director Kinka Usher md the filn's producers {or their efforts in polishing what was a rough gem to start with into a €ccentric joydde that manages to combine real heart, dazzling, ftmny,

I must comend


chaacter hunot and broad superhero satire into something that is both

wildlr.original md familiar in all the besi ways. The lstoryl is


u onderful way to not only ailow each character to shine, but to allow the lfq5le/v Metr to actually be the heroes they u'ant to be. One ol the fiLm s major charms is that it never makes Iun of the characters. hstead, ii takes delight in them, in the hysterical way ihey manage to combine boih the mundane and the extraordinary to great effect. The fiim gives each oi the characters real dignity, and the cast takes these great roles and runs with them.

In particular, Bill Macy is a gigantic enormous largerlhan-li{e morie star in this film, md Ben Stiller and Janeane Garafolo continue to pro\e lhemselves some of our most accomplished young comic peribrmers. Paul Reubens is ah'avs welcome onscreen, and he should enjol' a renewed career as a rcsult of his sweet, some$'hat pathetic performance as The Spleen. I could go down the line and compliment particular business from Tom Waits, Geoffrey Rush, Greg Kinnear, Eddle lzzard, Pras (of The Fugees, thank you very much, everyone),Hmk Azaria, Louise Lasser, or Kel Mitchell, but instead, let
me just offer all of them my congratulations. They are u'onderful.

For vears, the teenage rock comedv geroe has lain mostly dormant. But Detrlit Rlck Citq revisits the furJoling formai with a raucously funny yet surprisinglr touching fable about the age-old adolescent quest for girls, g@d times, hot tunes ild the intoxicating lwe of freedom. Fron New Line Cinema comes a comhg-oi-age story that rocks four worlds. Edward Furlong, Ciuseppe Ardrews. Sam Hutingion and newcomer James De Bello star in the story of four Midwestern High Schoolers on an unstoppable quest to snag a quutet of KISS concefi tickets. Over the course of onc m+:' rl night.ea,h udergoe. a h?rrou ;ng and hildriou. e\perience as thcrtvii-',rriable de)ire lo cee rheir favor'te band is pilteo again<t authoitarian nightmares, parental h)?ocris)', tdals oI conscience and the persistent influence of disco. What begins as the passionate pusuit o{ a rock and roll fantasy tums into a series of hair-pin iurns and comic misadventures u,ith one over-riding goal the iiberty to pursue their own dreams. Using a fast-paced, dizzying stvle that seryes as the visual equivalent of the hammering riff, director Adam Rifkin captures not only a humorous nostalgia for ihe 70's but the eternal charms of living at


maximm volume.

-Moriartt Alfl'f1l



Greetings from the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemal As August beghs, we kick off another season of great programming here at the Alamo. In this calendar, you will find a listing of all our scheduled programing as well as a sampling from some o{ the upcoming Hollywood features we will be screening this quarter. The Alano will be hosting events for all three of the major fali filn festivals: Cinematexas, The Gav and Lesbian Film Festival and the

Murnau's 1922 classic, N0st/afil, with live music by Brorvn Whornet,
and a rare screening of the original Nigftt'nnre an Elm Strcet.

In late Julv rve officia)ly su'itched over io a new and improved Alamo Menu. Our regular cutomers will especially appreciate the menu expansion with lots of new menu choices. Our wonderful crispy crusi pizza nolv cones topped two new ways- lvith Aifredo sauce, chicken and mushrooms, and island style with Canadian bacon and pheapples.
For those rrho lole our herb topped fresh baked bread, we now wap those rolls aromd burgers, both beef and veggie, and stuffed as a muffelata, just like thev make in Nerv Orleans. Those q'ho har.e been to a Spaghetti l\restern,/Spaghetti Feast know holv u'e at the Alamo cm make a mem marinara. Now get that tast, spicy sauce any day on a heaping portlon of peme pasta. Or try the pasta with pesto sauce md chicken. These md others are just a few more reasom to lole it at the -Almol

Austin Film Festii'al. Specific programming has not yet
amom. ed for ( inena le\d5 or 'l he


ilm ie'lira l, so ihp. \ ou I our web page ( for details as the dates drarr near



Earl)' in this calendat we are venhuing {or the first time into the Anine arena with a screening of Ghosf ilr tlrc Slrcll. A definite source of imagery, content and slyle for this summer's smash hit, The Matrix, this film will blow you away with it s freneiic energy. If tire screening does nell.lool lor more Anime.creenings ir ihererl calendar

This Halloween

searson, we har.e cranked the schedule into fear overdrive, offering up some o{ the most amazing horror filns ever made. Highlights oI these lilms are Full Moon Madness, a series of classic 1930's horror films presented by the Austin Film Society (screening the last Wednesday of every monih), the Lucio Fulci Halloween Ho(or Festival, ihe Camibal Film Festival, a screening of

Ihanks agair to eve(one for supporting the Alamo and we look
forward to seeing vou again soon! Tim md Karie League owners, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

AU Tlfi Cll.RolllGff ' BE$T$iTlff ggs"
"B[$T,Dl]ll{,E* *l{D A



g g g't.,

"BI$T TfltATfR.t0ff{[$$10il$- l



lXcn*ry I'




