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Building trust and transparency in the pharmaceutical value chain

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Growth in Asian pharmaceutical markets

Growth in CMO & CRO industries in Asia

Partnering with Asian CMOs & CROs critical for accessing growth markets and cost management


Perception of poor quality & compliance

Challenge finding reliable information

Network gaps in small/mid sized companies in Asia

These issues create barriers to accessing growth markets and lower costs

Skellig Global.Pharma.Network is building an exclusive network of pre-qualified service providers based in Asia and global service seekers
Service Seekers
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Service Providers
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Project Parameters



Skellig Validation Process

ABC Tier 2 CMO Tier 2 CMO Tier 2 CMO Tier 1 CMO Tier 1 CMO

Send RFQ Respond to RFQ

Supplier Tier


Detailed, transparent, 3rd party validated information

Perform detailed searches and shortlist based on fit with requirements

Use electronic RFQs to get timely indicative quotations

Spend less time and money on pre-diligence

Compliment your existing marketing/BD channels




Reach beyond personal

and company network leads from your desk

Knowledge of exhibiting

Knowledge of network

providers before the conference Time spent meeting with providers who would be a poor fit



Time spent on high value

activities, e.g. contract optimisation Time spent on supplier information gathering

Depth of information Reliability of information Interactivity of platform

= Increase, = Decrease

The three levels of Tier certification for service providers serve as credible supplier rankings

Tier 1 Full on site audit of capabilities and compliance*

*Performed by our technical consulting partners

Tier 2


Desk validation of documents

Tier 3 No validation

Service Seeker can request


audit of selected Service

Register now at no cost to ensure that your company gets to shape our platform design in our beta test
We also provide custom service provider searches please contact us for details (see next page) Pricing Level Description
Full service provider search/shortlist; send expressions of interest As for Gold, plus send RFQs, or post Open Tenders

1-3 Users 4-7 Users 8+ Users


3,000/yr 5,000/yr 7,000/yr


5,000/yr 7,000/yr 9,000/yr

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The Skellig Global.Pharma.Network web-platform goes live in October 2011. In the meantime, we are conducting custom searches for service provider partners in Asia on behalf of clients; if you are interested in availing of this service please email: john.oshea@skelliggpn.com www.skelliggpn.com

Please fill in our Service Seeker survey and be in with a chance to win an iPad 2!*
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Contact: Dr John OShea Managing Director Odmaa Purevsuren Operations Director +65 9750 9686 john.oshea@skelliggpn.com +65 9750 5541 odmaa.purevsuren@skelliggpn.com

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