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Proofing & Insulation



Anchor Allied Plans Expansion for USD7 Million


Sharjah Manufacturing



Anchor Allied, the largest manufacturer of adhesive tapes and specialty adhesives in the Middle East and a subsidiary of Masharie, the private equity arm of Dubai Investments PSJC ('01'), announced plans to invest AED26 million (USD7million) in the expansion of its factory in Sharjah. The expansion process that is split into two phases is set to be completed in May 2011 and will give the plant additional capacity to produce new products within the specialty aerosols, adhesives and sealants space. Anchor Allied's move is in response to greater demand for the products from Central and South Africa as well as Eastern Europe. The expansion will also result in adding 60 new jobs for factory floor staff. Mustafa Kachwala, General Manager of Anchor Allied, said: "Anchor Allied remains focused on consolidating its position as the largest manufacturer of adhesives and sealants in the Middle East.Thisproject expansion that isin line with our corporate growth strategy reaffirms our com-

mitment to increasing our presence across categories that are in high demand. "Once the expansion is complete, we will have the capacity to produce over 18million additional cans of aerosols per year from our Sharjah factory and cater to new markets." Anchor Allied has been at the forefront of the industry through introducing innovative products and solutions, which include its range of weather sealants - ASMACO 2670 - that was launched in October 2010. It has consistently adhered to high industry standards, obtaining certification from recognized international regulators for its product range. With high quality, durable silicone-based products that offer versatile solutions across various industry sectors and a structured approach to growth, backed by Masharie, Anchor Allied is well poised to continue registering robust revenue growth .

Radeon Formula # 7 Gets Singapore Green Label Approval

Radcon Formula # 7 waterproofing has recently been certified for Green Label status by the Singapore Environment Council. This is the second body to certify Radcon Formula # 7 as an eco-friendly product in the past year, following its approval by Ecospecifer in Australia. The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) was initiated by the National Environment Agency and launched in 1992 by the Ministry for the Environment and Waste Resources. Its objectives are to distinguish green labelled products from those that are lessenvironmentally friendly or uncertified, thus creating a more sustainable environment by increasing the use of environmentally friendly products. Radcon # 7 has been found to be ecologically friendly and can earn credits towards green building certifications such as LEED (U.S.), BREEAM(U.K.) PEARLS (UAE) and GREEN MARK (Singapore). Michael Rorke, Executive Director of Radcrete Pacific who distribute Radcon, claims it is the "world's most environmentally friendly concrete waterproofing" . Radcon has no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) and it is non-toxic. It has been approved in Singapore as well as several other countries such as Australia, Spain and Portugal over the past 25 years as being suitable for use with potable water. It is not harmful to marine life, which are the most sensitive creatures in the world and it is commonly used in drinking water tanks. Even though Radcon has only recently been acknowledged by Green 20

Label, it has actually been used for many years on "green" applications such as aquariums, planter boxes etc. Mr Rorke also stressed that although Radcon is environmentally friendly, this does not mean that it is more expensive than other methods of waterproofing or that it doesn't last as long as traditional methods: "in fact Radcon is cheaper than most decent membranes and has a much better lifespan than any of them, continuing to waterproof as long as the structure is standing."
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