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Remedy Keynotes Tissue Affinity / Character of Sxs / Modalities Symptoms by Organs DDx Remedies Rubrics
Physical and mental restlessness / Serous membranes < DRY, COLD WEATHER Eyes: dry, hot, swollen
fright Muscular tissue < VERY HOT WEATHER Ears: sensitive to noise
Great anxiety and fear - intense TINGLING, COLDNESS AND Nose: acutely sensitive to smell, pain at root, membrane dry but with scanty coryza
Acute, sudden, violent invasion with NUMBNESS Face: one cheek red, other pale; on rising red face --> pale; tingling, numbness, neuralgia (L side); dizzy
fever Lots of TENSION - mental, Mouth: dry, inflammed
1st remedy for inflammation, physical Throat: red, dry, constricted
inflammatory fevers Beginning of an ACUTE disease Stomach: vomitting with intense fear
Influenza Restless Abdomen: sensitive to touch
Unaccountable fear FEARS - future, death Rectum: stool green like chopped herbs
2 Aconite > OPEN AIR Resp: SOB, short dry croupy cough
< WORSE in warm room, in HT: tachycardia, left shoulder pain, palpitation with anxiety, tingling in fingers, pulse is full, hard, tense and
evening and NIGHT; WORSE bounding
lying on affected side, from music, Extremeties: hot hands and cold feet, bright red hypothenar on both hands
from tobacco-smoke, dry, cold

Children - anxiety, uneasiness Brain > OPEN AIR and company Head: occipital pain, hair feels pulled, vertigo with drowsiness with palpitation, head hot after vertigo cease
Can't digest milk NS < WARMTH, summer, 3-4am, Eyes: drawn downward
Symptoms set in with violence with GI disturbance evenings Ears: feel obstructed
Summer sxs, diarrhea, dentition ANXIOUS, CRYING. Nose: herpetic eruptions
3 Aethusa cynapium
THE ST: intolerance to milk, regurge 30 min after eating, vomit with great weakness
ATTENTION. Brain fog Stool: undigested, green, thin
Sees rats, cats, dogs, etc Sleep in children: Dozing after vomiting or stool child is so exhausted - falls asleep at once
Fever: heat, no thirst, wants to be covered with fever
Skin: surface with clammy sweat, lymphadenopathy, eruption around joints
Neurological remedy for Muscles <<Generally worse before a Mind: Loquacity, fearlessness, delirium (singing, shouting and muttering)
TWITCHING, spasms and Nerves thunderstorm.>> Head: Vertigo from sunlight, HA with nosebleeds/thick mucous discharge
convulsions. <<Generally <<General aggravation from Eyes: Reading difficult with the type seeming to swim; double vision; twitching of the lids of the eye
worse before a thunderstorm.>> coition.>> Pain is out of Ears: Twitching of ear muscles with noise, burn and itch as if swollen
<<General aggravation proportion to the pathology Nose: Nervous nasal disturbances and nosebleeds in old people
from coition.>> Low back Sensation as if pierced by needles Stomach: Gastric disturbance with sharp pains in the liver
4 Agaricus
pain, sciatica & allergic disorders. of ice Female: Bearing down pains esp after menopause
EXTREME Sx appear diagonally from right Cough: @ night after falling asleep with expectoration of little balls of mucous and cough ending in a sneeze
FEAR OF CANCER Mental arm to left leg HT: Irregular, tumultuous palpations
state with anxiety (about health) and Involuntary movements while Back: Twitching of cervical muscles. Pain with sensitivities of spine to touch.
excitment (exaggerated at night) awake but cease while asleep Sleep: Paroxysms of Yawning – on falling asleep starts, twitches and awakens after

Adynamia characterizes all Skin <Suppression. Raising up/sitting Mind: Stupor and signing, semiconscious; cannot comprehend what is said to him
conditions - lividity, stupour, Blood up, sight of food, motion; walking Head: Frontal HA and drowsiness; red, hot face; cannot sit-up.
malignancy TONSILS >Hot drinks. Lying on the Right Eyes: Suffused, congested eyes, pupils dialated and sluggish
Skin sx appears livid or purplish side Nose: Thin, copious ichorous bloody nasal discharge.
Disorganizing the blood - low fevers, Face: Dark and swollen face and throat.
5 Alium cepa low types of eruptive dz, diptheria & Teeth: Covered with sordes. Tongue dry and brown.
FOLLICULAR TONSILLITIS Throat: Much swelling internally and externally. Swollen and tender. Pain on swollowing, Tonsils studded with
Great weakness very marked - rapid deep ulcers, almost purple throat. Tonsils prominent, fetid discharge.
prostration Breathing: Heavy respiration
Sleep: Disturbed and unrefreshed.

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Mental, gastric and skin symptoms Stomach Worse: COLD BATHING, COLD Head: Aching < vertex, from bathing, from disordered stomach; violent after bathing in river
All symptoms seem to centre Skin WATER, acids, HEAT OF Eyes: canthi raw and fissured; chronic blepharitis; soreness of outer canthi
around stomach Mind SUMMER, heat of sun, Nose: nostrils chapped and covered with crusts; eczema of nostrils, sore, cracked and scurfy
Excessive irritability and fretfulness Mucous Membranes OVEREATING, RADIANT HEAT Face: cracks in corners of mouth; yellow crusted eruption on cheeks; suppurating and long-lasting eruptions on
Thickly coated white tongue Gross feeders (complaints from cheeks
gluttony) Mouth: tongue coated thick white, as if whitewashed; canker sores
Lumpy stools Food & Drink: loss of appetite; desire for acids, pickles, esp. cucumbers, and vinegar; eructations tasting of
Sleepy, weary ingesta; bloating after eating; gross feeders; DIGESTION DISORDERED easily; headache from alcoholic drinks;
Mucous membranes generally diarrhea after slightest indiscretion in eating; THIRSTLESSNESS; gnawing pain in carious teeth after every meal;
affected diarrhea < acids (esp. vinegar)
Child can't bear to be touched or Stomach: constant belching; gastric symptoms < afternoon and night; vomiting of mucus and bile; loathing
looked at (= crying) nausea and desire to vomit
Ecstatic, dreamy, sentimental Rectum: diarrhea; continued oozing of mucous; catarrhal proctitis; hard and loose stools & nausea; stools watery,
Antimonium Abject despair - wants to commit with little hard lumps or containing undigested food; difficult, hard
Crudum suicide by drowning stool, feces too large, costive and incarcerated flatus
Sulky; doesn't want to speak with Larynx: voice harsh and badly pitched
anyone Cough: on coming into warm room; itching of chest; < looking into fire
Suicidal thoughts drive him out of Sputum: blenorrhea pulmonum or phthisis mucosa
bed Chest: during heat
Anger when touched Upper limbs: arthritic in fingers
Nymphomania Lower limbs: feet very tender; great sensitiveness of soles while walking
Sentimental mood in the Sleep: continual drowsiness in old people; sleepy and weary
moonlight, esp. ecstatic love Fever: gastric
Heat: with thirst, followed by sweat
Skin: urticaria, warts

Rattling of mucus with little Mucous membranes < in evening; from lying down at Mind: Apathy. Cannot bear to be looked at. Incessant quivering of chin and
expectoration. (esp. bronchi). night; from warmth; in damp cold Mouth: tongue coated, pasty, thick white. lower jaw (Gels.)
Drowsiness, debility and sweat. Circulation (heart weather; from all sour things and Face: pale, covered with cold sweat. Bluish or twitching.
Cholera morbus. action becomes milk. Autumn, Spring. Anger. Stomach: Nausea, retching and vomiting. Thirst for cold water, little and
Bilharziasis. laboured, defective > from sitting erect; from often, and desire for apples, fruits, and acids generally.Vominting forcible
Chills and contractures. oxygenation of eructation and expectoration. then exhaustion and sleep. Long lasting dyspeptic symptoms and loss of appetite.
Increasingly weak. blood). Respiratory Organs: Great rattling of mucus, loud coarse rales in the air
Relaxed. Lack of reaction. passages. Coughing and gaping. Unequal breathing; abdominal breathing.
Yawning. Suffocative SOB. Chest seems full yet less and less is raised. SOB from suppressed expectoration. Oppression
Nausea & frequent vomiting of bitter, of breathing.
sour substances. Eyes: Inflamed lids & catarrhal conjuctivitis.
Internal trembling. Nose: Black.
Convulsions when smallpox fails to Larynx: Croup & whistling and rattling into trachea.
7 break out. Chest: Edema and impending paralysis of lungs. Soreness all over
the chest. Of great utility in cases of pneumonia; when of service,
there is rattling of mucus in the chest, catarrhal ophthalmia, and marked
gastroenteric disturbance.
Back: Violent pain in sacro-lumbar region. Sensation of heavy weight
at the coccyx, dragging downward all the time.
Extremities: Dropsy.
Sleep:Great drowsiness. Yawning.
Skin: Pustular eruption, on face; also similar eruptions on genitals,
thighs, etc.; painful. often pustular; as large as a pea.

Bee-sting Swelling or puffing up of Acts on cellular WORSE, heat in any form; Mind – AWKWARD< DRPS TINGS READILY. Stupor. WHINING, TEARFULNESS. Can’t Concentrate NAT-MUR BARYTA – CARB
various parts, EDEMA, red rosy hue, tissues causing TOUCH; pressure; late in Head – Brain = TIRED, <lying down, sudeen stabbing pain. RHUS ZINC CANTH VESPA
stinging pains, soreness, intolerance edema of skin and afternoon; after sleeping; in Eyes – EDEMATOUS, SEROUS EXUDATION, EDEMA, SUPPURATIVE INFLAMMATION OF EYES. STYES LACHESIS
of heat and slightest touch, mucous membranes closed and heated rooms. Right Nose – RED, SWOLLEN
afternoon aggravation, Erysipelatous Especially of the side. Face – Waxy, pale burning edema goes from right to left
inflammations, dropsical effusions eyes, face, throat Mouth - scalding in mouth and throat, Cancer of the tongue.
and anasarca, acute inflammation of and ovaries. BETTER, In open air, uncovering, Throat – Constricted, UVULA SWOLLEN sac-like
kidneys and other parenchymatous and cold bathing Stomach – THIRSTLESS, CRAVES MILK
tissue Extreme sensitiveness to Abdomen – SORE, BRUISED, very tender, swelling in right groin
8 Apis Mellifica
touch and general soreness Stool – ANUS SEEMS OPEN and raw. Cholera, watery, yellow diarrhea
CONSTRICTED sensations Urine – scanty, very colored. Last drops burn.
EVERYTHING IS SWOLLEN, red w/ Female – ovaritis < right ovary Dysmenorreea, w/ severe ovary pains. Ovarian tumors, metritis w/ stingin pain
sudden Piercing pain Respiratory – DYSPNEA, Feels as IF HE CAN”T DRAW ANOTHER BREATH
Extremeties – everything is swollen, shiny, sensitive and sore
Skin – bites, carbuncles,
Fever – Afternoon chill, < motion and heat.

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Acute hydrocephalus. Serous membranes Worse: COLD; weather; drinks. Mind: Bewildered. Low spirited. Nervous at night. Faints when raised from pillow Compare: Apoc-a.; Acet-ac.; Alst.; MIND: Ailments from mortification. Anxiety in
Cellular tissues and Uncovering. Lying. After sleep. Apis [thirstless in dropsy]; Ars.; abdomen after stool. Confusion during
A diminished frequency of the pulse skin Vertigo: suddenly appearing and disappearing - after stooping Bell.; Bry.; Chin.; Colch.; Cur.; Dig. paroxysms of pain. Inability to talk in
is a prime indication. Urinary Organs & Better: Warmth. Sitting up. After [dropsy; slow pulse]; Elat.; Hell. hydrothorax.
Heart stool. Head: Dull headache. loss of vision [sight of one eye totally lost, the other slightly sensitive] [hydrocephalus; ascites]; Ign.; VERTIGO: After stool. On stretching. When
One of most efficient remedies, in Digestive and Uterus FOOD Desire: Alcohol; cold Aloe, Gamb. and Trom. yawning.
DROPSIES, ascites, anasarca and drinks; warm drinks. Eyes: Hot and red; as if sand in eyes. One eye motionless and other rolling. [diarrhoea]; Kali-c.; Lyc.; Merc.; HEAD: Heaviness after stool.
hydrothorax, and urinary troubles, Worse: Cold drinks; alcohol. Nose: Long-continued sneezing. Snuffles of children [Samb.]; filled with thick yellow mucus in morning. Takes Merc-sul.; Nux-v.; Spig.; Squil.; EYE: Pain as from sand in morning. Redness of
especially suppression and Better: Warm drinks. cold easily, nostrils become congested and blocked up easily. Sulph.; Verat.; 2 Chin-ar.; 7 Ascl.; eyes in morning.
strangury. Dropsy of serous Face: Bloated aggravated lying down. Face pale, covered with Olnd.; Podo.; 1 Aral-h. [valuable EAR: Noises after stool.
membranes; acute inflammatory cold sweat. Dry lips; mouth. diuretic, useful in dropsy of the NOSE: Obstruction in morning on waking.
Stomach: Nausea, & drowsiness. Thirst on waking. Dull, heavy, sick feeling. Oppression in epigastrium cavities, either due to hepatic or FACE: Bloated while lying; under eyes.
Similar to Apis but CHILLY and chest, impeding breathing [Lob.]. Sensation of sinking in stomach; after profuse urination diabetes renal disease & constipation; STOMACH: Distension after eating. Emptiness
insipidus. Uraemic vomiting. Great thirst, but water disagrees, causing pain, or is immediately vomited. urinary disorders, esp. & dropsy; after urination. Fullness after eating ever so little.
Confusion of Mind Stomach > warm drinks. Scudder advises doses of 5 to 30 Pain after drinking. Thirst at night on waking.
Apocynum MITRAL AND TRICUSPID Abdomen: Distended and painful drops in sweetened cream of Vomiting, can only retain hot drinks; vomiting
9 (specifically heart REGURGITATION tartar]; Stroph. [extreme cardiac during menses.
and urinary organ) ACUTE ALCOHOLISM Rectum: Watery, flatulent, & soreness in anus; aggravated after eating. Feeling as if sphincter were depression & intense gastric RECTUM: Involuntary stool on passing flatus.
Excessive vomiting open and stools ran right out. 2 Diarrhoea, & dropsy; yellow, painless; noisy, gushing stools. Tenesmus disturbance; dropsy]. Cymarin is Sensation as anus were open.
of rectum. Bearing down pain in anus. sensation as if a wedge were being hammered into the anus. the active principle of Apoc.; it BLADDER: Urging in morning on waking.
VOMITING DURING MENSES Urinary: Turbid, hot urine, & thick mucus and burning in urethra, after urinating. Dribbling. lowers the pulse rate and FEMALE: Menses clotted, large clots.
Strangury. Retention of urine, & paralysis of lower limbs. Enuresis nocturna in old men. increases blood pressure. RESPIRATION: Difficult respiration, lying
Bruised feeling in the abdomen Profuse light-coloured urine; no sediment. impossible.
Obliged to sit up; lying down Male: Penis and scrotum dropsical. Prostate gland enlarged. COUGH: Cough during pregnancy. Sudden
produces violent dyspnoea. Female: Metrorrhagia & nausea; fainting, vital depression. Hemorrhages at change of life. Blood expelled cough.
in large clots. Amenorrhoea of young girls, & bloating of abdomen and legs. CHEST: Dropsy & organic heart disease.
WATERY STOOL, RENAL Ovarian tumour. Cough during pregnancy. Uterine hemorrhage, then dropsy. EXTREMITIES: Cramps in soles of feet
DROPSY, RESPIRATION SHORT Respiratory: Sighing. Cough loose and rattling, & oppression. Obliged to sit up; lying down produces Involuntary motion of one arm and leg.
AND UNSATISFACTORY, violent dyspnoea.
Chest: Oppression about epigastrium and chest; impeding breathing, after a light meal. Hydrothorax.
Heart: rapid and feeble, irregular cardiac action, low arterial tension, pulsating jugulars, general cyanosis
and general dropsy. Sensation of sinking at heart.
Sleep: Great restlessness and little sleep. Sleepiness.
Trembling, Desire for sweets, mucous membrane Better eructation, open air, cold, Skin: MIND:Rough dry skin - can'tTIME
Intolerance to heat, violent pains like irritant, Head, Calves pressure. Worse: sweets, left side PECULIAR MENTAL IMPULSES, foresaken feeling/as if cloud hung on them, indifference while in company, fear clavatum
deep sticking splinters, performance lying, anxiety. Abundant in a crowd
in sudden danger/crisis purulent discharge, craves HEAD: HEADACHE WITH COLDNESS AND TREMBLING. Sense of EXPANSION. VERTIGO, ENLARGED
chopped spinach, sense of congestion in head, throbbing carotids
blepharitis, swelling of conjunctiva
THROAT :thick mucous, sensation of a splinter in the throat, strangulated feeling, diarrhea as soon as he drinks,
Stomach: BELCHING loud and explosive, CRAVES SWEETS, RADIATING PAIN WITH ULCERS, painful
swelling of pit,
ABDOMEN: FLATULENT DISTENTION, bursting sensation, flatulence worse morning on waking
10 Argentum Nitricum URINARY: difficulty in passin last part of urine, urethritis
FEMALE: metorrhagia after coition
CHEST: stitches when angered
SKIN: Erysipelatous bedsores, left shoulder, sacrum,both hips, Itching, mostly of thighs and
axillae, when warm at night.
AGG: Sweets, lying on left side, anxiety

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ASTHMATIC CONDITIONS, with CHEST, LUNGS. Worse After short nap. Drafts. 11 Fear of lung disease that can't be shaken off.
COUGH WORSE LYING DOWN. PM [cough], cough, in spring for NOSE: Pains, Smarting soreness of posterior nares, caused by passage of acrid mucus, with peculiar soreness
SPASMADIC COUGH AT NIGHT. asthma, night, lying down. of alae nasi, as if fissured.
Drenching sweat during sleep. Better Lying with head high. Observed: Obstruction, worse spring. Hay fever; FREQUENT SNEEZING. Least current of air causes sneezing,
Extreme sensitivity to draughts. Asthma better expectoration. with COPIOUS WATERY EXCORIATING NASAL DISCHARGE OF SALTY ACRID TASTE. CORYZA WITH
Diarrhoea, prolapse of rectum. ASTHMATIC RESPIRATION.
Biliousness. FEVER.
Mucous secretions acrid. SNEEZING.
Affections go to the side lain on, THROAT: As if foreign body in throat. Nausea in throat.
leaving the affected side free. RESPIRATION: ASTHMATIC, ON LYING DOWN AT NIGHT, with spasmodic cough; worse after first sleep, with
tickling in throat. Dry, wheezing; sense of impending suffocation; whistling worse inspiration; must sit up; hay
COUGH: DRY COMING ON AFTER FIRST SLEEP about middle of night; slight expectoration; of tough mucus.
Cause: FALLING ASLEEP, especially, in children, constant tickling cough without waking, after.
Spasmodic, at night, awakens after first sleep and can't sleep again on account of it; caused by tickling
in throat, with constriction of chest; has to sit up and cough violently; sometimes caused by a feeling of
a foreign body in the throat; raw, burning, sore feeling behind whole length of sternum and in each lung.

After traumatic injuries, overuse of Musculoskeletal < least touch; motion; rest; wine; Boreckie/ Vermeulen's Concordant: Compare: Abrot., Absin., Calen.,
any organ, strains. damp cold. Head: HOT, WITH COLD BODY Cham., Cina, Gnaph. and other
PUTRID PHENOMENA (Odour of Conditions caused > LYING DOWN, OR WITH Eyes: Bloodshot Compositæ; Acon.; Am-c.; Ars.;
rotten eggs) by: HEAD LOW Nose: COLD Bapt. [typhoid states; Bapt. "feels
AFTER TRAUMATIC INJURIES Mechanical injuries. Mouth: FETID BREATH, TASTE AS FROM BAD EGGS ill", Arn. "feels well", resents
SORE, LAME, BRUISED FEELING Fright or anger. Vermeulen's Concordant: Face: SUNKEN being thought ill]; Bell.; Bry.;
INFLUENZA Excessive venery. < INJURIES; falls, blows; Stomach: FEELING AS IF STOMACH WERE PRESSING AGAINST SPINE. Fetid vomiting. Eructations; tasting Calen.; Cham.; Chin.; Crot-t.
Grief. < BRUISES; shock; jarring; after of bad eggs [swashing in abdomen]; Euphr.;
Apoplexy, red, full face. Remorse. labour Abdomen: < left; when standing, intercepting breath Ham.; Hep.; Hyper.; Ip.; Merc.;
Discharges are FOUL; breath. Sudden financial Heart: ANGINA PECTORIS Puls.; Ran-b.; Rhod.; Ruta; Sil.;
Involuntary evacuations loss. Rectum: Involuntary stool at night; Dysentery; long intervals between the stools Staph.; Sulph.; Sul-ac.; Symph.;
Must lie down, yet BED FEELS TOO Stool: STRAINING OF TENESMUS IN DIARRHEA, OFFENSIVE, BLOODY Verat.; Echi.; Bov.; Carb-v.;
HARD. Respiratory: VIOLENT, SPASMATIC COUGH WITH FACIAL HERPES Cimic.; Elaps; Nit-ac.; Phos.;
KEEPS MOVING FROM PLACE TO Chest: Pleodynia Rhus-t.; Sec.; Sep.; Eup-p.; Kali-
SPOT. Extremities: Paralytic in all the joints during motion. when swelling remains after Arn.;
Says there is nothing the matter with Fever: Heat in the evenings Vit. [sprains and pains; headache
him; SENDS THE DOCTOR HOME. in temples; pain in joints; pain in
Menatally prostrate and apathetic, abdomen; pain in testicles].
12 Arnica but physically restless Follows well: Acon.; Apis; Ip.;
Coma Verat. Followed well by: Acon.;
Sullen, morose, does not speak a Ars.; Bry.; Ip.; Rhus-t.; Ham.
loud word Action aided by: Ars. [dysentery
Censorious, critical. Defiant. and varicose veins].
Oversensitive to noise. Complementary: Acon.; Calc.;
Sighing during heat. Nat-s.; Psor.; Rhus-t.; Sul-ac.; Ip.
Talking in sleep. Antidote to: Am-c.; Chin.; Cic.;
< Weeping. Ferr.; Ign.; Ip.; Seneg.; alcohol;
charcoal vapour. Antidoted by:
Camph. and Ip. [massive doses];
Acon., Ars., Chin., Ign. and Ip. [to
potencies]; coffee [headache];
wine increases unpleasant effect
of Arn.; vinegar. Not to be
followed by: Sul-ac. Injurious in:
Bites of dogs or rabid or angry

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RESTLESSNESS, WITH NIGHTLY A profoundly acting Boreckie: Boreckie and Vermeulen's Concordant: Burning is another of the leading
AGGRAVATION, are most remedy on every < wet weather, after midnight; Mind: GREAT ANGUISH AND RESTLESSNESS. CHANGES PLACE CONTINUALLY. FEARS, of death, of characteristics of Ars. No other
important. organ and tissue. from cold, cold drinks, or food. being left alone. DEPENDENCY. VIOLENCE; self torture, pulls her hair, bites her nails, tears his own body. remedy has it in a more
SLIGHTEST EXERTION. SUDDEN Causation > from heat; from head elevated; HEALTHMANIA, WANTS TO BE HELD Delusions; body will putrefy; THAT SHE IS BEING WATCHED; people peculiarity of the "burnings" of
GREAT WEAKNESS from trivial Chill in cold water. warm drinks. are beside him. REPROACHES OTHERS; himself. Ars. is that they are > heat
causes. Ice cream. Head: Periodical burning pains, with RESTLESSNESS; with cold skin. scalp ITCHES intolerably. intense [herein comparing with Caps.].
IRRITABLE WEAKNESS. Poor diet. Vermeulen's Concordant adds: headache Burning in the throat > eating or
BURNING PAINS; hot needles or Fruits [esp. watery < PERIODICALLY; after Vertigo: disappears in the open air, but returns on re-entering the room drinking hot things. On the other
wires, > heat fruits and melons]. MIDNIGHT; AFTER 2 A.M. Eyes: BURNING IN EYES, WITH ACRID LACHRYMATION (making cheeks and eyelids sore). INTENSE hand, cold food and cold drinks
SEASIDE COMPLAINTS [ DDX Nat- Alcohol; < COLD; ICES; DRINKS; FOOD; PHOTOPHOBIA. Oedema around eyes. often completely closing eyes. aggravated stomach irritations;
mur.; Aqua Marina]. drunkenness. air; cold and damp. Ears: THIN, EXCORIATING, OFFENSIVE otorrhoea hence Ars. is of signal use for
FEAR FRIGHT AND WORRY. Tobacco. < VEGETABLES. DRINKING Nose: THIN, WATERY, EXCORIATING discharge. Nose feels STOPPED UP. BURNING and bleeding. RIGHT- effects of eating ices and drinking
ARS. should be thought of in Quinine. LIQUIDS. ALCOHOLISM. SIDED CORYZA. Sneezing without relief. ice water. Ars. has a great place in
13 ailments from alcoholism, Iodine. Quinine. EXERTION. Face: CACHETIC, sunken, cold, and covered with sweat. (Acetic acid.) Expression of agony. Tearing, NEEDLE- acute coryza and hay fever. The
PTOMAINE POISONING, stings, Sea-bathing and sea- LIKE pains fluent coryza is corrosive,
dissecting wounds, chewing travelling. Climbing > EXTERNAL HEAT. Mouth: easily-bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, metallic taste, GULPING UP BURNING WATER. dryness in mouth. reddening the upper lip, and has
tobacco; mountains. > HOT and dry APPLICATIONS, Red tip of tongue. more burning than either All-c. or
odor of discharges is PUTRID; Strains. FOOD, drinks. Throat: burning, GURGLING IN THE OESOPHAGUS WHEN DRINKING Merc. Also it is aggravated open
CADAVEROUS ODOURS Fit of passion. > LYING; with head elevated. Stomach: CANNOT BEAR THE SIGHT OR SMELL OF FOOD. GREAT THIRSTS; DRINKS MUCH, BUT air, and > warmth, which
SEPTIC INFECTIONS AND LOW Worry. LITTLE AT A TIME. Craves fat; rye bread; alcohol, esp. wine; milk. Heartburn. ILL EFFECTS OF VEGETABLE distinguishes it from All-c.
Fright. STOMACH and is VOMITED IMMEDIATELY. Intense BURNING PAIN in stomach and pit of stomach RIGHT-SIDED.
Rectum: Tenesmus. BURNING pain and pressure in rectum and anus
Arsenicum album

