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I. Underline the mistakes and correct the sentences: They loves writing letters. ..

Mary like play football, but she hate volleyball . We doesnt like books. She dont love working in the garden. . I hating doing my homework. . I likes reading books. .. He like read. .. We hate do homework .. You loves skate. .

She hate skiing .. II. Complete the sentences. Use the words in parentheses.

(This, These) .. book is on my desk. (That, Those) books are on my desk. Students are sitting at (this, these) .. desks, but (that, those) .. desks are empty. (That, Those) tigers are very angry. (This, These) tiger eats a lot of meat. (This, These) exercise is easy. (That, Those) . Exercises are hard. (That, Those) shoes are very dirty. (This, These) shoes are very clean. (This, These) books belong to me. (That, Those) book belongs to me.

IV. Put these verbs in the right tense:

Listen! Somebody _______________ PLAY the piano. _____________ this book ____________ BELONG to you? My baby brother always _____________DRINK milk for breakfast. He _______________WRITE a letter now. My mother___________________ WASH the dishes at the moment. I ______________ HAVE breakfast now. ___________ you ____________ LIVE in Dover? I usually ________________ WAKE UP at 7.00.

My brother usually _____________ EAT cereals for breakfast. They ______________ HAVE breakfast at the moment.

V. Write about your best friend. I. Follow the pattern and finish the sentences. Use possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns: Pattern: I have a new schoolbag. Its my schoolbag. Its mine. 1. I have a cat. Its . Its 2. She has a dog. Its Its 3. We have a little horse. Its Its . 4. You have an old house. Its Its. 5. My friend Janet has a red pencil case. Its . Its 6. Janet and Ben have a new car. Its Its 7. Ben has a black hat. Its . ..Its 8. He has a beautiful parrot. Its. Its . II. Underline the mistakes and correct the sentences: 1. I likes reading books. 2. He like read. .. . . . 3. We hate do homework 4. You loves skate. 5. She hate skiing.

6. They loves writeing letters. 7. Mary like play football, but she hate voleyball . . 8. We doesnt like books. . 9. She dont love working in the garden. ..

10. I hating doing my homework. . III. Translate into English: 1. Este cinele meu, nu al tu. 2. Este al meu. 3. Este caietul lui, nu al ei. 4. Este casa lor. 5. Lui Mark i place s citeasc. 6. Janet urte s joace voley, ei i place s joace fotbal.

IV. Make sentences ; use ing form: I like . My mother likes My best friend loves My family like .. I hate My dog hates

III. Complete the sentences with the adjectives in brackets in comparative or superlative: 1. He isthan the other boys in the class (tall). 2. Mike is.in this class (big). 3. Steve is.than Kate. (heavy). 4. The plane is.of all means of transport. (fast). 5. Mother is..than my father. (young) 6. I amin my family. (young) IV. Write all the words you know related to family:

V. Answer the following questions: 1. What is your name? 2. How old are you? 3. Where are you from? 4. What nationality are you? 5. Who is your favourite star? 6. What do you do?

VI. Translate in Romanian the following text: (1.5p.) My name is Emily. I am 14 years old. Ive got a brother, who is younger than me, and a sister, who is older. My brother is taller and fatter than me, but my sister is slim and short. She is very beautiful and attractive. I am also short, but fat. I am not beautiful. My sister is prettier than me.

I. Read and match 1. Can you whistle? 2. What are you watching? 3. What do you like eating? 4. Where do you live? 5. What is your name? 6. When is your birthday? 7. Where is the zoo? 8. Where do pandas come from? 9. What time is it? a. In April. b.. Its two oclock. c. From China. d. No, I cant. e. It is next to the school f. In London. g. Peter. h. I love pizza. i. An old film. . 123456789-

II. Choose the correct words and translate: three-tri schoolbag-sculbeg hospital-haspitel blekbord-blackboard Monday-Mandi mother-mader

Thirteen-sertin stroberi-strawberry England-Inglend

ners-nurse Potato-poteto

basketball-beskitbol Jenueri-January Mes-Maths

III. Read the letter and answer the questions: Dear Helen, I am writing to you from Australia. It is very beautiful here. The sun is shining. My friends are eating a pizza. Sue is playing volleyball. Her sister is playing with a dog. It is little and black. The other children are playing in the park. Everything is very beautiful in this camp. We like it here. Miss you Caroline 1. What is Caroline doing? 2. What are her friends doing? 3. What is Sue doing? 4. What is Sues sister doing? 5. What are the other children doing? IV. Read and answer: What is your name? How old are you? Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many children are there in your class? What do you do in the afternoon? What is the weather like? What do people speak in Australia? 2,

