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Celebrity wannabes!

A very serious yet ignored issue:

Nowadays teenagers are almost completely surrounded by media. This media is unfo rtunately able to affect the way they look at life. When someone puts all their focus on the wrong things there thinking will be wrong and they will defiantly e nd up with the wrong way of living. Even though (you; the reader) are not as suc h, it is recommended for you to be aware of the problem that many people around you might face. Teenagers are doing outrageous things to become of what is now aoutomatically their goal (which is mainly looking like celebrities). They would sacrifice anything, and yes I mean anything in order to look good (and good to teenagers is how celebrities look like). Im not saying all teenagers are air-heads but most of them are and unfortunately teenagers as such are only increasing. Ye s, I do care about looking but I try not to keep my main focus on looking well. Besides, it really is whats inside that matters. So what if I look great and am I c opy of Miley Cyrus but cannot say a well structured sentence to an adult? I woul d be stupid! Celebrity wannabes please stop what you are doing to yourselves! Le ave Vogue, People, and all the rest of the non-sense magazines and go buy novels or ordinary stories that do not involve racism and gossip about celebrities jus t because they gained 2 pounds! If you teenagers would leave these useless magazines and go buy a book such as T he Alchemist, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, The White Tiger, or Dont Know M uch About Anything you would realize that the world has bigger issues than which celebrity carried a fake Gucci bag. Other than that, you teenagers are not focusing on what is really important in y our own life. You have absolutely no idea that what you are doing is a waste of time because if you did know than you wont be doing this to yourselves. While man y teenagers are focusing on looking the best they are also causing a large selfharm to themselves. Many teenagers nowadays would sacrifice anything to be skinn y because it is very in for Hollywood stars and has spread all over the world as a symbol of beauty. Most celebrities are really skinny and some are even anorexic . Because of that myriads of teenagers end up having eating disorders. Magazines target many teenagers (females in particular) by focusing on these subjects mor e than necessary. By this they encourage them to give this issue unnecessary att ention. Most teenagers end up brainwashed into thinking that their main goal in life should be starving themselves. These magazines and celebrity-stalking T.V sh ows give teenagers a very low self-esteem and a poor self-image. Another in thing is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are very harmful in many ways. At first they might seem nice and look good on people who perform them but in a couple of years the side effects of the surgery begin to appear. They are not only harmful but also very expensive and no one can guarantee whether or not it will work as planned. Celebrities are setting very bad examples for everyone , 90% of female celebrities preformed cosmetic surgery which leads women into be lieving looking 10 years younger than their actual age, having fake body implant s, and being underweight is what beauty is all about. Teenagers should understand that celebrities do not have anything other than how they look, what they wear, and their main job (singing, acting...) that they ar e focusing on. There whole lives revolve around one thing: How their audience wi ll react. They lack imagination. So you teenagers shouldnt focus on looking well because its just not their job! Schools, clubs, and other places where teenagers spend time should persuade teen agers that there is more to life than looks. They should be persuaded that there are wonders in the world that they will never discover if they wont stop reading useless magazines. Other than showing teenagers what matters most in life, they should also be awar e of the health issues supporting what results after performing cosmetic surgeri es or having unrealistic weight goals. For example, eating disorders are causing young women to have a low self-esteem that eventually helps in decreasing their social lives; these girls are very str

essed about their looks that they are blinded by how it is affecting their perso nality, health, and educational life. Some may even harm their reputation, peopl e might loose respect for someone who knows that there are thousands of people s tarving out there but they prefer to spend their money on cosmetic surgeries tha t arent necessary. On the other hand people who are anorexic, have eating disorders, or are bulimic should learn how a healthy diet works. They should perform regular exercise tha t will lead to having a better shape, a better lifestyle, and will help gain mus cles and not fat! (These muscles are then able to burn more calories). Fitting e xercise into your schedule might be difficult, but the results are defiantly wor th it. Wake up teenagers! You have the opportunity to become intelligent, creative, and to fulfill whatever you set your mind to. Leave celebrities do their jobs, beca use unlike you they already wasted their time on fulfilling what is now a bad ex ample. You might one day be known as the best example! Of course to do so you mu st reverse your focus. Jomana Nassir