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To 1. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi - 110 001. 2. The Registrar of Companies, Chennai - 600 0034. 3.

The Regional Directors, Chennai - 600 006. 4. All India Council for Technical Education, Janpath, New Delhi - 1 5. The Regional Officer, AICTE, Chennai - 600 006. 6. The Chief Ministers Special Cell, St.George Fort, Chennai - 9. 7. The Secretary, Home Dept., St.George Fort, Chennai - 9. 8. The Secretary to the Chief Minister, St.George Fort, Chennai - 9. 9. The Secretary, College Education, St.George Fort, Chennai - 9. 10. The Secretary, School Education, St.George Fort, Chennai - 9. 11. The State Commissioner for the Differently Abled, Chennai - 6. 12. The Director General of Police, Chennai - 4. 13. The IG of Police, South Zone, Madurai - 2. 14. The Director, Directorate of College Education, Chennai - 6. 15. The Director, Directorate of School Education, Chennai - 6. 16. The Director, Directorate of Elementary Education, Chennai - 6. 17. The Director, DTERT, Chennai - 6. 18. The District Collecter, Tirunelveli. 19. The Commissioner of Police, Tirunelveli. 20. The Chief Educationa Officer, Tirunelveli. 21. The Superintendent of Police, Tirunelveli. ma;ah/mk;kh> nghUs; : 1. TDTA fk;ngdp Board of Directors I khw;wpaJ> 2. TDTA epWtdq;fis Nkhrbahf ifg;gw;wp Nfhbf;fzf;fpy; gzj;ij ifahly; nra;JtUtJ> 3. J}j;Jf;Fb ehrNuj; jpUkz;lyj;jpYs;s TDTA nghwpapay; fy;Y}hpfSf;F mq;fPfhuk; fpilf;f TDTA nrhj;ij jpUkz;lyj;jpw;F rl;ltpNuhjkhf vOjpf;nfhLg;gJ> 4. cah;ePjpkd;w> cr;rePjpkd;w jPh;g;Gfis rpwpjsTk; nghUl;gLj;jhJ jd;dpr;irahf nray;gl;LtUtJ> 5. TDTA fk;ngdp eph;thfj;jpw;fhd jpUkz;ly Njh;jiy tpjpfSf;F khwhf mwptpj;Js;sJ> ---------------------------------

Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association vd;gJ 1913 Mk; Mz;L fk;ngdp rl;lg;gb 1919y; gjpT nra;ag;gl;l mikg;G. mg;Nghija gjpntz;. 2/1919 ehs; 08.12.1919. jw;Nghija gjpntz; 3009/1956. TDTA gjpT nra;ag;gl;l rl;lg;G+h;tkhd mikg;ghfTk;> jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyk; gjpT nra;ag;glhj mikg;ghfTk; tpsq;fpaJ. CSI vdg;gLk; Church of South India mikg;gpy; 22 jpUkz;lyq;fs; cs;sd. ,jpy; 21 jpUkz;lyq;fs; gjpTnra;ag;glhjit. ,e;j jpUkz;lyq;fspd; mjpfhuk; ngw;w jiytuhf gp\g; nray;gl;LtUfpwhh;. Mdhy; jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyk; gjpT nra;ag;glhj kjk; rhh;e;j mikg;ghfTk; jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;ly vy;iff;Fs; cs;s (xUq;fpize;j jpUney;Ntyp khtl;lk;) fy;tp epWtdq;fs; cs;spl;l midj;J epWtdq;fs; kw;Wk;

nrhj;Jf;fSk; Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association vdg;gLk; fk;ngdp eph;thfj;jpd; fPo; cs;sJ. gp\g;Gf;F jdpg;gl;l mjpfhuk; fpilahJ. TDTA mikg;gpd; nghJf;FO kw;Wk; Committee of Management mikg;Ng nghUk;ghd;ik cWg;gpdh;fspd; jPh;khdj;jpd;gb nray;glKbAk;. gjpT nra;ag;gl;l TDTA fk;ngdpia eph;thfk; nra;a xU mikg;G Njitg;gl;ljhYk; gjpT nra;ag;glhj jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyj;ij eph;thfk; nra;a xU mikg;G Njitg;gl;ljhYk; Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Tinnevelly Diocesan Trust Association tpjpfspd;gb gjpT nra;ag;glhj jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;ly fpwp];jth;fspypUe;J Njh;jy; %yk; Njh;e;njLf;fg;gl;l cWg;gpdh;fisf; nfhz;L TDTA mikg;igAk; jpUkz;ly mikg;igAk; eph;thfk; nra;a [dehaf Kiwg;gb xU Njh;jy; mikg;G cUthf;fg;gl;lJ. me;j Njh;jiy elj;Jk; topKiwfisf; $Wk; xU %yr;rl;lk; 1923 Mk; Mz;L cUthf;fg;gl;lJ. ,e;j jpUkz;ly %yr;rl;lk; gjpT nra;ag;glhjJ rl;lhPjpahf jFjpaw;wJ. jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyk; TDTA mikg;gpd; xU rpW ghpT kl;LNk. TDTA eph;thfk; Fwpj;J Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Tinnevelly Diocesan Trust Association tpjpfs; fPo;f;fz;lthW $WfpwJ. 1. The name of the company is Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association 3. The objects for which the Association is established are :3. (c) To acquire sites for building, altering or enclarging and to build, alter or enlarge and to maintain and endow churches, chapels, churchyards, burial grounds, schools, colleges, hostels, boarding houses, hospitals, dispensaries, mission halls, prayer houses, parish rooms, residences for clergy, school - masters and school - mistresses, refuges, homes and other buildings to be used in connection with the work of the said church within the said Diocese. Page No : 5 -1 For the Purpose of registration the number of member is declered not to exceed fifty. Member ship 4. The Bishop of the Diocese for the time being and the Treasurer of the Tirunelveli Diocesan Council shall be ex-officio members. The first and every subsequent Secretary and Treasurer of the Association shall be the person who is for the time being the Treasurer of the Tirunelveli Diocesan Council. 5. The Member of the Association shall be the members of the Executive Committee of the Tirunelveli Diocesan Council on their signifying their consent to become members. Committee of Management 7. The business and affairs of the Association shall be managed by a committee of management which shall be not less than three and not more than eight in number.