5th GRADE INITIAL TESTING 1. Complete with the correct form. Choose from: am, is, are, am not, isnt or arent. 1. Mary and Susan _______ from Scotland. 2. Where _______ he? I cant find him. He _______ in his room. 3. They _______ at school today; its Saturday. 4. I _______ in the garden with Pam. We are planting some flowers. 10. 2. Choose the correct answer: 1. How many __________ can you see in this room? a) baby b) babys c) babies c) flower c) boyes 2. We like to have many __________ in our rooms. a) flowers b) floweres a) boys a) pencil boxes a) glass b) boy 3. Are there any __________ in your class? 4. My students have very nice __________. b) pencil boxs c) pencils boxes. b) glases c) glasses 10. 3. Circle the correct words: 1. John is at school now but he hasnt got/ havent got any pencils. 2. This/These sandwiches look very delicious. 3. His/Its T-shirt is yellow and orange. He doesnt like these/this colours. 4. Thirteen/Threeteen is my lucky number. 5. How much/many sugar is there in the jar? 5. There are four __________ on the table.

6. That/This rabbit is so nice but we cant touch it, its too far. 7. There are fifteen/fifty people in this room; they are too many. 8. How much/many eggs do we need for the cake? 9. We are at the zoo with our/their friends. 20. 4. Fill in with: have, has, is, are, am, can: Hello! I _______ Julie Smith. I _______ twelve. I _______ speak English very well. I _______ got two brothers, Jim and Ted. They _______ sixteen years old. Jim _______ a student. He _______ swim and dive. Ted _______ eighteen. He _______ got a bike and he likes riding it. He _______ ride really well. 20. 5. Circle the correct verbs: Present Simple or Present Continuous? Boy: What are you doing/do you do here? Girl: I am washing/wash my clothes. I usually swim/am swimming but now I do/am doing my washing. Oh, look at the monkeys! Boy: They usually climb/are climbing the trees but now they eat/are bananas. But look at that monkey! Is it eating/Does it eat a Girl: No, it isnt/doesnt. It eats/is eating an orange. Boy: They are/arent very happy monkeys! 20. 6. Read the sentences and draw your monster! It has a big head with three little eyes. It has a long, green neck and a fat black body. Its hair is red and its eyes are yellow. It has two long blue legs Its feet are big and the monster has got long nails. It has a large mouth but no teeth. It smiles all the time! banana? eating


1. Find the words:

2p 2. Match the first column to the second: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. a picture a lion students a policeman a cow flowers a car children A. in a vase

B. on a farm C. on the street D. in the park E. in a museum F. at the school G. at the zoo H. at the police-station 2p

3. Arrange the words to make up 1. your / is / What / name ?


_____________________________________________________________________ . 2. cat / My sister / nice / has got / a . _____________________________________________________________________

3. animals / Marry / loves. _____________________________________________________________________ 4. for / are waiting / a / men / few / the / bus . _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ 2p 4. Odd word out : 1. book, notebook, red , ruler 2. yellow, green , ball , blue 3. brown , one , five , ten 4. summer , spring , lion , winter 1p 5. Complete with the correct form of the verb: 1. I (watch) _______________ a lot of cartoons. 2. She (watch) _________________ a TV show right now.

2p Se aco

I. Choose the right form: 1. We from Romania. a) is b) are c) am


2. She . fourteen. a) isnt b) arent c) am not 3. They . my brothers. a) am b) is c) are 4. I . not John. II. Match the following sentences: 1. My friend 2. You 3. They 4. I

a) are b) am c) isnt 5. George Romanian. a) are b) is c) am 6) Mary and Anne . twelve. a) are b) is c) am.

a) arent in the classroom. b) am a pupil. c) isnt fifteen. d) are my brother.


III. Correct the mistakes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I are 11. We isnt from London. They am pupils. You arent Ana. They isnt doctors.

IV. Write the days of the week. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

V. Find as many words as you can related to: