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Fldday, February 11, 2000

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'~Widower's advice on lite insurance ,

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~Arl~;~ders: I ani"amale reader whO' s i very much interested in the letter signed "Finding My Way in Tampa." The writer was saying hDWimportant it is to' have life" insurance. Please let YDurreaders
"knDw that it is "a good

she has today, in case tragedy strikes. It seems my experience with the untimely death Dfmy wife is'becDming all too CDmmDn. JA. in PensacDla, Fla. Dear PensaCola: NO'Dne can sQ'unda warning

ing. In a hushed auditDrium,the sDundDfcrinkling cellDphanecan be heard clear acrDSS the room. ThDse with dry thrDats ShDuldbring a bottle af water, which seems to'be quite fashiDna.blethese days.I have seen wamen in mink caats

as effectively as someone whO'has ~'beenthere," and sable stales carrying bottled water'to' the and YDU certainly have. The idea that a wife Wb,D theater and the apera, nO"less. It's cansidered is a hDmemakerShDuldbe cDveredby insurance chic. may seem like a needless luxury, but YDU have
pointed DUtthat it cDuldbe a godsend. Thank YDU Dear Ann Landers: My husband likes to' tell Dn behalf Df all my read~rs whO' heard YDur the grandchildren his versiDn af haw we met. I wake-up call.

"..> idea fDra man to' carry <:~ I'" life insurance Dn his wife, whether Dr nDt she


;'!JI ,works Dutside the hDme. ,':::; Several years agO', my. wife died Df breast '1 'Cancer,leaving me a widDwerat the age Df35.We )ladtwD children, 6 and 8 years Df age. I did nDt ~have life insurance Dn my wife. FDrtunately, I ::'had enDugh savings to' take care Df the funeral ",'...nd burial expenses withDUt borrDwing, but , :-S)here wasn't much left Dver. ''''''; , ,,::" I soon discDvered I cDuld nDt prDvide the ,;':"Stable hDme-life envirDnment that my wife had 'i';''5upplied, and went thrDugh Dne child-care pro,,"'...~

Dear4AALan4ers: I was it1 an a\lditDrium , recent1~,llsteniIlg to'.;a; peaker, when~~meone s

seated beh!nc:l me pull~d DUta piece Dfcat:>.dyand

want to'set the recard straight. He tells them he saw a nDtean a wall that said, "Far a good time, ~ Dawn~~: then says he called me, and I He pickedhim up and took him to'a matel, where we

sPentthe night.


,,,,~:~der fter anDther.I had to'cut way back Dnmy a ::wDrkinghDurs,which did nDt endear me to'my ' < emplDyer and co-wDrkers when they hadta pick ~'up the slack. I became odependent Dn a IDt Df 'peoplefDra IDngtime.

Myadviceis this:BothspousesshDuld"get life,

~f:insurancepolicies that will enable either DnetQ , '~tOtegon: YQu have;!: i'.t-maintain the independence and lifestyle 'he Df "andr~ope the candy man "",

Here is the real stary: While attending cDllege, I warked part time as a van driver for a matel that had cDntracts with local trucking cDmpanies.One night, while wDrkingthe graveyard shift, I was called to' pick up a trucker and bring him back to'the matel. It was IDveat first sight. We'vebeen married 13years,have a blendwas unableto'cDncentrate D~iithepeaker. s ed family Qfnine children and eight grandchilI dan't expect 'that clods' will realize hDW dren and are very happy. - Dawn in Missauri disruptive they are, so1wauld like to'address my Dear Missouri:I hape yaur grandchildren see camplaint to'the candy industry. Whycan't manthis. Thanks fDrwriting: "~ ' at~~P~? [ 'Hq ,1]1,1'clflygu have'i~t problem and need adVi~, write to Ann be " "'~~ ,.", n:(:.n ",'

proceeded to"unwrap it. The cellDphan~made such a racket, YDU CDuld hear it ~rDm far away as as the balcDny.The person DbviDUSly assumed the nDise wDuld be less annDying if she unwrapped the candy SlDwly.The result was a prQtracted "~rinlde, ,crinkle, crinlde," wllich went DnfDrqUitesometime.It wasso annDying,I

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