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ToB (male PC) Romances Guide

V1.1 by Felinoid

1. Intro........................................................................ 1 2. Key to Variables (and the rest of my jargon)......... 2 3. Romances Aerie............................................................... 3 Jaheira............................................................ 15 Viconia...........................................................23 4. Credits.................................................................... 38 5. Version History......................................................38 Intro This is a guide that maps out (in their entirety) the ToB portion of the three romances available to male PCs. However, I have spent far too much time on this already and am too lazy to go into the detail that Extremist did with his extensive FAQ on the SoA romances, so if you need basic help with romances in general, youll have to refer to his guide instead. Also, I have not included Anomens romance out of respect for my dear buddy kuemper, who worked long and hard on making her ToBAniRom FAQ, and is in fact the only reason I was able to make this guide in the first place. (See Credits) This FAQ is meant to help gamers and (legal) modders only, and will NOT be used for profit by anyone without explicit e-mail permission from me personally, under penalty of catapult. (Yes, I have one, and yes, I will use it if necessary.) Constructive criticism is welcomed as always (via PM of course), and Id be more than happy to answer any and all clarifying questions you may have on the Boards O Magick at Sorcerers Place (www.sorcerers.net). This guide was done with a fully-patched, minimally-modded (Ease-of-Use and lvl-50) game via Infinity Explorer, and any differences from your game are most likely the result of a Flirt Pack or something similar. There are also some impossible branches coded in that you can only get with bad program logic (a bug). However, if you do find (for sure) that something with your un-modded (romance-wise & NPC-wise) does not fit with my guide, please let me know immediately so that I can correct the oversight. You can contact me (Felinoid) via PM at SP. Disclaimer: Any typos in the dialogues are the result of Biowares missed spellchecks. I copied them directly from the .dlg files (via IE) and chose not to correct them to preserve originality. Given the terrific game they gave us, I say we can let a few typos slide.

Key to Variables The first variable is ExpLoveTalk (which I believe stands for Expansion LoveTalk), which will be furthermore referred to as ELT. This variable works almost exactly like LoveTalk worked in SoA, but they needed a new variable for ease of programming. Mostly you can ignore it unless youre having problems. See Extremists Guide for info on the LoveTalk variable. A returning favorite is the [Name]RomanceActive variable, which should be at 2 for the whole ToB portion of the romance. If it hits 3, you said something wrong in the last ELT and youre now screwed. Reload a previous save and try again. To check most variables, you can use the console command: CLUAConsole:GetGlobal([variable name],GLOBAL) But if that doesnt work, most likely the variable is a local rather than a global, meaning that you will have to put your cursor over the appropriate characters portrait and use a very slightly modified command: CLUAConsole:GetGlobal([variable name],LOCALS) Occasionally the dialogue will split based on the PCs (or Viconias) ALIGNMENT or an NPC romancespecific variable. Alignment should be rather obvious to any BG gamer, but keep it in mind for any asides in parentheses that mention it. The NPC-specific variables (if any) are detailed in the beginning of each romance section. You may notice that some of the choices are numbered weird (e.g. 2/3/4). This is because some choices may or may not appear right in the middle of your choice list, depending on variables that I outline in an aside just before the list. This can screw with the displayed number (and subsequently the key you would press) of a particular dialogue, so Ive listed all the number possibilities for each choice. The dialogue of each choice is generally what to look for when youre choosing. The <x> notations mean to go to the corresponding bold-face <x> marker in the text of that ELT. Ive made it exclusively top to bottom, so if you dont see the marker yet, just keep scrolling. (However, I used some notation phrases in multiple ELTs, so make sure you dont cross the border lines between them or youll get very confused.) If not marked by a <x> notation, the dialogue choice has no effect on what happens next, and you will always hear the same thing from your partner (directly below the list of choices), no matter which one you choose. I really hope you dont need this one explained, but just in case... Dont choose responses with the (romance screwed!) notation next to them unless you want to end the romance, and possibly your party member. In the case of Viconia, youll also lose the stuff shes carrying. Important note: Some ELTs do not have any way to screw up the romance. In order not to unnecessarily spoil dialogue for people who want to be surprised, I have included a list at the beginning of each romance area in this format: Note that ELTs #, #, ... & # cannot be screwed up no matter how hard you try. Jaheiras is particularly easy in this regard, and Viconias is rather difficult.

Aerie Again you have to be the epitome of niceness in front of Aerie, but shell at least cut you some minor slack now. Just dont insult her (weepy). Note that ELTs 2, 8, 12, 16, 18, and {after baby} cannot be screwed up, no matter how hard you try. At some point during the romance, if you have Imoen in your party (after Spellhold), she and Aerie will go off to chat about you behind your back. It'll only happen once, and there are no repercussions, so don't worry about it. The only two NPC-specific variables for Aerie are the SleptAerie variable from SoA and AeriePregnantTimer. SleptAerie makes a nearly insignificant difference in the very first romantic response that you can give in ToB, and then promptly disappears. AeriePregnantTimer, on the other hand, is set to 216,000 at the end of ELT=12 (where she tells you shes pregnant). This means 60 hours of real time has to pass playing the game between the sixth ToB LoveTalk and when shell have her baby. If you want it to happen, youll probably have to leave it paused and running for at least two days after finishing all your challenges. Personally, I wouldnt bother. ;p NOTE: You will get ELT=2 if you slept with Aerie and then dismissed her in the last SoA LoveTalk (and screwed the romance), but dont get too excited; it ends right there. ELT=2 (The answers you can give to this question will change depending on whether or not you slept with Aerie in SoA, but you will get the same response from Aerie regardless.) Aerie: "I... I know there is a lot on your mind right now. But may I... may I talk to you? About us?" 1) "Yes, Aerie, what is it?" 2) If you DID sleep with Aerie: "Us? I thought you needed to 'find yourself' before there could be any us." 2) If you DIDNT sleep with Aerie: I'm surprised, Aerie. I thought you wanted to put our relationship on hold until our adventures were over. Aerie: I... this has been a difficult time for me, <CHARNAME>. My life has changed so much since I met you. Since you rescued me from that circus. Sometimes I don't even feel like I know myself anymore. You've... you've been so patient this whole time. So understanding. And now, because of you and your love, I'm not that frightened little girl anymore. But... but I'm still scared... 1) You have nothing to be frightened of, Aerie. I'll always be here to protect you. 2) Scared? Scared of what? 3) That's nothing new, Aerie. You'd be afraid of your own shadow. Aerie: I'm frightened of what's to come, <CHARNAME>. So much has changed so fast. I love you, but what if... what if I suddenly lose you? What if some irresistable force tears us apart? That's why I wanted to wait. Until things were more... stable.

1) I don't mind taking things slow, Aerie. But this might be as stable as my life ever gets. <youre right> 2) Sometimes you have to live for the moment, Aerie - before the moment is gone. <youre right> 3) I can't wait around for you forever, Aerie. <of course not> <youre right> Aerie: I... I know you're right, <CHARNAME>. I'm just so worried about losing you later on that I'm afraid to let myself love you now. It's foolish, but I can't help it. I want to let myself love you, <CHARNAME>. Please, just be patient with me a while longer. <of course not> Aerie: I... of course not, <CHARNAME>. I... I don't expect you to. I just... I need to think things over a little bit longer.

ELT=4 Aerie: I've been thinking about what you said earlier. About waiting... and how sometimes we can wait so long for something we want, we end up losing what we already have. 1) You sound like you've reached a decision. <decision> 2) Forget it, Aerie. This weepy act has worn thin for me. <weepy> (romance screwed!) <weepy> Aerie: I... I see. I thought you were someone worth giving my heart to, but I see I was wrong. Don't worry, <CHARNAME> - I won't ever bother you with my "weepy" words again! (party rests) <decision> Aerie: I have, <CHARNAME>. I love you. I want to be with you. Now and forever... but I can't control the forever. I can only control the now. May I... may I sleep with you tonight? If... if I haven't already waited too long... 1) I love you, Aerie - with all my heart and soul. I would have waited an eternity for you. 2) I think you made it in just under the wire, my love. *grin* 3) Are you sure about this, Aerie? I don't want to pressure you. Aerie: I'm ready, <CHARNAME>. Ready to commit to you in body, heart and soul. Ready to give myself to you totally. I was afraid before, but not anymore. Whatever the future brings, I want us to make the most of the time we have together. Starting right now. 1) I couldn't have said it better myself, my love. Aerie: Shhh... the fire is burning low, and the others are asleep. Why don't I snuggle in with you, <CHARNAME>? And when the morning comes, I promise I'll still be here. I won't push you away anymore, my love. And I swear I'll never let you go. (party rests)

