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Analysis of job description and job specification of profile 01

y y This job profile Is for the required post of asst manager- Exhaust system in maruti Suzuki Given the fact that, it required highly skilled person with at least B.E degree with 60% marks and work experience of 3- 7 year, the age limit for the job should have restricted to 25year only. As most of the experienced desired candid might be over 25years of age. y The other things seems to match with the job specifications and job description, as we can see, they required a highly skilled employee, with good work experience, basic knowledge of engine and sub systems, understanding of manufacturing process etc. which are highly essential for a job designation of asst manger, where he suppose to perform works like, designing, developing, testing and evaluating Automotive engine exhaust systems and components. y Considering the fact that, it s a high profile job, and as asst manager requires to continues meet other dept heads, and other higher authority people in the organization, a due emphasis should have been given for communication and inter personal skills in the job specification for the post. All the other things in the job specification and job description has been covered very effectively, targeting the desired candidate with providing full information about the job needs and skill needs.

Analysis of job description and job specification of profile 02

y This job profile is about asst manager Suzuki. y There shouldn t have been max experience cap of 4years, as this lead will to rejection potential experienced candidate y There should not have been min 65% marks criteria, As this post is not based on entirely on technical skills or knowledge. There is managerial skills also plays a major role, thus by putting min 65% marks criteria, the company might lose the candidate who is though, below 65%, but has high work experience and good managerial skills. Which are equally important for this post All the other point have been covered to the point. Leaving no scope for suggestions or improvements for the given job specification and job description. VEHICLE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION in maruti

Analysis of job description and job specification of profile 03

This job profile is for the post of required senior manager to handle the high post were he needed to perform the functions of planning, monitoring, implementation of automotive software design. Were he should be very analytical to understand the situations, to find out the root cause of problems and prove with appropriate solutions. With managerial skills, the desired candidate is also expected to possess high technical skills. As for this post of senior manager, the giving job description and the job specifications are given elaborately to the points. I would not find any area to give any further suggestions. According to me, in the given 5 job profile, this is the best possible job profile, covering all the aspect of job descriptions and job specifications. So no further suggestion to this profile

Analysis of job description and job specification of profile 04

y It s a retail industry, and the required job profile is for the post of Retail store manager who is expected to handle the overall smooth functioning of the store. y According to job description of a company, PD degree should have been welcomed, as a person specialized in retailing or related line, would have been in better position to perform all the required job description y Given the fact that its for a senior manger post, company should have specified a min age limit, which would have avoided the candidates who are fresher s or with no work experience, this would saved the time in recruitment process by reducing the undesired applicants. y The other things have been specified in a very organized way, which will give clear picture to the capable desired person who want to apply for this post.

Analysis of job description and job specification of profile 05

y This is again about the retail industry, where the applied candidate is expected to perform the role of sales executive officer. y Given the fact that its low profile job, there should have been mentions of incentives and bones to attract candidates. y As sales executive post, the employee do required to travel frequently, thus, in job description there should been a mention of traveling factor also. As many people with good communication and selling skills, might not enjoy travelling frequently. The other things is the job description and specification are up to the point, where they have covered all the required skills and job description in a simple and effective way, which will give a clear picture to the desired candidate.