things, Lord. Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it, Lord. Unless a city is build on the Lord, they labor in vain, Lord. We ask God, for a foundation in this city, Lord, a strong foundation to the entire framework of the city. Found it, Lord. Refound it, reground it, God. Refound it and reground it, God. We are seeking to change the entire atmosphere of a city today, Lord, where we believe that this city is Yours. These people are Yours. Lord, we're asking for a new foundation to come to this city, Lord. Around this city, around the Great Lakes, God, the wind that comes through here....that the winds of the Holy Spirit blow through here. We're calling out for the winds. Lord we ask for the winds of God the sound of a mighty, rushing wind of the Spirit of God to blow through here and refound it, and re-establish it, Lord, wherever it's going....alignment between heaven and earth. We ask Lord come and bring a new foundation. Come and bring a new alignment. Found it, ground it, establish it. Estabish Chicago. Here we come, God. Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? First we decree what is true over this city. And now we enter into Your presence. Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? This Psalm...this particular Psalm is called the Psalm of ascent. And in the Bible, Jeruselem, for those of you who have been there, it's actually set on a hill. You actually have to climb up this whole revine. And when they would go to worship. People coming from Bethlehem...and people coming...you know they would have annual feasts, and all the people would come to Jeruselem, they had to actually, literally, ascend a hill to get to the presence of God and to the Ark of the Covenant where God dwells in by His Spirit He was actually there. And they had to ascend the hill of the Lord, and this Psalm is a Psalm of ascents to prepare yourself to go into the presence of God. And all the Israelites prepared themselves as you know the priests would prepare themselves with washing clothes, and incense, you know, and put on garments and get themselves completely ready. People also had to consecrate themselves.

So here we are. We're going to ascend into the presence of the Lord this morning. Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? We're going. We're going up. We're going up, we're going up the mountain of God. We're ascending the hill of the Lord. We're going up into His presence. We're going up where we are going to seat ourselves in heavenly places again where we will rule and reign with Him, where we as an equally yoked lover we will be byHis side eternally as the Bride of Christ. We're ascending into the presence of God. Who may stand in the Holy Place? The veil has been ripped in two. We're going to really be standing in the Holy Place of God where this is no distance...free access into the Holy place of God to stand with God. Stand in His Holy Place, to look at Him, he who has clean hands and a pure heart. Lord today we cleanse our hands because your Word say, God, we cleanse our hands we sinners and we examine ourselves daily as we fall into the deceitful of sin...into the deceitfulness of sin, God, we judge ourselves that we be not judged. Lord, we come this morning, humbly. We just begin to say this, "search me oh, God...search me oh, God. See if there be any wicked way in me." Just do it yourself here. Because if we're going to change an atmosphere, we need to first change our own hearts, align our own hearts. If you just begin to sing this, "search me, oh God. See if there be any wicked way in me." Cleanse our hands. (Steve Swanson sings, and what's in paranthesis is spoken by Stacy...didn't include them all, as what's sung is exactly the same as what was said many times.) Search my heart, And see if there be any wicked ways in me. And search my heart, See if there's any wicked ways in me. Come search my heart. I wanna walk in the light, (as He is in the light) And search my heart, As you are in the light, As you are in the light. Search my heart, And see if there be any wicked ways in me, Lord. And search my heart, I wanna walk in the light, As You're in the light. Come search my heart, And see if there would be any wicked ways in me, Take out the darkness, Come cleanse our hands. (purify me Lord) Purify me, Lord, Purify my heart, oh God. See if there be any wicked ways in me, in me, I wanna walk in the light, as You're in the light, Walk in the light, as You're in the light, I wanna walk in the light. (every thought, Lord) As You're in the light, Every thought is Yours, (every thought captive to the obedience of Christ) Every thought, Lord, sanctify, Lord, I set my eyes, Lord, wholly on You. Every thought, Lord, every thought, Lord, Sanctify, sanctify to You.

So search my heart, And see if there would be any wicked ways in me, Lord, I wanna walk in the light, as You are in the light. I wanna be, right there with you Lord, Right where you are. Remove everything that would keep me away from You, Away from you. No boundaries, no barriers, No walls between us, Lord. No boundaries, no barriers, No walls between us, God. No boundaries, no barriers, No walls between us, Lord. Remove the stumbling blocks, (purify) And purify my heart. My mind, (intents) my thoughts, my heart,... (No jealousies, no competition, no anger, no gossip, no impurity) Remove (...no unholiness), Remove them, from me. (Lord, I confess my sins today to you, Jesus) I confess my sins to you today, (bad attitudes), Cleanse me once again. (Today I do it again, God) Here are my hands, (I examine myself today), Here is my heart (so I don't fall into the deceitfulness of sin) Here are my eyes, Lord, (my hands), Here are my ears, Lord, (here I am) I only want to see what You do, I only want to hear what You're doing, I only want to do what You do, Purify, purify my heart. I only want to see, what You see, (search) I only want to do what You do, (cleanse me) Search my heart (purify it), Cleanse my hands, Search my heart (forgiveness, forgive me, Jesus) Cleanse my hands, Give me a pure heart, clean hands, A pure heart, clean. Give me a pure heart, and clean hands, So that I might ascend Your holy hill. Give me a pure heart, (here we come, Jesus!) and clean hands, (we're coming up, Lord!) A pure heart, and clean hands (we're coming up into Your presence!) That I may ascend (because of the blood of Jesus!) Your holy hill, Here I come Lord, here I come, Lord (Your hand's upon us!) Pure heart, (You purify our minds) clean hands,(Your blood's over me) Pure heart, (here we come, Jesus!) I wanna ascend. Pure hands, clean heart (here we are come! We're coming into Your presence...whoo-whoo! Come to stand before the living God and the light!) I wanna ascend. Pure heart (pure heart, clean hands) Pure heart, I wanna ascend,(pure heart, clean hands, because of the blood of Jesus. We believe in the Blood of Jesus) Pure heart, clean hands (thank you, God)