ELT=6 (After Gorion-wraith encounter) Aerie: I... I have to go! I have to see if my mother...*sob* It can't be true, can it? I have to... I have to return to Faenya-Dail! 1) Calm down, Aerie. That wraith was lying. Aerie: You can't be sure, <CHARNAME>! How did it even know those things? Oh mother! What have I done to you? 1) Aerie, that creature was pure evil. It said those things to hurt you. That's all. 2) You're right, Aerie. I don't know if that thing was telling the truth. Aerie: I... I have to go back home. I have to find out if that spirit was telling the truth! 1) And what about me? You said we'd be together forever! <sorry> 2) Don't go. Whatever the past is, Aerie, it's in the past. <what?> 3) Stay with me, Aerie. Whatever happened, you can't make any difference now. <what?> <sorry> Aerie: I'm... I'm sorry, <CHARNAME>. This is exactly what I was afraid of - something tearing us apart. But I have no choice. I have to go back home. 1) Go, then, Aerie. I guess our love was never meant to be. <someday> (romance screwed!) 2) No, Aerie. There is no reason for you to go back. <what?> <someday> Aerie: Perhaps we will meet again someday, <CHARNAME>. I... this is too painful. I have to go. (Aerie leaves the party, but she gives you all of her stuff) <what?> Aerie: What... what are you talking about, <CHARNAME>? 1) That thing was lying, Aerie. I know it. I could *feel* it. 2) You weren't responsible for your mother's death, Aerie. No matter what that thing said. Aerie: But I... I... *sigh* I know you're right, <CHARNAME>. Maybe my mother really is dead... but I didn't kill her. And returning home won't bring her back. Besides, I left that part of my life behind a long, long time ago. My place is here now.. with you, my love. Someday I plan to go back to Faenya-Dail. But not now. Not if it means deserting you. I swore to stay with you, <CHARNAME>, and I will. I won't let a ghost from my past destroy everything we have built together. 1) I'm glad, Aerie. Are you okay?

Aerie: No... but I will be. Thank you, <CHARNAME>. Thank you for... well, everything. I couldn't have done this without you by my side. But I don't want the others to get impatient with 'poor little Aerie'. Don't worry about me - I'll be fine once we get moving.

ELT=8 Aerie: I had a dream last night... a beautiful dream. But I wasn't sure if I should tell you about it. 1) Wait, let me guess... a dream about flying. <flying> 2) Why not... was I in it? Was I... naughty? <naughty> <flying> Aerie: No... I don't dream of that much anymore. This was about us. <about us> <naughty> Aerie: <CHARNAME>! You are so bad! *giggle*. No, this wasn't a 'naughty' dream. This was about us. <about us> <about us> Aerie: We were sitting together in our home. Not speaking, just sitting and thinking. And holding hands. We were both old... very old. Old, but happy. 1) Sounds nice, my love. Maybe it's a sign of things to come. 2) Just the two of us, Aerie? Don't you see any children in our future? 3) That's a nice thought, Aerie. But you know it probably won't ever happen. Aerie: Maybe, maybe not. Who can say what the future holds for us? But it was a nice dream while it lasted. 1) Ah, my love. I always find your innocence so appealling. Aerie: My 'innocence'? I hardly think of myself as 'innocent' anymore, <CHARNAME>. Not after everything we've been through. Maybe once, a long time ago... but I've grown since then. I'm not a wide-eyed little girl anymore. 1) What was I thinking? You are truly the epitome of mature and matronly womanhood, Aerie. 2) I'm sorry, Aerie. I didn't mean to offend you with that compliment. *grin* 3) Oh, believe me Aerie... I know you're *all* woman! Aerie: *giggle* Oh, <CHARNAME>, I didn't mean to snap at you like that. It's just that everyone always still treats me as a little girl... and I'm one of the most powerful spellcasters in all of Faerun! Maybe the next time someone treats me like a child I'll turn them into a toad. That should get my point across. *grin* And as for you, my love... wait until this evening and I promise you'll see that I'm anything but 'innocent'!

ELT=10 Aerie: <CHARNAME>... I can't sleep. Every time I close my eyes I see the burning buildings of Saradush and the smoking bodies of all those Bhaalspawn lying in the streets! It's horrible! 1) Same old story... death and bloodshed still hound my every step. <upset> 2) It was horrible, Aerie. An entire city ravaged because some of them shared my tainted blood. <sorry> 3) Maybe if you didn't dwell on it you'd be able to put it behind you. <upset> <sorry> Aerie: I'm sorry, <CHARNAME>... I was so worried about my own reactions I forgot that it must have been even more upsetting to you. All those who shared your destiny, butchered like that... 1) There's nothing we can do for them now, Aerie. Best to let the dead rest in peace. <upset> 2) I've seen so much death it hardly even bothers me anymore. <numb> <upset> Aerie: You don't seem very upset about it, <CHARNAME>! Just because we didn't know those people doesn't make their deaths any less meaningful! 1) With as many deaths as I've seen in my life I guess I'm just numb to it now. It's how I cope. <numb> 2) I didn't mean that, Aerie. But torturing ourselves over their fate only causes us more pain! <numb> 3) Look, it's late and I'm tired. Can you whine about this in the morning? <callous> (romance screwed!) <numb> Aerie: No, <CHARNAME>, don't be like that. If you numb yourself to the pain and suffering, you'll numb yourself to everything! Joy, happiness... even love. We have to accept the good and the bad, my love... but it's better than feeling nothing at all. 1) You're right, Aerie. And as long as you're with me, I know the good will outweigh the bad. <strength> 2) So I should let myself become a weepy, sentimental mess? Like you? <callous> (romance screwed!) <callous> Aerie: I... I had no idea you were so callous! So devoid of compassion and pity! You are obviously not the person I thought you were. Excuse me, <CHARNAME>... I think I'm going to sleep on the other side of the camp from now on. <strength>

Aerie: Yes, my love. We must draw strength from each other. Perhaps... perhaps if you wrap your arms around me I will be able to sleep tonight... Ah, the comfort of your touch keeps the dark visions at bay. Sleep well, my love, until the morning.

ELT=12 Aerie: Please, my love, hang back here with me a while. Away from the others. I must ask you something... privately. What do you think of Quayle? 1) Your Uncle? He seemed nice enough. 2) He's important to you Aerie... and that means he's important to me. 3) Why all the secrecy? Is there something the matter with Quayle? Aerie: No, I mean the name. What do you think of Quayle as a name? For a child. A boy. 1) Is there something you're trying to tell me, my love? 2) Please tell me you're asking only out of curiosity. Aerie: I'm pregnant, <CHARNAME>! Isn't it wonderful? 1) 2) 3) 4) Pregnant? I... I... I'm not sure what to say. <timing> Aerie, I'm so happy for you! For us, I mean. <happy> Are you sure you're pregnant? I mean... how do you know? <sure> This is horrible, Aerie! <horrible>

<happy> Aerie: I knew you'd be happy, <CHARNAME>! I feel like... like I want to burst with joy! <timing> <sure> Aerie: I know, <CHARNAME>. We Avariel have a sixth sense about these type of things. There is no mistake... I'm pregnant with your child, my love. <timing> <horrible> Aerie: That was not the reaction I was hoping for, my love. But I can understand your misgivings. <timing> <timing> Aerie: I realize this is not the best timing, but there are still many months before our child will be born. And I... oh, <CHARNAME> *grin*... I can see by your face that you're still a little overwhelmed by all this. Please... don't tell the others. Not yet. This joyous news is for you and me alone right now. I'll... I'll give you some time to let this news settle in before we discuss our future plans. Hurry... let's catch up with the others before they get suspicious.


Aerie: My love, have you had a chance to think about our little secret? My... condition? 1) I have Aerie. There is much we need to discuss. <discuss> 2) I still need some more time to wrap my head around this. <patient> <patient> Aerie: You have always been patient with me, <CHARNAME>. I wish I could do the same for you, my love. But this is something we must discuss now. <discuss> <discuss> Aerie: This child will change our lives completely, my love. And the lives of those who would adventure with us on this quest you have undertaken. 1) It won't change my life... I want nothing to do with this kid. <flesh> 2) Aerie, how can we do this now? You can't be pregnant while we battle such dangerous foes. <not so hard> 3) Aerie, I think we should find somewhere safe for you to stay until after the baby is born. <not so hard> 4) I want you by my side, Aerie... now more than ever. We can work this out. <not so hard> <flesh> Aerie: <CHARNAME>! You would turn your back on your own flesh and blood? You would abandon me and our child? 1) Sorry, I was just making a joke. Poor taste on my part. <not so hard> 2) This isn't my problem... I'm not the one who's pregnant. <monster> (romance screwed!) 3) My father abandoned me, and I got by just fine. <monster> (romance screwed!) <not so hard> Aerie: This will not be so hard as you might imagine, <CHARNAME>. We may very well conclude our adventures long before my condition even becomes noticeable. And if not, I can still fight and cast spells while our child grows within me. 1) No... it's too dangerous. <dangerous> 2) What if you get injured? What will happen to the baby? <injured> 3) And if the baby is born before our adventures are done? What then? <born> <dangerous> Aerie: This child is your offspring, <CHARNAME>... it shares the blood of Bhaal. At Saradush you saw what happened to your kin. There is nowhere I can go, no place I can hide that will keep our baby from being hunted and slaughtered. The safest place is here with us, where we can protect our child. While the babe still dwells within me, it will draw its strength from me. The healing magics that restore my health will restore the health of the unborn child in my womb - even resurrecting it to life, if that should be necessary. If the child is born before we finish our adventures, I shall bundle it on my back - as is the custom of my people, the Avariel. The fate of the child is tied to yours, <CHARNAME>... it shares your destiny. As long as you live, it too shall survive. <difficult>

