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1. Which of the following physical quantities is not a base quantity?

A Weight B Time C Temperature D Electric

2. A radio station airs its programmes by transmitting waves at a

frequency of 102.3 MHz. How much is this frequency, in Hz?
A 1.023 x 102 B 1.023 x 105 C 1.023 x 106 D 1.023 x 108

3. The density of a substance Z is 9.00 x102 kgm-3. In which liquid will

substance Z sink?
Liquid Density of liquid /kgm-3
A J 7.90 x 102
B K 9.20 x 102
C L 1.03 x 103
D M 1.27 x 103

4. Gases are more compressible than solids because

A size of gas molecules > size of solid molecules
B density of gas molecules > density of solid molecules
C distance between gas molecules > distance between solid molecules
D force between gas molecules > force between solid molecules

5. The pressure of sea water at the bottom of an ocean is 1.3 x 108 Nm-2.
What is the depth of the ocean?
[Density of sea water = 1.02 x 103 kgm-3 ]
A 1.27 x 104 m B 1.27 x 105 m
C 1.27 x 106 m D 1.30 x 109 m
E 1.33 x 10 m

6. The following information are the characteristics of carbon based

composite substance.

P: Strong Q: Resistant to heat R: Resistant to


Which combination of the characteristics is used in building the body of

A P and Q only B P and R only C Q and R only
D P, Q and R

7. The air pressure in a car tyre is 200 kPa at a temperature of 25 OC.

What is the air pressure in the tyre at a temperature of 37OC?
[Assume the volume of the air in the tyre is a constant]
A 135kPa B 190kPa C 192kPa D 208kPa E 296kPa

8. The process of combining audio and radio frequency signals is known



A resonance B damping C modulation D rectification

9. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

Answer Name of prefix Symbol of prefix Value
A Tera T 1012
B Nano N 10-9
C Pico P 10-12
D Micro μ 10-5

10. Given that period of oscillation of simple pendulum obeys the formula,
T =2π√(l/g), where l is length of pendulum and g is acceleration due to
gravity. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
A T is directly proportional to l
B T is directly proportional to l1/2
C T2 is directly proportional to g

11. A weightlifter successfully lifting a load of 80 kg 2 m from ground.

Calculate the work done in lifting the load.

A 30 J B 120 J C 600 J D 1600 J

12. A parachutist lands with his legs bent.

Why he has to bend his legs?
A To lengthen the time of impact of his feet with the ground
B To shorten the time of impact of his feet with the ground
C To lengthen the time of falling to the ground

13. Diagram 1 shows a metal sphere oscillating on a frictionless track.

Diagram 1
Which of the following statements is true?
A The kinetic energy of the sphere metal is minimum at R
B The potential energy of the metal sphere is maximum at P


C The total energy of the metal sphere at S is higher than that at R

14. Diagram 2 shows two metal spheres, P and Q.

Diagram 2

Which of the following statements is true when P and Q are in free fall?
A The gravitational forces acting on P and Q are the same
B The acceleration of P and Q are the same
C The velocity of P and Q are the same
D The momentum of P and Q are the same

15. Diagram 3 shows two trolleys, P and Q, on a frictionless plane. Trolley P

moves and collides with the stationary trolley Q.

Diagram 3

Which of the following statements is true?

A The collision is an elastic collision
B Both trolleys do not undergo changes in momentum
C The total momentum before and after the collision is the same
D The kinetic energy before and after the collision is conserved

16. The reading of the spring balance is 50 N when it is hung in a stationary lift.
What is the reading of the spring balance when the lift moves down with an
acceleration of 2 ms-2? ( g = 10 ms-2)
A 100 N
B 52 N
C 40 N
D 25 N


17. Diagram 4 shows a coin and a feather experiences free fall in a vacuum

Diagram 4

Which physical quantity is unchanged?

A Velocity
B Acceleration
C Kinetic energy
D Momentum

18. Diagram 5 shows four different shapes of shoe heels worn by the same lady.

Diagram 5

Arrange the heels based on the pressure exerted on the ground, in

descending order.
A P, Q, R, S
B S, P, Q, S
C R, P, Q, S
D S, Q, P, R

19. Diagram 6 shows the flow of air from X to Y in an underground tunnel.


Diagram 6

Which of the following principles can be used to explain the above

A Pascal’s principle
B Bernoulli’s principle
C Archimedes’ principle

20. An aircraft is flying with constant velocity at altitude 3 km from sea level.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A Lift is greater than total weight of the aircraft
B Total weight of the aircraft is greater than lift
C Thrust is greater than total air drag and friction
D Resultant force acting on the aircraft is zero

21. Diagram 7 shows a metal sphere at temperature of 90OC immersed in a liquid

at temperature of 40OC.

Diagram 7


temperature of the metal sphere when thermal equilibrium is achieved

between the sphere and the liquid?
A More than 90OC
B Same as room temperature
C Less than 40OC
D Between 40OC and 90OC

22. The graph shows the heating curve of a substance. Which of the following
phases labelled A, B, C or D, shows heat is absorbed during the melting


23. Which of the following is the correct magnification of a plane mirror?

A 0.5
B 1.0
C 1.5
D 2.0
24. When two car, P and Q are travelling in the opposite direction, passing
through a sharp bend. Which mirror is the most suitable to be placed at the
sharp bend so that car P can see car Q?
A Plane mirror
B Concave mirror
C Convex mirror
D Two plane mirrors at an angle of 60OC

25. Diagram 8 shows the formation of the image of an object by a convex lens.

Diagram 8
If the height of the object is 2 cm, what is the height of the image?