Pure heart, I wanna ascend, Stacy: You're the propitiation for our sins. Not for our sins only, for the sins of the whole world, the sins of all of Chicago, God, forgive them. We plead Your blood for Chicago. You're able to forgive every sin, God, when it's confessed. If we confess our sins, faithful, You're just, to forgive us from all our sins and cleanse us from all, all, all, all, unrighteousness! Thank You, thank You, Jesus! Thank you, God! We're coming up to stand in the holy place! Here we come! Coming up, coming up, (coming up) Coming up, the holy hill (step by step...) We're coming up, coming up, the holy hill, (we're coming in, we're coming up, we're coming in your holy hill, here we go...repeated...) Coming up, etc. (the fellowship with you. The fellowship is with you, the fellowship...we're standing in Your holy presence. Lord we stand right before You in the light of God. Search, cleanse, from all unrighteousness. We stand in unapproachable light. You are the light of the world. We have the light of God in us.) You're amazing, You're amazing! Stacy: Standing, in the holy place, shine, shine, shine, none left out, none left behind, everyone free access. Same way, everyone in this room. All of us in this room. All of us, all of us. Shine on us God. We confess our sin, You're faithful, You're just, You cleanse us from our sins. All unrighteousness, God, we stand in the holy place with clean hands, and pure heart. We do not lift up our soul to falsehood. Lord, every lie we reprudiate, we eschew God, we cast it far from us. We ask for the truth, the truth that sets free. We long to be filled with truth. Your Word is truth. Jesus is the way, the truth. Jesus is the truth, Jesus is the truth. Lord, we want no falsehood. We want the truth, we want Jesus to lead us by His truth. We ask for the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. Lord we ask, God, for Chicago to acknowledge the truth, to have no idols, to not swear by falsehood, have no deceit, Lord, in the goverment, in the banking system, in the education system, no lies, no lies in the universities, no lies, no false philosophies, no false idealogies! No, we don't want falseness! Lord, we want the truth, we honor the truth! We worship Jesus who is the way the truth and the life! We want Jesus over Chicago! Lead us in the truth! Holy Spirit, lead us into all truth! Your Word is truth, we love the truth, we worship the truth! Jesus, we worship Your truth! Come and establish your truth in the city, oh God! Lord, come to the universities, come to the colleges, come to the high schools, the elementary schools! Permeate them with truth! With the spirit of truth! Come spirit of truth! Come, come, come! Raise the light of the truth! Salvation! Let us know the truth! Let Chicago know the truth, and Lord, set us free by your truth! Yes, God, we welcome truth! We call out for truth! We call out for these truths! Yes, Lord, we honor the truth. We will know the truth, and the truth will set us free! Chicago, Chicago freedom! Freedom to the truth! To the truth! Give us the truth! Give us the truth! Yes! Truth, truth, truth! We want truth! Freedom into all truths! (Freedom! The truth has come, the truth has come to Chicago! (To all the stadiums, to the university classrooms with truth! Save the professors!) Freedom! The truth has come to Chicago! (across America, too!) Freedom, we need freedom (freedom, set us free! You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!)

know the speaks)

The truth has come to Chicago (prophecy over Chicago, prophecy that they will truth!) Freedom! The truth has come to Chicago....(keeps repeating while Stacy

