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Nu Flow Renovates Pipe Systems for Maryland House of Delegates

The Maryland House of Delegates Lowe House Office Buildings inside infrastructure systems needed to be renovated and updated. Nu Flow was part of this $9 million remodel because our trenchless solutions saved the customer time and money. Project: Rehabilitate the roof drains and entire HVAC pipe system inside the Lowe House Office Building without causing destruction to the important government structure. Customer and Site: Lowe House Office Building in Annapolis, Maryland, is a brick, four-story building for the Maryland House of Delegates. It was built in 1974, consists of 191,000 square feet and currently houses offices and meeting space for elected officials. System: The original storm drains along the fourth floors roofs are made of galvanized pipes that range from 3 to 5 in diameter. The entire HVAC heating and cooling pipe system consists of about 1.5 miles of black iron pipes that range from 2.5 to 4 in diameter.

This job is a showpiece for Nu Flow. The customer was very excited about the technology and loved the way we rehabilitated the pipe systems in place, greatly extending their useful life.
- Steve Howe, Nu Flow, Executive Vice President

Situation: The Maryland House of Delegates office building had leaking roof drains and a failing HVAC pipe system. The roof drains were cracked and breached, which allowed water to get into the building during rainfall and snow melt and caused damage. The HVAC system throughout the building was breached, corroded and nonfunctional. The pipes ran throughout the building and were embedded in parts of the original structure that the customer did not want to disturb. While the Lowe Office Building was going through a $9 million remodel to bring the inside infrastructure systems up to date, the municipal property manager felt it was the best time to rehabilitate these failing pipe systems. Solution: Nu Flow was able to effectively rehabilitate the roof drains and HVAC pipe systems without destroying the building and without disrupting the other contractors work. Nu Flow successfully cleaned and lined the aged and leaking roof drains with our patented Pull-in-Place structural liner, which covered up all leaks and will prevent future problems from occurring. Nu Flow also successfully cleaned the failing heating and cooling system and applied our patented epoxy coating using our blown-in technology. The HVAC pipe system now has a protective barrier that will prevent future corrosion from building up. Nu Flow preserved this government building with our innovative, no-dig technology. Our rehabilitation process also saved the customer time and money and will greatly extend the useful life of these pipe systems. Do not let pipe system failures destroy your property and empty your budget. Nu Flow has the innovative pipe renovation solutions that are less invasive and more cost-effective than traditional pipe system repairs.

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