''I must commend director Kinka Usher and the film's producers for thejr efforts in polishing what was a rough gem to start with lnto a


fmy, eccentric joyride that manages to combine real heatt, character humor, and broad superhero satire into somedting that is both

rvildlv original and familiar in all ihe best ways. The lstoryl is


lconderful way to not only allou'each character to shine, but to allow ihe.\.Iilstery Mn to actually be ihe heroes they want to be. One of the film s major charms is thai it never makes fur of the characters. Instead, ii takes delight in them, in the hysterical way ihey manage to combire boh the mmdane and the extraordinary to great effect. The film gives each oI the characters real digniiy, and the cast takes these grcat roles and runs with them. ln pafiiculat Bill Macy is a gigantic enormous larger-than{ife mor,ie siar in this film, md Ben Stiller and Janeane Carafolo continue to prole thenselves some of our most acconplished young comic performers. Paul Reubens is always welcome onscreen, and he should enjov a renewed career as a result of his sweet, somes'hat pathetic perlomance as The Spleen. I could go down the line and conpliment particular business ftom Tom Waits, Geoffrev Rush, Greg Kinnear, Eddie Izzard, Pras (oi The Fugees, thank you very much, everyone),Hank Azaria, Louise Lasset or Kel Mitchell, but instead, let me just offer all of them my congratulations. Thev are rvonderful. " -Moriarty, Afu't fl Cool Nerris

For veus, the teenage rock comedy geroe ho lain mostly dormant. But Deftait Rlck CitV revisits the frm-loving formai with a raucously fumy yet surprisinglv touching fable about the age-old adolescent quest for girls, g@d times, hot hnes dd the intoxicating lue of freedom. From New Line Cirema comes a coming-oi-age story that rocks four worlds. Edward Furiong, Ciuseppe Ardrews, Sm HMtintton and newcomer James De Bello star in the siory of four Midrvestern High Schoolers on an unstoppable quest to snag a quutet of KISS concefi tickets. Over the couse ol one ma" rl ight. each undere,oes a harron hg md hrlariou. erper ence - --F -? a. lo see the,r iarorire bdnd i- pilted dgain't authoritarian nightmues, parental hypocrisy, trials of conscience and the persjstent influence of disco. lAhat begins as the passionate pursuii oI a rock and ro11 fantasy tums into a sedes of hair-pin turns and comic misadventures with one over-riding 6oal: the Jiberty to pursue their own dreams. Using a fasi-paced, dizzfing style that seryes as the visual equivalent of the hamering riff, director Adam Rifkin caphrres not only a humorous nostalgia for the 70s but the etemal charms of living at


maximm volume.

Creetings from the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemal As August begins, we kick off another season of great programming here at the Alamo. In tlis calendar, you will find a listing of all our scheduled programing as well as a sampling from some of the upcoming Hollywood features we will be screening this quarter. The Alamo will be hosting events for all three o{ the major fali film festivals: Cinemalexas, The Cay and Lesbian lilm Festival and the Austin Film Festival. Specific programming has noi yet been amomced for Cinematexas or The Austin Film Festival, so check out our web page ( for detalls as the dates draw near. Earl)' in this calendar, we are venhuing for the first time jnto the Adme arena with a screening of Ghosl ur flu ShelL. A definite source of imagery content and style for ihis smmer's smash hit, The Matrix, this film wili blow you away u'ith it's frenetic energv. If the screening does n ell lool for more Arime screerings in lhe nc\t (dlerddr.

Murnau's 1922 classic, Nos/eratu, with live music by Bron'n Whornet,
and a rare screening of the original Nrghtmnrc an Elm Strcet.

In late July, we officially su'itched over to a new and improved Alano Menu. Our regular cutomers u'ill especiaiil appreciate the menu expansion with lots of new menu choices. Our u'onderiul crispy crust pizza norv cones topped two new wavs- with Aifredo sauce, chicken and mushrooms, and island style with Canadim bacon and pineapples.
For those rrho loi e our herb topped fresh baked bread, we now wrap those ro11s aroud burgers, both beef and veggie, and siuffed as a muffelata, just like thev make in Nerr Orleans. Those rvho have been to a Spaghetti Westen/Spaghetti least krow hou,rce ai the Alamo can make a mean marinara. Now get that tast)', spicl' sauce mv dal on a heaping portion of peme pasta. Or trv ihe pasta with pesto sauce and chicken. These md oihers are just a few
more reasons to love it at the -{lamol

This Halloween season, we have cranked the schedule into fear overddve, offering up some of ihe most amazing houor films ever made. Highlights of these filns are Full Moon Madness, a series o{ classic 1930's horror films presented by the Austin Film Society (screening the last Wednesday of every month), the Lucio Fulci Halloween Horror Festival, the Cannibal Film Festival, a screening of

Thanks agair to e\ervone for supporting the Alano and we look fon'ard to seeirg lou again soonl
Tim md Karie Leagle ormers, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Rtl.$Tlil' -lfiB[3T,Dlf{ilIa

$[D,A ffioyfi

CfiRoffl tf' B

I99,S",' '!8,tr5T'TflI{TIR (01{CESSl0l,lS l'?98"





44on ll{y t'

movies coupled rvith food specials that would make any real cmibal drool. Buy a pass for all six days and Bei a goodie bag so chock fu1l of prizes, you will be the envy of every kid on your block. For more iiibmation, see the iroide foldout of this calendarl
6 ciazy

