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INTRODUCTION Objective & Scope of the project: Objective: In the ONLINE EXAMINATION, Student may register them for

particular course. They can use this Examination process sitting at College Campus. Student may register on or before date and time that managed by the Institutes. This Windows Application provides facility to conduct online examination at college campus. It saves time as it allows number of students to give the exam at a time and displays the results as the test gets over, so no need to wait for the result. It is automatically generated by the server. Administrator has a privilege to create, modify and delete the test papers and its particular questions. User can register, login and give the test with his specific id, and can see the results as well. Exam can be done at any time by using LAN in College. By doing this online, Student and institutes management can save their time. Student can also collect other information related to the institute on the given Project by this project. There are two types of people who participate in this system one is the user and other is the administrator. The administrator is responsible for writing and scoring examinations. He can add question to the database, add new user to the database and issue a valid ID for that user. The examinee takes up the test and gets the result immediately for each section.

Scope: This can be used in educational institutions as well as in corporate World. This can be used anywhere any time as it is a windows based application (user Location doesnt matter). There is no restriction that examiner has to be present when the candidate takes the test. It fulfils all an office application automatically with minimal overhead.

Definition of problem In the current Examination System of ECA, Student may face several problems for Examination the courses offer by ECA. Problem like, Student may registered the course within the fixed Date and Time that can be mention by the ECA administration, behind this the problem is that, Student that are living far away will

face difficulty to reach the campus for Examination on given Date and Time due to there works or a certain problems. And because of this they register the course out off date and time, and then they have to pay fine for late Examination. When power failure or any system interruption occurs than student give exam from starting, that means students time wasted.

System Analysis &Design vis--vis user requirements An Online Examination application will enable students to use the COLLEGE LAN to online Examination for Exam in the Institute. The Online Examination application will have the following functionalities: I. The application will enable a user to Exam. II. The application will enable a student of the Institute to register to use the application. III. The application will enable registered members can not re-Examination after entering their Examination details. IV. The application will enable to view Examination details to the administrator. V. The registered user can not be able to modify any personal details such as address or phone number after Examination. VI. The application will also provide the facility to download form to Examination via post. Following are the modules of Online Exam software