CAJIN'" IIITh ]ESI SEPT 9-I I & SEPT I 6-1 8 camibal
see the

B|GGER, LoNGER, UNCUT! Watch it at the Alamo and get an Alamo/Southpark Songbook!
The Alamo staked it's claim as Austins favorite movie sing-a-long parlor with our rabbie-rousing Academy Awards sing-a-1ong. With such iatchy little hnes such as LJ, cle F****er and Il'. EasV, Mnnkntl h.k.a. Don't Say S**1, :au loot. So,,thpark: Biqlet. Laude, Urrrt a peitecr codidate lor our 'eemed nert sirg-along feature. We comissioned a ta:l torce to painsialing y t anscnbe aI ol the song lwi, > ron the film. md produ, e a limited eoiti6r, fun-filled Southpark Sing-a-iong companion. Every patron coning to see Southparl at the Alamo will re.eive a complimental Soutrpark.ongbool al qo e\Lra charge. Come earlv. t-he *ing-along video will roll befoie the feature. We will also be ieaturing the early college films of Trey Parker, creator oi Southpark, including a film in which Trey plays Elvis md a whole host of other rare Southpark relaled video clips.


i;mibal drcol.

movies coupled rvith food specials that il'ould make my teal Buy a pass for all six days and get a goodie bag so chock full inside foldout of this calendar!

of prizes, you will be the envy of every kid on your block. For nore


The Austin Film Society presents:

Fa,lil Woan Wa[n lol0 Horror

When tlre full moon. ri>e thi. lalll look out lor rh6.pookje,t .erie, er er to hit the screens of Austin. The Austin Film Soiiety spotiights ihe horror classics of the 1930's, a different film on the last Wednesday of every month. The 1930's was a robust decade for American horror, so look for this sedes to continue into the future. Featued fiLms in this
calendar are:

Last Wednesday of Everv Month!


Argtst 25, T he hwisib Ie Mat September 29, Freaks October 27, The OLI. DarkHouse
See the reverse side

of ihis calendar or check out our u,eb page ( for more information about these screenings.

D0ltT ttilss Tlt[ AlAito supEnBowl Bt0w0uT pAnTy!


t0u.0w RtGtff Ailll THE sAtltTs! Last year, the Alamo dove headiirst into football, screening the best of college and pro games on the moyie screen. With seating focused directll' on the screen md full chema soud md picture size, the Alamo is perfecily suited ior showing sporting events. This vear proves to be even better, rvith brand new, brighiet state-of-the-art video proje€tion, brand new JBL cinema speakers, md a new menu now feahring burgers md home fries and rotating beer specials. Lear.e the sports bars behind md come to the spot for true sports fans: The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Check our web page at, our daily statesman ad, or our lveekly
Chronicle ad for schedules


dom, we at the Almo thought Ro.l Operd was the excitint picture of SXSW '99. We were so taken, we have decided to team up s.ith ihe director and producers and host the iheatrical premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Roct Opera is the comedic tale of local musician Toe's siruggles to put together a tour for his band. Through selling oirt ueed,.tabbine peop e rn fhe bdck. ond doublp. ro,.,ng half a dozen ol the memest sons ofbitches in Texas, Toe puts himself in a position to achieve
(1999, Bob Ray) Hands best, most




md gametimes.

1999 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHEDULE August 28 Norih Carolina St, 7:30pm ET September 4 Stanford, 12:00pm ET September 11 at Rutgers, 8:00pm ET September 18 Rice, TBA September 25 at Baylo4 TBA October 2 Karoas State, TBA October 9 at Oklahoma, TBA October 23 Nebraska, TBA October 30 at Iowa State, TBA November 6 at Oklahoma State,2:00pn ET November 13 Texas Tech, TBA November 2ti at Texas A&M. TBA

his dreams.
Proceeds {rom the screenings benefit the Austin Cinemaker Co-op and will help finance a 35mm blowup of the film. Come out and support one of Austin s hoitest young iilmakers and a film that was shot, written, produced, acted and directed all by Austinites. See it now md in five years vou can sav, 'Bob Rali yeah, I kneu' that squirelly liitle guttersnipe wlrcn he was yea big and stili wet behind the ears, and look at him now, Mr. highf allutin' Hollvwood bigshot." For more information about the film and the premiere gala event on 5eptenber .1. L"e. I Lhv in> de ro oout of Lhi..,lpndJr:


55 All you con eot

sPr0At rl/tilTs!

WEBPACE CHRONICLE OR STATESMAN AD OR CALL 867.183', TO VERIFY! In addition to our regular new-release Hollywood features, the Alano offers up the following special screenings this fall. For our regular daily features, please check our ads in the Chronicle md
Statesman or our web page at For home delivery of this calendar, e-mail or send us your postal address.



(1999, Cass


Paley) Sex.

Betrayal. AIDS. Cass paley,s ihp rrue lrfr 5tor\ o-the -lmn1. bu-h1 h"ired lro uho enteriaiment. The mytholodgy of John C. Holmes both unravels and grows denser as his .haracter both on and off screen is dissected and analyzed in the recollections of those whose lives he left indelible marks upon. From his abusive childhood in rural Ohio io his rise to super-stardom in 1970's porn as "Johmy Wadd," to his descent into drug addiction ad finally his death from AIDS - this film lays bare the dar(L':'de of Hnlmer'per5ona dnd the bizarre. 'tiopathic ieal;ty rhat governed hjs daily exisience. The people in his life (many who were ihe basis for characters in the film tsoogie Nrgftts) who speak about the deeply houbled, but charismatic Holmes include: the wife he married when he was 17 and kept secret from his pom industry colleagues for 19 years; his 15-yeatold ri.'rc-. whom ny pimped fo. drug: and mone) rod who dereloped a c1ose, mother-daughier relationship with his first wife); the police deteitives who investigated ihe drug-related mutder in which Hoimes was a primary srNpe.t; Holmes'lasi rvife, a manipulaiive pom starlet who kepi his friends and family away when he 1ay dving; and a myriad of adult film stars and


2-4 M'DNIGHT Drugs. Murder.



became the biggest name in adult

"Quite Possibly the Most Disturbing Film in the World."


filmakers; ftiends and hishrians.