([JlJl mr ]lllh ItSI SEPT 9-l I & SEPT I 6-r I cmibal

B|GGER, LoNGEH, UNCUT! Watch it at the Alamo and get an Alamo/Southpark Songbook!
The Alamo staked it's claim as Austin's favorite movie sing"a-long pulor with our rabble-rousing Academy Awards sing-aJong. With such catchy little tunes such as Llacle F****er and lt's Etsy, Mmnkay (q.k.a. D\n't Say S+a*, 9ay Poo), Southpark: Bigget, Iaudet, Uncut seemed a perfect candidate for our next sing-a-long feature. We commissioned a task force to painsialdngly transcribe ali of the song lyrics from the fiim, and prodoce a limited edition, fm{illed Southpark Sing-along companion. Every pahon coming to see Southpuk at the Alamo will receive a compiimentary Southpark songbook at no extra charge. Come early, the sing-along video will roil before the featwe. We will also be leaturing the early college films of Trey Parker,



tl" Au:lirr

I ilm societ) preqentq:

Full fr(aan /(nlrne>>
lqt0'* Horror Films
lVhen the full moons rise l\i- Iall. lool oul tor thE,ooolie,t 5ene5 eler to hit the screens oi Austin. The Austin lilm So'ciety spotlights the horror classics of the 1930's, a different film on the last lVedresday of e\ery ron!h. fhe lo'10- wa> a robu'L decade or Amcr'corr horro-, so look for this sedes to continue into the future. Featured 6lms in this
calendar ate:

Last Wednesday of Every Month!

creator of Southpark, including a film in which Trey plays Elr,is and
whole host of other rare Southpark related video clips.


August 25, The Inoisible Man
September 29, F/erks Octobet 27 , The Old, Dark House

See the reverse side of this calendar or check out our web page ( for more information aboLlt these screenings.




[01t"T ]ilts$

B10w0uT PARTY! WATGH TEf,AS'TIAM: THt llALlAS G0WB0YS! ;0u0w nrcff wflltAils AilD rHE sAtltTs!

rff Anilo suPEnBowt



Last year, the Alamo dove headfirst into football, screening the best of college and pro gmes on lhe movie screen. Wth seatin8 iocused directly on the screen and full chena soud and picture size, the,{lamo is perfectlv suiied for showing sporting events. This vear proves to b€ €\,en bettet witli brand new, brighter, state-of-the-at video projection, brmd new JBL cinema speakers, and a new menu nour feahuinS bu8er5 md home fries and rotating beer specials. Leave the sporis bas behind md come to the spot for hue spofis fans: The Alamo Dralthoue Cinema. Check our web page at, our daily statesman ad, or our weekly Chronicle ad for schedules ild gmetimes.
1999 UMVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHEDULE North Carolina SL 7:30pm ET

(1999, Bob Ray) Hmds doil'n, we at the Alamo thought Rocl Apen was the best most exciting picture of SXSW '99. We were so taken, we have decided to team up with the dircctor and produce$ and host the iheatrical premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Roct Opdla is the comedic tale of local musicim Toe's shuggles to put together a tour for his band. Through selling dirt weed, stabbing people in the back, and double crossing half a dozen of the meanesl sons ofbitches in Texas, Toe puts himself in a position to achieve his dreams. Proceeds from the scrcenings benefii the Austin Cinemaker Co op and will help finance a 35m blon'up of the film. Come out and support one of




28 September4 September 11 Septenber 18 September 25 October 2 October 9 October 23 October 30 at November 6 November 13

Stanford,l2:00pmET at liutge$,8:00pm ET
Rice, TBA


ai Baylo4 TBA Kansas Siate, TBA ai Oklahoma, TBA Nebraska, TBA Iowa State, TBA at Oklahoma Staie, 2:00pm ET Texas Tech, TBA atTexasA&lr,1.TBA

Austin's hottesi young filmmakers and a film that was shot, written, produced, acted and directed all by Austiniies. See it now, md in five years vou can sali "Bob Ray, yeah, I knew that squinelly liitle guttersnipe il'hen he was yea big and still u'et behind the ears, and look at him now Mr highfallutin Ho1]]a.ood bigshot." For more information aboui the film and the premiere gala event on Sepiember 3, check the inside foldout of this calendarl


55 All you ron eot

SPIflAt I\|il.ITS!



CHRONICLE OR STATESMAN AD OR CALL 867-183' TO VERIFY! In addition to our regular new-release Hollywood features, the

AG1FI Htilt tESItVAl


Alamo offers up the follou.irg special screenings this fall. For our regular daily features, please check our ads h the Chronicle and Statesman or out web page at For home delivery ol this calendar, e-mail or send us your posial address.

(1999, Cass



Paley) Sex. Drugs. Behayal. Murder AIDS. Cass Paley's do.umentary is ihe irue life story of the skimy, bushy haired kid u'ho becme the biggesi name in adult entertaiment. The mytholodgy of John C. Holmes both unravels md grorvs denser as his character both on md off screen is dissected and malyzed in the recollections of those whose lives he lefi indelible marks upon. From his abusive childhood in rural Ohio to his ilse to super-stardom in 1970's pom as "Johmy Wadd," to his des.ent into drug addiction md finally his death from AIDS - this filn lays bare the darker side of Holnes'pemona and ihe bizarre, sociopaihic realitlr that govemed his daily existence. The people in his life (many rvho were the basis for characiers in the film Booglt Nfftts) *'ho speak about the deeply troubied, but charismatic Holmes includer the wife he married when he rvas
17 and




"Quite Possibiy the Most DisturbinB Film in ihe World."

