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Nu Flow Renovates Three Systems in High-Rise Condo

When a camera inspection revealed that part of the bottom of Las Flores Towers 10 mainline was missing, the condominium owners association did not want to spend an extravagant amount of money and time to dig up the property, which would also cause a huge inconvenience to residents. Nu Flow was selected to rehabilitate the damaged mainline and other aged pipe systems, using only a couple of access points, to prevent corrosion and leaks from occurring again. Project: Remove corrosion, line and reinstate the condominiums aged, corroded and leaking mainline, hot potable system and storm drain stacks while preserving the property and minimizing hassle to residents. Customer: Las Flores Tower Condominium Owners Association is the governing body, comprised of residents, for the Las Flores Tower. Site: Las Flores Tower is a 15-story luxury condominium located on Coronado Island, California, near the world-famous Hotel Del Coronado. This residential high-rise sits along Coronado Beach and has 150 units with views of the San Diego Bay or Pacific Ocean. System: The 10 cast iron main line, potable recirculation copper lines with a 1.5 diameter and all six of the 3 vertical cast iron storm drain stacks that are located inside walls and under floors and were 36 years old. Situation: After a camera inspection on Las Flores Towers mainline found part of the pipe missing, the property management association knew that the pipe had to be fixed and other pipes should be examined. A traditional re-pipe was ruled out as an option for the damaged mainline, because it would require digging up the condominiums front lobby, driveway and part of the street, which would be a six-figure project and cause an incredible amount of destruction and disruption. The vertical storm drain lines were also cracked and leaking into units, thus needing a similar solution. Furthermore, the copper recirculation lines were subject to reoccurring pinhole leaks and corrosion from the chemicals in the water and velocity wear, so those potable pipes needed to be rehabilitated to prevent further problems.

Weve been perfectly happy with the job Nu Flow has done. We would have had to dig up the whole front end of the property to replace the main line, had we decided thats the way to go. But this lining has done away with all that.
- Dennis Brokaw, Property Manager, Las Flores Tower

Solution: Nu Flow cleaned and lined the 10 mainline all the way to the tie-in at the city main underneath the street without having to dig a hole or scratch the condominiums structure, thanks to our Pull-in-Place structural liner that cures in place. The storm drain verticals pass through all 15 stories of finished units, but Nu Flow is able to use the storm drain opening at the roof and an access point in the parking garage, thus avoiding damage within any of the individual units. We have rehabilitated some of the storm drains and will have the job completed within the year. As for the potable system, Nu Flow cleaned the hot recirculation pipes and coated them with our patented epoxy lining, greatly extending the useful life of the pipes. The potable system was accessed via existing connection points on the roof and inside the parking garage, without causing any inconvenience to the residents. Nu Flow successfully cleaned and installed our patented epoxy liners inside several small and large pipe systems in the Las Flores Tower without having to dig a hole or displace residents. Nu Flow is the first and only company to offer complete inside infrastructure rehabilitation from a single source. We are the one stop place for large and small drain and potable line renovation that all new and old commercial, residential and industrial buildings can benefit from.

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