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1 Dutch Order of Battle: Battle of Seneffe 1674 Introduction It is worth noting that very little exists in the English

language on the battle of Seneffe (1674). No book on the campaign or battle has been published to my knowledge and what little is available seems to be found on-line. In fact, one of the only printed works available through Amazon.com is a collection of on-line articles. References I have drawn upon the lists in the work of JMG Leune on the pamphlet casualty returns housed in Royal Library, The Hague www.hanleune.nl/component/docman/doc (see:_download/112-de-slag-bij-seneffe) and Dr Pierre Picouet's "Spanish Tercio's" website which contains a comprehensive order of battle for all sides. Much reliance is placed on the www.DutchRegiments.org website when confirming the presence at Seneffe of Dutch units against other sources. When a units presence is uncorroborated in all sources, I have italicised those unit details in grey. I have identified where I have speculated upon the identity of a unit and there are a number of regiments I have listed which I identified from a single source only and for which I was unable to place into the order of battle. Method For the purposes of representation, I have checked those units which carried through to 1688 and beyond with C A Saphersons The Dutch Army of William III for uniform and colour details. Thanks to the Dutch Regiments Org website, I was able to cross reference the order of battle and other regimental lists with the historical record of commanders (Kolonels). Anyone wishing uniform colour details and flags will need a copy of Shapherson. Few regiments taken from casualty returns or cited order of battle have not been identified. Seven (7) regiments remain unplaced in the order of battle but have been confirmed as present at Seneffe. They are located at the end of the lists. Infantry Dutch foot comprised 34 regiments fielding 38 battalions Salm (Van Nassau Regt.) and the Guardes de Voet fielded 2 battalions each. CAVALRY The Dutch component of the allied army fielded 60 squadrons of horse from 22 cavalry regiments including 3 Guards companies and two regiments of dragoons. This provides for a crude estimate for the general application of two squadron regiments which is consistent with cavalry organisation in later wars (see Sapherson). Dragoons Very few dragoons appear to have been fielded which is consistent with earlier seventeenth century Dutch military practice, William only having four (4) regiments by 1688 (Sapherson). The regiment fielded did; however, comprise three (3) squadrons.

Right Wing
Commanded by Veldmaarschalk Vorst Maurits (Fieldmarshal Prince Maurits)

Cavalry Right Wing

Commanded by Graaf Van Nassau First Line Guarde Brigade Commanded by Graf Van Nassau (personally) The Life Guarde Kolonel: Kolonel Heer van Ouwerkerk - Horse of his Highness (Majesty) Avant-gardes (previously Zeeland Horse Guards) (599a) Kolonel: Hendrik Graaf van Nassau-Ouwerkerk Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 19. Regiment of the Guarde (Horse Guardes): Kolonel Bentinck - Regiment Gardes te Paard bestaande (672a) (2 escadron) Kolonel: Hans Willem Baron Bentinck Graaf van Portland. Sapherson Cavalry Regt. No:2 First Brigade Commanded by Brigadier Heer van Ginckel Regiment Grave van Nassau - Regiment Nassau-Saarbrcken (671c) Kolonel: Willem Graaf van Lippe Sapherson Cavalry Regiment No: 3 Regiment Ginckel - Regiment Tour dAuvergne (625b) Kolonel: Godart van Reede Heer van Ginkel Graaf van Athlone Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 21. Regiment Langerak (671b) Kolonel: 19-03-1671 A Frederik Hendrik van den Boetzelaer Heer van Langerak, killed at Seneffe Sapherson Cavalry Regiment No:4 Second Line Commanded by Marquis de Mompoulian Second Brigade Commanded by Brigadier Heer van der Lecke Regiment van Mompoulian (672g) Kolonel: 08-02-1672 Armand de Caumont de la Force Markies de Montpouillon (No Seneffe battle honours attributed by Dutch Regiments website) Sapherson Regiment No: 5 Regiment van de Lecke - Reydt Regiment (588a) (2 regiments of 1635 and 1645 horse each) Kolonel: Maurits Lodewijk I van Nassau Heer van La Leck Sapherson Cavalry Regiment No: 11.

3 Regiment Gravemoer - Horse of the States of Holland Regiment Gardes (577a)(1 Sqadron) Kolonel: Adam Baron van der Duyn van s Gravenmoer Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 15. Regiment Johan Rheijnhart van Hoorenbergh - Regiment Stoltzenberg (672c) Kolonel: Johan Reinhard van Hoornbergh Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 14. Regiment Kronenburg - Regiment Catzler (665b) Kolonel: Johan Joost van Croonenburg Sapherson Cavalry Regiment No: 13.