Damy Lee) I have never, in all of my obscue-movie il,aiching years, seen a film as powerfully harrowing md stomach-chuming as The llnlold Stdry (a.k.a. Human Meat lies). Bui that isn'i to say ihat it's not recommended. A 1992 Hong Kong flick ihat kickstarted a huge wave of ,,irue crime' films over there, The Uiltold SIary hasbeen marketed ild distribuied for the gron'ing gwailo (that's "white folks") market for Hong Kong films. More powerful md morose that five Henry; Portrait of a Seial Killers, The Untold Stary isbutal, t'rank, graphic, md horifuing. Had Tle lJntold Stln/ be'n made ir the Ljnited 5tate- il hould geid \\ ratmg furit. tone alone rtAfto am I liddrgi A riln litp thi5 would \rVtR get n"Je i. the t .<.r - nor to mention the corutant, extreme and ulira-realistic gore. In Hong Kong, however, the Iilm was a smash hit, spawning countless rip-offs and eaning lhe HL equivalert of a Be.t Actor O(crr lor hong5 portrayal of the h.rmm(1992,


buichering main charactef,

" - Punky Mcscrubb,






Double Screening: Fas! Faad Women edTD Snue the Land antl People. Fdsf Faad Wometl concerns women sh'uggling to raise families in minimum rvage jobs with no benefits. T0 Saue the Land and People, Lewis' newest work, gives m aliemative history oI an environmental group in eastern Keniucky in the mid '60s that hied to abolish strip mining, one of ihe first grassfoots eiviromental organizatiorls in the country. $5 Admission ($3.50 for AFS members and students). Filmmaker Ame Lewis will

condu(ia Q&\ -ollosirg lhe\creening. The Texas Documentary Tour has been established to facilitate and ' nufiure Austin's incfedible excitement about docmentarl' filmmaking by brirgirg'n lhe lop Jocureniaridn- tron .troJd thr romtrl to srreen their u'ork, discuss their shategies, and offer advice and inspiration to Austin's fiimmaking communitv. We present a new filmmaker each month. The Doc. Toui is supported in palt by grants ftom the National Endowmeni for the Arts md the Texas Commission on the Atts.

:RItCl{ FtInl n"1}on R&Y- ItpEFn
m clIq_Production presents


(1998, Bob Ray) - Rocft Opcla premiered at the i999 South by Southwesi\ai (S\SW,. and accordirg ro S\:\V orgmrze^, Ror{ Oprua 6qr16


ha. Lhe undergromd Austin music scene been brought to such glorious, pot-reeking life [Rock Opera] posse,ses thar delicio-- ,eq.e oi rhe ab.urd or wlxch so man\ inoie films.trive bul ver) ieu achie\e. R0.( Orel4 couto verl well be the nerl Austin film to inherit the low-budget crown worn by Slackr and El
Mariachi." Marc Savlov oI Ifre ,4lsfifl Chronicle wlites,' At once sublimely accurate in ils pornayal oF the creepier end of the Au:tir musrc )(ene md .caLl-,ngl) r'ou, Ray . fiJ m i. a \pot-on quJs--pilod ) of t he da1 -lo-day eri,tence ot struggling Austin musicim md their wayward ways." Arstlx 360's Grant Tair h rite.. "Drug-, rocl n roll and a orief nod to <e\ rlo):). Vrolencp. gln. 'ouJ language md deadbear .laclirg Arl tdke hont itdge. 5o its no real suryrise that this flick is so bloody fmy... ff you're not easily offended, tlis definitely shouid be somewhere near the top ofyour io-view list."
hi la

uell be the consumdle )\)W firn. Never


(1980, Umbe*o Lenzi) "Lenzi either scrapes the boftom of the banel of Italian cinema or sits neat the top of the heap of Italian trash film, depending on one's perspective. The skeletal plot oI ihis feature involves drug dealers, students and Indim natives bent on revenge, but really this is a norutop horror show of tortue, degradation and sidism. There's castration, a womm hung by het breasts, seveied limbs, brain eating, intestine eating, animal slaughter, md other gruesome scenes too numerous to mention. This film caused quite a controversy at the time of its release (odginally rated X) and claimed to be bamed in 3l comtries. Cannibal films don't come much harsher or more graphic than this one, md it's not foi those who are weal of healt or stoma.h


"Quite Possibly the Most Disturbing Film in the World.,


it!" -Jerry Renshaw This beautiful 35mm print ol Cannibal Ferox was meticulously restored last year by Sage Stallone (Sly s boy) and Grindhouse Releasing.
We mean

(1989, Beat-besotted tales, shot in gorgeous colour, set in and aromd a seedy Memphis hotel. On one level it's about passers-through: a Japanese ieenage couple on a pilgrimage to Presley's grave md Sun siudiosj an Italian taking her husband s coffin back to Rome, forced to share a room with a garuious American fleeing het boyfriend; md an English 'Eh'is,' out of work, out of luck in love and out of his head as he cruises round town with a friend. a brother-in law and a gun. But on a deeper 1eve1, the film is about storytelling, about how we make comections between people, places, objects md time to create meaning, and how when these comeciions shift, meaning chmges. The film is loaded with a host of bizzare character. Best of all ate Screamin Jay Hawkins and Cinque Lee as argumentative hotel receptionisis hooked on Tom Waits late night radio show They and Jarmusch's remarkabiy civilised direciion, hold the whole shaggy dog affair together, tuming it into one of ihe besi fiLns of the yeat. -Time Oill Filn Cilide