<injured> Aerie: While the babe still dwells within me, it will draw its strength from me. The healing magics that restore my health will restore the health of the unborn child in my womb - even resurrecting it to life, if that should be necessary. If the child is born before we finish our adventures, I shall bundle it on my back - as is the custom of my people, the Avariel. The fate of the child is tied to yours, <CHARNAME>... it shares your destiny. As long as you live, it too shall survive. This child is your offspring, <CHARNAME>... it shares the blood of Bhaal. At Saradush you saw what happened to your kin. There is nowhere I can go, no place I can hide that will keep our baby from being hunted and slaughtered. The safest place is here with us, where we can protect our child. <difficult> <born> Aerie: If the child is born before we finish our adventures, I shall bundle it on my back - as is the custom of my people, the Avariel. The fate of the child is tied to yours, <CHARNAME>... it shares your destiny. As long as you live, it too shall survive. While the babe still dwells within me, it will draw its strength from me. The healing magics that restore my health will restore the health of the unborn child in my womb - even resurrecting it to life, if that should be necessary. This child is your offspring, <CHARNAME>... it shares the blood of Bhaal. At Saradush you saw what happened to your kin. There is nowhere I can go, no place I can hide that will keep our baby from being hunted and slaughtered. The safest place is here with us, where we can protect our child. <difficult> <difficult> Aerie: I know this will be difficult, my love. But I have suffered through worse. When I lost my wings I found the strength to go on. Surely I have the strength for this. 1) If you think you can do this, Aerie, I will support every step of the way. <together> 2) I... I'm not sure about this, Aerie. But I'm willing to try - for our sake and the sake of the child. <together> 3) I'd rather just forget about you and the kid, Aerie. Take a hike, 'mommy'. <blood> <blood> Aerie: <CHARNAME>! You would turn your back on your own flesh and blood? You would abandon me and our child? 1) This isn't my problem... I'm not the one who's pregnant. <monster> (romance screwed!) 2) My father abandoned me, and I got by just fine. <monster> (romance screwed!) 3) Sorry, I was just making a joke. Poor taste on my part. <together> <monster> Aerie: You... you are a monster! A cruel, heartless monster! I can't stay here... I won't let my child be poisoned by your evil! I hope you burn in the Abyss, <CHARNAME>! (Aerie leaves the party, but she gives you all of her stuff) <together> Aerie: I... I know together we can do this, <CHARNAME>. As long as I have you by my side, helping me and watching over me, I'll be okay. And so will our baby. But... please don't mention this to the others.

They're finally starting to treat me with respect now. I don't want everyone to suddenly start making a big fuss over 'poor pregnant Aerie'. 1) Eventually they're going to figure it out. You can't hide something like this. Aerie: If I wear long, loose robes no one will notice until the last few weeks. And if neither of us draws any attention to it while the others are around no one will suspect anything. Please, <CHARNAME>... let's keep this our special little secret. 1) As you wish my love. Mum's the word. Aerie: Oh, <CHARNAME>... you and your jokes! I do love you so. But come, the others will wonder what we are up to if we tarry any longer.

ELT=16 (This will only happen after all of the challenges are done.) Aerie: My love... dawn is approaching soon. May I ask you something? 1) Of course, my dearest Aerie. You can ask me anything. <happy> 2) What... what is it? Are you okay? Is the baby okay? <baby> <baby> Aerie: Relax <CHARNAME>... we are both fine. You certainly are the stereotype of the worried father! *grin* This is about something else. <happy> <happy> Aerie: This is the happiest time of my life, <CHARNAME>. We have shared trials and tribulations. We share the deepest love. And together we have created a new life. But I know our greatest challenges are still ahead. Your ultimate destiny - and the destiny of our child - is yet to come. I... I don't know what awaits us, <CHARNAME>. But once again I fear I may lose you... 1) Aerie... we will always be together. We are united as one. 2) I do not want to lose you, Aerie. But I cannot deny my destiny... whatever it may be. Aerie: I know, my love. But still... could you do one thing for me? Could we celebrate our love in the traditions of my people? 1) Of course... Aerie, will you give me your hand in marriage? 2) Are you saying we should have a wedding? 3) I have trouble picturing you in a bridal gown, Aerie. Aerie: Oh, <CHARNAME>! *giggle* Such ceremonies are not the custom of my people! True, we Avariel have weddings - but they are usually grand and formal events reserved for nobility and political alliances

cemented through marriage. Most of my kind prefer a simpler marriage ceremony... the uniting of two hearts with a simple vow as the sun appears on the horizon, for example. 1) Dawn is approaching, my love... shall we swear our love to each other now? <swear> 2) If that is your wish, Aerie my love, that is what we shall do. <swear> 3) Aerie, I would rather wait until this is all decided. If I am unable to remain with you, for any reason... <understand> <understand> Aerie: I... I understand, my love. Your destiny is still undecided. Very well... we can wait to perform this simple ceremony. The important thing is that we remain together. The others are stirring, let us leave this until later. <swear> Aerie: Thank you, <CHARNAME>! I, Aerie, shall stand by your side in both peace and battle. I shall shoulder your burdens as you shoulder mine. I shall unite myself with you in body, mind and spirit. And I shall remain with you always, as your wife. This I swear by the light of the rising sun. 1) And I, <CHARNAME>, shall stand by your side in both peace and battle. I shall shoulder your burdens as you shoulder mine. I shall unite myself with you in body, mind and spirit. And I shall remain with you always, as your husband. This I too swear by the light of the rising sun. Aerie: You cannot imagine how happy this simple ceremony has made me, <CHARNAME>! I wish... I wish we could just lie here and savor this moment forever. But of course, I know we cannot. Even now the others are stirring, and we must rise and continue our quest - for your own sake, as well as that of our child. Come, my love... let us face the world as husband and wife. (Congrats, youre married!)

ELT=18 Aerie: Please... my love. *groan* I must... I must stop for the night. I... I think it's time! The baby is coming! (A lot of people chime in here if theyre in your party. Lines by any that arent in your party can be ignored. If none of them are in your party, you get a single dialogue choice that takes you past the scheduled interruptions.) Jaheira/Cernd: Ah, this time comes sooner than I expected... I have little experience with the gestation period of the Avariel. Do not give me that look, <CHARNAME>. Did you really think we were so blind we would not see Aerie's swollen belly beneath her robes? Fortunately I have prepared some herbs to ease her pain during this coming ordeal. Nalia/Mazzy: This is so exciting! Here, let me help. I have a little experience with child birth... though not much. Viconia/Edwin: So the wingless one is pregnant? I thought she was merely becoming fat. / Well, it would seem the leader of our little group has impregnated the impressionable circus child. (And here I thought she was merely getting chubby without the ring master's whip to keep her in shape.)

Anomen/Keldorn: You... you are with child, Aerie? But... but you are not married! This child will be a bast... / You... you are with child, Aerie? But... but you are not married! Unless we sanctify your union with <CHARNAME> this child will be a bast... 1) Dont go there, [Anomen/Keldorn]! Jan: So... you finally got little Aerie pregnant. About time, if I do say so myself. You two were going at it like a pair of hormonally imbalanced bunnies. I was beginning to wonder if <CHARNAME>'s bow was out of arrows, if you get my drift. It's like the time my cousin Hedgehog... Aerie: Augh... it hurts! Oh, my love... come quickly. Take my hand, please! 1) Don't worry, Aerie. I'm right here. Just... uh... just breathe! Aerie: I... oh! the pain! *gasp* *pant* I... I can do this, <CHARNAME>... as long as you're with me.

