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M. Haris zaman Syed Shujaat Hussain Dawood Akhter


The importance of information and efficient information management is steadily increasing due to the evolution of new technologies and high-capacity storage media but also because growing market dynamics raise information needs. A marketing decision support system (MDSS) can be of particular importance as it supports organizations in collecting, storing, processing, and disseminating information, and in the decisionmaking process by providing forecasts and decision models (Little 1979). The following article provides insights into a successful implementation of a MDSS in tourism. Based on findings on the analysis of the systems protocol files, it discusses the information needs in tourism management. Tourism management is making itself to be the part of any countrys economy booster and information technology is playing its role to take the tourism management to the doors of success. With the help of marketing decision support system tourism can be grow much higher and faster than ever. Marketing strategies can be very helpful to make the tourism management successful and beneficial for both the business man as well as for the customers which can be national and from around the globe.

Operators in tourism management, compared to other management sectors, are confronted with a vast field of complex aims, requiring different plans of action. The special working requirements of the services sector are a result of its business peculiarities. Problems in strategic, and frequently operational planning, are characterized by their complexity, often being intermingled, non-transparent, and individualistically dynamic and requiring the achievement of multiple goals. The vast amount of information or complex weighting of the different sectors can present an insurmountable problem for human resources. As a result there are high expectations of decision-makers trouble-shooting abilities. In order to solve complex problems, decision-makers need to have a factual knowledge of the industry (declarative knowledge) and the methodology used (procedural knowledge). The wealth of knowledge is drawn from two pools; that obtained from the storage of already existing experiences, and by generating knowledge in the respective field. Combining these two pools creates an arena for problem solving.( Karl W. Wober 2003) Human being is a machine which required some regular movement to make it working perfectly if any one does against this law he or she may suffer some serious damages physically or mentally. From the last 5 to 10 years the long working hours and economical situation made life so fast that many persons even cant thing about them selves and just thinking about to satisfy the need wants and demands of their family. As the technology develops the habits of people are also getting change people used to spend their free time or holidays by visiting different places. The change in atmosphere or environments can help the person to keep his/her mind fresh. The tourism is all about visiting different places in the city, country or of out the country. Outing make the mind 2

refresh and it help in making person to work more effectively and efficiently that is the reason many big companies have specially designed holidays for their employees. Tourism is very important factor for any country to generate maximum profit and many developed and under develop countries have adopt this strategy and they are now able to make their positive image in the mind of whole world and people visit those countries which on one side help visitors to enjoy the holidays but on other side it also help the host country to generate huge amount of profit. Tourism also helps in finding many jobs for host people that can be very helpful for them to improve their economic situation. Many countries like Pakistan have a lot of natural beauty which can easily attract tourist from around the world. Government of Pakistan have to concentrate on this sector so that it can be possible for tourists to visit Pakistan's different areas which can be very helpful for the people of Pakistan specially the local people of the part where tourists make their stays this can help them to generate many jobs for them and other side the Pakistans image will also be improved in the whole country. The problem on Pakistan is that government didnt take any action for developing the areas where local or international tourists are effetely came to visit and spend their holidays. Marketing decision support system is a decision support system for marketing action. It consists of information technology, marketing data and modeling capabilities that allow the system to provide forecast results from different situations and marketing strategies. With the help of MDSS the data base can be easily generated in which the whole record of visitors came from abroad can be saved for future use. MDSS is also a great tool to get the knowledge about the competitor and organization can judge their performance and analyze the situation of their competitors. MDSS can supply the accurate data if properly records are updated and are very helpful for managing the tourism business.

Literature review
The old researches were made only to identify the most common factors which effect the tourism management. The trend has changed like many years ago people were used to visit only those areas which were familiar to them and their families but now a days people used to explore the areas which are most suitable to them according to their needs like many people like to visit hilly areas where they can make their own camps and spend their time with all the wild life, and some people like to spend their holidays like royals with just enjoyment everything must be perfect so that they just do nothing for them selves while they are on holidays. With the past researches we came to know that the path of research was just bounded only for the benefits of business man and organizations but now its time to make something new and develop some strategies that would helpful not only for the organizations but for customers. The tourism management can be improved by applying marketing research process with it the combination would be very effective for organization as well as for the customers. With the help of marketing decision support system the goal can be achieve not very easily but if worked properly and continuously the system can be applied in Pakistan. The research must be conducted for understanding the behavior of the people of Pakistan that what they thinks about their mother land and tourism.