8. Member of committee from and after the first General meeting of the Association the committee shall consist of (a) The Ex-officio members of the Association (Bishop & Treasurer) and (b) Members elected by the Association at its first meeting after each periodical election of the executive committee of the Tirunelvele Diocesan council. Page No : 7 General powers of committee. The Committee shall have full power to do all such acts and things as the Association could itself do, and which are not hereby or by statute expressly directed or required to be exercised or done by the Association to general meeting, and in particular the committee shall have the following powers, 18 (g) To appoint Manager and sub committee To appoint or remove and delegate any of their power to a manager or subcommittee or sub committees consisting of one or more members of the committee and to fix the quorum of any such subcommittee. Page No : 10 Accounts 32. Provision as to making payments No payment shall be made without the order of the committee, except payments on petty cash account, for which the committee may place at the disposal of the Secretary and Treasurer such sum as they think fit, not exceeding at any one time Rs. 500 and the Secretary and Treasurer shall make at such time as the committee direct a return of all receipts, payments and libilities on petty cash account. NkNy Fwpg;gpl;litfs; %yk; TDTA kl;LNk jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;ly (jpUney;Nty - J}j;Jf;Fb) vy;iff;Fs; mike;j Myaq;fs;> fy;tpepWtdq;fs;> kUj;Jtkidfs;> FUkhh; ,y;yq;fs; cs;spl;l midj;J nrhj;Jf;fSf;Fk; ch;ikahsh; vd;gJk; jpUkz;lyj;jpw;F ,itfis eph;thfk; nra;a vt;tpj mjpfhuKk; fpilahJ vd;gJk; njspthf tpsq;Fk;. jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyj;jpd; rpwg;G nraw;FO $l;lk; 17.08.2002 md;W eilngw;wJ. me;j $l;lj;jpy; jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyj;ijg; gphpj;J J}j;Jf;Fb ehrNuj; jpUkz;lyk; mikf;f jPh;khdpf;fg;gl;lJ. 08.01.2003 md;W eilngw;w CSI rpdhl; rpwg;G nraw;FO $l;lj;jpYk; jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyj;ij gphpg;gjw;F jPh;khdk; epiwNtw;wg;gl;lJ. 14.05.2004 md;W J}j;Jf;Fb ehrNuj; jpUkz; ly by];l; mNrhrpNa\d; J}j;Jf;Fb rhh;gjpthsh; mYtyfj;jpy; gjpT nra;ag;gl;Ls;sJ. Nkw;gb gj;jpuj;jpy; Nkw;gb bu];l;f;F vt;tpj nrhj;Jk; khw;wg;gltpy;iy vd Fwpg;gplg;gl;Ls;sJ.

Mdhy; fk;ngdp rl;lg;gb TDTA mikg;igAk; jpUkz;lyj;ijAk; gphpg;gjw;fhd topKiwfs; vjidAk; filgpbf;fhky; ,uz;L jpUkz;lyq;fshf nray;gl KbntLj;J jd;dpr;irahf ,uz;L jpUkz;lyq;fSk; ,d;W tiu nray;gl;L tUtJ fk;ngdp rl;lj;jpw;F tpNuhjkhdJ kl;Lky;yhJ kpfg;nghpa fphpkpdy; Fw;wKkhFk;. gy Mapuk; Nfhb kjpg;Gila TDTA nrhj;Jf;fis fk;ngdp rl;lg;gb gphpj;J ,uz;L jdpj;jdp fk;ngdpfshf nray;gLtij tpLj;J TDTA fk;ngdpapd; xU ghjp nrhj;Jf;fshd Myaq;fs;> fy;tpepWtdq;fs;> kUj;Jtkidfs; kw;Wk; cs;s nrhj;Jf;fisAk; J}j;Jf;Fb-ehrNuj; jpUkz;lyk; vd;w ngahpy; 1956 Mk; Mz;bd; nrhirl;b rl;lg;gb gjpT nra;jdh;. ,J fk;ngdp rl;lg;gb kpfg;nghpa Nkhrb. rl;lg;gb TDTA fk;ngdp gphpf;fg;glhjjhy; jpUney;Ntyp> J}j;Jf;Fb-ehrNuj; jpUkz;ly vy;iff;Fs; cs;s fy;tp epWtdq;fs; cs;spl;l midj;J nrhj;Jf;fSk; ,dWtiu TDTA fk;ngdpapd; nrhj;Jf;fshfNt cs;sd. fy;tp epWtdq;fspd; Educational Agency ahf TDTA kl;LNk cs;sJ. NkYk; xUq;fpize;j jpUney;Ntyp khtl;lj;jpd; 50 nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fs; kl;LNk TDTA fk;ngdpapd; nghJf;FO kw;Wk; nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fshf nray;glKbAk;. jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;ly nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fs; 36 Ngh; J}j;Jf;Fb-ehrNuj; jpUkz;ly nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fs; 36 Ngh; vd;W nray;gLtJ jtW. TDTA fk;ngdp tpjpfspd;gb mjpfgl;rkhf xUq;fpize;j jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyj;jpd; 50 nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fNs ,Uf;f Ntz;Lk; vd;w fk;ngdp tpjp kPwg;gl;Ls;sJ. NkYk; ,uz;L jpUkz;lyq;fspYk; ,uz;L nraw;FO nray;gLfpwJ. 1919 Mk; Mz;L gjpT nra;jNghJ Vw;gLj;jg;gl;Ls;s tpjpfspd;gb jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyj;jpd; xU ghjp vy;ifapy; cs;sth;fs; xU nraw;FOitAk;> kW ghjp gFjpapy; cs;sth;fs; kw;nwhU nraw;FOitAk; Vw;gLj;jpAs;sJ fk;ngdp rl;lg;gb jtwhdJ. ,uz;L gFjpfspYk; cs;s xUq;fpize;j jpUney;Ntyp khtl;l kf;fshy; thf;fspj;J Njh;e;njLf;fg;gl;l nraw;FO kl;LNk fk;ngdp rl;lg;gb rhpahdJ. mJNghyNt ,d;iwa jpUney;Ntyp khtl;lj;jpYs;s DC cWg;gpdh;fs; thf;fspj;J xU gp\g;igAk;> J}j;Jf;Fb khtl;lj;jpYs;s J}j;Jf;Fb-ehrNuj; jpUkz;ly DC cWg;gpdh;fs; thf;fspj;J ,d;ndhU gp\g;igAk; Njh;e;njLf;Fk; nrayhdJ fk;ngdp rl;lg;gb jtwhdJ. Vndd;why; xU fk;ngdpf;F xU gp\g; kw;Wk; xU nghUshsh; kl;LNk Ex Officio Member Mf ,Uf;f KbAk;. mNjNghy xU gp\g; kl;LNk Chairman Mf ,Uf;f KbAk;. Mdhy; ,d;iwa epiyapy; xU TDTA fk;ngdpf;F ,uz;L gp\g;> ,uz;L nghUshsh;> 86 nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fs; (,uz;L khtl;lj;jpYk; ,uz;L nraw;FO)> ,uz;L Jizf;FOf;fs;> ,uz;L nrayh;fs;> njhlf;fg;gs;sp Kjy; fy;Y}hp tiu %d;W Nkyhsh;fSf;F gjpyhf MW Nkyhsh;fs; ,Ue;JtUtJ kpfg;nghpa Nkhrb. NkYk; ,uz;L nghUshsh;fs; TDTA tpjpfSf;F khwhf gzg;ghpkhw;wk;> nrhj;Jf;fis tpw;wy; kw;Wk; thq;fy; Mfpa nray;fis nra;JtUtJ fphpkpdy; eltbf;iff;Fhpa Fw;wkhFk;.