(After the birth, there are again a few people chiming in, but this time if theyre not there it just goes to the next line.) Aerie: It's a boy! Oh, what a beautiful son we have - look at him wiggle his toes! Imoen: Oh... he's so precious. Hey, since <CHARNAME> and I are brother and sister, I guess this makes me an aunt! Korgan: Huh - I thought ye flyin' elves hatched yer young from eggs! Ach - 'tis too bad... I fancied an omelet this morning! Jan: You did well, Aerie. He's a fine, healthy looking baby! Reminds me of the advice me own father gave me about raising kids. Jan, he said, whatever you do... HEY! The little tyke just smiled at me! Aerie: I... I have a name chosen already, <CHARNAME>. If you don't mind. I want to call him Quayle. 1) I would be proud to have my son named after your Uncle, Aerie. <quayle> 2) I don't know if I want him named that... <for now> 3) Definitely not. <for now> <for now> Aerie: (sigh) Alright, my love. We'll think of a name for him later, if you like. Just allow me to call him Quayle until we do is all I ask. Just...a little while. 1) That's fine. We can think of something else later. <quayle> <quayle>

Aerie: Hello, Quayle... can you say 'mommy'? Oh, he is so cute. He looks just like you, <CHARNAME>. He looks just like a little <PRO_RACE>. Why don't you hold him for a bit? You won't break him. Minsc: Congratulations, <CHARNAME>. Soon this tiny one will be planting his wee feet into the backside of evil, just like his daddy! We should give him a tiny sword to wave at the villains as we battle! Oh... Boo says that may not be such a good idea. HaerDalis: Ah, <CHARNAME>... had you not kept young Aerie's condition secret, I would have composed a sonnet to celebrate this great occasion! Valygar: <CHARNAME>, you must be very proud. I was against having children of my own, given my family's cursed bloodline... but if you're willing to give it a try, maybe I should reconsider. Aerie: He's certainly a handsome lad, isn't he? Just like his daddy. Can you say 'daddy' little Quayle? Can you say 'mommy'? Oh, he looks hungry. You better give him back to me for a bit. 1) Here he is... mommy. How are you feeling after all this? Aerie: I'll be fine, <CHARNAME>. I'll just patch myself up with a few healing spells and I'll be ready to go. Help strap little Quayle onto my back, and we can set off again and make the world a better place for our son.

JAHEIRA Considering all the crap you had to put up with to get this far, its a blessing that Jaheira will now let so much you say pass with only an incisive comment. The only thing you have to watch out for is insulting the fallen. Note that ELTs 2, 8, 10, 12 & 14 cannot be screwed up no matter how hard you try. 4 & 6 are the only ones to look out for. ELT=2 Jaheira: much. 1) 2) 3) 4) It seems we are never allowed a moment of rest. Still, I am glad we have accomplished so Really? I have had the feeling of running in circles. <Irenicus> I'm just happy to have weathered it all with you still at my side. <avenge> Jaheira, I'm sorry, but I can't talk right now. <attention> Give it a rest. My life continues to be a monumental chore. <chore>

<Irenicus> Jaheira: Perhaps, but we have dealt with much. With Irenicus dead, many ghosts can rest. His victims can go to their fates with no unfinished business. <closure> <avenge> Jaheira: I am glad as well. I was worried that my desire to avenge the... the dead had... well... I just wanted the business of the past to be well and truly finished. <closure> <chore> Jaheira: Well, perhaps I have chosen the wrong time to bother you. If you wish to wallow in your troubles, I shall wait until you are done. I'll be here if you need me, you know. You are not alone in this. <closure> Jaheira: That is important to me, <CHARNAME>. There must be closure to the past for us to... to move forward. If that is still your wish, I mean... 1) Jaheira, I need you here. You keep me grounded. <grounded> 2) What I want changes daily. Everything is a bit crazy right now. <attention> <grounded> Jaheira: I had hoped as much. You are very important to me, <CHARNAME>. I could not imagine us... I just wanted to say that I still feel for you, and that I hope we can get past all of this... together. <attention> Jaheira: I know, there is always something to take our attention. I will leave you to it, but I just wanted to say... to say that... I just wanted to say that I still feel for you, and that I hope we can get past all of this... together.

ELT=4 (After Gorion-wraith encounter) Jaheira: I really did not need that... that phantom and his accusations. How dare he! To defile the form of Gorion and Khalid with such... with such... 1) I know. It was an insult to the people they were. <grieved> 2) As if the living do not suffer enough when loved ones fall. <grieved> 3) Well, he did have a point. We both failed them. <point> <point> Jaheira: What? They were taken from us horribly, the pain of their loss stinging our hearts! If their deaths could have been prevented, we would have found a way! 1) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. It was hard for me, too. <grieved> 2) But you didn't, and that's a failure. I mean, he really did have a point. <failed> (romance screwed!) <grieved> Jaheira: I have grieved in prayer and action for all that have fallen around me. I have fought to avenge each and every soul that has been taken in the fight for balance. I will not be accused of dishonoring their memory, of benefiting from the death of friends. I have punished myself enough for... 1) Jaheira, you have done so much... Jaheira: not save... I mean... you made certain that Gorion and his vision were properly honored, even if you could

1) Jaheira! Jaheira: I am sorry. I should stop. I will not poison your view of me by having you assume my regrets. That is not fair of me. <failed> Jaheira: Is that... is that how you see us... see me? As a failure? As someone that lets her friends and loved ones die? I... how could you... HOW COULD YOU! Walk away, <CHARNAME>. I do not wish to look at you. Walk away, and stay away.

ELT=6 Jaheira: I... I wanted to say... Can you listen to me for a moment?

1) Of course, Jaheira. I was worried about you. <reaction> 2) No, I won't. I want to speak and have you listen to me. <speak> 3) No, I have no more time for your outbursts. <outbursts> (romance screwed!)

<outbursts> Jaheira: No more time? I see. Why have I not seen this side of you... Perhaps you are changing more than you like to believe. Perhaps you have already lost... <speak> Jaheira: I... very well. Speak your mind.

1) No, I will speak my heart. Jaheira, I care deeply for you. I need to know if our relationship is the healthiest thing for you. <healthy> 2) Will you truly hear? You are so unsure of the future, of your feelings, even with my reasurances. <reaction> 3) I want this to end, Jaheira. I can't handle your ups and downs. It's too much. <what?> (romance screwed!) <reaction> Jaheira: I am sorry for my reaction previously. I don't want you to think that I regret my actions with you. I do not. Khalid's loss was very hard for me, but we both understood the risks, and we both knew we would not honor the memory of the other by brooding forever. 1) Think no more of it, Jaheira. I want you here, no matter the difficulties we encounter. <means> 2) I don't know, Jaheira. His shadow is still over you. Is our relationship the healthiest thing for you? <healthy> 3) And yet he keeps returning. No, I think we should end this. It's not helping either of us. <what?> (romance screwed!) <healthy> Jaheira: Healthy for me? What do you mean?

1) Is it too soon, Jaheira? That wraith of Khalid shook you up pretty bad, and I need to know if you think our relationship is a good thing, or if you feel guilty for having feelings for me. I need to know. Jaheira: <CHARNAME>, I... I... (Here the dialogue splits depending on your reputation) (Rep 1-13) Jaheira: I don't know... I just don't know... you may not be the man you claim to be... you may not be mortal at all! Am I deluded... am I really feeling this... 1) Then we need to work on this, Jaheira. It's hard, I know, but I need you here, with me. <means> 2) Then that's it. It's better that this end. Your ups and downs are not healthy... for either of us. <what?> (romance screwed!) (Rep 14-20) Jaheira: Without a doubt in my mind, I say to you that I am not sorry for a moment we have been together. I have many regrets in my life, but you are not one of them.

1) Then please understand that nothing will change how I feel. I need you here. <means> 2) Even so, I don't think this is going to work. I don't think your ups and downs are a good thing, for either of us. <what?> (romance screwed!) <means> Jaheira: That means a lot to me, <CHARNAME>. You are foremost in my life now. Shadows cannot change that. <what?> Jaheira: What? What do you mean? We have come so far together... I see. I see the coldness in your eyes. Did I do this... or are you changing more than you think... Very well. No more will I trouble you with my petty feelings. Don't look at me like that. In fact, don't look at me at all. We have work to do... no more distractions.

ELT=8 (After the sacking of Saradush) Jaheira: Sleep did not come easy last night. I hope I am not alone in this.

1) I couldn't close my eyes at all. I kept seeing the city of Saradush... burning. <pained> 2) I slept well enough, though I do have sympathy for those hurt because of my kind. <distant> 3) What? Did I miss something? I slept like the dead. <joke> <pained> Jaheira: It is strange, but I am glad you are pained as I am. I had worried you were already slipping from your mortal form, becoming less the man I... feel for. <lose yourself> <joke> Jaheira: I hope that was not a joke at the expense of the fallen in Saradush! How could you be so insensitive? How could you look on them so callously... 1) An ill-timed jest, and I am sorry. I just don't know how to articulate the pain of it. <distant> 2) I am just above it all. This was a small thing compared to what might come. <role> <distant> Jaheira: I worry for you. You seem distant, when the carnage is so real, so near. I know you worry for others, but I hope you are not immune to the pain yourself. <lose yourself> <lose yourself> Jaheira: <CHARNAME>, do not lose yourself. You care about your fellow beings, about me. I do not know if the gods have such feelings... we are so small to them. 1) I am here, Jaheira. I share your concern, and I will see this cannot happen again. <glad>

2) I don't know. Much good could be done for the grande scheme of things. Little things work themselves out. <role> 3) I know, and I am tired of it. I will be noticed. I will be a power to be reckoned with. <role> <glad> Jaheira: I am glad. Remember who you are and what we have. It has been just as hard-won as your destiny. It matters. <role> Jaheira: And what will be your role? Are you to be the avenging solar or marauding demon? Neither is a creature of balance. Neither is anchored in the world of mortals. <CHARNAME>, please, give thought to your actions. I do not want to lose you to this beast you carry within. Be careful.