Infantry Right Wing

Commanded by Lieutenant General Heer Aylva with second in command, Major General Heer Farjaux First Line First Brigade Commanded by Brigadier Grave van Solms Regiment Grave van Solms Regiment Garde te Voet van Zijne Hoogheid (IR599a) (Holland) Kolonel from 12-06-1674 : Hendrik Trajectinus Graaf van Solms-Braunfels. The Garde te Voet fielded two (2) battalions at Seneffe Sapherson infantry regiment No: 4. Regiment van Vorst Maurits: Lt Col Machwits - Regiment of Prince Johan Maurits of Nassau-Siegen also Regiment van Stein-Callenfels (Holland)(665a) Kolonel: Johan de Bije van Albrandsweerd. Sapherson infantry regiment No: 22. Regiment Grave van Stirum: Lt Col Frederik Johan van Baer totden - The regiment of the Earl of Stirum This was the regiment on 8/11/1674 van kolonel Otto graaf van Limburg en Bronkhorst, heer van Stirum. Colonel Otto Count of Limburg and Bronkhorst, lord of Stirum (Comte van Stirum) also Regiment van Dorth (Gelderland) (602b) Kolonel: Otto Graaf van LimburgBronkhorst Sapherson infantry regiment No: 1. Regiment de la Villaumierre - The regiment of the Maurice de Maurier Villaumaire also - Regiment Fransen de Teligny (599b) Kolonel: 16-4-1672 Maurice de Maurier de Villamair, killed at Seneffe. A French regiment opposed to Louis XIV and presumably temporarily allied to the Dutch. Regiment Jongen Prins Maurits: Lt Col Wolfsz - The regiment of the Young Prince Maurits Presumably refers to the regiment of Prince William Maurice of Nassau-Siegen (IR 671a) (Utrecht) who was Kolonel from 01-07-1673 (whilst no Seneffe battle honours attributed according to www.DutchRegiment.org this regiment is included for casualty returns) Sapherson Infantry Regiment No: 30.

4 Regiment Stockheijm - The regiment Van Stockheym also - Regiment van Stockheim (Utrecht)(IR 672f) Kolonel: Johan van Stockheim killed at Seneffe Sapherson Infantry Regiment No: 27 Regiment Birckefelt - The regiment of Birkenfeld The regiment of Prince Charles John Count Palatine of Birkenfeld (referred to as the prince of Birch Felt) also - Regiment Jorman (Holland) (672e) Kolonel: Johan Karel Prins van Birkenfeld Sapherson infantry regiment No: 8. Regiment Torck - The regiment of Torck Torck Henry's regiment (the pamphlets listed as Turck) also - Regiment de Aquila (Utrecht) (665b) Kolonel: 03-08-1673 Hendrik Torck killed at Seneffe - Sapherson Infantry Regiment No: 28 Second Line Commanded by Brigadier Heer Wee Second Brigade Regiment Aylva - The regiment Lieutenant General Aylva The regiment of Hans Willem Aylva also Regiment de Lalaing of Rennenberg (IR577a)(Friesland) Kolonel: 17-03-1659 Hans Willem van Aylva Sapherson Infantry regiment No: 34 Regiment Farjaux - The regiment of Fariaux. Kolonel: 27-03-1673 Farieux Jacques, Lord of Maulde (IR 660a) - The regiment was founded in 1660 as Regiment Scots Henderson (Holland) in the place of the raised Regiment of Scots - Scott of Buccleuch (1629-1655). In 1665 it was nationalized and in 1723 lifted - (no Seneffe battle honours attributed according to www.DutchRegiment.org) Sapherson infantry regiment No:17. Reginment Mariniers van Wee - The Marines Regiment Van Weede of Walloons Burgh (Utrecht) (IR672f) Kolonel: 20-08-1674 Hendrik van Weede Sapherson infantry regiment No: 27. Regiment Marquis de Thouars - The regiment of the Marquis De Touars (IR 602c) Kolonel: 10-03-1668 George le Vasseur Seigneur de Huyle et Thouars (George Le Vasseur, lord of Huyle and Thouars) (no Seneffe battle honours attributed according to www.DutchRegiment.org) French Regiment in Dutch service and disbanded in 1674 Regiment van Amama - Regiment van Hemmema (Amama) (Friesland) (664a) Kolonel: Gerrit van Amama - Sapherson Infantry Regiment No: 37. Regiment Schwartzenbergh - The regiment of George Freeman of Wolfgang Schwartzenberg and Hohenlansberg also Regiment of Emminga (633a) (Friesland) Kolonel: George Wolfgang Vrijheer van Schwartsenberg en Hohenlansberg, died Seneffe Sapherson Infantry Regiment No: 35.

