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Class: Early American History Grade: 10-11 Unit: Geography, History, and the Social Sciences Lesson Plan:

Thinking Geographically Time Frame: 3 Days


TSWBAT explain how the five themes of geography help define the connections between geography and history TSWBAT discuss how geography influenced population trends in United States History TSWBAT describe how maps are made and used

Materials Needed: Textbook Robinson, Mercator Projections Theme Maps Five Themes Graphic Organizer Paper to create map Magazines for project Poster board I. Motivation Method: Brainstorm How does geography affect us today? How do the rivers in Philly affect us? Does the weather affect us? What geographic features do you know about that have impacted history? II. Input Method: Graphic Organizer Student will complete the five themes of geography Graphic Organizer III. Closure Method: Case Studies Teacher will read three case studies. Student will identify which themes play a role in the study and how. Method: Poster Student will be assigned one theme and create a poster representing that theme IV. Input Method: Maps Student will view Robinson and Mercator projections. What are the differences of these maps? Which is more accurate?

Student will look at thematic maps. Why are thematic maps important? Identify parts of maps: o Grid System o Key o Title o Orientation

Five Themes of Geography

Chapter 1/Section 1

Name: Using the chart on page 5, complete this graphic organizer.




Five Themes


Human/Environment Interaction

Short Answer What is difference between Location and Place?

Explain, in your own words, what Human/Environment Interaction is.

How is movement still an important part of geography today?

How are regions identified?

Give an example from your own life of the five themes of geography (i.e. I live 2 miles from Dominoes). Location:


Human/Environment Interaction:



Five Themes of Geography Name: List the five components of a map -

Chapter 1/Section 1

In the space below, create a map of ICHS and its surrounding neighborhood. You MUST include all five components.

Five Themes of Geography List the five components of a map. -


Chapter 1/Section 1

Label this map with components above.

Read the case studies below. Which themes of geography are present? Explain how. Mandie and Fred decided that they no longer wanted to live in Arizona due to the dry climate. Mandie suggested they look north for a home, to an area that is typically cooler. Fred wanted to move to an area with greater rainfall. They settled on Seattle.

Hannibals march was severely hampered by the mountainous area in which he found himself. Knowing that his men and supplies would never make it on foot, Hannibal elected to recruit some elephants to help.

Answer the following questions. Which of the five themes would be most concerned with trade among nations?

Which is more accurate: the Robinson or the Mercator Projection? Why?