ELT=10 Jaheira: You know, we should return to the elven city one day...

1) It was beautiful, I'll give it that. A pity it suffered like it did. <yes> 2) Am I truly welcome there? I think they blamed me a little, just as they will in Saradush. <perhaps> 3) Why, so they can stare with their untrusting eyes? I felt that from them. <perhaps> <yes> Jaheira: Yes, but they will rebuild. Even the elves feel the impetus of time and act to better themselves. They are not slaves of destiny. <responses> <perhaps> Jaheira; Perhaps, but that is only because their true enemy was so far removed. You bear a taint and were there, so they didn't know what to expect. Destiny means nothing to victims. <responses> <responses> 1) Well, that sounded rehearsed. What are you getting at? 2) Please don't disguise your meaning, Jaheira. Voice your concern openly. Jaheira: I did not intend to speak down to you. I just want you to remember what is worthwhile. Destiny seems intent to claim you, and I don't know if that is for the best. Even if people distrust you now, at least it is *you* that they distrust. The creatures threatening us are beyond this earth. They are abstract, strange, and out of balance. <CHARNAME>, I know *you*, not your taint. I just want to protect what I have an interest in. Your life is tied to mine now. 1) Jaheira, I am not leaving anytime soon. Please, trust in me. <trust> 2) An impassioned plea, but I am not as worried as you. <fate> 3) I will do as I must when the time comes. Don't fill my head with doubts. <fate> <trust> Jaheira: I do. I just want to make sure you know it.

<fate> Jaheira: You speak with the tone of someone who has already decided their fate. I hope it is the right one for you. I hope there is a place in it for me.

ELT=12 Jaheira: There are great changes to come, aren't there? Of all possibilities, I worry most for your future.

1) Why so, Jaheira? What concerns you? <fought> 2) My future seems to be on the minds of many creatures. <fought> 3) You do an awful lot of worrying about things you have no effect on. <difference> <fought> Jaheira: We have fought much, and many children of Bhaal. They have sought conquest, to raise Bhaal, to become Bhaal, to destroy, to create, and now I wonder... <wonder> <difference> Jaheira: I need to think I can make a difference, even in the face of destiny. There are gods involved here, but mortals push the events. Followers of Bhaal especially... and now I wonder... <wonder> <wonder> Jaheira: I wonder, <CHARNAME>, what will happen when this is over? If we prevail, that will undoubtedly free a great amount of the Bhaal taint. Will that be yours? I mean, the children were to raise Bhaal. They are pushed to conquest to grow in strength, and then that strength is returned to Bhaal when they die. What if he is not raised? 1) Someone will have to assume the power. Perhaps me. Perhaps not. <fear> 2) He will be dead forever. His power will dissipate and be gone. <dead> 3) And we would be called to fight again, until we faced this same problem once more. Again someone would try to possess the power... you might... <contained> <dead> Jaheira: Will it? He is dead now, and his power nests in whoever fights hard enough to get it. Who will fight for it tomorrow? Another spawn? Another god? You? <fear> <contained> Jaheira: And we would be called to fight again, until we faced this same problem once more. Again someone would try to possess the power... you might... <fear> <fear> Jaheira: That is my greatest fear. Such a person would become unreal, become godlike. They could not exist in a mortal shell. Nature would not allow it... Such a person would leave this plane, called to duties elsewhere, beyond our thinking. Such a person might as well be dead to us... to me...

1) No. No, Jaheira, please calm down. I will not leave you, dead or otherwise. <long time> 2) Jaheira, what is this about? <long time> 3) But not dead. No, a being of wondrous power! Such a fitting fate... <fate> <long time> Jaheira: I want you to be with me for a very long time, and I have enough trouble just seeing you hurt in combat without... without destiny killing you outright. 1) Enough sorrow, Jaheira. I'm here now, and I promise I'll be here tomorrow. <tomorrow> 2) Jaheira, even my own mistakes have trouble killing me. Things will work out. <mistakes> 3) I am the master of my destiny. I have nothing to fear from my glorious fate! <fate> <fate> Jaheira: A fate for you and who else? Not me. There is no place in such a fate for me.

<tomorrow> Jaheira: Tomorrow... one day... What of the rest? Please, think about the rest. <mistakes> Jaheira: I don't think you've tried quite this hard before...

ELT=14 (Unlike the rest, this is a simple branch dialogue. No wrong answers.) Jaheira: Well, it would appear that this... this is close to the end of our journey. I trust you, <CHARNAME>. Remember that. 1) 2) 3) 4) <stand> Jaheira: <dance> Jaheira: Don't worry. This is my dance, and I'll call it how I want it. <dance> I'm glad someone does. Seems like the gods want to hold my hand through it. <hand> There will be a special place at the foot of my throne for you. <throne> Just stand back from here on in. <stand> I would prefer to be at your side. I hope there is room... Quaint, but I don't know if the gods care for dancing.

1) Then they can sit this one out. I'll take care of things. <sit out> 2) Maybe we'll get the chance to ask. Who knows... <ask> <sit out> Jaheira: <ask> I know you will.

Jaheira: <hand> Jaheira:

Who knows anything... I will too, if you like.

1) Oooh, aren't you sweet. OK, beautiful, you and me. Here we go. <sweet> 2) Funny. I'm glad you're laughing. <funny> <sweet> Jaheira: <funny> Jaheira: <throne> Jaheira: Yes... you and me... It's that or cry. Come on, let's go. What!

1) Kidding! Just kidding! Lighten up, it's destiny day. <destiny day> 2) Nothing. Don't worry. <worry> <destiny day> Jaheira; You're a son-of-a-something all right, making jokes at a time like this, but I wouldn't call it a god. <worry> Jaheira: Don't worry? Don't worry, he says. Hmph!

Viconia Viconia will take every opportunity to try to walk away and end the romance. Much as it may annoy you, you will have to give her constant reassurance if you want to continue romancing her. Note that ELTs 6, 14, &16 cannot be screwed up no matter how hard you try. Viconias romance is horrendously complicated unless you understand how they coded it; Ive done my best to explain it here, but I imagine Ill be getting a lot of questions on the SP message boards. (Dont hesitate to ask.) There are a few splits in the dialogue with respect to her alignment change, and many of the dialogue choices are available only with the assistance of past dialogue choices, or are dependent on your own alignment. Fortunately, the programmers decided to put everything into one variable, a global variable called ViconiaChange which they increment up or down depending on your selection of dialogue choices. I have put little ([+/-]#) notations next to the appropriate choices to guide you along, and I also marked the choice you have to make in ELT 12 to get the change. If you dont want her to change then dont worry about it and just continue the romance as normal (watching out for the regular pitfalls, of course). If you dont specifically ask her to change, she wont. NOTE: Any time it says something in the format [AT LEAST / LESS THAN] # total so far, Im talking about the contents of the ViconiaChange variable. ELT=2 Viconia: I was foolish and naive, a waela jalil. I should have left when I had the chance.

1) What are you talking about? 2) What's the problem now, Viconia? 3) Are you not happy here? Viconia: I speak of my attempt to leave your presence when I realized our... attraction... bode only ill for the future. I allowed you to convince me to stay when I knew better. 1) I needed you, Viconia. And I still do. <useful> 2) You have changed your mind on staying? <Hell> 3) You're free to go if you like, Viconia. <objection> <useful> Viconia: Perhaps you can make use of me, but I truly doubt you are so weak as to actually need me, <CHARNAME>. You may have an attachment, but that is all. <Hell> <Hell> Viconia: Before we descended into Hell, I spoke to you of my... continued feelings, of my doubt that a future between us was impossible. I said that perhaps we could speak of this again once you had regained your soul. And you have... Irenicus is dead and you are whole once again. But your quest is never truly over, is it? Your future is constantly in question, and so would ours be. Perhaps it is time for me to leave.

1) 2) 3) 4)

Why do you want to go now, of all times? <difficult> If that's what you truly want to do, then I can't stop you. <difficult> No, don't go, Viconia. I love you too much to lose you forever. <maudlin> Fine. Abandon me. Good riddance. <sure>

<objection> Viconia: Perhaps I should... if you've no objection, of course. 1) Why are you bringing this up? <difficult> 2) Yes, fine, go. <sure> <sure> Viconia: 1) 2) 3) 4) Are you sure, abbil? This is your last opportunity to object. Of course I object! I love you and I want you to stay! <maudlin> Why do you want to leave, anyway? <difficult> Just give me your stuff and you can go. <earned> (romance screwed!) No, no. If this is what you want, then go. <nothing> (romance screwed!)