kept secret from his porn industry colleagues for

19 years;

his l5-year-


old mistress whom he pimped lor drugs and money (md who developed a close, mother-daughter relationship wiih his first wife); the poJice detectives who investigated the drut-rclated murder in u.hich Holmes was a primary suspect; HolDes' last wife, a manipulative pom starlet who kept his friends md family away when he lay dying; md a myriad of aduit film stars and

"l have never, in all of m,v obscure-movie ft'atchlng years, Iilm as powerfully hanowing and stomach churning as The Unlold Sfory (a.k.a. Human Meai Pies). Bui that isn't to say thai it's noi recommended. A 1992 Hong Kong flick that kickstarted a huge wave of "true crime films over there, The Untjld Story has been markeied md dishibuted for the gowing gwailo (thats white folks') market for Hong Kong films. More pou'erful md morose that five Hdrryi Portrait 0f a Serial Killerc, The Untold Story rs btulal fra*, graphic, md horrtlyng. Had The Untold Stoty been made in the United Siaies, it would get a XXX rating for its tone alone (Who am I kidding? Afilm like this would NEVER get made in ihe U.S.) - not to mention ihe corotmt, exheme and ulira-realistjc gore. In Hong Kong, however, the fi]m was a smash hit, spawning countiess rip-offs and earning the HK equivalent of a Best Actor Oscar for Wong's portrayal of the human(1992, Danny Lee)


seen a

Immakers: friends and historians-

buichering main character.

" - Punky McScrubb,

Tapehearls Mooie Reuiews.

Double Screening: Fasl F aad Women aid Ta Saoe tlLe Lsn d and P eople. F ast Foad Wanen concerns women struggling io raise families in minimum wage jobs with no benefits. To Saae the Land and People,' newesi u'ork, gives an aitemative history of an enviromenlal group in eastern Kentucky in the mid '60s thai tried to abolish strip mining, one of the firsi grassroots enviromental organizations in the counirv. $5 Admission ($3.50 for AFS members and students). Filmmaker Ame Lewis will conduct a Q&A follou'ing the screening.

The Texas Documentary Tour has been established to facilitate and nurture Austin's incredible excitemeni about documentary fiLnmaking by

bringing in the top documentadans {rom aromd the comtry to screen their work, discuss theh strategies, and offer advice and insPiration to Ausiin's filmmaking comnunity. We present a new filmmaker each month. The Doc. Tour is supported in part by grants from the National F.ndowment for the Arts md the Texas Commission on the Arts.


(1998, Bob Ray) - Rock Opela premiered at ihe 1999 South by Southwest film Festival (SXSW), and according to SXSIV orgmize$, "Rocft Opera could very well be the consummate SXSW iiln. Never before has the mderground Austin music scene been brought to such glorious, poi-reeking life [Rock Opera] possesses that delicious sense of the absurd for which so many indie films stdve but very few achieve. Rock Operu could very well be the next Austin to inherit the low-budgei crown worn by Slacker and El Mariachi;'


RnY- FtLn0

(1980, Umberto Lenzi) "Lenzi eidrer scrapes the bottom of the barrel of Italian cinema or sits near the top of the heap of Italian trash film, depending on one's perspective. The skeletal plot of this feature involves drug dealers, studmts md Indian natives bent on revenge, but

"Quite Possibly the Most Disiurbing Film in ihe lVorld."



Marc Saviov of lle Ausliil Chranicle wites, 'At once sublimely accurate in its porhayal of the creepier end of the Austin music scene and scathingly fularlous, Ray's film is a spot-on quasi-pilody of the day-to-day exist€nce of struggling Austin musicians and their walmard ways." Arstin 360's Grmt Taitwrites, "Drugs, rock'n'rol1and a brief nod to sex (toys). Violence, gw, ioul lmguage md deadbeat slacking. A11 take fiont stage. So it's no real surprise that dris flick is so bloody fumy... ff you're not easily offended, this definitely shouid be somewhere near the top of your to-view list.'

really this is a nonstop horror show of torture, degradation and sadism. There's castration, a womm hmg by her breasts, severed linbs, brain eating, intestine eating, mimal slaughter, and other gruesome scenes too numerous to mention. This film caused quite a controversy at the time

of its release (originally rated X) and claimed to be bamed in 31 comtries. Camibal films dont come much harsher or more graphic
than this one, and it's not for those who are weak of heart or stomach.
We mean

itl" -Jerry Renshaw

This beautiful 35m ptnt ol Cailnibal Fercr u'as meticulously restored last year by Sage Stallone (Sly's boy) and Grhdhouse Releasrng.

(1989, Jim Jarmusch) A trilogv of off-beat, Beat-besotted tales, shot in gorgeous colout set in and around a seedy Memphis hotel. On one level it s about passers-throughr a.fapanese teenage couPle on a Pilgdmage to Presley's grave md Sm studiosi an Iialid taking her husband's coffin back to Rome, forced to share a room with a garruioB American fleeing het boyfriend; and m Engiish Elvis, out of work, out of luck in love and out of his head as he cruises round town with a friend. a brother-in-law and a 8m But on a deeper level, the film is about storytelling, about how u'e make comections behreen people, places, objects md time to create meming, and how, when these comections shift, meaning changes. The filn is loaded with a host of bizzare characier. Best of all are Screamin' Jay Hawkhs md Cinque Lee as argumeniative hotel receptionists hooked on Tom Waits' laie night radio show They, md Jarmusch's remarkably civilised direction, hold the whole shaggy dog affail togethet turning it into one of the best films of the yeat. -Time Out Film Guide


Rocl Opera tells the story oi Toe, a local musicim who struggles endlessly to prt a tour together for his bmd. Toe will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, including behaying his friends md becoming an uwiliing player in shady drug deals gonebad.

