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Hocus Pocus Halloween!

Bubble, Bubble, TWIRL and Trouble! Brew up a Halloween ensemble for your favorite little witch with patterns from YouCanMakeThis.com and CarlaC Dolly Designs! The hat pattern and instructions, as well as Twirl Skirt modifications, are provided in this FREE eBooklet. Patterns and complete instructions for the peasant dress and twirl skirt can be found in SewBoutique4Dolly Volume 4: Holiday Baking . Materials needed: 1/2 yard black cotton fabric 1/8 yard each of 6 coordinating fabrics for skirt 3/8 inch wide elastic 1/4 inch wide elastic 1 yard rick-rack 1 yard pom-pom trim 5/8 inch wide ribbon spooky button

Hocus Pocus Halloween! Copyright 2006 by Carla Hegeman Crim. All rights reserved. This e-booklet is complimentary, and may be printed and shared freely as long as this copyright statement stays intact. No part of this e-booklet may be resold or redistributed by sites other than http://youcanmakethis.com without permission from the author. The patterns contained within are copyrighted, but may be used by crafters to produce items for resale. I am not affiliated with any doll or pattern company. American Girl is a registered trademark of Pleasant Company, a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc.


Witchs Hat Instructions

Fold the crown piece in half, right side together, to form a cone shape. Stitch the back seam 1/4 from the edge. At the top point of the crown, trim the seam allowance close to the stitching. Zig-zag finish the rest of the seam allowance.


With the right sides facing, sew the brim pieces together 1/4 from the outer edge. Snip the seam allowance all around the outer edge.

Turn both the brim and the crown inside out so that the right sides are facing outward.

With the right side of the crown and the top side of the brim together, align the brims notches with the crowns notches and back seam. Pin together at each notch. Align the edges in between the pins, using additional pins to keep the edges together.

Zig-zag stitch along the edges to set the brim into place. Stay-stitch 1/4 from the edge.

Press the seam allowance up towards the crown. Topstitch along the crown 1/8 from the seam. Now all Dolly needs is a broomstick and a black cat (and perhaps a peasant dress and twirl skirt), and she is ready to ride!

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Witch Hat Brim

2006 Carla Hegeman Crim

Cut 2 on fold

Place on fold

Place on fold
Important - These patterns are designed to be printed at 100%. Before printing the patterns, make sure that page scaling is set to none in Adobe Acrobat print window. To be sure that your patterns printed at the correct size, measure the box below. It should measure 1 inch by 1 inch.

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ce P la

Ca rla


ge ma nC rim

Witch Hat Crown

Cut 1 on fold

on d fol

20 06

Twirl Skirt Modifications

Cut the ruffle tier strip as described in step 1, page 5. Fold the ruffle tier strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press to make a visible crease in the middle.


wrong side


Unfold. Bring the top edge of the strip over to meet crease 1. Press the folded edge to make crease 2.

crease 1

crease 1

crease 2

crease 2 crease 1

On the right side of the fabric, stitch rick-rack into place over crease 2.
crease 1

right side

Align the bottom edge of pom-pom trim with crease 2. Make sure the pom-poms are pointing toward the rick-rack. Stitch into place. Mark the midpoint and quarter points with pins.

bottom edge of trim


Bring the ends of the strip together (right side facing inward).

Stitch the ends together 1/4 from edge to form a continuous loop. Fold the strip in half lengthwise so that the wrong sides are together.


Ruffle tier

double thickness

Continue with tier construction and skirt assembly as described in the instructions. Finish the waistline with a bow and a fun button. Happy Haunting!

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