<earned> Viconia: I have earned what I carry and I shall take it with me. I wish you well in your future, my ssinssrigg. Perhaps we shall meet again, who knows? (Viconia leaves party, keeps stuff) <maudlin> Viconia: That maudlin expression is exactly the reason why I should go. The longer I travel with you, the harder it is to remember the reasons why we cannot be together... as it seems I am the only one who can. <difficult> <difficult> Viconia: I am finding it... increasingly difficult to travel by your side, <CHARNAME>, and still remember the reasons that we are not together. I yearn to touch you, even if I should not. This is a weakness within me. A weakness that may get us both killed. So I should leave now, as I said. 1) 2) 3) 4) I don't think it's a weakness, Viconia. <of course> I feel the same way, and I don't want you to leave. <of course> I disagree. I want us to be together again. <of course> Fine, then. Go, if that's what you want. <nothing> (romance screwed!)

<of course> Viconia: Of course you would say this. Tell me, then, <CHARNAME>... what purpose would be served by the two of us re-uniting? I have made all my arguments to you already. 1) 2) 3) 4) But if you still love me, then your arguments aren't enough. <idiocy> Neither of us can control the future, Viconia. But we can control the now. <idiocy> Why not just do something that pleases you, for once, despite the consequences? <idiocy> I don't know. I can't refute your arguments, Viconia. <nothing> (romance screwed!)

5) I guess nothing would be served. Perhaps you should go, after all. <nothing> (romance screwed!) <idiocy> Viconia: (sigh) Then... despite the idiocy of doing so, I... I would wish to be with you again, <CHARNAME>. I miss you. I miss being close to you, and feeling your flesh against mine. Let us throw caution to the wind, then, if that is what you wish. You are no ordinary <PRO_MANWOMAN>, <CHARNAME>... and I will bear the consequences if you will. 1) I would like that. <continue> 2) You are no ordinary woman, Viconia... by far. And I would love for us to be together again. <continue> 3) No. No, I think you were right the first time. This won't work out. <nothing> (romance screwed!) <continue> Viconia: Then let us continue on the journey towards your destiny, my mrann d'sinss. It will be good for us to be together again, striving as one against your enemies! <nothing> Viconia: Then there is nothing more to be said, my ssinssrigg. I wish you well in your destiny. If we are fortunate... perhaps we shall meet again. (Viconia leaves party, keeps stuff)

ELT=4 Viconia: I... was not aware that the sight of my brother would... have this effect upon me. I am ashamed that I showed such weakness! What a mooning, useless cow I have become! 1) 2) 3) 4) <coddle> Viconia: Don't be so hard on yourself, Viconia. <coddle> We can't all be so strong all the time. <coddle> I'm pretty surprised at that, myself. <open up> I agree. You should have seen through that wraith's attack. <open up> Do not coddle me! I should have seen through that blatant attack!! <open up>

<open up> Viconia: I should have known better than to open myself up like this once again! I have become soft because of you, and now we are paying the price!! 1) 2) 3) 4) <truth> Viconia: We survived, didn't we? No harm done. <simpering> I, for one, am glad to see your feelings. <simpering> Why are you acting like this? <simpering> That's true. You should have been stronger than this. <truth> You speak the truth. This ends, now. I shall leave you, since I am of no further use.

1) No, stay with me! I need your skills, still. <battle> (romance screwed!) 2) If that's what you want to do, I can't stop you. <farewell> (romance screwed!) 3) Why are you talking like this? What's wrong, exactly? <simpering> <farewell> Viconia: stuff) Then farewell, my ssinssrigg. I wish you success in your quest. (Viconia leaves party, keeps

<simpering> Viconia: I am no simpering <PRO_RACE> female, <CHARNAME>. I have no built-in desire to shower my feelings upon my partner. I am strong because I am drow... because I am steel, honed to the sharpest of blades. 1) 2) 3) 4) <rely> Viconia: You don't have to be strong by yourself, Viconia... that's why I'm here. <rely> Your reaction to your brother isn't a form of weakness, Viconia. <difficult> Relax, already. You did nothing wrong. <difficult> Well, I would prefer that you be useful to me. That's more important. <weakness> I have never had to rely on others. Nor have I ever wished to.

1) Well, maybe its time to start if this is going to work out between us. <perhaps> 2) Then I guess there's no point in continuing, is there? <weakness> (romance screwed!) <difficult> Viconia: It was... so difficult to see my brother again. I have not forgotten how he saved my life. I have not forgotten the closeness we shared. To think that he has suffered because of me... 1) But that wasn't the truth! Any more than Gorion was. <perhaps> 2) Get over it, Viconia. It's pointless to dwell on this. <perhaps> <weakness> Viconia: Then we end the cause of this weakness. Our relationship, such as it is, is nothing but a hindrance. 1) Fine. That works for me. <battle> (romance screwed!) 2) That's not necessary, Viconia. You don't have to get through this by yourself... that's what I'm here for. <perhaps> <perhaps> Viconia: Perhaps. Perhaps you speak the truth. I did confess to you that I know little of true closeness with others, did I not? I will need you to show me the way in this. Let us move on, then. Remaining here churns my stomach. <battle> Viconia: I shall stay, then... but only to battle at your side, abbil. Let us journey on.

ELT=6 (This is where the dialogues start having an impact on the possibility of an alignment change.) Viconia: I have been thinking about us, my m'rann d'sinss. Perhaps thinking too much. Dwelling on such things leads only to head-aches and confusion, don't you agree? 1) I suppose so. <muse> 2) Absolutely. Good to see you've come around. <muse> 3) Not really... it's important to think these things through. <think> <muse> Viconia: I suppose you must have enough to muse over without me adding to your problems, even though I do so enjoy seeing you fume occasionally. <evening> <think> Viconia: Then with all you have to think about, I am surprised you do not just curl into a little ball and contemplate things for a year or so. Ha! What a pretty sight that would make, no? <evening> <evening> Viconia: Since you have stopped us for the evening, then, perhaps the time has come to resume our physical relationship. I have... missed you, <CHARNAME>. And this, at least, is an arena I feel comfortable in. 1) 2) 3) 4) You won't hear me complaining. <jaluk> Are you sure, Viconia? <sure> It's about time. I was wondering how long this would take. <enthusiasm> No, I don't think the time is right for this, yet. <confuse>

<sure> Viconia: What do you mean, 'am I sure'? You know that physical intimacy does not carry the emotional baggage for me as it might for you or other surfacers. 1) Alright, then. Just making sure. <jaluk> 2) Sounds good to me, then. <enthusiasm> 3) That's just it, though... perhaps the time isn't right just yet. <confuse> <confuse> Viconia: Now you confuse me, jaluk. I am tired and I lay here willing to become intimate with you, as you so often desire, and yet you choose to pull away. Why? 1) 2) 3) 4) I've changed my mind. Forget what I said. <jaluk> I don't think you're ready to resume that part of our relationship, Viconia. <sigh> I think we'd be doing it for the wrong reasons. <sigh> (+1) If we're going to lie together again, Viconia, I want it to be right. <sigh> (+1)

5) Because I'm tired and not up for your acrobatics, Viconia. <ibilth> (-1) 6) Forget it. I'm not going to get into some long discussion with you about it. <ibilth> (-1) <jaluk> Viconia: Good. I did not think this would be a problem, jaluk. To my people, the act of intimacy is a source only of pleasure and not cluttered with associated affections as it is, elsewhere. <question> <enthusiasm> Viconia: Mmmm, yes, you have always shown enthusiasm for this part of our relationship. Let's see if you can translate that into a level of exertion that will please me, my m'rann dssinss... <question> <sigh> Viconia: (sigh) Very well, I will not argue with you, wael, even if I do not fully understand. If I did not know you better I would swear you were more fickle than an over-pampered housecat. <question> <ibilth> Viconia: Fine. Do as you wish, iblith, I have little enough desire to argue with you, even if occasionally you are more infuriating than a kobold slave. <question> <question> Viconia: I do have... one question... that I would desire an answer to, first, <CHARNAME>. Why do you continue to pursue me? I am a drow. I have treated you poorly and am unfamiliar with your ways. You continue to claim interest in me despite the fact that I am no creature to love. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) I think you're wrong. You're the perfect creature to love. <interesting> (+1) You're beautiful and sensuous... why wouldn't I desire you? <bother> I'm not in love with a drow, I'm in love with you, Viconia. <interesting> (+1) The sex is great, even if you are a bit harsh at times. I don't mind you at all. <bother> (-1) I obviously think much more of you than you do of yourself. <interesting> (+1) It isn't as bad as you claim, Viconia. You aren't so terrible. <bother> I'm not interested in discussing it. <end split> (-1)

<interesting> Viconia: Hmm. An interesting answer, jaluk. You are full of them, it seems. <end split> <bother> Viconia: Ah. I should have known you would say that, jaluk. I suppose I should not have bothered with the question. <end split> <end split> (If you DID agree to sleep with Viconia again) Viconia: Very well, then. Let us get our coupling completed then, shall we? I still wish to get a decent hour's sleep once my dear ssinssrigg has been satisfied. (If you DIDNT agree to sleep with Viconia again)

Viconia: you.

Sleep alone then, <CHARNAME>, as it seems you desire to. I swear I shall never understand

ELT=8 Viconia: Mmm... what? What is it, jaluk? Why do you persist in glaring at me?!

