SPECIAL TOPIC COURSE MECH 4v95/6V89: Introduction to Wind Energy

(Fall 2011) INSTRUCTOR: Professor Yaoyu Li Office: ECS 3.210 Phone: 972-883-4698 E-mail: yaoyu.li@utdallas.edu Skype: yaoyuliskype Mondays and Wednesday 5:30 ~ 6:45 p.m. HH 2.502


OFFICE HOURS: Mondays and Wednesdays 1:30 ~ 3:30 p.m. (off-campus students can use skype for discussion) TEXT: Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application, 2nd edition, J.F. Manwell, J.G. McGowan and A.L. Rogers. John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2009. Wind Energy Handbook, 2nd edition, T. Burton, D. Sharpe, N. Jenkins, E. Bossanyi, Wiley. 2001.  Statics and basic dynamics (Prerequisite: MECH 2310 or equivalent)  Basic fluid mechanics (Prerequisite: MECH3310 or equivalent)  Introductory level control systems (Pre or co-requisite: MECH 4310) COURSE DESCRIPTION: Understanding the operational principles of modern wind turbines, including basic aerodynamics and rotor dynamics of wind turbines; wind turbine design and components; wind turbine control, electrical systems, wind characteristics and siting; system integration and grid connection; wind turbine siting; offshore wind turbine. COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course provides the basic knowledge and skills in wind turbine principle, design and operation. Wind characteristics and models will be introduced, followed by the aerodynamics and rotor dynamics of wind turbines. The wind turbine design and testing issues will be explained, along with the electrical aspects such as the generators and power converters involved. Wind turbine control systems will be covered, as well as the system integration and grid connection. Siting of wind turbine and offshore wind energy systems will also be introduced. COURSE OUTLINES: (estimated number of lectures in brackets) - Introduction to Modern Wind Energy Systems (1) - Wind Characteristics and Resources (2) 1


PREREQUISITE: Graduate and undergraduate students with the following background


Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines (3) Wind Turbine Loads and Rotor Dynamics (3) Electrical Aspects of Wind Turbines (4) Wind Turbine Components, Design and Testing (4) Wind Turbine Control (5) Wind Turbine Siting, System Design and Integration (4) Offshore Wind Turbine (1) Guest Lecture (1 or 2)

COURSE LOAD:  Seven Homework Assignments (50% total, best 6 out of 7 for undergraduate students). Homework assignments are collected during class. No assignment is acceptable after the instructor leaves the classroom after the class.  Exams (in class, open book open notes, 30%): non-cumulative  Class Term Project: (20%) (due at the last class)  Graduate students will be required to complete additional problems in the exams. REMARKS ON COLLABORATION: - Students are encouraged to discuss homework assignments with each other. - Each student writes his/her homework solution independently. - No collaboration is allowed during the exams.


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