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LESSON PLAN Subject : English Language Class : Form 1 BERLIAN, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Batu Unjur, Klang (Intermediate

Learners) Date/Day : Wednesday, 9th August 2011 Time : 60 minutes (2 periods: 1.40- 2.40 pm, the muslims are allowed to go for prayers 10 mins earlier) Theme : Values Topic : My Brothers Keeper Focused Skill: Writing Curriculum Specifications: 2.3 Present information to different audiences by a. writing directions, instructions, recounts, announcements, using appropriate format and conventions (speech/talk) Level 3: viii. Apply process writing skills by writing paragraphs with a clear focus (in groups) revising and edit the draft until it is clear and flows well by reordering sentences rephrasing sentences substituting words proof- reading the draft to eliminate mistakes: spelling punctuation grammar at a level appropriate to students writing the final draft Educational Emphasis Multiple Intelligences: Intelligence and Linguistics Intelligence through the activities Learning How to Learn Skills: listen for information/main points Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, 70 percent of the students should be able to: 1) Identify the structure and format of writing a speech in verbal and demonstrate them while writing the speech 2) Write a clear paragraph of part of the speech on encouraging students to donate blood, using the points given and discussion done with the class in groups of 3/ 4 3) Revise and edit other groups writing (paragraph) in term of organizations, words used, grammar and other minor mistakes until it becomes more clear and flows well in groups of 3/4 Language Content: Vocabulary: blood donation, emergency, brochures, campaign, diseases and others... Teaching Aids: Activity Sheet, Mahjong Paper and Markers Previous Knowledge: Students have learnt and discussed about other issues on doing charity.

Stage/Time Set Induction (5 minutes)

Content - Familiarize Ss with Red Crescent Societys activities

Teaching and Learning Activities Activity 1 - T shows several activities done by Red Crescent Society in general - T calls up Ss who are members of Red Crescent Society in the school to share their experiences of becoming a member Activity 2 - T presents and explains the structure and format of a speech (Notes: T then assigns Ss with a writing a speech to encourage the students to donate blood. Notes and helpful words are given to guide them to write) - Next, T explains several vocabulary in verbal to help them understand the notes - Then, T models out how to write an introduction of the speech Activity 3 (15mins) - Ss need to produce 2 speeches on the same topic. Ss will be divided into 2 big groups. - Then, each of the small groups consisting of 3/4 students will produce a paragraph of the speech (each group needs to produce different paragraphs) using the notes given Activity 4 (15 mins) - T models how to revise and edit an essay - Each group exchanges their writing and have to revise and edit the other groups writing. The aspects that should be looked at are: a. Sentence structure b. Words used in the apeech c. Organization of the speech d. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation - T provides guidance and scaffolding for them to revise and edit others speech - Lastly, Ss combine their essays according to their groups and paste around the class - T wraps up the whole lesson - As homework, Ss need to copy the final draft of the speech individually into their essay book. Each Ss has to copy down the speech in the group they are belong to.

Rationale - To grab Ss attention - To draw Ss attention towards topic - Prepare Ss to write a speech

Remarks/ Materials Pictures

Introduction (10 minutes)

- Explanation on the format and structure of writing a speech i.e blood donation, campaign, emergency, brochures and disease

- Provide sufficient input on the format and structure of writing a speech Provide clear understanding on several vocabulary used in the notes given

Notes and Exercise sheet

Development (30 minutes)

- Writing a speech to encourage the students to donate blood

- Ss learn to work together,

share understanding and cooperate to produce part of the speech in respective groups Expose Ss with the way to revise and edit others writing

Mahjong Sheets Markers

Closure (5 minutes)

Recap on the lesson

- To emphasize learning and

check on learning objectives