(1982, Paul Bartel) The most delicious blackiy comic collision of sex, food md murder, Bartel's film arrives as a delightful surprise from the

entirely in Austin and utilizes some of Austin's most infamous bands. The score was composed by Kurtis D. Machler (local musiciary composer, engineer, and producer) and 7lj Deluxe nd the soundtrack includes several bands that define the Austin music scene including the Plcktt FishRlilen, Vlllage, ELI Hall, El Flaca, the Oad(pipes, Ttllboy, Squat Tl1tltst, Chetubs, lhe Phantom Creeps, Anlebellum, Honky, El Insect], Huseshit Gunfite, Pong and more. Live performances by the Fockemos, Pigpoke, Witchbmger, and the only Grammy nominated, fire breathing, non-Austin bmd in the filn, Nasftoille Passy showcase the gritty pmk rock mderbelly oi the "live music capltal of the world,
Rock Opern was shot






The opening night event on September 3rd will feaiue two screenings: ihe first will kick off at 7:00 PM wlih live music from Volfnge and the 9:30 PM screening rvill feature the PacLet FishRmen,the bmds wili play a half hour

set md the movie will follow. Guest speaker Richard Linklater will introduce the film's wdter-director, Bob Ray. Imediately after the each screening there will be a short Q & A with the cast and crew Roct Operu is
Austin filmaker Bob Ray's debut feature The screening is sponsored by the Austin Cinemaker Co-op and co-sponsored by the Austin Film Society.

former court jester of Roger Comans exploitation stable. Featuring Bartel himsel{ and his frequeni B-Queen, Woronov as the Blands, imocently stranded amid the hedonist detritus of LA, dreaming (like their Hollywood forebears, the Blandings) of rural retreat, Paul and Marys Country Kitchen. And dreaming vainly, mtil "accidental" homicide propels them into a scheme to exploit carnal as well as culinary appetites, luring disposable perverts to a deadpm doom with the haphazard help and hindrance of such {igures as Doris the Dominatdx md Hispmic hustler Raoul. The style stays stlaight-faced, the more to crease ours with the disparity between sick joke frenetics and a gentle, mruffled sitcom sensibility. A genuine treat for civilised
cannibals." -Time Out Film Cuirie






Chris Smiih, acclaimed director of the indie hit,4mericrr JoD, presents his new film Andri.a, Morie. The Texas Documentary Tour is supported in part by grants from the National Endou.meni for the Aris and the Texas Commission on the Arts- Check our web page ( or

Atstin Chronicle for details.


FRl, SEPT 24, 9:3O PM


Guillermo Del Toro) Surrounded bv the soul sear.hing storles and

rich imagery of Catholicism in his hometown of Cuadalajara, lvlerico,
Guillermo del Toro at the age of 2i began writing a s.ipt ior a \ ampire film $,ithout lrats, capes, caskets, or easiern European accents. Seven lears n'ouid pass bcfore ihis film, Croros, *'as rcalized. As a teenager, Cuillenno de1 Toro produced Super-S films, bui he could find no one to create the special effects that hc needed. So, afier studying theatdcai makeup and magic and acquiring expensive equipment, he opened his own specialeffecis compd, Necropia, in 1985 and created prosthetic makeup, puppets, and stop-motion animation for other directurs films. Meann4rile, he began

his quest for C/on0s."'Austin Chronicle) Come meet and talk il'ith
Guiilermo Del Toro as he introduccs his strurnlng arrard-u,inning feature, Cronos. Proceeds from ihis scrccninEi benciit CINEMATEXAS.

The Austin Film Sr)cicty prescnts: FULL MOON MADNESS 1930's Horror Films


(1932, Tod Brolvning) A superb and unique film from thai master ol the morbid, masochislic and macabre, Tod Bror,ning. Set in a traveling circus a milieu Browning knew and loved from his own expc'rience-it shoNs the reveng€ taken by a group ol circus freaks on a beauiiful irapeze artist and her strongnan lover afier ihey have tried to kill a midget (the marr.elous Harty Earles, one of the stars of 1)rowning's lle Unhol.4 Three) lbr his fortune. The basic themcs of the film are the strength in solidaritv of the indiYiduall\. weak freaks and the inner beautv of the phl'sicallv malformcd as compared to ihe greed and cleceit of the physically resplendent. Although using real freaks, Browoing's ireatment ls never voyeuristjc or condescending, but slrmpathetic in such a wav ihat afier a fe\\'nlrnutes te almost cease io perceive ihem as in my wa_v abnormal. There is a strong, black humor that, remarkablt lacks cruelit and a real sense of terror in the awful revenBe the wronged freaks exact. MGM never knerv rvhat hit then il'ith this film; ihev virtually disowned ii, and it remalned unseen in Britaio until the'60s. Ii has now achieved deserr,ed rccogniiion as a masfetprcce.' TinIE Ott F ilil I Gu id c

WED, SEPT 29,9:3O PM



(1975, Paul Bartel) DcdliT Rare 2000 is one of the finer drive in pieces to come from the House of Corman, combining as it does car chases, explosions, sex, entirely gratuitous violence, and on'ing to director Paul (Edllng Rdorl) Bartel, some genuine wit and comedy. It is the year 2000, hventy-one Jrears afier The World Crash of 79", and the biggest sporting evcnt for the masses is ihe Transconiinental Road Race, rvhere five racers anLl their na\.igators jump into heavily-customized cars and charge from Neu'York Memorial Stadium to Neil.L.A., the former seat of govemmeni. The road race also doubies as population control, wiih women of childbearing age worth 10 poinis, leens 40, children under hrelve 70, and folks over 75 a u'hopping 100 poinis. Death Rrce 2A00 also features Sylvester Siallone's debut role, for nhich Corman paid with a box of Fshirts.