1) Don't snap at me, you're the one who's been doing all the glaring. <glaring> 2) Knock off the games, Viconia. I haven't the time. <silence> (-1) <glaring> Viconia: 1) 2) 3) 4) I... suppose perhaps that is true. I have been... mulling over a question. Go ahead and ask. <Bhaal> Ask your question, then, before you drive me nuts. <Bhaal> I haven't the time for questions, Viconia. Let's just keep going. <silence> (-1) I've had enough of your questions to last me a lifetime. <silence> (romance screwed!)

<Bhaal> Viconia: Very well. You... have the blood of your sire, Bhaal, running in your veins. You told me once that he was the god of murder in your pantheon before he perished, correct? 1) Thats right. Viconia: It is equally obvious that the power of this Bhaal is becoming greater within you. I have one question that interests me, then. What is it you feel... when you kill? Does it feel good? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) I'm not going to dignify that with an answer! <fair question> No. I kill because I have to, and nothing will ever change that. <call> (+1) I feel awful every time I'm forced to, actually. <call> (+1) Part of me enjoys it, perhaps, but I deny that part of me. <call> (+1) It does feel good, yes, although I take no pride in that. <honest> Absolutely. I live for the kill... you should know that by now. <call> (-1)

<fair question> Viconia: Why not? It is a fair enough question. I deserve an answer, jaluk! 1) 2) 3) 4) <silence> Viconia: Forget it! I'm not talking about it! <silence> (-1) I'm not a male you can boss around, Viconia. And I refuse to answer this. <silence> (-2) Fine! The answer is no, I hate the killing! Is that what you wanted to hear?! <call> Fine! The answer is yes, I love the killing! Is that what you wanted to hear?! <honest> Fine. Wallow in silence, then, you moody bastard, since everything is always about you.

<call> Viconia: So you hear the call within your heart, telling you that the kill is pleasing. But of course you would have the power to deny it, you being <CHARNAME> and all. <killed> <honest> [If you have LESS THAN +2 total so far] Viconia: I suppose that this is a good thing. Were you a weakling who approached <PRO_HISHER> power like a sniveling child, I could never have respect for you. This is good to know. (conversation ends with no extra repercussions) [If you have AT LEAST +2 total so far] (Goes straight to <killed>) <killed> Viconia: I think through all the beings that I have killed, and I do not think I have ever felt remorse for any of them. Why should I? They deserved what they received, were in my way, or were simply weak. Only once has the lure of my blood ever failed me, and it puzzles me still to this day. The... human child that I refused to sacrifice to Lolth's gluttony. The one I spared, losing me in the Spider Queen's sight forever. That one still confuses me, <CHARNAME>. Where was my drow ruthlessness, then? Was I simply weak, and that is why I am here now? (It gets a little complicated here. If youre evil and have LESS THAN 0 total so far, youll get option 3E in addition to the other five. If youre good and have AT LEAST 0 total so far, youll get option 3G instead. If you dont fall into either of these categories, youre stuck with the other five. So few choices. ;-) 1) It certainly didn't help you, that's true. <suppose> (-1) 2) You did what you thought was right, for once. I'm proud of you. <enlightened> (+1) 3E) Obviously you were weak. Now let's get going. <suppose> (-1) 3G)I would like to think that's a sign there's a spark of good in you, after all. <enlightened> (+1) 3/4) I don't know. You'll have to decide that for yourself. <suppose> 4/5) Everyone is allowed a moment of weakness, Viconia. <suppose> (-1) 5/6) Evil for its own sake is not an accomplishment, Viconia. <enlightened> (+1) <suppose> Viconia: I suppose you are correct. Let us move on, then, so I may think more on this.

<enlightened> Viconia: An... enlightened viewpoint, <CHARNAME>. One I am not sure I share. But... perhaps it is time I give the matter some thought. Let us just continue on, for now.

ELT=10 Viconia: Ahhh, I had forgotten such scenes of carnage! And to know that such destruction has been wrought by one who solely sought to seek you out is a glorious tribute to your power! Think of it, <CHARNAME>... a whole town of rivven destroyed simply to get to you! Ha ha ha! If anything spoke of your

destiny as a being to be feared, this is it! By Shar, you must seek an unholy vengeance for this! You must smite all your enemies so that your name will be shouted across the Realms, <CHARNAME>! Your destiny has arrived! 1) 2) 3) 4) <intend> Viconia: I knew it! It is all rather impressive, isn't it? <intend> (-1) I agree! Nothing can stop me, now! <intend> (-2) What are you talking about?! This is all horrible! <fail> That's not my intention at all, Viconia. <fail> And I intend to be by your side, ssinssrigg. I knew that your heritage would ring true, one day,

1) And who says you get to be by my side, Viconia? <jest> 2) Perhaps we should wait and see how things work out and not get ahead of ourselves. <sigh> 3) Well, I never had any doubt. <smug> <jest> Viconia: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Eh? Surely you jest, <CHARNAME>. Do you not wish me by your side? Always quick to jump on the bandwagon, eh? Well, forget it. <see> (romance screwed!) No. It was nice and all that, Viconia, but I think here's where it ends. <see> (romance screwed!) All I'm saying is that that decision may not be up to us. <sigh> I would have you by my side if I could, but let's just wait and see what happens. <sigh> I'm just kidding, Viconia. Relax. <smug>

<see> Viconia: I see. Viconia is fine until something better comes along, is it? I should have expected as much. Well, you'll not see me crying over you, <CHARNAME>. Let's move on. <sigh> Viconia: (sigh) True enough. You have waited so long for some form of victory, I just thought we could exult in it for a moment. Must we always be so cautious and contemplative? <smug> Viconia: Smug bastard. How I adore you when you are like this. Come, then, my potent man... let us be moving onwards. <fail> Viconia: I fail to understand, <CHARNAME>. Why does this not please you?

(Yet again, we have numerous possibilities. Youll either get four, five, or six options for response here. You get Option 2 if you have AT LEAST 2 total so far, and youll get 2/3 if your alignment is good.) 1) I would never condone such destruction in my name, never! <enigma>


All this killing is wrong, Viconia. And the fact it's happening because of me is worse! <misunderstand> (+1) 2/3) Has killing *ever* pleased me? What are you thinking?! <misunderstand> (+1) 2/3/4) I can't believe you would even ask me that! Get away! You disgust me!! <disgust> (romance screwed!) 3/4/5) Power doesn't automatically equal death and destruction, Viconia. This isn't me. <misunderstand> (+1) 4/5/6) I don't want to talk about this with you. <enigma> <enigma> Viconia: You are ever an enigma to me. So be it... I shall be silent on such matters, jaluk, if that is what you truly wish. <disgust> Viconia: Disgust you, do I? Or perhaps you disgust yourself. No matter, iblith... I see I have no place with you. Let us move on before I vomit at your weakness. <misunderstand> Viconia: Hm... perhaps I did misunderstand your godly heritage, then. I thought it would please you to celebrate this victory... 1) Well, you were wrong. 2) Look around you, Viconia. Does this look like a victory to you? 3) If that's what you think, then we'll never understand each other. Viconia: I do not see ugliness where you do, <CHARNAME>. But I will... try to, if that will make you happy. Let us go, then, and leave this place behind.

ELT=12 (This is the moment of truth. If you have AT LEAST 3 total so far, option x,1,3 will change Viconias alignment to True Neutral.) Viconia: I asked you once, long ago, what you saw in your future. Now that is has come closer, have you changed your mind on it? Do you even see one for you, for us, hm? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) All I know is that I plan on claiming my birthright. <pleases> I see myself gaining more power, for certain. <pleases> I want us to remain together. Everything else is secondary. <decision> I don't want this destiny. If I can go back to a normal life, I will. <decision> I don't know, to be honest. <decision>

<pleases> Viconia: This pleases me. I am left to wonder, however, if a time will arrive where there is such a difference between us that remaining together becomes an impossibility. <greater power>

<decision> Viconia: I see. I wonder if such a decision will be made for you, in time. Perhaps a time will arrive where there is such a difference between us that remaining together becomes an impossibility. <greater power> <greater power> Viconia: If you are something akin to a greater power, you will no doubt have enemies of an equal magnitude. I do not wish to be the woman you drag with you and are forced to protect. I see you change each day, now, <CHARNAME>. Each day you become greater and greater, and move further beyond my reach. The repercussion of such is a bit... unsettling. (Here the dialog splits. If you have LESS THAN 1 total so far, youll go to <appreciate>. If you have AT LEAST 1 total so far, youll go to <change>.) <appreciate> Viconia: It is not that I do not appreciate your change, <CHARNAME>. I exult in your acquisition of power. You grow beyond me, however, and I wonder if I truly have a place in your future. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) I hope so. We shall have to see. <preoccupied> At the very least you could become my first cleric. <worship> If I can, I would prefer to remain with you, Viconia. <preoccupied> I love you, Viconia. Nothing else matters. <preoccupied> Perhaps you are right. There is no place for you. <settled> (romance screwed!)