Begin to prophecy over Chicago, prophecy that they might know the truth, and the truth will set them free! Salvation, liberty, justice, liberty, justice, righteousness, freedom, freedom Chicago! Prophecy, prophecy! Freedom! You shall know the truth! The truth will set you free. You shall know the truth, You shall know the truth. The truth will set you free! No false hope, no pride, no deceit, no delusion! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! We bind deceit, we bind pride, we bind delusion, we bind injustice! We loose truth, we loose The Truth, we loose Jesus Christ as the Truth! We loose the testimony of Jesus! The spirit of prophecy. Lord come and visit the nation (unable to understand the words here)...all over the city...the spirit of prophecy! (Steve sings in Spanish same message). Chicago you will know the truth....you will know the truth, government....on the streets...you will know the truth...the nation will come to you...work places....truth, truth, truth. We call out for the spirit of truth! Spirit will lead us into all truth. (can't hear clearly what Stacy is saying...missed some...the music is loud) And the truth has set us set free (repeats) Liberty! And justice to all in Chicago! Chicago! The Truth! Know the Truth! Yoowhoo! Freedom! Freedom! And the truth has come to Chicago! (Spanish: Liberda?, etc., someone else singing with him?) The truth as set us free! Freedom! Visitation! Truth! Liberty! Lord, we pray that Chicago will receive the blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of her salvation. Lord, we ask for this blessing come upon Chicago, the blessing of truth, the blessing of freedom, liberty and justice for all, God. Righteousness from the God of her salvation. This is the generation of those who seek You, who seek Your face. The Jacob generation who seek the face of God! They are rising all over Chicago, even now! A Jacob generation who seeks your face, God! There they are! All over Chicago this Sunday morning Lord, we say Jacob is here! Jacob is here all through the churches, Lord! There are many Jacobs in this city seeking You even now, God! We join with the Jacob generation. And we seek Your face together, Lord, all the churches now worshipping you, God, seeking Your face. We are one body, You have made us one, God, and we seek Your face together for your purposes in this city. And we end by saying, lift of your heads all you gates of Chicago. Be lifted up ancient doors over Chicago, that the King of Glory might come into this city. Lord, in every street, let the name of Jesus be worshipped. In every household let the name of Jesus be lifted high. In the workplace, in the universities. Lord, even turn them off (?) to the places of worship of Jesus. Lord change, even things..buildings Lord, we sanctify them. we ask for the truth to so permeate the city that everyone...the city is the Lord, and everyone that lives in it would honor the King of Glory, that the King of Glory may come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord of Hosts, He is the King of Glory. King of Glory....King of Chicago....King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Lord of Chicago. Who is this King of Chicago? Who is the King of Glory? The Lord, strong and mighty. You are strong to save, God. You are mighty in battle. Come with the double edged sword over Your mouth and strike down, Lord, every thing that....strike down the nations, Lord, strike down the things in the cities that exalt themselves above the knowledge of God. Lord we ask for You to come to this city, King of Glory, King of Glory. ----------------------------

You can do this anywhere. You can do this in the privacy of your own home. You need to understand that the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you. You have the power. You are not under the circumstances. You are dwelling in heavenly places with Jesus. And a room this size has the power to change the atmosphere over an entire city for the salvation of thousands. And if you did this...they only had to wait 50 days. Fifty days after Jesus was crucified, killed in the same city, and in the same city where that atrocity took place, that revival was born. It doesn't matter the atmosphere, it only matters what we believe. And that we become the dominant faith speaking culture. We release faith with our mouths, and it begins to permeate the atmosphere over a city, that people that aren't even thinking about anything, will walk into that atmosphere, fall on their face and say God is here, come to God, come to God. I just want to encourage you, because a lot of times we think that it's the amount of people that matter. It's not the amount of people. Jesus took a group of thirty thousand and pared them down in the Old Testament, God did, and pared them down to three-hundred, and with the right attitude and right amount of faith, and changed a nation, and won the battle with just a small group. And where two or three are gathered He is there. And we have to start exercising the authority. All authority in heaven, and all authority on earth, in Chicago, all authority in Chicago belongs to Jesus. We go therefore, making disciples of cities, okay? I'm just reducing it to something we can grasp. But in the Bible it says discipling the nations. And you have the power to do this. So I encourage you to keep on doing it...even without Steve, although it's a lot easier if you're with Steve. You can do it...you can get his CD. Theresa can sing it. She can come up, and you can go into it. You know, there's so much power inside of you to change things. And I feel this is a John the Baptist community that's preparing the way of the Lord for Chicago. And if you keep doing it, you know revival's going to break out. Here, it's going to break out here, it's going to break out there, it's going to come to one church, it might come to your church, and it might come to another church. Who cares what church it comes to. It might not even come to a church. It might come to the streets, it might come to the government building. It might start in the Muslim community! They might just start having visitations of Jesus, and mom's come to God, and lead their whole congregants! I've heard of that going on in the world. In fact, I was just with a guy in Vancouver, and he's a Coptic priest...charismatic Coptic priest. He said there are more Muslims coming to Christ. He's leading a whole movement through the Middle East. In Arabic he's preaching, in Arabic from the Koran and millions of Muslims are coming to Christ. And he's saying ten million a year are coming to Christ in Egypt...I don't know how many there are in Iran. He said there's a massive revival now going on underground in the Muslim nations. He says more Muslims are coming to Christ in this last decade than throughout their history since Islam started. It's amazing what's going on. God is massively...Aslan is on the move. God bless you. It's been wonderful to be with you. Make yourself informed. Pray the Word. These are all tools to help you do this. You can do it while you're driving. You can do it in the privacy of your own home. You can do it by yourself, you can do it in small groups, you can do it and change the atmosphere of a city. So God bless you. Pastor Theresa: This lady has preached our heart, amen? I tell you when those flags came out....come on America! Come on church of America, come on Chicago! And America change the world! Come on somebody! I don't even want it to end. But this is our last meeting....

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