Vermeulen's Concordant adds: Stool: SMALL, OFFENSIVE, DARK, WITH MUCH PROSTRATION. WORSE AT NIGHT, AND AFTER EATING There is pronounced night
Weakness and emaciation are rapid AND DRINKING aggravation, the pains are
Pains are maddening Urine: Scanty, burning in the urethra during micturation, involuntary. Bladder as if paralyzed. ALBUMINOUS insupportable with restlessness. <
Discharges of MUCOUS Female: Menses too profuse and too soon. MENORRHAGIA Midnight and after [Acon. is <
MEMBRANES are ACRID, THIN Respiratory: Expectoration scanty, FROTHY. DARTING PAIN THROUGH UPPER THIRD OF RIGHT LUNG. before midnight]; < 3 a.m. Ars.
and SCANTY Cough dry, as from sulphur fumes; AFTER DRINKING. SOB loves warmth like Nux-v., Psor.,
Pains cause shortness of breath or Heart: MORE RAPID IN MORNING [ddx: Sulph.] Hep., Sil., Mag-m. and other
chilliness Sleep: Frequent starting in and from sleep hydrogenoids, and herein is
pale, puffy, baggy, SWELLING Skin: DRY, ROUGH, SCALY;< COLD and scratching. PSORIASIS. looks seared. Intense itching of the skin differentiated from Sulph., Ant-c.,
Faint, anxious and weak, early in WITHOUT ERUPTION; after suppressed eruption Iod., Apis and Puls.
14 morning. Burning pains, esp. in inner Fever: High temperature. PERIODICALLY MARKED WITH ADYNAMIA. Septic fevers. INTERMITTENT.
organs, skin and ulcers PAROXYSMS INCOMPLETE, WITH MARKED EXHAUSTION. HAY FEVER. Externally COLD & internal burning
Generally RIGHT-SIDED heat, dry heat after midnight & anxiety. COLDNESS. Shuddering, without thirst, < open air. Typhus fever &
complaints; restlessness. Heat beginning in stomach and praecordial region, passing to rest of body at 2 a.m, causing thirst.
left-sided (???) Cold, clammy sweat.
Extremities: cannot lie still at night; Excessive weakness and exhaustion of limbs obliging him to lie

The symptoms of this drug simulate blood, muscles, Worse: Humid heat. Fogs. In Keynotes continued: Lifeless body but restless mind. Insensitive to pain. Restless, always rubs the hands,
low fevers, SEPTIC CONDITIONS bowels, throat closed room. Pressure. On hysterical. Great languor, wants to lie down. Weak and tremulous, Numbness, prickling and paralytic feeling over
of the blood, malarial poisoning, and waking. Walking. Open air. Cold the body, esp. left side. General intolerance of pressure everywhere.
extreme prostration. Indescribable wind. Autumn. Hot weather. 4 Baptisia in low dilutions produces a form of anti-bodies to the Bac. typhosus, viz., the agglutinins. (Mellon.)
sick feeling. GREAT MUSCULAR Mental exertion. Swallowing Raises the natural bodily resistance to the invasion of the bacillary intoxication, which produces the typhoid
SORENESS AND PUTRID solids. During sleep. syndrome. Typhoid carriers. After inoculation with anti-typhoid serum. Intermittent pulse, especially in the aged.
PHENOMENA ALWAYS ARE Better: 4 Drinking liquids. Open
offensive - breath, stool, urine, TOGETHER
sweat, etc. Epidemic influenza. Head: HEAVY, NUMB. Excitement of the brain, esp. at night.
Baptisia (influenza)
Chronic intestinal toxaemia of Face: besotted look DUSKY, SODDEN
15 Wild Indigo)
eructations. Throat:CONSTRICTION, CONTRACTION OF OESOPHAGUS. (Cajeput.) PAINLESS sore throat, and offensive
PROSTRATION IS RAPID; bed discharge. CONTRACTION AT CARDIAC ORIFICE.Mouth and tongue very dry in fevers;
feels too hard on account of Stomach. Can swallow only liquids, Gastric fever. No appetite. Constant desire for water. SINKING FEELING
soreness of muscles, yet he feels AT STOMACH. Constriction of oesophagus at cardiac orifice.
too weak to move. Mucus Abdomen. Stools very OFFENSIVE, THIN, DARK, BLOODY.
membranes become dark. Respiratory.SENSE OF SUFFOCATION. Constriction of chest.
Discharges; stools, hemorrhages, Back and Extremities.SORE AND BRUISED.
etc. are dark in colour. Dark spots fevers: adynamic fevers
appear on the body. Brown; sordes, sleep: sense of suffocation. Drowsy, stupid and languid;
stools, menses. Bed sores.

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Lymph nodes < Cold Head: Pain - forehead and temples
> Heat Nose: Coryza; sneezing, watery discharge, with asthmatic breathing and suffocative cough. Have fever with
Severe headache in vertex better asthmatic breathing.
at night, returning severely after Face: Redness of face; during catarrh
breakfast Throat: Thirst during fever. CATARRHAL AFFECTIONS OF THROAT
Chronic rheumatism, < cold, esp. Rectum: Catarrh of bowels. Haemorrhoids
cold air Respiration: While lying in bed on right side, when just falling asleep, severe oppressive suffocative attacks from
suspended respiration; quick effort to prevent suffocation by changing position
16 Badiaga Cough: Whooping, with thick yellow expectoration. Occasional severe paroxysms of spasmodic cough, ejecting
viscid mucus from bronchial tubes, which at times comes forcibly out of mouth, caused by tickling in larynx (as if
sugar were dissolving); better warm room. Catarrhal inflammation of air passages, with fever, thirst, red face,
sneezing, lachrymation and spasmodic cough
Expectoration: Mucous flies out of mouth and nostrils
Chest: Sharp, lancinating, in chest, worse motion and deep inspiration, with soreness of chest. Worse afternoon
and evening; in whooping cough. Observed: Typhoid pneumonia

Delayed mental development. Lymphatic tissue and Specifically used in infancy and Mind: bashful, cowardly, mistrustful, weak beclouded mind, DIFFICULT CONCENTRATION, IRRESOLUTION; Calcarea - problems with Mind: CHILDISH behaviour: old people; in.
Childish behavior. glands. old age. ABOUT TRIFLES, HOMESICKNESS, aversion to strangers. CHILDISH. metabolism, recurring illness, Mind: IRRESOLUTION:
Needs reassurance. Head: wens. mental slowness, anxiety about Mind: FEAR: strangers, of:
Easily influenced. Nervous system - For people who always have Ears: crackling noise, glands around ears painful and swollen. health of future, offensive foot Mind: CONFIDENCE: want of self-confidence:
Lack of self-confidence. mental immaturity. swollen tonsils. Nose: coryza, with swelling of upper lip and nose. sweat, craves sweets and eggs, Head: TUMORS: Scalp; on: encysted:
Sense of inferiority. Face: parotitis after scarlatina. swelling of the glands. Ear: NOISES: crackling: sneezing agg.:
Extreme difficulty in making any Upper respiratory For senile dementia and Throat: Takes colds easily and stitching and smarting pain. Quinsy (chronic). Supparating tonsils from every cold. Lycopium - feelings of inferiority Ear: NOISES: crackling: swallowing agg.:
decision. tract (nose,ears, aneurism. Throat affected by every cold.Throat affections after checked foot sweat. and cowardice, anxiety, fear of Ear: NOISES: crackling: walking agg.:
Anxiety disorders. glands, mouth, throat Abdomen: Hard and tense, distended. people, craves sweets, offensive Face: SWELLING: Parotid glands: right:
17 Baryta carbonicum Nervous biting of the nails. and face). < company,thinking of symptoms, Back: Swollen glands in nape of occiput. Indurated cervical glands. feet, distention, impotence. Throat: INDURATION: Tonsils; of:
cold damp, washing, lying on Extremities: Tearing in limbs and chilliness. Fetid foot sweat. Pulsatilla - dependent and weepy Throat: SUPPURATION: cold; after taking a:
Immaturity or atrophy of the parts of painful part. patients, passivity, easily
the body: "dwarfish." influenced, craves eggs and
Chronic inflammation and huge > cold food, warm wraps, walking sweets, recurring infections in
swelling of the tonsils, may nearly in open air, when alone. children.
occlude the throat. Arsenicum -
Hard swelling of the cervical glands. Thuja -
Cicuta -
Silica -
Acute: Febrile Disorders. Head/brain PAIN - abrupt beginning and Mental: Dulness; delirious; insensibility;
Chronic: Pain; Mucous Membranes abrupt ending; throbbing, Head: heaviness; Forehead most sensitive
Headaches/Migraines. (mm) pulsating, burning and bursting; Eyes: red; diplopia; sees wrong side up;
Cold hands and feet, but face is hot. heat and redness; > pressure. Ears: Otitis media with sever pain.
Lively and entertaining when well, < touch, motion, noise, looking at Nose: Bleeding of; pale blood from; smelling too sensitive
but violent and delirious when sick. shining objects, after midnight, Throat: Supporative tonsilitis
FEAR imaginary things, wants to run drinking, uncovering the head, Chest: Croupy cough; tender chest and rattling of mucus.
away from them. summer sun, lying down. Digestive Tract: Crave lemons, thirstless, constipation (due to dry mm's).
18 Belladonna
> Rest, standing or sitting erect, Urogenital Tract: Ovarian cysts/pains; severe menstrual cramping; metrorrhagia.
warm room Extremities: Arthritic pains in joints
Oversensitivity and
Right-sided symptoms
Very sensitive to change of
Tendency for spasmotic attacks Effects mostly seen Left sided complaints Eyes: sharp pain through the eyes
Px is weak, easily over heated - then in Respiratroy Left-sided mumps Ears: parotid swollen, warm, suppurative, < on left side
sweaty and sensitve to drafts system - esp. Generally > by the sea Nose: Coryza (acrid and burning) & corrosive soreness of nose. Tickling and smarting as if from cobwebs.
Excellent for px's in really bad Larynx/Trachea DIZZINESS LYING DOWN & Epistaxis is almost always present.
humour Tendency to infliltrate HEADACHE, esp in EVENING Throat: feels raw, redness. Tonsils pain on swallowing. Inflammation with irritation caused by spasmotic cough.
Desire to be carried with croup, glands < WORSE WARMTH, WARM ANGINA and VERY TROUBLESOME SORE THROAT
desire to be carried fast. DAMP WEATHER Larynx: tickling and cold sensation on inspiration, Laryngeal diptheria, colds may travel up or down, Scraping and
19 Bromium
< lying on left side, being rawness in larynx, promoting cough, as if the pit of the throat were pressed against the trachea, hoarseness.
overheated Respiratory: whooping cough, dry cough with hoarseness. Wants to take a deep breath, but it excites cough.
< evening until midnight Suffocative fits. Dyspnoea, & great swelling. Respiration difficult, oppressed; > walking. Dyspnoea; cannot inspire
> NOSEBLEEDS, motion, at sea, deep enough; as if breathing through a sponge or as if the air-passages were full of smoke or vapour of sulphur.
riding, riding horseback Sleep: constant dreaming, jerking and starting in sleep.
Sx's aggrivated by cold air

Desires quiet and rest Head DESIRES QUIET AND REST MIND: confusion, delerium, desire quiet
Pain(in many places in body) Fibrous tissues < COLD HEAD: pain (forehead and occiput)<cold, <cough, <opening eyes
Rheumatic/Inflammatory Pain Serous membranes < COUGH NOSE: sneezing, coryza, many complaints start here
Hold head or chest while Ligaments and joints < OPENING EYES FACE: red spots on face and neck, JAW MOTION AS IF CHEWING
coughing Chest > PRESSURE MOUTH: loss of taste
Slow developing pathology - > WARM DRINKS STOMACH:nausea, vomitting, hypochondrial pain
20 Bryonia symptoms come on gradually and HOLDS HEAD WHILE EXTREMETIES: rheumatic pain
increase in intensity COUGHING
Often start as cold and descend into IRRITABILITY

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Extremely toxic (causes GI tract * Weakness > appearance of skin Stomach: prostration, burning pains, coldness, irritability, loss of appetite OR bulimia, vomiting on lease motion
gastroenteritis, H/A, thirst, tickling Respiratory tract eruptions Skin: very chilly, cannot get warm, coldness but hot hands, itchy when cold
cough) Eyes > Pressure and bending double Lungs: stops breathing on going to sleep, wakes up suffocating
Characteristic yellow ring around the > Eating and Rest Face: facial paralysis
base of the teeth (tendency to dental < COLD Eyes: cannot close eye
caries) < Open air, cold, sunshine Nose: obstruction from welling, numbness
Indifferent to everything Head: hammering in temples
Desire to be left alone
Irritable when criticized
Cadmium Aversion to motion (DDx: Bryonia)
21 Desire for lying still
Broken down constitution due to
cancer, chemotherapy, radiation
Coldness and hot hands
Always COLD
Irritable stomach

The symptoms of strong Skin, Glands Worse during menses General: Cold at night in bed More deep-acting than Carb-v
"homesickness" and a tendency for Worse slight causes; dry cold air; Mind: Avoids conversation; Avoids company; Whining; Anger about former vexations; Frightful images before
sitting lost in "meditation" have been while eating sleep; Talking in sleep; sadness in the morning
confirmed. Head: cannot tell direction of sound; Headache, as if a tornado in the head; as if the head had been blown to
Indurated/enlarged glands pieces; has to sit up at night and hold it together.
22 Carbo animalis Stitch remaining after pleurisy Nose: Nosebleed in the morning, preceded by vertigo
Sensation of numbness Stomach: weak digestion; flatulence; Desire for whisky; Aversion to fats and rich foods, tobacco
Female: menses followed by great exhaustion; painful indurations in breast
Back: Burning pain < touch
Skin: Glands indurated; Copper coloured eruptions
Fever: Night sweats, staining yellow
The Calc. pains are most generally Its chief action is worse: COLD; RAW AIR; fever: Night sweats, esp. on head head: Sweat over head in children, so that pillow becomes wet.vertigo: HIGH Acon., Camph., Ferr., Iod., Lyc.,
felt while lying in bed, or while centered in the BATHING. Cooling off. Change of PLACES = VERTIGO. Icy coldness in different parts of the body. Profuse sweat from the slightest exertion. Puls., Sec., Sulph. and Verat. [>
sitting; they are felt in the parts upon vegetative sphere, weather to cold. EXERTION; Profuse sweat in the morning. skin: Petechial eruptions. COLDNESS; ICY, on vertex. Cold spots on head or uncovering, complimentary: Bell.;
which the body has been lying for a impaired nutrition physical; mental. Ascending. Eye coldness. mind: APPREHENSIVE, FEARS LOSS OF REASON, MISFORTUNE, FORGETFUL,Delusion THAT Rhus; Lycop.; Silica
time" A JADED STATE, MENTAL being the keynote of strain. DENTITION. Puberty. PEOPLE THINK HER INSANE. Discontented after coition. Frightened before menses. DESIRE TO BE
OR PHYSICAL, DUE TO its action, the glands, PRESSURE OF CLOTHES. MAGNETISED. NARRATING HER SYMPTOMS aggravates. Spits in faces of people. Talking of unpleasant
OVERWORK. ABSCESSES IN skin and bone, being MILK., BETTER, dry climate and things aggravates. Admonitions = weeping. Slow, conscientious workers who steadily plod along. Reliable
DEEP MUSCLES; POLYPI AND instrumental in the weather; lying on painful side. partners; satisfied to build patiently and drag stone upon stone in their work. Hard workers, want to finish their
EXOSTOSES changes wrought. Sneezing (pain in head and nape) work; systematic workers. Work is very important, but NOT competitive, not ambitious. Duty-bound; practical and
rachitic conditions submaxillary glands; stitches on swallowing, Goitre. stomach: CRAVING FOR INDIGESTIBLE
Calcarea generally offer THINGS-CHALK, COAL, PENCILS; also for eggs, salt and sweets, FREQUENT SOUR
opportunities for the OVERWORKED, Thirst; longing for COLD drinks. abdomen: INGUINAL AND MESENTERIC
exhibition of GLANDS SWOLLEN and painful, DISTENTION with hardness. GALL-STONE COLIC. stool:
Calcarea. Incipient CHILDREN'S DIARRHOEA. male: FREQUENT EMISSIONS. female: Menses TOO EARLY,
phthisis TOO PROFUSE, TOO LONG, COLD, DAMP FEET, Leucorrhoea, MILKY[Sepia. respiratory:
fresh air. back: RENAL COLIC. extremities: COLD, DAMP feet; SOLES OF FEET RAW, COLD

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Dissatisfaction; desire for change; nutrition (bones, < dentition Head: H/A < near region of sutures, from change of weather
desire for travel sutures, periosteum, <cold air, cold wet weather Stool: hot with fetid flatus
Loss of motivation glands), abdomen aversion to drafts of air Female: menses with violent backache. Leucorrhea like white of egg
H/A's of school girls, students (< < snow air Back: cold, numb feeling (stiffness and pain). Pain in nape of neck or stiffness, from draft
mental exertion) < before and beginning of menses Gastrointestinal: much flatulence. at every attempt to eat, colicky pain in abdomen.
Obesity, flabbiness < mental exertion Cravings: bacon, ham, salted or smoked meats.
Anaemic children who are peevish, > in summer Intolerance to milk
flabby, have cold extremities and Glands: adenoid growth
feeble digestion
Calcarea general aggrivation from cold
24 generally < from drafts
general aggrivation at the time the
snow is melting
delayed development, slow to walk
and talk, late closure of fontanels

Wound Soft parts < damp, HEAVY, CLOUDY Scalp: lacerated scalp wounds
Exhaustion weather Ears: < in damp conditions
Great disposition to take cold, Gastrointestinal: heartburn with horripilations. Nausea in chest. Epigastric distention.
25 Calendula
especially in damp weather Female: warts at the os externum
Ulcers Fever: coldness, great sensitivity to open air.
Pus Skin: yellow
Mental confusion Urinary organs < URINATING, motion General: stuttering, twitching internally
Sensations as if drops of cold water Sexual organs > standing Mind: voices seem strange, mistakes in writing, omitting words, sadness > afternoon, vanishing of senses, time
are falling > doors & windows open passes too slowly
Perineal region so tender patient Eyes: Opacity of cornea
can only walk with legs wide apart Urogenital: Cystitis with burning during or at the end of urination with pain focused at the meatus, tensive pain in
26 Cannabis sativa
Excellent for first stage of Gonorrhea urethra during erection, spasmotic closure of rectum after urination
Good for cystitis, UTI Male: great swelling of prepuce approaching phimosis, impotence from sexual abuse
Female: sexual overexcitement
Resp: oppressed therefore must stand up
Extremities: Spasm of muscles - torticollis, etc.
General uncleanliness of body. Mucus membranes. Better: heat; while eating; Respiratory: Constriction of chest. Pain in distant parts on coughing (bladder, legs, ears, etc.). Dyspnea. Alum, ars, carb-v, lyc [burning Cough;DRY// Extremities;LOWER
Sensation of constriction continued motion. Explosive, dry, hacking cough. pains > heat] Arn, bell limbs;Coughing agg.//
(mucus membranes). Burning pains, Worse: open air; uncovering; Chest: as if constricted. Pneumonia, bronchitis. Great oppression, painful, as if chest were pressued upon, < [headache etc] Throat;INFLAMMATION,sore
general chilliness, sluggishness. slight draught, even warm; cold motion. Bry [headache from cough] throat;Burning,pressing,dark// Stomach;THIRST;
Homesickness. Peevishness. air, water. Throat: Hot feeling in fauces. Pain and dryness in throat extending to ears. Sore throat of smokers and drinkers; Canth [burning Chill;during; thirstless during heat//
Delirium tremens. Much thirst but burning constriction. Burning and smarting sensation, as from cayenne pepper, in throat and other parts, not pains, throat symptoms, urinary Stomach;PAIN;Burning// Mouth;PUTRID/
drinking causes shivering. Burning in relieved by heat. symptoms, dysentery] Mind;ANGER// Head;PAIN;Coughing;agg.//
orifices. Bleeding piles; bloody, Mouth: Stomatitis. Fetid odor from mouth. Crot-t [urging to Mind;NOISE,noises;Agg.//
mucousy stools with burning stool after drinking] Ph- Chill;AIR;Open;amel.//
27 (specifically
tenesmus; thirsty after stool, with ac [homesickness; Caps. has red Fever,Heat;SUCCESSION of stages,compound
respiratory organs)
shivering. Pain and inflammation of face] Merc, Nit-ac, Sulf [blood fever;Chill, followed by heat//
mastoid. Coldness of scrotum. in stools] Plat [burning Extremities;PAIN;Burning,smarting//
pain in face, < slightest draft, Generalities;AIR;Cold;agg.//
warm or cold] Generalities;AIR;Open; amel/ Generalities;
Psor [lack of FOOD and drinks; Alcohol, alcoholic drinks;
reaction, despair of recovery] desires// Generalities; FOOD and
PROSTRATION OF MIND Central nervous Mind: mental exertion worse, mind unusually clear, forgetful, can’t remember anything, becomes easily confused, General, Abcess: acute
Excessive THIRST system constantly agitated, moaning continuously and occasionally uttering a piercing cry, acute hydrocephalus General, Pyemia
OFFENSIVENESS; putrid Mucous membranes Head: Dull heavy headache as if a rubber band were stretched tightly around forhead, with TIGHTNESS IN General, Sensation, of; constriction
discharges Heart NOSE BETWEEN THE EYES, as a hot ball in the forehead, as if fine electric sparks in vertex, changing to a Mind, Delerium: spoor, stupor, coma
Frontal headache from a tense Blood prickling, itching, better rubbing, periodical spells of sick headache, cold, clammy moisture on head Mind, Work, aversion to mental and physical
elastic band from temple to temple Respiration Eyes: contraction, dilation of pupils in hydrocephalus Head, sensations, compressed in a vise
and acute smell Nose: smell very acute, watery discharge from both nostrils, in open air, better indoors, returning when entering a Head, pain, location, temples
PRESSING PAIN (TIGHTNESS) cold room, nasal membrane so swollen must breathe through mouth, epithelioma of nose, itching of nose Head, pain, constrictive
ABOVE ROOT OF NOSE AND Face: PALE ABOUT NOSE AND MOUTH, swelling of face and tongue from bee stings, face sensitive to touch of Head, pain, pressing
ACUTE SMELL towel, face flushed during headache, sallow, soapy and bloodless complexion, lips dry, cracked, painful or black Head, pain, MERLIORATION, TEA
PALE ABOUT NOSE AND MOUTH in scarlatina Nose, smell, hypersensitive
28 Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy < Mouth: burning in mouth, sordes (foul matter collected on the lips and teeth in low fevers, consisting of food, Mouth, breath, offensive
morning microorganisms and epithelial elements), tongue has thick, yellow fur down centre, thrush, apthae, stomatitis, Throat, diphtheria, malignant
Stomach pains LAST A SHORT INTENSELY BAD SMELL FROM MOUTH, DIPTHERIA, SCARLATINA, CONSTIPATION Throat, diphtheria, prostration from beginning,
TIME Teeth: aching of teeth in upper jaw, grinding in hydrocephaly with
Severe reaction to bee stings Throat: burning in throat or esophagus, heat rising up from stomach, putrid discharge, diphtheria, fetid breath, Throat, UVULA, WHITENED, SHRIVELLED
LACERATED WOUNDS FROM regurgitation, liquids return through nose in scarlatina, desire for stimulants and tobacco, heart worse after
BLUNT INSTRUMENTS indiscretion of eating
BONES BARE OR CRUSHED AND Stomach: burning in stomach, soreness in stomach and bowels, vomiting, fermentative dyspepsia, acid
SPLINTERED eructations and formation of gas, chronic vomiting, sarcinae (A genus of anaerobic gram-positive bacteria
including both saprophytic and facultatively parasitic species) in vomit, worse moving on right side, STOMACH
Carbolicum acidum
focus on allergic
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A acidum B C D E F G
focus on allergic Abdomen: sharp hypochondrium, frequent occurrence of colic-like pain, great tenderness over transverse colon Stomach, appetite, defective, lost,
uses Rectum: flatulence of old people with dyspepsia, involuntary, thin black stools, collapse, involuntary stool of Stomach, desires, alcoholic beverages
intolerable odour, puerperal fever, diarrhea followed by constipation Stomach, desires, tobacco
Urinary organs: greenish urine after scarlatina, straining on passing urine Stomach, indigestion
Female: painful swelling of ovary, induration of cervix Stomach, indigestion, nausea, vomiting
Respiration: dyspnea on going uphill or stairs Stomach, sensation, distended, drumlike,
Larynx and trachea: catarrhal croup tightness, clothing, intolerable
Chest: slight uneasy pains in lung Stomach, vomiting
Heart: thready pulse, bellows murmur over mitral valves, organic valvular heart disease, consequent upon Rectum. COSNTIPATION, CONCOMITTANTS,
inflammatory rheumatism eight years previously FETOR ORIS (BAD BREATH)
Back: severe pain in lumbosacral region mostly during latter part of night, of long standing, neck very stiff and Rectum, diarrhea, acute
29 sore, feels as if he has taken a bad cold, glands of neck swollen, Rectum, diarrhea, stool, black
Extremities: stiffness of limbs, pains in shoulder without suffering from moving arm, aching in left shoulder when Rectum, diarrhea, stool; shreddy, stringy,
lying on right side, contracting in palm of right hand, lower extremity pains when walking, rheumatic hip joint, membranous, like scrapings of intestines
chronic ulcers on feet and ankles, deep, emitting a strong odour and burning like fire. Kidneys, nephritis, acute and subacute
Sleep: great sleepiness, sleep starts uneasy in scarlatina, dreams, unable to recall, fire, amorous, travel parenchymous: uremic symptoms, with
Skin: malignant scarlatina and variola, vescicular eruption all over body, which itches excessively, acne Kidneys, nephritis, uremia: coma
Urine, appearance, black
Urine, appearance, greenish
Urine, sediment, blood
Urine, sediment, casts
Urine, sediment: cells, debris
Urine, type, bloody
Disintegration and imperfect Blood Sense of weight in head, Head: ACHES FROM ANY OVER-INDULGENCE, Dull headache in the occiput. Head may be hot. Kali Carb is complimentary Female, leucorrhea: type, offensive
oxidation Nervous system abdomen, eyes, eyelids, stomach. Hair: FALLS OFF EASILY Female, puerperium: fever, septic
Blueness and coldness from venous Mucous membranes Burning sensation. Circulation: TENDENCY TO VENOUS STASIS, blood stagnates in veins, causes blueness, coldness, DDX: Female, uterus, cervix: ulceration
stasis --> bacterial infection (especially digestive ecchymoses. AM-C, ARS, COLCH, GRAPH, Female, uterus, inflammation chronic
(typhoidal states) system) > free discharges (menses, Nose: EPISTAXIS IN DAILY ATTACKS, WITH PALE FACE LYS, CARB-A., CHIN, DULC. IP., Females, vulva, labia, papules, pustules
Chronic illnesses: never fully mucous). < suppressions Mouth: Tongue COVERED WITH APHTHAE, Gums painfully sensitive when chewing KALI-C, LYCO, MERC, NAT-AC, Extremities, loins, lumbago
recovered, esp. in state of Stomach: ERUCTATIONS, HEAVINESS, FULLNESS, AND SLEEPINESS, CONTRACTIVE PAIN EXTENDING OP., RHOD., SEPT., VERAT-A. Fever, type, exanthema, scarlet fever
confusion. BETTER, from eructation, From TO CHEST, WITH DISTENTION OF ABDOMEN, DIGESTION SLOW; FOOD PUTREFIES before it digests Nervous system, convulsions, uremic
Collapsed state. fanning, cold; from sitting quietly Abdomen: ABDOMEN GREATLY DISTENDED; better, passing wind. FLATULENT COLIC, Offensive flatus, Nervous system, weakness
Always weak, sick and exhausted, in a warm room, uncovering, violent, almost constant eructations, SENSE OF FULLNESS AFTER A FEW MOUTHFULS. Skin, anthrax, carbuncle, malignant pustule
can appear suddenly. loose clothing Stools and rectum: ACRID, CORROSIVE MOISTURE FROM RECTUM, BLUISH, PAIN after stool. Large, Skin, eczema, face
Debility < exertion (mental or WORSE, evening; night and open protruding, blue haemorrhoids, sometimes suppurating, burning, and emitting a terrible odour. Skin, herpes
30 Carbo vegetabilis physical) air; cold; becoming warm in bed; Respiratory: HOARSENESS; WORSE, EVENINGS, COUGH, WITH BURNING IN CHEST as if from glowing Skin, pruritis
Cold, but has desire to be constantly from fat food, butter, coffee, milk, coals, ASTHMA IN AGED WITH BLUE SKIN, must be fanned. Asthma in aged with blue skin;DIFFICULT Skin, psoriasis
fanned, have air, have windows wine; warm damp weather; worse RESPIRATION FROM FLATULENCE > ERUCTATIONS Skin, ulcers, discharge, fetid, purulent, sloughing
open. lying flat, must sit up; loss of vital Extremities: LIMBS GO TO SLEEP, COLD FROM KNEES DOWN. Cold sweat on limbs
surface DISEASES. HIGH LIVING; RICH Face: PINCHED, hippocratic
WEAKNESS, FLATULENCE, FOOD. Overlifting, walking in Female: Blood and of a strong odour
FOETOR or AIR HUNGER are open air, temperature extremes, Generalities: Person who is "fat, lazy and sluggish".
present with most of the complaints. tight clothing
Discharges are thick and acrid
Sensation of overfullness AGG.: EYES: CLOSING, WHEN
The "simplest food disagrees" AGG.: HANDS: HOT
Kids are sluggish, suffer night AGG.: WEAKNESS: FROM
terrors, won't sleep alone OPPRESSION
Thrush locally and internally Affinity for women, pains are drawing, cramping, Mind: Nervous
Erratic pains especially during shooting Stomach: Pain and spasms
Internal trembling and weakness pregnancy, partuition rheumatic in character Female: rigidity of os, eases labour, LABOUR LIKE PAINS FLY ABOUT to breast. In labour, the pains are WEAK
Exhaustion and lactation late menses or IRREGULAR.they don't press downward, but pass off with with a kind of shivering. Sensation as if uterus were
womb sensitiveness to cold congested & fullness & tension in hypogastric region. After cessation of menses (false conception). Leucorrhoea.
small joints desires warm clothing acrid, exhausting; preventing pregnancy. Uterine hemorrhage, with tremulous weakness felt over entire body
31 Caulophyllum due to uterine < PREGNANCY. Supressed during flow. during last months of pregnancy.
disorders menses. Open air. Coffee. During Resp: Spasmodic affections of chest and larynx.
menses. Motion. Extremities: erratic pains in arms and legs. sore nodes on finger joints.
> Warmth Skin: chloasma
generally aggrivated at night

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Burning, Rawness, Soreness Nerves Deep Burns Eyes: Pressure, as if from sand Generals: Pain; burning
Numbness of single parts Muscles of Burning, Rawness, Soreness Upper lid agglutinated to lower Generals: Numbness; spots, in
Moving Cramps Bladder/Larynx Fear Closing Eyes, That Dryness, Photophobia Mind: Fear; closing eyes, on
Mental Fatigue something will happen Ears: Words, Sounds own voice Echo Mind: injustioce: cannot support
Sensitive to Authority < Dry Cold Itching of tip, alae, inside
Can't stand injustice <Evening Face: Acne Rosacea on cheeks, forehead
Hurry When Eating >Cold drinks Teeth: Gum abscess, bleeding
>Warmth of Bed Throat: Ineffectual Hawking
32 Causticum Stomach: Cramps
Rectum: Pain, Pulsation of perineum
Haemorrhoids<preaching, standing
Urinary: Itching of uretral orifice
Larynx: Hoarsness, Rawness, Burning, Aphonia
Cough: With rawness of chest>cold Water
Sputum: must be swallowed
Chest: Burning under sternum
Limbs: Rheumatic Tearing >Warmth
Frequently used in children Teeth and gums < ANGER, NIGHT, DENTITION, Face: one cheek red and hot, one cheek pale and cold Mind; IRRITABILITY; Dentition agg.:
Whining, RESTLESS, snappish, Ears HEAT, OPEN AIR, WIND, and Ears: acute/chronic otitis media; ear pain < touch and wind; swelling and heat driving patient frantic Mind; CARRIED; Desires to be
impatient, thirsty, HOT, and NUMB Abdomen COFFEE Mouth: toothache < warm drinks, coffee, anger, night, > cold drinks; painful dentition and teething Rectum; DIARRHEA; Dentition agg.
OVER-SENSITIVE to pain with great Glands > BEING CARRIED, WARM WET Abdomen: spells of flatulent colic after anger with red cheeks and hot perspiration; wind passes off only in small Abdomen; PAIN; Cramping, griping; children, in
irritability, ANGER, and hostility WEATHER, SWEATING quantities Stool; MUCOUS, slimy; Chopped eggs and
Inconsolable; MUST BE CARRIED Abnormal SENSITIVITY to pain; Stool: hot, green, fetid, slimy with colic; like chopped eggs and spinach with "rotten egg" odour; diarrhea during spinach
COLIC numbness, anger, and prostration dentition Teeth; DENTITION; Difficult
Difficult TEETHING from pain Female: profuse discharge of clotted, dark blood with labour-like pains; convulsions of children from nursing after
ONE CHEEK RED, ONE CHEEK Restless, irritable, angry a fit of anger in mother
PALE Respiratory: rawness of larynx; irritable, dry, tickling cough
33 Chamomilla Stool like CHOPPED EGGS and Back: lumbago
SPINACH with "rotten egg" odour Extremities: ankles give way in afternoon
Night sweats Sleep: weeping during sleep
Swollen glands

THINK RIGHT SIDED SXS (i.e. LV) Liver Nausea/vomit > hot water Mind: restlessness; aversion to talk and mental exertion; sensation as if shoes are too tight Compare: Nux; Sulph.; Bry.; Lyc.;
RIGHT sided Agg.: < right side, motion, touch, Head: feels as heavy as lead, neuralgia above RIGHT eye (orbital neuralgia) Opium; Podophyl.; Sanguin.; Ars.
Sensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot and complaints > left change of weather, very early in Eye: tears fairly gush out; can't keep eyes open or closing eyes to provide relief [from pressure on them, from
numb (think LV picture) morning tiredness or from benumbed feeling]
Amel.: > after dinner or after Throat: choking feeling in throat/esophagus
Think yellow (yellow face, skin) eating, noontime after eating, from Face: yellow
pressure, lying on abdomen Skin: jaundiced, yellow
Sceptical (refuses to see clearly), yet Aversion and Desire to: cheese Respiratory: pain on right side of chest & shoulder
34 Chelidonium very practical person; NOT (think yellow) Abdomen: bilious complications during gestation
impressed by authority; DOMINANT, Sensitive to: heat (tends to be Stool: alt. constipation/diarrhea, hard round balls
anti-intellectual, anger, anxiety warmblooded) Stomach: prefers hot food and drinks, > eating temporarily esp. with hepatic sxs
Back: constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula
Ext.: icy coldness @ tips of fingers
Pain: nausea and perspiration during; liver pain goes backwards towards angle of right scapula; heavy feeling in
Generals: tobacco smoking

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Complaints which follow loss of body Intestines and liver, Nux-V irritable, oversensitive and
fluids (hemorrhage, diarrhea, less often head and < Loss of vital fluids, cold, winds, Eyes: Pressure in eyes offended, gi symptoms, chilly,
discharge from boils) and periodic extremities producing draughts. Ears: Ringing, tinnitus. Sensitive to noise neuralgia, agg by drafts
fevers. migraines, neuralgias Fears - animals, dogs. Mouth: burning on tongue NatMur - fever, migraine,
and musculoskeletal Periodicity, esp every 2-7 days Head: ache > with hard pressure sensitive, insomnia, averse to fat.
Debility from exhausting disease. problems < Foggy cold damp weather GI: bloated, distended, flatulent with no relief from eructation or expelling gas.
Gallbladder < from touch, esp light touch Genitalia: bloody leukorrhea
Restlessness of affected parts disease/colic >hard pressure Chest: Asthma in the fall
Clinicals: Anemia, >warm room or warm applcations Extremities: Skin sensitive or painful during fever
Excitement after hearing horrible arthritis, asthma, Aversion to: hot food, fat and rich Sleep: Insomnia from excited thoughts and heroic fantasies
things. Abundant ideas and cholecystitis, chronic foods, fruit, meat Fever: Periodic fever, malaria, even family history of malaria
clearness of mind in evening. fatigue syndrome, Sweat: Drenching at night
Oversensitive to noise. cough, diarhea, Stools bloody
fever, gastritis,
Introverted, intense and touchy, headache, hepatitis,
35 China officinalis
sensitivity , idealism, excitability, flu, IBS, insomnia,
good for teenagers malaria, migraine,
myalgia, neuralgia,
peptic ulcer, sciatica,

AGITATION AND PAIN female reproductive Muscular bruised, sore, heavy, Mind: DREAM OF IMPENDING EVIL
depression of mind with low spirits (uterus, ovaries), aching, crampy AS IF HEAVY BLACK CLOUD OVER HER SO ALL IS DARKNESS AND CONFUSION, Fear during preg,
oversensitiveness cerebrospinal and Pains like electric shocks Hysteria during menses, Delusion encaged in wires; sees sheep, Ailments from disappointed love
General sick feeling muscular system Vertigo: fullness, dull aching in vertex
symptoms are irregular WORSE: Head: OPENING & SHUTTING SENSATION IN BRAIN, pain PRESSING-OUTWARD, occiput dull aching pain,
pains wander here and there mostly left-sided morning soreness, meningitis, Vertex feels will fly off, as if blow on occiput
cries cold (except headache), Eyes: SHOOTING PAINS, INTENSE ACHING OF EYEBALL or behind, PAIN FROM EYES TO TOP OF HEAD
faints during menses; the more profuse Mouth: thick saliva
All organs included
36 pains from side to side, up the neck; the flow, the greater the suffering.
for completeness,
about the throat; ovary to ovary Alcohol, wine Female: Amen. Rheumatic dysmen. Pain shoots up and down ant surface of thighs. COAGULATED
but focus studying
trembling, nervous, fidgety, damp, cold air menses, PAIN ACROSS PELVIS, HIP TO HIP. After-pains, with great sensitiveness and INTOLERANCE
on female
excitable, restless TO PAIN. Prolapsus uteri during menses
talkative BETTER: Respiratory: WORSE SPEAKING
uterine affections warmth (warm wraps) Heart: Angina pectoris; pains radiate over chest, cerebral congestion, unconsciousness; face is livid, arm feels
rheumatism eating tightly bound to body
Back: STIFFNESS AND CONTRACTION IN NECK & BACK, CAN'T TURN HEAD, Drawing tensive pain at upper
3 dorsal vert. sp's
Primarily considered in cases of Mucous membranes < COLD AIR, COLD Head: Pain shooting towards the ears. Pressive, above eyes in forehead.
chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, and Glands < WINTER , Eyes: Pain stitches in left eye.
recurrent upper respiratory illness Drafts; inspired air Ears: Watery discharge; also fetid pus after eruptive diseases. Inner swelling of ears beginning at ear and half
(pharyngitis, tonsillitis) < Mental exertion, way up to cheek.
Cold affects the throat; excitement, touch, motion. Nose: Pain at tip of nose. Cold feeling or burning in nose and pharynx, worse inhaling, especially cold air. Nose
which feels cold Soft, Spongy feels best when full of mucus as it feels raw and burns when empty. Sneezing without other symptoms of cold.
feeling; becomes sore on inhaling Cold Sensation in various parts: Chronic nasal catarrh, frequent and violent sneezing evening and morning. Eczema of nose.
least cold air mouth (tongue, saliva), throat, Face: Heat and burning in bones as if facial muscles would be drawn to one side.
Dry spot in throat better by sipping stomach, etc. Mouth: mouth feels cold (tongue, breath, saliva). Hurts to protrude tongue.
water Cold feeling in stomach Malignant Teeth: Pyorrhoea
before and after eating. disease of glands Throat: Throat very dry and cold air passing over parts = pain. Dry spot in throat better from sipping water. Sore
37 Cistus canadensis Thick, yellow or foul throat from inhlaing the least cold air. Dryness of throat from midday until 1 till 3 AM, then > until next
mucus, suppurations, burning noon.Cervical adenopathy.
Sensation of ants running through Stomach: Craving for cheese.
whole body, esp. at night ; then Abdomen: Cold feeling in whole abdomen. Much flatulence in evening and at night.
anxious, difficult breathing Rectum: diarrhoea from coffee and fruit
Restlessness at night. Respiration: Asthmatic , after lying down, preceded by formication, has to open window to breathe
Cheerful while fresh air.
eating. Extremities: Coldness of extremities. Chillblains, cracked and bleeding fingertips in winter.
>Eating, expectoration
symptoms > swallowing.
Diarrhoea <
bad effects from grief, anger, or nerves < "night watching"
drinking coffee - worrying and Back: weak, paralyzed feeling in low back, < before menses neurological: slowed nerve conduction
nursing a sick loved one. carring for others
Slow mental processes. <
Slowed nerve conduction. from loss of sleep
38 Cocculus True vertigo, the world seems to
spin. Slowed mental processes
motion sickness

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Sensation of foreign body between Mucous Membranes. < Left side, after sleep, touch, Lungs: accumulation of thick viscid mucus, hard to expectorate.
upper eyelid and eyeball. Lungs. pressure of clothing, brushing Larynx: regulard paroxysms of violent tickling racking cough (WOOPING COUGH) ending in vomiting or raising
Discharges are stringy. Bladder teeth, slightest exertion, heat, much clear ropy mucus.
39 Coccus cacti
lying, cold exposure, IRRITATION Urination: brick-red sediment, urinary calculi, urates.
OF THROAT. Female: menses too early, black and thick, dark clots. Large clots escape while passing water.
> walking.
There is always great prostration. Affects mainly the Diarrhea agg by motion and Abdomen: flatulence and distention, pain, coldness. Pain in facial muscles: very Abdomen: pain: quality: colicky, crampy,
The smell of food causes nausea muscular tissues, autumn, also sundown to sunrise. Bladder: frequent desire to urinate, scanty flow. irritable with the pains (CHAM). constricting, cutting, griping, pinching. Urination:
even to fainting. Icy coldness in periosteum and Kidney pain agg by stretching Chest: intercostal pain. Benz- frequent desire/scanty flow/suppression.
stomach. Distention of abdomen. synovial membranes legs, amel by lying on back with Circulatory system: inflammatory heart infections. Ac: Marked gouty tendency, pains Kidneys: Pain in region: aggravations:
Stools contain white shreddy particles. of joints. Specific legs drawn up. Back pain agg by Mind: feeling as if mind is a jigsaw p uzzle with all the pieces there, but not interlocked. worse from motion, urinary stretching legs. Kidneys: Pain in region:
Inflammation of great toe, gout in power of relieving the motion and walking. Amel: lying dosorder and offensive, renal ameliorations: lying on back, legs drawn up.
heel, cannot bear to have it touched or gouty paroxsms; down, rest, stooping. Agg: Liver or digestive disorders; liver affections and gout/rheumatic conditions. calculi, problems from suppressed Respiration: asthma: concomitants:
moved (patient screams in pain). seems more night, dampness, emotional urine sediment, tongue painful and hydrothorax. Extremities: Joints: inflammation,
Fears touch. Eggs disagree. beneficial in chronic excitement, light, motion, noise, coated. gout Fever: type: mediterranean fever.
Hypersensitive, cannot bear
affections. touch. Worse slight exertion, Bry (gout, rheumatism, Nervous System: Nervousness:
contradiction, vexed at trifles. Irritable.
Hyperacute senses (esp. sense of Rheumatic extreme heat of summer, strong serous effusion worse movement). hypersensitive, to least pain. Generalities:
smell). Desires effervescent drinks. conditions/arthritis. odours, eating, loss of sleep, Berb. Lyc foods that disagree: eggs. Mind:
Drumlike flatulent distention of Pericarditis. stubbing toes, vibration. hypersensitive, cannot bear contradiction, vexed
Colchicum stomach. Motion causing vomiting. Nephritis. at trifles. Mind: fears touch. Stomach: desires:
autumnale Abdominal pain. Diarrhea (bloody/ Dysentery/gastroente drinks, effervescent. Stomach:
colliquative/ gelatinous/ ritis. Mediterranean indigestion: cause: gout. Stomach:
mucousy/scanty/shreddy/stringy/white. fever. indigestion: flatulent distention of stomach
Flatulent rumbling and nausea before drumlike.
diarrhea. During diarrhea,
debility/exhaustion. Urine appears
black/dark brown/cloudy, turbid.
Hydrothorax concomitant during
asthma. Intercostal chest pains.
Horrible dreams, sleepiness during the
day. Nausea of pregnancy.

COLIC! Ex. Due to gall stones, gall bladder, kidneys, > pressure, heat and bending GI: abdominal pains < anger, > pressure, lying face down, bending double Staph: moreso supression of
kidney stones, dysmenorrhea, uterus, intestines double Genitalia: dysmenorrhea > heat and pressure anger, will appear very sweet and
intestinal. (most often) Extremities: cramps in thighs and calves, right sided sciatica will draw out sympathy from the
Easily angered, especially if Face: facial neuralgia, headaches >pressure and coffee prescriber
contradicted. Cham: highly sensitive to pain,
Sciatica or neuralgia (esp. right especially in childhood; irritable
41 Colocynthis
sided) and easily angered
Mag-P: very similar
Nux V: type A personality who is
aggressive and easily angered;
abdominal spasm and cramping
are common; collapse from
GRADUAL (ascending) paralysis and NERVES. CHARACTERISTICS: Weakness of MIND: Anxiety from prolonged continence. Aversion to friends during pregnancy. Excitement # sadness. Indifference while Conium is to the glands and MIND: Ailments from remorse. Want of
weakness with indurations (mental, MUSCLES. GLANDS body and mind, trembling. It affects walking in the open air. Quarrelsome # silent depresion. Confusion after sleeping; AFTER A SIESTA. Dwells on past capillary system what Aconite is toamativeness in men. Ambition for fame. Anxiety,
emotional, physical). Gradual paralysis [MAMMAE; ovaries]. the NERVES and MUSCLES, disagreeable occurrences. Fear of robbers. SHUNS LIGHT. Occupation ameliorates. SADNESS FROM CONTINENCE. the heart and arterial system; in from prolonged continence, from thinking about
with a SLOW onset and for the most Sexual organs. causing incoordination and paralysis; SENSITIVE TO NOISE. Want of sensitiveness. Slowness in motion. Talk of others aggravates. Weeping when alone. many cases Conium may be it. Aversion, to friends, during pregnancy.
part UNNOTICED. uncertain gait, difficult speech; VERTIGO: Vertigo, when lying down, and when turning over in bed, when turing sideways. VERITGO; whirling; < lying; least
Respiration. RIGHT regarded as the “Aconite of Aversion to company, yet fear of being alone;
INTROVERSION. Gradual SHUTTING SIDE. Left side. Suddenly sick and weak; and HEAD: Tightness as if both temples were compressed; < after a meal. chronic diseases”. during menses. Confusion, after sleep, siesta,
DOWN (ultimately results in) Isolation numbness. Glands, esp. MAMMARY EYES: Photophobia and excessive lachrymation. The slightest ulceration or abrasion will cause the most intense from spirituous liquors. Darkness >. Delusion, of
and Aversion to company. AVERSION and ovaries, are affected with photophobia. Feel crossed. Lids heavy, droop. Weakness and dazzling of the eyes, and giddiness and debility, esp. of arms Conium is to Tuberculinum as dead brother and child coming in at the door, a
to COMPANY or STRANGERS during engorgement, and STONY and legs, on walking, staggering, as if drunk. Tears squirt out on opening eyes. Thuja is to Medorrhinum. Link great guilt weighed him down. Dwells on past
MENSES. Conservativeness. INDURATIONS. Sensation as of a EARS, NOSE, FACE, MOUTH, THROAT: Nothing between cancer and the tubercular disagreeable occurrences. Excitement, after
Preservation. Fixed ideas. lump; in brain. Progessive debility. STOMACH: Acrid heartburn; < on going to bed. disease or miasm. wine. Fear, of strangers, during menses.
Fastidiousness. Lack of anxiety; lack of Chronicity. Paralysis and apoplexy of ABDOMEN: Nothing Indifference, to the dictates of conscience.
perception. Great attachment to the old persons. RECTUM: Tremulous weakness after every stool. Insanity, dresses in his best clothes. Aversion to
material world OR religious/superstitious WORSE: SEEING MOVING URINARY: It flows and stops again. Interrupted discharge. light, shuns light. Narrow-minded. Neglecting
OR sober and realistic. GRIEF ends in OBJECTS. ALCOHOL. Raising arms. MALE: Effects of suppressed sexual desire. Seminal discharge, provoked while frolicking with a woman.
important things. Occupation >. Religious
paralysis or imbecility. After exertion. Injury. Night. Sexual FEMALE: Mammae hard. Stitches in nipples, and mammae, on taking deep breath or walking. Breasts enlarged and
GENERAL: Ailments from excesses; masturbation. Cold; taking. become painful before and during menses. Ill effects from repressed sexual desire. melancholia from remorse. Thoughts,
42 Conium maculatum SUPRESSION of SEXUAL DESIRE. Continence; celibacy. Old age. Lying; RESPIRATORY: Dry cough, almost continuous; caused by dry spot in larynx and itching in chest and throat, when tormenting, sexual.
Fear of AIDS. Affections of GLANDS; head low. Turning in bed. Turning lying down. Violent dry cough almost only when first lying down during day or night. VERTIGO: When looking at moving object.
tendency to malignancy, cancer. eyes. Light. While eating. Milk. Wine. CHEST: Axillary glands painful, and numb feeling down arm. Menses, before, during, after. When turning or
CLIMACTERIC PROBLEMS: Snow-air; frosty air. Rubbing. HEART, BACK: Nothing moving the head quickly. After wine.
VERTIGO. Desire for COFFEE, SALTY Standing. (Beginning of) MOTION. EXTREMITIES: Muscular weakness, esp. of lower extremities. Perspiration of hands. Putting feet on chair > pain. HEAD: Crackling sensation in vertex. Heat,
THINGS and SOUR. BETTER: Letting part hang down. Heels, as if bone would psuh through them. occiput, < excitement. Knocks head against
PHYSICAL: VISUAL DISTURBANCES. Motion of affected part. PRESSURE. FEVER: Hot flushes; or sweat; on dropping to sleep. things. Pain, from hurry, > motion of head; sides,
Slow accommodation; problems with Fasting. Darkness. Walking. Sitting SKIN; Axillary glands painful, with numb feeling down arms. Glands enlarged and indurated. Greenish, like an old bruise. < turning eyes to affected side.
focusing. Causes VERTIGO and down. CONTINUED MOTION.
VISION: Accommodation, defective, slow.
nausea. DIPLOPIA. Pain and
Objects seem to approach and then recede.
menses. Blurred, after vexation. Colours, black spots,
when eyes are closed; black spots, during
vertigo; objects seem red. Dim, moving objects.
Diplopia, on looking intensely. Objects seem to
be moving up and down.
EAR: Noises, on mental exertion.
NOSE: Odours, of animals, in back part of nose;
of tar. Pain, in root of nose, before menses.
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STOMACH: Eructations, sour, at night.
Heartburn, in evening, after going to bed.
Spasms, Cramps, Convulsions, Face, mouth, CRAMPS, SPASMS, Mind:Fixed malicious ideas. Fearful. Empty feeling. LACH: paralysis of tongue. Saliva.
Epileptic attacks (esp those brought stomach, abdomen CONVULSIONS Head: Bruised pain in brain and eyes on turning them. Meningitis. Sensation as if water were poured over head. CUPR. SULPH. (BURNING AT
on by fright), Jaw CONTRACTION Giddiness with head ailments. Purple, red swelling of head, with convulsions VERTEX; incessant, spasmodic
Nausea and stomach upset BLUISH face Eyes: Aching, sunken, fixed, turned upward. cough, worse at night; tongue and
Feelings of suffocation METALLIC, SLIMY TASTE in Face: Distorted, foam @ mouth. lips bluish; locally, CUPR. SULPH.
mouth Nose: Sensation of violent congestion of blood to nose. in 1-3 per cent. sol. in inoperable
WHEN DRINKING, THE FLUID Mouth: lots of saliva, with flow of saliva. Constant protrusion and retraction of the tongue, like a snake. Paralysis sarcoma). CUPR. CYAN.
DESCENDS WITH GURGLING of tongue. Stammering speech. (meningitis basilaris); CHOLAS
SOUND Stomach: Hiccup preceding spasms. Diarrhea, spasms. Strong metallic taste. Craves cool drink. TERRAPINA (cramps in calves
NAUSEA Abdomen: Tense, hot and tender to touch. Neuralgia of abdominal viscera. COLIC, violent and intermittent. and feet; rheumatism, with cramp-
CONTRACTED Abdomen and Intussusception. like pains)
COLIC Stool: Black, painful, bloody, with tenesmus and weakness. Cholera; with cramps in abdomen and calves.
Female AFTER-PAINS Female: Menses too late. Cramps extend to chest. Palpitations.
SPASM AND CONSTRICTION of Heart: Angina pectoris. Slow pulse; or hard, full and quick. Palpitations or precordial anxiety.
chest, agg after 3 am. Resp: Cough has a gurgling sound, better by drinking cold water. Suffocative attacks, worse 3 a.m. (AM. C.)
CRAMPS IN CALVES AND Spasmodic asthma, alternating with vomiting. Whooping-cough. Epiglottitis. Dyspnea, esp b4 menstruation.
Cuprum metallicum
43 SOLES Angina with asthma.
AGG: Menses, vomiting, and Extremities: Jerking, twitching of muscles. Coldness of hands. Cramps in palm. Great weariness of limbs.
touch (contact) Epilepsy; aura begins in knees; or clonic spasms. Clenched thumbs.
AMEL: during perspiration, Skin: Marbled. Skin problems (ulcers, itching, pimples at joint folds, psoriasis).
drinking COLD water Sleep: Profound,but with constant rumbling in abdomen.