TDTA fk;ngdpia gphpg;gJ rk;ge;jkhf ve;jtpj Kiwahd rl;lg;gbahd eltbf;ifAk; vLf;fhky; jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;ly nraw;FO kw;Wk; rp.v];.I.rpdhl; fofk; %yk; jPh;khdk; epiwNtw;wp fk;ngdpr;rl;lj;jpw;F Kuzhf ,uz;L jpUkz;lyq;fshf gphpj;J ,uz;L jpUkz;lyq;fspd; vy;iyf;Fs; cs;s TDTA mikg;gpw;F nrhe;jkhd midj;J epWtdq;fisAk;> nrhj;Jf;fisAk; gphpj;jjhf $wp nray;gl;L tUfpd;wdh;. 14.05.2004 md;W J}j;Jf;Fb ehrNuj; jpUkz;ly bu];l; mNrhrpNa\d; J}j;Jf;Fb rhh;gjpthsh; mYtyfj;jpy; gjpT nra;ag;gl;Ls;sJ. gjpntz; 199/2004 gjpT ehs; 14.05.2004 gjpT ngw;w bu];l; mikg;G. ,jpy; vt;tpj mirAk; kw;Wk; mirah nrhj;Jf;fSk; ,y;iy vd;W Fwpg;gplg;gl;Ls;sJ. kPz;Lk; J}j;Jf;Fb ehrNuj; jpUkz;ly bu];l; mNrhrpNa\d; vd;gJ xU bu];lhf mNj J}j;Jf;Fb rhh;gjpthsh; mYtyfj;jpy; bu];lhf gjpTnra;ag;gl;Ls;sJ. gjpntz; 1290/2008 gjpT ehs; 23.12.2008. ,J nrhirl;bahf miof;fg;gLk; vd;W $wg;gLfpwJ. TNDTA vd;gJ Un Registered Body vd;W khz;GkpF nrd;id cah;ePjpkd;wk; O.S.A. Nos. 357, 358 anf 375 of 2008 ehs; 27.08.2009 cj;jutpy; gf;fk; 2y; $wg;gl;Ls;sJ. jpUney;Ntyp khtl;l ePjpkd;wj;jpy; O.S.No 62/2008 njhlug;gl;l tof;fpy; jpUkz;ly gp\g; jhf;fy; nra;Js;s vjph;kD gj;jp 2 kw;Wk; 4y; It is submitted that the Diocese of Tirunelveli is not a legal entity and a jurisdic person with no independent legal status. The petition as well as the suit are not maintainable without adding the Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association (TDTA) a company registered under the Companies Act as No.2/1916-1917 which owns the Churches, educational institutions, hospitals and other properties. The constitution of the Diocese of Tirunelveli is an annexure and procedure which is part of the articles of Association for electing the general body and committee of management of the company namely Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association and for the administration of the Churches, educational Institutions and other properties. The elections to the pastorates and other councils are nothing but the first phase of election towards the election of the general body and the committee of the Management of the company. The Diocese of Tirunelveli is a limb of the TDTA. Since the Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association is the only legal and jurisdic person entitled to sue and to be sued, the suit and the petition filed, without adding the Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association are legally not maintainable and reliable to be dismissed in limine. NkYk; khtl;l chpikapay; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; njhlug;gl;l O.S. No : 351/2008 tof;fpd; gjpy; kDtpYk; gp\g; There is no bye law for the Diocese of Tirunelveli. The Diocese of Tirunelveli is having only an unregistered Constitution with some provisions having the force of bye - laws. They are not bye-laws. There are no rules as bye law for the Diocese of Tirunelveli as alleged in the Plaint

It is true the religious institution by name Diocese of Tirunelveli was an unregistered body established for the welfare of the Pastorate and Christian in Tirunelveli District and for the administration of the Churches, Schools and Colleges, others educational institutions, hospitals and welfare units. The Tirunelveli Diocese was only administering the above said institutions as per the unregistered legal entitity entitled to sue and sued. ,jd;gb jpUkz;lyj;jpw;Fk; TDTA fk;ngdpf;Fk; rl;lhPjpahf ve;jtpj njhlh;Gkpy;iy vd;gJ njspthfpwJ. fk;ngdpfspd; gjpthsh; TDTA nrayUf;F ,J Fwpj;J tpsf;fk; Nfl;L vOjpa fbjj;jpw;F KiwNflhf epakpf;fg;gl;l> TDTA nrayuhf jd;id mioj;Jf;nfhs;Sk; jpU.nry;tpd; n[auh[; vd;gth; 28.01.2009 md;W vOjpa fbjj;jpy; fPo;f;fz;lthW gjpyspf;fpwhh;. Sub : Investor complaint received against the company / its directors reg. Ref : 1). Complaint dated 30.12.2008 received from TDTA Employees Welfare Association. 2). Your letter No. 3009/ROC/IPC/SL 1/2008 dated 06.01.2009. At the outset we beg to state that the TDTA Employees Welfare Association bearing Registration No. 23/2008 is not an Investor / Member of the Company and also in no way connected with our company and therefore they have no locus standi to send this complaint. 1. There has been no bifurcation taken place at any point of time so far since its incorporation. The complainant mis-understood the concept of Bifurcation of CSI Diocese and the Company. 2. The company has surrendered / transferred some spcifice identified properties to its Parent Association called CSI Trust Association, a company registrted under section 25 of the companies Act and also as apex Trust body of the Church of South India, in accordance with the Provisions of the Act. All these documents were discussed at the CLB case. It was disposed off subsequently. 3. Attendance for the meeting of TDTA on 26.06.2006 : In terms of section 7 & 8 of the Articles of Association of TDTA only the members of the Committee of Management are invited to be present in the meeting of the committee of management and nobody other than the members of the committee of the management be allowed. Hence, it was not obligatory for as to invite others in this meeting. 4. CSI - Thoothukudi - Nazareth Diocese Trust : We have no idea at all about the existence such Trust. Therefore we are not in a position to offer any comments on this so called Trust. 5. Transfer of Funds : The facts regarding the transfer of funds amounting to Rs. 1,25,52,836 have been totally misinterpreted. As far as Rs.4,41,72,939.07 is concerned there