A 6.50 cm B 4.50 cm C 4.00 cm D 3.25 cm E 2.25 cm


26. Diagram 9 shows light rays travelling from glass to air at different
incident angles.

Diagram 9

Which angle is the critical angle of the glass?

A p
B q
C r
D s

27. Diagram 10 shows Ahmad taking an eye test. The distance between
Ahmad and the plane mirror is 1 m. Ali sees the image of the object in
the mirror.

Diagram 10

If the distance between the image and Ahmad is 5 m, what is the

distance between Ahmad and the object?
A 2m
B 3m
C 4m
D 8m


28. A submarine transmitting ultrasonic waves directed at a big rock on the sea
bed. After 20 s, the submarine detects the reflected wave.
Calculate the distance of the submarine from the big rock.
[Velocity of ultrasonic wave = 1560 ms-1]
A 3.9 km
B 7.8 km
C 15.6 km
D 156.6 km

29. Diagram 11 shows the cross section of water wave .

Diagram 11

Which of the following statements is true about the water wave?

A T and U have the same phase
B Wave energy is transferred from position S to U
C The wave length is the distance between S and U
D The particle at U oscillate in a direction parallel to the direction of the
wave propagation

30. What type of wave is the sound wave?

A Transverse wave
B Longitudinal wave
C Electromagnetic wave

31. Which of the following statements is true about sound wave?

A Sound wave can propagate in vacuum
B Sound wave travels slower in solid medium than that in gas medium
C Sound wave propagates in air medium through the action of
rarefaction and compression on the air molecules

32. Diagram 12 shows the interference patterns for water waves from two
coherent sources, S1 and S2


Diagram 12

Which of the following shows the superposition of the wave at point Y?

33. The range of frequency the sound detectable by a person with normal
hearing is
A 2 Hz to 200 Hz
B 2 Hz to 2 kHz
C 20 Hz to 20 kHz
D 200 Hz to 200 kHz

34. Quality of sound depends on

A pitch
B frequency
C wave form

35. Interference of wave can be explained by the

A principle of superposition
B principle of conservation of energy
C principle of conservation of momentum


36. Which phenomenon of sound waves enables us to hear sound from

barricaded or obstructed places where we cannot see?
A Reflection
B Refraction
C Diffraction
D Interference

37. Bats can travel in the dark without knocking into the obstacles due to the
application of
A Diffraction of sound waves
B Refraction of sound waves
C Reflection of sound waves

38. Which of the following waves are suitable for satellite transmission?
A Infrared radiations
B Ultraviolet rays
C Microwaves
D Visible light

39. Which of the following properties applies to X-rays, microwaves, ultraviolet

rays and infrared rays?
A They have very high frequency
B They are damaging to health
C They are longitudinal waves
D They propagate in vacuum

40. A thin guitar string is strummed hard. It will produce a loud and high pitch
sound. Which of the following graphs is the most suitable to represent the
above situation?


41. A sound wave of wavelength 2m is travelling with speed 330 ms-1 in air.
Calculate its frequency.
A 165 Hz B 330 Hz C 660 Hz D 1320 Hz E 2640 Hz

42. Two waves, wave P and wave Q with amplitudes 5 cm and -3 cm respectively
travelling along a string towards each other. What is the resultant amplitude when
they meet
A 0 cm B 1 cm C 2 cm D 4 cm E 8 cm

43.Three resistors of 3 Ω are connected parallel, what is the combined

A 27 Ω B9Ω C6Ω D3Ω E 1 Ω`

44. The electric current supplied by a battery in a digital watch is

3.0 x 10-5 A. What is the quantity of charge that flow in 2 hours?
A 2.5 x 10-7 C B 1.5 x 10-5 C C 6.0 x 10-5 C
-3 -1
D 3.6 x 10 C E 2.2 x 10 C

45. Diagram 13 is a graph which shows the relationship between the potential
difference, V and the current of four different conductors, P, Q, R and S.


Diagram 13

Which conductor has the highest resistance?


46. Label of a bulb shows “ 12 V, 15 W”. Calculate the amount of energy

produced if it is switched on for 1 hour?
A 54,000 J
B 50,000 J
C 15,000 J
D 10,800 J
E 180 J

47. The charge flowing through a conductor consists of

A protons B electrons C neutrons

48. Which of the following factors will affect the resistance of a conductor?
A Type of material
B Length of the conductor
C Cross-sectional area of the conductor
D Answer A, B and C

49. When a potential difference of 12 V is applied across a conductor, it is

found that the current passing through the conductor is 0.2 A. What is the
resistance of the conductor?
A 60 Ω B 50 Ω C 40 Ω D 30 Ω

50. Which of the following electrical devices is used to control electric current
flowing in a circuit?
A Rheostat
B Voltmeter
C Bulb