all diseases of the heart heart < WORSE with EXERTION MIND: fear arising from the stomach,
pulse is weak, irregular, very slow vagus nerve > BETTER with REST fear of death while walking, fear of insanity
#1 HT indication: failure of circulation circulation problems <suddenly sadness about trifles, disobediance, excitement at night, great anxiety like from troubled conscience, weeping
compensation rising >sx.
weak myocardium, auricular anxious about future <6pm, VISION: changes in acuteness of perception of shades of green
fibrillation anxiety > weeping FOOD & DRINK: better on empty stomach
great weakness and sinking of depression < music STOMACH: great weakness in ST, deathly nausea & faint sinking at pit of ST, feels as if he were dying
strength most symptoms worse at night or immediately after eating, neuralgia is stomach
bluish appearance of face on waking RECTUM: white, chalky-like, ashy, stools
44 Digitalis sudden sensation as if heart stood BETTER rest, cool air, empty URINARY: as if a straw being thrust back and forth in neck of bladder
still stomach RESPIRATORY: dyspnea, cannpot bear to talk
jaundice from inflammation and lachrymation < in a room HEART: sinking feeling, sudden sensation as if HT stood still, irregular heart, rheumatism
hypertrophy of the liver < lying on left side UPPER LIMBS: coldness of limbs
LOWER LIMBS: as if a red hot wire suddenly darted through legs
SLEEP: startled from sleep in alarm that he is fallling from a height
SKIN: great coldness of skin
DREAMS: falling from a height or into water

Many kinds of PAIN NERVES PAINS ARE UNBEARABLE, Head: Dull pain in both temples or as if squeezed in a vice; > pressure, but aggravated afterwards
Colicky pains: Gallstone colic (abdominal; sciatic, SHARP, CUTTING, TWISTING, Eye: Sensation of heat steaming out of eyes
Nervous shuddering; from pain and spinal cord) GRIPING, GRINDING, darting Stomach: Sinking at the pit of the stomach; neuralgia of stomach, pain along sternum and into arms; eructations
Flatulence after meals or after Umbilicus about or radiating to distant parts; of sour, bitter gas, & hiccough; nausea on swallowing saliva yet constant need to swallow
eating, esp. of tea-drinkers. Gall bladder they occur in paroxysms Abdomen: Pains suddenly shift to different parts that appear in remote localities, as fingers and toes; Sharp
Mistakes from confusion: Uses Abdomen and pelvic Worse: lying down; doubling up; pains from liver, shooting upward to right nipple; Griping, cramping pains in the umbilical region
wrong words, calls things by the viscera Tea; Eating; Evening; Night; Urinary: Spasmodic stricture of the urethra
Dioscorea villosa wrong name Right side Sitting; Early morning from 2 a.m. Male: Relaxation and coldness of genitals; strong-smelling sweat on scrotum and pubes, emissions in sleep or
(Wild Yam) Aversion to company esp females onwards; On awaking; Seminal from sexual atony with weak knees.
Sweats easily when chilly; cold emissions. Female: Dysmenorrhea with shooting pains in DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS; vivid dreams
clamy sweat Better: Stretching out; or Heart: feeble action of heart
bending backwards; Motion in Back: low back pain
open air; Hard pressure; Standing Extremities: Felons (whitlow) in beginning, when pricking is first felt; Sciatica (Right sided) shooting down thigh
erect; or on toes; Riding;

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principal remedy for whooping respiratory organs < after midnight, on lying down, on Mind: easily angered; can't concentrate on 1 subject, must change; fears being alone, suspicious of friends; dread
cough, spasmodic irritative dry getting warm in bed, drinking, of night; inclination to drown himself; self-willed, insists upon carrying out his plans.
cough, PAROXISMS FOLLOWING laughing. Head: vertigo when waking, inclination to fall to the LEFT side. Coldness of left half of face with stinging pains and
EACH OTHER RAPIDLY; yellow >pressure, open air, motion, dry heat of RIGHT HALF
expectoration WITH BLEEDING sitting up in bed, remaining quiet. Eyes: protruding from coughing, very dry.
FROM NOSE and mouth; Nose: sensitive to sour smells, dryness, freq sneezing.
RETCHING, DEEP HOARSE, Face: prickling, burning left cheek, cold to touch.
VOICE; HOARSENESS; ASTHMA Throat: sensations of crumbs or feather in larynx, yellow mucous, speaks with exertion.
WHEN TALKING, with contraction of Food and drink: < acids, aversion pork, difficulty swallowing solid food, bitter taste (bread + during pregnancy);
throat at every word uttered; FITS burning raw feeling deep in throat, nausea after fatty food.
OF RAPID DEEP BARKING or Abdomen: constrictive pains, must press hands on pit of ST or hold both sides.
CHOKING PROLONGED AND Rectum: outward pressing pain independant of stool, frequent stool.
46 Drosera rotundifolia INCESSANT COUGH. Tuberculosis, Urinary Organs: frequent urging to urinate, with scanty discharge, freq profuse urination.
delusions of persecution, anxiety at Respiration: asthma when talking, contraction of throat, severe dyspnea, threatening suffocation, blueness of face
night, on waking; when alone, + lips, cold sweat on forehead. Cough: sounds loose but nothing comes up.
sadness when alone; left side Extremities: limbs feel as if beaten, back as if bruised, stiffness.
vertigo; right half face Sleep: sleeplessness, freq starting from sleep as from fright, yet when awake is not frearful.
Dreams: vivid, pleasant+anxious.
Chill: internal, shivering with hot face, cold hands.
Fever: almost exclusively of face, heat and redness of face.
Perspiration: copious, all over body.
Skin: itching

Domineering, strong-minded and MUCOUS Worse: BEING CHILLED Mind: Depression. Mental confusion. Easily becomes delirious; at night with the pain and during fever heat. Generalities: DROPSY: ERUPTION SUPPRESSED,
possessive, especially in family. MEMBRANES (WHILE HOT; change of Impatience; in morning. Irritability; during daytime; during headache. Quarrelsome without anger. SWEAT, RHEUMATISM, FROM.
Quarrelsome or scolding without (bronchi, bladder, temperature; uncovering; COLD Head: Scaldhead, thick brown crusts, bleeding when scratched. Nose: Eruptions, of scalp: crusta lactea.
being angry. eyes). BACK WET: feet, ground, cellars, beds, Nose: stuffs up when there is a cold rain. Summer colds and diarrhoea. Hay fever, esp. in August. Nose: CORYZA: NEWBORN, IN.
Nose: Discharge in rhinitis: green, yellow, fetid.
CHILLY person, very susceptable to (muscles, LOINS). etc.). Suppressed discharge, Coryza>motion, walking, warm room. Hay fever: nose entirely filled up, prevention breathing through nose,
Face: Eruptions on face: herpes.
COLD. SKIN. perspiration, eruptions, menses. constant sneezing, profuse discharge of water from nose and eyes,<open air, > closed room awaking in morning, Face: Muscles: paralysis, bell's palsy.
Ailments from exposure to COLD Lymphatics. Autumn. Night. Rest. Injuries. in evening; eyes sometimes swollen and full, at one time nose most affected, then again eyes, can't be near cut Face: Pain: type: rheumatic.
WET WEATHER or sudden change Mercury. Before storms. COLD grass of newly mown hay, > at seaside. Face: PAIN: CONCOMITANTS: CANINE HUNGER,
from warm to cold or from dry to AIR. Face: Tearing in cheek, ear, orbit, jaw, preceded by coldness of parts, and canine hunger. Herpes aobut lips. PRECEDED BY COLDNESS.
moist. Better: moving about, motion, Mouth: Facial neuralgia; worse, slightest exposure to cold. Tongue: STIFFNESS.
moving the affected part, walking. Food and Drink: Aversion to food. Burning thirst for cold drinks. Stomach: NAUSEA: CONCOMITANTS: STOOL,
Warmth. Dry weather. Abdomen: Cutting, about navel, slimy stools. Colic, as if diarrhoea would occur. DESIRE FOR.
Characteristics: paralysis of Rectum: Mucous stools, from damp cold weather. Abdomen: Pain: location: umbilical.
limbs, feet icy cold. Stiffness and Urinary: must urinate when getting chilled. Urin has thick mucous, cloudy, slimy or foul. Abdomen: Pain: quality: colicky, crampy, constricting,
cutting, griping, pinching.
lameness across neck and Female: rash on skin before menses or sexual excitement.
Abdomen: Umbilicus: pain, soreness about.
soulders after getting cold and Cough: after physical exertion. Rectum: Diarrhea: acute.
47 Dulcamara wet. Rheumatic like pain. Back: cold, cilly feeling in lumbar region. Rectum: Diarrhea: cause, occurrence: change of
Lower Limbs: feet icy cold. weather, drafts.
Chill: commencing in or spreading from back, not > warmth. Coldness, icy coldness of paralysed parts. Rectum: Diarrhea: stool: green.
Skin: adenitis. Pruritus, always <cold, wet weather. Urticaria. Warts. Eruptions. Nettle-rash over whole body Rectum: Diarrhea: stool: mucous, slimy.
ExtremitiesGeneral: rheumatism: articular, acute:
aggravations: damp, wet weather.

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pain in limbs and muscles that Bone Bry. [closest analogue; but Bry.
accompanies some forms of febrile Nerves Aggravation WORSE, Head :Vertigo; sensation of falling to LEFT. SORENESS OF EYEBALLS. OCCIPITAL PAIN AFTER LYING has free sweat, and the pains
disease, like malaria and influenza. gastrohepatic organs periodically. , Worse: COLD AIR. DOWN, WITH SENSE OF WEIGHT. make the patient keep still; Eup-
great deal of BONE-PAIN. bronchial mucous PERIODICALLY; 7 to 9 a. m, Stomach: HICCOUGH, Retching and vomiting of bile, VOMITS WATER OR FOOD THAT HAS BEEN TAKEN, per. has scanty sweat, and its
BONES: PAIN: INFLUENZAL. membrane chest sore WORSE AT NIGHT OR BILE AS THE CHILL PASSES OFF. pains cause restlessness
leading characteristic is VIOLENT VERY RESTLESS, CAN'T KEEP Respiratory: HOARSENESS AND COUGH, WITH SORENESS IN CHEST; must support it. INFLUENZA, with
ACHING, BONE BREAKING PAINS; STILL, ALTHOUGH THERE IS A great soreness of muscles and bones. CHRONIC loose cough, chest sore WORSE AT NIGHT.
VERY RESTLESS, CAN'T KEEP GREAT DESIRE TO DO SO, Larynx Hoarseness and cough, & soreness in chest
Amelioration. BETTER, by BONES. Thirst or nausea, then violent shaking chill; begins in the small of the back., little or no perspiration
Muscles of chest, back and limbs feel AND FEET by getting on hands ACHING IN ARMS AND WRISTS. Extremities: PAIN "AS IF THE BONES ARE BROKEN.
bruised, sore, aching and knees., Vomiting of bile Mind Sadness during the heat. Moaning during chill.
Worn-out constitutions from inebriety. Abdomen Soreness in region of liver on moving or coughing.
Weakness: aged, in.
Eupatorium Inebriates. Old people.
48 Sluggishness of all organs and
Marked periodicity. [Ars.; China;

Profuse ACRID lachrymation and Catarrhal affections Patient is better in open air Head: CATARRHAL HEADACHE, with profuse discharge from eyes and nose Discharge thick and excoriating Mind: Confusion, > washing face
bland coryza; worse, evening of MUCOUS < WORSE in EVENING, indoors, Nose: PROFUSE, FLUENT CORYZA, with violent cough and abundant expectoration. Profuse bland, fluent (Mercur. thin and acrid) Darkness >
THE EYES WATER ALL THE TIME MEMBRANES, esp. warmth; south winds, from light, coryza, & scalding tears and aversion to light Delusions, large heads make grimaces in
Ailments & ACRID of eyes and nose and SUNLIGHT Eyes: CATARRHAL conjunctivitis; discharge of acrid matter. The eyes water all the time. PROFUSE HOT OR evening on closing eyes Frightened easily, in
LACHRYMATION and BLAND chest > BETTER, from open air, coffee, ACRID TEARS, aggravated open air, lying or coughing; leaving a varnish-like mark. Red, burning, itching tarsi. night on waking
CORYZA in dark Cornea bluish. Lachrymation abundant, SMARTING. MARGINS of eyelids red, burning, swollen and itching. Industrious
Burning, smarting eyes and aversion Left Side BURNING EYES [as from sand], lachrymation, photophobia & WINKING. Quiet disposition Inclination to sit
to light and constant winking < MORNING [ON WAKING / Rectum: CONSTIPATION Vertigo: In morning on waking
Cough with large quantities of RISING]; < long sleep; Female: Menses PAINFUL; FLOW LASTS ONLY AN HOUR OR DAY; late, scanty, short. AMENORRHOEA, While standing
mucus only at daytime, better at < Smoke / smoking WITH OPHTHALMIA Head: Empty, hollow sensation, > riding
night Male: PROSTATITIS Pain, < blowing nose, with eye complaints
Worse Evening. Worse Smoke Sleep: Yawning when walking in open air. Sleepy during day Eye: Discolouration, red, during menses, of iris
Amenorrhoea and catarrhal Mind: Inclination to sit. Starting from sleep. Confusion > cold bath; > washing the face. Sensation of a HAIR Catarrhal inflammation from cold
Euphrasia affections of nose and eyes hanging over eyes; wants to RUB constantly Lachrymation, in cold air
49 Euphrasia Swelling of affected parts. Bathing of Face: Stiffness of upper lip; as if made of wood. Stiffness of left cheek; of tongue Photophobia
officinalis Eyebright affected parts better. General: SWELLING of AFFECTED parts; > BATHING affected parts; washing with cold Vision: Dim, as if full of water
water > confusion, heat of head, headache, fluent coryza, burning rectal pain. Drinking Ear: Noises, bubbling
cold water > nausea [> a sip of water], cough Face: Eruptions, burning, when wet
Speech: "He repeats frequently when speaking, both at the first word [a kind of stuttering], Mouth: Speech, stammering, when singing
and also often repeating sentences frequently in order to express himself differently - Stomach: Nausea, while smoking
whereas he formerly spoke correctly." [Hahnemann] Respiration: Difficult, > lying
Cough: Only at DAYTIME Cough: From all kinds of smoke
Limbs: Constriction, wrists feel as if forcibly
Great utility to control inflammatory and catarrhal phases of the parts during or following squeezed
an attack of measles, but will tend to avert unpleasant after-effects, as catarrhal Sleep: Waking, with feeling of suffocation, from
conjunctivitis, nasal catarrh, catarrhal deafness, etc. Also been shown to cure epilepsy mucus flowing back through choana
Dreams: Fire from lightning
Generals: Sensation of being smaller

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Motor paralysis, dizziness, Nervous system Worse, damp weather, fog, before Mind. Desire to be quiet, to be left alone.Apathy regarding his illness. Absolute lack of fear. Stage fright.
drowsiness, dullness and trembling, a thunderstorm, Head. Vertigo, occipital headaches, band-feeling, pain in temple extending into ear.
muscular weakness, influenza, emotion, or excitement, bad news,
dullness, apathy regarding illness tobacco-smoking, Eyes. Eyelids heavy, orbital neuralgia with twicthes of muscles, serous inflammations.
when thinking of his ailments; at Face. Hot, heavy, flushed.
10 a.m. Better bending forward, Mouth. Tremble.
by profuse urination, open air, Throat. Post-diphtheric paralysis, feeling of a lump in the throat, pain from throat to ear.
continued motion, stimulants.
Gelsemium Stool. Diarrhea from emotianl excitement, cream coloured, tea- green.
Serpervirens Urine. Profuse, clear, watery, retention.

Female. Dysmenorrhea.
Male. Spermatorrhea, without erections.
Respiratory. Spasm of the glottis.
Skin. Measles, catarrhal symptoms, aids in bringing out eruption.
Fever. Wants to be held because he shakes, nervous chills.

Heart. Feeling as if it were necessary to keep in motion, or else heart's action would cease. Weak, slow
active in patients who are rather NUTRITION. Worse: COLD. Drafts. Light. pulse
Mind. of old age.
Great tendency to start Timid Unable to decide. Want of disposition to work. MUSIC MAKES HER WEEP.
stout, of fair complexion During menses. Suppressions. Apprehensive, despondency, indecision.
tendency to skin affections esp skin Circulation. SKIN Empty swallowing. Fats. Hot Head.Rush of blood to head with flushed face also with nose bleed and distention and flatulence. Sensation of
folds and behind the ears [folds; behind ears; drinks. Warmth of bed. cobweb on forehead. BURNING ON VERTEX. Pain as if constricted, esp. in the occiput
constipation, angles; flexures; Scratching. Before midnight. Eyes. EYELIDS RED AND SWOLLEN. ECZEMA OF LIDS; FISSURED. Dry mucus in the lashes.
delayed menstrual history. Music. NOISE. Fissures in and behind the ear.
Take cold easily. Mucous membranes. Nose. Sore on blowing it; is painful internally. Smell abnormally acute; cannot tolerate flowers. Scabs and
Children impudent, teasing, laugh at Better: Open air; after walking in. fissures in nostrils.
reprimands. Glands. Eating. Touch. Dark. Wrapping Face. Feels as if cobwebs were on it. Eczema of nose. Itching pimples. Moist eczema around mouth and chin.
Has a particular tendency to develop up. Hot milk. Riding in a carriage. moist after scratching
the skin phase of internal disorders. Eyes. Noise. Eructations. Mouth.Rotten odor from mouth.Burning blisters on tongue, salivation. Sour eructations. Dots of thick white fur on
ERADICATES TENDENCY TO tongue. Blood from teeth
ERYSIPELAS. LEFT SIDE. Suited to women, inclined to Stomach.Aversion to meat. HOT DRINKS DISAGREE. Nausea and vomiting after each meal. Burning in
Anaemia with redness of face. obesity, who suffer from habitual stomach, causing HUNGER. CONSTRICTIVE PAIN IN STOMACH. Stomach pain is temporarily relieved by
Tendency to obesity. constipation; with a history of eating, hot drinks
51 Swollen genitals. delayed menstruation. especially milk and lying down. soup; thought of meat. Frequent eructations. Desires: chicken; beer
Gushing leucorrhoea. Abdomen. Fullness and hardness in abdomen, as from incarcerated flatulence; MUST LOOSEN CLOTHING;
Aids absorption of cicatricial tissue. Pain of
Induration of tissue. gas opposite the side on which he lies. Chronic diarrhoea, stools, brownish, liquid, undigested, OFFENSIVE.
Cancer of pylorus. Very
Duodenal ulcer. fetid gas preceded by colic.
Discharges are thin, foul, scanty Stool. Constipation; large, difficult, knotty stools united by mucus threads. Burning hemorrhoids. Prolapse,
Emaciation; of suffering parts. diarrhoea; stools of brown fluid, mixed with undigested substance, VERY FETID, sour odor. Smarting, sore anus,
Sensation of burning; numbness and itching. Fissure of anus.
deadness Urine.Turbid, with sediment. Sour smelling.
Pain during change of weather. Female.Menses TOO LATE, with constipation; pale and scanty, with tearing pain in epigastrium, and itching
Hoarseness, coryza, cough, sweats and morning sickness during menstruation. Leucorrhoea, PALE, thin,
WHITE, EXCORIATING, with great weakness in back.
Male. Itching and moist eruption on scrotum.

Respiratory.Constriction of chest; spasmodic asthmas, suffocative attacks wakes from sleep; must eat
Pain in middle of chest, with cough, scraping and soreness. Chronic hoarseness with skin affections. Inability to
control the vocal chords
Extremities.Pain in small of back with great weakness. Excoriation between thighs. finger-nails THICK, black,
52 and
rough. Stiffness and contraction of toes. Nails deformed, painful, sore, thick, and crippled. Offensive
perspiration of
feet.Skin of hands hard and cracked in places. Smarting soreness between the nates.
Skin.Rough, hard, persistent dryness of portions of skin unaffected by eczema. Pimples and acne. ERUPTIONS,
Asthma and bronchitis- wheezing pulmonary < Falling asleep discharging
Eyes: pain ina eyeballs
running backthintoand sticky.
brain; Cracks
worse, in nipples,
moving eyes. mouth, between toes, anus. Phlegmonous Ant-t., Arum-t., Bad., Bry., Cadm-
and oppression circulation. <Motion Abdomen:Cutting pain in region of spleen, extending to hips. s., Carb-an., Carb-v., Graph.,
Foamy mucus, very difficult Skin: Rash, like roseola, poison oak, burns, blisters, vaginal catarrh, herpes zoster Lach., Nux-m., Op., Ran-b. and
to detach. <In the dark. both the Grindelias [dyspnoea on
Bronchorrhea- cardiopulmonary Respiratory: wheezing and oppression in bronchitis. rales with foamy mucus, difficult to detach. cannot breath falling asleep]; Am-m.; Ant-t.;
tough, whitish, mucous Smothering after falling asleep lying down. Gels. [ aggravated sleep; Gels.
53 Grindelia robusta
expectoration. Mind:Long for sunshine, light and company. wakes up feeling the heart has
Stops breathing when falling Head: feels full stopped, must keep moving to
asleep. Heart: Weak heart and respiration. keep it going; Grin. feels
Antidote to Rhus-poisoning Cannot breathe lying down. Chest: acts on the pulmonary circulation. respiration has stopped]; Kali-bi.;
Lach. [ aggravated sleep; left then
right]; Stram. [fear of the dark]; 1

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Scrofulous and lymphatic Respiratory mucus Chilliness Mind: anguish in evening and night, thoughts of suicide, slightest cause irritates, irritable and dissatisfied with
constitutions with eruptions and membranes Hypersensitiveness oneself and others, discontented with everything, hypocondria, unreasonable anxiety,cheerful in bed, delusion
glandular swellings. Craving for sour and strong things world is on fire,disposition to contradict, fear in open air, furious gestures, violent, hurry while eating, impetuous,
Blondes with sluggish character and Splinter-like pains sudden impulse to kill,malicious, starting on falling asleep, violent rage leading to violent deeds, violent from pain.
weak muscles. Pains are sore and sticking Head: vertigo and headache (when shaking the head or riding), boring pain in R temple and root of nose in
Unhealthy skin. The side he is sleeping on morning, scalp sensitive and sore, humid scald-head itching and burning, cold sweat on head.
Irritation from the slighest cause. becomes painful, must turn Eyes:ULCERS ON CORNEA. HYPOPION.
NERVES: Great sensitiveness to all Sweats easily but does not Ears: Earache, and sensitiveness to touch, out of proportion to the actual pain. Mastoiditis
impressions (like cold and pain). uncover, sweating without relief. Nose: SMELL LIKE OLD CHEESE. HAY-FEVER.
Suppuration (Inflammation ending in Pains when touched are felt as Throat: When swallowing, sensation as if a plug and OF A SPLINTER IN THROAT. Quinsy, WITH IMPENDING
suppuration) though they are sub-cutaneous SUPPURATION.
Feeling as if wind were blowing on ulcerations. Stomach: Highly seasoned foods. Desires sour pungent things
some part < dry cold wind, cool air, slighest Abdomen: stitching pain over liver when walking, coughing, breathing, touching
Pellagra (material dose) draft, < mercury, < slightest touch Rectum: sour, fetid stoo, clay-colored and soft.
Desires to be wrapped warmly. ,< noise < lying on painful side < Female: ABSCESSES OF LABIAE WITH GREAT
54 Easy perspiration. night < eating or drinking cold SENSITIVENESS.
Syphilis post medication. things > damp weather > Larynx: Croup; of oversensitive children, who are
Chilly. wrapping head up > warmth, exposed during the day to a cold, dry wind or cold air;
All discharge are profuse: sour and moist heat > after eating come down next morning with croup; they become
Hepar sulfuris cheesy. Symptoms are: < waking, blowing aggravated morning and evening until midnight; the
calcereum Pains are sore and sticking the nose, from getting the skin cough is choking and gagging; they cough and sweat.
or rubbed off, surgical injuries in Respiratory: Cough excited WHENEVER ANY PART OF THE BODY GETS COLD OR UNCOVERED,
Hepar sulfuricum general, swallowing (esp. of food), or from eating anything cold. CHOKING COUGH. WEAKNESS AND MUCH RATTLING in chest;
(Hep.) while urinating, in clear fine expectoration LOOSE; but can't expectorate; tightens up in cold air. Much thick, yellow expectoration.
weather WEEPING BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER COUGHING. Dyspnea.Cough, & expectoration during the
day, no expectoration at night. The cough of Hep. is never a dry one; it has a slight loose edge; the
expectoration is slight, and there is little fever.