5 Regiment Marnout - Regiment de Mauregnault (Zeeland) (664b) Kolonel: Gaspard de Mauregnault Sapherson Infantry regiment No: 24. Regiment Cassiopijn - The regiment of Cassio Pain Cassio's regiment of Thomas Pain also - Regiment van Ittersum (Holland) (666a) Kolonel: Thomas van Cassiopijn Sapherson infantry regiment No: 12.

Left Wing
Commanded by Veldmaarschalk George Frederik Graaf van Waldeck

Cavalry Left Wing

Commanded by Lieutenant General Heer Ludolph van Steenhuysen First Line Third Brigade Commanded by Brigadier Heer van Weybnum Regiment van de Graaf van Waldeck - 23-02-1667 George Frederik Graaf van Waldeck, Pyrmont en Culemborg (Holland) (625a) (Dutch Regiment website does not attribute Seneffe battle honours) Sapherson cavalry Regiment No: 9. Regiment Steenhuysen (unable to identify or confirm). Note: A Major Ludolf van Steenhuysen Heer tot Heumen was on the regimental books from 15-11-1641 until 1665 for cavalry regiment 598a. The last recorded Kolonel for the regiment (Dutch Regiment website) is Anthoni Baron van Haersolte who died in 16-4-1670. Whilst the records are silent, it is not unlikely the long serving Major Steenhuysen may have been made up to Kolonel. Regiment Weybnum - Cavalry Regiment Salm Vaan Curassiers (Zeeland) (585a) Kolonel: Johan Theodor Metzger van Weybnom Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 20. Regiment Sander van Welle (Holland) (672d) Kolonel 08-02-1672 Alexander van Welle Note Dutch Regiment website does not attribute Seneffe battle honours) Sapherson Cavalry regiment No: 12. Regiment Hans Jacob van Eppe the only listing within Dutch Regiments website is a Filips Emminghuysen Heer van Eppe cited as Kolonel of Regiment 672b (Overjssel) from 01-04-1672 in time for Seneffe. Note Dutch Regiment website does not attribute Seneffe battle honours) Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 24. Regiment Brederode (588b) (Holland) Kolonel from 17-09-1673 Wolfert van Brederode (Note Dutch Regiment website does not attribute Seneffe battle honours) Sapherson Regiment No: 7.

6 Second Line Commanded by Brigadier Graaf van Witgenstein Fourth Brigade Regiment Prins van Friesland (668a) Kolonel: 20-12-1673 Hendrik Casimir Prins van Nassau (Note Dutch Regiment website does not attribute Seneffe battle honours) Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 23. Regiment Graaf van Wittgenstein (672e) Kolonel: 08-02-1672 cited as Lodewijk Christiaan Graaf van Wittgenstein (Note Dutch Regiment website does not attribute Seneffe battle honours) Sapherson cavalry Regiment No: 10 Regiment Prins Frits van Nassau (Note: Frits was a commonly applied nickname for Frederick and several Princes of Orange have been thusly known.) Unable to confirm regimental identity. Regiment Kingma (671a) Kolonel: 19-03-1671 Ignatius Kingma (Note Dutch Regiments website does not list battle honours for this regiment) Regiment Graaf van Schellart (665c) (Gelderland) Kolonel: 20-03-1674 Johan Albrecht Graaf van Schellaert Heer van Doorwerth (also cited as Regiment van Rechteren) Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 1.

Infantry Left Wing

Commanded by Lieutenant General Rijngraaf First Line Third Brigade Commanded by Brigadier Matthijs van Asperen Heer van Heeswijck Regiment Graaf van Waldeck - Regiment de Zoete van Villers (Holland) (586a) Kolonel: George Frederik Graaf van Waldeck Sapherson infantry regiment No: 5. Regiment Heer van Heeswijk (572a) Kolonel: 12-07-1664 Mathijs Asperen Heer van Heeswijk en Dinther (no Seneffe battle honours attributed according to www.DutchRegiment.org for 572a) no later record after 1676. Regiment Sedlenitsky - (Zeeland) (665e) Kolonel: 04-02-1672 Ferdinand de Perchoncher-Sedlnitzky (also Regiment Sedlnitzky-Perchoncher ) Sapherson infantry regiment No: 26. Regiment Johan Hendrick van Mario (see Regiment Heer van Heewijk above) Regiment number 572a (above) cited Lieutenant Kolonel 08-02-1672 as Johan Hendrik van Mario (Only record for Mario) but replaced 23-05-1673 by Jacob van Oudesteijn (no Seneffe battle honours attributed according to