were Fixe Deposits standing in the name of different institutions under the CSI Thoothukudi - Nazare Diocese Lastly, Rs.7,00,000/- was also paid to CSI Thoothukudi - Nazareth Diocese being it amount as good will towards their Corpus which was also as per approval of the appropriat authorities. The CSI Thoothukudi - Nazareth Diocses is the legally constituted body to received these funds for the beneficiaries as per resolution dated 08.01.2003 of the Apex body of the Church of South India. You will appreciate the fact that the funds that had been diligently transferred keeping in mind the statutory and other related compliances. The fact remains that all these funds were paid in favour of the Treasurer CSI Thoothukudi - Nazareth Diocese which is different from the organization he has claimed for, after fulfilling all the required formalities , and therefore no violation of any provisions of the Act. ,e;j fbjj;ij thrpg;gth;fSf;F jpU.nry;tpd; n[auh[; mth;fs; Kd;Df;F gpd; KuzhfTk; cz;ikf;F khwhfTk; vOjpAs;sJ njspthf GhpAk;. ,th; TDTA mikg;G ,uz;lhf gphpf;fg;gltp;y;iy vd;fpwhh;. Mdhy; TDTA fy;tp epWtdq;fspd; Nkyhsh; A. Nldpay; rpfhkzp rpkpNahd; mth;fs; fy;tpj;Jiw mjpfhhpfSf;F 07.06.2004 md;W mDg;gpAs;s fbjj;jpy; fPo;f;fz;lthW Fwpg;gpl;Ls;sdh;. Sub : Bifurcation of Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association - Reg. J}j;Jf;Fb-ehrNuj; jpUkz;ly Nkyhsh; A. jh;kuh[; mth;fs; fy;tpj;Jiw mjpfhhpfSf;F 17.06.2004 md;W mDg;gpAs;s fbjj;jpy; fPo;f;fz;lthW Fwpg;gpl;Ls;sdh;. Sub : Bifurcation of Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association and origin of Tuticorin Nazareth Diocese - Reg. ,uz;L jpUkz;ly Nkyhsh;fSk; TDTA ,uz;lhf gphpf;fg;gl;Ls;sjhy; ve;nje;j fy;tp epWtdq;fs; ve;nje;j jpUkz;lyj;jpw;F nrhe;jkhdJ vd;gij gl;baypl;L fy;tpj;Jiw mjpfhhpfSf;F mDg;gpAs;sdh; vd;gJ mth;fspd; fbjq;fs; thapyhf njhpatUfpwJ. TDTA fy;tp epWtdq;fspy; KiwNflhf t#ypj;J nrytplg;gl;L tUfpd;w yl;rf;fzf;fhd &gha;fs; Fwpj;Jk;> ,d;Dk; gy eph;thf rPh;NfLfs; kw;Wk; jtwhd eph;thfk; Fwpj;Jk; gy fbjq;fs; vOjpAk; Register of Companyes vt;tpj eltbf;ifAk; vLf;ftpy;iy. vdNt jpUkz;ly gp\g; kw;Wk; nghUshsh; vd jq;fis mioj;Jf;nfhs;Sk; egh;fs; TDTA fk;ngdp tpjpfSf;Fk;> ePjpaurh; khz;GkpF jkpo;thzd; mth;fs; cj;jutpw;Fk;> kJiu btp\d; ngQ;r; cj;jutpw;F khwhf TDTA fy;tp epWtdq;fsp;y; t#ypj;JtUk; yl;rf;fzf;fhd &gha;fs; Fwpj;J kJiu cah;ePjpkd;wj;jpy;; Register of Companyes kPJ W.P. No. 1185/2010 tof;F gjpT nra;Njd;. ePjpkd;wk; ,uz;L khjj;jpw;Fs; ,e;j tof;F Fwpj;J tprhhpj;J eltbf;if vLf;f Register of CompanyesRf;F cj;jutpl;lJ.

Mdhy; ,Jtiu vt;tpj eltbf;ifAk; vLf;fhj fhuzj;jpdhy; ,uz;L Kiw epidTWj;jy; fbjq;fs; vOjpNdd;. 13.12.2010 md;W Registrar of companies vdf;F vOjpAs;s fbjk;. Sub : WP No. 1185 of 2010 Earnest Balasing Vs. Registrar of Companies, Chennai -Reg. With reference to the subject cited, I am to state that your complaint has been forwarded to the Chairman of TDTA, Tirunelveli for offering his explanation on the allegations made against him citing the Oeder dated 19.10.2020 of the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court. You will be intimated about the further developments in the matter on receipt of the reply from the Company. 30.03.2011 Registrar of company vdf;F vOjpAs;s fbjj;jpy;> Sub : W.P.1185/2010 - Earnest Balasingh Vs. Registrar of Companies, Chennai - Reg. Ref : Your letter dated 12.03.2011 received in this on 15.03.2011. With reference to the above, I am directed to state that this office has already submitted a detailed report to the Regional Director, Southern Region, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Chennai on 13.01.2011 and suggested for Inspection of books & records maintained by M/s Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association, under Section 209A of the Companies Act, 1956. In this connection, this office is awaiting the directions of the Regional Director, Southern Region, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Chennai regarding further course of action to be initiated. This is for your information. Registrar of Companies ,uz;L Kiw tpsf;fk; Nfl;lgpwFk; TDTA Chairman, TDTA Sectretary vd;W jq;fis mioj;Jf;nfhs;Sk; mUl;jpU.J.J.fpwp];Jjh];> jpU.nry;tpd; n[auh[;; gjpy; nrhy;ytpy;iy. fk;ngdpr;rl;lg;gb gjpTnra;ag;gl;l TDTA fk;ngdpapd; xU ghjpia gphpj;J rl;ltpNuhjkhf mjid J}j;Jf;Fb ehrNuj; jpUkz;l bu];l; mNrhrpNard; vd;w ngahpy; gjpT nra;Js;sJ kpfg;nghpa NkrbahFk;. Nkw;Fhpg;gpl;l tpsf;fq;fspd; gb TDTA fk;ngdp kw;Wk; jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyk; Mfpait gphpf;fg;gl;lJ fk;ngdpr;rl;lg;gb jtW vdNt jhd; J}j;Jf;Fb tUtha; khtl;l vy;iff;Fs; cs;s rp.v];.I. n[auh[; md;dghf;fpak; nghwpapay; fy;Y}hp ehrNuj; kw;Wk; lhf;lh;.[p.A.Nghg; nghwpapay; fy;Y}hp rhah;Guk; Mfpa ,uz;L nghwpapay; fy;Y}hpfspd; mq;fPfhuk; AICTE (mfpa ,e;jpa njhopy;El;g fofk;) mikg;ghy; uj;Jnra;ag;gl;Ls;sJ. jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;ly eph;thfj;jpw;fhd Njh;jy; Fwpj;j tof;F O.S. No. 2898/2008 nrd;id rpl;b rptpy; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; epYitapy; cs;sJ. Njh;e;njLf;fg;gl;l nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fs; ahh;? vd;gJ Fwpj;J ePjpkd;wk; MW khjj;jpw;Fs; tof;if elj;jp Kbf;f nrd;id cah;ePjpkd;wk; cj;jutpl;Ls;sJ.

Hence, this Court is of the considered view to permit the Diocese of Tirunelveli, represented by its Bishop, the revision petitioner in C.R.P (PD) Nos.2527 to 2529 of 2008 to continue the administration with the office bearers, including the revision petitioners in C.R.P (PD) Nos.2601 and 2602 of 2008, holding their respective posts, as per Ex.R.1, till the disposal of the suit. Connected miscellaneous petitions are closed. No order as to costs. vd jPh;g;gspj;Js;shh;. ,jd;gb 1. jpUkz;ly gp\g; n[aghy; Nltpl;> (CRP No. 2527 to 2529 kDtpy; Fwpg;gpl;Ls;s Petitioner in all the revision petitions) 2. Ex. R1y; Fwpg;gpl;Ls;s Elected Office Bearers (i) Rev. JJ. Christdoss : Vice Chairman (ii) Rev. JPM. Vasanthakumar : Clerical Secretary (iii) Mr. A. Devadoss : Lay Secretary 3. CRP 2601- 2602/2008y; cs;s Revision Petitioners. 1. A.Devadoss 2. Rev.J.J.Christudoss 3. M.K.Ravindran Charles 4. D.Vedanayagam Mfpa 8 NgUk; mtuth; gjtpfspypUe;J ,ilf;fhy eph;thfk; nra;a khz;GkpF ePjpaurh; jkpo;thzd; mth;fs; cj;jutpl;Ls;shh;. 1. ,jpy; gp\g; n[aghy; Nltpl; Xa;T ngw;Ws;shh;. 2. CRP 2601-2602/2008y; kDjhuh;fshfpa ehy;thpy; 1. M.K.Ravindran Charles 2. D.Vedanayagam ,UtUk; Synod cWg;gpdh;fs;. vdNt ,th;fs; CSI Synod Committeefspy; kl;LNk fye;J nfhs;sKbAk;. jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;lyj;jpy; ve;jtpj gjtpapYk; mkh;e;J eph;thfk; nra;a KbahJ. kw;w ,Utuhd 1. A.Devadoss, 2. Rev.J.J.Christudoss Mfpa ,UtUk; Vw;fdNt Elected Office Bearer vd;w gl;baypYk; cs;sdh;. ,jpy; Rev. JJ.fpwp];Jjh]; ePjpkd;w jPh;g;gpd;gb ,ilf;fhy eph;thfk; nra;ahky; gp\g; vd mioj;Jf; nfhs;tjhy; mth; eph;thfk; nra;a KbahJ. mth; nray; ePjpkd;w mtkjpg;gG MFk;. kPjKs;s 1. Rev. JPM. Vasanthakumar : Clerical Secretary 2. Mr. A. Devadoss : Lay Secretary Mfpa ,UtUk; ,ilf;fhy eph;thfk; nra;ahky; ePjpkd;w jPh;g;GfSf;F khwhf nraw;FOitf; $l;b nray;gLtjhy; mth;fSk; ePjpkd;w mtkjpg;Gf;F Mshfpwhh;fs;. nrd;id cah;ePjpkd;w kJiu ngQ;r; WA (MD) No : 245 of 2009 tof;fpy; khz;GkpF ePjpaurh; V. uhkRg;gpukzpad; kw;Wk; ePjpaurh; D. `hpgue;jhkd; MfpNahh; toq;fpAs;s jPh;g;gpy; gj;jp 86. The above paragraphs which form the operative part of the order of the learned Judge in the civil revision petitions, make it clear that the Diocese of Tirunelveli represented by its Bishop was permitted to continue the administration with the office bearers ............ till the disposal of the suit. Two things flow out of the said order

viz., (i) that the Court did not decide the election dispute finally, but made an interim arrangement permitting the Bishop and those claimed by him to have been elected, to continue the administration, only till the disposal of the suit and (ii) that the Court did not set aside or annul the appointments made by the respondents in the revision petitions. Therefore, while the Secretaries who took charge in pursuance of the orders passed in the civil revision petitions, could use the order in the revision petitions as a shield, they cannot use it as a sword to strike at the appointments - (i) without having the issue finally resolved in the suit and (ii) without affording an opportunity to the appellants to show cause. 95. There is one issue which we have not chosen to decide in these writ appeals. The dispute which was the subject matter of the suit O.S.No.2898 of 2008 and the civil revision petitions CRP Nos.2527 to 2529 of 2008, related only to the election of office bearers to the Tirunelveli Diocese. But the Diocese of Tirunelveli is an unregistered body. It is one of the 21 such unregistered Dioceses, that constitute the Church of South India, known in short as CSI. The Church of South India Trust Association was registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 on 26.9.1947. It has 21 Dioceses as its constituents, one of which is the Diocese of Tirunelveli. This Diocese of Tirunelveli is not registered either under the Societies Registration Act or under the Companies Act or under any other Act. 96>97>98y; On the contrary, the Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association was registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 way back on 8th December 1919 itself. Therefore it is a body corporate, having a common seal and a perpetual succession. It is this Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association, which manages and administers all the schools and colleges. In other words, this Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association, which is an incorporated company, is the Educational Agency within the meaning of Section 2(4) (a) of the Tamil Nadu Private Colleges (Regulation) Act, 1976 and Section 2(3) (a) of the Tamil Nadu Recognised Private Schools (Regulation) Act, 1973. Therefore, an issue was raised by some of the appellants that it is only the persons whose names are reflected in the returns filed with the Registrar of Companies, who will be entitled to initiate action for cancellation of appointments and promotions. It is true that this incorporated company viz., Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association is not involved in the litigation in O.S. No. 2898 of 2008. The subject matter of the said suit is only the election to the Diocesan Council of Tirunelveli. Therefore, to some extent, the contention of the appellants that they have become the victims of an electoral dispute in an unregistered body, is correct..... Therefore, we have not gone into the larger question about the distinction between the unregistered body viz., Diocesan of Tirunelveli and the incorporated company Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association and the question whether the electoral dispute in the former could have an impact on the latter. We leave it open to the appellants to raise the same if and when the respondents initiate action against them. ,e;j nrd;id cah;ePjpkd;w kJiu ngQ;rpd; jPh;g;gpd;gb jpUkz;lyj;ij eph;thfk; nra;a nfhLf;fg;gl;l ,ilf;fhy cj;juit rpwpjsTk; kjpf;fhky; Jizj;jiytuhf nray;glNtz;ba mUl;jpU.JJ.fpwp];Jjh]; jd;id gp\g; vd mioj;Jf;nfhz;L R1 Mtzj;jpy; $wg;gl;Ls;s jpU.P.n[ak; nghd;idah

mth;fis jpUkz;ly nghUshsuhfTk;> TDTA nrayuhfTk; nray;gltplhky; jLj;J jdJ ifg;ghitahf nray;gLk; jpU.nry;tpd; n[auh[; mth;fis nghUshsuhf epakdk; nra;Js;sJld; jpUkz;ly Njh;jy; Kbe;j gpd; Njh;e;njLf;fg;glNtz;ba Committee of Management cWg;gpdh;fis khw;wp TDTA fk;ngdpiaAk; Register of Companyes kw;Wk; Company Law Board midj;ijAk; Vkhw;wp tUfpd;whh;. khtl;l chpikapay; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; uh[h kw;Wk; Ntjkhzpf;fk; MfpNahh; njhlh;e;j O.S. No. 351/2008 tof;fpy; Ntjehafk; vd;gth; ehd; Njh;jy; %yk; Njh;e;njLf;fg;gl;l Nky;epiyf;fy;tp epiytuf;FO nrayh; vdNt vd;idAk; ,t;tof;fpy; fl;rp Nrh;f;f Ntz;Lnkd;W jhf;fy; nra;j I.A. No. 1351/2008 kD js;Sgb nra;ag;gl;lJ. ,jid vjph;j;J mtUk; gp\g; n[aghy; Nltpl;Lk; kJiucah;ePjpkd;wj;jpy; CRP. No. 457- 458/2008y; jhf;fy; nra;jdh;. me;j kDit js;Sgb nra;j khz;GkpF ePjpaurh; NtZNfhghy; mth;fs; As far as the present case is concerned, since the order issuing direction in I.A. No. 739 of 2007 in O.S. No. 194 of 2007 dated 30.11.2007, passed by the learned Additional District Munsif, Nanguneri, has been set aside by this Court in C.R.P. No. 1764 of 2007 dated 14.12.2007, the subsequent election which has been conducted is only a non-est in the eye of law and (as a matter of prudence, one cannot brush aside an importent fact that the revision petitioner claims only to have been elected in pursuance of the order in I.A. No. 739 of 2007 in O.S. No. 194 of 2007) and the parties are relegated to original position as on the date of filing of the suit in O.S. No. 194 of 2007 and inasmuch as I.A. No. 629 of 2008 in O.S. No. 351 of 2008 filed under Order 1 Rule 8 of the Code of Civil Procedure has been allowed by the trial court whereby, the Bishop has been permitted to represent all the members of the Diocese, this Court is of the considered view that the revision petitioner is not a proper and necessary party and moreover, the revision petitioner cannot be added as a party merely because he will be affected by the judgment or orders of the Court incidentally and indeed the revision petitioner has no enforceble legal right. vd jPh;g;gspj;jhh;. ,e;j jPh;g;gpd;gb ehq;FNehp khtl;l chpikapay; ePjpkd;wk; O.S.No194/2008 tof;fpy; I.A. No. 739/2008 mspj;j epge;jidfSld; $ba cj;juit kJiu cah;ePjpkd;wj;jpy; jhf;fy; nra;ag;gl;l C.R.P. PD. NO. 1784 OF 2007 tof;fpd; jPh;g;G uj;J nra;jgpd; elj;jg;gl;l Njh;jy; nry;yhJ. vdNt ,uz;L mzpapdUk; tof;F jhf;fy; nra;ag;gl;l mjhtJ 2k; fl;l Njh;jy; Kbe;j gpd; cs;s gioa epiyf;F nry;yNtz;Lk; vd $wpaJld; fPo; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; mjhtJ ehq;FNehp khtl;l chpikapay; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; cs;s O.S. No. 194/2007 tof;if Kbj;Jf;nfhs;sTk; cj;jutpl;Ls;shh;. ,ij vjph;j;J cr;rePjpkd;wj;jpy; Ntjehafk; jhf;fy; nra;j SLP No. 12305 and 12306/2009 kDit jpUk;g ngw;Wf;nfhz;lhh;. Mr. S. Rajappa, learned counsel appearing for the petitioner wishes to withdraw the Special Leave Petitions. Permission granted. The Special Leave Petitions are, accordingly, dismissed as withdrawn.

Ntjehafk; cr;rePjpkd;wj;jpy; jhf;fy; nra;j kDit jpUk;g ngw;Wf;nfhz;l epiyapy; gp\g; jhf;fy; nra;j S.L.P. Nos. 17032 - 17033/2009 kDtpy; We have heard learned counsel appearing for the parties at length. The only objection appears to be against the observations made in para 29 of the order dated 15.4.2009 passed by the High Court in C.R.P. (PD) MD Nos. 457 and 458 of 2009 and M.P. (MD) No. 1 of 2009. We direct that the trial court shall decide the suit without being influenced in any manner by the aforesaid observations. With these directions, the Special Leave Petitions stand disposed of. ,jd;gb cah;ePjpkd;wk; gj;jp 29y; mspj;j Observation cWjp nra;ag;gl;Ls;sJ. tof;if fPo; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; Kbj;Jf;nfhs;s Ntz;Lk; vd;W cj;jutplg;gl;Ls;sJ. jpUney;Ntyp khtl;l chpikapay; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; gp\g; vdf;$wpf;nfhs;Sk; mUl;jpU.J.J.fpwp];Jjh] Njh;jiy vjph;j;J njhlug;gl;l O.S. No 543/2010 tof;fpy; gp\g; jhf;fy; nra;j I.A. No 1803/2009y; toq;fg;gl;l cj;jutpw;F vjpuhf nrd;id cah;ePjpkd;w kJiu fpisapy; jhf;fy; nra;j CRP No. 1201 of 2010 tof;fpy; ePjpaurh; khz;GkpF A. nry;tk; mth;fs; mspj;Js;s jPh;g;gpy; %d;whk;> ehd;fhk; fl;l jpUkz;ly Njh;jy;fs; nry;yhJ vd ePjpkd;w jPh;g;G tUk; epiyapy; 18.05.2009y; ele;jjhf $wg;gLk; gp\g; Njh;jYk; mij njhlh;e;J elj;jg;gl;l Consecration epfo;Tk; nry;yhJ vd;W jPh;g;gspj;Js;shh;. In O.S. No. 543 of 2009, the first relier (gp\g; Njh;jy; nry;yhJ) sought for is to declare the illegal and inoperative proceedings of the Diocesan Council on 18.05.2009 as void. Therefore, the first relief has been sought for so as to declare that the entire proceedings made on 18.05.2009 as void. The proceedings made on 18.05.2009 is only with regard to election. Therefore with regard to first relief, the present suit is legally maintainable The second relief (gp\g; gjtp Vw;G nry;yhJ) sought for in plaint is to declare that appointment of the first defendant as Bishop and also his consecration are illegal and also void. The second relief is based upon the first relief. If the first relief goes out, automatically the second relief will also be defeated ,ij vjph;j;J gp\g; vdf;$wpf;nfhs;Sk; mUl;jpU.J.J.fpwp];Jjh]; cr;rePjpkd;wj;jpy; jhf;fy; nra;j SLP. Nos. 26393/2010 tof;fpy; ePjpaurh;fs; we do not find any reson to interfere with the well considered order passed by the High Court. The special leave petition is, accordingly, dismissed vd $wpAs;sJld; fPo; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; tof;if Kbj;Jf;nfhs;s Ntz;Lk; vd jPh;g;gspj;Js;shh;. 3k; 4k; fl;l Njh;jy;fs; Kbatpy;iy vd 12 tof;Ffs; fPo; ePjpkd;wq;fspy; epYitapy; cs;sd. mitfs; tprhuiz KbAk; epiyapy; cs;sd. me;j tof;Ffspy; VjhtnjhU tof;F Kbtile;jhy; jpUkz;ly Njh;jYk; gp\g; Njh;jYk; nry;yhjjhfptpLk;. cr;rePjpkd;wk; ,JFwpj;j jdJ jPh;g;ig Vw;fdNt $wptpl;ljhy; ,e;j jPh;g;gpd; kPJ ve;jtpj mg;gPYk; Nghf KbahJ. mjdhy;jhd; ,e;j 12 tof;FfSf;Fk; khtl;l ePjpkd;wj;jpy; jilAj;juT thq;fp ePjpkd;w jPh;g;G tuhky;