There is marked periodicity in Extremities: Finger-joints swollen; tendency to easy dislocation. Nail of great toe painful on slight
Hep.: every day; every four weeks pressure.
[attack of paralysis]; every four Skin: PAPULES prone to suppurate and extend. UNHEALTHY SKIN; EVERY LITTLE INJURY
months [scabby eruptions on SUPPURATES. Chapped skin, with DEEP CRACKS ON HANDS AND FEET. ULCERS VERY
head]; every winter [whitlow]; SENSITIVE TO CONTACT, burning, stinging, easily bleeding. "COLD-SORES" VERY SENSITIVE.
55 spring and autumn [bilious Cannot bear to be uncovered; WANTS TO BE WRAPPED UP WARMLY. Putrid ulcers,
Hep. never given if skin is hot and Fever: Chilly in open air or from SLIGHTEST DRAFT. PROFUSE SWEAT; sour, sticky, offensive.
dry, only given if child is sweaty
and weak (as in croup).
Headache > bending the head, <
THICK, YELLOWISH, ROPY MUCOUS Worse: AIR [inhaling, cold; dry Stomach: Weak digestion; emptiness stomach not better eating; and constipation without urging. Worse Bread Sorry!
secretion - characterized by this MEMBRANES - Acts winds; open]. Slight bleeding. and vegetables.
peculiar mucous discharge, LARGE especially on mucous Washing. Old age. Night. Warmth. Rectum: Constipation. Obstinate constipation or with haemorrhoids.
quantities of MUCUS. Mucous membranes, relaxing Touch of clothing. Motion. During Mind: Irritability after dinner. Weakness of memory.
secretions INCREASED. them pregnancy. Abuse of wine. Abuse Head: Sinusitis, after coryza
of drugs. After stool. Every other Ears: Eustachian catarrh
Hydrastis is especially active in old, Liver - marked action day. Nose: Thick, tenacious secretion from posterior nares to throat. Watery, excoriating discharge
easily-tired people, cachetic Better: Rest. Pressure. Dry Mouth: Tongue white, swollen, large, flabby, slimy; shows imprint of teeth. Yellow, dirty
individuals, with great debility Stomach weather. Warm covering. Female: CANCER; HARD, ADHERENT; SKIN MOTTLED, PUCKERED; PAINS KNIFE-LIKE, SHARP, CUTTING;
Cancer and cancerous state Symptoms generally Back: Dull, heavy, dragging pain and stiffness, particularly across lumbar region, must use arms in raising himself
aggravated at night. Skin from seat
GOITRE of puberty and pregnancy. symptoms aggravated warmth;
washing, etc. Catarrhal symptoms
SMALLPOX internally and locally. aggravated harsh, dry winds; out
56 Hydrastis The power of Hydrastis over of doors. Rest ameliorates; motion
smallpox seen in modifying the aggravates.
disease, abolishing its distressing
symptoms, shortening its course,
lessening its danger and greatly
mitigating its consequences

Broken down by excessive use of


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Sharp shooting pain, punctured or Nerves Worse: INJURY. JAR. Mind- complaints from fright, mistakes in writing, omitting letters LEDUM (punched wounds and
penetrating wounds, pain in coccyx, Concussion; of spine, coccyx. Head- Heavy feels as if touched by icy cold hand. Throbbing in vertex, Head feels longer Stomach- nausea bites of animals); ARNICA;
lacerations, intolerable, violent Shock, Motion STAPHIS.; CALEN.; RUTA;
shooting nerve pain. < in cold; Rectum- Hemorrhoids COFF.
Injury to the spinal dampness, in a FOG; in close Respiratory- Asthmatic respiration after injury of the spine, Asthma WORSE foggy weather and relieved by
cord, very painful sore parts of the room; least exposure; touch profuse perspiration
body, Arnica of the nerves. Back- Pressure over sacrum
57 Hypericum
Better: Lying on face. Bending Extremities- Crawling in hands and feet, Neuritis
Causation head backward. Rubbing. Lying
Fright. Bites. Wounds. Shock. quietly
The great remedy for BETTER, bending head
injuries to nerves, especially of backward.
fingers, toes and nails. Crushed Whooping cough < 6 to 10
fingers, especially tips p.m
emotional element is uppermost, NERVOUS SYSTEM < drinking COFFEE, tobacco, MIND: sighing and sobbing, alert, oversensitive, nervous. incredible change of mood. Very emotional. enjoys **took these from the compare
interfered co-ordination of function. smoking, liquids, external warmth, being sad, lots of suppressed grief, disappointed love (ailments from these). fear will never sleep again, and of section…hope this is right!!***
*chief remedy for hysteria* after meals, open air, cold air. robbers at midnight on waking. childish behaviour, brooding. courageous, refuses to eat. monomania. zinc, kali-phos, sep, cimicif,
nervous temperment touch HEAD: hollow, heavy < stooping. nervous headache, usually confined to one spot. HA ends in copious discharge panacea arvensis.
remedy of great > while eating, swallowing. of pale urine
CONTRADICTIONS. Rapid change change of position. lying on EYE: asthenopia (spasm of lids, neuralgic pain about the eyes)
in mental and physical condition affected part. FACE: twitching of muscles (face, and lips), redness and heat on one cheek. sweats on face while eating.
(opposite to each other) rigidity MOUTH:sour taste, constantly full of saliva
**SUPERFICIAL AND ERRATIC consolation, converstations THROAT: sore throat (stitches). tonsils inflamed, swollen with small ulcers. follicular tonsilitis
CHARACTER** aggravates LARYNX: chocking
effects of grief and worry. deep breaths relieve ST: much flatulence. sinking in ST > taking deep breath. hiccough. empty sinking/spasmodic ache in ST (not >
the plague (HAHAHA) worse: emotions, grief, worry, eating or deep breaths). vomits simple foods, but retains such things as cabbage
58 Ignatia amara nervous system affected-causing fright, shock, after loss of RECTUM: prolapse. painful constriction of anus after stool. pressure as of a sharp instrument from within
spasmodic effects: violent with persons/objects dear. outward.
rigidity, twitching, tremors RESP: much sighing
sense of lump/foreign body, sharp FEMALE: black menses, too early, too profuse or scanty.
pressure. SLEEP: violent spasmodic yawning.
nervous shudder during pains FEVER: external heat and redness, without internal heat. Chill > external warmth
convulsions and oppression of
breathing during dentition

Nausea and vomiting with no GI: Nausea/Vomiting Worse warmth, damp of room, Head: Tongue remarkably clean despite constant nausea
amelioration and often a general overeating, rich foods Mind: Anxiety during fever; Censorious, critical; Haughty. Impatience. Irritability in the daytime. Moaning during
aggravation from emesis. There are sleep. Restlessness during the heat. Shrieking before convulsions. Starting during sleep.
two special areas of usefulness of Nose: Sneezing
Ipecac: asthma (or asthmatic Face: One side hot, the other cold
bronchitis) and hemorrhage (bright Mouth: Tongue ususally clean; much saliva; red pointed tongue
red and profuse). It palliates nausea GI: Constant nausea which is incapacitating; stomach seems to hang loose inside; nausea unreleived by
following chemotherapy. vomiting; Thirstless; Nausea from smell of food
Discharges are foamy and profuse Abdomen: pain worse around navel
Bad effects from the abuse of Chest: Asthmatic bronchitis and coughs especially of children; bronchioloitis; croup; hoarseness; constriction in
59 Ipecacuanha opium, arsenic and quinine. chest; cough incessant and violent with every breath; gasps for air; Spasmodic oppression of the chest after
taking cold.
Fever: nausea in all stages. Slightest chill & much heat, nausea, vomiting, and dyspnoea.
Male/Fem: Uterine hemorrhage which starts suddenly with bright red uncoagulated blood, coming in gushes,
often with nausea and faintness; inneffective urging to urinate; pain from navel to uterus
Skin: Miliary rash, when it comes out with difficulty, or when it appears in females during the period of
Stools: like frothy molasses

Profuse secretions, which are sour, PANCREAS Restlessness at night Head: headache; alternating sides; BLURRED VISION BEFORE HEADACHE; hepatic or gastric origin; migraine,
acrid & burning. Thyroid Burning (Throat, stmach, stool) nervous headache, sick or bilious headache; dull throbbing or shooting in right side of forehead with nausea;
Sick or bilious headache Salivery < weekly vision returns as heache comes on, with nausea/ vomting; forehead; side; chronic in forehead; sharp, cutting, of
Blurred vision before headache Intestinal glands < 2-3 AM short duration; changing often.
Headache with nausea / vomiting Gastro-intestinal < Mental exhaustion Eyes: periodic visual disturbance
mucous membrane < Hot weather Ears: RINGING in ears
60 Iris Vesicolor Oily nose Nose:oily
Greasy taste Mouth: greasy or sweetish taste.
Fatty stools Throat: heat and smarting in throat - BURNING; GOITER
Stomach: burning of whole alimentary canal; vomiting; deficient appetite; continuous nausea; BITTER, ACRID,
Rectum: burning at anus; constipationq; STOOLS; BILIOUS, ACRID, WATERY, BURN LIKE FIRE; painless
cholera morbus; stools fatty

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General: Pains migrate quickly air-passages < COLD, DAMP; [open air; spring; Nose: Perforation of septum
General: Tough, string, viscid bones and fibrous undressing; winter]. Head: Aching and fullness in glabella
secretion tissue <MORNING; after sleep; 2-3 a.m. Head: Bones and scalp feel sore
kidneys <Protruding tongue. Head: Headache over eyebrows, must lie down; aversion to light and noise
heart <Hot weather Eyes: Blindness before headache; heaviness in lids on waking
liver <Beer and Alcohol Nose: Pressure and pain at root of nose
skin < Suppressed catarrh. Nose: Loss of smell
joints > Heat Nose: Great dryness
> Cold weather [> skin symptoms] Nose: Coryza with obstruction of nose, thick ropy and yellow
> Eating Nose: Violent sneezing
> Vomiting Mouth: red, shining, smooth and dry
> Short sleep Mouth: tongue pains when protruded; saliva ropy
> Motion Throat: edematous, bladder-like
Throat: Hawks up thick mucous
Stomach: Round ulcer of stomach; nausea
61 Kali Bichromium Rectum: Stool jelly-like, gelatinous, worse mornings
Rectum: gushes of brown, frothy water
Urination: After urinating a drop seems to remains which cannot be expelled
Respiratory: profuse yellow expectoration, very glutinous and sticky
Respiratory: agg. After eating
Chest: Rawness under sternum; pains though to back and shoulders
Extremities: very weak; rheaumatic pain
Extremities: cracking of joints
Skin:ulcer with punch-out edges
Skin: eruptions < summer
Mind: Indifference to business affairs, irritability, talk to himself
Mind: Keep regular hours-live according to routine; narrow minded

Cannot bear to be touched. Right hypochondriac sharp, cutting, stitching, stabbing Head: headache from riding in cold wind. Dryness of hair. 1.-hair falls out: Fluor-ac. -
Bag-like swelling between the upper region, left chest and pain > motion Eyes: Bag-like swelling between the upper eyelids & eyebrows. alopecia
eyelids & eyebrows. arm, ears, liver, > warm weather Nose: stuffs up in warm room, ulcerated nostils.
Sweat, backache, weakness. kidneys, joints. Stomach: Sour eructations, nausea, as if stomach were full of water, anxiety felt in stomach. 2. itching: Ignat - itching nettle-
Feels badly, week before Male: excessive emissions followed by weakness. rash, sensitive to drafts
menstruation. Female: menses too late, pale, scanty, complaints after parturition.
Pain: stitching, darting, worse lying Resp: stitching pains, whole chest is very sensitive, increasing expectoration, coldness of chest, wheezing. 3. menses early, profuse: Calc.
on affected side. Relaxed vulva, better warm climate. carb - too early, too profuse, too
Great aversion to being alone. Heart: burning in heart region, weak, rapid pulse, intermits. long with cold, damp, feet
62 Kali carbonicum
Weak eyes after coition. Back: Small of back feels weak.
Nosebleed when washing the face. Extremities: Back and legs give out, soles very sensitive, pain from hip to knee, pain in knees. 4. burning in spine: Guaco -
Toothache only when eating. burning in shoulders, pain along
Spasmodic cough with gagging or spine < bending.
vomiting of ingesta.
Intolerant of cold weather.
Very irritable.

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Catarrhal affections, white or grey Mouth & throat, Worse: open air, cold drinks, Eyes: while walking through field covred with snow, sudden severe pain in right eye followed at once by blindness, Apis, Bry, Merc, Rhus - T, &
coating of base of tongue, sub-acute glands, ears, drafts, heat of bed, lying, night, saw nothing with right eye, all seemed smoke and mist Sulph- rheumatic affections;
inflammatory states, glandular dampness, motion, sprains, fats, Ears: chronic catarrhal conditions of middle ear, snapping and noises in the ear Graph, Kali-bi, and Kali-c -
swellings, fibrinous exudations, rich food, during menses; Better: Nose: hawking of mucus from posterior nares, epistaxis inflammation of ear; Hydr, Kali-bi,
expectoration of thick, white phlegm, cold drinks, rubbing, letting hair Face: lightning-like attacks of pain in face, gradually growing more frequent, faceache with swelling of gums or and Kali-c - tough secretions, Kali-
milky white, viscid sticky slimy or down; Right sided cheek, cramplike drawing in cheeks, joint of jaw, with stinging in jaw and teeth, twitching of masseter muscles chl, Merc- affections of eustachian
lumpy discharges, crawling, during coryza with sneezing, increased sensitiveness of whole face & irritation in root of nose, twitching in corners tubes; Nat-m, Nit-ac, Puls -<fatty
adhesions recent consequent on of eyes, paralysis of right facial nerve, pimple on forehead, face and between lips and chin, lips hot & swollen, food & <warmth; Sil, Thuj, Ferr-p,
63 inflammations Mouth: greyish white coating of tongue, breath excessively fetid in ulceration and diptheria, heat and dryness in Kino -otorrhea & stitches in r. ear;
mouth & salivation
Throat: follicular tonsillitis, hawks out thick white, cheesy mucus
Stomach: fatty or rich foods cause indigestion
Abdomen: fullness after eating, peritonitis
Rectum: bleeding hemorrhoids, anus sore - worse walking or stools, stool so dry it almost crumbles

HT: palpitation from excessive flow of blood to heart, pulse accelerated or soft and sluggish not synchrous with
beats of heart, embolus,
Kali Muriaticum Extremeties: swelling around joints, chillblains on hands or feet or any part
Skin: Vesicles, Condylomata, itching of whole body in bed, pimples on face, neck etc. Erysipelas bullosa,
Vesicular erysipelas, shingles, smallpox
Lower Limbs: Chronic persistent swelling of foot & lower limb, swelling soft at first, afterwards hard to touch,
without pain or redness, with feelings as if it would burst, ulcers on legs with callous edges
Upper Limbs: Pains after dancing and cooling drafts from right side, a stiff neck and pain in shouldger when
moving right arm, drawing tearing in wrist joints or tearing in right wrist joint along ulna, chapped hands from cold
Chest: Croupy inflammation of lungs
Larynx & Trachea: croup membranous exudation
64 Expectoration: White as milk, yellowish green mucus
Female: Dark clotted menses, nodes in breast feel soft and tender
Male: violent emissions with voluptuous dreams, violent erections with emissions, sexual desire diminished with
chilliness, hydrocele in little children, gleet with eczema or a disposition to glandular
swellings, gonorrhea of glans or urethra, second stage with chordee
Urinary Organs: Acute and chronic catarrh of bladder, itching in urethra, diabetes
Head: Perspiration on head
Mind: Irritable and angry at trifles, sadness alternating with cheerfulness, with congestion, better epistaxis

Mental and physical depression, Cerebrospinal Worse: Slight causes; excitement; Head: Excruciating nervous headache & great sensitiveness to noise, during menses. Cerebral anaemia. mind; insecure, uncertain, scared; frightened
Fear of being alone, Fear of death, system worry; mental or physical exertion. Face: Sad, care worn expression easily; starting, startled; from fright
Easily frightened Sympathetic nervous Dry air. Ears: Humming and buzzing “Noises in ears from nervous exhaustion, nervous roaring, foul discharge
MENTAL EXERTION system Better: Sleep. Eating. Gentle Nose: ltching in posterior flares. Violent sneezing. -ear; discharges from ear; offensive smelling;
Prostration, motion. Leaning against Mouth: Breath offensive, fetid, Mouth excessively thy. like putrid meat;
One of the greatest nerve remedies something. Larynx: Group, last stage; extreme weakness, pale or livid face.
Slightest labour seems a heavy task Craves ice water; vinegar; sweets; Chest: In lower part of 1. chest, <coughing. Intermittent action of heart from violent emotions, grief care. -head; pain, headache; sides; one side
Eternally and irretrievably damned ‘cold drinks. Cough: Whooping cough in highly nervous patients, or great exhaustion. Sputum: Yellow.
continually weeping and crying, Aversion to bread; meat. Skin: . Offensive ulcers; bad coloured, ichorous, bad smelling. -mouth; gums; spongy
wringing hands, Sweat: Excessive, exhausting, strong-smelling.
pulling to pieces and tearing Urinary: very yellow urine
65 Kali Phosphoricum clothing, as well as bed covering, Rectum: Diarrhoea; foul, putrid odour.
Homesickness Female: Menses too late or too scanty
HYSTERIA Male: sexual power diminished
Irritability PUTRID, carrion-like odour of secretions; foul odour of body
Profound hypochondria and

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PROFUSE, deep YELLOW EPITHELIUM WORSE, in evening, heated Head: Rheumatic headache, beginning in evening. Bald spots. Dandruff. Anxiety, > open air [3], from warmth [3]
DISCHARGES Respiratory room. Nose: Colds, WITH YELLOW, slimy expectoration. Nose obstructed. Smell lost
Desquamation of epithelium EPITHELIUM BETTER, cool, open air Male:Gonorrhoea; discharge slimy,yellowish DREAMS: Accidents [1]. Disease [1]. Ghosts [1].
WARM-BLOODED aversion to warm organs. Better MOTION. Female: Menses too late, scanty, & feeling of weight in abdomen Robbers [1].
Complaints cold hands and feet EPITHELIUM skin. Irritability in the evening. Face: Aches in heated room, better in cool open air
profuse Restlessness in the room; < warm Ear: Eustachian deafness. Discharge of yellow matter
desquamation room. Respiratory:RATTLING OF MUCUS IN CHEST, yellow expectoration
SWEETS [desire]. EGGS Stomach:Tongue coated yellow and slimy. Gums painful.Dread of hot drinks.
[aversion + agg.] Abdomen: feels cold to touch. Yellow, slimy diarrhoea.
Stitching, tearing, festering pain,
that shifts about
Kalium Many desquamating skin
Sulphuricum affections.
Aggravation by exertion and
becoming heated.
LAZY and INDOLENT, especially
in warm room.
Impatient and agg. by
Obstinate and headstrong;
indolent and lazy.

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Excoriating; Burning like fire. Blood and secretions < Open air, cold, rest, when lying; Mind: Dissatisfied, with everything; Cross, wilful and obstinate; Excitement before menses; Irritability during FULIGO LIGNI; CARBOL-AC.; IOD.; Mind; ANXIETY; Fear, with***
Profuse, ACRID, HOT, FOUL - so seen in mucous after menstruation; headache; RESTLESSNESS AT NIGHT; after midnight at 3 a.m.; before menses. Sensitive to music. Shrieking in LACHES. Mind; ANXIETY****
Compare: Abrot. [children old-looking,
DISCHARGES; eructations, sputum, membranes/wounds/t < DENTITION. Pregnancy. Rest. children; during stool. Starting from fright; during sleep. Weeping from music. wrinkled]; Agn., Carb-an., Chel., Nit-ac., Mind; ANXIETY; Heart region***
etc.; redden the part; issues that secrete Cold. Eating. Lying. Summer. Bad Head: Severe headache before and during menses. Nux-v., Prun., Sep. and Thuj. [leucorrhoea Mind; CARRIED; Desires to be; fondled, and***
Haemorrhages; Blackness of teeth smells. During menses. 6 p.m. to Mouth: Very painful dentition; very rapid decay of teeth, with spongy bleeding gums. Gums puffy, bluish staining yellow]; Arg-n. [inflammation of Mind; CHILDREN, complaints in***
COLICKY PAINS DURING, BUT 6 a.m. Coition. Touch. Sprain. Throat: Putrid Odor eyelids in children or adults; but Kreos. Mind; CONFUSION of mind***
has discharge of scalding tears in early
ESP. AFTER MENSES. After menses. Washing or bathing Abdomen: Chorera Infantum morning]; Ars. [neuralgia & burning pains]; Mind; DELUSIONS, imaginations; Body, body
Left-sided complaints. with cold water. Stomach: Nausea and vomiting before menses. Ars., Bell., Carb-v. and Cham. [menses parts; legs; long, too***
> Warmth, motion, warm diet. Urine: Urine offensive; Must hurry when desire comes to urinate; Urination involuntary, when lying offensive]; Bapt. [effects of bad smells]; Mind; DENTITION agg.***
> Pressure. After sleep. Hot food. Female: Difficult hearing; Menstrual flow intermits; violent itching between labia and thighs; obliged to rub the Bell. [enuresis; dentition; child restless all Mind; DREAMS; Anxious***
night, must be petted and tossed about;
Leucorrhoea is > sitting, parts; Leucorrhoea; gushing; great weakness, in legs; AWFUL BURNING, AS OF RED HOT COAL IN THE teeth decay rapidly; bearing down
Mind; DREAMS; Dirt, dirty; linen, dirty***
aggravated standing and walking. PELVIS, & DISCHARGE OF CLOTS OF BLOOD HAVING A FOUL SMELL; In cancer, the whole mamma is hard, aggravated lying, > standing; Kreos. Mind; DREAMS; Falling; high places, of***
Cough compels sitting up all night. bluish red, and covered with little, scurfy protuberances; LEUCORRHOEA DURING PREGNANCY. Premenstrual aggravated rest, > motion]; Bry. [neuralgia Mind; EXCITEMENT, excitable; General;
syndrome of sound teeth; severe pains, aggravated menses; before***
Respiratory: Hoarse with pain in larynx; coughs in elderly with heavy pressure on sternum; copious, motion, > pressing hard on pillow, and by Mind; EXCITEMENT, excitable; General; music,
cold applications; Kreos. neuralgia of face,
purulent expectoration burning pains, in nervous, irritable people, from***
Skin: Itching, aggravated towards evening 4 so violent as to drive one almost wild aggravated motion and talking, teeth Mind; FEAR; Coition; thought of, in a woman,
decay rapidly]; Calc. [cholera infantum]; rape***
Carbons and Carb-ac.[closely related, and Mind; FORGETFULNESS; Epistaxis agg.***
Carb-v. so closely as to be inimical with
Kreos.]; Eupi. [as might be expected has Female; LEUCORRHEA; Pregnancy, in****
many identical symptoms, notably Vertigo; AIR, open; Agg.***
hemorrhages, pulsations and menstrual
disorders]; Ham. [dark, oozing
hemorrhage]; Iod. [scrofulous, psoric
affections; rapid emaciation; inordinate
appetite; wasting of mammae]; Kali-c.
[product of burning wood; stitches;
aggravated after coition]; Lach. [change of
life]; Lil-t. [bearing down]; Murx. [passes
copious pale urine at night; wakes with a
start and violent desire; Kreos. cannot get
out of bed quickly enough, urine
offensive]; Nux-v. [irritable weakness of
stomach, food cannot be digested; but
Kreos. retains food several hours and
67 Kreosotum vomits it undigested]; Ol-an. [stitches in
breasts; Ol-an. "shooting out of nipples"];
Phos. [haemorrhagic diathesis; dark,
slight, lean, ill-developed, ill-nourished,
overgrown patients; vomiting; but Phos.
vomits food or drinks as soon as they
become warm in stomach]; Pix [phthisis];
Plat. [vaginismus; but Kreos. has flow of
blood after coition]; Sep. [intermittent
menses; outward pressure in genitals;
painful coition; vomiting of pregnancy; red
sand in urine, turbid, offensive; but Kreos.
has menses usually copious, & difficult
hearing, noises and humming and roaring
in head, dragging in back > motion, Sep.
aggravated motion; and leucorrhoea is
more irritating, even excoriating, smells
like green corn; Sep. has not the acridity
or the malignancy]; Staph. [teeth;
aggravated after coition]; 2 Arum-t.;
Graph.; Psor.; 7 Ant-t.; Hep.; Ip.; Merc.;
Petr.; Sec.; Sulph.; 4 Bism.; Lyc.; Rhus-t.;
Sil.; 1 Fuli.; Guajol. [principal constituent of
Kreos., and similar in action; used in
pulmonary tuberculosis; dose 1 to 5 M];
Mati. [gonorrhoea; hemorrhage from
lungs; catarrhal conditions from genito-
urinary organs and gastrointestinal tract;
topically a hemostatic; difficult, dry, deep,
winter cough; use tincture].

RHEUMATIC COMPLAINTS (esp of JOINTS > COLD, putting feet in COLD Head: vertigo when walking, with tendency to fall to one side. Distress when head is covered. Nosebleed.
JOINTS). GOUT. Skin (ICE) WATER Eyes: aching in eyes. Bloodshot or bruised. Contused wounds. Cataract with gout.
AFFECTIONS TRAVELLING < at night, and from HEAT of bed, Face: red pimples on forehead and cheeks; stinging when touched. Crusty eruption around nose and mouth.
UPWARD FROM FEET. motion. Mouth: dry, retching with eructation. Musty taste with catarrhal affection.
PUNCTURED WOUNDS, produced General lack of heat (chilly). Respiratory: burning in the nose. Dyspnea; chest feels constricted, hurts to touch. Suffocative arrest of breathing.
by sharp pointed instruments. Affected parts become COLD, Pain along trachea. Double inspiration with sobbing.
STINGS AND BITES. PURPLE AND PUFFY (long Cough: spasmodic cough. Haemoptysis, alternating with rheumatism. Whooping-cough.Tickling in larynx.
68 Ledum
discolouration after injuries). Rectum: anal fissures. Hemorrhoidal pain.
Extremities: swollen, hot, pale. Throbbing in right shoulder. Pressure in shoulder, < motion. Cracking in joints.
Ankles swollen. Soles painful. Easy spraining of ankle.
Skin: acne on forehead, sticking pain therein. Eczema (facial). Itching of feet and ankles; < scratching and warmth
of bed. Carbuncles.
Antidote to Rhus poisoning.