IUIYSTERY TRAIN AUG I 9-21 , MIDN ITE Jim Jarmusch) A trilogy of off-beat,

Rod Opero tell. {he :ror) of loe. a lo.dl musrcian n ho ,ruggles md lesJl ro pur d tour toSelher for hi. band. loe w.ll :top at nothing to dctxere hi) goal, induding behaying his friends md becoming m mwilling player in sfadv drug deals gone bad.

Paul Bartel) The most delicious blackly conic collision of sex, food md murder, Bariel's ftlm arives as a delightful surprise from the former couft jester o{ Roger Corman's exploitaiion stable. Feaiud.g Bartel himself and his irequent BQueen. \Aoronov, a\ tie Blntds, imocentiy stranded amid d1e hedonist detritus of LA, dreaming (like their Holl)vood forebears, the Blandings) of rural retreat Paul and Marys Country Kitchen. And dreaming vainly, until 'accidental" homicide propels them into a scheme to exploit carnal as well as culinary appetites, Iuring disposable perverts to a deadpm doom with the haphazard help and hindrance of such figures as Doris the Dominatrix and Hispanic hustler Raoul. The siyle stalrs straight-faced, the more to crease our\ wjth the dj\parjty betneen sicl joke frenetic. md a gentle, mruffled sitcom sensibility. A genuine treat for civilised cmibals." -Tifre OLf Film Guide

entirely in Austin and utilizes some of Austin's most inJamous bands. The score was composed by Kurtls D. Machler (local musician, composer, engineer, and producer) and 16 Delue and the somdtrack includes several bands that de{ine the Austin music scene including the Poclet FishRmm, Voltage, Ed HtLl, El Flaco, the Craclcpipes, Tallbly, Squat Thtilst, Chetubs, the Phantlfl Creeps, Antebellum, Honky, EI Insecto, Horseshit Gunt'ire, Pong and more. Live performances by the Frckemos, Pigpoke, Witchbmget md the only Gramy nominated, fire breaihing, non-Ausiin band in the filn, Nrsloille Pussy showcase the Britty pml rock underbelly of the "live music capital of the world."
Rock Opern was shot




set and the movie will {ollow. Guest speaker Richard Linklater will introduce the fiim's witer-director, Bob Ray. Imediately after the each screening there will be a short Q & A with the cast md crew R0ck O/e/d is Ausiin filmmaker Bob Ray s debut feature The screening is sponsored by the
Austjn Cinemaker Co-op and co-sponsored by the Austin Film Society.

The opming night event on September 3rd will feature two screenings: the first will kick olf at 7:00 PM with live music from Voliage and the 9:30 pM screening wili feature the Pocket FishRuen, the bands will play a half hou






;iiT mmimr






Jem Cohen presents

his dcemtarv Irshtrrdi, a 10 vear chronicle of the gromdbreaking pmk rock band Faga:i. The Texas Domentary Tour is supported in part bv grants from the National Endoh'ment for the Arts and the Texas Commission on the Arls. Check our web page (ml{ or the Austin Chronicle for detaiis.


The Austin Film Society presents: FULL MOON MADNESS-1930's Horror Films

Engrossing adaptation of HG l{ells' tale of a scientist made invisible by his experiments The megalomania that ensues upon Rain's ability with the drug monocaine. to go about meen is played for suspense, pathos md tongue-in-cheek humor (he can't go out in ihe rain, because it would make him look like a ridiculous bubble). The real strengths of the movie are Johr P Fulton's remarkable special effects (Rains removing his bandages to reveal nothing, footsieps appearing as if by magic in ihe snow), lending much-needed conviction to ihe blatant fantasyi and the faci that we never see ihe scientist without his bandages until the very end of the film. No wonder Karloff, disdahJul of a role in which he would for the most part only be heard, tumed down the pari; but Rains, with his clear sensitjvely inflecied voice, rvas lucky: it made him a star." Tine Out Film Guide

(1933, James Whale, introduction

by Harry

(1990, Jem-Pierre Jeunet/Marc Caro) The neat future: taking a job and a bedsit at a shabby rooming-house abot'e a butchet s shop, ex clou'n Louison (Pinon) falls for the butcher's daughter.


But her fathe4 untrappv about the blossoming romance, deals in human flesh: rsill Louison fall r'ictin, or will the Troglodist*, an underground group of 1-e8etarian fanatics, come to his rescue? On to the slim stor!, \\'dter-directo6 Jeunet and Caro pile a wealth of delicious conic detail. Each grotesquely larger thanlife inllabitant oi the scrofulous tenement has his own little story, visually, the film er-okes Gilliam, Lynch, the Coens and Carne, but the allusions ne\.er get in the way of the nightmadsh humor. The sets, special etfects, photography,k pace and performances all contribute to the brash comic-strip vivacit\.,

and even the fairytale romance avoids sentimentalitv. Increasingly inventive as it progresses, Jeunet and Caro's fast, funny feature debut entertains from sinister start to frantic
linlsh. -Time Out FiIn CuiLle






Harry O. Hoyt) The Alamo's Silent film classic series continues with the delightful stop-action ciassic THE LOST WORLD. Special