Our research is conducted by the help of people of Pakistan and after the results we can conclude that in Pakistan mostly people liked to visit different areas of Pakistan. The interest can be developed by giving them opportunities to visit area and promote tourism the research that had been conducted shows positive results as concern to Pakistan some people shows the interest to visit countries other than Pakistan but majority said that they want to visit the whole Pakistan. More research can be conducted in this area as this research is bounded only to some parts of tourism management. About MDSS
Founded in 1990, MDSS specializes in the following areas:

Forecasting and analytical marketing support Custom database design and management Research Tracker database system for the marketing research industry Business consulting, including specialized consulting for not-for-profit organizations

Consumer Connection database system for consumer durable goods manufacturers. Dale A. Pellman, founder and President of MDSS. (Ref: mdssworld.com)

Research model
The title of the research paper is Information Supply in Tourism Management by Marketing Decision Support System there are two main variables are used in this topic the model is given as follow: Independent Variable Marketing Decision Support System Information supply in tourism management Dependent Variable Information Supply Tourism Management

This is dependent variable because the information supply in tourism management is totally rely on the Marketing decision support system (MDSS). The marketing decision support system helps the management of tourism business to collect the accurate data base of visitors and competitors and with out MDSS tourism management could not maintain the records. Marketing decision support system Marketing decision support system is a information technology based system to save the data base of tourists and competitors and with out the MDSS tourism business cannot compete in the market. As tourism management business depends on MDSS so its a independent variable in this research paper.

The research is based on basic research method as there is no research work is ever done on this topic in Pakistan. The data gathered is in the form of questionnaires which were distributed among the randomly selected persons belongs to different areas of twin cities. The research had conducted on the base of old researches which were conducted in the different countries around the globe but the data collected is only from the Pakistanis.

The sample size of conducting research is 100 samples which are select randomly from twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The samples selected are above the age of 18 and both males and females. The questionnaires are distributed to the selected samples to get the results. The result is posted in original form and analysis is taken in percentage form.

Data analyze
After taking the results of samples statical tools and techniques will be used to analyze the data. Final results are presented after applying formulas that are required.

Findings and discussion

The results shown are given in Excel sheet format which shows that the majority like to visit different area and many of them suggested that the Pakistan will be their best choice to spend their holidays. Up to 50% of the total people said that they organize their thip by their selves and spend more than a week outside their homes. 73% of total sample liked spend holidays within a year and they get knowledge from their friends about the place where they arranged their trips 63% of them like to visit that place again where other were not sure about the future decision. As far the government concern 72% people are not satisfied by the services provided by the government where as 54% people valuate their trips and 47% match their desires what they expects from the trip 39% people were satisfied by the expenses that they had made per person. Overall results shows that people who like to travel are 46.125% if they get proper opportunity.

Limitation of research
The research has not exceeded from tourism to favoritism and data will be collected just for the use of research not to promote any specific area or brand. This research is only conducted for Pakistan tourism process and data collected is only from the people of Pakistan further more this research is conducted freely to get the information about the tourism in Pakistan no one has selected personally and samples are selected and chosen randomly. The research is conducted is basic research and no factors are considered that can effect the tourism process.

Future research area

The future research can be conducted broadly by taking the whole countrys data to analyze the thinking of whole country about tourism in their own country. Further more the research can be conducted to improve the results of this research if any one finds any error. The main research area can be the government policy of tourism as many people dont like the services provided by the government other than that research can be conducted to develop interest about to registered with communities that started to aware people about tourism.

After conducting research on that topic we came to know that tourism is the one of the most effective business that can be run no matter where ever you are and what ever the conditions are inside your country. After the research results its clear that the people of Pakistan are still interested in visiting different places which are located in their own country. People show positive results while we ask question about the development of tourism. Tourism management is making itself to be the part of any countrys economy booster and information technology is playing its role to take the tourism management to the doors of success. With the help of marketing decision support system tourism can be grow much higher and faster than ever. Marketing strategies can be very helpful to make the tourism management successful and beneficial for both the business man as well as for the customers which can be national and from around the globe. In our country if we can work on tourism than this field can again developed as the one of the most valuable and profitable field for development of tourism and generating the interest of people government should also participate for welfare of tourism management that will help us to make people to visit different places of Pakistan as it is one of the most richest countries around the world that have this kind of beauty in its every part.

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