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Michael Zaw Mrs.

Hensley Period-1 May 3, 2004

Zaw, 1 In the United States, people are judged by their culture and traits. They are different because of their characteristics and personalities. Americans can be prejudiced in certain ways, especially since the 9-11 bombing. Americans have a fear of Middle Easterners, thinking that they are all terrorists. Laziness is universal but found more so in Americans. This is most likely due to all the modern luxuries that are found in America such as TV, automobiles, and many other luxuries. Therefore, Americans rarely have time to attempt strenuous physical activities. Americans have craving for sweets and fattening food; no wonder that most Americans are overweight! Most Americans spend most of their time working because of their hectic schedules and that leaves little time for anything else. Many Americans do not have time to do exercise, which makes them overweight. Americans are also very competitive as well. It is evident in the sports that most Americans play. In every sport that is played, no matter how important, the team wants to win. Americans are greedy to some point. In this capitalistic country, everyone wants to make money, and will not be satisfied until they are the richest they can be. Americans began to become prejudiced to the Middle Eastern people because of the incident that had happened on September 11, 2001. Americans are prejudice towards the Middle Eastern people, because they think that all Middle Eastern people are terrorists, also their fear and concern about their country. (Hollywood Widens Slur Targets To Arab And Muslim Americans Since Sept. 11, 27 March 2004). This page shown hows the Americans are prejudiced toward to Middle Eastern after what happened on 9-11. It was tragic that most of the Americans are injured and died on 9-11.

Zaw, 2 On September 11, 2001 the most important business in America the world trade center got destroyed. Americans economic started going down, some are losing jobs, and the country is on the Debt. Also on that day many people are dying, injured, and dead. Some kids become an orphan because of their parents had died in the world trade center when it got destroyed and also the spouses become widow. (U.S Attacked, 28 March 2004). Its found in this page where is going to explain it all, by verbally, and visually that happened on 9-11. The terrorist who did to the America are Middle Eastern people so whenever Americans see one of them doesnt matter they responsible or not Americans feared them being terrorist. Americans feared that Middle Eastern people might take of their gun from somewhere and shoot at them in the middle of the day. So Americans look at Middle Eastern people in different way because their fears and concern about their country. These are the facts why the Americans are feared the Middle Eastern peoples whenever they see them and prejudiced toward to them. Americans are also lazy because of the modern luxuries such as Television. Americans rely on television, because its entertained them when they have nothing to do. When Americans came back home from work and they have nothing to do but to sit on the couch and watch television. After they watched their favorite shows sometime they fell sleep on the couch because they so lazy to turn off the television and go to bed. For the best example of Americans are being lazy is in the TV program call The Simpson, a character named Homer Simpson is an excellent example of the way Americans live their lives. Homer Simpson is like most Americans; he does not innovate in his free time and dawdles through life. In Simpsons free time, he lays on his old,

Zaw, 3 dented couch with the television on. In addition, he munches on junk food. (The Simpson, 29 March 2004). In this page show this character is so lazy as how Americans lazy because they watch TV all day. Television is top rate of being Laziness. Americans are lazy is because of another modern luxuries such as cars, and machinery. Americans rely on cars and machinery because they are very handy. For car example it could travel around the city, so its easier to travel than walking. For the machinery it reduce manual labor. However because the machines do all the work, Americans use that time to work furthermore on other things that require human efforts. Unfortunately, they use that time to decrease productivity. They do not use their time wisely. As they continue to use these modern luxuries had made Americans more become lazy. In long time ago American are in labor everyday do get a one meal a day, with their effort and energy. Now in this modern day the technologies are became advance so Americans are rely on this modern luxuries has made them lazy. Americans are overweight because of their craving for sweet and fattening food. These sweet and fattening foods has made most Americans overweight. In America food is plentiful and cheap. So everyone could afford it to buy many sweet and fattening foods. Because many Americans eat everyday of these foods, they become overweight; therefore, never bother to exercise to lose weight. They just kept on eating and never take care of their body. The book call Fat Land (Critser, Fat land) has explains how does an Americans become fattest people in the world because of what they eat. This overweight can lead to all kind of disease like depression, obesity, etc. Also trouble to go travel