Broderick defined geek chic a good iiiteen vears before it truly became popula4 he had the dual 8 floppies and tre cool duplex handsei modem, he could hack into the school computer anJ chmte his gmdes at wil1, md dont even rluestion the boys Galaga sk'l]i As we are now experiencing a new era of computer cooi, the Alamo Ieli it was iime to revisii the root sou(ce: l{a/.qrm?s. A movie thai chmged minds. provided career inspiration, and gave the subvemive high school i;eek masses an iconic hero. The most significmt benefii Wdlcdnes provided to society, however, rvas ihe fascinating neu'technique for buiterint com on the cob, painstakingly demosirated by Mr. Lightman ai the dimer table. \\€ u'ill be offering a white bread & hot buttered corn special for the duration oi WrlGrrfs. Pristine archive pilni courtesy o{ MCM.
(1983, Jolm Badham) Nlatherv





(1984, ives Craven) Wes Crar.en created one Lrf the most effectiYe horror movies of the 80 s (and the most popular character). ln conhast to mosi of fhe Ni$/?inal" sequels, the scarred supemaiural dream killer freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is mysierious and sca4', and he doesn'i $'ear out hjs welcome. The story centers on subulban schoolgirl Nancy Thompson (Heather l,angenkamp), h'ho's tr]iing to stav arvake to avoid the hoilors in her dreams. Her cop father llohn Saxon) doi:sn't believe hc'r, her divorced mother (Rone. Blaklel'), drinks, and her neighbor and rvould-be boyfriend lkrlmnv Dcpp) iails to proicct her Don't miss a rare oppofiunity to see one of the most terrif,ving mo!,ies ever mnde! Beautiful clean 35mm print.





The Austin Film Socjety presents: FULL Ir'IOON MADNESS -1930's Horror Films


(1932, James l\hale) Alongside Tle Brirle oflrankenstein,The Oltl Dark Houseis l\/halc s greaiest fiim, a masieilv mixture of macabre humor and effeclively gripping suspcnse. A \,erv simple story a group of travelen stranded by a storm take-shelter inlhe sinister, unNelcomrnEi lemm household, a gloomy


'i-\-Wf;.' 4,1'

- !!!H!H!!'-5fu

Jem Cohen presenis

his docemtary irsllilt e[f, a 10 year chronicle of the gromdbreaking punk rock band llgazl. The Texas Documeniary Tour is part by grants ftom the National Endou'meni for ihe Arts supported in and the Texas Commission on the Arts. Check our web page (wu,lr' or the Austin Chonicle for details.


The Austin Film Soc-r ty presents: FULL MOON MADNESS'-1930's Horror Films

(1933, James Whale, introduction
adaptation of HG Wells' tale of

THE IIIVISIB1E ilIAN WED, AUG 25, 9:3O PM 'Engrossing
by Harry
scientist made invisible by his exPeriments

wiih the drug monocaine. The megalomania that eroues upon Rain's ability to Bo about uroeen is played for suspense, paihos md iongue-in'cheek humor (he can'i go out in ihe rain, because it would make him look like a ddiculous bubble). The real strengihs oi the movie are Johr P Fulton's
remarkabie special effecis (Rains removing his bmdages to reveal nothing, footsteps appearing as if by magic in the snon'), lending much-needed conviction to the blatant fantasy; and ihe fact thai u'e nevel see the scienlisi lviihout hls bandages until the verY end of the film No wonder Karloff, disdainful of a role in which he would for the most Part only be heard, tumed down the part; but Rains, with his clear semitively inllected voice, was lucky: it made him astaL -TfuE Ott Filn Guide

(1990, Jean-Pierre Jeunet/Marc Caro) The near futuie: taking a job and a bedsit at a shabby rooming-house above a butcher's shop, ex clown Louison (Pinon) fa1ls for the butcher's daughter. But her father, unhappy about the blossoming romance, deals in human flesh: wiil Louison fall victim, or rviil the Troglodistes, an underground group of vegetarian fanatics, come to his rcscue? On to the slim stort s'riter-directors Jeunet and Cao pile a wealth of delicious comic detail. Each grotesquely larger-


than-life inhabitant of the scrofulous tenement has his own little story, visually, the film evokes Gilliam, L1nch, the Coens and Carne, but the allusions never get in the way of the nightmarish humor. The sets, special e{fects, photography,k pace and performances all contribute to the brash comic-strip vivacit-v,

and even the fairytale romance avoids sentimentalitv. Increasingly inventive as it progresses, Jeunet and Caro's fast, funny feature debut entertains from sinister start to frantic
flnish. -Tine Oilt Film Cuide


..,AND iIN }IAfiTS HOusE catts!