THE 10ST W0R1D il 92s1 Live Musical Accompmiment by Golden Arm Trio & Brown Whornet THURS SEPT 9,7:OO & 9:3O


(1979, Francesco




h the Sft?/l is a work of speculative fiction, the first truly aduli mimation film to reach a leve1 of literacy and visual excellence.. Its design, the poetry of its visuals, md the depth of iis themes set it apart mong science fiction films. My compliments to Oshji san - an imporiilit lisionary work. James Camerol (direclot of The Tenniilatar and The Abyss) laclnst iil fhe Shell, dtrector Mamoru Oshii takes the populat long-rming mmga (Japanese conic book) by Masamune Shirow and boils it down into a gO-ninute futurisiic ihriller set in Tokyo in tlrc year 2029. Motoko Kusmagi is a cyborg operative for Japm's top secret Section 9. When Kusanagi and her partners go up against a devious superhacker known as The Puppet N,lastet evidence begin$ to lead to the highest brmches of the government md causes Kusanagi io doubt her own human identity. For long-time mime fans and neophites a1ike, Grost l, tle Slell on the movie screen is m
eye candy treat



26-28. MIDNITE

effects director Willis O' Brien, the mastermind behind the 1933 classic, KING KONG, takes his craft to the limit u'ith the timeless tale of dinosaurs rm anok in the city. This one of a kind print of THE LOST WORLD comes courtesy of the Eastman House, famed restoration oiganization md film archive. For over 60 years, 15 minues of THE LOST WORLD was considered lost forever. Last year, however, the mi'-ine rootage reco\cred rrnm a filn storage facilit) in Prague. The ^a5 t a-mJn HouiFrai-ed $80,000 lor Lhe re'lorat,on. and the prrnt i: fina'ly available for select theaters this year. Enjoy this rare freat, a pristine 35mm pdni of THE LOST WORLD with a new original live score composed and perforned by the Golden Arm Trio and Brown Whomet. Advance tickeis availablel

Martino) "Here's mother entry in the ltalian-made tross-out category._The action begns in Maniattm, but soon moves to a remote i>lmd. u il-e d ream ol up to investigate " 'Mdh. oo(tor whtt'perforru crude lobotomiei. Cue.s wharl They re soon laid to by a tribe of Indonesian pygmies with a taste {or "long pig". I --,.this film lacks in technical polish or plot integilty, it more than makes up for in realistic gut-munching, flesh-devouring SFX. A gorgeous youg woman shows up, but is spared when the natives strip her and worship her as a goddessll Whai happens to the good doctor himsel{? Come see for youseLf, we re not giving that awa}rl' -Jery


to be missed.

lAonmy I'

r*(1968, George Romeio) "Zombies had long been a theme



18, MtDNtcHT

in Hollyvood

movies (\44ite Zombie,

Walked With A Zombie), but with a l6MM

camera, nonprofessional actors and a $20,000 budget, Pittsburgh auteur George Romero singlehandedlv reinvented the zombie as we know it. Don'i bok for any scientific explanations or happy endings here, because you won't find my. Irlstead, there's just armies of the undead stalking mcl dining on u'hatever hapless victims happen to get in their

way. This gut-chuming chamel set the gromdwork for every livingdead novie to follow (shoot em through the head, if you get bitten you become one too, etc. etc.) and was destined to become one of the most influential horor movies of all time. Romero's graint low-budget B & lV .mera work brings a newsreei stench of authenticity to every shot as


lre fir+mual rvomen' f.lm -erie' ho:ted oy R"l Women In paftnership u'iih Women Make Movies, the only organization devoted solely to narketing md distributing films and videos made by women, Reel Women has pui iogether a program of films by intemationally acclaimed women directoG. Saturday features a Jane Campion retrospective with Peel, Passionless Moments, and ,4 Girl's Autl Stoty. Then Jde's sjster, Anna Campion, gives you a porhait of the artist in her Ii1m, The ,4adlfion. Sunday's program starts of{ u.ith 4 short films by 'the women of cinemaker", broughi to you by the Austin Cinemaker Co-op, Iollowed by Tina DiFelicimtonio and Jane C. Wagner s ?iro ot Thrce Things blt Nothint/or stfe, a portraii of author Dorothy Allison. Finally, experience maniage, Mor€an siyle with Fatina .febli Ouazzmi's In My Fathet's Hailse. Fridays screenlngs are at the Texas Union Theaief, Join us for the kick-off party at GSD&M Fddat August 20th at 5:30pm. For more iiJormation call 280-8706. Sporoored by The Austin Chronicle, The City of Austin Culiural Contracis lrogram, GSD&M Advedising, The Four Seasons Hoiel, The Austin Fiim Society, Speakeasy, The Texas Commjssion on the Arts, Libe(ty Bank, and the Cinematexas
Enrichmeni Fund.