Zaw, 4 around in the bus or airplane, because they dont have a chair that has size for the overweight people. Another thing has lead Americans overweight because of their laziness. Americans have hectic schedules so they dont have time to do exercise, or do physical activity. They dont have time to go to gym or running in the park. Everyday come home from work tired and watch television, then go to sleep. They dont have time to exercise so they gain weight and become overweight American. As you can look at an example in the TV show call The Simpson. He came from the job, then turn on the television, sat on his old couch and eats lots of junk food or fattening food, then go to sleep. Everyday he does it and never bother do exercise. He always eats fattening food any time, and anywhere. Hes never seen to do exercise or physical activity. Eventually he gain weights and became one the fattest man in Springfield Town. Americans should avoid from being overweight is to exercise everyday. Americans should eat normal amount and exercise daily to make all the fats go away then the result wont become an overweight person. Americans are very competitive in sports. In every sport Americans play no matter what, they want to win. They are very competitive because of they want to make their country or team proud. They put their sweat, effort, and courage to make it to the top. The competitiveness can be seen in Venus and Serena Williams when they play each other. Tiger Wood is competitive in the golf games that now he is the best golf player in the world. He always makes the Americans proud while they watch him play on the national television. Theres another competitiveness basketball team to look at for example is Lakers. They had been champion for three times in a row. (ESPN, 28 March

Zaw, 5 2004). In this page shows that hows Americans sports team are very competitive in sports. These people are considering, one of the Americans competitive person. These American sports player have to be very competitive to win the championship game so that their team and country to be proud. Americans are competitive when it comes to money. You can look the example in the game show such as The weakest Link, Super Millionaire, and Pyramid. In these game show each of them are complete for the money. The so eager to win is because of the money for their bills, and vacation. In the weakest link show is the most competitive in any other show because each turn asks a difficult answer without anyone helps and depend yourself by answering it all right if u miss a lot of question others will notice and vote out and win nothing. (The Weakest Link, 29 March 2004). In this page it shows that Americans are play against each other to win the price. Americans are complete each other no matter what until they will win the price. Americans are also competitive in business. Americans are competitive in business and that is why, America is so successful. The American economy has always been good and one of the top countries on the business chart. Our countrys business is so good that everyone wants to come work in America. The American dollar bills are really high in any other country money except Europe. Americans are competitive in such as companies, as the stock market, and gross investment. The United States is enjoying one of the longest periods of economic expansion in its history, but after what happened on 911 our economy is collapse. (Making American Companies More Competitive, 27 March

Zaw, 6 2004). This page explain that American companies are competitive each other. Americans are competitive not just each other also complete with world wide economy. Americans has been successful in business world that America is one of the richest countries in the world. Because Americans are very competitive, they are greedy as well. Americans believe that wealth is likely to make people insensitive, greedy, and feeling superior to others. Most Americans would like to be wealthy if given the chance. Their motivation is based on the belief that money makes many things possible such as many of the things providing for the needs of their families, helping friends, contributing to worthy causes, having freedom to live as they choose, reducing stress, and adding more excitement to life. Seven in ten Americans have altered at least one important aspect of their lives because the money was not there. For example, one in three has decided to work outside the home instead of staying with children, one in four has postponed going to college, and one in five has stayed in a marriage because of a lack of financial resources. Take a look at another example of greed in the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. There are two characters that are greedy in this book and an excellent example how Americans are greedy. The Duke and the king lie to the Wilkes Family and pretend to be their uncle who is supposes to inherit all the money of Wilkes fortune. Even though they got all the inheritance of the Wilkes money they still want everything that they own so they trying to sell everything that in the house, the slaves and the house. Which, this subject has lead to Americans are being greedy. (Twain, The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn; 163-178, 179).

Zaw, 7 These two characters are greedy of getting money, even though they have enough, still wants more. That is why these two characters in this novel portray how the Americans are greedy. Americans also power greedy. Americans are likes to be in control. Its understandable to being in control because of our economy, weapons power, and military power, etc. America is a powerful country ever since we got independence from England. Its still doesnt enough that America is one of the powerful country but they want to be more of the best countries. Americans made their countries to become the powerful country by having successful economy, natural resource, military and weapon powers. Theres another example can find hows Americans are power greedy and how they use the power that they have in a play call The Crucible. In this play theres a character named Abigail is a power greedy woman. When she got the power in the town, she abuses with them to accused innocent people and any others who have insulted her in the past as being a witch. She uses her power in the town throughout the play, eventually she send nineteen innocent people to their deaths. (Miller, The Crucible; Act I, II, III, and IV). In this play show some part of hows American are greedy when its come in control. Long time ago Americans did abuses their power that they have to take over some part of the Asia. Americans are prejudiced toward to Middle Eastern people because Americans feared of them being terrorist. Americans are Lazy because of the modern luxuries has for them so they dont have to do it by themselves, and they dont do exercise as a result they become lazy. Another thing has Lead Americans being overweight because of the

Zaw, 8 fattening food and laziness. They eat lots of food because of the inexpensive of fattening food and they dont do exercise and physical activity. Americans are also competitive in such as in sports, money, and business. Which lead them to become a greedy. These are the traits that I find in Americans.

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