(1925, Harrv O. Hoyi) The Aiamo's Silent film classic seiles continues with the delightful stop-action classic THE LOST WORLD. Special

rHE t0$ woRlD (19251 Live Musical Acconpaniment by Golden Arm Trio & Brot'n Whornet THURS SEPT 9,7:OO & 9:3O



''Gha,l in the Slrell is a stuming work of speculative fiction, the first trulv aduli animation film io reach a level of literacy md visual exceilence. lts design, the poetry of iis visuals, and the depth of its themes set it aPart among science fiction films. My compliments to Oshii san - an imPortani visionary work." James Cameron (direclot olTluTetminator andThe Abyss) lnGhosl it the Shell, director Mamoru Oshii takes the PoPular, long ming mmga (Japmese comic book) by Masamune Shirow md boils it dom into a gO-minute fuiuristic thiller set in Tokyo in the year 2029 Motoko Kusmagi is a cyborg operative for Japan's toP secret Section 9 When Kusanagi md her partners go up against a devious superhacker known as The PuPPet Master,'evidence begins to lead to the highest brmches of the Sovement md causes Kusanagi io doubi her o*'n human identiry- For long-time mime faro md neophites alike, G/rosi 1il fre Srell on ihe movie screen is an eye-candy treai not io be missed.


26-28, MIDNITE

effects director Willis O' Brien, the nastermind behind the 1933 classic, KING KONG, takes his craft to the limit with the timeless tale of dinosaurs run amok in the city. This one of a kind print of THE LOST WORLD comes couitesy of the Eastman House, famed restoration orgmization and film archive. For over 60 years, 15 minues of THE LOST WORLD was considered lost forevel Last year, however, the mii.mC, lootagryd' froma ti m in''dgerd(:lih in lrague. lhe I d-bmil HoLcF rai.ed $80 000 for the re.rordti,'n. dnd the print i- fmally available for select theaters this vear. Enjoy this rare treai, a Pristine 35mm print of THE LOST WORLD with a new original live score composed md performed by ihe Golden Arm Trio md Brou'n \{4vrnet. Advance tickets availablel

(1979, Francesco Martino) "Here's mother entry in the ltalian-made gross-out category. The action begms in Manhattan, but soon moves to a remote island, sao$e a team of Americans show up to investigate a lunatic doctor whoperforms crude lobotomies. Guess what? They're soon laid rito by a tribe of Indonesian pygmies with a taste for "1ong pig". {lniirthis film lacks in technical polish or plot integrity, it more

than makes up for in realistic gut-munching, flesh-devouring SFX. A gorgeous yomg woman shows up, but is spared when the natives strip her and worship her as a Soddessll l\41at happens to the good doctor himself? Come see foi yourself, we're not giving that awayl" -Jerry




(1968, George l{ornero) "Zombies had long been a theme



in Holllvood

ihed-rtffLaltromer'.-irn.erie.ho5leJbvRPFIl\oren In patne$hip lvith Women Make Movies, the only organization devoted

rtt*rya woilE ri" tilll(i mou t s 4p AUG 28 & 29,4:30 PM

The cinematic event for which generations yomg ad old have been waiting ,nay praying, has finally arrived. The Alamo Drafihouse Cinema is Proud to present the 1ST ANNUAL CANNIBAL FILM FESTIVAL. Ou crack research


([Jl]lmr IltlUl

movies (White Zombie, I Walked With A Zombie), but wiih a l6MM camera, nonprofessional actors and a $20,000 budget, Pittsburgh auteur George Romero singlehandedly rejnvented the zombie as we know it. Don't look for any scientific expianations or happy endings here, because you won i find any. Instead, there's just mies of the undead stalking and dinjng on whatever hapless victim happen to gei in their way. This gut-churning chmel set the gromdwork for every livingdead movie io follow (shoot 'em though the head, if you get bitten you become one too, eic- etc.) and was destined to become one of the most influential horror movies of all time. Romero's grainy, low-budget B & lV cmera work brings a newsreel stench of authenticity to every shot as a disparate group oI sirangers hole up in a farmhouse and repel the shambling hordes of ghouls." -Jerry Renshaw

ffi " m mffiffiW4"*E*s#*4** em,.d*bft {.@*Ftr a qffifuffiffiffiffi
The Cinematexas



distrlbuting fjlms and videos made by women, Reel Women has put together a program of filrns by internatiomlly acclaimed women directors. Saturday features a Jane CamPion retrcspeciive wiih Pdel, Passionless Moilents, and ,4 Girl's Ouil Stoty Then Jane's sistel, Arma Campion, gives you a portrait of the artist in her film, Tle Aadiiior' Smday s progiam stirts off with 4 short films by "the women of cinemakei', brought io vou by rhe Austin Cinemaker Co-op, followed by Tina Dilelicimtonio md
so1aly to marketing and

staffhas scoured ihe globe io bring you the finest camibal film offerings ever produced. Spming the globe, from Hong KonB to Italy to our own native soil, this year's festival selections showcase the mmy facets of the film genre ihat dare not speak it's name: cmibalism. Everyone knows, holvever, thaf at the Almo, movies are jusi the begiming. During the entire rm of the Cmibal Film Festival, the Alamo u'ill be sewing dishes made with actual hunan flesh. From an ingredient pool of volunteers and the recenily

1999 lnternational short fllm+video festival

htemational Short Film and Video Festival retums to the Alamo to thrill audiences with its by now traditional display of visionarv provocative md enthralling work in the most creative but mder-seen film geroe: the short. Thwsday, Sepi.23rd will feature student work fi-om the top fllm school between the coasts: the UT Radio-Teievision-Iilm


lme C. Wagner's Tuo or

Three Things but Nothing/o/ Stle, a Portrait of author Dorothy Allison. Finaily, experience mardate, Morrocm style with Faiima Jebli Orrazzmi's Ifl W Father's Home. Fddays s.leenings are at ihe lexas Union Theatel Join us for the kick-ofI pariy at GSD&M Friday, August 20ih at 5:30pm. For more informalion call 280-8706. Sporoored by The 4us!l Chronicle, The Ciiy of Austin Cultural Contracts Program, GSD&M Advertising, The Four Seasons Hotel, The Austin Film Society, SPeakeasy, The Texas Commission on the Atts, Libertv Bank, and the Cinematexas Fnrichment Fund.

