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[1] Technical Scope

Scope of the Work and Terms and Conditions

1 I. Comprehensive maintenance/Repair/Replacement of Servers, PCs, Printers, Network-Systems and allied devices listed in Annexure -I Hardware: Comprehensive Maintenance ( Repair/replacement) of following Components Servers: Hard Disk Drive, Floppy Disk Drive, Power Supply, Monitor, Mother Board, Processor, Display Card, Disk Controller Card, CD-ROM Drive/CD-Writer, Tape Drive, Data Cables, Keyboard, Mouse, Modem, RAM, Cooler Fan, RAID Controller etc. Personal Computers : Hard Disk Drive, Floppy Disk Drive, Power Supply, Monitor, Mother Board, Processor, Display Card, Disk Controller Card, CD-ROM Drive/CD-Writer, Tape Drive, Data Cables, Keyboard, Mouse, Modem, RAM, Cooler Fan etc. Printers: DMP, Desk-jet, Laser-jet, line-Printers, Printer Knob, Printer Circuit Boards, Motors, Printer Head Cables, Printer Data Cables, Power cable, Tractors, Sprockets and other essential components. Consumables like toners, Printer Heads, Ribbon cartridge, Ink cartridge, and Character band are excluded from AMC. Network-System: Comprehensive Maintenance of Network Hubs, Switches, LAN Cards, Cables with Connectors, fiber module, Patch Panel, Power supply/Surge arrester. Uninterrupted Power Supply: Software : II. The said Contract includes reinstallation of the System software after disk failure. If disk data backup is to be done, party should use their own equipment and media.(After repair/replacement of the systems/OS and/or peripherals as and when situation demands). In case of viral attack /infection to any systems, party should Remove/Clean the virus. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Party has to carryout preventive maintenance once in a month for the devices listed in Annexure I. Party should also clean the FDDs & CD-ROM/Writer SERVICE ENGINEER:A Service engineer should be available in our Mumbai office on three alternate days (half) a week. He should be experienced and competent enough, to handle the infrastructure

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[1] Technical Scope

at Mumbai and should always give priority to the list of jobs, which he will receive from the in-charge concerned. In case of emergency breakdown, this priority may change and about which competent authority will direct him. c) He should be well conversant with Installations and troubleshooting of windows 9X to windows XP, Office tools like office97 to Office-XP, Windows NT 4.0 with SP/Windows 2000/Windows 2003 and he should also be capable of handling large network troubleshooting. He will follow HOC's Office timings and holidays. He will be pre-intimated for his availability by concerned authority, in case of emergency, on any of the Holidays or beyond normal office hours to attend to machine problems whenever urgent and/or critical jobs are under process. In case he is waiting after normal working hours or coming to HOCL office on non-working days, he should take prior permission of competent authority at HOCL. Party should provide additional work hand by way of an expert from time to time to avoid downtime, without any additional cost. Attendance muster will be maintained for the residence engineer at Mumbai. This will be duly signed by the in-charge concerned. He will prepare a report of jobs done during the day and will obtain a signature of the in-charge concerned. The resident engineer should be insured under workmens compensation policy and should be covered under provident fund act 1952, and the expenses on this account will be borne by the party. It may be noted that the PCs are located at different sites / offices at Mumbai. No transport arrangement will be provided by HOCL for the movement of A.M.C. staff. The Party must comply in line with of Contract Labour(R&A) Act 1970 He will maintain the record for each device undergoing modification/ changes during maintenance period.



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[1] Technical Scope

4. a) COMMUNICATION AND RESPONSE FOR REPAIR: Communication To Service Engineer: Normally the immediate communication of the system failure will be given to the resident engineer by telephone and the response time to attend the call from the time of the communication is 2 (two) hours. The maximum repair/replacement time to resolve the problem is 2(two) days from the time of communication. Communication to Party: Party will be communicated by Phone/Email/Fax about the problem. If it is not resolved in 2 (two) days from time of registering call or if it is critical, then party will make the required spares/experts available to resolve the problem. PROCEDURES:Party Staff visiting to M/s HOCL should be bound by the rules of HOCL and those of Security. All personnel should maintain the decorum in side the Company and follow its discipline while at HOCL. For entry and dispatch of materials to and from factory area, Administrative offices etc, challans, gate passes and other requirements of Security shall be complied with. SPARES AT SITE:Party should at their own cost, maintain sufficient stock of essential and critical spares at M/s HOCL premises and maintain proper inventory of spares with documentary evidence from the Security. MODIFICATIONS:Modification to the system as and when required, shall be carried out by the maintenance party or by any other supplier as desired by HOCL. In case the modification is to be done by another party, the same shall be intimated to party two days in advance and they shall provide the consent or depute a representative when the modification shall be carried out. If party fails to depute their representative then HOCL reserves the right to carry out the desired job from any other party, at HOCL site or partys site. INSPECTION OF MACHINES:Before commencement of A.M.C. a report should be submitted to HOCL regarding the fitness of machines and peripherals. At the time of expiry of this contract party should hand over all the machines along with peripherals to the new Party in good working conditions. PERIOD OF CONTRACT:The Contract shall be valid for one year from date of acceptance of work order. Based on satisfactory service, HOCL reserves the right to cancel this contract at any point of time if service is found unsatisfactory.





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[1] Technical Scope

10. I. II. III. iii 11. PAYMENT TERMS:Irrespective of work order cost, actual payment will be made on the basis of the actual inventory confirmed by the AMC partys engineer at the commencement of the AMC. Payment will be made quarterly after satisfactory completion of the services by Mumbai clearance cheque(s). Quarterly Maintenance charges will be adjusted for penalties, if any, considering the overall performance of the party during the period of contract. Taxes, if any, applicable will be paid extra in addition to rates quoted. PENALTY:If any machine or peripherals listed in Annexure-I is not repaired/replaced within 2 days from the date of intimation to the party, then the Maintenance charges to the machine/peripherals for the period of down time shall be reduced, at the Rate of 2% of Annual Maintenance Charge for that particular device for every day of down time. 12. SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES:Except where otherwise provided in this contract, all questions & disputes relating to the meaning of the specifications or as to any other question, claim, right, matter or thing whatsoever in any way arising out of or relating to the contract or otherwise concerning the work or the execution or failure to execute the same whether arising during the process of work or abandonment thereof or otherwise shall, within one week of arising such questions or dispute be referred to the sole arbitration of the Unit Incharge (Rasayani), HOCL or some other person appointed by Unit Incharge ( Rasayani) willing to act as such arbitrator. The award on all or any of the matters in dispute or difference of the arbitrator so appointed shall be final, conclusive and binding on all parties to this contract.

Commercial Scope
The commercial bid format should be duly filled by clearly indicating the price in the rate/month per device column of the format. The commercial bid should not contain any other details (excepting the price as given above).