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Portuguese IT and LibreOffice Open Manual

because our Schools need options

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about LibreOffice Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.net 3 .adrianoafonso.net | http://www.

net 4 .evolution // ? ? ? ? Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.net | http://www.adrianoafonso.

html http://www.adrianoafonso.net 5 .org/news/openoffice-apache-libreoffice http://meiobit.novell.com/17197/oracle_kicks_libreoffice_supporters_out_of_openoffice Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.org/News/2011/20110623.com/products/libreoffice/ http://www.fsf.com/82603/broffice-libreoffice-brasil/ http://blogs.debian.en.org/wiki/Features/LibreOffice http://www.support // Resourses http://fedoraproject.net | http://www.computerworld.

com/content/who-contributes-most-libreoffice Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.net | http://www.net 6 .linuxjournal.contributors // Resourses http://www.adrianoafonso.

adrianoafonso.org? Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.net 7 .net | http://www.Question How many of you. or your children. at school. had the opportunity to learn to work with StarOffice or OpenOffice.

adrianoafonso.net 8 .net | http://www.about the project Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.

adrianoafonso.php3?pchave=openoffice http://istpress.net | http://www.htm Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.pt/lopenoffice.pt/titulos/pesq_titulos.ist.the needs // Trainers need to build their own manuals/support Trainers/Teachers/Professors need reference materials for sessions/classes Existing (open) documentation in Portuguese is outdated Few.centroatl.utl. or none options available Lack of (open) manuals and (open) content for IT basic certifications Social projects cannot afford books Resourses http://www.net 9 .

adrianoafonso.org/help/manuals.htm http://linemas.the search for options // Some trainers build their own materials and share it under an open license Some materials are outdated. but the language is a bit different Other trainers build their own materials but close them or don't share Resourses http://pt.dyndns.openoffice.net 10 . but useful Brazilians share a lot of open materials.net | http://www.org/livre Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.

.net | http://www.adrianoafonso. DIY Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso..don't have it? do it! // None of the options meets your needs? Do you have know-how to build it? The software is free and open? Get your hands “dirty”.net 11 .get involved.

net/files/manuais/manual_tic_1ed.the beginning // 1st edition Just a gathering of open and Creative Commons materials Lots of errors Without revision Resourses http://www.net 12 .adrianoafonso.adrianoafonso.pdf Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.net | http://www.

net/files/manuais/manual_tic_2ed.scribd.pdf http://www.adrianoafonso.net | http://www.net 13 .org/help/manuals.odt http://pt.actual state // 2nd edition Existing content was (greatly) expanded 3 trainers helped with content and revision 1 designer helped with an ergonomics chapter 1 psychologist and 1 writer helped with the grammar and text revision Won a ISBN The e-book gained recognition from trainers and teachers and the Open(Office.net/files/manuais/manual_tic_2ed.htm Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.pt/?q=node/235 http://pt.com/doc/58593468/Manual-de-Tecnologias-da-Informacao-e-Comunicacao-e-OpenOffice-org-2%C2%AA-Edicao http://www.adrianoafonso.adrianoafonso.ensinolivre.openoffice.org) Community Resourses http://www.

the 3rd edition Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.adrianoafonso.net | http://www.net 14 .

adrianoafonso.pdf http://www.com/doc/58593468/Manual-de-Tecnologias-da-Informacao-e-Comunicacao-e-OpenOffice-org-2%C2%AA-Edicao http://www.openoffice.net/files/manuais/manual_tic_2ed.net 15 .pt/?q=node/235 http://pt.adrianoafonso.net/files/manuais/manual_tic_2ed.adrianoafonso.htm Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.odt http://pt.ensinolivre.org/help/manuals. at low prices for students and teachers Resourses http://www.scribd.net | http://www.status quo // Promote access to Information Society and promote e-inclusion through the provision of portable computers and broadband internet connections.