<preoccupied> Viconia: So long as you are not preoccupied on my behalf. I would have you make your choice without the interference of mere affection, <CHARNAME>. Come, let us move on. <worship> Viconia: Hmph. You wish my worship, do you? Perhaps... it might be possible, as much as I am sure the idea offends Shar. It is not my first choice, obviously. <settled> Viconia: It is... good that the matter is settled, now, then. Let us... continue on with your quest and fulfill your destiny, <CHARNAME>. Only after that may I move on. <change> Viconia: I see you change each day, in fact. I wonder... to keep up with you, I would have to be capable of such change, as well. Do you see me capable of such change, <CHARNAME>? 1) What kind of change? <drow> 2) No, not really. And I prefer you as you are. <flatterer> <flatterer> Viconia: <drow> Flatterer. Come, then, my ssinssrigg... let us move onward.

Viconia: I do not know. Perhaps change in the way of finally shaking off the things that made me drow. To respect life as most surfacers, to become... a better person. (If you have LESS THAN 3 total so far, the change choice will be at the top and wont work anyway. If you have AT LEAST 3 total so far, the change choice will be at the bottom.) 1) 1/2) 2/3) 3) I would like to see that. <no> I wouldn't want you to change. I like you as you are. <revolting> Get over it, Viconia. You're talking stupidity, here. <revolting> I would like to see that. <try>

<no> Viconia: ...no. No, I do not think I can change so much, despite my words. I am sorry, <CHARNAME>. Let us... let us just move onwards and forget I said anything. <revolting> Viconia: Good. The thought was a bit... revolting... on many levels. I am glad you disapprove. Come, then, my powerful jaluk... let us travel onwards. <try> Viconia: Then... then I will try. I will try to be a better person, <CHARNAME>. For you. Let us... let us move onwards before I change my mind. (Viconias alignment changes to True Neutral.)

ELT=14 Viconia: Before we sleep, I have a question that requires your indulgence.

1) Fine, go ahead. <love> 2) For you, Viconia, anything. <love> 3) Not now, Viconia. I'm tired. <eel> <eel> Viconia: Do not slither away from me like an eel, <CHARNAME>. You sound like an old woman complaining about her tired bones. 1) Well, if you're going to insult me, then okay! <love> 2) I said no and I meant it! <avoiding> <love> Viconia: Very well. What do you think of 'love', <CHARNAME>? It is a foreign concept. I wish to understand it further. 1) I'm not sure I know any more about it than you do. <wonder> 2) I love you. I know that much. <wonder> 3) Love is when someone else is more important to you than your own life. <wonder>

4) *This* is your question? Go to sleep, Viconia. <avoiding> <avoiding> Viconia: Hmph. I see this is what our future is to be, is it? My complaining and your avoiding. So be it. I am sure a well-placed mace will crush your skull when you sleep no matter what you become. <wonder> Viconia: I wonder... do I love you, <CHARNAME>? I... I do not know. It is difficult to place myself in such a mindset. All I have ever known is cruelty, hatred and bigotry for most of my life. (Again we split; Viconias alignment determines this one. <evil> or <neutral>) <evil> Viconia: Bah. I suppose such thoughts are only idle ones and prone to make one weak. I do not wish you second-guessing yourself if you must make a decision in the future, <CHARNAME>. Promise me that, my m'rann dssinss. I would rather remember you strong than know that you had given up the promise of true power for some distracting affection. 1) Very well. I promise. <sleep> 2) Believe me, you never had anything to worry about. <flatterer> 3) I won't promise that, Viconia. You're more than a 'distracting affection'. <flatterer> <sleep> Viconia: Good. Then I can sleep a little easier tonight. Come, my lover... let me make you happy in the best way I know, at least for this moment. (Party rests.) <flatterer> Viconia: Flatterer. Regardless, I will sleep a little easier tonight. Come, my lover... let me make you happy in the best way I know, at least for this moment. (Party rests.) <neutral> Viconia: But you have made me question so much that I have known. I have been wondering if there has been anyone but you that I have ever cared for more than myself in my life, if I have always been drow or not. The only one I can think of is... Valas. My poor brother. He saved my life to allow me to escape. I miss his jests and his pranks. I miss the moments we would steal, exchanging stories. I never allowed myself to think of him when I fled. I simply saw his sacrifice as beneficial for myself. But I... I miss him, <CHARNAME>. I wish he had lived. Is that love, maybe, do you think? 1) Yes. 2) No. 3) Maybe. It sounds like you cared for him. Viconia: With you it is different. I ache when you are endangered. I long to be with you, and it maddens me when you are not by my side. They are selfish, weak feelings that I want to drive from my heart at moments.

1) That could be love, I suppose. 2) I love you too, Viconia. Viconia: Do you think it is possible to have feelings like that for many people? That others, many others, are more important than yourself? Do you think this is how the darthiir, the surface elves, how they feel always? 1) Viconia... you're crying... Viconia: I feel... I feel... I can't put words to it, <CHARNAME>. But it feels *good*, this ache. I don't want to lose it. What comes next, <CHARNAME>? Is there only companionship? Is there more to this than just a feeling? 1) What comes next? Marriage. Children. Anything is possible. <marriage> 2) I don't know, Viconia. Anything could happen, I hesitate to tempt the fates. <fates> <fates> Viconia: Perhaps you are right, <CHARNAME>. Just hold me, then. I cannot sleep, but I want to feel your warmth close to me. (Party rests.) <marriage> Viconia: Marriage? Your people's union of two mates. A promise to remain together. I like the sound of that, <CHARNAME>. Perhaps... once this is over... 1) Perhaps. We should wait and see. Viconia: Alright. Let us wait and see. Hold me close, <CHARNAME>. I... do not think I can sleep, tonight. I just wish to feel you close. (Party rests.)

ELT=16 Viconia: hands. We draw close. To the end. Don't we? Very soon, now, your final destiny will be in your

1) Yes, very close now. Viconia: Good. Then I have only one thing I wish to say to you, my m'rann dssinss.

(Last split, I promise. ;-) <neutral> or <evil>) <neutral> Viconia: It is... something I have never said to you, before, because I was unsure if I truly felt that way. I have called you m'rann dssinnss... lover... of my ssinssrigg... my love... but these are drow words. Saying such a thing in drow is a coldness, an injustice, to the true word. And I... I think it is important that I say it to you.

At least once. Before this all ends, one way or another. I love you, <CHARNAME>. And if this is the last time I see you, know that I will forever be grateful for all that you have done. I will remember you always. 1) I love you, too, Viconia. Now and always. 2) Thank you, Viconia. I appreciate the sentiment. 3) I hope this isn't good-bye... Viconia: This is not good-bye. It is just... let me hold you for one moment, <CHARNAME>. Let us kiss as if for the last time, so that I may remember this even if nothing else... ...there. Now, my marvelous terror of a <PRO_MANWOMAN>... now we go and finish this. <evil> Viconia: I want you to be strong. I want you to be merciless. Be the <PRO_LADYLORD> of murder, if you must... but bring terror into Melissan's heart. Send her screaming to her death. You deserve nothing less and I expect nothing less from you. Whatever comes of me matters not... we shall decide our fate afterwards, if it comes to that. But... in case something unforseen does occur... let me hold you for one moment, <CHARNAME>. Let us kiss as if for the last time, so that I may remember this even if nothing else... (Its not exactly a split per se, but more like a few cameos inside of one branch of a split. :D Four different people will chime in here if theyre in your party. If none of them are in your party, youll get the dialogue option Alright to advance the dialogue.) Imoen: Gosh. Ya just, um, get right to it in the middle of everything, huh? Korgan: Har, now! That's the way ter do it! Just don't let 'er swallow yer whole head, there, <CHARNAME>! Har har!! Edwin: Must we constantly be treated to such examples of your exhibitionism?! Bah! (Hurrrm... not that I wouldn't take his place if I could...) Jan: Agh. Get a room. ...there. Now, my marvelous terror of a <PRO_MANWOMAN>... now we go and finish this.


Credits -First and foremost, thanks go out to my good buddy kuemper, who not only got me thinking about doing this with her ToBAniRom Guide, but also clued me in to where I could find Infinity Explorer in the first place. Without her this wouldnt have been possible. -Next, of course, is Taluntain at Sorcerers Place (www.sorcerers.net) for agreeing to host this guide on his incredible site. -The guys who invented the Infinity Explorer software (http://infexp.sourceforge.net/), which probably cut about 95% of my testing time by allowing direct access to the game dialogs and such. -And lastly, all the designers and programmers at Bioware, Black Isle, etc. who made one hell of a complex, interesting, and exciting game. Version History v1.0 - 09/14/2005 v1.01 - 09/19/2005 v1.02 - 09/23/2005 v1.1 - 01/15/2006 First draft; awaiting review by kuemper... Added typo disclaimer. Changed font size upon request, and added IE address Added info on Aeries gestation (Doh!) and the method for checking variables

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