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MEDIA RELEASE 21 September 2011

String Transport Systems Wins Internationally Recognised Golden Chariot Award'

String Transport Systems Limited (STS) is pleased to announce that it has won the prestigious Golden Chariot Award th for Transport Project of the Year at the International Transport Award Ceremony held in Moscow on the 12 of September 2011. The 7 International Transport Award Ceremony took place at the State Kremlin Palace, Moscow and the Managing Director of STS, Victor Uzlov, was present to receive the award. STS, is in the process of commercialising its innovative transport technology which consists of numerous patents and inventions related to the design of the principally new transport infrastructure. A String Transport System can be built for approximately 50% of existing railway construction costs. It is fully automated, with an elevated track structure that protects and preserves the natural environment with low noise and vibrations and with no obstruction to fauna. It is a sustainable transport network with low emissions, low energy use, minimal land disturbance and low consumption of construction materials. Recent natural disasters in Australia have rendered many transport systems ineffective, however the String Transport technology is all weather operational, which would mean no down time during floods, earthquakes and cyclones.

Victor Uzlov, STS Managing Director, receiving the Golden Chariot Award

The Advisory Council of the Golden Chariot Award praised STS for its unique, innovative and sustainable transport systems for bulk commodity haulage. The Golden Chariot award is an important acknowledgment of STS, its vision and its contribution to the transport industry. In commenting on winning the International Transport Award, Michael McBride, Director, Business Development at STS said: Winning a Golden Chariot Award is something that all of our team can take a great deal of pride in, as this achievement is recognition of all their hard work and dedication over many years. It is particularly pleasing to see that the international transport industry recognises our work. The benefits of our system are numerous with low capital costs, low operating costs and significant reduction in environmental damage. The systems for mining and freight applications will realise significant cost reductions, energy savings and carbon emission reductions. For more information please visit: http://transport.premiya.ru

The Management Team: Experience and Innovation

Vladimir Romachko AAICD, Chairman/CEO Vladimir is an affiliate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is the key to String Transport Systems technologys effective implementation, design and engineering work in Australia. He is a Russian born, Australian citizen. Having served in a military academy in Russia, he turned to business in Australia and has built a network of associates in his former homeland that own various technology businesses. Gaining a high level of understanding of String Transport technologies and its adaptability, Vladimir suggested to the STU team that they should consider moving into the Australian mining industry to implement haulage of bulk commodities. Vladimir has been instrumental from the early stages of the Company regarding the technologies adaptability to the mining sector and has steered the Company to investor ready status. Victor Uzlov (MBA), Managing Director Before joining STS, Victor honed his management and business skills in variety of private enterprises that he created and guided to achieve their maximum capitalisation. He commenced as a Sales Manager in 1995 and assumed the role of a Vice-President of Mirax Group (The leading real estate development corporation in Moscow, Russia with assets valued at more than USD $ 3.5 billion). Victor was in charge of project management for a variety of multi million construction projects with more than 1000 employees reporting to him. Victor has been instrumental in the decision process to take the STU Technology forward from the constraints faced in Russia. Michael McBride AAICD, Director, Business Development/Company Secretary Michael is an affiliate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He comes with wealth of experience in international marketing, media and business development working throughout much of South East Asia. He has lived and worked in India and Thailand for most of the last decade. Before joining STS, Michael was the VP Asia Pacific Sales at the ICT China Group and most recently Business Development Manager at B100 Systems. Michael has worked in corporate marketing communications and information services on the ASX IPOs of Commonwealth Bank, Woolworths, N.R.M.A and the AMP demutualisation.

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About String Transport Systems Limited

String Transport Systems technology comprises designs, patents, and knowhow in new railway technology for rail, rolling stock and other network components. It is scalable, low cost, low energy, environmentally sensitive and rapidly deployable rail infrastructure for freight and bulk commodity transport. String Transport Systems Limited (STS) is commercialising the technology for the mining and freight sector with an initial focus on the Australian resources industry. The String Transport Systems Limited Design Bureau is employed directly by STS Ltds Branch in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. This proven team has been an integral part of the crew that constructed the first full-scale segment of a string transport system in 2001. Under Igor Dubatovkas experienced leadership of commercialising engineering designs the team of highly skilled, transport and civil engineers, industrial and graphic designers and finite element analysts are currently working on design development documentation and the blueprint for the first commercial String Transport System to be constructed. For more information about STS Ltd, STS PLC and the Deutsche Bourse listing please visit http://sts21.com.au