deceased, ihe Alamo will be offering such delectible oddities as handburgersrM, Texas Chili wiih Cowboy, Geman sausages, and oul featuled dessert: chi1led, sweeiened humm heart Vegeiadms can enjoy in the
feshvities as we1l, we will also serve veggie handburgersrM'nade from freermge, corn fed vegitarians. Buy a Pass for ail six screenings and receive a limited edition camibd film fest goodie bag, complete with cmibal news items, cmibal history cmibal trivia, camibai recipes, a CD of cmibal tmes, a cannibal film fest T-Shirt, and coupons and special offers from Austin Canniball ftiendiy me{chants. Advance tickets go on sale September 1 at 5:00, so mark your calendars nolvl

Department, as well as finalists from

Cinematexas' Intemational Competition, which has ucovered shorts that have gone on to screen at the Cmes, Berlir, and Smdance Film Festivals. Cinematexas' famed Midnight Movies will return to the Alamo on Friday, Sept.24th md Saturday, Sept.25th to once again shock, disturb and drive away even the hardiest audience menber "Already one of the most interesting festivals aromd," according to Filrmaker magazine, Cinenatexas in 1999 wili once again prove that short films are the laboratories of cinema. Visit our website, http;//, for the most up-to-date festival info.

trrdlslon PeoPleu oy manracs ano muroercrFauows wnare ro concentrate on quirky .haracters (Laughton's brash, boorish Yorkshire mill-owner, blessed with a near-incomprehensible accent, is partielarly delightful) and thick Gothic atmosphere to siuminS effect. Bui what is perhaps most
remarkable is the way Whale manages to parody the conventions of the dark house horror geroe as he creates ihem, in which respeci the film remains entirelir modem. (Sourcer The Time Out Film Guide)

(1984, Stan Lathan) Rae Dawn Chong stars in this hip-hop updating on the Saturdall Night Feoer saga. The lesson taught is similar to that imparted io us

by West

time the lesson is

Side Stary a d, Biily Joel 'you cm dm.e and stili iook cool," but this dght. Music and dmce interiudes by Grmdmaster Melle Vel. the Human Bedl Bo\ Afri.J BdmbdJtd d.d \oLl \onir Forre are

amazing. The original storv was by High Times edjtor Steven Hagef, One night only, hip hop fans, don't miss it!

Almo Drafthouse Cinena is proud to be a venue for the 1999 Autin Iilm Festival. We will take paft in competition saeenings for all seven days of ihe festival as well as host showcase events and midnight movie
The screenings. The Austin Film Festivai is known for drawing heavy-hitter star


(1982 lrmcis Ford Coppola) Tlis may well be the best nostalgia picture out therej it works on so mmy levels and with so mmy audiences. Girls dig all the hunlry boys: Tom Cruise, Emiiio Estivez, Lief Garett, Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Swavze, Matt Dillon, Tom Waits and I gress Ralph Macchio. Guys respond to the idea of m all testosterone party pad and look in awe at an early Swayze zen mastet/ass kicker performace as head



power Last vears attmdees included the Coen Brothers, John Landis, Paul Schraeder, Michael Mm, Kevin Wlliamson md mmy more. Check our
web page ( posted as it becomes available.

or call 867-1839 for schedule hJormation,

honcho Darrell Curtis. Even the hard io plese cinephiles respect The Oufsiders, a well crafted Coppola film. NOTE: Anyone caughi rumbling inside the theatet whether they are doing ii for Johmy or not, will immediately be ejeted from the theaier.

FW Mumau) Last yeat we fi$t presented FW. Murnau's original silent ciassic Nos/e/rlr, with live nusical accompaniment composed and

FRf, OCT 15, 7:OO & 9:3O


Like m Olympic down

performed by the equaily creepy Brom Whomet. The response of ihis screenrng was so overwhelming, thai we are offerhg the program again ihis Halloween season. A stming synthesis of Brown Whomet's fmtastic music and Mumau's legendary visual imagerl; this performance of Nosferatu is far greater thm the sm of its pa*s. Advmce tickets will be available for this performance. Nos/e/al! will be presented CORRECTLY full {rame silent aperture, 18 frames per second, resiored hand{inted 35mm print from Kino Intemational.

skier, Golden filrn, "Fifty" continues to pick up speed as it hutles fomad on its muai tour throughout the United States. This season's action packed ski and snowboard feature commemorates a half-century of wry wintertime wit from the Grmd Master of the gere. In addition to the usual dazzling display of beyond beliel action, Wanen Miller's fiftieth release features a refreshing fusion of some oI the gleatest moments ever captured on filrn by Millei's globe t.otting, award winning camera crews. From the mesnerizing opening montage to the hilarious tail cran'I, "Fifty" takes the

NOVl3,7:OO&9:3OAmiversary hill Wa*en Miller's

tlllLER: ]IFIY

viewer on a rollicking ride through a dozen exotic locations and
spectacular snoil' covered settings. Whether its the screaming descent of a 20,000 foot volcmo in Equador or the pulse quickming porhait of scmic splendor in Austria, "Fifty" is a tour de force for those who long to feel the freedom of fresh tracks and wihess the steeps, deeps, and leaps of fellow snowriders from aromd the world. Advmce tickets available.