fi iiiilftE"'inovr r s qP woil 28 & 29,4:3o PM AUG


The cinematic event for which generations young and old have been waiting ,nay praying, has finally arrived. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is proud to preseni ihe 1ST ANNUAL CANNIBAL FILM FXSTIVAL. Our crack research siaff has scoured the globe to bring you the finest cmibal film offerings ever produced. Spaming the globe, from Hong Kong to Iialy to our own native soil, ihis year's festival selections showcase the many facets of the film genre ihat dare not speak it s name: cmibalism. Everyone knows, however, that at the Alamo, movies are just the begiming. During ihe entire rm oI the Cmibd Filn Festival, the Alamo will be seruing dishes made with actual human flesh. From an ingredient pool of volmteeis and the tecentiy



a disparate group of strmgers hole up in a farmhouse and repel the

shmbling hordes of ghouls. -Jerry Renshaw

6-l I


internatioial $hort film+video festival

The Cinemalexas lntemational Short


and Video Festival retums to

deceased, the Alamo will be offering such delectible oddiiies as Texas Chili with Cowboy, Germm sausages, md our featured dessertr chilied, sweetened human heart. Vegetarians can enjoy in the
festivities as we1l, we will also serve veggie handburgersru'made from freerange, corn fed vegitarians. Buy a pass for all six screenings and receive a limited edition camibal film fest goodie bag, complete with cmibai news items, camibal hisior)t cmibal irivia, camibal recipes, a CD of cmibal tunes, a camibal film fest T-Shirt, and coupons and special offers from Austin Canniball friendly merchants. Advance tickets go on sale September 1 at5:00, so mark your calendars nowl

the Alamo to ihrill audiences with its by now haditional display of visionary provocative and entfualling work in the most creative but mder-seen fi1m genre: the short. Thursdat Sept. 23rd will featue student lvork fiom the iop fiim school between the coastsr the UT Radio-Television-Film Department, as well as finalists from Cinemaiexas' lntemational Competitioo which has uncovered shorts that have gone on to screen at the Cames, Berlin, md Sudance Film Festivals. Cinematexas' famed Midnight Movies will retum to the Alamo on lriday, Sept. 24th md Saturday, Sept. 25th to once again shock, disturb and drive away even the hardiest audience member "Already one o{ the most interesting festivals around," according to

Filmaker magazine, Cinematexas in 1999 will once again prove that short films are the laboratories of cinema. Visit our website,
http://\ff\, for the most up-to-date festival inJo.




Chris Smith, acclained direcior of ihe indie hit Aneli.rr ,10r, presents his ner,film Alrerican Morle. The Texas Documentary Tour is supported in
part bv granis from the National Endowment for the Aris and the Texas Conmission on the Arts. Check our u'eb page ( or the Austin Chonicle for details.




Cuillermo Del

cR0N0s FRI, SEPT 24, 9:3O Toro)


Surrounded bv the soul searching stLrries and

rich imager)r of Catholicism in his hometo{n of Cuadal{ara, \'lexico, Cuillermo de1 Toro at ihe age of 21 began writhg a script for a r ampire iilm lvithout bais, capes, caskets, or eastem European aaaents. Se\en \.eals
would pass before this film, Crrros, rvas rcalized. As a teenager, Cluillermo del Toro produced Super-S films, but he could find no one to create the special effects that he reeded. So, afiei studying theatrical makeup and magic and acquirjng expensive equipment, he opened his own special effects companV Necropia, in 1985 and created prosthetic makeup, puppets, and stop-moiion animation for oiher directors' films. Meann'hile, he began his quest for C/dilos." Austin Chronicle) Come meet and ialk with Cuillermo Del Toro as he introduces his stunning au'ard-u,inning feaiurc, Cmnos Proceeds from ilis screening benciit CINEMATEXAS.

The Austin Film Society prescnts: FULL MOON MADNESS -1930's Honor Films


(1932, Tod B<xvning) A superb and unique film from thai master of the morbid, masochisti. and macabre, Tod Browning. Set in a traveling circus-a milieu Browning knew and loved from his own experience-ii shows the revenge iaken by a group of circus freak on a beautiful irapeze artisi aDd her strongman lover after thev ha\,e tried b kil1 a midget (the marr,elous Flarry Earles, one of the stars of Browning's Tle LllltoJy TlreeJ for his fortune. the basic themes of ihe film are ihe strcngth in solidarity oi the individualll u,eak freaks and the imer beautv of the physically malformed as compared to the greed md deceit of the phvsicaliy resplendeni. Although using real freaks, Browning's treatment is never \.oveldstic or condescendlng, bui sympathetic in such a lrav ihat afier a few minutes we aimost cease to perceive them as ln any rrav abnormal. There is a strong, black humor that, remarkabll', Iacks cruelty, and a real sense of tenor in the awful revenge the lvronged freaks exaci. MClvl never knew r,hat hit them rvith ihis film; they Virtuallv disowned it, and it remained unscen in Britain until the '60s. It has nort achieved desen'ed recognilion as a mnsferpiece.'' Trnte Out F ilm Guide

WED, SEPT 29,9:3O PM





Paul Bartel) Dddtl Race 2a00 is one of the finer drir.e-in pieces to come from the House of Corman, combining as it does car chases, explosions, sex, entjrelJ' gratujtous violence, and ou'ing to director Paul (Erillig Raoal) Bartel, sonre genurne uit and comedy. Ii is the year 2000, iweniy-one years after Thc World Crash of'79", and the biggest sporting event for the nDsses is ihe Transcontinental Road Race, rvhere five racers and their navigators junrp inio hea\.ily-cusiomized cars md charge from New York Nlemolial Stadium to Neh' L.A., the former seat of goverment. The road race also doubles as population conhol, u.ith rvomen of childbearing age worth 10 points, tecns 40, childien under trvelve 70, and folks over 75 a s,hopping 100 points. Ddtl, Ra.e 2000 also features Syh'ester Stallone's debut role, for which Cornan paid u'ith a box of t-shirts.


lohn Badham) Mathew Broderick defined geek chic a good fitien years before ii truly became popula4 he had the dual 8' floppies md lhe cool duplex hmdsei modem, he could hack inio the schooi computer r.d change his grades at will, and don'i even question the boy s Galaga skills. As we are now experiencing a new era of computer cool, the Alamo felt it was time to rcvisit the root sou{ce: l4/a/tdnes. A movie thai changed minds, provided career inspiration, and gave the sub\.ersive high school geek masses m iconic hero. The most significmt benefii Wrlc4rles pro\.ided to societv, however, was ihe fascinating new technique for buttering corn on the cob, painstakingly demosirated by Mr. Lithtman at ihe dimer iable. We will be offering a white brcad & hot buttered com special for ihe duration of Wrlcrlr?s. Pristine archive pilni courtesy of MGM.