pt/e-escolinha/oquee.net | http://www.caixamagica.magalhaes.adrianoafonso.net/ http://comunidade.status quo // Magalhães Laptop made in Portugal with optional GNU/Linux Caixa Mágica made in Portugal Resourses http://eescola.pt/ Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.aspx http://www.eescolinha.net 16 .

status quo // Still lacking support for IT basic certifications Teachers and Professors complain about the missing of support Trainers.org is decaying 20 years of (OSS/GNU/)Linux in Portugal Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso. Teachers and Professors from other areas complain that support is scarce Social projects don't have options and money Current crisis put enterprises searching for other options GNU/Linux is growing OpenOffice.net 17 .adrianoafonso.net | http://www.

html http://tek.parlamento. Teachers and Professors need an option and a reference for open standards and open source Help the LibreOffice Portuguese community to grow Non existent book of LibreOffice in Portuguese Teamwork generates more revision and quality Resourses http://tek.sapo.dgidc.pt/noticias/computadores/lei_das_normas_abertas_aprovada_na_assembleia_1143110.pt/opiniao/opiniao_20_anos_de_linux_em_portugal_1189837.html http://erte.net 18 .net | http://www.sapo.pt/ActividadeParlamentar/Paginas/DetalheDiplomaAprovado.motivation // The last government approved a law for open standards Portuguese government nevertheless spends too much of our money in Microsoft Licenses (do we really need them?) Trainers.html Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.adrianoafonso.sapo.pt/index.pt/opiniao/lei_das_normas_abertas_este_foi_no_plano_legi_1143730.aspx?BID=16555 http://tek.php?action=view&id=773&date_id=849&module=calendarmodule&section=9 http://www.min-edu.

pt/Home/QNQ Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.net 19 .net | http://www.gov.anq.adrianoafonso.catalogo.personal motivation // Teamwork is always good and fun Teamwork gives you more time for yourself and family Build something good sharing experience and knowledge Teachers and Professors need publications for CV It's good to see your work recognized It's good to see your name in a (e-)book Resourses http://www.

Teachers and Professors Use the “Quadro Nacional de Qualificações” (Reference Board Certifications) as a reference Search for supporters Search for an editor Printed version Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.objectives // Increase the overall quality Build a reference manual for IT basic certifications Proposal for school manual Be an excellent option for Trainers.net 20 .adrianoafonso.net | http://www.

Tools Revision Hardware and Periferals Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso. Web programming Software. Hardware. Internet Internet.the team // Photo Name Adriano Afonso António José Araújo Inês Plácido João Coelho José Andrade Magda Farinha Miguel Fernandes Rúben Martins Vasco Marques Occupation IT Trainer/Professor IT Trainer/Teacher IT Trainer/Teacher IT Trainer/Professional IT Trainer/Advisor Psychologist/IT user IT Trainer/Teacher IT Trainer/Teacher IT Trainer/Teacher Calc 21 Contribution LibreOffice Software.adrianoafonso.net .net | http://www.

net | http://www.the team (new ones) // Photo Name Ricardo Trindade Jorge Cabral Occupation Network Admin & Software Developer Math Teacher Contribution LibreOffice LibreOffice Math Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.adrianoafonso.net 22 .

ensinolivre.net 23 .adrianoafonso.supporters // Resourses http://www.net | http://www.pt/?q=node/240 Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.

adrianoafonso. contribute ] Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.net 24 .what I had learned [ build your manual too.net | http://www.

notes // When you don't find what u need. deconstruct your problem Brainstorm with your network Raise awareness for the “openness” Find motivated people. u found an opportunity Grab a pencil and paper.adrianoafonso.net | http://www.net 25 . with the same needs Build a task force Initiate your project This presentation is a proof of co-work Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.

net | http://www. Their respective logos and icons are subject to international copyright laws.0 License (unless otherwise specified). Adriano Afonso | mail@adrianoafonso.Thank you … Questions? Suggestions? All text and image content in this document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.net 26 . The use of these therefore is subject to the trademark policy.adrianoafonso. "LibreOffice" and "The Document Foundation" are registered trademarks.