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. Sub: Supply of Fruits and Vegetables This has reference to our discussions held with you for the supply of fruits & vegetables from Namdhari Farm Fresh Pvt. Ltd., to your facilities in and around . We are please to offer our services on the following terms and conditions. 1) .. shall place and indent on Namdhari Farm Fresh Pvt. Ltd., 58 hrs in advance either in writing or over phone for the day after tomorrow deliveries. If placed telephonically the same shall be followed by written confirmation. 2) The material shall conform to the quality parameters as mutually agreed. 3) The rates for the material as per annexure I hereto shall be valid for a period of the first 3 months of this agreement. A revised rate contract as mutually agreed shall be entered into thereafter. 4) The material shall be delivered to you on FOR basis and you shall ensure that the same is unloaded and accepted by you with 2 hours of receipt of the same. 5) The material would be delivered on either a Sales Invoice or a Delivery Challan at the location as designated by you. 6) The Sales Invoice / delivery challan would be required to be duly acknowledged at your end signifying the acceptance of quality, rate and weight of material received at your end by signing and fixing a stamp and handed over to the Namdhari representative making the delivery at you designated location. 7) Acknowledgement at your end would be final towards the quality, rate and quantity received at you end; no changes to the same shall be entertained at a later date. 8) In case all the material has not been accepted then the acknowledgement should be made for a lower quantity as received at your end or in case of any rejection the same should be stated on the acknowledgement provided to Namdhari. 9) Since it is a perishable commodity no sales return shall be allowed after the material has been received and acknowledged at your end.

10) Namdhari agrees to extend 30 days of credit to you, all bills should be paid within 30 working days of the receipt of the material / invoice at your end. The consolidated account statement for every month shall be given to you on 1st / 2nd day. In case the bills are not paid within this period an interest of 1/5% per month shall be levied. 11) You shall provide monthly balance confirmation to Namdhari towards the monies due to Namdhari by the 3rd of the next month, failing which ITCs balance shall be final and binding on you. 12) The payment will be made by you cash / cheque on the basis of bills raised to you on the same day or within the credit period which shall be approved and communicated to you. 13) .agrees that it will made a minimum purchase of Rs. 5 lakhs per month. 14) This contract will be effective upto . 15) CONFIDENTIALITY You shall not, unless otherwise agreed upon or instructed by the Namdhari in writing make any representation, promise, warrant or contract or perform any other act binding on the company. You shall maintain confidentiality and secrecy to safeguard the business information which becomes available to you in connection with this agreement and which is not intended to be disclosed to others unless otherwise authorized by the Company. You agree to treat all Confidential information provided by Namdhari as secret and confidential and take all necessary steps to preserve such confidentiality. You will not use any such Confidential Information other than for the purpose of performing his obligations for assignment and, in particular, not to use or seek to use such confidential information to obtain (whether directly or indirectly) any commercial, trading or other advantage(whether tangible or intangible). This confidentiality clause shall survive termination of this agreement, if any, and however occasioned. 16) INDEMNITY Notwithstanding anything contained in this agreement, you shall indemnify Namdhari and keep Namdhari indemnified against any losses, damages, costs, charges, expenses, fines, penalties or claims the Namdhari may sustain or incur as a result of you either failing to comply with any Statutes / Acts or account of breach of the terms of this agreement by you. 17) TERMINATION YOU HEREBY UNDERTAKE WITH Namdhari to carryout the assignment under this contract for a period of 12 months commencing from . However, either party is entitled to terminate this agreement during the agreement period, with 7 days prior written notice by one party to the other, without assigning any reason. Termination of this agreement for any reason whatsoever shall not relieve either party from any obligations to the other arising from acts










18) Force Majeure If at any time during the execution of this agreement either of the party is unable to perform either in whole or in part of any obligation under this agreement because of war, hospitality, military operation of any character, civil commotion, sabotage, quarantine restrictions, acts of God and acts of the Government, fire floods, explosions, strikes or Any labour trouble embargoes, the parties shall be at liberty to suspend activities contemplated under this agreement so long as the aforesaid condition prevail such suspension shall be effected in good faith by notice in writing by such party affected by the aforesaid condition. 19) EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS No e-mail communication will be accepted as a legal notice / claim served on the Company 20) ETHICAL DECLARATIONS Acceptance/ execution of this order shall be deemed to be (a) a confirmation by you that no benefit, either in case or in kind, has been provided by you to any officer or employee, or any relative / associate of any officer or employee, of the company or of any of its associate companies, in order to secure this contract and (b) an undertaking by you not to provide any benefit, either in cash or kind to any such officer / employee / relative / associate as reward or consideration either for securing this contract or any other matter relating to this contract. 21) JURISDICTION. All disputes arising under this Agreement shall be mutually discussed and steeled amicably. Any dispute of difference that cannot be resolved by mutual discussions may be settled through a Court of Law situated at .. only excluding the jurisdiction of any other Court. This letter is being sent in duplicate. Please return the second copy duly signed and sealed as token of you acceptance. Yours faithfully For Namdhari Farm Fresh Pvt. Ltd., Accepted the terms and conditions For .

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Authorized Signatory