\{es Craven) Wes Craren created one of the mosi effective horror movjes of ihe 80's (and ihe most popular character). Ln conbast to mosf of the NigfutrTr/" sequels, the scarred supernat!ral dream killer freddy Krueger (Robert Engiund) is mysterious and scarv, and he doesnt wear out his Welcome. The siory centers on suburban schooigirl Nan.y Thompson (Heather l,angenkamp), rtho's trying to siay arvake b a\,oid the houors in her dreams. Her cop {ather (Johr Saxon) doesn't believe her, her divorced mother (llonee Blakley), drhks, md her neighbor and rvould-be bo,vfriend {lohnnv Depp) fails to protect her Don t miss a rare opportunity to see one .if the most terdfving mor,ies ever madcl Beautiful clean 35mm print.


The Austin Film Society presents: FULI- MOON MADNESS -1930's Horror Filns

( 1




ames Whale) Alongside Tfu Blil\e of

ft inletsfein

, The Old Dark Horse rs

\\'hrle s greaiest film- a masterlv mixtore of nracabre humor and effectivclv


I '



' ''


on quiky chdacten (Laughton's br6ll boo.ish Yorkhire mill-ouner, with a near-incompreheruible accent, is paiticrllarly delightful) md ihick Gothic atmosphere to stming effect. But what is peihaps mogi remarkable is the way l^tnle mmages to parody the conventions of the dark house horror genre as he oeates them, in which respect the film remains

entirelv modem. (Source: The Time Out Film Guide)

Sim Lathm) Rae Dawn ChonEi stars in this hip-hop updating on ihe Safufiay Night Fevet saga. The lesson iaught is similar to that imparted to us by West Side Stary and Billy Joel "you cm dance and still look cool,' but this time the lesson is right. Music and dance interludes by Grmdmaster Melle Mel, the Human Beat Box, Africa Bar4baaia and Soul Sonic Force are amazing. The orignal stoly was by High Times editor Steven Hagel One night only, hip hop fms, don't miss it!

the 1999 Austin Almo Drafthouse Cinema proud to be a venue Film Festival. We will take part in competition screenings for all seven davs of the lestival as well as host showcase events and midnlght movie screenings. The Austin Film Fesfival is known for drawing heavy-hitier star power Last yen's attendees included the Coen Brothers, John Lmdis, Paul Schaeder, Michael Mam, Kevin Williamson and mmy more. Check our web page ( or call 867 1839 for schedule infomation, The posted

AUSIIN TIIIh ]ESTIVAI ocr 8-ocT I4 for is

(1982 Frmcis Ford Coppola) This may weli be the best nostalgia picture out there; it works on so mmy levels and with so mmy audiences. Girls dig all the hunky boys: Tom Cruise, Emilio Estivez, Lief Garrett, Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Swayze, Matt Di]lon, Tom Waits md I guess Ralph Macchio. Guys respond to the idea of an all testosierone partv pad and look in awe at an early Swayze zen master/ass kicker perlornace as head



honcho Darrell Curtis. Even the hard to plese cinephiles respect Tfre Outsiders, a well crafted Coppola film. NOTE: Aryone caught runbling inside the iheatei, whether they are doing it for Johmy or not, will


be ejected from the theater

itbecomes ai'ailable.




FW Mmau) Last year, we first Presented FW Murnau's originai silent ciassic Nos/ernlr, u'ith live musical accompaniment composed md

FRf, OCT 15, 7:OO & 9:3O



performed by the equaliy creepy Brown \44romet. The response of this screening was so overrvhelming, that we are offering the proglan again this Hailoween season. A stuming synthesis of Brown \A4romet's fantastic music md Mmau's legendary visual imagery, this perfornmce o{ Nosferatu is far greater thm the sum of its Parts. Advmce tickets wiil

be available for this performance. Nos/s/ai! will be

skier, Warren Mi1ler's Golden Amiversary Like an Olympic down film, "Fifty' continues to pick up speed as it hutles fotrard on its annual tou thioughout the United States. This season's action packed ski md snowboard feature commemorates a half-century of wry wintertime wit from the Grand Master of the genre. In addidon to the usual dzzlhg display of beyond belief action, Wa{en Miller's fiftieth release features a refreshing fusion of some of the greatest moments ever captwed on

NOVl3,7:OO&9:3O hill

lhll[ER: ]IFIY

Presented CORRECTLY full frame silent aperhrre, 18 frames per second, resiored print from Kino lntemational. hmd-tinied 35mm


by Miller's globe trotting, award winniag camera crews. Flom

the mesmedzing opening montage to the hilarious tail crawl, "Fifty" takes the viewer on a rollicking ride through a dozen exotic locations and spectacular snow covered seitings. Whether its the screaming descent of a 20,000 foot volcmo in Equador or the pulse quickening portrait of scenic spiendor in Austria, "Iifty" is a tour de force for those s'ho long to feel the fteedom of fresh tracks and wifness the steeps, deeps, md leaps of fellow snownde$ ftom aromd the worid. Advmce tickets available.