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Highly sensitive persons with very Heart Erratic pains Mind: Very forgetful; makes mistakes in writing. Despondent; thinks disease is incurable. Attacks of rage. MIND: Contemptuous, self
low self-esteem Head (left) Alternating sides Visions of snakes. Thinks himself of little consequence Death, presentiment of
Fears, anxieties arising from strong Thigh (outer) Great weakness and prostration Head: Sensation of walking or floating on air. Pain on one side then other. Blurred vision; nausea and vomiting Delusions, dirty that he is;
imagining and delusions Nutrition Low-vitiated, non-feverish illness at height of headache. Occipital pain, shooting to forehead. Sensation of brain alternately contracted and faces/insects/snakes/spiders, sees/in
and around
Warm-blooded Blood relaxed. Noise in ears.
Fear, fainting, of; falling, of
Desire for salt, pungent things, warm < COLD (least draft; wet; hands in Nose: Coryza; one nostril stuffed up while other is free; alternate. Alae nasi and corners of mouth cracked. Bones Irritability, headache, during
drinks cold water) > Warmth of nose sore to pressure. Bloody pus discharge. Undertakes many things, perseveres
Sensation as if floating in the air < Loss of sleep > Rest Mouth: Tongue coated white and bright red edges; profuse salivation. Cracking of Jaw while eating. in nothing
(walking on air or not touching bed < Milk > Fish Throat: Painful swallowing; pain extends to ears. Tonsillitis and diphtheria symptoms change from side to side. VERTIGO: Floating, as if
when lying down) < Weekly Shiny glazed appearance of deposit, pearly-white or like pure porcelain. Stiffness of neck and tongue. Throat Lying, as if, he did not touch the bed
< During pregnancy. During feels burned raw. Tickling sensation causes constant cought. Walking, sensation of gliding in the
menses Female: Menses too early, profuse, flow in gushes. Breasts swollen; painful before and better on appearance of air, as if feet did not touch ground
< Morning. Rising menses. Mastitis; worse, least jar. Help to dry up milk. Backache; spine sensitive to touch/pressure. Nausea with
< Noise. Light. Motion Galactorrhea. HEAD: Expanded, sensation
Pain, wind, from exposure to;
Extremities: Sciatica, right-side. Legs numb and stiff, cramps in feet. Rheumatic pains from side to another.
alternating sides; forehead, night,
> Pressure of bandage Burning in palms and soles. midnight, after
> Lying down in a dark room Sleep: Dreams of snakes. EYE: Photomania
> Profuse flow of urine Sensitive to, cold air VISION:
Images too long retained
EAR: Pain, wind, in cold
HEARING: Distant, sounds seem
NOSE: Coryza, discharge, with
alternating sides
Obstruction, alternating sides
Smell, acute sensitive to odor of
MOUTH: Coated, white
Membrane, silvery white all over
Taste, salt food only tastes natural.
THROAT: Sensitive, slightest touch,
Glazed appearance
Inflammation, menses, during
Pain, menses, during
69 Lac caninum Lump, sensation of, swallowing,
return after
ABDOMEN: Pain, clothing; inguinal
region, stool after, amel.; standing,
BLADDER: Urination, involuntary,
sneezing, when
FEMAL GENITALIA: Itching, night
Leucorrhea, daytime only; walking
Menses, green; stringy
Pain, ovaries, bending backward,
RESPIRATION Arrested, sleep,
CHEST: Nodules, mammae, in,
menses, during
Pain, mammae, descending on;
menses before; sore menses before;
menses, during
BACK: Pain, sacral region, extending
to hips and thighs; extending to, down
EXTREMITIES: Pain, alternating
sides; cold, applied amel; upper limbs
wandering; lower limbs wandering
Sensitive, fingers;
Stiffness, joints, heat, agg.
Swelling, knee, rheumatic, cold
application amel
SLEEP: Position, arms over head;
back, on, with hand over head
GENERALITIES: Swelling, glands,
menses, during

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Climacteric ailments: Lachesis Worse: SLEEP; AFTER SLEEP. Mind: Great LOQUACITY.Rambling, frequently jumping form one subject to another, one word often leads into another
hemorrhoids, hemorrhages; hot decomposes the MORNING. HEAT; OF SUMMER; story. Euthanasia, thinks she is dead and wishes someone to help her off. Compelling delusions, thinks under superhuman
flushes and hot perspiration; blood, rendering it SPRING; of room; OF SUN. control. Derangement of the TIME SENSE. Aversion to company. Jealousy. RELGIOUS AFFECTIONS. Feels as if he has
burning vertex headache, especially more fluid; hence a SWALLOWING; EMPTY; two wills.
Mouth: APHTHOUS AND DENUDED SPOTS with burning and rawness. TEETH ACHE periodic after waking, after eating,
at or after the menopause Left side hemorrhagic LIQUIDS. SLIGHT TOUCH or
from warm and cold drinks, PAIN EXTENDS TO EARS.
principally affected; diseases begintendency is marked. PRESSURE. PRESSURE OF Vertigo: >in morning on waking.
on the left and go the right side NERVES CLOTHES; around neck; waist. Head: Rush of vlood to the head; after alcohol; from mental emotions; during suppressed or irregular menses or at climaxis.
[CUTANEOUS; RETARDED DISCHARGES. Start Throat: Sore, < LEFT SIDE, < SWALLOWING LIQUIDS. QUINSY. PAIN < HOT DRINKS; chronic sore throat, mucus sticks,
sensitiveness to touch; throat, sympathetic; ALCOHOL. Cloudy weather. MORE ANNOYING. Trouble BEGAN on the left side. Tonsils purplish. Purple, livid color of throat. < SWALLOW ING
stomach, abdomen; cannot bear PNEUMO- Standing or stooping. Motion. SALIVA OR LIQUIDS. PAIN INTO EAR. COLLAR AND NECK-BAND MUST BE VERY LOOSE. Painful and dryness in
clothes or night - dress to touch GASTRIC]. BLOOD. Closing eyes. HOT DRINKS. throat raw at night on
throat or abdomen, not because HEART. Acids. Extremes of temperature. waking. without thirst Stomach: Farinaceous food; pickles; sour. Gnawing pressure > EATING, but returning in a
sore or tender, clothes cause an CIRCULATION. Better: OPEN AIR. few hours. Soreness or cramps in epigastrium. Empty swallowing more painful than swallowing solids.
Abdomen: Liver region sensitive, CANNOT BEAR ANYTHING AROUND WAIST.
uneasiness, make her nervous. FEMALE ORGANS. FREE DISCHARGES. Eructation.
Stool/Rectum: Constipated, OFFENSIVE STOOL. Anus FEELS TIGHT, as if nothing could go through it.
Vertex. LEFT SIDE Hard pressure. COLD DRINKS. Hemorrhage from bowels like charred straw, BLACK PARTICLES. Hemorrhoids protrude, become CONSTRICTED,
Lachesis muta
70 [THROAT; OVARY]. Bathing affected part. Sitting bent. PURPLISH.
All symptoms, esp. mental, < after * LEFT SIDE. LEFT Eating; esp. fruits. Warm Female: PAINS ALL RELIEVED BY THE FLOW. Menses black scanty.
sleep, or the aggravation wakes him then RIGHT. applications. Loosening clothes. Respiratory/Larynx: Sensation of suffocation and strangulation on lying down, particularly WHEN ANYTHING IS
from sleep; sleeps into the AROUND THROAT; Feels HE MUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH. < AFTER SLEEP, open air. BREATHING
aggravation; unhappy, distressed, ALMOST STOPS ON FALLING ASLEEP.Cough < after sleep; caused by pressure on larynx; dry and hacking;
anxious, sad agg. in morning on caused by touching the throat;
waking. Back: Neuralgia of coccyx, WORSE RISING FROM SITTING POSTURE; must sit perfectly still. Pain in neck,
worse cervical region. Sensation of threads stretched from back to arms, legs, eyes, etc.
Extremities: PAIN IN TIBIA (may follow sore throat.)
Sleep: Patient SLEEPS INTO AN AGGRAVATION. Sudden starting when falling asleep.Spreads the fingers,
Great loquacity, one word leads into cannot bear fingers to touch each other. Fever: HEAT; on vertex; IN FLUSHES; on waking; on falling to sleep.
another story Skin: Hot perspiration, BLUISH, PURPLISH APPEARANCE. Blue-black swellings. SENILE ERYSIPELAS. Mottled.

Menses at
regualr time, pains> by the flow
alwaya >during menses.

Dark, purple
blusih appearance liver is seriously ATONY. MALNUTRITIONRIGHT Mind: MELANCHOLY, AFRAID TO BE ALONE, Confusion over daily affairs, Mentally active but grows weaker
LOOKS OLDER THAN HE IS. disturbed side of body, and are worse from APPREHENSIVESPELLS OR WRITES WRONG WORDS, AWAKES ANGRY, Can't endure opposition, or
thin, withered, lymphatic urinary or digestive about 4 to 8 P.MRED SAND IN contradiction; seeks disputes.Weakness of memory for the names of the letters. Morose before menses, Answers
catarrhal tendencies; older persons, symptoms run from WARMEMACIATIONPRE- WARM ROOM; > WALKING IN OPEN AIR. Delusions;that he has neglected his duty; of being in two places at
where the skin shows yellowish right to left SENILITY BETTER, BY MOTION, the same time. FEAR OF PEOPLE; ; in children. Indisposition to play in children. Reproaches others. Sadness
spots, earthy complexion, uric acid Motion. Eructations. Urinating, before menses WEEPING; ALOUD; > symptoms; before menses; before micturition.
intellectually keen, but of weak, General > evening or at midnight. vertigo: reels back and forth
muscular power. Worse: PRESSURE OF head: better uncoveringeyes: bothrops
Repeating symptoms or alternating CLOTHES. WARMTH, waking, ears: humming and roaring with hardness of hearing
symptoms; chill after chill, flushing eating, indigestion nose: fan like motion of alae nasi, nose stopped up
then pallor; flexion then extension; face: dropping of lower jaw
automatic acts. mouth: blisters on tongue, teeth painful when chewing
FULL OF GAS. ACIDITYcalculi, throat: better warm drinks, begininning on R side, sore throat, < AFTER SLEEP, < COLD DRINKS.
71 Lycopodium coldness, dryness, rawness St: food tastes sour, eating ever so little so little creates fullness, iNCOMPLETE BURNING ERUCTATIONS RISE
Oversensitive, to pain ONLY TO PHARYNX, THERE BURN FOR HOURS, oysters, sweets, quick satiety, acrid gnawing
CONVULSIONS IN THE RIGHT Abd: burning, full, Sore, pressive, bruised pain in region of liver, on breathing; < touch. Tension and pain in
SIDE OF THE BODY. abdomen from incarcerated flatus. stool: HARD, DIFFICULT, SMALL, HEMORRHOIDS; VERY PAINFUL TO
Twitching and jerking during sleep. TOUCH, ACHING.
Upper part of the body emaciated, urine: slow and coming, POLYURIA DURING THE NIGHT. HEAVY RED SEDIMENT
lower part semi-dropsical. male: impotence, SEXUAL DESIRE TOO STRONG
BABY CRIES ALL DAY, SLEEPS female: aversion to coition
ALL NIGHT respiratory: salty,
larynx: Shortness of breath,Dry cough, day and night, & painfulness in region of stomach. Cough at night, >
before sunrise, affecting stomach and diaphragm. 4 Snoring breathing; nose stuffed up; cannot breathe through it
night or day.
heart: aneurism

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worse-COLD (AIR, uncovering, Serous membranes Personality like Phos but more Ear-pain >warmth
drafts, water), touch, NIGHT, Muscular tissue outgoing Throat-choke on swallowing liquids
periodicity, motion, exhaustion, R “Thin, dark complexion, very sensitive Stomach-hiccup > warm liquids, vomit > drinking warm water
side artistic or intellectual person, Abdomen-pain, radiating >warm drink
extremely nervous, intense, restless,
Better-WARMTH, pressure, HOT Rectum-diarrhea with brain trouble
spastic and neurotic with cramps and
BATHING, friction, doubling up colic all over” “ALWAYS talking about Respiratory-asthma with flatulence
her PAIN,” Restlessness and Rapid Limbs-Trembling, upper limbs, on slight motion
exhaustion from pain Food
CHILLY yet worse when COLD Aversion-coffee
Sleep disturbed by pain or bad Worse-cold drink
dreams Better-warm drink
Sleepiness from mental effort Desire-spice, sugar
<NIGHT, <walking in open air
Pain: CRAMPING, shooting,
Magnesia wandering, stitching, RADIATING ,
72 neuralgic
Phosphorica SUDDEN paroxyms of pain (in
Sensation of electric shocks
Vertigo on exertion of vision
Headache: STARTING at nape of the
neck, spreads over the head and
settles over the RIGHT eye.
Headache of schoolgirls. <4-8pm.
>warmth and pressure. Flushed face,
defective accommodation, diplopia.
(DDX with silica-no relief from
Toothache, PMS pain <Rside >start
of flow

throat affections & greatly swollen Throat general < at night in bed, from Mind: occupation >
glands Glands motion Vertigo: faint or dizzy on rising; from a chair, or when reading
throat sxs < warm drinks worse: odours; warm drinks Mouth: tongue thickly coated; yellow at base
Mercurius iodatus
73 thickly coated tongue; yellow at base better: open air; during the day; Throat: worse: warm drinks; < r. tonsil; constant inclination to swallow; sore throat [right then left]
mammary tumours active motion
right sided conditions: scrofulous & syphylitic
diphtheria and ulcerated sore throats Left-sided complaints esp Mind: low spirit and ill-humoured in a.m on waking, cheerful in evening, after pleasant events, confusion > walking Abr -ophthalmia THROAT, discolouration, dark red
w/ glandular swelling tonsillitis or pharyngitis in open air Bad, Carb-an, Nit-ac -syphilitic THROAT, discolouration, fauces
chronic suppurating buboes > walking open air Head: front feels like bound by tight cord, heat & pulsations vertex < evening eruptions THROAT, inflammation, left
hard chancres > evening Eyes: granulated eyelids, bright light irritates Kali-bi -wandering rheumatism THROAT, inflammation, pharynx, swallowing,
old cases of syphilis in scrofulous < empty swallowing or swallowing Ears: right ear, both ears itching, closed eustachian tubes open with pop, inc earwax, hearing dull Lach -< after sleep, left to right empty agg
patients food, after sleep, change of Nose: coryza, right side hot, sneezing & hoarseness Mag-c, merc-c -affections of THROAT, inflammation, tonsils, left
Mercurius iodatum early stages of cold esp in children weather, getting wet, touch & Face: aching, sore malar bones, lips slimy and sticky on waking antrum THROAT, inflammation, tonsils, acute
ruber pressure, after dinner Mouth: tongue feels scalded, aphthae, profuse saliva, tongue stiff at base and pains on moving tongue merc-I-f -dreams of water GENERALS, syphilis
caused by wetting, washing floor, Throat: fauces dark red < L, swallowing painful, sore throat, stiff mm of throat & neck, disposition to hawk with
weather changes feeling of lump in throat
Rectum: chronic hemorrhoids
Skin: Hunterian chancre (syphilitic chancres)

SECONDARY stage of syphilis GLANDS WORSE AT NIGHT Mind: Hurried. sees water flowing; that he is a criminal; everyone is an enemy; surrounded by enemy. Desire to
TREMORS everywhere WORSE DURING kill the person that contradicts her. Suicidal disposition on seeing cutting instruments. Suspicious in daytime.
A human "thermometer." Sensitive PERSPIRATION Chaotic. Confusion; loses his way in well-known streets.Fear; at night; of robbers; of suicide. Heedless.
to heat and cold WORSE LYING ON RIGHT SIDE. RESTLESSNESS AT NIGHT. Indifference to everything. Smiling, foolish. EXTREMELY CLOSED.
SALIVARY and MUCOUS GLANDS WORSE, wet, damp weather Head: Vertigo, when LYING ON BACK. TENSION ABOUT SCALP, AS IF BANDAGED. Scalp painful to touch.
PROFUSE. Thin, slimy, acrid, and warm bed. PARENCHYMATOUS KERATITIS of syphilitic origin with burning pain. On attempting to look at anything; cannot
burning, foul or thick greenish- GENERAL < HEAT AND COLD. see distinctly.
yellow. Ulcerations. As easily CHILLED as Ears: Thick, YELLOW DISCHARGE. OTALGIC, WORSE WARMTH OF BED. Pains extend to ear; from teeth.
discharge. Better: Moderate temperature. FETID ULCERATION.PROFUSE, FLUENT. Sneezing in sunshine. Colds travel upwards. Acrid nasal secretion,
75 Weak, exhausted and faint. Coitin. Rest. Morning. Scratching. having odour of old cheese.
Pains return in evening on going to Face: EARTHY., Cheeks; swollen.
sleep and prevent sleep. Mouth: SALIVARY SECRETIONS GREATLY INCREASED. GUMS SPONGY. Sore pain on touch and
mouth. GREAT THIRST, WITH MOIST MOUTH. Gumboil. Flow of saliva during sleep. Pulsating, jerking
toothache, ear and head < at night.

Mercurius solubis

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Mercurius solubis
Throat: ULCERS. Quinsy, with difficult swallowing; AFTER PUS HAS FORMED. Painful dryness of the throat, &
mouth full of saliva.
sweets; salt; strong cheese. Appetite only for bread and butter. Craving for lemons.
FEELING. Weakness after stool.
Female: SENSATION OF RAWNESS in parts. STINGING PAIN in ovaries.
76 Chest: Sensation of constriction in chest on stooping.
Back: Neck stiff.
weariness in all the limbs. Rheumatism of the joints, & swelling and sensation of coldness.

Charac.: Mouth and Anus - Worse (<): Touch. Wet weather. Vertigo: < lying on right side; < moving the eyes or lying on back
- Affects BLOOD, MUSCLES chiefly affected. Walking. Cold; drinks; bathing. Head: > moving the body; walking in open air, esp. in cold wind
[HEART and ANUS]; of bladder, Mucous membranes Sitting. Human voice. Sun. Before Nose: Epistaxis
anus, tongue etc., causing paresis. of mouth and tongue midnight. During menses. While Face: Dark or glowing red face [ when walking in open air]
- MUCOUS MEMBRANES; of urinating. Mouth: Dry tongue rattles in mouth
MOUTH, TONGUE, digestive tract - Better: Motion. Warmth. Lying on Teeth: Sordes on teeth
and brain; are dry, bleeding, cracked left side. Rectum: Very sore piles. Tendendy to pass flatus. Haemorrhoids most sensitive to all touch. Haemorrhoids
and deeply ulcerated. - Cold wind and open air better during pregnancy; bluish, hot, with violent stitches. Prolapse of rectum on urinating or passing flatus.
- Soreness of body, causing headache. Better uncovering Female: Can't bear least touch, not even of sheet on genitals
Muriatic acid RESTLESSNESS and [during fever]. Rest worse most Heart: Pulse rapid, feeble and small. Intermits every third beat.
(or Hydrocloric ERETHISTIC, but soon grows weak symptoms. Motion worse vertigo; Heat/Fever: Intense burning, with aversion to covers
77 and very debilitated. better tearing pains. Worse after
acid, or Muriaticum
- Bluish parts [tongue, piles, ulcers eating [diarrhoea]. Better after
etc.] BURNINGS. drinking.
- Muscle exhaustion

- Irritable and peevish; fretful. Loud
- Suffers in silence. Muttering
- Anxiety during fever; about the
- Conscientious about rifles.
<Dampness of weather, dampness Skin Mental changes from injuries to Mind: Lively music saddens, melancholy with periods of mania. Suicidal tendance, must exercise restraint.
of Respiratory head Inability to think, Dislikes to think or be spoken to.
houses, cellars, wet weather Liver region Suicidal tendancy but restrains Head: Occipital pain, piercing stiches in ears. Vertigo relieved by sweating on head. Bursting feeling on coughing.
Lively music makes her sad himself because of his duties to his Hot feeling on top of head. Ill effects of falls and injuries to the head, and mental troubles arising there from.
Mental traumatism: mental effects family Ears: Sticking pain, earache, lightening like stiches in damp weather.
from Wants to commit suicude by Nose: Nasal catarrh with thick yellow discharge, and salty mucus.
injuries to the head shooting or hanging Eyes: Conjunctiva yellow, granular lids, Photophobia.
Fear from noise at night Mouth: Slimy, thick, tenacious, white mucous, bitter taste, blisters on palate.
Averse from being spoken to Throat: Thick, yellow mucus, drops from posterior nares.
Objective: realistic, always adheres
Liver: Pain in the liver region, desire to lie on right side with legs curled up
to matter of fact
Dreams of fighting Respiratory system: Asthma in children asthma from grief, Must hold chest while coughing. Pain through lower left
Periodocity of complaints chest.
Weeping >open air Female genitalia: Leukorrhea yellowish green following gonorrhea.
<Damp weather<night air>open air Back: Itching while undressing. Violent pains in back of neck and at base of brain.
Natrum <Cellars<lying on left side>Warm Extremities: Arthritis of left hip<stooping<motion<rising from a seat
78 dry air Skin: Warts on hands, head, trunk, about anus, plantar warts
<Injuries to head<Lifting>Change of
<Every spring<Light yellow
light>Lying on back
<Music<Late evening>After dinner
<Vegetables,fruits<Cold food,
<Lying long in one
position<Wind>After stool
<Warm, wet, weather

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-vindictive by nature and has great outlets of the body Fears: CANCER, DEATH. IRRITABLE Head: BAND AROUND HEAD. Eruptions, herpes, warts, fissures on lips, esp. corners.
anxiety about health where the mucous AND PEEVISH, WORSE IN MORNING. Nose: CARIES OF MASTOID. NOSEBLEED, with chest affections. Chronic nasal catarrh, with yellow, offensive,
<<Hard person,>> suffering etched on
-nihilistic, pessimistic attitude about membrane and skin his face. <<Nihilistic attitude. Pessimism. CORROSIVE discharge
life and health meet Depression.>> <<Cursing.>> Angry at Ears: VERY SENSITIVE TO NOISE
-"unmoved by apologies", and may life. Mind (vermueln) INVETERATE, ILL- Eyes: Double vision; SHARP, STICKING PAINS
refuse to speak to family members WILLED, UNMOVED BY APOLOGIES; Gastro: craves fat, salty
for years OFFENDED; UNMOVED BY Rectum: hemorrhoids with great pain after BM. Stitching/splinter-like pain of rectum, rectal warts.
-can exhibit great tenderness & APOLOGIES. Impetuous during daytime. Extremities: cracks at the bends of joints, on fingers. Warts.
sympathy for others' pain Anger; over his mistakes; & trembling. Mouth: TONGUE CLEAN, RED AND WET WITH CENTER FURROW. ULCERS IN SOFT PALATE, WITH
WATCHING; from loss of sleep. Anxiety
Throat: White patches and SHARP POINTS, AS FROM SPLINTERS, on swallowing
during a thunderstorm. Anxiety from Respiratory: SHORT BREATH ON GOING UPSTAIRS
thinking about it. Delusions; thought he
was about to die. Discontented; with
79 Nitric Acid everything; with himself; > weeping.
Irritability when spoken to. Quarrelsome.
Restlessness after midnight. Sadness in
the morning. SENSITIVE; to all external
impressions; TO NOISE; to shrill sounds;
noise of stepping; to voices; to male
voices. Sympathetic.
Generalities: < TOUCH; JARRING; noise,
rattling. Motion. Milk. Fat food. After
eating. COLD; air. Dampness. Night.
Evening. Change of weather. Heat of bed.
Mental exertion or shock. Mercury. Loss
of sleep. Hot weather. > gliding motion.