{ilm festival evet featurjng four of Lucio Fulci's most celebrated mondowith a bloody mess o{ vintage splater-horror hailers, shorts, special Suest hosts and a full-on Halloween command performmce by the FLAMETRICK SUBS and SAIANS CHIERLEADERS. It all siarts on ]lrursday, when we give yo!'lhe Beyoild,Fllci s most sureal and btutal film. Recently rereleased to rave reviews by Quentin Tarmtino's Rolling Thmde( Pictures, Tre Beyoild splatters the screen with eyeball-gougings, chainwhippin8s, crucified zombie ghosis and an apocalyptic finale that has left audiences both amazed md amused! On lriday, we open The Cates of Hell, fulcr- h.Bhlv campv ild a.ronishinSly violenl ghori story whi\h boa<b some of the most bizarre and rcalistic supernatural special effects sequences ever filmedll Saturday Midnight, when the be1l tolls siright up for Hallos.een, Fulci retums from the grave with his most celebmted creation, the outrageous living-dead magnum opus, Zoil&ie. Not shown in Austin for over fifteen years since it's release, Fulcis seminal masteryiece of voodoo zombies and slopmotion hacheotomies will blow your brahs all over the back wall of the theater! It's a must see, oneiime-omly screening for Fulci fms. Stick around after Zombie lor a special screening oI Cat in the Brain, Lucio Fulci s litle-seen nightmare shocker in which Fulci himsell porhays a maniac filmmaker assaulted by a never-ending barrage of ouhagiously violent hallucinations based on the images from his moviesl Comic books, videos and t-shirb based on Fulci films will be on sale jn the lobby, courtesy oI Tower Records md Black€st Heart Media, md iI you come in a gloss costume on Saturday, you may win a bmch of swell memorabilia in our 'be a zombie" costum€ contest. We have a whole bloody gaggle of special
shockers, along

(1976, Martin Scorsese) Scorsese has set about receathg the imdscape oI New York in a q'ay that consiitutes a truly original and terrirying Gothic canvas. But, much more than that: Taxi Driver is also, thanks partly to DeNiro's extreme implosirre performance, the fist fitn since Alpl@oille to set about a really intelligent appraisal of the furdmental ingredients of contemporary insanity. Its final upsurge of violence doesn't seem to be cathartic in the now predictable fashion of the 'nebJ American movie, but lavatorial; the nauseating effluence of the giant flesh emporim that ihe film has so single-mindedly depicted. - Time Out lilm Guide. Archive 35]m print courtesy of Columbia Pictures.


Iom sAvtlil ltvE ril PERsoll
coMtNG sooN!
He is the head of his special effects class; the man most often on the cover of Fmgoria Magazine in ihe history of its existence, the actor who portrayed the swar\ "Sex Machine" in From Dusk lill Dawn, the effects masternind behind such classics 6 Friday the 13th I, Crepshow, Dam of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Texas Chairoaw Massacre lI, md soooo mmy more. Of course, I am speaking of the one md only TOM SA\rlM, who will be live in

surprises in store for you on each night of the fest, so don't miss one minutel Halloween comes only once a yea4 but this time the dead are taking over..and the greatest md sleaziest hoiror director in history is rising from the grave to eat you alivelll

person at ihe Alamo Drafthouse Cinema this fall. At the time of this pdnting, Tom's appearmce is wcheduled, but check ou web page or Austin Cfuonicle for updates. Advmce tickets will be available. This eveni is destined to sell out quickly, so get your tickets early! Tom will introduce one of the film in which he was involved, mwer questions, md if all goes
weil, personally butcher one lucky member of the audience on stagel


aIJruoJqJ urlsnv - ,,arnotrAl e pue rauLrrq +sag 'suorssaJlroJ lsag,, Lreursa+e+S uerrraurv trr+snv-ur1snv ur raleaql pa+e11 1saq8r11 ,{p1aa1y1 luaurure}ra+ug- ,,ur+snv ur ralr?ar{J lsag,,





1,9494y1'u;1sny ggTz 'oN llured soxel'utlsnv






ProPUols uoserd

The Alomo Drafthouse Gnemq is unlike ony movie theoter in Austin The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has established itself as the premiere movie experience. As the action unfolds on the screen, waiters serve our version of theater snacks: stonebaked pizzas, zesty salads, pastas, sandwiches on fresh-baked bread, beer, wine, and coffee with desserts. Movies, however, are just the beginning at the Alamo.

Meeting ond Conferen(e Fodlity
The Alamo also serves as the most unique meeting and banquet room in screening room seats 200 people. A lounge area makes socializing



easy. Hundreds of

groups and companies have already discovered that the Alamo offers a great setting and powerful audio-visual presentations. The Alamo is ideal for meetings, team building exercises, presentations, or just a fun night out for a group. It's a perfect site for parties
of all sizes.

Bonquet Service
Our catering facilities are on-premise, and are equipped to satisfy every need and every budget, from buffet style hors d'oeuvres to full dinner service, or just movie snacks. Our bar serves beer and wine, a variety of sodas, Italian sodas and full espresso service. As an added bonus, the Alamo can offer a fun and unique way to unwind following the business at hand: a private showing of a movie of your choice on the big screen, making your event truly an affair to remember. To book 0n

evenl or for more informslion, coll 476-1320.

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