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jpU.N.gh;dgh 03.12.2009 md;W Register of Companyes f;F jfty; mwpAk; chpikr;rl;lk; 2005d; fPo; Nfl;l Nfs;tpfSf;F> 07.01.2010 md;W Register of Companyes vOjpa gjpy; fbjj;jpy;> Sub : Information sought under Right to Information Act 2005, in respect of TDTA Tirunelveli Diocese Company Regarding. Ref. Your letter dated 03.12.2009 with reference to the above subject, I have to inform that on verification of records of this office by using the Registration No. of the company 3009/1919 furnished by you the details of the company by name and style Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association are furnished herewith:1. The extract of F.23 AC from the minutes of Annual General Meeting for the year ended Balance sheet 31.03.2008 - giving details of members i.e. Chairman, Vice Chariman, Lay Secretary, Secretary, is enclosed. As per F.32 filed on 15.07.2009, 23.07.2009, 30.07.2009 & 01.12.2009 in this office, 1. S/Shri. Swami Dawson Jeyapaul David - appointed on 01.09.2009 retired on 12.08.2009. 2. Sri. J. Selwyn Jeyaraj - date of appointment on 06.02.2008 3. Sri. Karuthaiah Nadar Selvaraj retired on 31.12.2007 4. Sri. Namalvar Christy Chakravarthy retired on 31.12.2007 5. Sri. Mose & Gnanaraj Rajad Singh Sugumar retired on 31.12.2007 6. Sri. Israel Devadas retired from 31.12.2007. 7. Sri. Jeyaraj Jeyakumar Christdoss appointed as director w.e.f. 31.12.2007. 8. Sri. Gnanamuthu Manickam appointed w.e.f. 31.12.2007 as director 9. Sri. Jesubatham Paranjyothi Vasanth Kumar appointed as director w.e.f. 31.12.2007. 10. Sri. Jebaraj Gabriel appointed as director w.e.f. 31.12.2007 11. Sri. Jeyaraj Jeyakumar appointed as MD w.e.f. 30.08.2009 jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;ly nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fs; ahh;? vd;W jPh;g;G $wNtz;ba tof;F vz; O.S. No. 2898/2008 nrd;id rpl;b rptpy; ePjpkd;wj;jpy; epYitapy; cs;s epiyapy;> ,ilf;fhy eph;thfk; nra;a nrd;id cah;ePjpkd;wk; cj;jutpl;Ls;sJ. Mdhy; Nkw;fz;l egh;fis TDTA fk;ngdpapd; Board Directors Mf fk;ngdp nrayh; vd $wpf;nfhs;Sk; jpU.nry;tpd; n[auh[; kw;Wk; Managing Director vd $wpf;nfhs;Sk; mUl;jpU.J.J.fpwp];Jjh]; MfpNahh; Rigster of Companiesf;F mDg;gpAs;sJ Nkhrbahd nrayhFk;. J}j;Jf;Fb ehrNuj; jpUkz;lyj;jpYs;s ,uz;L nghwpapay; fy;Y}hpfspd; mq;fPfhuKk; uj;J nra;ag;gl;lgpd; jpUney;Ntyp jpUkz;ly Nguhah; kw;Wk; nghUshsh; vd $wpf;nfhs;Sk; mUl;jpU.J.J.fpwp];Jjh];> jpU.nry;tpd; n[auh[; Mfpa ,UtUk; jq;fis TDTA fk;ngdpapd; Chariman kw;Wk; Secretary vd

mioj;Jf;nfhz;L Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi f;F 100 &gha; gj;jpuj;jpy; Affidavit xd;iw ifnaOj;jpl;L nfhLj;Js;sdh;. mjpy; 1. Rt. Rev. J.J. Christdoss 2. Mr. Selwyn Jeyaraj Depone AFFIDAVIT We (1) Rt. Rev. J.J. Christdoss S/o. Jeyaraj, aged 58, Bishop, Tirunelveli Diocese and Chairman of Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association and (2) Mr. Selwyn Jeyaraj, S/o. Jacob, aged 70, Secretary/Treasurer of Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association having office at No.5, Punitha Vathiyar Street, Palayamkottai, Tirunelvlei 627 002 do solemnly affirm and state as follows; The Tirunelveli Diocese and the TDTA have no objection to the Tuticorin Nazareth Diocese getting powers to administer the immovable properties from the CSITA and to continue to run the Dr. G.U. Pope College of Engineering, Sawyerpuram, The Jeyaraj Annapackiam College of Engineering, Nazareth and the Jayaraj Annapackiam Polytechnic College, Nazareth. We declare that Tirunelveli Diocese and TDTA have no claim, interest or liability in the above institutions. We solemnly affirm that the above facts are true to the best of our knowledge and belief. cah;ePjpkd;wk; kw;Wk; cr;r ePjpkd;w cj;juTfspd;gb ,ilf;fhy eph;thfk; elj;j Ntz;ba jpUkz;ly jw;fhypf Jizj;jiytuhd mUl;jpU. J.J. fpwp];Jjh]; Iauth;fs; jd;id gp\g; vdTk;> TDTA mikg;gpd; Chairman vdTk; $wpf;nfhs;tJld; jpU. nry;tpd; n[auh[; vd;gtiu ePjpkd;w jPh;g;Gf;F khwhf jpUkz;ly nghUshsuhfTk; TDTA mikg;gpd; nrayuhfTk; rl;l tpNuhjkhf epakpj;J TDTA fk;ngdp nrhj;Jf;fisAk;> epWtdq;fisAk; ifg;gw;wp KiwNflhf nray;gl;L tUfpd;wdh;. The Cinstitution of the Diocese of Tirunelveli is an annexure and procedure which is part of the articles of Association for electing the general body and committee of management of the company namely Tirunelveli Diocesan Trust Association and for the administration of the Churches, educational Institutions and other properties. The elections to the pastorates and other councils are nothing but the first phase of election towards the election of the general body and the committee of the Management of the company vd;W $wg;gl;Ls;sJ. nraw;FO kl;LNk mwptpf;f Ntz;ba jpUkz;ly Njh;jiyAk;> jpUkz;ly %yr;rl;lj;jpw;F khwhf Tribunal Chariman, Tribunal Convenor vdf;$wp mwptpj;Js;shh;. ,e;j KiwNfLfs; Fwpj;J Tirunelveli Diocesan Constitutiony; $wg;gl;Ls;s tpjpfs; fPo;f;fz;lthW tpsf;fkhf $WfpwJ. Chapter I B Rule 10 : There shall be an election of representatives to the the Pastorate Committees and Church Council and Diocesan Council at such times as may be fixed by the Diocesan Executive Committee provided that ordinarily not less than twenty three months and not more than forty nine months shall have elasped since the previous election. Chapter V Rule 16 : Dates of periodical Electins The Diocesan Excutive Committee shall fix the dates of the periodical elections to the Diocesan Council, and Pastorate