From Bakir's Class Notes: Nerves (alkaloid) >warmth, <touch, <cold, <3am; Head: stroke: esp with paralysis of left side; headaches usually occipital / above eyes. with Lycopodium: Nux is not Abusive, drunkeness, during
Nervousness, workaholic, irritability, Liver (lifestyle / Stupefaction < in sun; > warm Face: face red, hot but tell you very chilly and need a lot of covers, hot outside, chilly inside cowardly inside; he is more rash Ailments from business failure.
coldness; chilliness, perfectionist, anger) room, sitting quietly or lying down. G.I.: constipation and audacious, more forceful and Ardent
hates things that are inefficient, Heart (emotions, > evening. Headache generally > Eyes: doesn't like light in am; can bleed from eyes when coughing expressive; more impulsive and Businessman, worn out
depressed, burnt out from work, sedentary) walking in open air; Ear: itchy Eus. Tube with desire to swallow; itchy ear with coryza explosive (eg. Nux as a kid is Delusion, bed, evening, someone get into and no
burned out easily by a little Nausea, > if he can only vomit; Nose: gets chills from overworking; Nux is common cold remedy: scratchy throat, heat in face; can't get mucus daring and mischievious). with room in it.
annoyance, easily addicted to 4"If I could only vomit, I would be out (the more they try the worse/irritable they get), coryza <with motion Sulphur: are opposites: nux is Delusion, bed, someone has sold it
stimulants, suicidal with knife, treats so much better." Stomach: pressure in stomach as if a stone clean and sulphur is dirty; Nux is Envy
family terribly, very sharp dresser, Headaches < emotions esp.anger, Bladder: renal colic < turning in bed, chilly and Sulphur is hot; Nux is Insanity, drunkenness, in
they are exact in any pain they feels, mental work, cold wind, spicy, ardent, vehement and Sulphur is Jealousy
deep sleep after seizure (epilepsy); fumes, odours From Vermulen / Boerke: irritable, zealous fiery temperament. Twitching and jerking. DIGESTIVE lazy and careless. with Malicious, spiteful, vindictive
Coughs: <exerting mind or DISTURBANCES; Bruised soreness; RAWNESS; Takes cold. Fainting, Haemorrhages. Great debility, & Chamomilla: similar: both are so Fear of poverty
thinking (keynote), <every other oversensitiveness of all the senses. Everything makes too strong an impression; Cannot bear noises, odours, sensitive, violent and intolerant of Quiet, desires repose and tranquility.
day; < every night after lying down light; Sullen fault-finding. Active. ANGRY AND IMPATIENT; can't stand pain; Nervous and excitable.; Violent; pain. Amongst the most jealous
Nux Vomica and so prevents sleep; <motion. CONCENTRATION DIFFICULT WHILE CALCULATING; Impossible to weep though sad; ANGER; WHEN remedies: Apis is busy and
(Typhoid) < tight clothing around chest < OBLIGED TO ANSWER; from interruption. Censorious. CONFUSION restless; Lachesis is sarcastic;
night < cold air < winter < emotion AFTER A CAROUSAL; FROM SPIRITUOUS LIQUOR. Cursing. Delusions; sees mutilated bodies. Hyoscyamus shameless and
Bladder: renal colic < turning in Fastidious. ABUNDANT IDEAS, CLEARNESS OF MIND, EVENING IN BED. Sudden impulse to foolish; vs. Nux which is
bed kill, for a slight offence. Kleptomania. Libertinism. Occupation ameliorates. Disposition to slander. quarrelsome along with being
< draft, uncovering, open air Sympathetic; UNCONSCIOUSNESS; Vertigo after dinner; FROM ODOURS; DURING jealous. with Hell., Lyc. from
< cold weather, cold air, dry cold, PARTURITION; during pregnancy; Vertigo, & momentary loss of consciousness; Vertigo after dinner; confusion: Nux frowns from
dry weather Headache in the sunshine; Headache in the morning in bed; felt before opening the eyes; in forehead; intense pain.
< windy and stormy weather as if head had been beaten with an axe; makes him stupid; Tension in forehead; Small painful
< debauchery swelling on the forehead; Stuffy colds, snuffles; stuffed up at night and outdoors; Red, swollen (face);
> after wet weather and stool Jaws; Mouth: bloody saliva; TASTE; BITTER; sour, bad in morning [though food and drink taste natural];
(means liver congestion) (throat):Rough, scraped feeling [as after heartburn]; Tickling;
(stomach): nausea in the morning, after eating. Weight and pain in stomach; < eating, some time after.;
Region of stomach very sensitive to pressure ; several hours after eating; & dullness of the head and
hypochondriacal mood. Loves fats; HICCOUGH; Vomiting of sour mucus; Weakness of abdominal ring
region; as if hernia would occur, or pain as if a hernia would become incarcerated. clothes oppress it.
For car, train or sea sickness. SKIN: variety of skin <winter SKIN: dry, pale, yellow, any skin disorders. Deep cracks, dirty, hard, rough, thickened, won’t heal, crusts, Abusive/quarrelsome after alcohol
Complaints following mental fright. disorders on skin, <mental fright burning/itching, redness, raw, cracks bleed easily. Cracks worse in winter. Anger in morning on waking
Skin disorders or skin, scalp, face, scalp, face, genitals. <car/train/sea sickness MIND: feels death is near and must hurry to settle affairs. Low spirited, dim sight. Worries, doesn't know why. Aversion to company/strangers
genitals. Herpes, vitilligo Mucous membranes. <dampness Fear. Restless sleep with frightful dreams. Quarrelsome after alcohol intake. Excitable temper. Irresolution (will Delusion body divided into two parts
Vertigo. Stomach, bowels. <cold and/or changing weather keep talking/dreaming about one thing). Sees and/or thinks objects are doubled (ie one limb is double). Talking about only one subject
Catarrh of stomach, bowels. Mind. <thunderstorms EARS: skin d/o of/around ear.
For long lasting, deep seated <cabbage EYES: dim sight, dryness, loss of lashes, Marginal blepharitis.
wasting diseases. <touch FOOD: hunger immediately after stool. Desires beer. Aversion to meat, fats, cooked/hot foods. Worse from
>warm dry weather, summer. cabbage.
>after eating. HEAD: falling hair, moist eruptions on scalp. Sensitive scalp like cold breeze blowing on it.
81 Petroleum
LIMBS: rough cracked fingertips, fissured in winter.
MALE: sweaty, herpetic, inflamed, swollen, itchy genitals/prostate.
FEMALE: sore, moist dry genitals.
NOSTRILS: ulcerated, cracked, burn.
RECTUM: itching anus after stool.
STOMACH: nausea, motion/sea sickness. Must get up at night to eat, ravenous hunger.
VERTIGO on rising, like motion/sea sickness.

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Fear something bad will happen mucous membranes, < Fasting Head: coldness of the occiput
Anxiety when alone > company nerves, cavities, < lying on left side Nose: epistaxis most commonly in children – bright red blood
Fears – Alone, Dark, Death, blood vessels < spicy foods, warm foods, salt Mouth: dry, smooth red tongue,
Thunderstorms, < lying on left side circulation < Rubbing affected park Teeth: Excessive bleeding after dental extraction, bleeding gums
Clairvoyent < at twilight Throat: Hoarseness – can get as bad as laryngitis
Lots of heat > cold > Sleep GI: Peptic ulcer, hematemesis, Gastritis with n/v > cold drinks, Appetite ravenous, Appetite increases with
When bleeding – bright red blood > eating headache
82 Phosphorus
Sympathetic > drinking cold drinks Food and Drink Craves: chocolate, ice cream or cold foods, Salty, Spicy, Rice, Milk, Alcohol (esp. Wine), Aversion
Hemorrhagic tendency from any to sweets, Tremendous thirst for cold drinks
wound – hemophilia Urogenital: Increased sex drive, uterine fibroids, metorrhagia with bright red blood, ovarian cysts
Easily dehydrated Rectum: very fetid stools and flatus, great weakness after stools
Debility and collapsed states Chest: Recurring chest infections, pneumonia, lingering tickling coughs
MSK: numbness of fingers
Sleep: sleeps well right side < left
For conditions obtained from grief or Mind < morning Mind:
disappointed love Nerves < masturbation, sexual excess Wants nothing and cares for nothing
Mental debility leading to physical Sexual system < loss of fluids Indifferent to those things that used to interest her the most
debility Bones < fatigue Sadness from masturbation
Young people who grow rapidly and > warmth
are over stimulated mentally and Head:
physically *Conditions: young people who Bones in skull feel as if someone had scraped the swollen tender periosteum with a knife.
Weak and fatigued are growing too fast. Best suited Pressure on vertex
Wants nothing and cares for nothing to persons of originally strong
(flat affect) constitutions, who have become Eyes:
Ailments from disappointed love and debilitated by loss of vital fluids, As if eye balls were forcibly pressed together and into head
silent grief sexual excesses, violent acute Blue rings around eyes
Phosphorus Slowness disease, chagrin, or a long
Acidum Sense of pressure in different areas succession of moral emotions, as Food and Drink:
of the body grief, care, disappointed affection. Faintness after eating
*All symptoms are due to the patient
experiencing some type of grief or Rectum:
mental ailment in the past (collapse Profuse, painless, dirty white, watery or lienteric stool; but little debility
states from grief, illness, drug or Rumbling with diarrhea
alcohol abuse)
Large quantities of colourless urine
Frequent urination during chill or fever

aching, soreness, restlessness, glands right side Mind: Weeping at night; during menses
prostration MAMMARY general agg at night and in wet > open air
syphilitic bone pain tonsils weather Eyes: Smarting.
chronic rheumatism tendons, joints & Pains > open air Abundant lachrymation, hot.
SORENESS muscles RHEUMATISM OF FIBROUS Ears: Pain in both ears < swallowing.
HARD ACHING NECK and back TISSUES. SORE, ACHING, Nose: flow of mucous one nostril. From posterior nares.
aching scar tissue, fibrous BRUISED FEELING ALL OVER Face: Mumps.
aching in kidneys, back, neck, below tissue THE BODY, CAUSING THE Mouth: teething children with the irresistible desire to bite the teeth together. red tip tongue. Pain in root of
knees periosteum PATIENT TO GROAN, AND tongue.
bluish-red parts THROAT WHILE, LIKE Rhus-t HE FEELS Throat: Dark red or bluish red. throat feels rough, narrow, hot, tonsils swollen, esp. right. shooting pain into ears
84 Phytolacca rheumatism; after tonsilitis digestive tract AS IF HE MUST MOVE, THE on swallowing. cannot swallow anything hot. throat feels very hot; pain at root of tongue extending to ear. Quinsy;
discharges are stringy; shreddy everything affects the ACT OF MOVING GREATLY < tonsils and fauces swollen, Follicular pharyngitis Sensation of hot ball in throat Throat pain < warm drinks, > cold
mammae ALL HIS PAINS AND drinks
SORENESS. Urinary: pain in kidney region
WORSE: Rising from bed Male: Shooting along perenium to penis.
motion Female: mammae hard and very sensitive hard nodes pain goes from nipple all over body; all over back Swollen
hot drinks breasts neither heals, nor suppurates; is of a purple hue and "hard as old cheese"
exposure to damp, cold weather Extremities: Pains fly like electric shocks Aching of heels > elevating feet Right arm numb and tingling
or changes of weather Rheumatic pains in the arms, esp. about the attachment of the deltoid muscles
BETTER: lying on abdomen or left Skin: Disposition to boils
side. rest. dry weather. warmth. Venereal buboes
open air. cold drinks.

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CRAVES POWER; materialistic, Nervous system AGG: TOUCH, COLD, motion, Mind: Mental depression; fear of being assassinated; unable to find proper word while talking; weakness of Mind; DELIRIUM; wild (24) ***
indulgent; may lead to boredom, GI company, night time, lying on L memory for expressing oneself Mind; UNCONSCIOUSNESS, coma; general;
apathy, depression, mental dullness; side (palpitations), mental exertion, Skin: LACK of perspiration convulsions; during; epileptic (44) ***
PARALYSIS and emaciation of AMEL: HARD PRESSURE, Head: Heaviness in head (esp. in cerebellum); hair very dry; falls from beard and eyebrows; Mouth; DISCOLORATION; bluish; gums; line on
limbs; muscles, esp. wrist extensors rubbing, exercise, rest, lying down, Eyes: Yellow or deep bluish-red sclerae; suppurative inflammation; margin (2) ***
ATHEROSCLEROSIS; cerebral stretching limbs, being alone Face: pale and cachectic, twitches of face Mouth; DISCOLORATION; purple; gums;
vasculature; Concomitants: Chest: Angina pectoris, palpitations < lying on L side, drawing paints in chest margins (1) ***
COLIC: pain >from leaning - CONSTIPATION; Abdomen: Excessive colic, radiating to all parts of body; drawing sensation in abdomen (umbilicus) Abdomen; ILEUS, obstruction of bowels;
- Urine suppressed;
backwards; Extremities: Thickened and contracted tendons in palms; sharp, shooting neuralgic pain in lower limbs general; intussusception (29) ***
- Cold with anxiety;
TREMOR, spasm, twitching of Generalities: Craves salty foods; allergy to eggs and fish. Abdomen; PAIN; radiating; all parts of body, to
- Paralyses preceded by impaired
muscles (esp arm and hand, wrist mental fxn (can’t find the right word, (1) ***
extensors); is anxious and restless, sad) and Rectum; CONSTRICTION, closure, contraction;
Scholten: (Gold series, stage 14) physical sx's (trembling, spasms, general; painful (29) ***
Craves power; FEARS loss of shooting pains, violent H/A’s, Rectum; PARALYSIS; general (81) ***
85 Plumbum power; unable to move with the dimness of sight); Stool; BALLS, like; black (7) ***
times; very soon overthrown; loses - Pain causes desire to stretch Bladder; RETENTION of urine; general; colic,
control and decision making ability Sensations: during (4) ***
Neatby: Leading Indications - Pains--radiating to all parts of the Extremities; EMACIATION; parts; paralyzed (5)
- PARALYSIS of muscles; esp wrist body; neuralgic, enteralgia, colicky, ***
extensors crampy, constricting, cutting, Extremities; EMACIATION; upper limbs (22) ***
- COLIC; with retraction of navel; griping, pinching; Extremities; PARALYSIS; general; muscles;
with constipation - Drawing/retracting (like string extensor (7) ***
- CONSTIPATION; dry hard balls; drawing umbilicus to spine); Extremities; PARALYSIS; general; upper limbs;
spasmodic, contraction of rectum - Paralysis wrists; muscles, extensor (4) ***
and sphincter ani Etiology/causalities: Extremities; TREMBLING; general; upper limbs;
- Suppressed eruptions. Sexual hands; writing; agg. (43) ***
excess. Skin; DISCOLORATION; blackish (35) ***

Gastroenteritis and colicky pain and duodenum, rectum, < 2am to 4am Eyes: half-closed, yellow. intense desire to press gums
bilious vomiting. sm intestines, liver Mind: loquacity and delerium from eating acid fruits, depression of spirits. together (phytol.)
Stool is watery, jelly-like mucus, Nose: soreness, little pustules in nose. thirst for large quantities of cold
painless and profuse. Face: hot, flushed cheeks during diarrhea; yellow discoloration. water (bry.)
Remedy for a bilious constitution. Mouth: intense desire to press gums together; tongue is broad, large, moist, has burning sensation. grind teeth at alternating consitpation with
Alternating conidtions: diarrhea and night, difficult dentition, loss of taste, bitter/sour taste diarrhea (ant. crud.)
Podophyllum consitpation, headache and Head: H/A alternating with diarrhea, rolling of head from side to side. Female: pain in uterus and r.
peltatum diarrhea. ovary with shifting noises along ascending colon. prolapsed uteri.
Stomach: hot, sour, belching; N/V.
Abdomen: sensation of weakness or sinking, better rubbing part. Distended with heat and empitness.
Rectum: long-standing diarrhea - early in morning, during teething, with hot, glowing cheeks. Prolapse of rectum.
Diarrhea: fetid, profuse, greeen, water, gushing.
Extremeties: pain betw shoulders, under r. scapula. Pain in r. inguinal region, shoots down inner thighs to knees.
Paralytic weakness on l. side.
Extreme sensitivities to cold, easily Skin (especially skin < cold, open air, washing, Head: pain symptoms preceeding by visual disturbances
chilled (ddx nux-v); Debility; Lack of folds); Sebaceous changing weather, stormy Eyes: chronic ophthalmia, constantly recurring
reaction in chronic disease; Filthy, glands; Ears; weather, heat, suppressions (of Ears: raw, red, oozing scabs around the ears. offensive dischanrges from exzema around ears, intolerable
offensive bodily secretions and Bowels; Repiratory eruptions); >lying with head low, itching, most fetid pus from ears, ottorrhea
discharges; Desire to wash body; system eating, wasting, pressure, Nose: dry coryza, hay fever, chronic catarrh
Weak and tender; Melancholy, sweating, warm clothing even in Face: Humid eruption on the face, dirty skin
anxiety, suicidal tendency; Despair the summer; Conditions: psoric Mouth: fowl/bitter taste in mouth
from itching of skin; Persistent constitutions, unhealthy looking Throat: Eradicates tendency to peritonsillar abcess (or quinsy)
thoughts of ideas which first individuals who are “dirty” and Food & Drink: very hungry always, must have something to eat in the middle of the night. appetite ravenous
appeared to him in his dreams; have an offensive smell about during pregnancy, generally < fasting
Anxiety about salvation and riding them which no washing can Rectum: bloody and excessive fetid stools, dark fluid, constipation of infants, dark, gushing, horribly putrid stools
87 Psorinum downhill; Forsaken feeling; improve. Winter = cough, of penetrating odor
Gestures: wringing of hands; Summer = diarrhea, slight Female: leucorrhea that is fetid, lumpy with associated backache
Irritability and weeping when waking emotions = severe ailments Respiration: < in open air
at night Cough: worse in the mornings when awaking and in the evenings on lying down
Chest: ulceration under sternum
Upper Limbs: eruption around fingernails
Sleep: sleepless from intolerable itching
Skin: dirty looking as if patient never washed, skin in some places looks coarse as if bathed in oil, intolerable
itching, suppressed eruptions

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Female remedy-esp for mild, gentle Mind Heaviness, numbness Vertigo: must lie down
yeilding disposition Veins Thirstless, peevish, chilly & SOB Head: scalding lachrymation of affected side. Headache from overwork. Dullness of the head, and bruised
Symptoms ever changing Mucous Membranes Feeling of dicomfort over whole sensation in forehead.Headache from fats. Pressive pain in forehead above the orbits, < raising eyes.
Apparently contradictory body after rising- disappears on Eyes: Thick, profuse, yellow, bland discharges. Lids inflamed, agglutinated. Styes. Itching, biting, and burning in
Weeps at everything- happy or sad moving the lids and canthi, in the evening. Profuse lachrymation in the wind or open air. Dark before the eyes in the
Patient seeks the open air, > by Consolation ameliorates morning on rising, and on going into a warm room.
Discharges thick, bland and Remorse, forsaken feeling in the Nose: Frequent sneezing; nostrils sore, wings raw; later, yellowish-green discharge; < indoors; & chilliness, pale
yellowish-green evening face, confusion of head, frontal headache.
Symptoms one side or go to side Delusion she is alone in the world Face: Frequently licks the dry lips; BUT DOES NOT DRINK. Crack in middle of lower lip.
lain on Anxiety and uneasiness in bed, Mouth: Dry mouth, without thirst. Yellow or white tongue, covered with a tenacious mucus. Alterations of taste.
must uncover Much sweet saliva.
Envy, jealousy Throat: Food lodges in throat.
Insanity during climacteric period Stomach: Aversion to fat food, warm food and drink. taste of food remains a long time. Flatulence. Thirstlessness,
88 Pulsatilla Ailments from excessive joy bitter taste. Gnawing distress in stomach, as from hunger. Sensation as if having taken too much food, which
WORSE, from heat, sun, rich fat rises into the mouth, as if one would vomit. Scraping sensation in stomach and
food, after eating, towards oesophagus, like a heartburn.
evening, warm room, lying on left Abdomen: Flatus moves about in abdomen, esp. in evening; in bed Chilliness extending around from
or on painless side, when allowing abdomen to lower part of back. Pressure in abdomen, and small of back, as from a stone; limbs go to
feet to hang down. sleep while sitting; ineffectual desire to stool. Drawing, tearing or bearing-down pains in abdomen, like
BETTER, open air, motion, before labour pains.
menses, cold applications, cold Rectum: Two or three normal stools daily. No two stools alike.
food and drinks, though not Urine: increased desire, < lying down.
Acts upon muscular tissue and skin Muscular tissue Sensitive to cold air and touch MIND:Cowardice; Restlessness at night; Worse thinking of complaints; Weeping in the evening Ran-a
with most char. Effects on chest Skin – serous Left side NOSE:Hayfever Ran-s
walls membranes Pains stitching, shooting FOOD & DRINK:Removal of bad effects of alcohol Phos (pressure and smarting in
One of the best remedies for Chest walls (i.e. Bruised, soreness – as of deep ABDOMEN: Stitches in hepatic region, arresting breath & stitches; Pressure on top of right shoulder; Pain in back, eyeballs)
removal of bad effects of alcohol – pleurodynia) ulceration; sore spots lassitude and ill humor Agar and Phos (burning spots in
i.e. delirium tremens, spasmodic Nerves – (i.e. chronic WORSE: AIR; damp; cold; RESPIRATION: Rattling back)
hiccup, gastritis sciatica) Change of temperature and CHEST: Soreness, as if bruised in sternum – Worse: touch, motion or turning body; in wet stormy weather; Acon and Arn (exposure to cold or
Causes: anger; change of position; motion of arms Chilliness in chest when walking in open air; Difficult respiration on external coldness – Coldness of chest when heat)
temperature or weather; injury; walking in open air; Stitches in chest – Worse: stooping, inspiration or touch; pressure and tightness across lower Bry (worse touch and motion- bry
alcohol part of chest – “stitches every change of weather”; Intercostal rheumatism; Pleurisy of pneumonia from sudden is better lying on painful side
exposure to cold when overheated; Sore spots after pneumonia – Herpes zoster preceded or followed by where Ran-b is worse)
intercostals neuralgia Rhus-t (worse wet stormy weather)
89 BACK: Muscular pain along lower margin [inner edge] of l. scapula Querc (effects of alcohol)
SKIN: Burning and intense itching – Worse: touch; Herpetic eruptions – Herpes zoster: bluish vesicles Puls (headache at vertex; tearful
mood; worse change of
temperature; sore spots in chest
after pneumonia)
Chel (pain in l. scapula)
Ars, Mez and Rhus-t (herpes

The effects on SKIN, RHEUMATIC Joints, tendons, Tearing-aunder pains and STIFF, MIND; Thoughts of suicide, extreme restlessness and constant change of position, Great apprehension at night,
PAINS, MUCOUS MEMBRANE sheaths, > with motion, Sore, can't remain in bed. Sad anxious depressed Easily Vexed. DWELLS ON PAST DISAGREEABLE OCCURANCES
Make this remedy frequently loose, burning, swelling and OUT OF BED; CAUSELESS WEEPING, WITHOUT KNOWING WHY
Rhus indicated Right affected more than lividity. > with motion NIGHTLY HEAD; < wetting hair.
toxicodendron Left. Enflamed skin with white SHOOTING, STITCHING, VERTIGO; staggering as if intoxicated THROAT; Dry, sore
MOTION AND HEAT Disposition to SKIN; The cold air is not tolerated, it makes the skin painful, eczema around face with oedema and more they
sprain from lifting heavy things scratch the greater the urgency to scratch. ITCHING>HOT WATER

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Numerous and varied, neither fixed Mucous membranes: DRY COUGH < with slightest cold Chest: Pain in Left breast after meals, flatulence, RAW PAIN UNDER LEFT CLAVICLE and pain under right Caust (raw sensation in larynx &
nor constant pains larynx, trachea, air; TEASING cough preventing breast sternum trachea with cough & release of
Cough remedy for incessant, THROAT PIT, sleep, < TALKING, < PRESSURE Back: Pain under right scapula urine)
teasing, tickling in THROAT PIT or bowels Cough > if entire body & head Respiratory: Nose dry, copious mucous discharge from nose & trachea, LUMP IN THROAT Sulph
by touching throat Skin: intense itchy covered with sheets Nervousness: hypersensitiveness, to cold air, drafts; uncovering Bell (Cough starts in fauces)
Voice hoarseness from cold skin ESPECIALLY Agg: PROFUSE brown, watery, diarrhoea EARLY IN MORNING Phos (Cough starts in bronchi)
Respiration asthmatic from lower extremities (ie. < Eating; Cannot eat meat--> Nose: Dry, copious catarhh
temperature change Itchy anus as if stick causes eructations, pruritus ST: Tongue sore @ edges; coated, hard substance in pit of ST, hiccough, nausea
Nasal catarhh; thin watery, in rectum; piles); < Fruit Lymphatics: enlarged
COPIOUS, possible epistaxis itchy from exposure < EtOH cause jaundice Chronic gastritis; aching pain in ST shooting to chest & throat pit; < motion or talking
91 Rumex Crispus Old remedy for phthisis (TB) to cold air from < Morning
Digestive & skin problems undressing < Restlessness in evening
ESPECIALLY from undressing or Nerves < Lying down
uncovering Left side, chest, area < Uncovering (ie. dressing)
of heart < Change of temperature
Jts, ankles < Changing rhythm of breathing
> Mouth covered
> Warmth (either from covering,
warmth of bed)

Dissatisfaction with himself and Fibrous tissues WORSE: Overexertion [injury; Mind: anxiety from doubt about success,
others. Cartilage sprains]. suspicious of best friends
Imagined he was always being Periosteum Cold [air; wind; damp; wet]. Head: pain from looking fixedly at anything
deceived. Uterus Lying. Sitting. Eyes: pain, burning from exertion of eyes
92 Ruta graveolens Violent, unquenchable thirst for ice- Skin BETTER: Lying on back Vision: green halo around lights
cold water. [backache]. Nose: pain as if pressing, epitaxis
Lameness after sprains Warmth. Motion. Daytime Stomach: tension > milk
Bruised, sore, aching and restless Female: menses copious
Limbs: numbness, pain as if broken, sore, bruised
producing coryza and symptoms like mucous membrane Fever: CHILL, INTERMITTENT Head: vertigo, THINKING produces h/a and sleeplessness LACH: sore throat worse on left
CHILLINESS, sensitive to cold lachrymal glands LACHRYMATION, Thirstless Nose: SPASMODIC SNEEZING WITH RUNNING NOSE, CORYZA, lachrymation with sneezing, inflammation of
Delusions that he is very sick (parts CHILLNESS; sensitive to cold mucous memb. (acute, pollen irritaion), SEVER FRONTAL PAINS
are shrunken, she is pregnant, has CORYZA is copious, fluent, Throat: Sensation of a lump in throat with CONSTANT necessity to swallow, dryness, tickling sensation
ILLUSION THAT SHE HAS SOME Sneezing: SPASMODIC, Rectum: Crawling itching at anus; alternating with itching in nose and ears
NO THIRST Sorness of throat BEGINS ON
Desire for HOT THINGS, milk, LEFT SIDE
SWEETISH tastein mouth wrapped up
NERVES are affected (weakness, > AIR, COOL, OPEN, eating
nervousness, and startling) < cold and cold drink, full moon,
Worms: ascaris lumbricoides THINKING OF SYMPTOMS
Children's diarrhea Condition worsens periodically:
every week, same hour, forenoon

ASTHMA Respiratory organs Profuse sweat Nose: snuffles of infants

PROFUSE SWEAT Increased secretion of skin and of Food & drink: profuse general sweat without thirst
respiratory Mucous membranes Respiration: child awakes suddenly, nearly suffocating, sits up, turns blue; can't expire; asthma and suffocative
Constant fretfulness attacks; patient may be well enough while awake but sleeps into the trouble; ASTHMA AND PROFUSE SWEAT
Anxiety at night and on waking Cough: suffocative, coming on about midnight; SUDDEN SUFFOCATION or stangling cough on falling asleep
94 Sambucus Nigra Mistakes in writing Heart: angina pectoris
Heat: profuse sweat on waking
Sweat: profuse, all over, during waking hours; without thirst

