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T Codes Transaction Text Enter Sample Document Enter G/L Account Posting Post with Clearing Post Foreign

Currency Valuation Post Incoming Payments Post Outgoing Payments Payment with Printout Reverse Statistical Posting Reverse Bill Liability Enter Transfer Posting Enter Customer Invoice Reverse Check/Bill of Exch Incoming Payments Fast Entry Enter Customer Credit Memo Post Incoming Payments Post Customer Down Payment Post with Clearing Post Outgoing Payments Post Bill of Exchange Usage Post Collection Post Forfaiting Bill of Exchange Payment Customer Down Payment Request Enter Statistical Posting Clear Customer Down Payment Bill of Exchange Payment Enter Vendor Credit Memo Enter Transfer Posting Enter Vendor Invoice

T-Code F-01 F-02 F-04 F-05 F-06 F-07 F-18 F-19 F-20 F-21 F-22 F-25 F-26 F-27 F-28 F-29 F-30 F-31 F-33 F-34 F-35 F-36 F-37 F-38 F-39 F-40 F-41 F-42 F-43

Post Entries Post GL (Non Balance Sheet Items) Book Vendor Invoice Debit Creditors Book Customer Invoice Credit Debtors For JV (Balance Sheet items) Booking Collections Making Payment (Manual) Making Payment (Automatic) Reversal of Individual document Reversal of Mass documents Interest on Cutomer's Due For Changing Cost Centre

FB50 FB60 FB65 FB70 FB75 F-02 F-28 F-58 F110 FB08 F.08 FINT KB11N

Standard Reports Chart of Accounts List Compact Document Journal Customerwise Balance Customerwise Open Item list (All items) Customerwise Sales Report Document Display including Amount Document Journal GL Accounts List (Detailed) GL Accounts List (List) Ledger balances Line Item Journal Periodwise Sales Statement for GLs / Vendors / Customers Statements for GL Accounts, Customers & Vendors Vendors Linewise items (Open + Cleared) Vendorwise Purchase Report Asset Balances Fixed Assets Register Fixed Assets Additions Report Fixed Assets Deletion Report Fixed Assets Depreciation Report Tax Deducted at Source

S_ALR_87012326 S_ALR_87012289 S_ALR_87012172 S_ALR_87012174 S_ALR_87012186 S_ALR_87012289 S_ALR_87012287 S_ALR_87012328 S_ALR_87012333 S_ALR_87012301 S_ALR_87012291 S_ALR_87012081 S_ALR_87012322 S_ALR_87012332 S_ALR_87012103 S_ALR_87012093 S_ALR_87011963 AR01 S_ALR_87012050 S_ALR_87012052 AR03 J1INMIS

Posting Parked Enteries Post GL (Non Balance Sheet Items) Book Vendor Invoice Debit Creditors Book Customer Invoice Credit Debtors Purchase - Goods/Service Create Purchase Order - Goods Change Purchase Order - Goods Display Purchase Order - Goods Making GRN Invoice Verification Service Entry Sheet List of GR/IR

FV50 FV60 FV65 FV70 FV75


Reverse Refinancing Acceptance Down Payment Request Post Vendor Down Payment Customer Noted Item Post with Clearing Payment to vendor (Manual) Payment to vendor (Automatic Payment Program) Debit Credit totals of ledger MIGO Listing Sales Order Listing PO Listing Material Document Sales Listing (Material / Customerwise) Customized Sales Register Maintain Tax Code

F-46 F-47 F-48 F-49 F-51 F-53 F110 FS10N MB51 VA05 ME2L MB03 VF05 ZSDSR FTXP

Cost Centre, Cost Centre Group, Profit Centre & Cost Element Create Cost Centre KS01 Create Cost Element KA01 Create Cost Centre Group OKEON Create Profit Centre KE51 Costing Run CK40N

Internal Orders & Activity Type Create Internal Order Transaction Rule Settlement Rule Create Activity Type Fixed Assets Acquiring Assets through FI only Asset Explorer Depreciation Posting Run Others Customer Analysis Sales Summary Purchasing Group analysis Vendor Analysis Material Group analysis Material analysis Sevice Analysis Purchasing Document List (PO List) Store Location analysis Print Payment Stock on Posting Date Material List Change of Profit Centre

KO01 KO22 KO88 KL01

F-90 AW10 AFAB

Maintain FI Configuration: Automatic Posting OB40 Create Chart of Accounts OB13 Create Account Group OBD4 Masters General Ledger Customer Ledger Vendor Ledger Bank Master Asset Master Profit Centre Cost Centre Cost Element Activity Type Internal Order Transactions Special G/L Transactions Down Payment from Customer Down Payment Cleared (Customer) Down Payment to Vendors Down Payment Cleared (Vendors)

FS00 FD00 FK00 FI12 AS01 KE51 KS01 KA01 KL01 KO01


F-29 F-39 F-48 F-54