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Brazilian Retail News

Year 11 - Issue # 401 - So Paulo, August, 22

, 2011
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Inditex-owned fast fashion chain Zara is
currently under investigation by Brazils Ministry
of Labour after one of its suppliers was accused
of slave labour. Four So Paulo sweatshops were
raided in late June, with all garments discovered
in the investigation labelled with the Zara brand.
The workers in the shops were from Bolivia and
Peru. Inditex said in a statement sent that the case
involved unauthorised outsourcing by a Brazilian
supplier for the company. Inditex did not provide
the name of the supplier. The supplier was entirely responsible for the fnancial compensation of the
workers, as established in Brazilian law and Inditexs code of conduct, the company statement said.
US Costco prepares to open stores in Brazil
US warehouse club chain Costco is in talks with one of the main supermarket chains in the Southern
region of Brazil to form a JV to run its stores in the country, according to Relatrio Reservado report.
Online retail sales rise 24% in H1
Brazilian online retail sales continue growing far above overall retail. According to e-bit consulting,
sales rose 24% in the frst half of the year over the same period in 2010, to R$ 8.4 billion (US$ 5.25
billion), driven by the entry of lower-income people in the online world. E-bit forecasts online retail
sales will end the year in the R$ 18.7 billion (US$ 11.68 billion) range, 26% more than in 2010.
Zara Brazilian supplier accused of slave labour
Carrefour CEO says Brazil unit not for sale
Carrefour is not looking to sell its Brazil unit,
Chief Executive Lars Olofsson told last week
during a visit to the country, adding that he remains
open to possible partnerships in Latin Americas
largest economy. Wal-Mart has hired UBS as
an adviser as it weighs a potential purchase of
Carrefours Brazil assets, a source familiar with
the situation told Reuters, but Oloffson said he
was not negotiating with Wal-Mart and not selling
the Brazil unit. Still, Olofsson said he remained
opened to possible partnerships in the Brazilian market, which has become key for profts as growth
stagnates in the supermarkets traditional markets such as France and Spain.
Brazilian Retail News
Year 11 - Issue # 401 - So Paulo, August, 22
, 2011
Phone: (5511) 3405-6666
Umbria speeds up expansion of Dominos
Pizza in Brazil
Six years after assuming the management
of Dominos pizza chain in Brazil, Umbria group
says it is time to expand the restaurant chain. Still
concentrated in Rio de Janeiro, Dominos runs 35
stores and plans to open ten more until December,
increasing the store count by 50% this year. The
goal is to build a 100 store chain by 2014, all over
the country.
Sam Zell mulls purchase of top online retailer
US investor Sam Zell, well known in Brazil for
his real estate ventures, plans to diversify his
businesses in the country. Relatrio reservado
report says that, aiming to take advantage of
the increasing spending of the local population,
Zell plans to purchase stocks of online retailers.
The main acquisition target would be Submarino.
com.br, part of B2W, the countrys top online
Northeast to drive c-store market sales
Northeast and Midwest are the two Brazilian
regions with stronger potential to the expansion
of convenience stores in the country, according to
trade group Sindicom, who expects this market to
rise by 15% per year in the next two years, above
overall retail sales. Today, there are 6,153 c-stores in
gas stations in Brazil, or 16% of the Market, a much
smaller share than in the US (89%) or even Latin
American countries, as Argentina (49%), Venezuela
(38%) and Chile (34%).
Brazilian Retail News
Year 11 - Issue # 401 - So Paulo, August, 22
, 2011
Phone: (5511) 3405-6666
The Neoconsumer shows up
Marcos Gouva de Souza (mgsouza@gsmd.com.br), CEO, GS&MD Gouva de Souza
Neoconsumer, the multichannel, digital and global consumer, has seen his relevance grows
in all retail segments and formats, not only in the online world, but, mainly, due to the changes
imposed to other distribution channels.
The new behavior learned and incorporated from his experiences in the digital world (internet
and mobile) defines new expectations and atitudes that are translated into more and better
Information on products and brands; in the more critical comparison on whats offered; and
in a significant increase in the importance of referrals from other consumers about their own
experiences with products, brands, websites and stores.
These elements help reshaping retail in almost all product categories, worldwide and specially
in Brazil.
The new edition of the global survey on the Neoconsumer, that interviewed 10,500 people
in 15 countries, done by GS&MD Gouva de Souza with support of Ebeltoft Group and to
be presented this week in DIGITAILING the International Digital Retailing Forum, shows the
changes in consumer behavior made possible by the use of internet to search for products and
compare prices. In 2009, 49% of the interviewed people in Brazil said they used to shop online
and purchase in the brick-and-mortar store, a figure that jumped to 84% this year, pointing to a
new Neoconsumer shopping behavior.
It is important to remind there are in Brazil 72 million internet users and that the e-bits Web
Shoppers survey, released last week, the use of the web to shop goods and compare prices
is the second largest use of the internet, with 81% of mentions, after accessing emails (95%).
The same Web Shoppers survey say e-commerce sales rose 24% in the first half of the year
if compared to the same period in 2010. FY forecast is for a 29% growth, to R$ 18.7 billion
(US$ 11.69 billion). Considering overall retail sales are expected to grow by 7% this year, in the
country the expressive growth of the share of digital sales over total retail sales, a worldwide
move, has been also happening.
As important, or even more, than the growth of online retail sales are the consumer behavior
changes and the impact on new demands. In the Neoconsumer study, another relevant aspect
was the evolution of the share of people declaring they used price comparison sites in Brazil;
from 73% to 81% in the last two years. The global macroeconomic effect of this price comparison
attitude presents a growing and irreversible pressure on retail profitability, also leading to pressure
on suppliers, as consumers, more informed and critical, will tend to purchase where prices are
lower, impacting margins.
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