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Right sided remedy. Right side (liver, < with sun, periodically, Head: Right. Settles over eyes, esp. right. Veins and temples are distended.Congestion of blood to the head, &
Warm blooded. head). climacteric. Odours. Right side, whizzing in the ears and flushes of heat. Headache & nausea and chilliness, followed by flushes of heat,
Craving for spicy and pungent. Vasomotor nerves. motion, touch. extending from head to stomach. Headache during the climacteric.
Sensitive to odours. > sleep, acids, darkness, Face: Redness and burning of cheeks. Hectic flush.
Ebullitions (to head, chest, eructations and flatus. Nose: Nasal polypi. Dry. Pain at root of nose.
abdomen, etc). Respiratory: Cough of gastric origin. Rust coloured sputum. After whooping cough. Severe dyspnea.
Burning sensations. Extremities: Burning in soles and palms.
Acrid discharges. Fever: Flushes of heat rising into face and head.
95 Fluctuation of symptoms.
Sensation as if eyes would be
pressed out.
Pain in right deltoid/ shoulder.
Sudden stopping of catarrh of
respiratory tract followed by
Symptoms ascend or end in bilious
Enuresis, Seasickness, n/a WORSE, MOVING ARMS Head- profuse sweat on occiput During sleep. Photophobia. Soreness behind ears Throat – Thick, ropy, ABROT ALUM CALC SIL SULPH
Constipation, Rickets BACKWARDS >right side lying tenacious mucus Mouth – burning tongue, protrude to keep cool. Ring worm on tongue Stomach – N/V/car-ride.
Thirst, drink little and often Rectum – Stools large, heavy and painful. Partial expulsion with great strain. Very
96 Sanicula
offensive odor/color after eating. Female – leucorrhea smells like fish, old cheese. Vagina Feels large.
Back – dislocated feeling in sacrum >right side lying Extremeties – Burning soles, offensive foot sweat. Cold,
Clammy sweat.Skin – Dirty Greasy, brownish, wrinkled. Eczema fissured hands/fingers
Desire to UNCOVER Muscles [blood Worse: WARMTH; covering; of all Head: Passive, congestive pain (rises from back of head), with pale face. Falling of hair NOSEBLEED, dark, Compare: ERGOTIN. (Beginning
RESTLESSNESS (compare Ars.) vessels; UTERUS]. affected parts. During menses. oozing. arteriosclerosis progressing rather
Very HOT but skin COLD to touch BLOOD. RIGHT Pregnancy. Loss of fluids. Warm Eyes: Pupils dilated.EYES SUNKEN AND SURROUNDED BY A BLUE MARGIN. rapidly. Increased blood pressure: 2x
ATHEROSCLEROSIS. SIDE. drinks; before menses. After Face: PALE, PINCHED, SUNKEN. Cramps commence in face and spread over whole body. Livid spots on face. trit. Edema, gangrene and purpura
hemorrhagia; when Secale, though
Desire for sweets and SUGAR. eating. Drawing up the limbs. SPASMODIC DISTORTION.
indicated, fails); PEDICULARIS
THIRST; craves acids. Better: Cold; bathing; Mouth: Tongue dry, CRACKED; BLOOD LIKE INK EXUDES, coated thick; viscid, yellowish, cold livid, swollen, CANADENSIS (symptoms of
GREEN pus [boils, carbuncles, uncovering; cold air. Rocking. paralyzed. TINGLING OF TIP OF TONGUE, WHICH IS STIFF. locomotor ataxia; spinal irritation);
leucorrhoea]. Forcible extension; stretching out Stomach:UNNATURAL RAVENOUS APPETITE; CRAVES acids. THIRST unquenchable. vomiting of blood and BRASSICA NAPUS - Rape-seed -
Persistent epistaxis in drunkards the limbs. Rubbing. After vomiting. coffee-grounds fluid. Burning in stomach. Eructations of bad odor. (dropsical swellings, scorbutic mouth,
[main remedy]. Stool: OLIVE-GREEN, THIN, PUTRID, BLOODY, WITH ICY COLDNESS AND INTOLERANCE OF BEING voracious appetite, tympanitis,
Formication in the extremities [main COVERED, WITH GREAT EXHAUSTION. INVOLUNTARY STOOLS; no sensation of passing faeces, anus wide dropping of nails, gangrene);
remedy]. open. CINNAMON.; COLCH.; ARS.;
A useful remedy for old people with Urine: Retention, with unsuccessful urging. Discharge of black blood from bladder. Enuresis in old people. AURUM MUR. 2x (locomotor ataxia);
shriveled skin - thin, scrawny old Female: BROWNISH, OFFENSIVE LEUCORRHOEA. Menses irregular, copious, dark; CONTINUOUS OOZING AGROSTEMA - Corn cockle - active
97 Secale Cornutum women. All the Secale conditions OF WATERY BLOOD until next period. Threatened abortion about the THIRD month. [SAB.] During labor no constituent is SAPONIN, which
causes violent sneezing and sharp
are BETTER FROM COLD; the expulsive action, though everything is relaxed. After-pains. Suppression of milk; breasts burning taste; burning in stomach,
whole body is pervaded by a sense do not fill properly. Dark, offensive lochia extends to oesophagus, neck and
of great heat. Hemorrhages; Chest: Angina pectoris. Dyspnoea and oppression, with cramp in diaphragm. breast; (vertigo, headache, difficult
continued oozing; THIN, fetid, Sleep: Profound and long. Insomnia with restlessness, fever, anxious dreams. INSOMNIA OF DRUG locomotion, burning sensation);
ANXIETY, EMACIATION, THOUGH Back: Spinal irritation, tingling of lower extremities; can bear only slightest covering. LOCOMOTOR (dilated os, little pain, no progress.
APPETITE AND THIRST MAY BE ATAXIA. Dose, 1/2 c. c., repeat in half hour, if
EXCESSIVE. Facial and abdominal Extremities: Trembling, staggering gait. Formication, pain and spasmodic movements. Fingers and necessary. Hypodermically
muscles twitch. Secale decreases feet bluish, shriveled, SPREAD APART OR BENT BACKWARDS, numb. VIOLENT CRAMPS. ICY contraindicated in first stage of labor,
the flow of pancreatic juice by raising valvular lesions or deformed pelvis).
Antidotes: CAMPH.; OPIUM.
the blood pressure. Skin: Raynaud's disease. Blue color. DRY GANGRENE, developing slowly. VARICOSE ULCERS.
BURNING SENSATION; better by cold; Slight wounds continue to bleed. Boils, small, painful, with
green contents; mature slowly. GREAT AVERSION TO HEAT. FORMICATION UNDER SKIN.

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LOTS OF SUPPURATION. Stimulates body to head, summer; in wet or humid SENSITIVE to all impressions.
STIMULATES BODY TO EXPEL expel foreign objects weather. Obstinate, headstrong children.
FOREIGN OBJECTS. such as splinters, WORSE, new moon, in morning, LACKS SELF CONFIDENCE.
ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR etc. from washing, during menses, YEILDING.
SWEAT ABOUT THE HEAD, OPEN NAILS. lying down, damp, lying on left PROFUSE SWEAT OF HEAD, offensive, and extends to neck.
Imperfect assimilation and STYES.
consequent defective nutrition. EARS ROARING IN EARS.
Diseases of bones, caries and NOSE DRY CRUSTS BLEED WHEN LOOSENED.
Can stimulate the organism to re- DIFFICULT DENTITION.
absorb fibrotic conditions and scar- THROAT PRICKING PAIN IN TONSIL.
98 Organic changes; it is deep and slow STOMACH DISGUST FOR WARM FOOD.
feeling of coldness before an attack. FISTULA IN ANO.
Keloid growth. Fissures and hemorrhoids, PAINFUL, WITH SPASM OF SPHINCTER.
large head, open fontanelles and CONSTIPATION ALWAYS BEFORE AND DURING MENSES.
Silica sutures, distended abdomen, slow in FEMALE ACRID LEUKORRHEA DURING URINATION.
walking. Increased menses with PAROXYSMS OF ICY COLDNESS OVER WHOLE BODY.

It is related to all pustulous EXTREMETIES AFFECTIONS OF FINGER NAILS, especially if white spots on nails.
Ripens abscesses since it promotes and axillae.
Silica patient is cold, chilly, hugs the SLEEP NIGHT WALKING.
fire, wants plenty warm clothing, GREAT SLEEPINESS IN EVENING and after eating.
99 hates drafts, hands and feet cold, FEVER SUFFERING PARTS FEEL COLD.
worse in winter. Lack of vital heat. SKIN FELONS, ABSCESSES, BOILS, OLD FISTULOUS ULCERS.
Great sensitiveness to taking cold. CRIPPLED NAILS.
Ailments attended with PUS
FORMATION. Epilepsy.
WANT OF GRIT, moral or physical.
Violent audible palpitation, sensitive Heart, Eye, Nervous AMELIORATION: lying on right HEAD: PAIN FROM BENEATH FRONTAL EMINENCE AND TEMPLES, extending to EYES. Semi-lateral,
to touch, headache pain from System side with head high; inspiring involving left eye; pain violent, throbbing; worse, making a false step. Pain as if a band around head. Vertigo,
beneath frontal eminence and AGG:touch, motion, noise, hearing exalted, pressing in the vertext worse stooping lying and talking
temples, severe pain in and around turning, washing, concussion EYES: Feel too large; PRESSIVE PAIN ON TURNING THEM. Pupils dilated; photophobia; rheumatic ophthalmia.
eyes extending deep into the socket Discharge through posterior SEVERE PAIN IN AND AROUND EYES, EXTENDING DEEP INTO SOCKET. Ciliary neuralgia, a true neuritis.
nares, foul odor from mouth, parts NOSE: DISCHARGE THROUGH POSTERIOR NARES. CHRONIC CATARRH, with post-nasal dropping of bland
feel chilly mucus could cause choking at night.
morning until sunset.
MOUTH: FOUL ODOR FROM MOUTH. Offensive taste, white frothy saliva, mouth dry upon waking and stings
100 Spigella Teeth: toothache in evening after smoking
RESPIRATORY: must lie on right side with head high, dyspnea worse moving in bed
HEART: VIOLENT PALPITAION (AUDIBLE). Violent beating of heart in morning after waking, Precordial pain and
great aggravation from movement. Neuralgia . Craving for hot water which relieves.
Rheumatic carditis, trembling pulse; whole left side sore.

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Cough, croup Respiratory < DRY, COLD; wind. Roused from Face: Pale from exercise. Terrified; anxious expression; with bloated, red or bluish face. Heat of face. Cold Acon.
Affects HEART, esp. valves; larynx; Heart sleep. Exertion > eating and sweat on face. Makes faces while coughing
trachea; and glands, esp. ductless. drinking (esp. cough). Warm Throat: Goitre, with suffocative attacks (at night). Burning and stinging. In throat when coughing and speaking.
Feels stuffed up Things. Resting in horizontal clears throat constantly. Food & Drink - Excessive thirst, great hunger.
position Anxiety Abdomen: Cramps in abdomen; pinching colic. Colic: before menses.
and fear. Every excitement Male: Swelling of spermatic cord and testes with pain and tenderness. Orchitis. Epididymitis. Fistulous spening
increases cough in scrotum, with little thick white discharge. Voluptuous itching at tip of glans penis urging him to rub the part
Despair during Female: Before menses, pain in sacrum, hunger, palpitations. During menses, wakes with suffocative spells.
heat Menses too early and too profuse
Fear of heart disease Respiration: Short, panting, difficult; is flushed and frightened to death. Suffocation, as from a plug, valve or leafe
101 Spongia Tosta in larynx; wakes him; with violent painful palpitation and blue lips; Asthma. Breaths as if through a sponge
Cough: Wheezing, asthmatic, worse cold air; with profuse expectoration and suffocation; worse lying with head
low and in hot room; in bronchial catarrh. HOLLOW; BARKING; CROWING; SAWING. From
feeling of accumulation of mucus and weight in chest. Hollow remaining after croup. Worse wet
weather; better frosty weather.

A slow acting remedy. Corresponds spleen, heart, kidney, Worse: Early morning. Motion. mind: inclnation to sit
to ailments requiring several days to mucous membranes Uncovering. Inspiration. Old Nose: Sneezing & coughing. Acrid, corrosive, fluent coryza in the morning, & sneezing and lachrymation.
reach their maximum of respiratory and people. Coughing. Face: Child rubs face with fist during cough
Persistent, dull, rheumatic pains digestive tract Better: Rest. Sitting up. mouth:Taste; sweet; of food, esp. soup and meat; bread tastes bitter.
permeate the body. A spleen Expectoration, even a small Respiratory
medicine; stitches under left floating quantity. Short, dry cough; & sneezing and irritation of throat; must take a deep breath. Dyspnoea & stitches in chest
ribs. Important heart and kidney and painful contraction of abdominal muscles. Violent, furious, exhausting cough & much mucus; profuse, salty,
medicine. Broncho-pneumonia and slimy expectoration; & involuntary spurting of urine and sneezing. Cough provoked by taking a deep breath or
asthma. Acts esp. on mucous cold drinks, from exertion, change from warm to cold air. Cough of measles. COUGH; stubborn, dry, rattling;
membranes of the respiratory and disturbs sleep; & heat; ends in gagging. Cough aggravated morning and evening. Dry cough, always followed by
Squilla maritima; digestive tracts, and also upon the the need to clear the nose. Expectoration; easy; difficult; of small round balls; of sweetish taste; white or reddish;
102 Sea Onion; Red kidneys. Valuable in chronic offensive. Cough; & enlarged spleen or pain in spleen. Loose morning cough is more severe than dry evening
Squill bronchitis of old people; & mucous cough.
rales, dyspnoea, and scanty urine.
Exudations and profuse secretions.
Dropsy & profuse urine. Gurgling.
Action is just like Dig.; follows Dig.
when it fails to relieve dropsical
conditions. Stretching and yawning,
without sleepiness. Great weakness
and weariness of the whole body.
Excoriation in bends of limbs.

Weakness, worse slight exertion, Nervous system. Specifically for cases of weakness Mind: discouraged, anxious, nervous, sad, can't answer questions from weakness, changeable mood, Gelsemium - weakness, Head: PAIN: increasing: gradually: decreasing:
worse talking, better lying. and depletion, especially when suspicious. tiredness, tremulousness, gradually:
Respiratory organs associated with respiratory Vertigo: when descending neuralgia and headache. Larynx: VOICE: weak:
Headache with gradual onset and (mucous diosorders. Head: pain worse motion; gradually increasing and decreasing. Laurocerasus - chest troubles Cough: LAUGHING: agg.:
fading. membranes). Mouth: difficult, weak speech, from weakness, especially in chest. and fatigue, poor recovery from Expectoration: TASTE: sweetish:
Stomach:sensation of emptiness in stomach, FEELING OF HUNGER BUT CAN'T EAT. NAUSEA OR respiratory infections, general Expectoration: COPIOUS:
Respiration difficult or weak; Chest Most common occurrence for this VOMITING FROM ODOUR OF COOKING FOOD. depletion. Expectoration: GREENISH:
dyspnea on slight exertion, even pattern of illness is found during Abdomen: colic relieved by hard pressure. Muriaticum acidum - weakness Respiration: DIFFICULT: talking: agg.:
crossing room the room or talking Female organs or at end of serious respiratory Female: bearing down sensation, menses early and profuse, prolapsus and weak, sinking feeling in stomach. with fever, prolapse symptoms. Abdomen: PAIN: pressure: amel.: cramping
briefly. infections such as pneumonia or Larynx: easily detached by a weak cough. Stomach: VOMITING: food; from: smell of
bronchitis. It is also an important Respiration: short breath from every effort. food; from:
Empty, hollow feeling in the chest. remedy for tuberculosis. Cough: Excited by laughing, during day and copious green, sweetish expectoration. Generals: WEAKNESS: exertion: agg.: slight
Stannum Cannot speak or exert from weak, Sputum: easy quantities of sweet or bright yellow pus or balls of mucous, hemoptysis; tendency to copious exertion
metallicum hollow feeling in chest. < using voice, lying on right side, expectoration. Chest: EMPTINESS, sensation of:
after gentle motion. MOTION. Chest: Chest feels sore; or hollow. Chest feels weak, can hardly talk, weakness as if eviscerated. Phtisis Chest: EMPTINESS, sensation of: talking;
Expectoration copious, sweet or mucosa. when:
salty taste > coughing or expectorating, hard Extremities: limbs suddenly give out when attempting to sit down,dizziness and weakness when descending. Respiration: DIFFICULT: exertion: agg.:
pressure Fever: hectic slight exertion:
Sweat: exhausting at night

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Burning. Ebullitions of Heat, Dislike Skin General sensation- Burning, Mind; Very selfish, Lazy , hungry and always tired. Chronic constitutional grumbler, Anxiety from pressure on
of water, dry and hard hair and skin, Aggravated- Suppressions, chest. Indifference to personal appearance; To welfare of others; To external things to pleasure. Restlessness
red orifices, Standing is worse bathing, milk, becoming heated; better perspiration. Anxiety about friends at home. Refuses to answer.
position for sulphur patients. By overexertion; in Bed; Mouth- Bitter Taste in morning. Mouth dry, insipid and sticky in morning.
Complaints that relapse. General Atmospheric changes. Full moon. Throat: Vapour rising in throat, Dryness of throat, Food and Drink: Milk worse. Chocolate, applesnausea,
offensive character of discharge and Morning, early 2-5am. Directions: dyspepsia and heartburn. Has to get up at night to eat. Feeling of fulness in stomach after eating but little.
exhalations. Catnap sleep. Outwards. Scratching. Sneezing. Dipsomania, drinking on the sly. Feeling of faintness and strong craving for food, at 11AM. Stomach: Great
Irregular distribution of Circulation. Standing. wet application acidity. Very weak and faint about eleven AM. Abdomen: Fulness and tension in abdomen, as from incarcerated
Patient emaciates (esp. children) Amel- Dry, warm weather, Air, flatulence, Griping, about navel. Better emission of flatus, Awakens about 5 AM with cutting, colicky painsin
Mucous discharges and cool, must have windows open abdomen, compelling instant resort to stool. Portal stasis with indigestion, constipation.
exhaqlations are acrid, blood- Rectum: Constipation: concomitants: pain, compels child to desist from effort. Constant bearking down toward
104 streaked, offensive. Spells of anus. Burning and pressure in rectum during stool, burning in
weakness and faintess; frequent anus after stool. Burning in anus after sitting a while.
during day. Bladder- Enuresis, incontinence, Enuresis, incontincence; nocturnal. Sensation as if istended,
Urination; complaints during act; burning, smarting, Urination; complaints after act; burning, smarting.
Urination; desire constant. Urination; desire constant. Urination; diabetes insipidus. Urination- frequent desire.
frequent desire; at night. Urination- imperative, irresistible, sudden desire. Urination- involunarty; night.
Kidney- Pain in region; burning. Urethra- Burning, smarting, heat. Itching. Meatus;burning. Urine-
Appearacne; pale, clear, limpid. Odor; sharp, intensely strong. Type; acid, type; burning, scalding, hot.

Sulphur Skin- dry scaply, unhealthy; every little injury suppurates. Itching, burning, pimply eruption, pustules, rhagades,
hangnails. Pruritus. Washing. Eruptions. Other complaints. Varicella. Fever- Frequent flushes. Violent
ebullitions throughout entire body. Feels too hot. In head; prevents falling asleep. Dry, in thights and lumbar
region, with coldness of back.
Sleep- Wakes up singing from happy dreams. Wakes up at 3, 4, 5 AM and can't fall asleep again. Slightest
noise awakens.
Extremities- Burning in soles and hands at night. Back- heat between scapulae. Stiff as if bruised, from
suppressed haemorrhoids. Walks bent from pain in back.
Heart- Short stiches in precordial region. Knifelike cutting about heart, which decreases and increases, last a few
hours with redness of face, followed by general coldness.
Nose: Alae nasi red and scabby. Polypus and adenoids. Obstruction, alternating sides. Fan-like motion of alae
105 nasi in pneumonia. Violent, fluent coryza, with frequent sneezing, in morning and evening. Itching and burning in
nostrils , as if sore.
Nervous system: alcholism, epilepsy; eruptions, suppressed, from
Dreams: Restlessness, during; kicks off clothes
Chest: lungs; inflammation; type; latent
Resperation: Asthma; Occurence; Alternates with eruptions. Asthma: occurence: eruptions,
suppressed, from. Dyspnea: Amelioration: air, open
Female: Menopause: Burning of palms and soles
Stomach: Appetite: increased: hungry before noon. Sensation: empty feeling: aggravated eleven AM,
Unable to wait for lunch.

Nausea and vomiting, giddiness, Commonly effects on Cold, but wants abdomen Mind: Sensation of wretchedness; Anxiety at night and sudden.
death-like pallor, vomiting, icy GI uncovered Vertigo: excessive & copious sweat < opening eyes
coldness and sweat, diarrhea Constriction of muscles, esp of Stomach: Incessant nausea < smell of tobacco, vomiting on least motion, during pregnancy & much spitting,
Antidotal to cholera germs; hollow organs seasickness. Nausea and faintness>open air.
Pain < heat Abdomen: cold, wants to be uncovered it lessens the nausea and vomiting.
Extremes of hot/cold <, but open Rectum: Constipation, prolapse, diarrhea is sudden, watery with N/V and cold sweat.
air > Female: Morning sickness. Severe itching in whole body during pregnancy.
SEASICKNESS > ON DECK, IN Heart: acute dilatation caused by violent physical exertion, palpitation due to tobacco
FRESH COLD AIR Sleep: insomnia from dilated heart & cold clammy skin and anxiety.
Anxiety > weeping
Worse: MOTION, lying on left
side, evening, extreme hot/cold
Better: Cold, fresh air, uncovering
abdomen, weeping, vomiting,

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Codylomata of gentials Male < Evening Female: caulliflower uteri, condylomata
Herpes Female < Cold Male: condylomata, gonorrheal discharge
Warts on extremeties Skin Burning, Tearing, as if from a nail Extremeties: warts
Sycosis (miasm) Glands - PAIN Skin: warts
Onset after vaccination Head Chills Glans: swelling, inflammation, pain
Caulliflower lesion on uterus
107 Thuja occidentalis Glandular pain
Tearing head pain as if from a nail or
Watery diarrhea in morning

Always tired with affinity for motion; Lungs < close room; motion-at beginning Mind: anxiety; discontented; fear of animals (cats and dogs); desire to travel; easily offended
desire to travel; impulse to run Mind of; exertion; weather (damp cold, Head: chronic pain
Symptoms constantly changing Head-occiput changing); draft; awaking; noise; Eye: pain turning sideways; swollen lids in morning
Cold from slightest exposure Glands mental excitement; pressure of Vision: dim; disturbances of
Need for change Larynx waistband; before a storm; Ear: purulent discharges; inflammation
Compulsive; ritualistic Blood standing; music Nose: adenoids; chronic coryza; offensive discharge; perspiration on
DARK HAIR ALONG SPINE (in Renal > cool wind; open air; walking fast; Face: discoloration blue before menses
children) continued motion Throat: induration of glands
Stomach: ravenous appetite with emaciation; sweet vomit
108 Tuberculinum Abdomen: coldness and swelling
Rectum: painful constipation; morning diarrhea driving out of bed
Female genitalia: leucorrhea agg walking; menses delayed in girls first
Cough: reading aloud; talking loud
Chest: milk menses before; swelling mammae menses before
Extremities: pain motion amel.
Fever: relapsing
Perspiration: motion brings chilliness
Skin: allergy to milk; eruptions itching, heat of stove amel.; itching cold air
Gen: activity increased; air open, desire for

A perfect picture of COLLAPSE, General > pressure on vertex., < mind: SULLEN INDIFFERENCE.,SULLEN INDIFFERENCE., Delirium; early. BROODING., HAUGHTY., Acon. [facies hipprocratica;
WITH EXTREME COLDNESS, drinking and least motion. Worse: Ridiculous or foolish jesting. Easily offended. Doesn't recognise his relatives. RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS., Spits in cholera after fright]; Acon., Calc.,
offered by this drug. Post-operative drinks. Fright. During pain. Icy coldness of tip of nose and face. face: Cold sweat on forehead, Cold sweat on forehead, mouth: Dryness of Sec. and Sulph. [> uncovering];
shock with cold sweat on forehead, Better: Warmth; covering. mouth and palate, & thirst. stomach: Dryness of mouth and palate, & thirst. Copious vomiting and nausea; Alum., Aur., Lyc., Phos., Puls.,
pale face, rapid, feeble pulse. Walking about. Hot drinks. Lying. chronic vomiting of food. Cold feeling in stomach and abdomen. Vomiting of green mucus. Vomiting violent, Sep., Stram. and Sulph. [laughing
COLD PERSPIRATION ON THE Eating meat. Milk. 7While sitting forcible, excessive. abdomen: Cutting colic., cramps in limbs and rapid prostration. Cutting., rectum: Stools # weeping]; Alum., Carb-an. and
FOREHEAD, with nearly all and lying [except weakness]. copious, & much straining until exhausted and cold sweat. copious and forcibly evacuated, urine: RETENTION Cocc. [weakness at menses];
complaints. VOMITING, PURGING, 4Pressure on vertex [headache]. OF URINE IN CHOLERA. female: female: Dysmenorrhoea & coldness, purging, cold sweat, extremities: Ambr., Anac., Calc., Cann-i., Con.,
109 Veratrum Album AND CRAMPS IN EXTREMITIES. Stimulants. Cramps in calves, Nails blue from coldness.fever: Chill & extreme coldness, GENERAL COLDNESS; icy; on Med., Rheum, Valer. and Ziz. [as if
The PROFUSE, violent retching and vertex; skin: cold as death, a dream]; Ambr. and Sul-ac.
vomiting is most characteristic. [cough followed by belching]; Apis,
Surgical shock. Excessive dryness Crot-t., Dulc., Nux-m., Ox-ac.,
of all mucous surfaces. Petr., Puls., Sars., Spig. and
"COPROPHAGIA" violent mania Sulph.
alternates with silence and refusal to

Excitation of nervous system Nervous system < EXHAUSTION General: period of depression during disease, convulsions with pale face
resulting in restlesness, twitches, < SUPPRESSED ERUPTIONS Mind: sensitive to noise, lethargic, child repeats everything said to it
convulsions (over-stimulation) < wine Head: forehead cool & base of head hot, occipital pain, pressive pain at vertex, at root of nose, meningitis
Prone to irritability and rages < touch Eyes: burning in eyes and lids in morning and evening, strabismus, squinting
Mental protraction > motion Vision: dim and itching and stining pain in inner canthi
Can't throw things off, weakness > FREE DISCHARGES Throat: constriction of esophagus during swallowing
110 Zincum
> menses Food: ravenous hunger at 11am, griping in abdomen eating, cough after wine
most symptoms appear after Rectum: Cholera infantum
dinner and towards evening Female: constant distressing boring in left ovarian region
Resp: dyspnea > expectoration
Back: burning along spine, nape of neck weary from writing or exertion
Extremities: restless legs, large varicose veins, transverse pains, soles of feet sensitive

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