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WABAG sustained solutions for a better life

WABAG is one of the world's leading companies in the water treatment field. WABAG's key competences, which are based on over 80 years of plant building experience, lie in the planning, completion and operation of drinking water and wastewater plants for both the municipal and industrial sectors. WABAG offers sustained solutions for special customer needs through a comprehensive range of services and innovative technologies. Our plants facilitate environmentally compatible wastewater disposal and secure access to clean drinking water for an increasing number of people. This allows us to make an important contribution to environmental protection and enhanced quality of life. We would like to invite you to immerse yourself in the world of WABAG and thus become acquainted with a modern, internationally active company, which is rich in tradition.

Drinking water treatment

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Guaranteeing top quality drinking water Securing water as a production factor Sea- and Brackish Water Desalination Sustainability through water recycling Environmental responsibility means water resource protection.

Industrial water treatment Desalination Water Reuse Municipal wastewater treatment Industrial wastewater treatment Sludge treatment o Sludge dewatering o Sludge digestion (stabilisation) o Sludge disintegration (BIOZONE-AD process)


We have risen to this challenge, which involves a continual flow of new tasks. As a company endeavouring to conserve for coming generations what is without doubt the most important raw material of the 21st century, we make every effort to develop new technologies and processes. However, being innovative also involves the ongoing improvement of existing know-how, as well as the recognition of future requirements and the related rapid development and implementation of new solutions to the benefit of our customers and the environment. To this end, we carry out a vast amount of R&D work. Current focal points include membrane technology, biological high-performance systems, nitrate removal and sewage sludge reduction. Newsletter: Publications: Membrane technology: o Klranlage BeiXiaoHe - Design und Betrieb eines der grten Membran o o
Bioreaktoren Pressure and Submerged Membranes in Multi Barrier Systems for the Treatment of Surface Water MARAPUR - a new process combination for the optimization of MBR Elimination of micro-pollutants in drinking water Sustainable drinking water supply trends and facts

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Membrane bioreactors for sustainable water management Marapur - Optimierung des MBR Verfahrens Schwemmwasseraufbereitung durch Membrantechnik Membrane bioreactors in wastewater treatment. Aufbereitung von Seewasser am Beispiel des SWW Mnnedorf Beherrschung von Fouling und Scaling an getauchten Filtrationssystemen in Membranbelebungsanlagen.

Water Reuse: o Reuse and recycling of secondary effluents in refineries employing advanced multio o o o
barrier systems Reclamation of wastewater for industrial purposes Water management in Windhoek, Namibia Industrial Water Reuse Case Studies Sludge water treatment using membrane technology

Oxidationsverfahren in der Wasseraufbereitung und Abwasserreinigung

Nitrate removal: o Nitrate Removal from Drinking Water in Iran Assessment of Three Different Treatment o o o
Processes Based On Pilot-Scale Investigations Biological denitrification of ground water 8 years full scale experiences with the BIODEN-process Full scale experiences with nitrate Elektrodialyse zur Nitratentfernung und Teilenthrtung bei der Trinkwasseraufbereitung am Beispiel Kleylehof

Sludge disintegration: o Ozone treatment of organic micro-pollutants in sewage sludge o Sewage sludge disintegration using ozone a method of enhancing the anaerobic
stabilization of sewage sludge.

Desalination: o Heat Transfer in Film Evaporators, IDA, November 2009

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Belli, Water Treatment Plant

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Hardhof, Water Treatment Plant

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Ningguo No.3, Water Treatment Plant

China Nordkanal, Wastewater Treatment Oberglatt, Wastewater Treatment Obersiebenbrunn, Water Treatment Plant OMV Refinery, Desalination Plant Oran, Wastewater Treatment Ostrava, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Palm-Eltmann, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Panipat Refinery - Effluent Recycling Plant Panjrapur, Water Treatment Plant Pertamina Balikpapan, Thermal Desalination Perungudi, Chennai, Wastewater Treatment PetroBrazi, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Prerov, Industrial Water Treatment Plant

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