Committee and shall so arrange that ordinarily not less than twenty three months, and not more than fofty seven months, shall elapse between two successive elections. fle;j 2007 Mk; Mz;L mwptpf;fg;gl;l Njh;jy; fhy xOq;fpy; ,Wjp gf;fj;jpy;> gp\g;> Jizj;jiyth;> FUj;Jt nrayh;> kf;fs; nrayh;> nghUshsh; vd 5 NgUk; ifnaOj;jpl;bUg;ghh;. ,JNt 4 Mz;LfSf;F xU Kiw ntspaplg;gLk; Njh;jy; fhy xOq;fpy; filgpbf;fg;gl;LtUk; xOq;FKiw. Vndd;why; ,th;fs; kl;LNk nraw;FOtpw;F nghWg;ghsh;fs;. Mdhy; 2011 Mk; Mz;L Njh;jy; Fwpj;J ntspaplg;gl;Ls;s Njh;jy; fhy xOq;fpy; mUl;jpU.J.J.fpwp];Jjh]; Njh;jy; tprhuizf;FO jiyth;> jpU.nry;tpd; n[auh[; nghUshsh; kw;Wk; fd;tPdh; Njh;jy; tprhuizf;FO vd;W Fwpg;gplg;gl;Ls;sJ. ,J jpUkz;ly %yr;rl;lj;jpw;F %uzhdJ. Chapter I B Rule 4 (a) : At each ordinary session of the Diocesan Council, a Commission shall be appointed to enquire into and settle all election disputes in the Diocese. The Bishop will be the Chairman and the Diocesan Treasurer will be the convener of the Commission. ,jd; %yk; jpUkz;lyj;jpy; ePjpkd;w cj;juTg;gb nraw;FO ,y;iy vd;gJ njspthfpwJ. nraw;FO kl;LNk Njh;jy; Fwpj;J mwptpg;ig ntspapl KbAk;. vdNt Tribunal Chariman, Tribunal Convenor vdf;$wp jpUkz;ly Njh;jiy mwptpj;jJ nry;yhJ. Chapter I B Rule 5 : The Bishop shall have power to give a ruling when any question is raised of the correct interpretation of any of the Rules of this Constitutions and his ruling shall not be subject to any appeal. ,jd;gb %yr;rl;l tpjpfs; Fwpj;J VjhtJ tpsf;fk; Njitg;gl;lhy; gp\g; nfhLf;Fk; tpsf;fk; ,WjpahdJ vd Fwpg;gplg;gl;Ls;sJ. Mdhy; jpUkz;ly %yr;rl;l tpjpfSf;F khwhf ,e;j tpjp gw;wpa njspT ,y;yhj mUl;jpU.J.J.fpwp];Jjh]; CSI ney;iy jpUkz;lyj; Njh;jy;fs; 2011 rpy Kf;fpa mwptpg;Gfs; vd ntspapl;Ls;s mwptpg;Gfs; ,Jtiu jpUkz;ly Njh;jy;fspy; ,y;yhj eilKiw kl;Lky;yhJ mjpy; Fwpg;gplg;gl;Ls;sit mUl;jpU.J.J.fpwp];Jjh]; jd;dpr;irahd mwptpg;Gfs;. ,itfs; jpUkz;ly %yr;rl;lj;jpw;F Kw;wpYk; tpNuhjkhdit> jtwhdit> jd;dpr;irahdit. NkYk; jpUkz;ly %yr;rl;l tpjpfspy; khWjy; nra;a fPo;f;fz;l eilKiwfis filg;gpbf;f Ntz;Lk;. Njh;jy; tpjpfs; Byelaws MFk;. Chapter I B Rule 8 : The fundamental rules of this Constitutions may only be altered by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at two successive seeions of the Diocesan Council separated by an interval of not less than eleven months. Byelaws may be changed by a simple majority at one session, provided that 15 (Fifteen) day notice of the proposed change be given to all the members. vdNt TDTA fk;ngdpia Nkrbahf ifg;gw;wp TDTA tpjpfSf;f khwhf fy;tp epWtdq;fs; cs;spl;l midj;J epWtdq;fisAk; eph;thfk; nra;JtUtJk; ePjpkd;w jPh;g;Gf;F khwhf nraw;FO cWg;gpdh;fs; ePjpkd; wj;jhy; mwptpf;fg;glhj

epiyapy; Committee of Management kw;Wk; TDTA nghJf;FO cWg;gpdh;fis mwptpj;Js;sJk;> nrd;id cah;ePjpkd;wk;> kJiu cah;ePjpkd;w btp\d; ngQ;r; kw;Wk; cr;rePjpkd;w cj;juTfis kjpf;fhj epiyAk; jpUkz;ly tpjpfSf;F khwhf Njh;jiy mwptpj;Js;sJk; jdf;F mjpfhuk; ,y;yhj TDTA nrhj;Jf;fis J}j;Jf;Fb ehrNuj; jpUkz;lyj;jpYs;s TDTA nghwpapay; fy;Y}hpfSf;F nfhLg;gjhf AICTE Chairman Df;F gj;jpuk; vOjp nfhLg;gJk;> TDTA fk;ngdp fkpl;bfspd; vt;tpj jPh;khdKkpd;wp TDTA fk;ngdp nrhj;Jf;fis CSITA mikg;gpw;F toq;Ftjhf nray;gl;LtUtJk;> kpfg;nghpa Nkhrb kl;Lkpd;wp jz;lidf;Fhpa fphpkpdy; Fw;wkhFk;. vdNt jhq;fs; cldbahf jiyapl;L TDTA fk;ngdpia Nkhrb egh;fsplkpUe;J kPl;f Vw;w eltbf;if vLf;Fk;gb gzpTld; Nfl;Lf;nfhs;fpNwd;. ed;wp> jq;fs; cz;ikAs;s>