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Daily Lesson Plan For Mathematics

Class Number of pupils Date Time Subject Topic Prior Knowledge

: 4 Mutiara : 34 pupils : 14th July 2011 ( Thursday) : 7.15 a.m. 8.15 a.m. (1 hour) : Mathematics : Decimals : Pupils have learnt 1) Multiply any decimal of one decimal place with one-digit number, 10, 100 and 1000

Learning Area Learning Objective

: Multiplication of Decimal Numbers : Pupils wiil be taught to: 1) Multiply decimals up to decimal places with a whole number.

Learning Outcome

: Pupils will be able to: 1) Multiply any decimals of two decimal places with one-digit number

Teaching-Learning Resources Moral Values Thinking Skills

: textbook, chart, flash card, sweets : Cooperation, confidence,courage,discipline,helpful : Knowledge: Identify,list Comprehension: Discuss, Explain Application : Calculate

Procedure/ Content Allocation of time Set Induction 5 minutes (7.15 a.m - 8.15 am) Picture of sweets

Teaching Learning Activities


1. Teacher will put a Teaching

bottle of sweets in front resources: of students. Sweets 2. Teacher will ask them how many students they want with condition should be more than 2 and less than 5. Thinking skill: Calculating, list

Moral 3. Student will tell how values: many sweets they want. Confident, 4. Teacher will ask cooperation them to calculate the price of the sweets based on the number of sweets they want and the price is RM0.25 per piece. 5. Student will calculate the price and tell teacher. 6. For those who can answer correctly get sweet they ask from teacher.

Lesson Development Step 1 20 minutes (7.20 a.m-7.40 am)

A) Multiply any decimals of two decimal places with one-digit 0.25 X 3 ______ ______ Question: The volume of a pail is equal to total volume of 2

Teaching Aid: Chart 1. Students who get correct answer write the way of calculating on blackboard. 2. Teacher will introduce today topic 3. Teacher will explain one more example using the chart. Moral Value: Confident Thinking Skills: Discuss,

bottles. What is the volume of the pail in the capacity of each bottle is 1.52 litres? Answers: Step 1: 1.52 l X 2 ______ ______ Step 2: Regroup the tenths 10 tenths = 1 one Step 3: 1.52 l X 2 ______ ______ Step 4: Write decimal points according to its place value Example:1) 4.07 x 5 = 4. Teacher will give 1 more example to make students clear and ask students to answer the question.
1. Teacher provide a 3 04 04


Lesson Development Step 2


15 minutes

(7.40 a.m 7.55 a.m)

flash card to all students. 2. Teacher asks all students to line up. 3. There is a question in the flash card that provided by teacher. 4. Students have calculate and get answer for the question. 5. For those who get correct answer have to

TeachingResources: Flash card Moral Value: Cooperation, Discipline, helpful Thinking Skills: Calculate

Lesson Development Step 3 (7.55 8.10 am) 15 minutes

Individual (Texbook)


fina the box which show similiar answer with students. 6. If they can find they will stand on the box. 7. Winner for this game is based on the students who can find more friends who has similar answer with them. 1) Teacher ask Teaching students to open resources: textbook. Textbook 2) Teacher will choose 5 question and ask Thinking students to do it on skill: notebook. Calculate 3) Students are given Moral 10 minutes to values: answer the question. Confident,
4) After

minutes courage teacher ask 5 students to do it on blackboard.


5) Teacher check their answer and ask them to do correction if they do it wrongly. Closure 5 minutes (8.10am 8.15am) 1) Teacher writes 2 questions on blackboard. 2) Teacher selects two students to answer the questions. 3) Teacher asks the students to explain their answer. Thinking skill: Calculating Moral values: Confident