film festival ev€r, featumg {ou of Lucio Fulci's most celebrated mondowith a bloody mess of vintage splafter-horror failers, shorts, special guest hosts and a full on Halloween command performance by the FLAMETRICK SUBS and SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS. It all starts on Thursdav when we give you The Beyond, Ftlci's most surreal md brutal film. Recently rereleased to rave rcviews by Quentin Ta{mtino's Rolling Ttrmder Pictures, Tle Beyond splaiters the s.reen with eyeball-gougings, chains'hippings, cruci{ied zombie ghosts and an apocalyptic finale ihat has lefi audiences both amMed md amrsed! On Frid.ay, we ope The cates aJ Hel\,
shockers, along

Martin Scorsese) Scorsese has set about recreating the landscaPe o{ New York in a way that constitutes a truly original md terrifving Gothic canvas. But much more than that: Tai Driver is also, thdks Partly to DeNiro's extreme implosive peilommce, the fust film since ,4lp,laollle to set about a really intelligent appraisal of the tundmentai ingredients of contemporary insanity. Its final upsutge of violence doesn i seem to be cathartic in the now predictable fashion of the 'new' American movie, but lavatoiiali the nauseating effluence of the giant flesh emporium that the film has so single-mindedly dePicted. - Time Out Film Guide. Archive 35mm print courtesy of Coiumbia Pictures




Fulci's highly campy md astonishingly violent ghost story which boasts some of the most bizarre md realistic supematural special eflects sequences ever filmedll Saturday Midnight, when the be1l tolls stright up for Halloween, Fulci retums ftom the Brave with his mosi celebrated creation, d€ ouhageous living-dead magnum opus, Zorrrie. Not shown in Austin for over fifteen years since its rclease, Fulcis seminal masterpiece of voodoo zombies and slow-motion tncheotonies will blow your brains all over the back wall of the theaterl It's a must-see, one-time-omly screening for Fulci fms. Stick around after Zofrbie fot a special screening of Cdt in the Bruin, Lucio Fulci's liftle-seen nighture shocket in which Fulci himself portrays a mmlac filmmaker assaulted by a never-ending barrage of outragiously violent hallucinations based on the images from his moviesl Comic books, videos and lshirb based on Fulci films will be on sale in the lobby, couriesy of Tower Records and Blackest Heat Media, and if you come in a gloss costume on Saturday, you may win a buch of swell memorabilia in our "be a zombie" costume contest. we have a whole bloody gaggle of special supdses in store for you on each night of the fest so don't miss one minute! Halloween comes only once a year/ but this time the dead are taking the greatest and sleaziest horror director in history is rising from the grave to eat you aiivelll

Ioill sAvtlil uvE rN PERsoll
coMtNG sooN!
He is the head of his special effects class; the man most often on the cover of Fmgoia Magazine in the history oI its exisience, the actor who portrayed the swarthy "Sex Machine" in From Dusk Till Dawrl the effects mastemind behird such classics re Friday the 13th l, Creepshow, Dam of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Texas Chaireaw Massacre II, md soooo many more. Of courre, I am speaking of the one md only TOM SAVINI, who will be live in

person at the Alano Drafthouse Cinema this fall. At the time of this printing, Tom's appearmce is mscheduled, but check our web page or Austin Chronicle for updates. Advance tickets will be available. This event is destined to sell oui quickly, so Bet your tickets earlyl Tom will introduce one of the films in which he was involved, arower questions, and if all goes
well, personally butcher one iucky member of the audience on stagel


THTHA ANV og AH/u\'slnotrt's)NlEo'utNNn alJruol{J ur}snv - ,,arlotrAl e pue Jauurc +sag'suorssaJuoJ +sag,, ueursa+e+S ueJrraurv ur1snv-urlsnv ur raleaql pa+e;1 1saq8r11 d11aa7ry1 ]uarulrreualu3l- ,,trrlsnv uI ra]eaql +sag,,






lol,gLXIrunsnv 'rsopeJolocE60t
ggTz 'oN lu.iled soxel'urlsny



a6o1so6'g'1-1 ProPuols .uoserd


The Alomo Drufthouse Cinemo is unlike ony movie theoter in Austin The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has established itself as the premiere movie experience. As the action unfolds on the screen, waiters serve our version of theater snacks: stonebaked pizzas, zesty salads, pastas, sandwiches on fresh-baked bread, beer, wine, and coffee with desserts. Movies, however, are just the beginning at the Alamo.

Meeting ond Conferen(e Fodlity
The Alamo also serves as the most unique meeting and banquet room in screening room seats 200 people. A lounge area makes socializing



easy. Hundreds of

groups and companies have already discovered that the Alamo offers a great setting and powerful audio-visual presentations. The Alamo is ideal for meetings, team building exercises, presentations, or just a fun night out for a group. It's a perfect site for parties
of all sizes.

Bonquet Service
Our catering facilities are on-premise, and are equipped to satisfy every need and every budget, from buffet style hors d'oeuvres to full dinner service, or just movie snacks. Our bar serves beer and wine, a variety of sodas, Italian sodas and full espresso service. As an added bonus, the Alamo can offer a fun and unique way to unwind following the business at hand: a private showing of a movie of your choice on the big screen, making your event truly an affair to remember. To book 0n

evenl or for more informotion, (0ll 476-1320.

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