7 www.DutchRegiment.org for 572a). I speculate that Mario may have replaced Heeswijk in 1673 as Colonel. Regiment Brantswart (unable to identify or confirm) Regiment Burmania (Friesland) (672d) Kolonel: 04-02-1672 Watzo van Burmania Sapherson infantry regiment No: 38. Regiment Rudolf Frederik Hertog van Holstein - The regiment of the Duke of Holsteyn (sometimes Prince) The regiment of Rudolf Frederick Duke of Holstein-Norburg also Regiment van Holstein-Norburg (Holland) (673c) Kolonel: Rudolf Frederik Hertog van Holstein-Norburg Sapherson infantry regiment No: 14. Regiment Mariniers van Palm (IR 665c) The regiment of Palm (whilst no Seneffe battle honours attributed according to www.DutchRegiment.org the Kolonel: 20-10 -1672 Franois Palm, is cited as having died from wounds obtained with Seneffe Sapherson infantry regiment No: 16. Originally of Ghent but later maintained by Holland and ceased being Marines by 1678. Regiment Polents - The regiment of Polentz (Polenta), William's regiment of Polentz also - Regiment van Polentz (672h) (Overjisel) Kolonel: 28-04-1672 Willem van Polentz Sapherson infantry regiment No: 40. Second Line Forth Brigade Commanded by Brigadier Graaf van Erpach Regiment Graaf van Erpach - The regiment of the Count of Erbach The regiment of George Earl of Erbach, lord of Brennberg also Regiment van Smitsburg (Holland) (671c) Kolonel: George Graaf van Erbach Heer tot Brenberg Sapherson infantry regiment No: 7. Regiment Eybergen (672x) Kolonel: 12-11-1673 Frederik van Eybergen (no Seneffe battle honours attributed according to www.DutchRegiment.org) Regiment Gockinga - (Groningen) (671b) Kolonel: 06-09-1673 Arend Ludolf Gockinga Sapherson infantry regiment No: 44. Regiment Ahasverus van Leendorff Also Lehndorf or Ahasverius Lehndorf also Regiment van Lehndorf (Holland)(IR 673d) Kolonel: Ahasverius van Lehndorf Sapherson infantry regiment No: 18. Regiment Veersen (Veerssen or Versen) (Drenthe) (672g) Kolonel: 06-121672 Laurens van Veerssen, killed Seneffe Sapherson infantry regiment No: 45. Regiment Gustaaf Ulf-Spar - The regiment d'Ulsparre (Outspar) (Utrecht) (673b) Kolonel: 21-01-1673 Gustaaf d'Ulsparre - Sapherson Infantry Regiment No:9

8 Regiment Laverne - Regiment van Reede van Amerongen (Holland) (673a) Kolonel: Ferdinand de la Verne de Rodes Sapherson infantry regiment No: 15. Regiment Corual Coranal Possibly (673j) Kolonel: 25-06-1673 Franois de Courval (Note no battle honours confirmed by Dutch regiments website). No further details.

The following regiments have Seneffe battle honours listed in the Dutch Regiments website but I cannot ascertain their place in the order of battle. Whilst satisfied that they were present, they are not corroborated by other on-line sources. Regiment Berg (645a) Kolonel: Jacob Baron van Wassenaer Heer van Obdam en Voorschoten Sapherson Regiment No: 6 (more correctly titled Regiment Obdam) Regiment Flodorff (Zeeland) (672f) Kolonel: Adriaan Gustaaf Graaf van Flodorff Sapherson Regiment No: 8. Dragoons Regiment Coerland (later the Guard Dragoons) (672h) (3 squadrons) Kolonel: Frederik Casimir Hertog van Coerland tot Lijfland en Senegalen (Note: a safe assumption may be that this unit will be placed at the extreme of the line in keeping with common practice with dragoons) Sapherson dragoon regiment No: 1. Regiment Duyn (Holland) (577a) Kolonel: 23-03-1669 Adam Baron van der Duyn van s Gravenmoer Sapherson cavalry regiment No: 15 Regiment Beyma (Groningen) (647a) Kolonel: 06-09-1673 Sweer van Tamminga (known by Beyma the founding Kolonel of the regiment in 1647). Regiment Schotten Murray (scots) (Holland)(595a) Kolonel: 01-04-1673 Henry Graham (Seneffe battle honour not confirmed). The regiment is referred to as the Regiment Scots Murray after the founding Kolonel of 1595, Alexander Murray Sapherson Scots infantry regiment No: 2. Albrandsweerd (665a) Kolonel: 30-09-1672 Johan de Bije van Albrandsweerd (confirmed Seneffe battle honour) later designated marines and may have been so used by Seneffe Sapherson infantry regiment No: 22.